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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  July 11, 2019 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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"jimmy kimmel live," u.s. national soccer team stars and world . >> dicky: from hollywood, it's jimmy kimmel live. tonight, director jon favreau. world cup champions, alex morgan and megan rapinoe. this week in unnecessary censorship and music from taylor bennett. and now, step aside. jimmy kimmel! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. hello, everyone. i'm jimmy. thank you for watching, thank you for coming to join us. thank you for everything, really. this is, well, i'm glad you're in a great mood. because today we celebrate one of our most cherished holidays in this country. today is 7-eleven, also known as free slurpy day. [cheers and applause] although, you know, any day can
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be free slurpy day if you drink them fast enough. people love this holiday. they've been doing this for 17 years now. and it's much more popular than 7-eleven's other big promotional holiday, free wrinkled tiny hot dog that's been sitting out since the bush administration. i believe that's october 8. today's the day you spend hours waiting in line for a slurpy for free, or you can pay a dollar any other day and get one in like two seconds, nothing against slurpies. as a general rule, i don't drink anything that has the word "pee" in it. we have a good show, the director of the lin"the lion ki jojon favreau is here. and from the usa soccer team, alex morgan and megan rapinoe are with us. [cheers and applause] if your daughter wants pink
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hair, and we have music from taylor bennett. the president hasn't extended an invitation yet to the u.s. soccer team to visit the white house. but today he rolled out the orange carpet for all his favorite wing nuts. he held a social media summit at the white house. he invited a group of people that included conspiracy theoryists, people who like their own members, there have not been this many people around the table since lord of the rings. he did not invite facebook or twitter to the summit because he claims they're biassed against him, even though they're a good reason why he got elected. without twitter he would be an a busboy at mara-lago. >> when i put out something, a
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good one that people like, right? good tweet, it goes up. it used to go up. it would say 7,000, 17, 7,034. now it goes 7 6,000, 9, 998. then they go 7,000, 9, 6,074. i said what's going on? it never did that before? it goes up, and then they take it down. then it goes up. i never had, does anyone know what i'm talking about with this? >> jimmy: no, no. have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in? and the trumpiest thing is he -- [cheers and applause] he claims twitter's got this conspiracy against him. so what does he do? today he tweets more than 20 times. he, a big subject at the white house social media summit will be the tremendous dishonesty,
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bias, discrimination and s suppression by some companies. they will all be endorsing me at some point, one way or another. could you imagine having sleepy joe biden or alfred e. newman or a skinny version of pocahontas as your president? rather than having what you have now, so good-looking and smart? a true stable genius. sounds like someone's working on his tinder profile, to me. [ applause ] but as far as the election goes,they are confident the election in 2020 will be safe and secure from foreign interference. senator lindsey graham said he was very impressed by the administration's plan for election security. and you know what, if the people with the most to gain say it's not a concern that's good enough for me. republicans in congress are basically the family that puts the adt sticker on the window of
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their house without getting the alarm installed. you know what? stranger things kids already took care of the russians. if you watch the new season you know. the last time trump and putin were together, they were giggles and whispering in each other's ears. eight intelligence agencies said russia interfered in our election. they know we need protection against that. but they can't say it because daddy dl daddy donald takes it as an insult. what they are doing is nothing. and it will happen all over again. meanwhile, vice president pence was here in california last night. he didn't come to visit. he's at van ddenberg air force. >> the time has come to establish the sixth branch of our armed forces, and soon the united states space force will be a reality. >> jimmy: this is the 50th time
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he's announced the space force. you know you have to actually do something, too, right? you won't just, the space force won't just appear. you can't just say space force over and over again. it's not betelgeuse. this is something the vice president liked. there's a guy named robert foster running in mississippi. and he refused to do an interview with a female reporter unless they were accompanied by a male. she wanted to shadow the candidate which would involve her riding alone with him in his truck, but he was not okay with that. he attempted to explain this. >> i didn't want to end up in a situation where we were alone for an extended period of time throughout that 15 to 16-hour day. so out of precaution, i wanted hear to bring someone with her, a male colleague. and the other thing i think's
