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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 7, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PST

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with eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage and pancakes. all for just $6.99. the $6.99 super slam™ is back! see you at denny's! >> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning, everyone. it's saturday, march 7th. i'm liz kreutz. we have a lot to get to with the latest on the coronvirus. but let's start with a quick look at the weather and a bit of good news. >> we are dampening the pavement, brought back our storm impact scale. it's a level one and we have had light rain across the bay area. right now concentrating on most activity in the north bay. as we look at live doppler 7, going in closer you can see around inverness highway 1 wet weather. down through san francisco. mount terra and a little bit of rain snow mix, the pink around mount hamilton, the higher
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elevations, certainly colder air, the colder air mixing in with a little light snow possibly. snappa, highway 12, wet weather. yountville, glenn he ey.a look . 50 in san jose. from the shark tank temperatures in the upper 40s with fog towards pet lump. 48 in livermore. but the system is falling apart through the 8:00, 9:00 hour. then by noontime we have cloud cover, breaking out into partly cloudy skies. highs in the 50s. it's a cool evening tonight. and we still have another chance of rain to talk about for the second half of the weekend. liz. >> lisa, thank you. and you can track the rain on the go with your phone. download our free abc 7 news 57. >> develop news on the coronvirus emergency. in san francisco a third case of the virus has been confirmed. this patient is an fbi agent. the city issued aggressive recommendations to curb this spread of the virus. in santa clara county there are
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at least two dozen confirmed cases. alameda county announced the third case, a passenger of the grand princess cruise ship who returned last month. >> we have a guest who requires medical assistance. the coast guard has been called and a possible air lift of that guest may be possible tonight. >> at grants grand princess cruise ship is moving closer to the coastline with 21 confirmed cases of the virus. that's the captain's message about the passenger expected to be air lifted off. it's unclear when that happened. all passengers will be tested before disembarking. this shows the location of the grand princess right now. it's in the direction and moving towards the san francisco coast, 20 miles off the coast. luz pena spoke to a passenger aboard the ship and says they aren't allowed to leave their rooms. >> we have a guest who requires
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medical assistance. >> after hours of going in circles, 2422 passengers and over 1,000 crew members head closer to california. aboard, 21 people testing positive for the coronvirus. 19 crew members and two passengers. san jose residents john miller and his wife lori track the ship from inside their cabin. >> it looks like we might be heading into san francisco. >> in this latest announcement, the captain of the grand princess cruise ship explained that the u.s. coast guard requested for the ship to get closer. the plan to to get flies and possibly air lift a sick passenger. >> i think we're all getting a bit of cabin fever and apprehensive about what's next. >> the millers said the vacation from san francisco to hawaii and later to mexico took a turn when they were asked to stay in rooms with zero contact with anyone around them. this is what it looks like. >> the lack of information makes us nervous. >> the helicopter crew delivered kits to the grand princess cruise ship to test about 100
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passenger for covid-19. >> the challenge becomes on the cruise, the population on the cruise the mean age is 60 years old. >> a formerly fema employee and emergency management consultant shed light into what the government officials in this case plan at this point. >> where you take that ship, and they want to make there is adequate medical facilities close by. >> vice president pence confirmed that authorities plan to bring the cruise ship to a non-commercial port. but as to where, that still remains unknown. in the newsroom, luz pena, abc 7 news. and we sent out the push alerted as soon as we confirmed the ship was on the move to get all coronvirus news updates on the go get the 57 and enable push alerts. in the meantime we learn that the man who died after sunnyvale officers performed cpr did not have coronvirus. he had been on the grand princess cruise to mexico who were diagnosed with coronvirus.
