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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 8, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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news to build a better bay area. this is "abc 7 mornings." >> good morning everyone. it is sunday, march 8th. i'm liz kreutz. we'll get to the latest on the coronavirus emergency. first a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning to you, liz. we are cold out there, temperatures near freezing. windchill factor below that in parts of the north bay. here is a shot of the clouds. you can see a little bit of the moon out there. it is going to be full tomorrow, and today. it's going to be another cold one out there, 47 in san francisco. 46 in gilroy with 39 half moon bay and from this view in the city a mostly cloudy sky today. look at the numbers, 33 up in santa rosa, 35 for new petaluma.
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some fog with 36 in napa and 41 by the delta. much colder than we were yesterday especially in the north bay and we're looking at not only the chilly afternoon today with the later sunrise and later sunset going for us. we'll move into the 40s by 8:00/9:00 and with the clouds around, not a lot of warming out there today. liz? >> lisa, thank you. new details about the "grand princess" cruise ship off the california coast. passengers were told late last night that they will be docking in oakland tomorrow. they were face told it will happen today. mdia partner the "east bay times" reports the ship will dock in a terminal in outer harbor that is no longer in operation. princess cruises sent out this tweet saying the logistics plan went into further review by the state and federal authorities and the ship will not berth in oakland sunday. it will now be monday, time to be determined. the ship has been circling off the coast with 21 confirmed coronavirus cases on board. we finally got our first view of it from shore, came close enough to be able to see it. the disembarking process will
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take several days, we're told, and taking a look at the website marine traffic, it shows the location of the "grand principle" is circling off the coast, maybe 20 miles off the coast. abc 7 news reporter luz pena has more on what passengers who are on that ship have to say about the latest developments. >> reporter: the wait is over. >> agreement has been reached to bring our ship into the port of oakland. >> reporter: 15 miles off the coast of pacifica, more than 3,500 people aboard the "grand princess" cruise ship are finally headed to land. the captain of the cruise ship confirmed that the 19 crew members and two passengers aboard the ship who tested positive for the coronavirus will disembark first. >> the people that have already tested positive will probably be the ones that will get off first. >> anybody with medical issues. >> anybody with medical issues. >> reporter: area residents marine and bill james are
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growing wary, along with thousands with the lack of information, stuck in their cabins, getting their food left at their door and having zero contact with anyone around them. during our call, a sign of hope, more supplies from another boat. >> we slowed down to almost a half a knot, and we've got to have, whatever the tug is that the "miss tammy" coming close to us. let me go take a look. >> reporter: earlier in the day a passenger with a non-coronavirus medical emergency was transported by the u.s. coast guard from the "grand princess" to san francisco general hospital. as a growing concern of the virus crippled the ship, vice president pence made this announcement. >> we reached an agreement with the cruise lin industry to further enhance entry and exit screening. >> reporter: thousands aboard finally have good news to look forward to. >> we will sleep well tonight. >> reporter: passengers who don't require acute medical help will go to a federal facility, we think california for testing and isolation. the crew members will be quarantined and treated aboard
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that ship. we had stay on top of this in the must room, luz pena, abc 7 news. >> we're learning the northern california man who died last week was likely infected with coronavirus before he boarded the "grand princess" in san francisco on february 11th. the chief medical officer of carnival cruises says the passenger sought medical treatment on the ship saying he had symptoms of a respiratory illness for about a week. the coronavirus has an incubation period of five to six days, so officials say it is likely the man was infected prior to boarding. 60-year-old kari kolstoe is a cancer patient aboard the "grand princess," she has stage our and is worried she won't make it home to start chemotherapy tomorrow. >> gave me four radiation treatments and pain killer, and said go for two weeks, we'll get started when you get back on monday or tuesday, and so it's still a worry that i'm not going to get back. i recently lost my dad, and i just believe he's up there going to fix this whole situation somehow, and i'm going to test negative and get to go home and get some treatment.
