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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 30, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PST

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the morning and evening commute once we get to 7:00, 8:00. they'll be heavy during the overnight hours. >> it will be good morning, america. deep freeze. the coldest air in a generation turns the midwest to ice right now. 150 million feeling the pain. windchills already dropping to more than 60 degrees below zero in minnesota.. a new warning about life-threatening cold as the system moves east. also this morning. new details about jussie smollett. the "empire" star telling police he was assaulted by two masked men yelling racial and homophobic slurs, pouring a chemical on him and putting a rope around his neck. a dozen detectives and the fbi on the case. what his "empire" co-star is saying this morning right here
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on "gma." daring rescue. the father and son driving down the highway when all of a sudden this jeep slams into a semi erupting into flames then barrels right toward them. those two men then rushing out to save the 18-year-old trapped inside. facetime flaw. the 14-year-old who says he discovered that major eavesdropping glitch on his iphone while trying to play fortnite saying he told apple more than a week ago. could he be in for a big payday? ♪ and sour note. what maroon 5 is not doing before the halftime show that's getting backlash this morning. we do say good morning, america, and it is wonderful to have you with us on this wednesday morning. want to get right to that life-threatening arctic air blasting the midwest right now. >> windchills are plummeting to negative 66 degrees. negative 66 degrees in parts of the region.
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conditions like that haven't been seen for decades. let's take a look at chicago. almost completely frozen over. temperature there will not get above zero today. >> wow, negative 66. and here's what we know. states of emergency have been declared in michigan, wisconsin and illinois. more than 83 million people will experience those subzero temperatures today and schools are closed all over the region from minneapolis to st. louis, to chicago and indianapolis. >> you know it's cold when the post office is even suspending mail delivery in some areas. we have our reporters spread out all over the midwest braving the elements for you but first, we begin with sam champion and, baby, it is cold outside, sam. >> robin, it is, and i'm the warmest one in the boxes that you just showed. now, the reason i've got my hood and this scarf on, most of your body heat is going to be lost through your neck and head so make sure you're warm today. our windchill here in tisquare . but we've got 50 and 60 below windchills.
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look at what we've had in the last 24 hours. 66 below, this is siberian weather, no doubt about it. minneapolis is 55 below with the windchill. take a look at this polar air as it drops in. the coldest part as we've been telling you for days will stay in the great lakes and northern plains. but we do get a break of it and the temperatures will get colder into the northeast by the time we get into thursday. take a look at the warnings still out. for the deep south, there is still a cold night ahead. freezing temperatures and freezes well down into north florida not only today but again for tomorrow. george. >> sam, we said polar air. that is not a metaphor. it is literal. as we've said that this is one of the coldest days ever in chicago. alex perez is there. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. the first thing i want to tell you, i am bundled up from head to toe and i have warming devices all over me. same goes for my crew and we have warm cars standingy r us to jump into.
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i want to show you how dramatic the cold is. take a look at this shot from above. you can already see all of that ice floating on the chicago river. now, back down here i want to show you what happens. i'm spraying it. if you take a look, you can already see it's crystallizing. freezing instantly. this cold is no joke. over 90 million waking up to life-threatening, subzero temperatures this morning. states of emergency across the midwest as the coldest arctic outbreak in a generation holds the region in a choke hold. look at these blinding, whiteout conditions. roads nearly invisible wreaking havoc on highways across the area. over 190 crashes reported in minnesota. in michigan, near zero visibility sending drivers sliding all over a highway, blustery conditions from lake-effect snow causing a crash. in wisconsin, a ten-car pileup shutting down the interstate.
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black ice sending cars slipping off roads. the bone-chilling cold creating life-threatening windchills. 60 and 70 below in some places. so cold that frost covers the face of this minnesota college student. >> your fingers, toes, ears, nose, those are the areas most affected. >> reporter: schools closed. flights canceled. delivery services suspended. the cold too dangerous for anyone working outside. this morning, amtrak is suspending all service in and out of chicago due to the frigid cold. while in the city overnight, officials lighting train tracks on fire warming them in order to make repairs and keep trains moving. for some perspective on the base of mt. everest it's 5 degrees. here in chicago we don't stand a chance of getting above zero. michael. >> all right, alex, make sure you get inside and warm up, please.
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now to minneapolis which is among the coldest places in the country right now. the actual temperature without the windchill could get as low as negative 30 degrees. let's take a look at these minneapolis firefighters showing just how cold it is. you can see what happens when they remove their helmets, the steam just rising right off of them and abc's eva pilgrim, she is there in chicago. we know you have lots of layers on, eva, but for many people it's really not safe to be outside in these conditions. >> reporter: it's absurdly cold here. dangerously cold which is why we're starting this off inside. it takes a matter, less than minutes to get frostbite in these insane temperatures. we'll head outside to show you what it feels like. we'll take a deep breath and out we go. here we go. i got some hot water here. when i throw this hot wate very qck beces ind snow. that's just how quick it is
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here. we also have this egg that we stuck out here just a couple of hours ago. it's now rock solid when you drop it. instead of breaking like an egg normally would it e's frozen. i'll show you like, that's what the egg looks like right now. it's completely frozen solid. all of the way to the inside. i also want you to see what people are dressed like outside. he's covered, every inch of skin on his face, any skin that's exposed is vulnerable to frostbite, so he's covered everything up. meanwhile, i'm still exposed. they're telling people don't go outside if they don't have to. >> she's in minneapolis. we were playing the green bay
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packers in the afc championship game. on the way to the bus, in the hotel room, you're convincing it's warm out. he did the thing with the water, our equipment manager, all these thoughts of warm went out my head. >> you played a whole game in minus 23. >> they tell you to stay inside if you're an animal but you play football you do it outside. ice breakers out in force to thaw frozen lakes and rivers. tom llamas is abroad one of them. good morning, tom. >> reporter: we're in the middle of lake st. clair just off the coast of detroit. this is one of the busiest shipping lanes in all of the great lakes region. you can see right now. there's not a single boat out here. this is why. look at the ice down here. we're on the u.s. coast guard cutt cutter, the way the ship works,
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it's shaped like a football. when it comes off the wake it crushes the ice beneath it. shipments go through this shipping lane every single year. right now, there's absolutely no business going on. the commander of the ship telling me it's one of the coldest and dangerous days he's ever seen out here. >> tom, you're basically out there alone. only ice breakers allowed out on the water. >> george, that's exactly right. these conditions, when you cut the ice you actually make more ice. the way this ship works it cuts a deep "v" and a cargo ship will be travel through the ice. again, this is one of the biggest shipping lanes in the entire country. we're seeing nothing out here today. the coast guard is out here on a reconnaissance mission trying to see how bad the ice is. they told us again it's 6 to 10 inches. too dangerous for any type of vessel beside this one.
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george. >> tom llamas, thanks very much. that is wreaking havoc on air travel. they race to de-ice planes and thousands of flights have been cancelled over the past few days. and many more cancellations are on the way. our senior transportation correspondent david kerley is on the tarmac at minneapolis/st. paul international airport. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you can tell michael it's minus 27 right now, minus 52 with the windchill and if you can see, the baggage handlers are working on the tarmac to keep them moving. airplanes can fly in the cold. it's fine. the weather doesn't bother them. what does is the ice and it's the enemy when it's on the wings. it's so cold in minneapolis they're right on the vej of not being able to use de-icers. they have an amount of ice on the aircraft but that's how cold it is when you can't use a de-icer, robin, you have a problem.