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officials sent home the seven officers who came in contact with the man. and stanford university will cancel final weeks of classes for the winter quarter and said most classes moving online. the university confirmed a faculty member in the health care system tested positive for covid-19. people who have had contact with the faculty member have been asked to self-isolate. and bay areawide you can see on the map here, now 52 confirmed coronvirus cases. the bulk are in santa clara county. you can see there 24 cases. health officials warn as more people are tested they expect the number of cases to increase. and as thosees increase, many bay area event organizers are facing the tough decision of whether to cancel. abc 7 news reporter anser hassan has the story from oakland where several events went on as plans >> on a warm summer night, the oakland first friday street fair can attract up to 30,000 people. but it was cool and a slightly smaller crowd. >> i expected there to be more
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people. >> erica and her friends sat curbside enjoying street food. she says she candidate concerned about the koerchs but organizers say some are and that's one reason for the drop in andreaens. >> we in two people pull out out of caution. >> two vendors. >> we did. but as you can see everyone feels safe out here. so i think everyone just has to do due dilgz. >> sara says extra sand advertisgtaon set linda daniels was ready for a night out. >> i use the chlorox, color ox wipes, lie sol wipes and spray. >> you brought it you with. >> i have it in my purse. and ate before i came and if i'm not buying it, i'm not touching it. so i'm having no concerns. >> and over at the oakland coliseum, kiss. >> you are ready for tonight. >> i am so ready for ton, yeah. >> big fan, like. >> huge fan. >> sarah grimes and her friends say they are focused on music but they add they also know how
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to stay safe. >> from what i know about it i'm in good health and know how to have basic hygiene i don't think it's a problem. >> public health officials have been emphasizing that common sense, hygiene practices will go a long way in keeping people safe. in oakland, anser hassan, abc 7 news. >> and san francisco city leaders laid out drastic recommendations to try to slow the spread of the virus. the city calling for the cncellation of large gatherings like concerts and sporting events, employers they say should be urged to let people work from home and suspend non-essential travel and those most vulnerable incluith certain health conditions are asked to limit outings. and the city will also now text you coronvirus alerts. sign up by textsing covid-19 sf to the short code 888-777. >> information, like making sure that you do regular cleaning, or you wash i don't wish hands, or if there is any kind of announcement that the city needs
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to make, we're going to go ahead and use that channel for that. >> tomorrow a's healthiy hartz run at chrissy field called off. next week's women's spirit of the vine symposium cancelled too. other events cancelled include the american lung association annual fight for air stair climb. sunday streets in the mission district is off. all concerts in the next two week at davy symphony hall cancel this is the big one, the annual san francisco st. patrick's day parade cancelled. events still going on, including tonight's warrior games at chase center hosting the philadelphia 7ers, a kraft chocolate experience at the palace of fine arts is under way this weekend. and flower bowl day at union square has not been called off. in the south a, take a look, we've been talking about this the past week. this is the costco and center road in san jose. it's completely out of water and toilet paper. stores are getting deliveries daily but say it's still not
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enough for the increased demand. costco is also suspending free food samples because of coronvirus safety concerns. and do you have questions about the coronvirus? you can go to where we have an entire page dedicated to related stories and the information you need to know about the illness. and lisa, i mean a friend of mine sent me a picture from a drug store today lock up cleaning supply was bike locks. >> wow. >> it's getting -- yeah getting intense out there. >> it sure is. and unfortunately we don't have let eye of sun out there to get some of the uv light that always helps. but it's in the 7-day outlook looking live from emeryville. looking at cloudy skies. it's 53 in oakland. a few scattered light showers. mist and drizzle. a weak cold front falling apart. you may sleep through it. partly cloudy and cool conditions on the way for saturday. obability of who will see rain
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next week, some of you, and others feeling like veining again. the forecast coming up. >> travel legals deals are on the rise as koernz spreads. but should you wait? and some legendary athletes are in town this weekend for the autograph show, the stars you can see in the bay area. you know, the happiest place on earth, but...