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>> kolstoe who is from grond forks, north dakota, is with her husband, paul. diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer 18 months ago, underwent chemo, and had her ovaries removed but the cancer returned and spread to her lower back. our thoughts are with her. a former "grand princess" passengers in santa cruz county's first, is santa cruz county's first case of covid-19. a test friday was confirmed yesterday morning. the passenger traveled on the cruise ship from february 11th to the 21st. their name and hometown are not being released. health officials are investigating any possible exposure with other residents. and new this morning, passengers on a carnival cries shup docked at the cruise terminal in the port of long beach. one passenger tested negative of the virus. the company says guests have been cleared to disembark now. the next carnival cruise to the mexicanry yes rah will operate as a six-day cruise, darting
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pod. san francisco has banned all non-essential group events in city-owned facilities for the net two weeks, that includes city hall, moscone center and its associated buildings like bill graham sufficientic a auditori auditorium. this comes as six more positive cases of the coronavirus are confirmed. all six are isolated at home in good condition. there are eight confirmed cases in the city but officials say they expect more. >> the virus is circulating in our community. we expect to get more confirmed cases. we have seen that in the state and in our region, and so this is not unexpected. >> the city of san francisco received 1,000 test kits for covid-19. the public health department are ordering more and not worried about running out. even with the growing number of coronavirus cases, warriors fans still showed up to chase center for last night's game against philadelphia. abc 7 newser ansar hassan has the story. ♪
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>> reporter: despite the warnings to avoid large crowds -- >> i'm a huge fan. >> reporter: dub nation came out to support their team, although many are taking precautions. >> ever since 1997, you know, antoine jamison and john starks. >> reporter: eugene ramos knows several people tested positive for the coronavirus in san francisco. the threat isn't big enough to keep him home but he's being safe. >> i want to take precautions just in case. i'm not full-on paranoid but why not? >> it's our first time here in the new arena. >> reporter: lily and her two sons were pumped for their first game at chase center. she knows the advisory is to stay away from big crowds but she says her family is well prepared. >> you're always taking a risk if you go outside in crowds, but yeah, more than anything we're not sick so hopefully nobody else around us is sick. we'll wash our hands and we'll take good precautions. >> reporter: signs were posted at the entrances to chase center advising people who are feeling sick to stay out.
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inside, fewer fans than usual, coach kerr says a doctor spoke to the team about covid-19. >> it's a concern, but we're doing our job to come in and get ready for the game and play the game and the league will tell us what would be next. >> reporter: the nba is proposing to ban fans from games as the threat of the coronavirus grows. a proposal that isn't popular with many fans. >> if you want to be safe, stay home, watch the games at your house, but nba should not put a blockade or keep fans away from watching the games. >> reporter: in san francisco, ansar hassan, abc 7 news. in the south bay, the san jose sharks also played as scheduled. they lost in overtime to the ottawa senators. on friday, santa clara county public health officials called for measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, including canceling large gatherings. the sharks said their planned weekend games would go on as scheduled. the team hosts the colorado of alarge tonight at s.a.p. center.
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oak grove high school in san jose is undergoing a deep cleaning because a student had contact with a family member who has the coronavirus. the student has not exhibited any symptoms but has been quarantined and will be tested. weekend activities at oak grove were either canceled or moved to another site. santa clara county reported eight more cases of coronavirus for a total of 32 in the county, including a person who lives in gilroy. on thursday, gilroy firefighters responded to a call for a person with chest pain. that person was taken to kaiser in san jose and later confirmed to have coronavirus. officials say the firefighters who had contact with that person are symptom free so far. and people in san francisco got free tulips yesterday, but festivities were scaled back because of the coronavirus. abc 7 news was in union square for flower bowl day, originally a garden was supposed to be set up so people could pick their own flowers but this year, volunteers handed out bouquets instead. and despite warnings about avoiding large crowds, plenty of people showed up for the white
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elephant sale in oakland. the oakland museum women's board holds this event every year. the board says it's the biggest rummage sale in northern california and also runs today from 10:00 to 4:00. and we will have much more coronavirus coverage throughout the newscast this morning so stick with us here. go to, where we have an entire page dedicated to related stories and information that you need to know about the illness. we'll keep you updated over the next hour. lisa, we were talking about the light possible showers we're going to be seeing. >> still a little unsettled the nix few days. it means a lot of cloud cover for most of you. emeryville right now temperatures are in the upper 40s here and across the bay. so looking at the 30s up in the north bay, a colder start for them. partly cloudy skies out there and we could see a few showers over the next couple of days, but consider yourself lucky if you get any sprinkles at all. we'll warm up and feel
