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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 1, 2019 2:41am-3:59am PDT

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that, of course, is the incredible jessye norman. they're paying tribute to the trail blazing legend. she died monday from septic shock and multiple organ failure. norman was one of the rare black superstars winning five grammys and international acclaim. a critic described her voice as the grand mention of sound. she was awarded the national medal of arts by president obama. jessye norman was 74. desperate search for survivors is going on right now after a bridge collapse in taiwan. the collapse sent an oil tanker on to boats that were in the water below. at least six people were believed to be trapped on one of e spitalized. several of them with serious injuries. the collapse happened just hours after a typhoon swept across parts of taiwan. it's unclear at this time if a storm was part of the reason for
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the bridge coming down. a surprise confrontation played out during an awards ceremony honoring a sheriff's deputy in florida. >> the city commissioner called the deputy down to the front of the room and publicly berated him he said for falsely arresting him four years ago. here's abc's victor oquendo. >> reporter: this turned into a berating that's gone viral. >> joshua vallardo. come down. >> tamarack city commissioner mike gallon called him over and leveled a public surprise over a prior confrontation. >> it's good to see you again. you probably don't remember me but you're the police officer that falsely arrested me four years ago. >> reporter: in 2015 he said he was recording on his cell phone as officers tried to break up a fight between homeless men. in his report, gallardo saidallo
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refused to leave the scene. they reviewed the cell phone video and dropped the charges. video and dropped the charges. >> you're a bad police officer and you don't deserve to be here. >> reporter: a stunned deputy gallardo appears to smile and then give a thumbs up before leaving. >> the mayor of tamarack said she was completely shocked. the deputy's association called the commissioner's actions outrageous but he said he doesn't want anyone else to go through what he went through or worse. victor oquendo, abc news, coral gables, florida. >> thanks to victor there. a new york mets fan is suing the team over a t-shirt. >> alex swanson said it knocked him out and nearly blinded him after it was shot from a launcher during a game in june. swanson suffered a detached retina. he is suing for an unspecified amount and he wants the team to stop using the launcher. a study found that shirts shot from those cannons can break facial bones. well, coming up, bombshell revelations by a '70's rock icon.
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back in 1980 debbie harry ♪ back in 1980, debbie harry was at the height of her career but within a few short years her success would come crashing down around her. >> she's opening up in a new memoir about her meteoric rise hitting rock bottom and ultimately coming back out on top. here's abc's chris connelly. ♪ heart of glass >> reporter: the front woman as the new wear band blondie from the mid-'70s, deb by harry was the queen of her scene. combining the ironic lure of a rock singer. on such hits as "heart of glass." now four decades after blondie first record out of the punc mecca, her memoir "face it" offers candid and compelling revelations. >> when you were on the stage, what did that feel like at first? >> terribly frightening. yeah. i suddenly realized, well, i
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have to make them respond. i have to go out there. i have to get them. after that it was a no brainer. i just went out and got them. >> reporter: did she ever, take on the world with band mate an partner chris stein. ♪ call me . >> reporter: "call me" she could even make it sizzle on the muppet show. ♪ blondie fans and the camera made harry an adored icon. photographed by andy warhol as blondie sold tens of millions of lps. was this level of stardom anything you could have possibly imagined? >> yes. i guess that's sort of what pushes you forward. ♪ one way or another >> i feel that we had great times. we had horrible times. >> one you chronicle in the book, it's a sexual assault that involved someone that came into
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your house. how do you endure something like that? >> i have a great friend and partner in chris and he helped me just to sort of put it into proportion. believe me, i felt anger, frustration. i wanted revenge. you know, i wanted -- i went through every, you know, logical turn of emotion that you would normally go through when you're victimized. i think for whatever reason my sanity took over and said, you can't carry around this kind of anger and sense of frustration ♪ >> reporter: after seven years of record sales and shows, blondie found they were penniless. >> you were broke? >> uh-huh. that's the story of rock and roll, isn't it? >> reporter: drugs would also be in that story. harry writing she would buy heroin for herself and stein even after he was hospitalized with a severe illness. >> why? >> why?
