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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 30, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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tonight, the deep freeze turns deadly. wind chills in some places 65 below zero. more than 50 below in chicago and minneapolis. schools closed. firefighters battling flames and ice. hundreds of flights canceled tonight. de-icing equipment overwhelmed. amtrak setting tracks on fire to keep trains moving. from chicago, down to atlanta, from new york city up to boston. frostbite in some places setting in in just five minutes. we do have breaking news as we come on tonight in the case of the well-known tv actor who told police he was brutally attacked. the "empire" actor telling police the suspects, their faces covered, put a rope around his neck, shouting racial and homophobic slurs. tonight, what chicago police have just revealed about possible surveillance in the case. president trump tonight slamming his own intelligence chiefs, telling them to go back to school, calling them naive,
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after what they said about iran, north korea, russia and isis. the woman officer shot in the chest and killed. the officer charged. police say it happened during a game of russian roulette. but tonight, new questions. prosecutors asking, was there a rush to call this an accident? the sink hole in an american neighborhood revealing a secret tunnel underneath. authorities say someone was digging that tunnel to break into a bank. and the stunning and heartbreaking images tonight. the senior citizen, a patient with dementia, left to wander the streets. her family says she was discharged from the hospital in the middle of the night. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy wednesday night. we have several developing stories as we come on. we're going to begin tonight with this dangerous cold not turning deadly. those wind chills as low as 65 degrees below zero. at least eight people are dead tonight. look at this. steam rising off the water of lake michigan in chicago.
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amtrak setting fire along the train tracks just to keep the trains moving. whiteout conditions from lake effect snow near buffalo. several major pileups being reported tonight. thousands of flights canceled nationwide. they can't keep up with the de-icing below in minneapolis. 43 below in chicago, and look, all the way east there. it will feel like 16 below here in new york city, 18 below in boston. tonight, right here, you'll see theless kuehls and the firefighters forced to battle the flames in this very dangerous cold. abc's alex perez leading us off from chicago. >> reporter: tonight, that arctic air firing up the lake effect snow machine, bringing several feet of snow to western new york. vehicles crashing in whiteout conditions in the buffalo area. snow squalls in pennsylvania causing multiple pileups on highways, including this one outside reading. >> motor vehicle accident. injuries reported. anywhere between 20 and 40 vehicles involved. >> reporter: this, as the midwest is gripped by
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record-breaking cold.>> chica i. ths marking one of n chico, wm city beso help get o workers handing out blankets, gloves and socks. >> i think regardless of all our efforts, we're still going to see a lot of people that are not going to make it. >> reporter: the 50 below wind chill means frostbite can take hold in just five minutes. for severe cases, northwestern memorial hospital using this device called a bear hugger. so, what's happening now? >> so, what you're seeing here is basically warm air is circulating over the patient, and that way, maintaining this warmth, getting their core body temperature back up to physiologic parameters. >> reporter: it's so cold that the postal service stopped mail delivery in parts of ten states. but some workers have no choice but to be outside, like these firefighters in hammond, indiana. thousands of flights cancelled. our david kerley on the tarmac at minneapolis-st. paul airport
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this morning. >> the real enemy here is not the cold, as far as flying, it's the cold, as far as ice. if it gets onto the wings, it can ruin the aerodynamics of the aircraft. >> reporter: back in chicago, they're using fire to keep the trains running. amtrak canceling all service in and out of the city today and tomorrow. even shipping lanes are frozen over. our tom llamas is on u.s. coast guard cutter morro bay on lake st. clair in michigan. >> the ice is about six to ten inches thick in some parts. and the coast guard tells us, it is so cold that when they actually cut ice in these conditions, they make more ice. you can see some of that right there. the deep v line it's cutting, the ice just reconnects. they're telling us this is too dangerous for any ship besides this one. >> reporter: in wisconsin, the coast guard helping rescue seven people stuck on the ice. and now, that bone-chilling cold is moving east. >> just incredible pictures from you alex, and our entire team fanned out across the storm zone. i know you're live right there
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on the chicago river tonight, completely frozen over. and you were telling us it's going to be even colder there tomorrow? >> reporter: david, that's right. it was 23 below zero tier today. it felt like 52 below zero. that's the coldest it's felt here in a quarter century. and, tomorrow, possibly more record-breaking bitter sub-zero cold. david? >> you've been a good sport for us, alex, thank you. you know those intense snow squalls you saw in alex's piece in pennsylvania, they blew through new york city this afternoon. look at the time lapse, showing the quick hit of snow. that's new york city's west side highway. and that's exactly where we find sam champion tonight, live right along the highway. sam, i know it moved through quickly, it was blinding, but the wind is howling behind it. >> reporter: oh, david, it is screaming. it has been screaming since that front moved through. we've dropped to 16 degrees right now. a 38-mile-per-hour wind on the west side highway. that puts the wind chill at right around zero. let's get to the maps. what we've got ahead of us for the next 24,zzd warnins