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spring-like again. >> thanks, lisa. back on the campaign trail the next round of the primaries joe biden and bernie sanders are focusing on and why tulsi gabbert says they should make sure she's included in the next debate, plus an endorsement from kamala harris. and rocking the casa. rick bring field helps
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...doesn't mean you got to spend a lot! because denny's brought back the super slam™. with eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage and pancakes. all for just $6.99. the $6.99 super slam™ is back! see you at denny's! welcome back. a celebration of life was held for nasa mathematician and pioneer katherine johnson. her funeral was at the
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convocation center in virginia, she died more than a week ago at the age of 101. johnson's precisely calculated trajectories put the first man into orbit for the u.s. in 1962 and first man on the moon in 1969, did all this being one of three dozen african-american women working for nasa at the time. johnson helped inspire the 2017 oscar nominated film "hidden figures." your voice, your endorsing former vice president joe biden. >> i believe in joe. i really believe in him and i've known him for a long time. one of the things that we need right now is we need a leader who really does care about the people and who can therefore unify the people and i believe joe can do that. >> senator harris posted the video to twitter. she dropped out of the presidential race late last year. biden at the top told reporters he'd consider as a potential running mate. senator harris will join biden
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in detroit tomorrow night for a joint rally on the eve of the all-important michigan primary. biden and senator bernie sanders are battling it out. concentrating on midwestern states with primaries this tuesday. the only woman remaining tulsi gabbert says she's staying in the race. yuni han reports a rule changed by the dnc will prevent her from participating in the next debate. >> reporter: with the next round of primaries set for this coming tuesday, the democratic candidates and surrogates are out on the campaign trail this weekend. >> he thinks he's going to win re-election by dividing us up. we are going to beat him because we're bringing our people together. >> reporter: vermont senator focusing on the midwest speaking to supporters in michigan. >> all over this country, people are asking themselves which candidate can best defeat trump. i have zero doubt in my mind that together, we are the campaign that could beat trump.
6:16 am
>> reporter: the traditional battleground state has the most delegates up for grabs on tuesday when voters in six states head to the polls. senator amy klobuchar is also in michigan lending her voice to former vice president's joe biden's campaign. she dropped out of the race before super tuesday and then endorsed him. >> we are going to build a beautiful blue wall of democratic votes around the midwest and we are going to make donald trump pay for it. >> reporter: former secretary of state john kerry also campaigning for the former vice president. >> this man smiling at you from both sides, i know him well. he has the ability to get this done. he's going to be the next president of the united states. >> reporter: biden continues to ride the momentum after winning ten states on super tuesday. his campaign raising $22 million since tuesday. >> senator sanders likes to say he'll need a record turnout to defeat donald trump. he's right. and we're the campaign that's
6:17 am
going to do that record turnout. >> reporter: he's also racked up endorsements from eight of his former rivals. last female candidate in the race, hawaii representative tulsi gabbert says she's staying in the race despite no viable path to victory. a rule change by the democratic national committee will exclude her from the next debate in phoenix march 15th. she's calling on the two front-runners to stand up for what's right and help her get on the stage. yuni han, abc news, new york. coming up on "this week" abc news chief anchor george stephanopolous talks with senator bernie sanders ahead of the next contest in the primary race, watch that full interview on "this week" at 8:00 on abc 7. we have an update on the can collector who was attacked in san francisco's bay view neighborhood. the community youth center of san francisco shared this picture with us here of organizers meeting with the victim. they say a go fund me drive to help him and his family has raised nearly $70,000. two suspects were arrested in the case, one of them is not being charged for now but will be placed in a restorative justice program.
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and abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area. one of the issues that we're focusing on is housing. there is an effort to speed up the construction of affordable housing in california. state senator scott weiner introduced a bill to ease zoning restrictions, clear the way for non-profit hospitals and faith institutions to build affordable housing units on their property. weiner has tried three times to pass legislation to create more housing in california. safety is a part of building a better bay area. in marin county, a measure that would provide millions of dollars every year for wildfire prevention is narrowly passing. measure c needed a two-thirds majority since it is a tax, currently getting just over 68%. there are still several thousand votes that need to be counted. the registrar of voters says it could be two weeks before there is a final tally. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook.
