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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 11, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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outbreak now reaching more than 1,000 cases in the united states. three of the newest cases are tsa workers at san jose mineta international and is leading to major travel concerns and containing the virus' spread. meanwhile brand-new video overnight of "grand princess" cruise ship passengers heading to texas and ledding to quarantine. those still of oakland are getting more upset by the hour. the latest on that, but first you're never more than seven minutes away from the accu weather forecast. here's mike. >> live doppler 7 and light sprinkles moving through the santa cruz mountains and measurable rain overnight in hayward and milpitas and half moon bay and few light showers around discovery bay right now. otherwise it's pretty quiet outside as you can see from our east bay hills camera and milder 45 up in the north bay and the rest of us in the low to mid-50s and 60 to 64 at noon with a
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mixture of sun and clouds and still some drops possible in the south bay and just a couple degrees cooler than yesterday. 59 at the coast near 70 else where and then at 7:00, 53 at the coast. low to mid-60s for the rest of us. hi, jobina. >> goodern moi morning, everyon. 6:01 and we'll start out with live cameras in just a moment. beginning with the richmond, san rafael bridge. we'll see things pick up and once you hop on the bridge, smooth sailing from there as you travel westbound and drive times here albany to the maze and fremont to san jose 14 minutes and highway 10 to cupertino. leave you with a look at the map so you can see not a lot of slow spots and at the toll plaza metering lights and let me be specific those metering lights at 5:35 this morning. our big story right now, three tsa workers at san jose mineta international airport
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have all tested positive. >> all tsa employees they had contact with tested positive at home. concerns that are causing drastic cuts to u.s. airlines. >> julian glover live at mineta san jose this morning. julian? >> developments like this one that three tsa employees here at san jose mineta international airport have been infected with the coronavirus only reaffirming the fears of airline industry experts saying the dip in airline travel that we're about to see could be similar to what we saw post-9/11, where we saw a 40% dip in airline travel. i want to get you to some of these pictures. many pictures posted online of flight after flight completely empty only shuttling a few passengers from point a to point b. the airline industry is responding by cutting a number of flights. american airlines the world's largest airlines cutting flights by 10% this summer and dropping
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domestic flights by 7.5% and united and delta flights plan by cutting even more. at least 20% by april and cut those domestic flights by at least 10%. airlines are trying to encourage travel by giving you some more flexibility when it comes to changes your flight. many of them temporarily waiving fees and some airlines going as far as dropping the cancellat n cancellations fees, as well. speaking to passengers who have been coming into the airport about to take off saying they are concerned about hearing that two, three t, is a em ow been infected with the coronavirus. but at the same time, they say they have to do what they have to do and they have to board the flight and they plan on doing so just bringing extra lysol wipes to wipe everything down. more on those tsa workers just infect would the coronavirus coming up in the next half hour. reporting live here outside of san jose international airport, julian glover, abc 7 news. >> thanks, julian. the outbreak is forcing the
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most recognizable companies in america to make changes. target wiping down checkout lanes and touch screens every 30 minutes and limiting the number of hand sanitizers you can buy. dunkin joined starbucks in banning personal cups. shoppers look for disinfectants and other household supplies, some of the shelves are empty. the grocery store says his distributor simply can't keep up with the demand. >> limits that i can order which could be compared to a small amount that i could sell if i had it. >> if you're looking for clorox wipes they are available on websites like walmart and home dep depot. this morning more than 1,000 passengers are still on the "grand princess" cruise ship waiting to get off. a look at the ship that has been docked since monday. there it is. as of last night, 1,400 passengers have gotten off the ship and some people are showing mild symptoms of coronavirus.