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because we were junkies and it was -- you know, helped us survive this desperately horrible situation. the thing is, yes, i regret it because i know that, you know, it was a silly waste of time. but then i don't really regret my life. the things that are important to me now are because i've gone through all of this stuff. >> reporter: she was a love child, adopted at 3 months by a family in new jersey. now in her 70s, deb bbie look back with pride on a life of artistic indomitable >> if you could talk to that girl who graduated in the 1960s, what would you say? >> carry on. >> we're so glad you did. >> thank you. >> that memoir comes out today on this iconic legend. >> wow. i cannot believe how successful she was. coming up, the secret toy drive that will just melt your
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♪ it's time time for #goodnewstues. >> i like the segment. >> you do? >> i do. >> it's all good news in this segment on this tuesday. we're going start with a bus driver who saw that his kids on his bus needed some help because they had a bus stop that was overgrown with weeds. he decided to do something about it. this man's name is jerry martin. this happened in the independent school district in texas. he noticed at one of the bus stops the grass was tall, his kids were standing in it. he pulled out the lawnmower and decided to get to work. the district says this is their picture of the week and the bus driver jerry martin cut the grass at one of the bus stops. they said three cheers for mr.
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martin. >> three cheers and then some. good job. that's awesome. then there's this. you often hear about kids doing what they can to help each other? well, this happened in ofhirseard about a classmate who lost everything in a fire. so, they organized a secret toy drive to replace -- his name -- let's see. okay. i don't have the classmate who lost it al i don't have the classmate who lost it all. he lost everything in a house fire. he walked into the classroom and look at all of the toys that his classmates decided to surprise him with. >> yeah. that is so cool there. >> then he gets a big hug from everyone. just kids just being -- >> help you out, his name is daniel hunt. he's being surrounded and hugged and loved by all of those friends there, we will get back on your feet pretty soon here. also on this #goodnewstues, this woman, apparently in the inspiration of cinderella.
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you know in cinderella, she lust her -- >> lost her glass slippers. >> well, we know the story. she wanted to inspire people with disabilities. she was born without her right forearm so she wore a glass prosthetic instead of wearing the disney character's famous glass slipper. she said she was inspired to do this because she could never identify with the classic disney princesses who do not have physical abilities. she as an inspiration to all those who have disabilities and are watching her right now. >> can you imagine the children again going back to them thinking, oh, my gosh, who can i look up to? >> there you go. inspiration all around. finally, you often hear cats and dogs, they don't quite get along. >> uh-huh. >> then this happened. this dog, doggo, is licking clean a cat's face. they're just the best of buds because that's what they do. >> give them a little bath maybe. you know what, i love this
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this morning on "world news now," president trump is feeling the pressure of the impeachment istle-bler who prompted that imachment battleom onory dyi. what may come next. bracing for turmoil.than f t what they're hoping to accomplish. new this morning, the first cannabis cafe is opening its doors today. we take you inside for a sneak peek. and it's the neighborhood lemonade stand that gained a celebrity following. see how a couple of 4 year olds managed to raise thousands for charity. we're talking to the kids involved on this tuesday, the 1st of october. good morning, everyone.
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thank you for joining us. october 1st. >> i know. how, what! >> i feel like we're in the last quarter of the year, this is it. >> this is it. >> 2019 is almost over. >> but here in new york it's going to be 90 degrees tomorrow. >> that's incredible. >> i know. >> snow in some parts of the rockies out there out west. wre giving you >> wha no exrice.n'trust us. utirst, janai is off.>> i ezabe. s is ofpoll shows 5ed houseima% do not support it. >> as president trump openly pushes to find out the identity of the whistle-blowers who complaint triggered investigation, democrats subpoenaed rudy giuliani, the
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attorney at the center of the controversy. >> sources now say secretary of state mike pompeo was actually on that july 25th phone call when the president urged the ukrainian leader to investigate joe biden. >> and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is making it clear that he would have no choice but to consider articles of impeachment if they were approved by the house. abc's cecilia vega has more. >> reporter: in the oval office, president trump said his administration is working to learn the identity of the whistle-blower whose claims led to that impeachment inquiry. >> mr. president, do you know now know who the whistle-blower is, sir? >> well, we're trying to find out about a whistle-blower. we have a whistle-blower that >> reporter: the whistle-blower's lawyer responding saying his client is entitled to anonymity, the individual is not to be retaliated against. doing so is a violation of federal law but the president is ramping up his attacks, more than 80 tweets this weekend alone including this one. the president saying like every
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american, i deserve to meet my accuser. the whistle-blower's lawyer says he has serious concerns about his client's personal safety. writing certain individuals have issued a $50,000 bounty for any information about his identity. the lawyer mentioning the president's own caught-on-camera message to diplomats last week. >> you know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart, right, spies and treason, right? we used to handle it a little differently than we do now. >> reporter: house democrats leading that inquiry now say they have a tentative deal. to meet with the whistle-blower. they issued a subpoena for the personal attorney rudy giuliani mentioned 30 times in the complaint accused of pressuring the ukrainians to investigate the president's political rivals but giuliani sending mixed messages about whether he'll comply. >> i wouldn't cooperate with adam schiff. >> so that's your answer, you're not going to cooperate? >> i didn't say that, i said i will consider it. >> you said you wouldn't do it. >> i said i would consider it.
