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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 16, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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how are we going to pull this country together? we take on the biggest challenge in history, we save the world and do it together. the rain came down as well as the snow. >> plus, potential help for the homeless. the governor takes immediate action in the east bay. >> rain, hail, and even snow. we're getting it all. this snow is starting to taper off. >> good evening. >> thank you for joining us. we have live team coverage beginning with meteorologist
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sa sandy. >> it was quite a story. now we're seeing the colder unstain air coming in on live doppler 7. let's track the showers for you. some moderate pockets in the east bay. if you're traveling, watch out for some down pours. it has been snowing over mt. hamilton and lake county and the hills. it is still a mix with showers and snow across the region. we take you back, we have seen lightning strikes, hail, numerous reports of some flooding across the region. 51 reports of storm damage. it is a level one with scattered showers. snow over the highest peaks and isolated thunder is still possible. don't hang up the umbrellas just yet. we have the showers going into 7:00 p.m. it begins to taper. we'll let if you know there are
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any more storms coming for the big game, the big weekend. >> all right. thank you. wayne continues our team coverage. >> reporter: good evening. 101 behind me. we have mt. tam. it is a beautiful night here in marin county. the day didn't start out that way. in marin county's homestead valley, the possibilities were endless. with rising water and eric's backyard, they were too close for comfort. >> you can go white water rafting in the middle of a rain storm. > reporter: what had been a gentle rain storm turned nasty. water cascaded down in a torrent. by the time it reached the schwartzman residence, eric had his camera out and went into narrator mode. >> totally flooded. the driveway is gone. >> reporter: it has been a problem since he and his wife moved in two years ago.
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they had complained to marin county public works and they bemoan what they perceive to be that department's lack of urgency. >> when we saw the creek overflowing, and understanding that the county wasn't doing anything about it, it was frustrating. >> reporter: as for the rest of the north bay, predictable problems in predictable places with tough going everywhere. here's the only place where it might have been worthwhile. along highway 175. the upper regions of lake county began to look a lot like tahoe. when the front passed through and left no lasting impressions except for all that impatience and fast running homestead valley. >> i want them on take care of it. to deal with their side of the road. i want them to widen and it deal with drainage. >> reporter: we did reach out to the marin county of public works. they said in essence, they are aware of the problem but they can't do anything about it.
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it is on private property. we replayed to mr. schwartzman. his response was, he's not satisfied. abc7. >> all right. thank you. in san francisco, the storm had some people worried about flooding. one neighborhood is always on edge. >> reporter: this is a sand bag ready neighborhood for a reason. >> everybody is worried, yes. the manhole covers come up ten feet. there is no place for that water to go. even a few minutes of this kind of gushing rain can mean big trouble for hopes in west portal. that's why nearly every house on one side of the street is fortified. they even spent $3,000 to $4,000
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on renovation. >> this is where the rain comes. in you can see with the door, instead of a sand bag. >> reporter: that has made all the difference. >> it made all the difference. >> reporter: without that difference, here are some snap shots with what can happen with a few hours of rain. we started in san mateo. this was scene on the highway as we headed to san francisco at about 9:30 a.m. the roads are rivers. even when the rain stopped about noon, the ocean is far from quiet. this was view from sunset district. >> it is the .2 inches of rain in ten minutes that hurts us. >> reporter: all morning they were unclogging drains. a little debris can cause a lot of damage. >> we have these big heavy duty vacs. their the ones that do the heavy
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duty cleaning of the basins. they literally suck up the material in them. >> apologies for that technical difficulty. what i was trying to say is that this neighborhood is a perfect example of why rain can be so trouble sum for residents of the rain gushes down. there are low lying homes and the drains can get clogged. the city reminding everybody to do their part. especially making sure the drains don't get clogged. >> thank you. in the south bay, the chp officers were cracking down on dangerous drivers on slick roads. >> reporter: hi, the traffic closest to me right behind me is heading from san jose to santa cruz. for several hours, they had some very dangerous weather conditions. right now, the biggest problem is a low cloud deck reducing visibility. but the chp was out here in full force to make people safe. heavy rainfall in the mountains