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you mighyour joints...ngc fofor your heart...ild or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials welcome back. we are all being told that if you are sick, then stay home. but what if you can't? people without health insurance, regular hours or paid sick days sometimes can't afford to. abc 7 news reporter chris reyes talked to gig workers about the impact they are feeling. >> i work for uber, lyft,
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grubhub. >> mustapha is your typical gig worker. average 12-hour days, no health bifurcates no sick leave, says he can't afford to follow the advice of public health officials. >> we have to think about should i stay home and get well? or should i keep working so i can at least be able to cover my bills? >> for adan, a uber and lyft driver not having sick leave is one problem for gig worker in the coronvirus reality. their jobs put them at risk. >> rotating strangers, so the chance that is one of them at some point will be sick is pretty high. and then we are the first people to pick up people from airports. >> in a letter to the companies tech platforms that employ gig workers senator warner of virginia said i strongly urge that you attempt to address the potential hardships for your workers if they are sick or have to self-quarantine during the time. according to adan, the only communication he received from
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lyft and uberer, reminders to clean the car. >> i'm going over surfaces at least three times a day. >> gig workers have been protest in ing in recent months demanding better working conditions, attempting to form a union. but with the outbreak like coronvirus, adan and mustapha both say the risks extend to the public. >> many of us simply can't afford to stop working and to take care of ourselves, which means that we potentially might put our passengers at risk as well. >> in san francisco, chris reyes, for abc 7 news. >> and it's been a wild week on wamz. the dow closing down 256 points, about 1%. down 900 points at one point yesterday. so it's a bit of a rebound. and since that record high, a little over three weeks ago, the index has fallen nearly 3,700 points. it's all because of coronvirus fears, mixed with good and bad economic news. and the south by southwest tech conference in austin, texas
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is cancelling the event because of coronvirus concerns. the announcement made yesterday. more than 300 cases in the u.s. and 17 deaths. including two deaths in florida and one in utah. the cdc is recommending older people and those with weakened immune systems as we said stay home as much as possible to limit exposure. the travel industry is also taking a hit with the coronvirus outbreak, as people cancel plans and stay home. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas found a bit of silver covid-19 has created a basic supply and demand problem. too many unfilled seats, not enough passengers. corrective action, cut fares. >> i've seen friends talk about some as low as $200. >> i booked mine before this happened, unfortunately my fare did nom concome down. but i think the airports are definitely more empty. >> airlines including united, alaska and delta are also waving
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canalsleation and change fees in hopes people deciding not to fly now will eventually fly later. same with cruise lines like prince ets whose diamond princess and grand princess have both experienced coronvirus outbreaks. ceo jan swartz tweeted out this video to help calm fierce. >> our onboard medical teams have specific health reporting protocols in place to help protect everyone's well being. >> i haven't seen anything like this since 9/11. >> chris mcginn i suppose write hasn't seen so many empty seats since the terrorist attacks 19 years ago. >> we in united saying domestically they are cutting committees by 11%, internationally by 20%. >> mcginnis says that's for the spring. but the real test is later this year. >> we are seeing discounting for -- for cruises and for flights during the month of march and maybe early april. but we are not seeing big discounts for summer yet. >> and it's having a bigger
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impact overseas. lufthansa, the biggest carrier in europe is slashing the flight schedule by 50%. and airline stocks are taking such a drubbing the trump administration is considering tax deferrals to keep the money flowing for them in the mean. as sfo eric thomas abc 7 news. >> and celebrity cruises is offering travelers incentives due to the coronvirus outbreak allowing passengers to cancel up to 48 hours before any set sail. any will also get the entire cancellation penalty back as a future credit for another cruise to cancel passengers need to call celebrity and expect to receive the credit in about a week. and visit california you this issues a statement about travel in california amid the emergency declaration saying, fortunately there are no further travel implications and visitors should feel safe and welcome to travel the state freelily, maintaining the same standard of precautions they would at home. all right. bay.
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here is something that's not yet cancelled this weekend. legendary athletes are in town this weekend to meet fans in santa clara. several former and current stars at the santa clara convention center for the gt sports marketing autograph show plays include ronnie lott. joe montana, jerry rice debateo samuel and tomorrow kyle ruschek. admission free but you prices for auto graft vary depending on the athlete let's check the weather now and the sprinkles we should be seeing today lisa. >> definitely kind of exciting out there, liz. it's a level one on the storm impact scale not only today but several days next week. but this one will be in the morning hours. and we're looking at this falling apart throughout the afternoon. 0.05 to a quarter inch of rain. and looking at rain to snow mix on mount hamilton where the temperature is in the low 30s.