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i have to be guided by my client, frankly. >> reporter: in an inflammatory tweet, the president quoted a reporter saying impeaching and removing him from office will cause a civil war like fracture in this nation from which our country will never heal. it prompted a rare rebuke congressman adam kinzinger, firing back, i have visited nations ravaged by civil war, i have never this is beyond repugnant. and in another head line, a source tells our team that bill barr, the attorney general, went to italy last week to meet with senior intelligence officials there as part of the justice department's investigation into the origin of the russia probe. nearly three years after the election, president trump is still fixated on this. democrats, however, likely to be enraged by this one and will say this is yet another example of president trump using his office to advance his personal political gains. cecilia vega, abc news, the white house. >> cecilia vega, thank you. >> in addition to attorney
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general william barr's trip to italy, we know that barr has been in contact with australian officials. >> the justice department confirmed that president trump contacted a number of foreign countries to ask them to introduce the attorney general to appropriate officials and they say it was done at barr's request as part of his review into the origins of the russia investigation. conservative congressman chris collins of new york is resigning ahead of a guilty plea in an insider trading case. collins was one of president trump's earliest supporters in congress. he won re-election last year, even after he was accused of sharing inside information from a bio-tech company. collins served on the company's board of directors. he and his son dumped their stocks before they tanked, avoiding hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses. four inmates who escaped from an ohio county jail are back in custody this morning. three were captured in north carolina. the fourth escapee was caught in durham. they escaped from gallia county
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jail on sunday by overpowering two guards with a shank. they're being held pending extradition to ohio. police say the fatal shooting of an nypd officer was caused by friendly fire. the officer and the armed suspect were in a violent struggle when the responding officers fired in their direction. investigators say the two bullets that killed the seven-year member of the force were fired by nypd weapons. the suspect was shot and killed by police. the vaping crisis has claimed the first life in nebraska. the victim reportedly died in may, saying the person was over the age of 65 years of age. federal investigators looking into vaping say their work is increasingly focused on products that contain the marijuana compound thc. china is celebrating 70 years of communism today with a big parade in beijing, but the anniversary has secure the forces in congress hong, bracing for new anti-government protests. there have already been some scuffles between protesters and
3:07 am
there can be demonstrations against chinese rule planned throughout the day. abc's ian pannell reports from hong kong. >> reporter: hong kong leaders warning more scenes like this will not be tolerated as the city prepares to join china marking 70 years of communist rule. four months of pro democracy protests erupting again into huge violence clashes this weekend. police beating protesters to the ground, some fighting back. >> you can see it coming over from the water cannon. >> reporter: the water marks out the protest route. police firing a barrage of tear gas and rubber bullets. in the heart of the city. forcing a stampede. desperately trying to find cover. we were caught in the middle of it. now hong kong police warning protesters to stay at home.
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but the protesters, unlikely to listen. this city is on edge. the protesters plan to detract attention away from beijing and on to hong kong. many are expecting trouble. ian pannell, abc news. hong kong. >> our thanks to ian there. let's hope he and the team stay safe there in hong kong. the start of october also marks the beginning of breast cancer awareness month. >> disease is the most common cancer in woman and affects 1 out of every 8 women in the u.s. it also strikes a small percentage of men. experts emphasize early detention is key to beating this disease this month. you'll see a lot of people wearing pink to show their support. meanwhile in california, anticipation is high for the opening of a first of its kind restaurant in west hollywood. >> today, the city becomes home to the country's only cannabis cav. lowell cafe has a special menu,
3:09 am
allowing people to smoke marijuana or eat cannabis. the chef has created dishes that complement dishes like pairing wine and food. it will have a special air filter system to suck in the smoke which i'm sure will be needed. so what's on the menu here. miso-glazed pork belly. mac 'n' cheese bites. vegan nachos. wings. >> they were all cannabis infused? >> no, they're not allowed to do that. they can have the edibles, but they're not allowed to put weed in the food. >> they're having a food and wine pairing but a food and cannabis pairing. things that complement. brussels sprouts, desserts. >> all right. but we should note here, you have to be 21 or older and have a valid i.d. to partake in this. >> they're such a buzz kill. >> you know what, i'm glad everyone knows just in case, to check it out.
3:10 am
>> do you think a few people will check that out? i think some people will. >> you won't? >> i mean, i won't. i don't live in california. >> and neither will i. >> you there go. 1 in 4 adults admit to not doing in the past year. plus, actress stacey dash taken into custody, why police were called after the actress best known for the role in the '90's movie "clueless." and how a lemonade stand snowballed into a six-figure donation to a children es hospital.