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there's that 16 degree temperature in new york. detroit's at minus 9 right now, actual temperature. here's what's waiting for your thursday morning. look at that, minus 16 in new york. pittsburgh at 19 below. let me give you the good news, david, and that is by the weekend, we're on a warmup. i can't say we won't remember this, because i think i always will, but it will be certainly above normal by the time we get to saturday and sunday, david. >> it is always great to have you back, sam, and not a moment too soon. we turn to other news tonight. we're following breaking news at this hour in the case involved what police are calling a possible hate crime. the actor, "empire" star jussie smollett, telling two men attacked him, put a rope around his neck, poured a chemical on him. and just moments ago, authorities now revealing they may now have possible persons of interest and are now pointing to surveillance. here's abc's steve osunsami tonight. >> reporter: chicago police tonight say they found surveillance video that shows
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potential persons of interest in the alleged attack on actor and musician jussie smollett. police say they poured over hundreds of hours of video from early tuesday morning. >> he's supposed to be well-known. requesting a report. said a noose was placed over the friend's neck. >> reporter: the actor was in town shooting seens for "empire." he told police he was heading home to his apartment when he was jumped by two masked men yelling out racial and ho homophobic slurs. then beat him up and poured an unknown chemical substance on him -- possibly bleach. he said one wrapped a rope around his neck and that his attackers yelled "maga country." online, an outpouring of support has come from fellow actors, like viola davis, john legend to his co-stars on his tv drama. tara. p. henson said, "i wish what happened to my baby was just one big bad joke, but it wasn't and we all feel his pain right now." >> he's angry, but i know jussie. you know, jussie's anger will dissipate and he will forgive
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these people for what they did. and -- but he won't and we cannot forget their actions. >> reporter: the fbi is already investigating a letter he received a week ago at his tv studio that was laced with a powdery substance, believed to be tylenol. >> so, let's bring in steve osunsami with us tonight. a lot of people are following this investigation. steve, what more do we know about that surveillance video, what it shows or doesn't show? >> reporter: well, police say it doesn't show the incident. it just shows two men walking in the general area. and authorities are asking for help. they're asking the public to take a look, see if they recognize these two people, these persons of interest, even an item of clothing. no detail is too small to recognize. david? >> steve osunsami with us tonight. thank you, steve. we're going to turn to new questions this evening after an officer was charged with killing a fellow officers, shooting her
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in the chest. tonight, the prosecutor is now accusing the police department of rushing to call it an accident. here's abc's will carr. >> reporter: tonight, hours after officer katlyn alix was laid to rest, the department where she worked is under fire. regarding her death. circuit attorney kimberly gardner sent this blistering letter on stabtained "the st. louis post-dispatch", questioning why alix's death was initially called an "accident." according to charging documents, on-duty officer nathanial hendren -- seen bruised and battered in his mug shot, after allegedly head butting a car -- was playing a game similar to russian roulette with off-duty officer katlyn alix, inside hendren's home. hendren allegedy shot alix in the chest, killing her. >> as much as it saddens me and my staff to file these charges, katlyn and her family deserve accountability and justice. >> reporter: the circuit attorney stating there is "a serious problem in objective
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investigative tactics," after an official request to draw blood to test for drugs and alcohol was turned down. instead, hendren submitted to breath and urine tests. david, tonight, officer hendren is charged with involuntary manslaughter. one big question is why he was inside his house when he was on-duty. his attorney says the allegations against him are rumors and gossip. he says this was a tragic accident. >> will, thank you. tonight, president trump is slamming his own intelligence chiefs, telling them to go back to school, calling them naive, after what they said about iran, north korea, russia and isis. they study the intelligence and they contradicted the president in front of the american people. here's abc's senior white house correspondent cecilia vega tonight. >> reporter: president trump today launched a blistering attack on his own hand-picked intelligence leaders, tweeting, "perhaps intelligence should go back to school." it comes one day after they publically contradicted him again and again. on isis -- >> we have won against isis. >> reporter: the director of national intelligence said that is far from the case.