6:19 am
here is a look at the rain in the north bay from the light showers from innerness to lima. scattered from santa rosa to yountville and napa. here on the peninsula from san francisco to daly city, south city a bit wet. further south look the at wet weather. back north around yountville. wet east of santa rosa. highway 16. and herk use. highway 4 towards martin easy not into concord yet. but we are looking at showers slipping south through oakland and perhaps 580 san leandro. nothing to write home about. here is the system falling apart this morning and another one on its heels. but we're not talking much at all for the second half of the week, just a chance though. a live look outside from the east bay, it's 49 in san francisco, he had redwood city np gilroy on the coast. s fochlt o you can see a little
6:20 am
wet out there. the sun coming up at about 6:30 this morning. and then of course tomorrow it's 7:30. 47 santa rosa. 48 in fairfield and livermore and from the golden gate bridge, looks threatening out there but not let eye of activity so spotty driszle, the light showers. cold weather for the weekend. and don't forget to set the clock ahead tonight. here is a look at the most widespread activity right now through about 7:00. and then it all shifts into the sierra nevada. partly cloudy skies throughout the rest of the day. a winter weather advisory in the mountains today. this is your sunday. partly to mostly cloudy and then light showers. as for the amounts today, very light out there, talking in con noft of. maybe more than that in redwood city. not likely because the system is falling apart. the snow maker in the mountains pretty impressive. 4 inches to 9 inches from south lake through donner through
6:21 am
10:00 tonight. just like last weekend. temperatures today in the upper 50s. it's a cool day out there, the northwestry winds behind the front some sun. look what happens into monday. the cut off low featuring the shower activity south of the city in fact south of san jose. >> southern california for monday, tuesday, perhaps into wednesday. for the bay area, though in general, it looks weak. and we may have to take away the level one impact scale for next week. today, though, the level one for the next few hours. it's chilly today and then tomorrow partly to mostly cloudy, a slight chance of shower abthen the chance of san jose touting, monday, standards numbers back to the 70s. feels like we missed the opportunity with winter, with february gone and now when we get the sun out there it is warm and feels like spring. so we will just take the few drops that we g the sun, you know, everything is going to grow quick.
6:22 am
>> it does make a difference. we got so spoiled with the nice warm summer spring like weather as we always say we need the rain. >> we missed winner, right. >> we did. >> yeah. >> just ahead, are you riding public transit? what precautions the bay area agencies are taking to keep you safe from the tlet's make it more amazing!g! ♪ menutaur check it out with an extra filet! yeah! hey. ahhhh! my $4 fish sandwich combo! stack it up for an extra buck.
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nothing beats my delicious fish sandwich! except another filet! yeah! wabam! i think you overshot that one. my $4 fish sandwich combo! stack it up for an extra buck. welcome back. wit johnson joins from us new york to tell us about what's coming up on "good morning america."
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coming up on "gma," the coronvirus outbreak expanding. thousands on a cruise ship off of california, trapped onboard after nearly two dozen passengers test positive for covid-19. as more cases are firmed from coast to coast. plus an incredible rescue caught on camera, a woman buried under nearly two feet of snow fighting for air. the amazing moments as passing skiers worked to dig her out. finally meghan and harry wrapping up royal duties, returning to the uk for engagements. the event tonight that could be the final appearance as working royals. it's all ahead on "gma." >> and many bay area transit attentions take action to protect passenger .muni the bay area's busiest system, the sfta tweeted that the vehicles are cleaned every night np in the north bay smart train says the trai o t picture. in the south bay, the vta tweeted that vehicles are
6:26 am
cleaned daily and frequently touched surfaces are disinfected. b.a.r.t. is cleaning more frequently high contact areas and stations are wiped with a hospital grade disinfectant. train cars are wiped down at the end of a lain. and san francisco bay ferry is cleaning. cal trains and samtrans have not increased cleaning. a statement from them released wednesday reported buses and trains are regulatory cleaned and sand advertised. and still to come on abc 7 mornings, president trump visited the cdc and addressed concerns about the coronvirus. why his trip was bankruptly cancelled a short time. a foster dog more than a man's the best way to predict the future is to create it and change the world. here at abbvie, we're inventing medicines of the future to create tomorrows that will be healthier...