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made the pavement slippery on highway 17. this is an area well known for spendouts with even minute amounts of precipitation. with temperatures dropping into the 30s, the drivers were going faster than what the chp considered safe. chp officers say drivers can encounter black ice. >> if you can slow down, slowly do so. change gears to lower gears. >> it is recommended of the don't slam on your brakes. you'll be sliding. >> reporter: they did slow drivers down. they had already handled two accidents earlier. the news photographer tony servant he is saw an suv lose control, hitting the center barrier. so traffic brakes can help. >> when i was coming to scots valley, there was a guy doing a traffic break and it mellowed everybody out. >> on highway 35, skyline
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boulevard, snow fell and blanketed the tree limbs. a car got in an accident north of the junction. no one was hurt. the most dramatic event came on tuesday. >> it was a torrential hail storm. we were able to go out in the parking lot and make snow balls. fool around in it. >> reporter: they were having so much fun, no one bothered to take any pictures or video of the hail storm of as much fun as hail and sleet and snow can be, the dangerous weather conditions can be extremely dangerous. the chp was being very vigilant, trying to get everybody to slow down. >> thank you so much. you can track the storm any time on the phone. >> the two reason some
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conferencegoers want to move their gathering out of city. also ahead, sorting
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take look. this is all that's left of a dodge charger. the driver was pro announced dead at the seasonable. his passenger and driver of the mercedes were taken to the hospital. we don't know how serious their injuries are. it was not raining at the time. >> much of our efforts around building a better bay area are about the homeless. >> california has not been front and center in the homeless debate for decades in this state. we've made it a local issue. i don't think this. i lived it. as a former mayor desperate for state support. that state support is finally
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here. >> the state brought in 15 fema trailers to temporarily house the homeless. he says $19.7 million is available now for oakland to provide services and shelter for the homeless. he is requesting another $750 million to deal with the statewide crisis. jpmorgan is holding its annual conference. several attendees are complaining with the high cost and the cleanliness and they want it moved. >> more on an issue that can build a better bay area. >> reporter: it is that time of year when people come in for the annual health care conference with. that comes this. >> too expensive. >> reporter: a new bloomberg news report shows how attendees continue to complain about san francisco's high prices. with some hotels as high as
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$2,000 a night and the homeless crisis. one attendee said she feels unsafe walking around at night. the complaints are the city ripping people off. it is thousands of dollars to get rental space and it is way too expensive. >> how much a night are you seeing? >> $400 a night and up. >> everybody was complaining, it is hard to get hotels. >> do you think that would make you second-guess wanting to come back here? >> reporter: the complaints are not isolated. oracle announced they are moving the las vegas. that's millions on taken away from san francisco. >> the city has responsibility to do better, to address these problems. i don't think bankers are separate from it. i hope there's some communication about how they can invest in communities right now.
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a group has launched this go fund me. and not everyone has complaints. >> the criticisms are valid. >> abc7 news. >> the ceo of jpmorgan was asked by fox business whether he would consider moving the conference out of san francisco. he said the city is not, quote, quite that bad. but it has been hurt by bad policy. maybe you're thinking about adding seafood to your diet. >> and how expensive is it too. it can be loaded with nutrients. a few might even pose a health
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risk. he watches what he eats, exercises regularly and even runs in marathons and he likes seafood. >> gently salmon, tilapia, shrimp. >> he will often whip up a quick and simple dish. salt and pepper, a little on the i have oil, some dry white wine. put the salmon in the pan and drizzle it over the top. >> he loves salmon because it's tasty but he also recognizes the health benefits. >> it promotes heart health and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. you should aim for about two serving as week. >> high in omega three fatty acids which have been shown to reduce blood clots which can cause blood clots and stroke. it is recommended to eat seafood instead of popping a supplement
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but not all is created equal. a few great choices. anchovies, atlantic mackerel, pacific chub mackerel, herring, oysters, sardines, trout, wild and alaska salmon, canned or fresh. and with slightly less omega threes include candled light tune, a catfish, crab, flounder, sole, shrimp, lobster, scallops and wild squid. >> one thing to keep in mind is eating more fish could increase your chance of mercury intake. >> to reduce your risk, eat these types of fish rarely if ever. big eye tuna, gulf pile fish, king mackerel, marilyn and orange roughy. if you're looking for well priced food, check out canned salmon. all are economical and provide plenty of omega threes.