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>> there are cancellation dangers across the country, david, with flielts. >> reporter: yeah, it's already -- and the numbers are only going to go up today. already this morning, and we are just starting flight operation, there are more than 1700 flights have been canceled across the country. and as the cold has been moving across for more than 5,000 over the last couple of days so expect more, robin. sfwlmplts another day, tomorrow, to get through these numbers. i want to show you guys what's ahead. the windchill values, 50 to 60 debris below windchill values. this is the lake-effect snow. they'll get another 2 to 3 feet of lake-effect snow in some of those areas. now, windchill values on the east coa tod o navite. of those mornings you need to do the extra bundle. george, michael, robin.
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>> sam, thanks very much. to washington now with the nation's top intelligence officials have issued stark warnings about the u.s.'s security. our chief global affairs anchor martha raddatz covering the story. it is so unusual to see this kind of daylight between a president and his national security team. >> reporter: it sure is, george. as donald trump heads into the second half of his term, those contradictions could not only have political consequences, but foreign policy consequences, as well, since it seems that president trump disagrees with his intelligence officials on almost everything. in just a few short weeks, president trump will once again meet kim jong-un about north korea's nuclear arsenal. a nuclear threat that trump declared over last year. >> so many things have happened so positive. >> reporter: but he has hand picked intelligence officials disagree. >> the regime is committed to developing a long-range nuclear armed missile that would pose a direct threat to the united states.
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>> reporter: and on iran, another contradiction. from the director of national intelligence -- >> the world's leading state sponsor of terror will be on the cusp of acquiring the world's most dangerous weapons. >> we do not believe iran is currently undertaking activities we judge necessary to produce a nuclear device. >> reporter: and isis. >> we have won against isis. we've beaten them and we've beaten them badly. >> isis is in intent on resurging and still commands thousands of fighters in iraq and syria. >> reporter: and this morning, just a short time ago, the president was tweeting about isis saying, there has been tremendous progress since he became president and saying the isis caliphate would soon be destroyed. and as for north korea, the president tweeted that there is a decent chance they will denuclearize, george. >> and, martha, yesterday the pentagon said that at the president's direction, they're
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sending several thousand more troops to the border but that intelligence assessment doesn't even cite a security threat at the border. >> reporter: right, 2,000 additional active duty troops will head down there. those troops on the border have already cost hundreds of millions of dollars and, george, the report didn't even mention drug cartels or mexico until halfway through the report. the report clearly concluding there are much greater threats, george. >> okay, martha raddatz, thanks very much. also in washington, republicans and democrats in congress have started to talk again about how to keep the government open. president trump still insists he wants several billion dollars for a border wall, tweeted this morning that the negotiators are wasting their time if they don't fund his wall but for now at least the legislators are trying to see if they come to an agreement themselves and trying to pass a bill to prevent future shutdowns. now to the hero father and son who helped save an 18-year-old driver after he lost control of his car hitting a truck and spinning right into their car. whit johnson has that story for us. >> reporter: this morning, it's a miracle a teen is still alive after surviving this fiery head-on collision with a tractor trailer on a new hampshire
7:15 am
highway. watch as a dash cam captured this jeep wrangler veering into oncoming traffic before crashing into the semi. the truck's front hood flipping right off sending the jeep into a 360, debris flying all over the highway in a massive explosion. the van behind the jeep then driving into the ball of fire. mark kramer and his son john immediately jumping out of their car risking their lives to pull 18-year-old samuel lachance out of the burning jeep. sam is recovering in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury, burns and cuts but his family is so grateful their son received another chance at life. >> you take, you know, that risk of even getting hurt themselves to remove another human life out of a situation which was dire. i'm very, very grateful. >> reporter: his mom visibly shaken as she spoke about the heart-wrenching moment she saw the video. >> seeing the video was
7:16 am
incredibly shocking and i'm glad i saw it after i knew that he was well. >> reporter: police say it's still unclear what caused the crash. lachance's parents say he'll likely spend months in the hospital. the truck driver also suffered minor injuries but incredible that those two men, the father and son, were there and able to jump in and save this young man's life. >> lucky to be alive. thank you so much, whit. now to the super bowl and that backlash for maroon 5, halftime performance. they usually give a press conference before the big show but this year maroon 5 had another idea. they said no and the critics are not happy. t.j. holmes is outside mercedes-benz stadium in atlanta with the details. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: hey there, strahan, interesting what they were going to sing but also what they're going to say. they wanted to avoid any kaepernick questions.
7:17 am
in an unprecedented move maroon 5 will not be appearing at the traditional pre-super bowl press conference. even the most interview-averse stars have turned up for the legendary q&as ahead of the big games. >> i'd like to take a few questions. >> reporter: prince famously turned his 2007 press conference into an impromptu concert. ♪ >> reporter: and beyonce opened her 2013 press conference -- ♪ o say can you see >> reporter: by silencing everybody with an a cappella star-spangled banner. ♪ the brave [ cheers and applause ] >> any questions? >> reporter: with maroon 5 sitting out the press conference, the league says the artists will let their show do the talking. critics say the band is dodging tough questions about headlining the halftime show amid controversy over the nfl's handling of colin kaepernick and players' rights to protest. ♪
7:18 am
>> reporter: maroon 5 instead is making a statement with money. the performers are making a $500,000 donation to big brothers, big sisters of america ahead of the super bowl. so you want to hear from maroon 5, strahan? you have to wait until sunday at halftime like the rest of us. >> all right. it never ends, right? >> haven't seen that beyonce moment in a while. >> that was drop the mike, what she did. >> it sure was. let's go back to sam. >> these are the coldest windchill values i have ever forecasted. they are brought to you by carmax.
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it'll be good to you.
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good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc7 morning. attorneys from peg are back in court. today they're trying to convince a judge not to order. it's following the pipeline explosion in 2010. earlier this month the judge proposed remove or trim trees that could fall onto power lines and shut off electricity during certain times. pg&e that would endanger >> troubles on the roads for your morning commute. we got an accident cleared to the shoulder but the damage is done.
7:24 am
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now your accuweather forecast. >> it's not raining yet but there's too much moisture in the air. look at the fog in san jose, san rose, fairfield. this is the way it looks in walnut creek right now. caution on the roadways because of the fog. the west weather isn't coming in until 6 to 8:00. we'll get our heaviest showers by midnight and by tomorrow's commute it's starting to turn scattered. our strongest storm is slated for friday. >> coming up on "gma" new deals on the attack of "empire" star
7:27 am
jussie smollett. we'll have another update in about 3
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welcome back to "gma." you're looking live at chicago right now. that river frozen over as life-threatening cold settles in the midwest, windchills dropping more than 50 degrees below zero this morning, schools shut down, flights cancelled all across the country in these dangerous conditions. and take a look at lake st. clair, michigan. ice breakers are out in full force trying to clear out frozen lakes and rivers so ships can get through and now that cold is moving east. i can't say we're looking forward to it. we'll have much more on that ahead. >> my sisters are supposed to arrive from mississippi and louisiana in the morning. >> good luck with that. >> i hope they're still coming. now we have the latest on jussie smollett, the "empire" cast is speaking out as their co-star recovers from a brutal beating that police are calling a possible hate crime.