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>> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning, everyone. we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. hey, lisa. hey, rhys, a weak system pushing through the bay area. a level one on the storm impact scale for the morning hours. wet in the north by. rain slipped south. and we're looking at scattered showers in the east bay as well. live doppler 7 pinpointing the rain for you from san francisco through berkeley and oakland. 580, misty out there due
6:30 am
highway petitions ka deero. the shower activity winds down for some of new the north bay. this is a lot ofs mist and criticizele from petaluma on the coast along the coast best chance for showers. check it out, nobody in santa cruz. but a few showers throughout throughout the morning hours. 49 in san francisco could last through midday in the south bay and along the central coast. there is mount tam 50 in napa 51 in concord. definitely the cloud cover with the showers this morning, then the clouds thin out. it's a cool, breezy afternoon out there with highs in the 50s. we'll talk about maybe a few more chances of showers coming up. liz. thank you. the world health organization reports that the number much coronvirus infectnshe verge of 100,000. deaths worldwide have surpassed 3,300 including 4 day. officials are warning this is not a drill, calling for significant action to stop the
6:31 am
spread. abc news reporter james longman has moore from london. >> the viral wave from china seems to be cresting as it surges west. italy and iran and britain reportrd rowing the single biggest daily jumps in cases with 100,000 infections globally, the chief of the world health oppression calls on all nations to make kaantament the highest priority. >> this is the time for pulling out all the stops. >> italy, where 49 people died in a day, is restricting access to nursing homes. the risk is particularly great for western europe's large elderly populations and the vatican reporting the first case, a medical clinic shut down fr merrilization. one major european airline slash flights in half tovoidutcome tourist spots around the world are unusually quiet. and a glimpse of hope from asia. china is reporting a slowdown in the virus. but that's because of an
6:32 am
unprecedented crackdown and these are harsh methods, unlikely to be reproduced by western countries. james longman, abc news london. president trump visited the cdc in atlanta after the trip was canalled for a time yesterday. he said the reason he didn't go at first was because someone at the cdc might be infected. he went to talk about the responds and whether there were enough test kits in the country. >> president trump visited the centers for disease control in atlanta and insisted the federal government has the koerchd outbreak under control. the head of the cdc seemed to agree. >> at the present time, the general risk to the american public remains low. >> the president also said convirus tts are they're there. they have the tests and the tests are beautiful. >> that's not clear as anthony fauci of the national institute of health said. >> up to this point there has been a lag in the ability to get
6:33 am
tested. >> vice president pence went to washington state praising the efforts of democratic governor jay inslee in the state hit hardest so far. >> i do want to commend governor inslee, your team's effort and the seamless partnership that was forged from the very beginning. >> the president offered an entirely different message. >> i told mike not to be complimentary of the governor, because that governor is a snake. and the governor of washington, that's where you have many of the problems, okay. mike may be happy with him, but i'm not. >> the president's trip to the cdc almost didn't happen after concerns there may have been employees there exposed to the virus. >> mr. president why aren't you going to cdc today. >> he has sen me i'm going down. >> you can tell them. >> we may go thought there o cfo was a problem at cdc somebody somebody there had the virus. it turned out negative. we'll see what we can do. >> and vice president pence told reporters that 900,000 test kits
6:34 am
have been distributed around the number will be up to 4 million. the big question is whether or not that will be enough. jonathan karl, abc news the white house. in other news now just when you thought you saw it all along comes roo, a foster dog without front leg legs. he captured the hearts of many and rolled into the perfect home. >> come on, buddy. there he goes. >> i'm steve jewel and this is my buddy roo. i'm 28 years old. he is six months. >> good boy. oh, crash. >> we both roll around a little bit. >> come on, bub. >> roo was born with no front legs. he hops around like a kangaroo. that's where he got his name. >> roo, superman. >> before when he was down south they were saying somebody was putting him a bag and throw him in the river. i'm glad that didn't happen, because man we got the little guy. >> that's a good boy. dy ran a red light running