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the two people in the surveillance video are accused of putting porn on a digital billboard outside of detroit. the racy images were on display for about 15 minutes above a highway in auburn hills on saturday night. police say the pair broke into a shack which houses the computer that controls the billboard then hacked into the system. the suspects are still on the loose. it's possible that since there's two of them their names are beevis and butthead. possible. okay. moving on, a 12-year-old virginia girl now says she falsely accused white classmates
3:14 am
of cutting her dreadlocks. >> amar'e allen said she was on the playground at immanuel christian school when the three boys attacked her. she claimed one boy covered her mouth, another held her down and a third used scissors to cut her hair. her family apologized in a statement. the incident made national headlines and police launched an investigation. actress stacey dash is free on bail after being arrested for domestic battery. police video shows the 52-year-old former tv commentator being taken into custody saturday night. they said dash was arguing with a man in an apartment in tampa and pushed him and slapped him in the face. her most well-known role was in the '90's comedy "clueless." she worked on fox in 2014. turning to the landmark legislation signed by california's governor. widely considered to be a game-changer in college athletics. >> the fair play or fair pay to play act will open the door to
3:15 am
endorsements for athletes. here's abc's romina puga. >> reporter: college athletes like football players bring in billions of dollars for universities but they never see a penny of it. california has been working to change that. governor gavin newsom just took a major step forward. >> not once did they talk about the needs of this kids. >> will they even listen to you? >> they will after i assign them. >> reporter: newsom appeared on the show with lebron james show "the shock" to talk about the nba's pushback. allowing college athletes to earn money from the use of their names and endorsement deals. >> now it's a law. >> i don't know about y'all but i'm tired of seeing people being ripped off. i'm tired of seeing these college athletes being ripped off. >> reporter: monday professional athletes, steph curry and draymond green professionally spoke out. >> i love player friendly things that put people in positions to be successful and get what they are owed and deserve. >> reporter: it puts them on a
3:16 am
collision course with the ncaa which argues it will destroy the distinction between amateurs and pros and gives california an unfair recruiting advantage. analysts predict this first in the nation bill will initially result in absolute chaos, but suspect other states will follow suit. >> this is one of the most significant days in the history of intercollegiate athletics. >> reporter: the law doesn't go into affect until 2023. and the ncaa says it's considering the next steps. romina puga, abc news. >> this is interesting because what happens next. the ncaa is trying to figure out what it will do next. will it be legal action, as they try to figure this out. but obviously, there are a number of people, quite a few people, who want the athletes to obviously -- >> -- get paid. >> -- get paid and it to be fair for them. this apparently addresses how various businesses use their identities. to be clear, the act does not create a right for college athletes to be paid by their schools. >> exactly. it's now in california only.
3:17 am
who knows if it's a matter of time before the other states follow suit. >> they are expected to. coming up in our next half hour, the 9-year-old who won a 10k race by accident. but first, another remarkable pair of kids who used a lemonade stand to help change the lives of other children in need. that's next on "world news now." need. that's next on "world news now."
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♪ well, a couple of 4-year-olds from ohio, all they wanted was a little bit of money. >> so they set up, what else, but a lemonade stand and as you can probably guess, things just took off from there, will ganss is here with that adorable story. >> oh, my gosh, she's kids are so cute. i'm so excited for you all to meet them. those kiddos raised almost 150 bucks
3:20 am
>> reporter: when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, if you're a 4-year-old beatrice and friend jack, you set up a lemonade stand. >> give people lemonade and sometimes we drink the lemonade. >> reporter: the kids selling 148 bucks worth of lemonade one saturday afternoon this summer, but that was just the beginning. the kids' parents encouraging them to donate their big haul to cincinnati children's hospital, an organization near and dear to bea and her mother. >> like my mommy. >> when bea was six months old she received a life savings liver transplant from her mother. hillary asked her friends and faly to match the kids donation to the hospital. >> the hope is that we can end the wait for all of these people waiting for transplants. >> and in just a few short days the donations pouring in, faster than bea and jack could ever pour their lemonade. >> they came in at $10,000. we hit $15,000.
3:21 am
$20,000. >> and now thanks to donations from local business, pledges from celebrities like andy cohen and anderson cooper, these lemonade stands are serving up more than $125,000 in charity. though she may not totally grasp just how much money that is, the world's sweetest lemonade stand ceo knows what she wants to do with it. >> give it to the doctors to make people healthy. >> because they're raising money everyone still waiting for their match on the organ donor list, now bea and her mom are hoping for someone to be their money match. and that's the $125,000 they've raised with their lemonade stand. >> someone is going to do it. someone's going to do it. >> only a matter of time. >> oh, yeah. >> i can't wait for bea and jack to see this years later and realize how much good they did. >> good on their parents for being like you raised 148 bucks, we're going to donate that. and then show them how much good will come from just that one little lemonade sale saturday afternoon. >> going to do a lot. >> thank you. >> thank you guys.