7:31 am
deborah roberts is here with the latest on that. good morning, deb. >> reporter: robin, so many have been stunned by this incident. it's sparked outrage in hollywood. apparently this isn't the first scare for him. this morning, new developments in the apparent attack of actor and singer jussie smollett. ♪ smollett reporting he was assaulted by two unknown offenders and police now investigating it as a possible hate crime. according to authorities, the actor had just bought food at a subway sandwich shop in downtown chicago around 2:00 a.m. when two masked men approached him yelling racial and homophobic slurs and then began hitting him in the face and poured an unknown chemical substance on him, possibly bleach.
7:32 am
then he alleges one of the assailants wrapped a rope around his neck before running off. >> he's supposed to be well known, requesting a report. >> reporter: when police arrived they say smollett still had the rope around his neck. it's now being analyzed. later, detectives say they again reached out to smollett after seeing media reports claiming new details. in a follow-up interview, smollett told them his attackers also yelled maga country, make america great again, during the alleged assault. hours earlier, smollett had posted to his nearly 5 million instagram followers that he was on his way to chicago after his flight was delayed. the 36-year-old actor has been the target of threats before. police confirming to abc news a letter containing threatening language and laced with a powdery substance, likely tylenol, was sent to smollett at the fox studio in chicago just last week. the fbi is now investigating. reaction to his story quickly hitting a nerve on social media. stars like viola davis, john legend and vivica fox tweeting their support. former vice president joe biden
7:33 am
weighing in, saying, homophobia and racism have no place on our streets or in our hearts. we are with you, jussie. ♪ smollett who publicly came out as gay in 2015 gained mainstream popularity on the t drama howard says the cast and crew of "empire" learned about the attack on set. >> jaws dropped to the ground and then when we learned that there had been letters that had been sent to fox as threats about the potential of something like this, then we became much more frightened. i heard he's getting better. you know, he's angry but i know jussie. you know, jussie's anger will dissipate and he will forgive these people for what they did and -- but he won't -- and we cannot forget their actions. they have to be forgiven because it was done out of ignorance. >> dad, dad. >> reporter: "empire" co-creator
7:34 am
and director lee daniels sharing this emotional reaction. >> jussie, you are my son. you didn't deserve nor anybody deserves to have a noose put around your neck. you are better than that. we are better than that. america is better than that. it starts at home. it starts at home, yo. we have to love each other regardless of what sexual orientation we are. >> reporter: chicago police put about a dozen detectives on the case but so far no suspects have been identified. there's still a lot of questions to be asked and answered, you guys. they say that so far surveillance video only shows smollett in the tape, no one else, so the investigation, of course, goes on. >> they'll get to the bottom of this. i had the privilege of spending time with jussie and the "empire" cast on their set there. they are a tight-knit group and i know that they are lifting jussie up and he'll do well. yeah. >> supporting him. >> as they should. >> thank you, deb. we turn to the search for a missing teen from tennessee.
7:35 am
14-year-old savannah pruitt left her home in the middle of the night three weeks ago. now the fbi has joined a multistate search to find her and abc's erielle reshef has the story. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. the mystery is deepening in savannah's disappearance as the search for her spans at least four states. her cell phone last pinging more than 100 miles from home before going dark. this morning, desperation growing to find 14-year-old savannah leigh pruitt nearly three weeks after she mysteriously vanished. >> she was our life. and our life is gone. it's hard. i mean it's hard to eat. it's hard to sleep. it's hard to think. >> reporter: pruitt who was homeschooled last seen january 13th heading to bed around 11:00 p.m. >> typical ordinary day. i mean, no signs of anything. >> reporter: just before 5:00 the next morning, her family discovering savannah was gone. her bedroom window open and some of her clothes and bedsheets missing. police say so far there's no evidence she's in direct danger.
7:36 am
>> we haven't found any physical evidence either to show that she was abducted. >> reporter: authorities believe the teen may have traveled roughly 140 miles from her home in madisonville, tennessee, to corbin, kentucky, her cell phone pinging in that area around 5:15 that morning with no activity since. >> there has been no presence on social media either through facebook or any of the other outlets that we've investigated. >> reporter: the pruitts clinging to hope she'll return home soon. >> savannah, i love you and we want you to come home. >> reporter: and savannah's family tells abc news there were no red flags before she went missing. they say she was in good spirits, her normal bubbly self. detectives so far have said their leads have turned up empty and police are asking for help from the public. any information should be sent to the fbi. >> erielle, thanks very much. coming up, the big alert about black ice. going to tell you how to drive
7:37 am
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back now on "gma," and as that bone-chilling cold settles in, roads are freezing over leading to black ice and hundreds of accidents. gio benitez is on the west side highway here in new york with a look at what you should and shouldn't do to protect yourself. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey there, michael. good morning to you. listen, we can't stress it enough, black ice is incredibly dangerous. you might not see it until you
7:41 am
are already on it. so this morning, we are taking a slippery test drive with the experts to show you how to get out of it. it's a worst case scenario, vehicles losing control. just last week this deputy nearly hit by an out-of-control car in wisconsin. to find out how debilitating black ice can be -- >> the vehicle can spin out. >> wow. >> reporter: -- we head to the frigid gm proving ground in michigan. here they use state-of-the-art tiles to simulate icy road conditions like invisible black ice, snow and slush, essentially a runway to put its vehicles through the worst winter has to offer. josh is a chevrolet engineer and he says some of those scary spinouts likely occur in older cars without anti-lock brakes or electronic stability control. so for our first demonstration, we intentionally disabled those systems. >> i'm only doing 30 miles per
7:42 am
hour but if i slam on the brakes you can see that with no system active, you can see that i don't have any control. i'm just sliding no matter what steering input i put in. >> you're turning that wheel and nothing is happening. >> correct. >> what should people do when they're on the road and see this black ice and they hit the black ice? >> you can drive across this slippery surface with very light throttle inputs, very slight steering inputs, and the vehicle doesn't spin out of control because there's nothing upsetting the vehicle. >> reporter: and when you do need to turn, no matter what kind of car you're driving, josh says to perform one action at a time. while still in a straight line gently press on the brake to slow the vehicle. once at a safe speed release the brake and then make your turn. once the wheel is straight again that's when you accelerate. steering combined with braking or accelerating increases your chances of losing control. >> you should try to do one and only one thing at the same time. >> reporter: if you can't avoid a fishtail, you want to steer calmly in the direction you want to go.
7:43 am
>> so, basically, if the rear of the vehicle is moving to the right, you want to steer to the right. >> reporter: now we activate the anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control. that tells each wheel when to brake, now required on all cars and most trucks and suvs built after 2012. >> i'm braking, you can see i'm steering, the vehicle is going where i want it to. it's not out of control. >> when you start turning, that's when you start losing control. the system, though, is activating and the system is keeping the car pretty much in control. but josh warns no system is foolproof. his number one tip for all drivers, a simple one. >> if conditions are inclement out there, slow down. so, again, if you have to be out in these conditions go slow. use those soft movements and leave plenty of space between you and a car in front of you, michael. >> all right, slow down is definitely one thing, gio, and another thing that experts are
7:44 am
specifically concerned about, cruise control. >> yes, do not use that cruise control because if you start to slide, that cruise control may actually want to maintain your speed so you don't want to do that. you want to be able to slow down whenever you want. >> all right, thank you, gio. still it's a scary situation if you've ever been in it. >> really clear advice though. >> yeah. >> you both were watching intently. what also gets me when you're doing the right thing and driving slow and someone comes barrelling right past you and blows everything up on you. it's like, oh. >> don't try to run them down and catch them, robin. >> no, i won't do that. >> that is road rage. >> that's another story. coming up, we have the 14-year-old who may have outsmarted apple. >> smart kid. >> uh-huh. come on back. so again, using "para," you're talking about something that is for someone.