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important to point out, this is my truck. and in my truck we go by my rules. >> okay. >> that's my rule. >> jimmy: that's right. in my truck we go by my rules. and if that truck's a rockin', don't come a knockin'. what a weirdo. i mean, that's weird. [ applause ] and it got weirder. >> look at, like, our current governor bryant staff. one of his top policy directors, those are all women, how are you going to do that if you can't be alone with a woman? >> it's very simple. you always can have the door open and have people right in the room next door. but this is not what we're talking about. we're talking about a 15 to 16-hour vehicle ride in my truck. >> jimmy: that's right, and that's his truck. and they go by his rules in his truck. i don't know about you, but i don't think anyone who need as chaperone to sit next to a woman needs to be governor of a state. but he said he made a vow with his wife that neither of them
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would be alone with a member of the opposite sex and he sticks to that. sometimes it takes him an hour to get on an elevator. it's really difficult. and the more he tried to explain it the more ridiculous his argument got. >> what do you think would happen if you were alone in a room? she seems to be a professional reporter who asks questions. what do you think happens? >> nothing. and that's what i just stated. you request hacan have the door have people next door saying there's nothing there. but that's not what we're talking about. we're talking about riding in my truck for a 15 or 16-hour day. >> what happens in your truck? >> it's just a perception. it's a rule that i've always h it's a very professional rule, a rule that billy graham and governor mike pence have followed. >> jimmy: if it's good enough for a man who calls his wife "mother" it's good enough for him. that's what you want in a governor, someone who isn't willing to meet with half the population of your state? this is robert foster. you request see why women lose
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control around him. one look at that crooked bowl cut, and i deare you not to fal in love with him. the good news for foster and other men like him to have a hard time resisting the temptations of the flesh is that help is on the way. >> are you a man with conservative values who can't trust himself around mouth-watering female women? >> going down? >> i'll take the next one. >> i'd love to work with women, but on the other hand, what if penis? >> what if penis indeed. now there's help. >> wow! now no one can force me to commit adultery. >> the chasti-he belt. can you now enjoy a norm al relationship with human women. go out on the town, command the space force. even run for office.
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>> ooh. >> you bet. >> chastit-he belt. >> my truck, my rules. >> available at walgreen's. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: one more thing before we forge ahead. it's thursday night, which means it's time to bleep and blur the big tv moments of the week whether they need it north, this week in unnecessary censorship. >> i personally want to thank you, because their year they're not dumping, our businesses are doing better. my wife don't [ bleep ] me as much. that always happens. >> i can't write to say [ bleep ]. >> i'm so excited. >> d's going it's going to be a. >> we have to talk about it, it's big [ bleep ]. we have to [ bleep ] it together. >> go is bringing us that onshore flow, that nice sea breeze along the coast. oh, my [ bleep ] are a little
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wonky today. >> we're going to be looksing at that and looking at it very closely. we're also going to be [ bleep ] in a big [ bleep ] in a little while. >> we owned some kwatle growing up and a few [ bleep ] horses. >> did was deep and rich. it was like a [ bleep ] in my mouth. it was really great. >> i have a hard time believing that people enjoy [ bleep ]ing their pet more, their dog more than their spouse. >> i don't know that they enjoy it more. but they do it more. >> hey, look. i got some guys to beat and some [ bleep ] to eat. take care. >> jimmy: all right. we have a good show for you tonight. music from taylor bennett, world cup champions alex morgan and megan rapinoe and right back with jon favreau. [cheers and applause] ♪ abc's jimmy kimmel live, brought to you by the maker of front line oral defense.
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♪ [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: hello there. welcome back to our show. tonight, they are co-captains of the world cup-winning usa soccer team, alex morgan and megan rapinoe are with us. then, this is his album, "the american reject", taylor bennett from the mercedes benz stage. then we have new shows with shailene woodley, shaquille o'neill, kamala harris, billy eichner. fred savage, lenny clark, sean mcvay. music from garth brooks, and cardi b. please join us for all of that next week. our first guest of the night is an actor, director, producer and in his spare time he drives
11:52 pm
spiderman to the dentist. he is the director of a spectacular remake of the lion kink whi king which opens on friday, please welcome jon favreau. ♪ [cheers and applause] how are you? you must be happy today, right? >> that was a fun night. >> jimmy: the premiere was tuesday night. >> right. >> jimmy: boy, you've been working on this thing a long time. >> for like three years, yeah. >> jimmy: the last time you were here you showed me on your iphone like 30 seconds. >> "circle of life." we'd gotten it going. >> jimmy: it looked spectacular on the phone but even better in the movie theater. >>na's >> that's a 2k3w50good, can we that in the promo? >> jimmy: certainly. it was the first time you had shown the film to an audience.