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time for "the mix." so who hasn't gone to the grocery store, to a concert. >> a shopping mall. >> a shopping mall especially and you walk out and you're like, where is my car? >> beep-beep. >> looking around, beep, beep, honking the horn. apparently this happened to this guy named connor in the u.k. he went to a music festival. and he walked out. he had to park on a public street, about a ten-minute taxi ride from the event. september 22nd. after the show, he and his friends couldn't remember exactly where they left the car. it was found a week later. >> exactly. not just a couple of hours. >> no, a week later. >> a week. >> it kind of actually had him thinking about this moment. ♪ >> dude, where's my car?
3:26 am
>> where's your car, dude? >> dude, where's my car? >> yeah, that's right. connor there asking, dude, where's my car? >> we've all asked that question to be fair. >> yes. yeah. >> but a week? >> a week. a whole week. >> that's a bit much. >> he found it. it's all good. >> that's the good news. the next story, kind of embarrassing for most to admit. more than a quarter of u.s. adults have not read an entire book in the past year. 27% of adults say they have not finished a book in the past 12 months up from 19% in 2011. >> well, people working, they've got a lot going on. >> okay. so what's the last book you read? you know -- >> that's a pretentious question. what was the last book you read? >> i actually prepared for this, and it's not a shameless plug but i did start, i didn't finish it, but our own dan harris -- >> there you go. i read a lot of children's book.
3:27 am
olivia davis has a new children's book coming out. i read the last one. the last one i read was a kids' book. how about that? >> there you go. >> i was outside the lines on that coloring book, too. can you believe it? so we've got this idaho man who broke another world record. we're calling him fruit ninja because of this moment here. david rush, he claimed a second record by staying on a balance board and slicing those 70 flying grapes in one minute. >> one minute. >> wow. >> slicing away, slicing away. i wish we could do something like that. >> we could totally do that. >> can we get some fruit, guys? >> ask and you shall receive. you know what? >> we have a lot of fruit! >> okay. >> we've got ten seconds.
3:28 am
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this morning on "world news now" verdict watch. a texas jury enters a second day of deliberations in the case of a former dallas police officer who shot and killed a man in his own apartment. she says she thought it was her apartment. what a judge told jurors before deliberations. also this morning, weather extremes. as october begins, part of the country hit by snowstorms. another is facing dangerously high temperatures. accuweather has your forecast. new this half hour, president trump and the war hero. >> see what happens when the president did this after a decorated disabled army captain sang "god bless america." and last night was movie ni stars"or ro"9o
3:31 am
who scored high, who scored low and who ended up not getting the boot this week. we'll have a wrap-up later this half hour in "the skinny." it's tuesday, october 1st. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. big night on "dancing with the stars." big tuesday for us because elizabeth hur is still here filling in for janai norman. >> jack. >> thank you so much. yeah. >> two people back there, ken wasn't here, jack wasn't here. >> i got crickets. >> so, i introduced elizabeth hur and no one clapped. >> make up for it today. >> tony wasn't back there. >> thank you. >> constance was working hard. good to have you back. >> yeah. thank you, thank you. >> we do begin with a wait for the verdict in the murder trial of former dallas police officer amber guyger. >> jurors deciding guyger's fate will get back to work this morning. she could be convicted of murder, manslaughter or no crime
3:32 am
at all for the fatal shooting of botham jean. >> she was fatally shot when guyger came into his apartment mistaking it for her own. abc's marcus moore has been covering the trial since the beginning. >> reporter: prosecutors pleading for justice. >> this is not one of those things where you could just say, whoops, too bad for you, buddy. >> reporter: the defense begging for mercy. >> she has to make that split-second decision and this time it ended in tragedy. >> reporter: but it's the words of the 31-year-old former dallas police officer herself during the seven-day trial that may weigh most heavily on jurors. >> i hate myself every single day. >> reporter: amber guyger claims she mistakenly walked into botham jean's apartment. last year, thinking it was hers. this dramatic body camera capturing the moments after she shot him. >> i thought it was my apartment. i thought it was my apartment. >> reporter: she claims he feared for her life. >> i yelled at him, like let me see your hands.