7:45 am
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7:48 am
we are back now with that major facetime glitch and the 14-year-old who says he discovered it. apple has disabled the app's group chat function because of a serious security problem. lara is here and, lara, that young man says he reached out to apple some time ago about it. >> yes, he is, robin. good morning to you all. grant thompson was trying to organize a video group session and noticed he could hear one talking before his friend even answered the phone. in the nine days before the glitch even became public, grant and his mom say they tried everything to let apple know, email, phone calls. she faxed them and tweeted apple's ceo tim cook.
7:49 am
as apple plans to put out a patch to address that security flaw in its facetime app, arizona teenager grant thompson says he discovered it over a week ago when he was attempting to group facetime his friends to remind them about their fortnite game night. >> i can hear my mom without her answering. i was like, hey, mom, i think i found an apple glitch. she didn't really believe that i found a glitch in like the world's biggest phone company. >> reporter: grant and his mom michele recording this video of what they say his phone gaining access to audio from his friends' phones, even though the facetime requests weren't even picked up yet. >> her phone hasn't answered, yet i can hear her. >> reporter: on january 20th, she tweeted about her efforts to contact apple to warn them of the glitch. she says she never heard back from the company. >> well, i think we've done our part. i reached out to them, many different avenues. i would love to talk with them further. i still like apple. we all have apple products. >> reporter: apple hasn't commented on grant's story, but
7:50 am
they did release this statement reading, we're aware of this issue and we have identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week. >> pretty weird that, i mean, like a 14-year-old kid found this glitch and not like some tech-savvy dude who tries to find apple glitches all day. >> tech-savvy dude. apple does have a program to reward people who find bugs in the products which can be up to $200,000 depending on the glitch found. >> this is a big one. >> no word yet if apple will be mailing a check to grant. should they? >> yes. >> that's a big glitch. >> we know his mom faxed them. >> went old school on them. all right, lara, thank you. coming up, duchess kate and duchess meghan, victims of cyberbullying. how the palace is fighting back. so you come on back. so you come on back. moving? that's harder now because of psoriatic arthritis. but you're still moved by moments like this. don't let psoriatic arthritis take them away. taltz reduces joint pain and stiffness
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and it doesn't cause harsh side effects. that's why i choose miralax. look for the pink cap. for the "gma" moment, i think we need reassurance so let's look at south carolina, beautiful sunrise, going up into the 50s and realize that there is some warm air on the planet. we're going to find it. watch this change as the milder air moves across the country and in some cases there will be a 73-degree temperature change. this segment has been sponsored by verizon wireless. coming up next, a grand slam morning at "gma."
7:55 am
"good morning america" is sponsored by miralax. it works with the water in your body to unblock your system naturally. water no your body to unblock your system naturally.
7:56 am
. good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc7 mornings and metrologist mike nicco has our forecast and it has a storm on the way. >> because the fog is what is really the issue this morning. you can see it encroaching. for your activity planner, it's going to be dry with temperatures in the low to mid-60s. as we head towards the evening commute, that's when the showers start rolling in. notice the storm is starting to stay a little bit offshore and farther to the south. we'll end up with some puddles on the roadway. the north bay is going to be pretty dry from this storm. >> we have a sig alert in vacaville. it should be cleared any minute. the big rig has been out there -- it's gone, the cleanup is underway now. they'll have to do a full hard
7:57 am
closure to clean up the mess and it should be >> coming up on "gma" --. how the palace is fighting back. and we'll have another "abc7 news" update in about 30 minutes wbut did you know you could be saving even more?. with the tjx rewards credit card - every time you shop at our stores, you earn 5% back in rewards. tjx rewards credit card.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. deep freeze. the coldest air in a generation turns the midwest to ice at this hour. 150 million feeling the pain. that arctic air causing whiteout conditions. it's colder in chicago than at the base of mt. everest. 32 states under snow and cold alerts from florida to maine. new warnings right now. online bullying targeting kate middleton and meghan markle. racist comments and how the palace is pushing back. the new campaign to stop the trolling. dna decoded. as so many people start receiving results from one of the most popular christmas gifts of the year, the jarring truths revealed. relatives they don't know they have. we're behind the scenes at 23 and me with a customer service
8:01 am
rep trying to help so many handle life-changing news. ♪ battle of the brands. which ad will you remember after the big game? amazon betting big on harrison ford, sarah michelle gellar is a scream for olay, and wait until you meet the first female football player to star in prime time. ♪ dwayne johnson reveals his bucket list dream come true as he wrestles a true story onto the big screen. he tells us all about it this morning. and she's number one. naomi osaka is the champ of the australian open. her second consecutive grand slam title and she's joining us live this morning as we say good morning, america. i can't believe i'm talking to either one of you after that tailgate showdown. yesterday. you with the blowtorch and amy
8:02 am
and, so not fair. >> i mean, we were not trying to rub it in that we won. >> we'll throw it today. >> no, you will not, not with him. >> george, that's not possible. but we're gearing up for another one. super bowl sunday is coming up. our tailgate showdown again today. >> redemption. >> we're going head-to-head to see whose nachos will come out on top. the audience will do the taste test. >> did you pay off the audience members? >> wow! >> george, just for that -- >> i'm a little bit competitive. >> just for that, we're really going to pour it on. >> okay, bring it on. sam champion with that dangerous arctic blast. schools closed, flights canceled. amtrak shutting down in chicago. sam is outside in times square. hey, sam. >> hey, good morning, george. our windchill here is abou
8:03 am
degrees, the warmest of just about anybody who is feeling that chill so we've got bitter cold temperatures. let's get to the boards and show you what's going on. we'll start with showing you what it looks like when you put the cold wind and snow together. it becomes a very fine powdery snow that just blows everywhere out of buffalo. some of those lake-effect snow bands will see two to three feet. look at these windchills. i have never in 35 years of doing weather forecasted a 66 below windchill and we had one in minnesota. unbelievable. now, take a look at how deep that goes into the south. that polar air is unlocked, well past nashville at 12-degree windchills. so, atlanta, you're feeling like 17 this morning, the arctic front still has to get through the east coast. when it does there's a 30 to 40-mile-per-hour wind and snow squall. what happens there and these numbers are colder on the east coast tomorrow than they are today so be prepared for that. and stay prepared all night into tomorrow. but that cold air will squeeze every bit of moisture and snow burst so when the wind picks up
8:04 am
and the snow drops you'll be able to look up and go, there goes the arctic front right there. >> sam, wow. in these freezing temperatures, icebreakers are out in full force trying to clear out frozen lakes and rivers and back to tom llamas now on the ice in lake st. clair, michigan. good morning, tom, you are actually on the ice. i expect you to be on a boat on the ice. >> michael, this is incredible. we are in the middle of lake st. clair, we're off the coast of detroit. this looks like antarctica but it's actually a lake this. is one of the busiest shipping lanes of the great lakes. to prove to you we are on a boat. take a look at this, the u.s. coast guard cutter right there, it is an ice cutter, and it is so cold here, the ice is so thick we're able to walk out in the middle of the lake and this ice, it's hard to say but if you look through the ice it's about 8 to 10 inches thick. we do not recommend ever coming out on a lake in conditions like this but we are with the coast guard. they have the rescue team here and this is part of the reconnaissance mission to see how thick this ice is. i asked how co
8:05 am
it's about negative 50 degrees and ase lkround here, you can see it's just ice everywhere you look but this lake and, michael, take a look at how thick it is. you talk about glaciers right here, super thick, nowhere to go. too dangerous for any boats to be out here and a little dangerous for us to be out here but thankfully we're with the coast guard. >> thank you so much, tom. boy, i mean visually that's unbelievable. >> i know. >> be safe. want to play a little music for you. ♪ baby, come to me let me put my arms around you ♪ >> that beautiful, beautiful music. one of the gifts given to us by james ingram. the grammy winner passing away on tuesday at just 66 years old. his smooth distinctive voice, this is "baby, come to me," the duet with patty austin and r&b classic. quincy jones discovered him. i want row to hear this chorus.