6:35 am
from the cops and i was paralyzed, airlifted. it's been life on wheels since then. you know, make the best of it. big deal.. the whole community came together, built a ramp outfront. er to up most of the carpet and put in hardwood. opened and widened the doorwas in the house. put a back deck on. >> come on. >> making sure that i had a comfortable place to really call home. and roo came along had the little wheels. and we had a perfect little house setup for him. so he fits right in. >> good boy. >> we have fashioned a little wheelchair for him. i'm a plumber so used materials i'm comfortable with. i used pvc and skate board wheels we had sitting around. once he is full grown we can get him the permanent one this is a
6:36 am
temporary setup for him. >> it's crazy we are able to give him a good life and it could have been over just because he was different. >> i feel like he has a good attitude about himself. he has a blast throwing himself around. just being a regular dog. he doesn't see himself any different, just like me with having a bunch of loving people around you makes it easier. >> there you go. that's a good boy. >> they don't let it stop them. i mean, he is bouncing around the house. he is traveling all over the place. zip lining skiing, acts like he never got in the accident. >> doesn't matter my buddies pick me up, ten fligh of steps if they have to. everyone there to lend a hand. >> when he was in his hospital room people would come in very sad and he would say, hey, i'm still alive. you know, don't be sad for me. i'm still here. you know, don't cry. >> we would cry. he would tell us to stop crying. he was always so strong and resilient.
6:37 am
heloee erytodt shows you love you didn't get all day or just need something to make you smile. and there is always a good little dog for that. >> one wheel, two wheel, there you go. >> i always just look forward to looking at the best part of the situation, i don't dwell on things too much. that's the thing in life, you never, ever know what's going to happen. >> get in there. get in there. come on. come on, bub. now, that is a feel-good story. you can watch local irk all day long on the new localish network. find it on channel 7.2 over he the aaron charter spectrum at 791, comcast xfinity channel 715, google fine ebb 906 and medium com channel come on abc
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mornings, coming together agns a cmo enemy, the golden state warriors join forepersons was gabby giffords calling for an end to gun violence. and here is a live look from the san jose camera. it's getting light out there now. time right now is 6:38. about 49 degrees in san jose right now we'll check in with lisa when we get back in just a minute. stick with us. which of your devices are protected by daily security updates? daily security updates... day?ow.
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happening today in the east bay. hundreds of shoppers are expected at the annual white elephant sale in oakland, a 96,000 square foot warehouse on lancaster is filled with items for purchase, furniture, clothing, jewelry and art. organizers say it's the biggest and best rummage sale in northern california. proceeds benefit the oakland museum of california. the event open today and tomorrow 10:00 to 4:00. also happening today feeling like spring in san francisco's union square. tulips available for free. more than 100,000 tulips on display for american tulip day. anyone who goes can pick a bouquet and take them home. the pop-up garden open from 8:00 to 40 this afternoon. organizers expect the large turnout bought of the popularity of past years. i feel like we are doing things in reverse. spring a few weeks ago. now the tulip festival yet feels more like winter. >> it does with the cool temperatures, wet pavement. it's a weak system though, level
6:42 am
1 on the impact scale. we are lki at aray start seeing. but from emeryville, the temperatures in the low 50s. so this afternoon it's feeling cool. get peeks of sun and this is it. if you see the showers and drizzle and mist, we've got maybe a couple more hours of it. we'll time it out for you and talk about the rest of the cool weekend coming up. >> thanks, lisa. also next draymond green lays into charles barkley as the feud continues. casey
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