11:53 pm
>> usually you've had test screenings where you've shown it to groups or advanced screenings for critics. but we finished just in time for this premiere and there it was in the dolby. >> jimmy: huge theater. >> where you've hosted the oscars. it's a bit intimidating, and then everybody's there. the actors hadn't seen the film. most of them hadn't seen any of it yet. and there we were. and you're starting to realize, maybe they won't like it. you never think about that. you do all the publicity. and i'm there just digging my, good thing i bite my nails, because i was digging my fingers into my wife's wrist the whole time. >> jimmy: really, you were that nervous? >> yeah, i'm used to doing comedy. and the beginning of "the lion king," not for spoilers, but there's some sad things that happen in the beginning of the movie. and i felt the laughs starting to spread, that's when i felt, i started to relax, eat my popcorn and enjoy the evening. >> jimmy: billy iegner and seth
11:54 pm
rogen are hilarious. >> and they were worried about it, too, those are big shoes to fill. >> jimmy: seth was here last night, and i was speaking to him after the show, and he said, you know, he hadn't seen anything really. >> that's right. >> jimmy: and he was so relieved. he felt there was a lot of improvisation, oh, john picked all the right things. and that was worrying him and you picked all the right things, i guess. >> that's my background. whether it was elf or iron man. i've always loved improvisation, things that could bring a little bit of life to it. and i loved to spend all that time meticulously going thei every daily. you could cut anything together and animate to that. it really was the best stuff. and both of them are so funny, and we recorded them together. we actually acted it out in like a rehearsal theater space and recorded their voices so that what you're seeing is a much more natural improvisational. >> jimmy: they're moving around,
11:55 pm
not standing in front of a microphone. >> right. >> jimmy: i do want to bring something up. i hope this isn't upsetting to you. >> oh. >> jimmy: i was studying some of the scenes. and it seems your movie has striking and disturbing similarities to another film named the lion kwi"the lion kine out in 1994. would you like to explain this? >> this is fake news. i don't know where you got this. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: did the people, have the people who made the original lion king movie seen your movie yet? >> they were there, actually. >> jimmy: at this thing? >> they were also very involved. they would come by, like rob minkoff. i always wanted to check in with them. i felt this was the type of film where the first one holds up so incredibly well. and some people have grown up with it i wanted to make sure we honored the legacy of it, but it's about a half hour longer than the original.
11:56 pm
there's a lot of improv, a lot of scenes that weren't in the original. hans zimmer was in the original. they were at the premiere and stuck around for the party and seemed to like it. i was grateful. >> jimmy: that's got to be a big relief. >> a film like this, you feel a sense of responsible lility to original film makers, the fans. this was more pressure than i'd felt before. >> jimmy: even more than ironman? >> nobody expected much when we started. in the beginning it wasn't anything and people were just delighted to see robert coming back and that hero. and i think the russo brothers felt that pressure more with the avengers films. >> jimmy: you also have a show on netflix. >> yes. >> jimmy: the chef show, which is a lot, seems like you're having a lot of fun, and it's a lot of fun to watch. >> yes. >> jimmy: the eye dive tidea of
11:57 pm
is you and roy choi. you guys go and cook with people, celebrities, other chefs. >> a lot of it, honestly was inspired by, i don't know if you know this about jimmy, he's an amazing cook. i've never cooked with you. but he's a great cook and great host and he'll bring the chefs and celebrities together and pe people who enjoy food. we had david chang, adam perry lang. >> jimmy: chris bionco. >> and all the conversations and the things i learned, it was such a great moment. this is something people would love to see, and it's such a great way to talk to people and get to know them is by cooking for them. >> jimmy: so you did that and
11:58 pm
then didn't invite me to be on that. >> i did. i kept wanting to do it at your house, which might have been a little too much. >> jimmy: i would love to do did. it as fantastic. you're not known for kwocooking. do you think like oh, this is a big deal, it has to be good? >> it's amazing to me that whether i'm cooking a meal for people at high mouse my house o movie it's all the same thing. but the feeling i get when you actually cook something and somebody likes it, especially if a chef tastes it and think it's cool it makes my day. i don't know why. i think as i get older, like mr. miyagi, you want to make bonsai trees. you get so caught up in the meticulousness of a hobby. you want to learn things. and when you're young, everybody
11:59 pm
wants to teach you things. >> jimmy: especially when you could eat those things after you made e miyagi could not do. >> it was fantastic movie. great job. >> jimmy: see, that's all you really need. >> a ringing endosrsement u rigt there. >> jimmy: jon favreau is here. we'll see "the lion king." looking for one hundred. ♪ [ kids screaming ] a run to the left side, no foul given... morgan running... looking for one hundred. she's got it! ♪ [ kids cheering ] ♪
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♪ ♪ in the circle ♪ the circle of life ife >> jimmy: that is the lion king. this is the director of "the lion king." jon favreau. it opens a week from tomorrow. everybody's going to love it. there's no doubt everybody's going to love it. at the premiere, you announced, you were on stage, and you said, this whole movie is cgi cgi cgi for one scene in the movie. >> one shot. every environment was completely generated by computers.