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those who are not sick enough to need hospital care, but may be contagious are now being quarantined in hotels in san mateo and monterey counties. governor newsom says those hotels are secure and segregated from the general public. passengers who appeared healthy were taken to travis air force base for quarantine. passengers are getting trusterate would this slow process. closing 90 schools in san mateo and marin after a student and two adults tested positive. no word whether the student and the parents are related. they do attend riordan high school. teachers will post class work online so students can keep learning. >> we received other messages from band that we had a two-hour window today to go through one door to retrieve any instruments that were left there. >> while riordan is already
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closed more schools will close tomorrow through march 25th. uc santa cruz and mission and evergreen community colleges are now on the list of schools suspending in-person classes. look at that. all together 13 bay area campuses have made similar announcements to protect students and faculty from coronavirus. we found one professor getting ready to teach her class online. >> i have to make the switch by monday morning. i need to be 9:00 a.m. teaching my class online and hopefully live because i do want to interact with the students. >> some colleges are also canceling admission tours and putting tight restrictions on campus gatherings and travel. we are constantly updating this list of school closures and event cancellations on our website. just head to empty public transit from coronavirus fears. a look at how easy your commute to work could be. why some doctors are disagreeing with the trump
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temperatures in the south bay mid to upper 50s. same thing as you head through the bay shore. 50 at half moon bay and low to mid-50s in the east bay valleys and more stars up in the north bay low to mid-40s. let's take a look at what's going on as far as your activity planner today and everything is pretty good. limited breezes and a shower possible in the south bay and very light and very isolated. all right, so, here we go in the north bay. 45 at 7:00. to 65 at noon to 70 at 3:00 to 63 at 7:00. east bay we're going to see increasing sunshine today. we'll stay in the 50s through 9:00. and mid to upper 50s from 1:00 to 5:00. in san francisco the reverse of yesterday. start with cloud cover and mid-50s and increasing sunshine. this is going to be a little bit cooler because the winds are blowing slightly lly onshore. mid-60s.y blowing off shore and see if there are any hot spots on the road this morning. hi, jobina? >> no hot spots to report. time to head out the door if
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you're thinking of leaving a little earlier. walnut creek and 680 a few brake lights and traffic is moving over there and also on the golden gate bridge, live look there. from vista point to the toll plaza a ten-minute ride for you. moving over now to some commuter alerts that i have for mass transit. i just want to keep bringing this up. hang for cal train. no weekend train service betweeb bay shore and san francisco stations. they will provide buss and this is due to some work being done in the tunnel. so, this will all end on march 29th. and then our drive times here. san francisco to sfo, nine minutes. highway 238 to the maze, 13-minute ride and highway 85 to the san jose airport 13 minutes, as well. reggie and kumasi. some of the coronavirus confusion is over how many available test kits there really are and who gets to be tested. a look at the guidelines ahead. a sneak peek from "good morning america." the health and human services secretary says how long he
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expects this outbreak to last. as we head to break, a live look outside at 6:12 almost this morning of the
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welcome back, everyone. the trump administration said that anybody who wants to get tested for coronavirus can do it, but doctors say they can't get the test they need. state governments decide who gets tested based on cdc recommendations. right now, the cdc recommendses tests for people who show symptoms came into close contact with an infected person or travel to an area with an outbreak. this morning on gma george stephanopoulos asked the health and human services secretary how long he expects the outbreak to last. >> is this the beginning, the middle, the beginning of the end? >> so, you know, china's gotten this very much, very aggressive action. they only had 46 new cases the other day, but a real explosion in cases in europe. we're seeing increasing cases here in the united states, which
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we've been clear we would see. we're still, i'd say, in the beginnings of spread of this disease in >> you can watch the full interview coming up on "gma" that starts at 7:00. new this morning landlords in berkeley will no longer be able to have background checks. they voted on the ordinance last night. "chronicle" reports the goal to eliminate barriers for people looking for a place to rent. landlords will be able to check if they're on a registry for lifetime sex offenders. oakland passed a similar measure in january. the scramble for supplies amid the coronavirus outbreak can turn into looking more like a black friday rush. one costco shopper in england decided to share some good will instead. one man in a navy blue jacket grabs two packs of toilet paper when someone off camera asks if he is willing to share.
6:17 am
he agrees to part ways with one thrseche veo says the toiletenak it to the s before the crowd swarmed. so, this is completely unnecessary. >> this is way too much. >> no kidding. >> why is this happening? >> it's something about, i need to do research. >> its are a respiratory disease. >> that's kind of the reason i don't shop at costco very often because it looks a lot like that just about every saturday where i live. it is nuts. it's crazy. >> the costcos here are limiting how much you can buy of these supplies. hopefully that kind of thing doesn't happen. but, again, no actual shortage of toilet paper. >> no. >> coronavirus hasn't affected that. >> let's not. it's time for weather. all right.