all right. in sports tonight stephen curry will play his second game since returning from his broken left-hand. the warriors take on the 76ers at chase center. if you are not going to the game, you can watch only here on abc 7. tipoff at 5:30. draymond green is questionable. he has missed the last four games due to left knee soreness but not keeping him from stirring things up. here is casey pratt with the details in this morning's sports. warriors host the 76ers tonight right here on abc 7. that game will go on as planned but the warriors are enhands the kpig health and safety protocols. meanwhile, espn has obtained a documents telling teams to prepare for the possibility of playing games without fans amid coronvirus concerns. we'll keep you posted. making the hard turn to basketball with stephen curry return draymond green swagger is
6:46 am
back. yesterday he responded to charles barkley who criticized green for getting kicked out of last week's game to the lakers. green didn't pull bunches. >> barkley should stop before i take his job. i can do that well too. he shall shall quiet. i also can't talk basketball with me either. not smart enough, not qualified. no rings can't sit at this table. >> wow, i think draymond wants to do something like this to chuck. posterized. oregon stake for stanford. kiana williams to anna wilson. lexie hull with the quick move. look at the juk move. another three williams ended the night with 23 points. stanford wins. after a big upset in the first right now, the cal women trying to make it two in a row against arizona. jaylen brown scored ten tragt in the first quarter including the three at the buzzer. it finished with 25 trying to
6:47 am
keep the bears in it. but arizona's kait reese scored a career high 30 as the wildcats pulled away in the second quarter. that barrage sent the cal seniors walking off the last time. 86-73 the final. west coast conference, herb sendek and santa clara taking on pepper dine. the broncos trailed by 21 but cut to sujts. feeds to rung itch for two of the 16. but pepper dine kept them at bay. kobe ross, the steal and the layup coming right here. 18, the broncos fall 84-73. st. mary face the waves next. lmu furs furs usf in the second right now middle of the first chaff. khalil shab arizona to charles mignon. ending the into it with a team high 6. up 19-8. now defense blocks the shot here tips to jam ari, another dunk, sfu beats lmu 82-53.
6:48 am
now join us tonight for 76ers warriors on abc 7. followed by after the game. enjoy the rest of your day. let's get another check of the bay area forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. we're tack tracking a lit of rain lisa. >> liz, it playbooks gray behind is the view from mount tam where most of the activity favoring the north bay. and the coast. the coastal hills, but there is more to come out there before we break out into partly cloudy skies. so certainly a weak weather system on the way. it's a level one. and it's bringing anywhere from a couple hundredths to maybe 0.2 in the higher elevations but around mount hamilton we have the rain snow mix. certainly cold enough out there to see a bit of pink on the radar. and we'll look for another system to maybe bring just a few sprinkles into your sunday afternoon. a live look from the abc roof camera where it's wet out there. and you'll neat need your wipers. temperatures are cool and as we
6:49 am
look at the coast here from olemma to francis drake. it's a wet morning for you. daly city and san bruno wet weather and extends as far south as santa cruz mountains. this is where we get the enhanced rain and could pick up about a quarter of an inch. further north, highway 12, it's becoming spotty here from sonoma to yountville and napa. santa rosa, right now looking at dry conditions. but you did have wet weather. walnut creek around 580. and also 680 looking at the wet weather. highway 24 east of orinda and then finally through i-80 -- 880 south of hayward and that bit of mix this into the higher elevations thp there is the system you can see rainy along the north coast and snowy mount shasta. secondary system misses us for the most part but keeping a chance of showers in the forecast for sunday. a lack at sfo it's 49 downtown.
6:50 am
50 in san jose and half moon bay. santa cruz 48 could see showers throughe.n ncd and f at san jose where it doesn't look like much is going on there. spotty drizzle, light rain, colder weather for the weekend and then of course we set clocks ahead losing the hour of sleep tonight. the next few hours this thing is really winding down by 9:00, 10:00, a few showers in the east bay, south bay and then by 1:00 we're partly cloudy northwesterly winds with us keeping us on the cool side today, more clouds arrive for sunday. that's the system missing us but we could see maybe a slight chance of a shower. today, though look how light the rain. 0.05 in concord maybe a tenth in livermore this could be overdoing it injury. but ben lomond maybe 0.2. the sierra nevada, a winter weather advisory until 10:00. two to ten inches. once again a quick burst of snow in the mountains.