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in the east bay, abc 7 news anchor dan ashley rock the casa charity center was held in wall net creek last night. ♪ 867-5309 ♪ 867-5309 >> the foundation raises money for children in need. rickspringfield headlined last night's show, the foundation expected to raise tens of thousands of dollars last night to fund programs that help children in the community. for more information go to fun might all around. wish you could have joined, lisa but we were probably going to bed early because of the time change. >> that's right, liz. feeling it right now. good morning, everyone. live doppler 7 you can see activity well to the south of us. we have another system that's going to drop south of the bay area, bringing better chances of rain to san jose. they picked up over a quarter of an inch yesterday and the rest of us less than that. still was pretty good to see the rain out there. there is that next system and
6:20 am
it's going to keep the shower chances going. for points south of san jose tomorrow into tuesday. it is 47 in oakland. 36 in novato. 33 santa rosa. so a cold start out there with a little bit of fog from petaluma to santa rosa. the cooler air mass in place after the passage of yesterday's cold front and with that about two-mile visibility santa rosa, a quarter mile in petaluma. here is the airport, san jose cloudy and cool today. a chance of showers through tuesday but it's going to be well south of san francisco and looking at a sunny and warmer midweek so once again looking like scant rainfall totals as we go through the next seven days. here is today, though, 11:00 you can see a lot of cloud cover out there, and then through the afternoon and evening hours it's cloudy, it's cool. we're into monday now. this is monday afternoon, and there's a few showers around but overall it's going to be a partly to mostly cloudy day and the activity we'll somehhow youa
6:21 am
moment focuses on the southland in southern california. 57 in san rafael. richmond in the upper 50s. 56 san francisco. temperatures in a narrow range. a lot of cloud cover out there, and we are looking at tuesday right now where the rain will move to the north, so here it is tuesday afternoon, 1:00, you can see gilroy up through san jose into the later hours of tuesday, maybe 7:00, 8:00, scattered showers into the east bay and by wednesday things are pretty dry all around the state so we're not looking at any more than 0.1 of an inch as we go through monday and tuesday. tuesday temperature also rebound with the sun. north of this system in the 70s. it's going to be quite mild even with the chance of showers into wednesday. we've got 60s and low 70s again and by thursday, one of the warmer days of the week with a lot more sun and that high pressure ridge building. the accuweather seven-day forecast it's a chilly one again today with mid and upper 50s, coastside around the bay about
6:22 am
60 inland and a level one for a chance of showers for your monday into tuesday. the showers remain south and looking at temperatures on the mild side, most of you from san francisco north won't see any, and we'll look for partly cloudy conditions to mostly cloudy skies through wednesday, and then by thursday and friday our sunniest and warmest days as we look at the temperatures climbing and still looking at cooldown by the weekend, that's kind of what we're used to, but no rain so we'll see if they get any in the next few days. not much if we do. >> we'll take what we can get. hopefully we get more. thanks, lisa. just ahead, a rare game console auction
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welcome back. dan harris joining us from new york. >> coming up on "gma" the cruise ship off the coast of california is finally preparing to dock after days of quarantine. meanwhile entire swathes of the country of italy on lockdown. we'll have the latest, plus joe biden and bernie sanders prepared to compete in a whole new batch of primaries this tuesday. meghan and harry last lap ht coming up on "gma." see you soon.
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a nintendo playstation sold for $360,000 on auction. the buyer greg mclemore is founder of and besides his home he said it's the most extensive thing he's ever bought. it produced 200 consoles, it believed to be the only one remaining after the others were supposedly destroyed. bet are be fun is all i'm saying. all right, still to come on abc 7 mornings, more new developments with the coronavirus. italy is now taking a major step in hopes to help curb the spread of the illness. a preliminary report has been released from an investigation into the boeing 737 max. who is being blamed for the deadly two crashes within months of each other. ok, so maybe we're new to home improvement, but we're determined. we got an insider tip on the ultimate flooring destination. whoa. floor and decor is amazing. look at us. we're shopping alongside real-life designers and contractors.