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here's a look from mt. tam. gorgeous shot in the background to talk about. a stray shower still possible in the south bay this afternoon. cool to comfy temperatures. all day today. we're milder this morning and just slightly cooler this afternoon but still pretty comfortable. mainly clear tonight, but patchy fog is going to form north bay valleys and some of that will spill into the bay and san pab low bay itself. mid to upper 60s just about everywhere until you get to santa rosa and antioch, concord and san jose 70 to 72 there. see the extra fog along the coast and temperatures cooler. mid-40s to low 50s. that will allow us to cool down a little bit and allows that fog to roll in. future radar today and you can see green drops to our south as we head up to the lunch hour and not as many during the afternoon hours and maybe you won't see the big, puffy cotton ball looking clouds that are a sign of turbulence that we saw roll through yesterday. and it doesn't hit one of our
6:19 am
reporting stations today. let's talk about my accuweather seven-day forecast. and what you're going to see is temperatures in the low to mid-70s for tomorrow and friday with 60s at the coast. and then only 50s for saturday, sunday, monday with a one on the storm impact scale which will help wipe this deficit down just a little bit. i'll show you the inches of rain that are possible coming up next. jobina. >> thank you, mike. we are checking in on mass transit and the ferries are on time. 48 trains running from b.a.r.t. and all ace trains on time. i have another interesting note about b.a.r.t. seeing the impacts from the coronavirus and also ridership being down in the area. we've learned something about the side effects here. noticeable, less passengers for public transportation. b.a.r.t. ridership is down 25% today compared to two weeks ago and noticeable on the bridges, too. like the san mateo bridge and the commission says morning commute traffic is down 8% in the past week.
6:20 am
now, we'll move over to a live look of the bay bridge toll plaza because more people are choosing to drive themselves to work. car poolers are crossing from oakland to san francisco and seen a steep decline in the car poolers. about 12% down during the commute time. i'd imagine that is because a lot of people don't want to be sitting in the car with others right now. reggie and kumasi. >> thank you. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 right here on abc 7. >> live look with rob from new york city. good morning, rob. >> great to be with you on this wednesday. lots coming up on "gma." tracking all the big developments in the coronairus emergency as the number of cases hre in the u.s. surpasses 1,000. and now one new york suburb is establishing the nation's first containment zone deploying the national guard and closing more schools. all the while, we have a doctor in italy that is sounding the alarm on a dire situation there. we have all the bases covered. also this morning, another
6:21 am
super tuesday for joe biden. former vp racking up big wins over bernie sanders, including the biggest prize of the night, michigan as he now looks to unite the party behind him. plus, the most shocking bachelor finale of all time. we always say that, but they get more shocking. full of second chances and family food. host chris harrison talking to us after the final rose. taking us to prince edward island and on thinning ice there. some of the flows that the seals hang out on are in trouble. i stayed up watching late last night like you, reg, to watch "the barblithe bachelor." i am only allowed to watch the last episode, my wife's rules. >> it looks like plenty of drama in the mother. the mother was not happy.
6:22 am
>> yeah. the mom's a big player in the whole mess. >> i would like to see a reality show of just that mom. and what she does. >> the looks. >> i think production companies are calling her as we speak. you got an idea there. >> abc's next big star. all right. rob, we look forward to that interview that you'll be doing with her in a couple weeks. thank you.
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welcome n this wednesday. remember the other model had been forecasting rain and as we got closer, it would fizzle out european model, look how much rain we're going to get saturday through monday. yeah, minor atmospheric river event with the least amount up in the north bay. a half inch to three quarters while everybody else look at that green, it's nearly three quarters to an inch and a quarter. we could use it, reggie. >> thank you, mike. one grandmother stuck on the "grand princess" cruise ship couldn't contain her excitement when she got off the ship. >> she was so happy, she started dancing. look at this videoe. okay, grandma. >> there she goes. >> i love the little hand.
6:26 am
like let me be. anyway, so, this is actually michelle and she shared this video of her grandparents and showing her grandmother busting a move, just happy. happy to be off of the ship and on solid ground before they were taken to a quarantine facility. they were confined to their cabins for day and they passed the time by singing and, guess what, dancing. >> she looks so nice. >> this does make me happy. >> after what they've been through. she's so put together still. i admire her. we're back with another full half hour of news including the latest cases of coronavirus in the bay area and beyond. more than 1,000 passengers are still onboard this ship. they are hoping to get off today and they are really tired of being there and really tired of the food. the story coming up. if you still haven't done your taxes, the irs may give you more time because of coronavirus. the details you need to know. a coronavirus reality check.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit this is abc 7 mornings. >> now at 6:30, a live look at wall street as we await the opening bell on this wednesday
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morning. markets have seen a topsy-turvy week so far. a big bounce back tuesday a day after the worst one-day finish since the 2008 financial crisis. i hate to say it, but i know that futures were down overnight. that doesn't necessarily mean that we're going to be down, but that has definitely been the trend. so, we'll see what happens. good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, march 11th. we're covering the very latest on coronavirus across the country and, of course, here in the bay area. we'll catch you up on that in just a few minutes. right now here's meteorologist mike nicco. >> want to go back to last night and measurable rain roll through half moon bay and fremont and milpitas. there may be a few damp spots for the commute there, but things are definitely drying out quickly as more people get on the roads. the way it looks right areas. in fact, here's a look at 87 as we look north towards the airport. cooler up in the north bay with lack of clouds. 40s for you while the rest of us in the low to mid-50s.s.s.s.