3:33 am
let me see your hands. >> reporter: but prosecutors citing neighbors who say they never heard verbal commands. >> no one heard you say that. >> i can't tell you why. >> it's because you didn't say it. >> reporter: prosecutors reasserting that guyger was distracted that night sending racy messages to her former partner who was married and then she missed obvious signs that she was on the wrong floor. >> he is sitting on his couch eating ice cream. >> reporter: the defense highlighting dozens of incidents where residents made similar mistakes. >> there are no winners. a wonderful human being has lost his life. >> reporter: a judge has told jurors they can consider the castle doctrine which is basically a self-defense protection for someone inside their home, but prosecutors have argued how can an intruder use that law to justify shooting a homeowner. the jury is going to continue their deliberations in the morning. marcus moore, abc news, dallas. >> marcus moore, thank you for that report. checking the weather now. there is a fall feeling in the air in parts of the western u.s. >> yeah. check out this overhead look at the foliage in ogden valley just north of salt lake city.
3:34 am
temperatures in the mid 50s. it is beautiful. >> oh, that is absolutely beautiful. >> north of there in montana and other parts of the northern rockies it looks like they've bypassed autumn and gone straight to winter. other states are still stuck in summer as we hear from accuweather's adam del rosso. >> elizabeth and kenneth, good morning. we're pretty much done with the snow across the midwest, but remain very chilly. temperatures 5 to 15 degrees below average. in the plains and upper midwest, heavy rainfall will be the story not just for today but into tomorrow. that will lead to a flooding threat. once you get ahead of that boundary, temperatures well above average into the ohio river valley. near record high temperatures. we have the heat into the south as well. accuweather real feel temperatures into the triple digits. elizabeth, kenneth. >> going to be a hot one. thank you, adam. back in washington president trump appears determined to find out the identity of the whistle-blower who triggered the impeachment investigation threatening his presidency.
3:35 am
>> the tide is turning with 47% of the registered voters now saying the president should be impeached and then removed, up ten points from a week earlier. and 47% disagree. house democrats have subpoenaed the president's personal attorney rudy giuliani, giving him two weeks to turn over text messages and other records related to ukraine. >> multiple sources are now saying secretary of state mike pompeo was on the controversial phone call when president trump pressed the president of ukraine to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son. more now from abc's mona kosar abdi. >> reporter: on a rainy monday in arlington, virginia, president trump celebrating mare joint chiefs of staff. trump offering no words on the matter during the ceremony, but hours later continuing his tirade against the house's lead investigator. >> adam schiff, representative, congressman made up what i said.
3:36 am
he actually took words and made it up. >> reporter: he also renewed his attacks on the whistle-blower at the center of the inquiry against him telling reporters today that he wants to know the identity of the unnamed informant. >> do you now know who the whistle-blower is, sir? >> well, we're trying to find out about a whistle-blower. when you have a whistle-blower that reports things that were incorrect. >> reporter: this as attorneys for the unnamed intelligence officer raised, quote, serious concerns regarding their client's safety. alleging, quote, certain individuals are offering a $50,000 bounty for the whistle-blower's identity. the vice chairman of the senate intelligence committee mark warner also taking issue with the president's comments, accusing trump of undermining the whistle-blower process. >> you say we know how we used to deal with those folks without even the proverbial wink, wink, that's a threat. >> reporter: the house intelligence committee issuing a subpoena monday demanding that the president's personal attorney rudy giuliani produce text messages, phone records and other communications regarding ukraine.
3:37 am
>> reporter: on cnbc monday, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell confirmed that if the house passes articles of impeachment, he would hold a trial. elizabeth, kenneth. >> you heard mona just mention the event the president was there at the top of her piece. we have more on that moment between president trump and a war hero. at that military ceremony in virginia. >> the president and his national security team were treated to a moving rendition of "god bless america" by an army captain louis avila who was severely wounded by an ied in afghanistan. the president sang along and then embraced that captain as soon as he finished the song. >> avila is almost completely paralyzed and music therapy has been part of his rehabilitation process. >> a moving moment there. moving now to another story, a california man has been charged with spying for china after an elaborate sting operation. prosecutors say edward pong had
3:38 am
classified information. he would leave cash for an informant in exchange for national security information on digital cards. he's due in court tomorrow and could face up to ten years in prison. now on a much lighter note. in minnesota a young runner's mistake has turned him into a winner. >> 9-year-old cakade lovell was supposed to be competing in a 5k outside of minneapolis. her mom became concerned and when she didn't see him cross the finish line and even burst into tears because she thought he was missing. it currents out kade missed the turn and wound up in a separate 10k race. and guess what he won that race. he said a lady told him to keep going straight, so that's what he did. so he finished in just over 48 minutes, a minute faster than the 40-year-old second place contestant. the 40-year-old is running and this kid comes out of nowhere. wait. where are you, kid? >> his mom said he probably did
3:39 am
better because he was trying to finish in a panic mode. where am i? >> this is only supposed to be 5k. turns into a 10. >> good for him. >> more to come. marathons next. coming up, the new study that says it's okay to eat red meat. but first, the three major retailers that are now pulling zantac off their shelves. what the fda is saying about worries over a potential carcinogen. and later in "the skinny," how justin bieber and hailey baldwin bieber just made their marriage officially, official, official, official. ♪ ♪ if you're age 50 to 85, and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price.