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news to build a better bay area, this is "abc 7 mornings." >> good morning we start this half hour with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, lisa. >> good morning to you. it's sunrise at 7:30, the sun setting at 7:10. look how dark it is from our sutro tower camera, in the 40s in the city. it's chilly out there, 45 on the peninsula. 49 in san jose and this is a view of our east bay, where i should say the south bay where we had clouds around there from
6:30 am
280. it's freezing in santa rosa. 34. petaluma with fog and looking at our 24-hour temperature change, wow, the cold front moved through, depositing a cooler air mass. we are left with a lot of cloud cover today. cool numbers, 2:00 only in the mid-50s with mostly cloudy skies, and we'll continue to see the clouds stream up from the south. are we going to see any rain out there? short term maybe some of you and the rest of you well we're talking about another spring-like outlook. my accuweather seven-day forecast is coming up. liz? >> lisa, thank you. italy announced a sweeping quarantine that will restrict the movement of about 16 million people. the quarantine will include the region of lombardi and at least 15 other provinces in the country's north. abc 7 news reporter lionel moiz has more on the outbreak spreading around the world. >> reporter: more than 105,000 people across 101 countries have been infected by novel
6:31 am
coronavirus. italy's special commissioner for coronavirus announcing the number of people who have tested positive for covid-19 has surpassed 5,000. at least 45 people testing positive for the virus on board this cruise ship on the na river in egypt and officials in bethlehem disinfecting a hotel where 14 americans are quarantined. rescuers in china working to free dozens of people trapped after a hotel used as a coronavirus quarantine center collapsed. here at home at least 29 states and the district of columbia have covid-19 infections with new cases in california, oregon and the first case in nebraska. a state of emergency declared in new york state, and in connecticut, health officials say a physician there has tested positive for the virus. >> at that time, the physician displayed no symptoms associated with covid-19. >> reporter: in washington state, at least 16 deaths reported, a majority of them connected to a nursing care facility.
6:32 am
>> when you look at this nursing home outbreak situation, it's about isolating the ill, it's about contact tracing to try to figure out who else may be at risk, and again, testing everyone. the testing is key. >> reporter: lionel moise, abc news, new york. an attendee at last week's conservative political action conference in maryland has tested positive for covid-19. president trmp trump and vice president pence were also at the conference. officials say they were never in close contact with the person who tested positive. the american conservative union says the exposure occurred before the conference and the infected person has been quarantined in new jersey. more coronavirus testing kits are arriving in california. at least 15 health departments now have them. contra costa county says it has about 300 testing kits and offered to help test the passengers on the "grand princess." health officials in other parts of the country expressed concerns about a shortage of the kits. san francisco has canceled several events, as we've mentioned, including today's
6:33 am
sunday streets in the mission. the walt disney family museum in the presidio is closed today as well. the annual san francisco st. patrick's day parade saturday is called off. salesforce is joining a growing number of companies encouraging employees to work from them if they can because of the coronavirus, this goes for workers in both california and washington state. salesforce says it will continue to pay its vendor hourly service providers. cities across the bay area are introducing protections for renters who could face eviction because of loss of work from the coronavirus. several companies are urging employees to avoid work gatherings or stay home if they feel sick. san jose mayor sam liccardo proposed a temporary moratorium on evictions for renters who can't pay rent because of lost wages resulting from the outbreak. the city is looking for temporary relief for burdened and unpaid landlords. supervisor dean preston is doing something similar in san francisco. >> this legislation would not waive or eliminate the obligation to pay rent.
6:34 am
it just says that people can't be evicted over it during the state of emergency. >> under this proposition, landlords in san francisco can continue to ask for rent, but they cannot evict. as we've been reporting, stores around the bay area are seeing basic supplies fly off the shelves. abc 7 stopped by the costco in san francisco this weekend to check things out there. again carts were stocked full of the essentials, a sign read that the store was enforcing a limit for toilet paper, paper towels and water bottles, only two packs or pallets per costco cart. customers we talked to did notice a difference. >> there's no hand soap. a lot of the shelves especially on the top where they stock all their paper towels, you see they've brought it all down. so all the shelves up top are all empty. >> costco stopped giving out samples. do you have questions about the coronavirus?