12:05 am
every performance was t-frame animated the same way they did back in the time of bambi, but with computers using it for lighting and rendering, it creates this beautiful photo real naturalism. i want people to know we weren't out there just shooting plates. people refer to it as live action. >> jimmy: i was watching, and i was going, how did this happen? what, part, is the, is africa real? >> yeah. >> jimmy: are the animals? >> well, africa is real, but in our movie. >> jimmy: so there is an africa. i was confused about that. >> we took photos there and went on scouts. we made sure to get all the species and the plant life. >> jimmy: the hair on the animals, the body movements. >> all those simulations, i learned a lot on "jungle book." we started working on this, apartmeand the other interesting thing, we
12:06 am
took all those vidigital files d brought them into vr and created this film making game where all the crew put on headsets and were able to walk around and look around the pride lands and watch the animated performances and set cameras inside vr. so it felt like we were making a film inside virtual reality. >> jimmy: beyonce was at the premiere. is she real? is she a real person? >>i >> i've seen her face-to-face and on stage. >> jimmy: how do you approach beyonce to be in your movie? >> i didn't know, it's one of those things where either they want to be involved or not. i got the message through to her. i didn't have any personal relationship, and when she said, she has kids and she -- >> jimmy: that helps. >> an affinity for -- >> jimmy: the right age group. >> and could sing. >> jimmy: she's a good singer. >> she's a good singer. so the idea of her
12:07 am
reinterpreting those classic songs and we have all the original songs in, that was an exciting notion, so when i heard she wanted to do it that's when i knew i was a made man at home because i have two daughters and a wife. and they're teenagers. so the first time in four years i held their attention at dinner. >> jimmy: did they get to meet beyonce? >> we finally went to see her at the rose bowl and met her afterwards, which is a good message for tkids. she puts on a great show and you meet her afterwards, and it's like a normal, human who's polite and just like the, all of the persona of the stage presence goes away, and she's just a very nice, gracious host who had us all there. >> jimmy: and teaches them that doddy daddy is awesome. >> yes. and same with childish gambino. my son had his picture up on the wall.
12:08 am
as we get older, it's nice have young people in your life that kind of till you what's going on before you drift off into your weird little cocoon of insulation. >> jimmy: i know what you mean. i listen to nothing but the '80s radio station. >> and stranger things, i bond with my daughter watching that, but beyond that i really need to be guided through this culture. >> jimmy: you had the original mufasa. was that the only original kwcat member? >> james earl jones. >> jimmy: there's no new, there's no james earl jones jr. out there, right? >> i had have had a very tough time having to recast that. >> jimmy: i would have done that. >> but you're busy. >> jimmy: with all the cooking and whatnot. >> and also, to hear his voice, still, and beyond being just james earl jones as mufasa, my childhood as darth vader. >> jimmy: for me, cnn.
12:09 am
but speaking of darth vader, you're producing a series for disney plus. >> i'm working with other directors. >> jimmy: called the mandelorian. oh, you're wearing the socks. is that what they gave you in exchange? >> yeah, and i shave td my legs for this appearance. >> jimmy: can you tell us anything about the mandelorian? what happens >> dit's about a bounty hunter. all hell's breaking loose in the outer rim. and it's about the villainy that once you take out the rule of law chaos takes over, and you have a lot of unseemly characters. >> jimmy: dit's based on curren events?
12:10 am
>> d's kiit's kind of like when meet hans solo. i like the rogue's gallery. i got together with dave it's like playing with all your "star war "star wars" toys together. we're done with the first season. i'm having a blast. >> jimmy: you're having a good life. everything you do turns into gold. it's amazing. >> and super fun. >> jimmy: go see "the lion king." you'll love it. opens a week from friday. we'll be right back with alex morgan and megan rapinoe. 12340e9 ♪ five? one to five? it's more like five million. there's everything from happy to extremely happy. there's also angry.