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>> isis is intent on e surging and still commands thousands of fighters in iraq and syria. >> reporter: on north korea, president trump says kim jong-un is willing to denuclearize. cia chief gina haspel says hardly. >> the regime is committed to developed a nuclear long-range armed missile that would pose a direct threat to the united states. >> reporter: and on the president's repeated claim that iran is close to acquiring a nuclear weapon? >> we do not believe iran is currently undertaking activities we judge necessary to produce a nuclear device. >> reporter: today, the president tweeting, "the intelligence people seem to be extremely passive and naive when it comes to the dangers of iran. they are wrong." but the top democrat on the senate intelligence committee sounded the alarm, calling the president's words "dangerous." adding, "people risk their lives for the intelligence he just tosses aside." >> so, let's get right to cecilia vega, live at the white house tonight. and we know president trump has
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repeatedly questioned the intelligence when it comes to russian meddling in the election. he's kept his own conversations with vladimir putin private. but tonight, you were taking note that the financial times is now reporting about another private conversation between the president and putin, no american translator? >> reporter: yeah, david, the paper says this was a 15-minute meeting back when they were at the g-20 in november. only two other people were present for that meeting. first lady melania trump and putin's own translator. the white house is calling this an informal meeting, beyond that, they don't have much more to say, but probably, david, because as you said, the paper, according to "the financial times," says there were no other people in that room. >> cecilia, thank you. we turn next now to images coming in from venn swra ezuela tonight. the u.s. and other countries recognized the opposition leader as the interim president. we have reported for years now from inside venezuela on a
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economy in free-fall. and abc's ian pannell from inside venezuela again tonight. >> reporter: thousands of venezuelans, young and old, leaving their homes and their jobs. flooding the streets, demanding change. signs reading "no more dictatorship." thousands of people have come out onto the streets of caracas, venezuela, once again still calling for change. neither side is giving up. the question is, who will win, and will change come peacefully? this oil rich nation is suffering crippling food and medicine shortages, and ever closer to the brink of collapse. juan guaido declared interim president just one week ago. but now, banned from leaving venezuela, his assets frozen. but taking the risk and appearing in public outside a hospital, hours after a phone call with president trump. the administration threatening serious consequences if anything harmful happens to the young opposition leader. what is your message to the people of america, to the people
3:44 pm
of the world? >> this is a dictatorship. most of the people can't afford to live. >> reporter: but as thousands protests against him, nicolas maduro again working to shore up a key base -- the military. tweeting images alongside troops, asking them if they will defend him. "yes," they respond. david, both sides digging in here. maduro vowing to call up more of the feared militias. the opposition vowing more large-scale demonstrations. this crisis isn't over soon. david? >> ian pannell from venezuela tonight. back here at home and to a truly disturbing piece of video from long beach, california, tonight, a family accusing a hospital of discharging their loved one, an 84-year-old patient with dementia, in the middle of the night. eventually she was left to wander the streets. here's abc's kayna whitworth with the surveillance. >> reporter: tonight, the california department of health launching an investigation after this shocking video surfaced showing an elderly dementia patient wandering late at night after she was allegedly discharged by a hospital.
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>> i was enraged. >> reporter: her daughter filing a complaint after watching savina genoese zerbi, wearing only a robe and sandals, trying for 25 minutes to get back into the treatment facility where she lived. this after she was taken to college medical center in long beach for an evaluation earlier that night. the 84-year-old's daughter claims an employee from the hospital told her they would make proper arrangements to safely transfer her back. >> she was not in a state to be safe without someone physically watching her. >> reporter: but her daughter says zerbi was put in a cab alone. david, the hospital here behind me that discharged that 84-year-old telling us tonight that the patient denied their transportation, adding, they notified the receiving facility and her family, who they plan on meeting with to further discuss this issue. david? >> kayna whitworth. kayna, thank you. from wisconsin tonight, state officials say they were surprised to learn that after president trump celebrated
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foxconn bringing jobs to their state, they are now reconsidering plans for a manning facility there. the chinese electronics giant planned to make lcd panels at a manufacturing facility there. now they may kwaet a, quote, technology hub instead. wisconsin was investing up to $10 billion in this. the original hope it would create 13,000 jobs. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the police standoff on an american highway. traffic backed up for miles both ways. the truck driver was armed with a machete. his truck surrounded by police and the news tonight coming in on this. also, the sink hole in an american neighborhood revealing a secret tunnel underneath. authorities say they were digging to break into a bank. you have to see this. and the frightening head-on collision between a yep and a semitruck. the driver in the jeep surviving this. we have news on his condition tonight. a lot more news ahead. i'm a bunch of wind. and just like your stomach after that strip mall sushi, well, i'm a bit unpredictable. let's redecorate. whatsyamatter tanya, i thought you loved being spontaneous?