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time to check on the weather. >> it was a good soaking without a doubt. our wettest spots picked up an inch and a half to two and a half inches of rain. and look at live doppler 7. we go to the east bay. we're still seeing some moderate pockets of showers. we have snow over mt. hamilton. and still watching the showers as you will notice. very spotty, light in the north bay. around black point. atherton avenue. some showers, about to move in. right now across parts of the area. temperatures, 30s, 40s across some parts of the bay area. this is a cold air mass behind
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the front went through. we have a winter storm warning above 2,000 feet tomorrow. an additional eight to 12 inches of snow is possible. i would hold off to travel. you have a few days to go out and enjoy fresh powder. you're seeing the last signs of the storm going down. scattered showers, snow over the peaks and isolated thunder still possible until the single sets. you're seeing the showers coming through. you may be seeing brief down pours. in the wee hours of the morning, 3:00 a.m., maybe an isolated shower or two. by the time we head into commute time, we're looking at clouds and fog. we'll be looking at lingering clouds. a winter storm warning.
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tonight above 2,000 feet. expecting a found more inches. it will be a cold start. in the afternoon, you're looking at highs in the 40s, the 50s, many areas feeling like winter just like today. just in time for the nfc championship game at levi stadium, mild conditions kick off 61 degrees. temperatures will be dropping the 56. morning fog giving way to a dry day. sunday, dry as well. a lot of cloud cover and some fog. monday with some rain. tuesday with more rain and breezy conditions. and then mid-week, we'll go back to dry and milder. more
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conditions are protected. vo: a broken promise. trump repeatedly tried to undermine coverage for 134 million americans with pre-existing conditions. mike: "he just doesn't care if you have a pre-existing condition he wants to deny you access to coverage. if he is re-elected, he'll keep trying to do that
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and i think we can't let that happen." vo: as president, mike will lower costs, and protect americans with pre-existing conditions. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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lawyers for harvey weinstein are requesting there is a stop to jury selection and move his trial out of new york city. the panel of judges is expected to make a decision by next week. his lawyers say intense media coverage has turned the case into a circus. five jurors have been selected so far. he is accused of raping a woman in 2013 and sexually assaulting another in 2006. he has pleaded not guilty and said any sexual activity was consensual. the one time giants player carlos beltran is now out. as manager of the new york mets and the long time giants which coach henry mulens is up to replace him. bell transwas hired two months ago of he and others were accused of a sign stealing scheme involving video cameras and trash cans to signal to hitters what pitches were
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coming. a.j. hinch has been fired as well as the former astros bench coach who has managed the boston red sox since 2018. and in more positive baseball news, the giants have made an historical announcement. . she is the first ever full time female coach in the majors. knacken is 29 and a former sacramento state player. she's been in the organization since 2014. a trip to the snow on mt. diablo provided some relief for the grieving mother and daughter. they said their yorkie ethel had been sick and took a turn for the worse overnight. they took a trip and had to put her down. >> on our way back when we were crying in the car, the sun came out and all of a sudden, there was snow on the mountain that we've never been on. so we decided to find snow.
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and celebrate our dog's life. and celebrate what joy she brought to us and remember the times we took her to the snow to play. >> others on the mountain were also enjoying the snow. this pair even made, as you see, a tiny little snowman. >> that's nice. >> tomorrow is a big day. >> the long awaited new ride at disneyland finally opens. >> ♪ ♪
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>> also, a 7 on your side about fake tickets. what scammers are doing to try to rip you off. plus -- >> i was just ecstatic. it was amazing. >> a big honor for a california girl. she's if gracing a box of girl scout cook this year. the number of girls she beat out is actually staggering. >> those stories coming up. finally, the disney latest attraction has star wars fans on the edge of their seats. >> star wars rise of the risance. the immersive 15-minute ri >> it is unlike anything else at the resort. it is an identical attraction of the event that opened last month in florida. >> you must know, people have to sign up in advance using the virtual cue system. disney is of course the parent company of abc 7. >> a 15-minute long ride.
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>> that's good. people will be waiting in line. >> world news is next. about finding good food ind have school.y so, when my wife kat and i learned california public school children couldn't get fresh produce in the cafeteria, we took action. we partnered with local farmers, school kitchens, a non-profit. that program now serves over 300 million healthy meals every year. the difference between words and actions matters.
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that's a lesson washington dc could use, right now. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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tonight, the solemn moment. the history on the hill. supreme court chief justice john roberts sworn in. the senate impeachment trial of president trump begins. the chief justice then swearing in the senators, who take the oath to deliver impartial justice. all of it tonight amid a new blo blockbuster allegation. new video this evening of one of the men at the center of the ukraine plot. video of lev parnas with the president, as parnas says the president knew exactly what was going on, saying, quote, he was aware of all of my movements. the president is asked to respond tonight. what he says. the other news, the deadly plane crash right into a neighborhood. and the explosion. emergency crews racing to the scene. and the other plane emergenc


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