6:35 am
go to, we have an entire page dedicated to related stories and the iformation you need to know about the illness. we continue to keep that updated 24/7. let's move on to other news. a house committee released a preliminary report from its investigation into the boeing 737 max. it places blame on both the faa and boeing. the report says both gambled with the public safety in the aftermath of the lion air crash that killed 189 people in october of 2018, nearly five months later 157 more people died in the ethiopian air crash, that was the second accident involving 737 max. the crashes forced the grounding of the aircraft. boeing estimates it will be back in service mid 2020 so sometimes mid this year. the iditarod in alaska officially begins today but the annual dog sled race has an odd problem this year. too much snow could be hard on the mushers and dogs.
6:36 am
anchorage just had its snowiest february in years and that is where the race starts. iditarod held its fan-friendly ceremonial start yesterday, those dogs are ready to go. today 57 mushers will line up for the official start. it is the second smallest field in the past two decades. and still ahead on "abc 7 mornings." a story about friendship and fathers. >> the whole experience of making this film started with a personal story and kind of ended with a universal story. >> the story behind "onward" the new pixar film. and here is a live look from our wall net creek cam camera, cool sky right there. look at that and of course it is darker this morning than usual at 6:36 a.m. because of the end of daylight saving. hope you're all sleeping in, cozy up at home and that cold weather, too, leeshah sa has been talking about. we'll get more from her in a
6:37 am
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however, there's hope on the horizon. every day, ikea is designing sleep sanctuaries to save our sleep. welcome back. in the east bay, crowds are expected fire rally in honor of international working women's day in oakland. the event upholds the legacy of women's power and resistance and women's day dates back to 1909, with the first celebration in new york city. ed to's today's rally at 1:00 in the fruitvale village on 12th street. >> it's going to be cool out
6:40 am
there. >> temperatures in the 50s for highs. as we look from our roof camera it's cool. numbers are in the 40s. highs low to mid-50s in the city. temperatures down and cloud cover out there you'll want a warmup for the week ahead. a little bit more rain and more warmth in my accuweather seven-day forecast. i'll show you that in a moment. also next the warriors had to play again without steph curry but his brother-in-law damion lee came through in the fourth quarter against the 76ers
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
tonight the sharks play the second of back-to-back games. san jose faces the colorado avalanche at s.a.p. center, the puck drops at 7:00 p.m. the warriors have a few days off before playing the clippers tuesday night. last night golden state was short-handed facing the 76ers. here's chris alvarez with the highlights. >> stefan curry missed the game against the sixers with the flu. kevon looney out for the next three weeks with hip soreness. draymond green missed with knee soreness. who will step up for the warriors? young fans excited to see whoever was on the floor. second quarter. andrew wiggins, marquese chriss and the alley-oop. dubs down two at the break.
6:44 am
third quarter, eric paschall, the two-handed hammer. he had 23 off the bench. what a rookie year he's having. al horford 22 points 10 rebounds drains the three there. sixers up eight after three. fourth quarter, jordan poole off the glass and in and poole again dribble drive, nice inside. he had 11. paschall and chriss right here he'll tip it on in. dubs down two and the foul. chriss had 13 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists, close to a triple-double. damion lee the floater tied at 106-106. 1:43 to go. lee again, the left-handed shot off the glass and in. game high 24. dubs had a two-point lead, 35 seconds to go, dubs up one, mike scott with the chance right here. chriss says access denied. a huge block. the warriors win their 15th of the year, 118-114 the final. >> the great thing about this year is guys having the opportunities for development, so you know, starting to see things, starting to see the
6:45 am
pictures and then once we get fully healthy towards the end of te year next year, starting to define roles and trying to be back up there. >> to see the young guys and how much better they're getting not only individually but the way they're playing together. 30 assists and seven turnovers, no way we could have done that a couple months ago so really proud of them. >> feel like we're all doing a great job playing the right way, having fun. that's the main thing, supposed to be a fun sport. i felt like we just kept doing that all night and i all came together. to the ice, sharks and senators make-a-wish recipient selena urban dropping the ceremonial puck. how cool was that? first period sharks down 1-0 on the power play. evander kane 25th of the season. check out the replay, yes, he does knock it out from midair. the hand/eye coordination. tied 1-1 after one. that was the score until overtime former shark kris tierney ends it, senators win it 2-1 in o.t. spring training action, a's taking on the mariners. jesus losard 3 1/3, struck out eight, allowed one run on two
6:46 am
kits. good outing for hill. six homers in the game. greg dykeman breaks the tie. the a's double up the m's, 8-4. more spring training the giants taking on the white sox, trevor cahill, three innings, no runs, no hits, 5k. buster posey 2 for 2. joey bart sends this to the fans in right center. second homer of the spring, giants win 12-7. spring training continues later today and later on abc 7 the battle for l.a., lakers host the clippers at 12:30. clippers come to the bay after that. they face the warriors tuesday night at chase center. have a great sunday. >> let's go back to the weather, tracking some possible showers. lisa? >> we have a decent rainmaker yesterday, liz, and all eyes aready on the next one that will bring southern california a soaking, anywhere from one to three inches there. how about 0.03 up our way? yes, not happening here. as the energy dips south.