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3:42 am
check out this out of check out this out of control delivery vehicle at chicago o'hare international airport. it just keeps going and going doing donuts on the tarmac while workers try to figure out how to stop it and one of them actually gets an idea. he jumps on to another vehicle and crashes it. a few water bottles were spilled but no one was hurt. just another day at the airport. >> wow. that is wild. a 48-year-old man is fighting for his life after falling into a thermal pool at the old faithful geyser at yellowstone national park. >> a park official says the man was walking near the geyser late sunday night without a flash light when he tripped into a hot
3:43 am
spring. he suffered severe burns and is listed in critical condition. park rangers suspected the victim had been drinking. they later found his shoe, hat and a beer can near old faithful. the man could face charges for entering a restricted area of yellowstone. three major drugstore chains are scrambling to take a popular heartburn medicine zantac off the shelves. >> it comes amid growing concerns about a potential cancer-causing substance in the drug. here's abc's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: three major retailers are taking the dramatic step removing the popular heartburn medication zantac from shelves. rite aid joined cva and walgreens pulling the drug and its generic versions after an earlier fda report of ndma were allegedly found in the medication. the fda announced a voluntary recall. cvs said they removed zantac out of an abundance of caution. zantac's manufacturer sanofi said we're working closely with the fda and are conducting our
3:44 am
own robust investigation. adding they have not halted sales. the possible carcinogen tested barely exceeds amounts found in the common food. the makers of the generic drugs say they're cooperating. and the fda says it's still investigating whether low levels of ndma pose any real risks to patients. but they advise patients who wish to stop using zantac or its generic versions talk to your doctor about other alternatives. customers who purchased from rite aid, cvs and walgreens can receive a full refund. >> thanks to adrienne. challenging the conventional wisdom about the dangers of eating red meat. >> red meat has long been linked to cancer and heart disease. now a team of international researchers say the evidence is just too weak to justify telling people to eat less beef and pork. public health experts were quick to slam those findings, other note the researchers failed to combine animal rights issues.
3:45 am
and the impact of meat consumption on the environment. >> there you go. when we come back, the surprise development last night on "dancing with the stars". plus, the rock is heading back into the ring. "the skinny" is next. nt last night on "dancing with the stars". plus, the rock is heading back into the ring. "the skinny" is next. "world news now" continues
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ ♪ the time now for "the skinny" starting with one of the most exciting theme nights on "dancing with the stars." >> it was movie night as the stars and their pro partners high stepped their way through their favorite movie songs. >> but the night started without ray lewis and his pro partner cheryl burke. the former nfl star has dropped out for the season telling e.t. that all of the dancing has caused a flare-up of an old tendon injury. >> yikes. >> high scorers last night were ally brook brooke and sasha paying tribute to celina both
3:48 am
the movie and singer with the rumba. scoring a 24, kate flannery two stepped to dolly parton's 9 to 5. >> the other delight of the night, saving the best for last, sean spicer and lindsay arnold dialing it back to 1977 dancing the cha-cha to the bee gee's "night fever," channeling his inner john travolta. >> let's take a moment for that right there, to see old spicer. >> just earned him 5s across the board. >> nelco, was that john travolta? would he be proud? he says yes. yes, he'd be proud. >> okay. there you go. >> there was a lot of controversy of sean spicer joining this but -- >> oh, no, the controversy is still there. >> oh, it's still there? >> it didn't go away. no, it's still there. >> but he's still hanging in there. >> he's still there. >> all right. finally speaking of who's it came down to the bottom two
3:49 am
couples, kel and whitney and lamar and pita. >> do you know what that means? it means everyone comes back next week. let's listen. do they react? >> lynn, i know you have something to announce? >> i do, indeed. because they have withdrawn, i'm happy to announce no one is going home. >> whoa. that means everyone comes back for next monday night's competition. no one eliminated. everyone gets to stay. >> surprise! >> there you go. next to an important update that elizabeth hur cannot wait to talk about. one of the most highly anticipated celebrity weddings of the year. >> breaking news. it appears that the marriage between justin bieber and hailey baldwin is officially official. i just don't get it. e-news is reporting that the couple's second wedding was an
3:50 am
extravagant affair. inside a chapel in south carolina. >> tmz is reporting that the star-studded guest list included kylie jenner, usher, jaden smith and all of the baldwin brothers. when was the last time they were in the same room? >> i don't know. after that ceremony trays of champaign for everyone. yeah. >> the champagne would help the family reunion with the baldwin brothers, right? >> i'm going to skip over that. >> this is it? >> no more ceremonies. >> nothing else from bieber and hailey? >> okay. >> turning now to the top headline from our skinny international desk. actress helen mirren hitting the runway in paris. the 74-year-old dane ran down the runway barefoot donning a stunning black and white gown. >> she wasn't the only star on the catwalk.