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hey, i'm the hollywood spongebob. next week on jimmy kimmel live, we have shaquille o'neill, kamala harris and fred savage. and cardi b, that's it, bye!
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>> jimmy: hey, welcome back. on sunday, our next guests and their teammates knocked off the lands of nether to went their second consecutive world cup for the united states, and they celebrated, too. please welcome co-captains of the team, alex morgan and rapinoe. ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ >> jimmy: how about that? [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: that's beautiful. congratulations. >> thank you. >> jimmy: thanks for coming. >> yeah. >> jimmy: it's kind of funny that the world cup isn't a cup. >> i know. we were looking forward to drinking out of it. >> jimmy: yeah, you can't, the best thing you could do is maybe hit each other over the head with it. is it fun to win the world cup?
12:23 am
it seems like it must be. >> it's okay. >> at times. >> it's fun after we win it. when you're in the thick of it. >> we better win this, that's what you feel like when you're in the thick of it. >> jimmy: you're celebrating non-stop, is that correct? or does it just seem that way? >> no, that is actually correct. >> jimmy: is it more exhausting to play in the tournament or to celebrate winning the tournament after the tournament? >> i think during the tournament it's more emotionally exhausting. after we are so sleep deprived. it's physically exhausting. >> i'm going to go after. the riggers th o o o o o o o os bodies through is not good. >> jimmy: your hair seems to be changing color. when i first saw you it was pink and now it's purple ish. ish. i.
12:24 am
>> i don't know. >> jimmy: was that your plan, to do a dennis rodman thing? >> i don't have a plan. i dyed my hair pink the day before i left for the world cup, and it was fading so quickly. and i will to get more, then i took it with me, and i was doing it myself. >> didn't your sister bring it? >> my sister brought over a second batch, and it was a bit of a mess. from afar, which is where the camera catches us, it's okay. you can't see the detail. >> jimmy: it worked out well i guess. i was thinking about this. why is the american team, your team, so dominant? why are you guys so much better than everyone else? [cheers and applause] >> look at her. >> it's a good question. um. >> jimmy: it's interesting, isn't it? i mean, it's not like that with the men's team, right? i mean, nothing against them, but it isn't. they're not dominant.
12:25 am
>> jimmy. >> jimmy: i just want to say, show that clip from after the parade there at the rally. >> u.s. soccer has invested more in women's soccer than any country in the world. and we will, and we will continue to invest -- [ crowd shouting "equal pay" ] >> jimmy: so that's the president of u.s. soccer, and this has become a big topic of conversation. you want equal pay, which i think, by the way, i think it's a mistake. shouldn't you be paid more because you -- [cheers and applause] i mean, really, honestly, i know the men's tournament is a bigger umbrella overall, but when it comes to the u.s. teams, how many, how many world cups has the men's team won? none of them, right? >> we're taking you to mediation
12:26 am
with us. >> jimmy: i would love to go to mediation. >> you're invited. >> jimmy: i think i would be an effective spokesman on your behalf. >> yeah. >> jimmy: is it a situation where you would consider boycotting the next world cup if this is not remedied properly? >> i, i mean, we worked our entire lives. >> jimmy: you have to say yes or else you have no -- >> no leverage. >> jimmy: yes, queer' nwe're no back. >> we know about leverage, okay? we are working towards that, but i think also our fans and everyone is speaking for us on our behalf. >> jimmy: that is nice, the world kind of is rallying around. and it seems like this victory came at the perfect time for this country, doesn't it? i mean, it's almost, it's almost like a storybook type of thing. >> yes. >> jimmy: it seems like we needed this right at this time for six different reasons. >> i think success helps drown out all of the other bad things. so. >> jimmy: yeah. >> winning helps everything.