8:06 am
♪ the night can be cold >> let it go, robin, let it go. ♪ there's a chill in the evening when you're all alone ♪ >> ah, but quincy jones heard that voidemond h w jam ian cld c was a nice man. i've run into him a few times out in los angeles. couldn't have been nicer. >> maybe quincy was listening this morning. >> he was listening. no signing contracts here. thank you for bringing that up, appreciate that. >> payback for the nachos comment. >> thanks for the great music, james ingram. coming up, everybody, cyberbullies have been targeting duchess kate and duchess meghan. how the palace is fighting back. and those dna kits are incredibly popular. they were huge for christmas gifts, but what happens if you get unexpected results? we went behind the scenes at 23 and me's call center. they're getting thousands of calls a week. and lara, what do you have upstairs? >> robin, i have a terrific
8:07 am
audience with me today. love these guys. [ applause ] we are all ready for round two of our super bowl tailgate showdown. amy and i here with celebrity chefs andrew zimmern and sunny anderson. this morning, nothing but nachos. we'll be right back on "good morning america." morning america." ♪ enamel is the strong, white, outer layer of your tooth surface. the thing that's really important to dentists is to make sure that that enamel stays strong and resilient for a lifetime. the more that we can strengthen and re-harden that tooth surface, the whiter their patients' teeth are going to be. dentists are going to really want to recommend pronamel strong and bright. it helps to strengthen and re-harden the enamel. it also has stain lifting action. it's going to give their patients the protection that they need & the whiter teeth that they want. the protection that they need i am not for just treating my symptoms... (ah-choo) i am for shortening colds when i'm sick. with zicam. zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines... ...zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds.
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8:11 am
where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? ♪ [ applause ] welcome back to "gma." we have a great audience and lara with a very responsive audience. we have the number one tennis player in the world, naomi osaka
8:12 am
will join us later here on "good morning america." can't wait to talk to her, and tomorrow, serena williams is going to be here live in times square. [ applause ] and it's time now for a little "pop news." >> this is like my tennis dream. thank you, robin. all right, we are going to begin with chris pratt, everyone. the actor has been known to take home an award or two in his career, but this particular skill set we did not know about. turns out the guardian of the galaxy is also the guardian of pretty special sheep, taking to instagram to celebrate his prize winning sheep posting a photo of this blue ribbon worthy wool. that's a bag of wool which came from a sheep he owned names cacao and finished it with book chic-cacao cao. >> very well done. that was good. >> listen, you got to do what you got to do. >> yeah. >> oh. >> that's spelled e-w-e. >> whoa. >> you know what i'm saying.
8:13 am
>> nicely done. >> for those who can't see my teleprompter. sometimes you got to brag. cacao award about the award given out. he is not sheepish about his love of farming and he frequently posts photos and videos of his time with his herd near a home he owns in washington state. there he is. pratt will be here next week on "good morning america." [ cheers and applause ] i learned that less is more. >> you pick your spot. >> i pick my spots, robin. it's only taken 90 years. also in "pop news" this morning, big news for fans of ryan reynolds. the "deadpool" star going back to his roots in rom-coms. who doesn't love him in a great romantic comedy? we love him in these kind of films.
8:14 am
the actor is set to star and produce in "shotgun wedding," the first since "the proposal" with sandra bullock. >> i love that movie. >> made ten years ago, 2009. despite what the name implies it has nothing to do with the rushing a marriage. instead it's about a hilarious -- this is how it was described, hilarious, adrenaline-fueled story of a couple whose extravagant destination wedding is taken over by criminals. sounds like a riot. the movie starts shooting this summer. no word on who co-stars alongside reynolds. we would like to suggest the plus, blake lively. >> oh, my. >> they are just so delightful to look at. and on sunday night one city will be celebrating a super bowl win, the other city not so much. lucky for the loser, either boston or los angeles, uber is announcing its first-ever unhappy hour.
8:15 am
giving its reward members in the losing city free rides for up to 60 minutes after the game. >> wow. >> yeah, it's a great idea. uber says they can't take away the pain but they can take away the payment up to $50. they are the only company getting in on the super perks. pizza hut, which has temporarily renamed itself pizza hut hut before the big game. >> whoa. [ applause ] >> two huts. >> i feel like i'm on fire with this guy. >> really good. he's a great audience. >> he's like, i get it. >> so pizza hut hut has announced it will over-deliver for parents who literally deliver during the super bowl. the pizza chain will give free pizza for a year plus tickets to the family that welcomes the first baby born after sunday's kickoff. >> that's pressure. >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah. >> how do you enter that? >> well, you push real hard.
8:16 am
[ laughter and applause ] to enter parents post a picture of their super bowl baby including exact time of birth on pizza hut hut's twitter page and that, everybody, is "pop news." [ applause ] >> that was good. >> you can come back every day. any time you want. >> oh, my goodness. we're going to move on now to our "gma" cover story. royal targets. duchesses kate and meghan are facing vicious online bullying, racist and sexist attacks and, amy, the palace is trying to take action? >> this is very serious, guys. kensington palace and aides are spending hours deleting hateful comments from the royals' official instagram account which, by the way, has 7 million followers but the palace is reportedly appealing for help. meghan is at the national theater this morning in her first official visit as patron meeting staff and getting to know the ropes in her new role. the duchess already on familiar
8:17 am
ground after a career in acting like most royal engagements, photos and video of the visit will be posted on kensington's palace social media sites, but it's those very sites on twitter, instagram and facebook that are at the center of racist and sexist trolling against the duchess, and meghan and her sister-in-law kate middleton are also being pitted against each other. >> a big part of the problem is that social media users have divided into two camps, there are the team kate or team meghan and unfortunately, they are targeting each other as well as the two women in the public eye. >> palace staff reportedly pushing back hard to combat the online abuse. hours now spent sifting through comments reporting and blocking offensive remarks, even calling in instagram to help tackle the problem. the british magazine "hello" now launching a kindness campaign to help stop this trolling. >> our message is really simple, before you post, think. is it helpful? is it kind and would you say it in real life?