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elaborate bank heist thwarted. >> reptepoliceamnitely from ig . sink hole in florida, they spotted a power cord inside. this chase bank. >> i would say it's attempted burglary of a bank. they were headed towards the atm. i don't think they were doing that for any other reason. >> reporter: the fbi and local authorities using a robot and k-9 units to sweep the narrow tunnel, which stretches about 50 yards, just two to four feet wide. inside, boots, a ladder, a wagon, digging tools and a small generator. investigators think it took more than one person to build this tunnel, and tonight, they're asking the public to help find them. >> we don't know who's behind this at this time. they could've been here a week ago, last night. we don't know at this time. >> reporter: david, the tunnel never breached the bank wall. the fbi is still on-scene here tonight digging up that tunnel, looking for any clues that could lead to the people who tried to
3:50 pm
pull this off. david? >> all right, quite something. victor, thank you. when we come back tonight, the armed standoff on an american highway. the 18-wheeler surrounded. and this collision, the young driver and the other car survives. and the nfl commissioner breaking his silence on that blown call. re news ahead.s ahead. i wanted to hepro. my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot... almost 98 percent of patients on eliquis didn't experience another. ...and eliquis has significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. eliquis is fda approved and has both. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. if you had a spinal injection while on eliquis call your doctor right away if you have tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... and it may take longer than usual
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to the index of other news. that highway standoff in jackson county, mississippi. police surrounding an 18-wheeler on i-10. the driver armed with a machete. he did surrender. that explosive head-on collision near dublin, new hampshire. dash cam video obtained by our affiliate in boston. sam lachance survived this fierily crash in his yep. he's being treated now for traumatic brain injury. his family says he is showing signs of improvement. and nfl commissioner roger goodell is breaking his silence on that blown call in the saints/rams game, admitting referees made a mistake. >> we understand the frustration
3:54 pm
that they feel right now. but we also know our officials are human. >> he said the league will, quote, look again, at possibly expanding instant replay. when we come back, the super bowl surprise, even before the game. you'll want to see this tonight. ll want to see this tonight. at&t provides edge-to-edge intelligence, covering virtually every part of your healthcare business. so that if she has a heart problem & the staff needs to know, they will & they'll drop everything can you take a look at her vitals? & share the data with other specialists yeah, i'm looking at them now. & they'll drop everything hey. & take care of this baby yeah, that procedure seems right. & that one too. at&t provides edge to edge intelligence. it can do so much for your business, the list goes on and on. that's the power of &. & when your patient's tests come back... but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory.
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3:58 pm
>> we would love to invite you and your son josh, round trip, super bowl, come hang out with you. you mean so much to us, and you know that you're special, what you do around here, and everything that you do does not go unnoticed. >> reporter: just watch as it sets in. >> this is two tickets to the bowl. >> oh, my gosh. >> you'll be able to keep this, as well. >> oh, my gosh. are you serious? >> absolutely. >> oh. this is a dream come true. >> reporter: and then he asked about my son. >> i get to take my son? >> yes, absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: alphonso and his son josh are headed to the super bowl. >> wow. from the bottom of my heart -- >> the whole team. >> everybody. >> organization. >> thank you. >> reporter: they are not leaving alphonso behind. and thank you for watching here on a wednesday night. i'm david muir. i'll see you tomorrow. good night. good night.
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clearly the judge found that you violated probation. in the criminal case. what you say to that? >> only on 7. i team reporter questions the interim ceo of pg&e. after the judge finds the utility violated probation increase with a northern california wild fire. >> the court is pushing pg&e to take important safety steps before the next fire season. i team reporter is back from the court with the latest. >> judge over sees pg&e probation. he calls them a six time felon for the safety violations of obstruction of justice. in the pipeline explosion in 2010. pushing them to stop equipment from starting more wild fires. >> pacific gas and electric outhat haed today.
4:00 pm
>> the consumers worry about the wild fires for the coming season? the judge clearly this. >> the judge said 3% of the state has burned in wild fires in two years. pg&e is not responsible for all the destruction, he says their angst should be to cut calls of pg&e to zero. >> a strong statement and creating a sense of urgency. that's being lacking. >> pg&e issued a statement this afternoon. pg&e shares the courts commitment to safety and agrees with the urgency to reduce the risk of wild fire. but during court lawyers for pg&e said money is not the issue. with getting trees trimmed away from the it's lackf qualified personnel to hire. that drew strong reaction. >> the current


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