6:47 am
let's take a look in review of what we were able to deal with yesterday, that rain that lingered in the south bay over a quarter of an inch there, 24-hour totals bringing about 0.1 to 0.2 around the bay and then the second half of the day really arrived with some sunshine, elsewhere looking at some isolated spots doing better than others but in general we are looking at our percentage of normal well below where we should be. 34% in san jose. oakland 37%. sfo at about 38%. even in the north bay, santa rosa 55% of average. san francisco only 48% of average. here is a look at santa cruz, where the moon will be full tomorrow and looking at the partly to mostly cloudy skies this morning. next system is this one and as it slides to the south of us, it's going to take almost all the rain with it. here is the airport in san jose. 46 in san francisco. 47 in oakland. remember the sun coming up at 7:30 this morning. 46 in gilroy. 39 half moon bay.
6:48 am
the golden gate bridge you'll see some sun throughout the early part of the week here, while the cloud cover and shower chances will be well south of san francisco. 32 santa rosa. it is 33 in petaluma. we have some fog up in the north bay. 36 in napa, 44 in concord and the visibility has certainly been reduced to about nothing in petaluma. three-quarters of a mile, santa rosa elsewhere pretty good. pier 15 where the winds are light, cloudy and cool today, a chance of showers through tuesday and just a chance talking about the peninsula, the south bay maybe the higher elevations and looking sunny and warmer. a look at the day today we see lots of clouds dominating the sky. into the overnight hours, early morning hours monday and looking at maybe a few showers that will push up from the south into your monday and also into tuesday. as we look at the amounts not too much out there. 59 in oakland, 56 invallejo.
6:49 am
mostly cloudy, a cool afternoon. let's look closer for the rain totals, this is throughout the next seven days. how about 0.06 in santa rosa, 0.03 in san francisco. so not looking promising. . a chilly forecast today, mostly cloudy skies. chance of showers monday and tuesday from san jose south otherwise partly cloudy with mild readings and wednesday and thursday we're back into the 70s. looking at the end of the week still mild. the sunniest and warmest days come about wednesday, thursday and friday and the cooltown into next weekend. so it has been yeah kind of disappointing out there. yesterday we saw a little bit of rain. we need that atmospheric river visiting southern california. >> what do we do to get it? >> can't buy it. i don't know. >> thanks, lisa. pixar is on a roll fresh off
6:50 am
their animated best feature, they received an oscar "toy story 4" the emeryville bates studio releases "onward." kristen zee interviewed the team behind "onward," and learned the personal story behind pixar's first fantasy adventure. >> dad? >> no top part! >> with elves, centaurs and manikors you might think pixar's latest film "onward" is all fantasy but its central theme, a son's desire to know his father is all too real. >> my father passed away when i was young and my younger brother and i don't remember him at all. and we've always wondered who he was and how we were like him. >> reporter: the director dan scanlon shared his void and questions with producer kori ray, also his partner for "monsters u. " >> the whole experience of making this film started with a personal story and ended with a universal story and i'm just so proud of that. >> i have something for you from your dad. >> reporter: in "onward" an
6:51 am
awkward teenage elf ian lightfoot played by tom holland discovers magic and uses it to bring his father back to meet him for the first time. the magic falls short and conjures up half of dad, ian and older brother barley, played by chris pratt, go on a quest to complete the spell and make their father whole. tell me about the choice of restoring him just up to his pants. >> i think it was more of a guess like a metaphor for getting a little part of him. >> reporter: the two brothers lugging around a half built dad lends itself to comedy, but scanlon is also trying to express the idea of having to piece together so many little parts to put together a picture of dad. >> i'm going to meet dad? >> there was the touching scene when ian was playing that cassette tape with his dad's voice and pretending he was having a conversation. with his dad, did you have a version of that? >> when my brother and i were the age of ian and barley in the movie, an aunt and uncle who
6:52 am