8:18 am
we are so excited that people seem to find it really resonates with them and they really are keen to try to improve the dialogue on twitter, instagram and facebook. >> a kindness campaign, we could all use that. in addition to the palace reaching out to instagram for help, they say the police have also gotten involved according to "hello" magazine. this is how serious the situation is, and so we certainly hope people will stop, stop the hate. >> yeah, thank you, amy. appreciate that. now to those popular dna kits. millions got them over the holidays and some are getting unexpected results, so what inppens next? scenes at 23 and me where customer service reps are getting like a thousand calls a week. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: yeah, robin, it's unbelievable. so reps at these companies are really on the front lines and they're getting asked really difficult questions by customers, so i took a closer look at the specialized call center at 23 and me to find out what it's like to work with very stressed customers dealing with sensitive, even shocking
8:19 am
discoveries and how they've learned to handle it. when jason white received the results of his 23 and me dna test, he called the company three times to complain. >> i was in complete shock. >> reporter: then, the construction worker saw his resemblance in photos of his newfound relatives. jason realizing the jarring truth. his biological father was not the man who raised him. >> the operator told me that i wouldn't be the first one that found out that i had a different family. >> reporter: 23 and me shared jason's story with "gma" telling us, this is not unique. >> thank you for calling 23 and me. >> reporter: "gma" with a behind-the-scenes look at 23 and me's escalated call center developed to handle more sensitive cases like jason's, it receives 4,000 calls to 6,000 calls a week. >> people that learn that perhaps they had a family member he didn't know about, do they
8:20 am
try to ask you guys how to find them, what their next step is? >> yeah, how to contact them. >> we've had customers tell us they are on their way to thanksgiving dinner and wondering how to bring it up. >> and they're telling you. >> yes. >> reporter: they're given three months of specialized training in dna science and practice role playing to handle difficult conversations. the team also has daily meetings to discuss what customers are dealing with and how to handle it. >> i have this customer that has a brother but when they got tested, they're coming out as a half-brother. how can i go about helping this customer? >> dramatic information for that customer so you need to be careful to listen and be sympathetic. >> do you feel sometimes like you're almost a therapist on the other end of the phone? >> yeah, sometimes. we obviously aren't therapists, so we can't act as one, but listening and being sympathetic and empathetic is definitely a part of the process of helping them understand what they're seeing. >> this is alice. how can i help you? >> you're so calm when you talk. is this part of your training? is this how you are?
8:21 am
>> i would say our training definitely prepares us. we have a very collaborative team and i can ask for help at any time. >> it's okay. >> reporter: the team constantly participating in stress relieving activities to stay focused. >> there's also cases where it's a new relative they didn't know so there's definitely really positive interactions that we have every day as well. >> reporter: and that's the case with jason. he connected with his new half-brother dan who shares his love of bodybuilding. >> if you ever meet a family member that you never knew you had, it's amazing. >> reporter: so on its website, 23 and me also mentions that customers may have these unexpected results and they provide online forums with resources. now, medical experts we spoke with said that learning new information like this will always have a significant impact on you, so it's really important to have support and seek professional counseling if needed. also, other dna kit companies we spoke with ancestry, my heritage, they told us they also cautioned customers about these unexpected results and they also have these specialized teams to
8:22 am
handle these situations, but, robin, sometimes people are just looking for their health background and all of a sudden they find out information like this. it can be shocking. >> it can really be shocking because you're asking for different reasons and sometimes it's health reasons but then you get this kind of information. what do you do with that? >> it's surprising, confusing so you have to say 23 and me for them to put this together, at least help people to get their journey started is nice of them. >> i know they need to seek counseling after that. thank you. want to head over to sam. >> sam, what you got? >> all right, let's do it. robin, you and i are winning the tailgate today, just saying that out loud. people have been talking about the quality of this snow, you can use your leaf blower to get rid of the snow because it's a very fine powdery snow. if there is a plus side to arctic air it may be that. i'm not sure that qualifies. this is the experiment you will see everywhere there is arctic air, taking that hot cup of water, tossing it into the air
8:23 am
and watching it fall in the form of snow. we are here now with antoinette "toni" harris. if you don't know her name, well, you should because at just 22 she is the first woman to receive a full college football scholarship offer. she plays a safety. and, you know, not just one but four offers if you're confused about it. incredible story.
8:24 am
>> welcome. i am so happy to meet you. >> thank you. >> good to see you, toni. >> i want everybody to see this. i've seen a preview of it, but toni's starring in a super bowl ad by our sponsor toyota. can we take a look at it before we talk? >> they said she was too slow. too weak. yeah, people have made a lot of assumptions about toni. >> but i've never been a big fan of assumptions. [ applause ] >> that is so awesome. that was so awesome and there have been assumptions made about you because you're the first female who's been -- is playing college football on a scholarship, so how do you face that and how do you overcome it because a lot of that can be a daunting task? >> there's been a lot of trials and tribulations in my life and i feel like as long as i keep
8:25 am
god first i can overcome any adversity that comes my way, you know. it's not easy to be strong every day but i mean i guess that's what god put into me to fight through it every day. >> now, there's no doubt that they picked you to say that message because, i mean, you -- you're a clear example of what fighting every day and living your dream means. what does that mean to you? >> it means a lot to me. i feel like it's an honor and a privilege to be a part of something so big. i know i've been asking god to help someone shed light on my potential and my talent for a long, long time, and toyota finally gave me that chance and i feel like it was a blessing from god. it was right there in my face and i'm just here to express how i feel about it. >> well, you sent out a tweet and you really are inspiring to a lot of people. but this is the tweet you sent out. they don't get to decide who i want to be. i decide that 100%. i'm just looking to learn, grow, stay focused and become a better athlete. now, this is very wise for someone your age and what is the message you're trying to express right there?
8:26 am
>> i was really sending the message to myself because at this moment i feel like i'm my biggest critic and biggest supporter and at the end of the day no one else's opinion matters about your dreams. you know, you can give. you can tell people what you want to do and tell them how you feel but you shouldn't have to fight to have people understand your vision, you know, it's your vision. it's not for them to understand. it's something that god gave you for your to go excel at. that's why i was speaking to let them know. nobody will decide where i go in life. that's my decision. [ applause ] >> and one thing -- sam's got a quick question for you. he wants you to decide this. >> okay, because i have both of you here so if i'm betting on a game that may be happening, who is the winner? >> if you're asking me, i'm going for the rams. [ applause ] >> oh, too bad we run out of time, sam. i can't give my opinion. thank you so much. our "gma" tailgate is next. stay right there.
8:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning i'm matt keller. new questions over california gas prices. more than a dozen lawmakers are calling on the state to look into rising gas prices, an economist says a mystery surcharge may be a reason why we pay much more than other states for gas. >> that's a lot of money. checking out your roads. we got a lot of red for this morning commute. we're checking on the sig alert still out there blocking the right lane, they have emergency crews. a big rig has been long gone but they're still trying to clean up after that and we're waiting for them to us the all clear sign. and north 680 before stone
8:28 am
valley, reports of an accident here as well. it's backed up through danville. >> m wbut did you know you could be saving even more?. - every time you shop at our stores,
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you earn 5% back in rewards. tjx rewards credit card. an even better value every day. ♪ i found a birth control ♪ with no hormones! ♪ paragard's 100% hormone free ♪ and over 99% effective, ♪ that's key! ♪ no hormones! ♪ not an ounce, ♪ with an ingredient ♪ i can pronounce. paragard is a hormone-free iud that's over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. if you experience pain, pelvic infection, or miss a period, call your healthcare provider. pregnancy is rare but serious and can cause infertility or loss of pregnancy. rarely, paragard may attach to or go through the uterus. want hormone free? ask for paragard by name. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> fog is the word this morning. look at that encroaching upon us from the north, south and east. and this is the way it looks in san jose at 280 and 17. that's the big story commutewise because the rain is going to hold off until after the commute.