3:51 am
eva longoria and amber heard also modeled the latest looks for the beauty brand. >> they showcased the late karl lagerfeld. speaking of designer duds, you can now buy that dress made famous by jenner lopez. >> j. lo stunned as she closed out the versace show earlier this month in milan, in a gown that we know now the legendary green dress she wore to the grammy awards. now that versace silk maxi dress is on sale for a mere $9,300. >> and, by the way, some j. lo internet trivia for you guys this morning. that original gown she wore to the 2000 grammys has so many fans flooding the internet with search requests for it, it inspired the invention of google image search. j. lo breaking barriers. >> $9,300. >> yeah, you've got that in your pocket. get that dress. >> i actually thought it would be more expensive. >> you did? >> yeah. hey, coming up --
3:52 am
bonus round, the new headline about "stranger things." the upside down. you're watching "world news now." u're watching "world news now." down. you're watching "world news now." and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price. a price you can afford, a price that can't increase, and a price that fits your budget. i'm 54. alex, what's my price? you can get coverage for $9.95 a month. i'm 65 and take medications. what's my price? also $9.95 a month. i just turned 80. what's my price? $9.95 a motonth for you o. if you're age 50 to 85, call now about the #1 most popular whole life insurance plan, available through the colonial penn program. it has an affordable rate starting at $9.95 a month.
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time for "the skinny" bonus round reporting live from the upside down. >> that's so scary. >> yeah, that's right. in "the upside down" jack is the shadow monster back there. it's creepy. >> very creepy. wow. okay. >> yeah, because we're marking netflix, which has officially announced another season of "stranger things." >> a brand-new teaser dropped monday showing what appears to be "the upside down" and an ominous message. we're not in hawkkins anymore. super fans of the sci-fi thriller are guessing that the time on the clock in the trailer 12:30 could be a clue that season 4 may come out december
3:56 am
30th. >> they recently inked a massive deal which netflix sources say is worth nine figures. >> i actually saw this. >> i pause because i'm like -- whoa. >> very cool. >> not bad in the "upside down." >> welcome to the "upside down." horrible place, you don't want to be there. no, you do not want to be there. >> next to the -- >> big shot out to lance, the director, for making that happen. >> he had ten minutes to pull that off. >> high tech at "world news now." good job. okay, moving on. the stunning revelation from john cena. >> the wwe star dropped in on ellen to discuss the upcoming movie "playing with fire" and that's when he opened up about having never, ever taken a vacation. >> sina says he's been working essentially nonstop since 2002
3:57 am
because he said he doesn't want to take any moment of his career for granted and he loves what he does. >> of course, he makes nearly $9 million a year acting so i wouldn't take a vacation either. >> but he loves what he does. next, do you smell what the rock is cooking? how about a comeback. >> dwayne johnson is finally making a return to the wwe wrestling ring. the rock will appear on "smackdown" this coming friday night marking his first appearance on the show in six years. he shared this video along with the caption "there's no place like home." >> no word if he'll be dusting off the people's elbow. we'll find out when "smackdown" hairs on friday night. and finally to a sweet celebrity moment. it's the heartwarming duet sweeping the internet. that is john legend and his 16-month-old son miles sitting at the piano belting out a few verses of "my favorite things."
3:58 am
>> that video po
3:59 am
4:00 am
happening now hment investigation. abc news confirming secretary of state mike pompeo was listening in on the controversial call between president trump and ukraine's president. this as we learn new details about the whistle-blower who sparked the ukraine scandal and their firsthand knowledge. plus, the battle brewing as democrats subpoena rudy giuliani. breaking overnight, a massive show of force. china showing off a ballistic nuclear missile that's believed to be capable of breaching u.s. anti-missile technology. game changer. california passes a law that will let college athletes get paid for endorsement deals. who is now speaking out against the idea, and what happens next? plus, the breaking news overseas.


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