moved out of town found an audio cassette tape, i could tell by the way he said hi he was a nervous and shy guy and the way he said bye embarrassed he overpronounced hi. i thought god, this is me. i'm like awkward and shy and uncomfortable. >> reporter: knowing dad had similar traits helps the son grow in confidence, for the director and the hero who goes from not being able to invite anybody to his birthday party to jumping across an invisible trust bridge. did you get to know your father better in some ways through doing this project? >> my mom very sweetly inspired by the premise of the movie asked some of my dad's old friends, one of his old army buddies to write my brother and i a note and it was the greatest thing in the world. >> you can do this. i believe in you. >> reporter: "onward" is a story of finding your family, your place in the world and your potential. if the movie conjures up conversations, that to the creative team would be magical. in emeryville, kristen zee, abc 7 news.
6:53 am
>> "onward" is playing in theaters and disney of course is the parent company of pixar and abc 7. next the cinequest film festival continues in san jose, why organizers are rescheduling the second week's events. ♪ the wait is over. try my new tiny tacos. 15 for 3 bucks or loaded for 4 bucks. delivered exclusively with uber eats.
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♪ the wait is over. try my new tiny tacos. 15 for 3 bucks or loaded for 4 bucks. delivered exclusively with uber eats. here are are winning numbers from last night's power ball drawing --
6:56 am
no one picked all six numbers so wednesday night's jackpot goes up to $110 million and the last night numbers from the super lotto plus drawing. no one picked all six numbers in the drawing either. wednesday night's prize increases to $9 million. happening today in the south bay, cinequest film festival will continue in san jose. it fuses innovation with the arts to connect audiences and artists. it was supposed to run next sunday. the events screenings and closing night event will not go on this week, in response to public health recommendations about large gatherings to slow the spread of coronavirus. the founders say no refunds are being offered at this time but if you have a pass it will be honored during this summer edition. lisa yesterday went out to lunch at the ferry building and some of the restaurants usually are so packed, you could just tell not as many people are eating out. not as many people are going out and doing things. >> we'll be feeling the
6:57 am
repercussions of this for quite a while. the deficit in rainfall, this is only march and looking at another relatively dry week ahead. 59 in oakland, a lot of clouds. 58 in santa rosa, 55 on the coast. a couple level ones on our storm impact scale, san jose, higher elevations and points south, maybe 0.1 of an inch of rain with each of the systems, otherwise partly cloudy, mild, feeling like spring and much of the work week dominated with dry skies so we have to deal with that and the time change this morning. so we have that going for us. >> i just want to mention to everyone we are updating consistently on so you can get all your updates there when we're not on air. thanks, lisa, thanks for joining us here on "abc 7 mornings." i'm liz kreutz, along with lisa argen.
6:58 am
abc 7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. "good morning america" is next. dana-farber cancer institute discovered the pd-l1 pathway. pd-l1. they changed how the world fights cancer. blocking the pd-l1 protein, lets the immune system attack, attack, attack cancer. pd-l1 transformed, revolutionized, immunotherapy. pd-l1 saved my life. saved my life. saved my life. what we do here at dana-faber, changes lives everywhere.
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per day, with a 3-day 1-park per day ticket. good morning, america. drastic measures being taken this morning to contain the coronavirus. italy on lockdown. the sweeping quarantine affecting a quarter of the population. the scramble for the last trains out of town. meanwhile, here in the u.s., the virus has spread to more than half of the states. new york, now, under a state of emergency. cases doubling in a day. our own reporter behind closed doors. >> this is quarantine. and it's a very, very strange experience. plus, the impact on sports. no audiences. >> i ain't playing. >> what players are saying and dr. ashton answering your questions this morning. and new overnight, the stricken cruise ship off the san francisco coasno


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