12:27 am
>> jimmy: you beat thailand 13-0. do you think you'll ever be allowed to go to thailand? >> that was my bucket list. >> i hope so. yeah, bucket list. >> i think so, right? >> jimmy: i don't know. i have no idea. i don't know how they're feeling about it. >> i think they're okay. >> i think they took the loss as a respectful one. >> jimmy: you do. okay. >> yes. >> jimmy: when you're on the field and, you know, really jostling everybody, does anybody go oh, sorry, is it more polite than men's sports? >> no. >> jimmy: no, not at all? >> no, it's more like sorry, not sorry. >> like against each other or opponents? >> jimmy: against each other. i wonder if the competition, because your team is so dominant, the competition in the intersquad practice is stronger. >> it's insane. >> you know what the sorries are in practice, oh, my god, i'm
12:28 am
sorry. you've done that 17 times and said sorry in the exact same way. you don't mean it. >> jimmy: do you think if you split up your team into two teams you would win first and second place? >> i mean, our teammate ali krieger said it. >> when my teammate talks we listen, and it must be true. yeah. yeah. >> jimmy: this is the cover of "sports illustrated" this week. did you know that? [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: that's pretty great, huh? that's got to be exciting. will you blow this up and like hang it in your homes? >> yeah, above the bed, likely. just like a full right there, no matting or anything. >> jimmy: did you get like a million calls and e-mails and texts and everything that you felt like you had to respond to in some way? >> it was crazy. >> my in box is hanging on for dear life. it's out of control. it's causing me total anxiety. i can't even look at it.
12:29 am
>> jimmy: are you one of those people who likes to keep up -- >> i'm keeping my eyes up on my screen, it's so bad. >> people i haven't spoken to in years. do you respond? lots of numbers with no contacts attached to it. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> like thank you so much, who is this? >> jimmy: maybe a lot of those people want to tell their friends that they texted you and you responded to them. >> the tap-back feature in ios right now is just, it's a real -- >> the heart. >> jimmy: the heart is great. the heart is actually more useful than the actual human heart. >> it is. >> jimmy: so president trump, megan, you quite famously said you weren't interested in visiting the white house. he said he was going to invite you to the white house. he hasn't invited you to the white house yet, i'm guessing you won't go to the white house if he does invite you unless he asks really nicely. but i also don't want to cheat you out of the experience of
12:30 am
visiting the white house. so we've prepared something special for you. and if would you go ahead and throw open those curtains. and ladies, this is for you. this is yours. this is 5,000 chicken nuggets. and a couple of actors pretending to be secret service guys. and i'm going to tell you something. if you rileally are the champio we know you are, the three of us will eat all of these before the night is done. >> every last one of them. >> jimmy: congratulations. i know i'm walking around like phil donohue or something. thank you for coming. it's really great to have you here. congratulations. everybody's so happy. rarely have i seen people so united. it's fantastic. [cheers and applause] by the way, alex has a show on espn plus. you can see what happened behind the scenes at the world cup, which seems like it was a lot of fun, it's called "the equalizer"
12:31 am
on espn. check that out. alex morgan and megan rapinoe, everybody. we'll be right back. ♪ >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by the all new, 2020 gle, mercedes benz, the best or nothing.
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>> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by mercedes benz, the best or nothing. >> jimmy: thanks to jon favreau, alex morgan and megan rapinoe. apologies to matt damon. this is his album "american reject." this is taylor bennett! [cheers and ♪ ♪ ♪ what do you do when you
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realize ♪ ♪ ♪ often we be talkin' ♪ if you don't think i know you front end ♪ ♪ must be confused ♪ i know for you it's bad news ♪ we're just singin' the blues ♪ when you and your family don't share the same views ♪ ♪ often we be talkin' ♪ if you don't think i told you front end ♪ ♪ mist be confused ♪ i know for you it's bad news ♪ i just want to be the one to think about the universe, nothing in the inner city ♪ ♪ cops trying to frisk ♪ don't you argue with me ♪ if you don't trust the reporter ♪ ♪ how do you argue with ♪ chicago ♪ i wake up every day innocents leaving me ♪ ♪ your maga hat
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♪ what do you do ♪ when you realize your best friend family don't share the same view as you ♪ ♪ we argue and feud ♪ if you don't think i know your friend end ♪ ♪ must be confused ♪ i know that's bad news ♪ when you realize your best friend family do not share the same views ♪ ♪ seems often we be talkin' ♪ but we arguing too ♪ if you think i don't know your front end ♪ ♪ you're confused ♪ we're just singin' the blues
12:37 am
♪ [cheers and applause] this is "nightline." tonight, coach rob. >> who says i can't? >> nobody! >> who says i can't? >> the definition of inspiration born with no arms, no legs but filled with love for the game of football. conquering life's obstacles. a journey that has taken him from the high school field to the global stage. >> you really can go places in this world. >> bringing the crowd to its feet and to tears. plus, mayor pete plays guitar, speaks seven languages. and is the first openly gay democratic presidential candidate.


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