8:30 am
we'll get a few showers around 6:00. so there will be some puddles and ♪ are you ready for this? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> oh, hello. welcome back to "gma." it is time for day two of our tailgate smackdown. [ applause ] we're counting down to super bowl sunday with some of our favorite game day snacks. this morning we're facing off to see who can make the best nachos. >> me. >> yes. that's right. sunny, please welcome our host, gio benitez. [ cheers and applause ] >> let's get those nachos over. i'm taking over for those hosting duties. two teams are ready to face off. team lara, team robin, lara and
8:31 am
sam. and our champions over here, we've got team michael with amy and george. no power tools today. no power tools. all right. let's meet our chefs right here, chef sunny anderson. >> hi, how are you? what's going on, america? what's going on, america? i'm here for you. >> and andrew zimmern over here with team michael. [ applause ] >> the one and only, baby. the one and only. >> our audience is judging. they are judging this morning. they are already trying it out. >> so beautiful, audience. you are so gorgeous. you have never looked younger. >> none of that. none of them. come on. >> let's get to that coin toss. let's see who's doing it. >> yolanda, where is she? >> girl. >> all right. >> tossing it. oh. team robin. [ applause ] >> that's right. >> you have sucked up so much to
8:32 am
the judges, i am disgusted. >> i don't know what you're talking about. i'm here for america. are you ready for my touchdown nachos? >> yeah. >> all right, so first we're going to start with a blend of meat. we're going to do chorizo which is mexican chorizo and ground chuck. chorizo is my secret weapon from texas. i went to high school in texas. we know all about the nachos. going to get that in there and break it down and brown it altogether. >> good, good. >> break it down. >> break it down. >> i feel so good about this competition. >> over here, you guys are chopping up the scallions. >> the onions, i'm crying like crazy. >> and cilantro. that will be a topping we put on top of our touchdown nachos. doing really good over here, robin roberts. >> thank you, sunny. >> i'm going to call an audible and start working on the cheese sauce over here. everybody in texas knows about
8:33 am
this. okay. we all praise to the cheese gods, the processed cheese. >> hallelujah. >> you'll get a block of processed cheese and everyone else in texas knows you'll get that can of green chilies and diced tomatoes. my secret that everyone loves in texas, a nice hit of cumin. super simple. three ingredients and we're done. you know why we're done? because the game is on. we don't have time for all the rigamarole. >> nobody has time for that. >> you know what i'm saying? so we'll mix this up and it will become a cheese sauce. another topping, mix that up for me. another topping i like to do, instead of a salsa over the top because it can mess with the integrity of the chip, i take tomatoes here. >> we have chip integrity. >> yes. >> you remember that, michael. you remember that. >> we have chip integrity.
8:34 am
>> we'll take some cherry tomatoes, come through and halve them and get it into a bowl with atsds a little bit of hot sauce. >> oh, yes. >> mix it up. >> and marinate them in the hot sauce. >> smells so good. >> everyone in texas knows about it. >> now, come on, now. >> relax. relax. relax, strahan. >> don't get me talking about the giants and i'm a giants fan. although we do love to see you at metlife stadium. we do appreciate when you come through for the giants. >> thank you. thank you. >> okay. >> chorizo, you can really smell it. >> it's my secret. now, i believe in chip integrity so the first layer is going to be half your chips and take this easy cheese sauce that's just processed cheese. you're going to layer it on. >> let's get to michael over here. >> all right. andrew -- >> first of all, that's great but we're not leaving anything
8:35 am
in the locker room. we're putting it all out on the field. >> that's right. >> first thing, you talk about chip integrity. using wontons and doing a chinese won ton nach ton nacho. something a little different. michael, i want you -- i want to you start frying those. when they're fried they go here then you season them with hot chili powder, chinese ground chilies and salt. okay. what i'd love you to do, amy, if you could combine every ingredient that you see here -- >> moo goo gai pan over there. >> hey, we didn't heckle you. then start grilling the meats in there. that will be our sauce. what george is doing over here, he's browning the meat. it's already finished over here so i want to you start it and see what that's all about and we'll have some of our sauce later. george, what i need you right now because that's hot, start slicing some of these scallions
8:36 am
really thin because that's going to be our pretty stuff that goes on the top. >> got it. >> what we have here, george, we're taking the ground pork and seeing it with that sauce that has sesame paste, a little bit of peanut butter, scallions, hot chili oil, soy sauce, so we're making -- taking a noodle topping and putting it on wontons and add pickled veg and talk about chip integrity, look at the size. that's a dominating chip. >> i have to say this one did take a little longer. no, no. >> they took longer to cook it because of the processed cheese. >> no, no, no. >> let's see what the real test -- audience, what do you guys think? you liking it? let's go ahead and get the drum roll. let's find out who the winner is. drum roll. oh! >> yes. teamob gets the win. >> we won. >> you win. [ cheers and applause ]
8:37 am
>> i feel like the new orleans saints. we're going to the super bowl. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow! >> amazing. >> you can find this on our website, i took your line. >> you didn't take anything. they stole our trophy. get the recipes and we'll make wings tomorrow. and thanks to our friends at the nfl for decking out our audience. thanks to you both for helping us cook these delicious nachos. we got ripped off, man.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
[ applause ] ♪ i'm on top of the world she is on top of the world. back with the amazing number one woman tennis player in the world, 21-year-old naomi osaka. she just won the australian open on the heels of her u.s. open win, she's the first person in nearly 20 years to follow up her first grand slam with another grand slam title and she's good enough to join us from florida. good morning to you, good morning, congratulations. [ applause ] >> good morning, robin. >> i hope you feel the love. i hope you feel the love all the
8:41 am
way here in new york. just tell us about that moment last weekend in claiming your second grand slam. what was that feeling like for you? >> yeah, i mean, it felt really special. i think -- well, everyone if they win a grand slam it feels like one of the happiest moments of their life. >> it certainly was for you. i know you have some superstitions, my friend, and i hear that music is one of them and so when you're winning, you tend to play the same song so what was the music that you were playing down under? >> i was playing a song called "win." >> how appropriate. how appropriate. [ applause ] and you did just that. so what was it like when you called your mom and told her of the victory? when you talked to your mom for the first time what did she say to you? >> yeah, i mean, my mom, she was upset at me and she kind of yelled at me to go to sleep so --
8:42 am
>> she wanted you to get your rest, huh? >> yeah, i think that was the most i her. y stomething how y g very little sleep over the day so are you nice and rested now? >> now i am. >> i'm glad to hear that. your sister also plays tennis. how do you guys motivate each other? >> well, for me, she's like my biggest supporter in a way because we always check each other's matches and we always tend to sort of give each other therapy when we lose. >> ah, well, for you that doesn't happen very often anymore. i mean, from the u.s. open to come back and win again, two grand slam titles in a row. what did your sister say to you after you won the australian? >> well, i mean, she told me
8:43 am
things i don't think i should repeat them here. >> come on! you're among friends. just a few million people are listening in. you're safe with me. you are so incredibly talented and i know -- i follow you on instagram and i found out that you also have another account where you post these beautiful travel pictures. what is it about travel that you want to share with people? >> yeah, i mean, i think tennis players, we travel a lot and we don't really get to appreciate all the countries we visit so taking pictures was one of my ways of sort of appreciating it in a way. >> yeah, well, they are absolutely beautiful. what do you do in your down time? i hear you like to play some video games so what are you playing these days? >> well, i mainly play
8:44 am
overwatch. >> oh, you got applause here. i still play angry birds. is that okay? i can't -- it is a way to really unwind and relax. hey, what do you say -- there's so many people, in all seriousness, who look up to you and have such respect for you, the way you handle yourself on the court and offer the court and the way that you play and all that, what would you say to somebody who is looking up to you and needs a little advice, naomi? >> yeah, i would just say everyone has their own path, so you should just keep going and never give up and don't compare yourself to other people. >> ah, well, that is beautiful. [ applause ] and you're in florida. is it chilly? looks like you have a coat on. is it cold down there? >> i mean, i came from australia, so everywhere is chili. >> you are a delight. it is. well, congratulations to you.