6:51 am
but as we look at the highs today, certainly cool out there with mid-50s for you in half moon bay. look at 57 this afternoon in oakland, partly cloudy, the rain ends afternoon niem tp let's look at monday. low pressure south of with us san francisco south maybe a shower into standards and wednesday. the activities in southern california, san diego, and we'll be on the back side of it. although a couple more ones on the impact scale monday and tuesday, not sure if that's going to verify. today, though, mid-and upper 50s. the wet weather ending by 1:00 and looking at partly cloudy to mostly cloudy for sunday. a little sleep deprived into next week and temperatures rebound to the 70s with a bit of sun out there. just enough to maybe shut off sprinklers. >> right. that's a good point. and yeah, people up at this time watching us tomorrow we'll be sleep deprived together. >> for sure. >> all right. thanks lisa. members of the golden state warriors joined gabby giffords
6:52 am
in a community peace walk at townhall in oakland aimed at stopping gun violence. dustin dorsey was there. take a look. >> ♪ this little light of mine ♪ >> cheers for continued change in the east bay on friday afternoon. a peaceful march to build a better oakland, looking for a way to stop the violence. >> i want to see the vienlts stop. and i want to see our community supported. so that we don't have these kinds of issues and problems into the future. one life saved is one life saved. >> among the group golden state warrior store klay thompson walking with formerly congresswoman and shooting survivor all in support of the reduction of gun violence leading to homicide numbers in oakland cut in half since 2012. >> we believe the story of what's happened and what's happening here in oakland is is a really important one to give people hope of what can be done and to show them what it takes coitfficia same , how
6:53 am
purpose. >> from the streets of oakland, the activist ended up here at the allen temple baptist church for a townhall featuring coach steech kerr. >> coach kerr has been strong in the fight against gun vinyl after losing his father killed by gunman in 1984. >> this is about getting to the core of what's causing the violence, what's the violence about and how can we reduce it by connecting with the people in -- in the city. >> in oklahoma dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. next, our very own dan ashley hosting the rock the casa charity tonight. we'll have more on this annual event and who will be headlining stick with us.
6:54 am
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doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? and in many cases, it works faster than braces. memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. welcome back. in the east pay tonight will be a great night for a great cause. our own dan ashley's rock the casa charity will be at the lesher center in walnut creek ♪ i was bad to the bone ♪ bad to the bone ♪ >> yup that's dan and this is the sixth here dan hosts the even raising money for children in need. beneficiaries are court appointed special advocates
6:57 am
friends of catch concord. big brothers and big and hers boils are boys and girls club. this year's headliner is rick springfield. a few tickets available. the concert starts at 8:00 tonight. i love dan, so many facets to him, ice skater, singer he can do it all. >> certainly and wishing we more with the rain out we still have rain in the north bay from belen as to point reyes. half moon bay to the east bay for concord and fairfield, walnut creek, maybe a few areas of mist and drizzle and then to milpitas, the higher elevations. partly cloudy, cool this afternoon. losing the hour of sleep tonight and maybe south bay showers next week. >> don't forget to change clocks. all right, lisa. thanks for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm liz kroitds with lisa argen. gna" is next. have a great day.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. the coronavirus outbreak widens with new confirmed cases of covid-19. the first deaths from the virus reported on the east coast in florida as cases in new york state quadruple. the crisis on the cruise ship. nearly two dozen people testing positive with a passenger on board requiring immediate medical assistance. what passengers are saying this morning as scammers prey on our fears. plus, dr. ashton answering your most pressing questions about the virus. white house shake-up. president trump naming a key ally as his new chief of staff. the changing of the guard with mark meadows, one of congress' most conservative members, taking the job. facing a judge. lori vallow's first court


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