8:45 am
i'm going to be your momma too. make sure you get your rest and we'll see you back on the tennis court really soon and very, very happy and proud of you, naomi osaka, thank you. >> thank you. >> see you on down the road. you take care. alrit,amse ] today. [ applause ] all right, robin was reaching for some florida numbers. let's go ahead and show you what i like to call our miami moment. it may be a part of every show where i want to do this. this is earth cam looking at south beach. gorgeous south beach. we've been trapped in the 60s, don't you worry, that sunshine is coming up and going all the way to 70 degrees. if you want to find another 70 you got to get to l.a. 74 in phoenix as well and i just thought we'd highlight the warm spots.
8:46 am
all that weather was brought to you by trulicity. oh lara. >> thank you, sam. time now for a special sneak peek at some of the biggest super bowl commercials. we're going back to t.j. in atlanta. hey, t.j. [ applause ] >> hey there, lara. are you going to spend a little over $5 million for a 30-second ad? what do you get? you get to put chance the rapper, the backstreet boys and a bag of doritos all in one place. >> we need an alexa dog collar for dogs. >> ordering dog food. ordering dog stood. >> you can bark all you want. i'm not paying for any more dog food. >> reporter: rams versus anticipate patriots will have to wait. the battle of the ads is already under way. >> alexa, play music. >> okay. ♪ >> reporter: amazon is
8:47 am
showcasing box office stars like harrison ford. >> i'm not talking to you. >> reporter: and forest whitaker in their newest promotion for the big game. >> alexa, play my podcast. >> did that surprise you? >> reporter: along with amazon brands like doritos are featuring ads with the biggest names in entertainment, chance the rapper and the backstreet boys among them. ♪ i never wanna hear you say >> reporter: some are aimed at harnessing a harmonious mash-up of humor. >> ooh, follow my nachos -- >> reporter: homage. ♪ preaching to the choir >> reporter: and horror. >> ah! >> reporter: olay's super bowl ad dubbed killer skin, plays off sarah michelle geller's horror resume including "i know what you did last summer" and "scream 2." >> advertisers are realizing the power of women in the nfl fan base and reaching out to them more than ever during the super bowl. >> reporter: olay officials say only a quarter of super bowl ads showcase women and hope their ad diversifies
8:48 am
the high priced commercials. and, lara, you spend $5 million on an ad you got to get more than just 30 seconds. getting 100 million people to watch but you need the buzz and need t.j. and lara talking about your ad days before so more bang for the buck these days. >> they are indeed, thanks to you, my friend. we'll be back soon with you. right now, would you please make your special entrance escorted by the one and only sam champion. here is sara haines. sara, do tell us what's going on. >> we have the backstreet boys but this is the only boy band boy i need here. >> the original boy band. >> break it down, boo. we do have a sneak peek because they gave us a killer performance as well. >> hi, we're the backstreet boys and you're watching the coolest show in daytime tv. ♪ "strahan & sara," all right [ cheers and applause ] >> is that a new theme song? >> i don't know.
8:49 am
i think there's moolah being exchanged. no, they don't pay for that. ♪ "strahan & sara," all right >> thank you. >> my pleasure. up next, dwayne johnson and his bucket list dream come true. stay with "good morning america." am ♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, jason wu could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while putting on a runway show for new york fashion week. ♪ ♪ he could. or, he could make it even easier - and set up recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours. what'with coverage havinthroughout your home? how about having internet that can help you save on wireless phone service? xfinity gives you the fastest speeds from
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8:51 am
hollywood's hottest action star dwayne johnson like you've never seen him before. >> kayna whitworth caught up with him. >> right in the middle. >> reporter: for one of hollywood's biggest stars, dwayne johnson, the chance to premiere "fighting with my family" at the sundance film festival has been surreal. >> it was a bucket list dream come true that i didn't even know was on the budget list. >> i'm hutch morgan. i'm calling from the wwe. we'd like both to come down and try out. >> reporter: the film telling the true story of paige and her wrestling fanatic family. something johnson has plenty of experience with. >> i grew up in a wrestling
8:52 am
family and we lived like gypsies so a lot of fun disfunction? straight at them. >> the dysfunctionality you see in the movie is just taken from our lives. >> talking to two rejects from harry potter. >> reporter: the film produced by the production company johnson founded with his ex-wife and ex brother-in-law -- >> dwayne johnson, how are you? >> prove it. >> if you're -- >> reporter: -- fought hard to get it made after every movie studio turned them down. >> and i'm vin diesel, mate. >> it's a story we felt no matter what skill we made it, something that will always resonate with audiences globally so no matter what we were going to get the movie made. >> how have you turned a marriage that didn't quite work out into this absolutely beautiful professional partnership? >> would you like to answer that? >> for real? >> friendship. friendship and the expansion of wanting what's best for everyone. wanting what's best in his life, wanting what's best in my life. hiram's life. >> reporter: now dwayne and
8:53 am
danny's daughter simone is following in his father's lead, training to be in the wwe. >> i had simone when i was 29 and -- >> i had simone but you were there. >> when i birthed the baby -- yes, thank you. when danny had simone and i was fortunate enough to be her father at 29, i was still trying to find myself. i was flying by the seat of my pants at that time. i was in wwe and she's going into a business that i have enjoyed over the years. it's brought us even closer together. >> reporter: this awesome movie "fighting with my family" hits theaters february 14th. lara and sam. >> all right. thank you. and "gma" will be right back. and "gma" will be right back.
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"good morning america" is sponsored by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. it's a winning day. >> it sure is.
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8:59 am
good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning. im matt keller from abc7 morning. here's mike nicco with your forecast. >> still watching the fog. it is starting -- it being the visibility to improve. so if you're out and about, don't worry about needing an umbrella until we get to around 6:00 and all the way through the evening hours and early tomorrow morning. we'll have a wet commute tomorrow morning but nothing like the heavy rain coming friday evening. >> we still have a lot of slow traffic, slow and go for your wednesday morning commute. better news in vacaville, just cleared off this earlier accident. it started at 1:30 this morning with a big rig. roads clear. should be improving shortly. >> thank you. it's time now for "live with
9:00 am
kelly and ryan." we'll be back at 11:00 for >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan." today, from the series "gotham," ben mckenzie. and she's one of the stars of "broad city." abbi jacobson. plus janyouary continues with shayna taylor. and the benefits of juicing. also, a performance from singer-songwriter, mike posner, all next on "live." and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. [cheers and applause] >> ryan: hey! good morning. hello. madam. >> kelly: oh, yeah.
9:01 am
>> ryan: so great.


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