6:31 am
at noon a pmixture of sun and clouds and the coast will stay cool 59 while the rest of us around 70. a couple degrees of where we were yesterday, even with just a little bit more sunshine this afternoon than yesterday. let's talk more about that commute. here's jobina. >> thank you, mike. good morning, everyone. live look here showing you 280 in san jose. a lot of people trying to make their way south right now. we are definitely getting the morning commute started finally. so, richmond san rafael bridge here. quite a few people making their way towards the toll plaza and no slow downs on the bridge this morning. drive times san francisco to sfo. ten minutes. highway 238 to the maze 14-minute ride and highway 85 to san jose airport, 15 minutes. i'm also following a new crash right now that i want to get to quickly in fairfield. looks like at least o le is blocked right there. slow down in the area before 680 and speeds around 34 miles per hour. reggie and kumasi. getting people off the grand princess cruise ship is taking
6:32 am
longer than expected. >> this morning some passengers are still onboard and others had to wait on charter buses for a long time before leaving. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield joins us at the port of oakland where that ship is still docked. hi, amy. >> still docked with more than 1,000 passengers still on it, reggie. and many of them are sick of being on there. they are ready to get off. the ship got here on monday, so, they've been docked here. gosh, here we are now on wednesday. unloading it has been a slow, tedious process. health care workers are screening everyone and then determining where they need to go. a military base for quarantine or a flight back to their country. a hospital. so, organizing everyone is taking a lot of time. we talked to some people who are still onboard. they say they are sick of being there and really sick of the food. >> i think the major challenge has been food. >> the food's terrible. >> the food is definitely going
6:33 am
down. we don't need gourmet food. we do not need, you know, fine dining or anything like that. but just give us something that's edible. >> all right. so, we lost amy there for you. we'll check back in for her. we do know paerblssengers that leave the "grand princess" have a few destinations. >> if they are sick they'll taken by ambulance to the hospital. international are taken to oakland international airport and california residents are put on a bus to travis air force base for quarantine and others take to mirimar in san diego. passengers from outside the state will be quarantined in lackland air force base in georgia or dobbins.
6:34 am one article is a live blog with all the developments from the "grand princess" and other updates from the coronavirus outbreak. more than 100 people with coronavirus in the bay area and that includes nonresidents being treated here. napa county hasn't had any of its residents treat positive but treating patients. santa clara county 45 cases. the most in the state. los angeles county is next with 20. a senior citizen from elk grove is the latest california death connected to coronavirus. this is the first reported in sacramento county. the woman in her 90s lived in an assisted living facility and public health officials are investigating how many people were possibly exposed and monitoring and isolating those individuals. this is the third coronavirus related death in california. the state's two other fatal cases were in sacramento counties. president trump will meet with wall street executives to address the economic concerns
6:35 am
surrounding coronavirus. >> at least now 1,000 confirmed cases of the virus in the u.s. federal officials have done a good job of responding to the outbreak. >> we're prepared and we're doing a great job with it and it will go away, just stay calm. it will go away. everybody has to be vigilant and has to be careful. but be calm. >> a suburb north of new york city has become the country's first containment zone. the national guard will be deployed to a one-mile radius around a synagogue where dozens of people were exposed to the virus. >> in seattle the university of washington's medical center has converted its garage to a drive through and that's because they want to test employees who may have been exposed to coronavirus. today washington state's gur will announce a ban on community gatherings of 250 or more people to try to stop the superintend. it will target sporting events and entertainment gatherings. schools and workplaces are not expected to be included. britain's health minister nadine dorries tested positive
6:36 am
for coronavirus. she tweeted, thanks for so many good wishes. it's been pretty rubbish, but over the worst of it now. she is concerned about her 84-year-old mother who lives with her. the first member of parliament to test positive for coronavirus. we're sending out alerts of the "grand princess" passengers through the abc 7 news app. you customize alerts to get places you're interested in like where you live and work. three tsa workers at mineta san jose internation al airport have tested positive. our live report straight ahead. first, a live look at the big board. as i mentioned futures were down overnight and that's how we'll start the day. down by about 575 points. another market update when we come back. uber and lyft cancel rides for drivers over coronavirus? we'll explain the changes they're making. first, here's jobina.
6:37 am
>> thank you, guys. a few things i want to talk about quickly. first off, the toll plaza is looking good. metering lights came on around 5:35 this morning. want to move over now to the richmond san rafael bridge which i showed you earlier. i was updating some information on the sig alert in fairfield that i'm following. that's what i really want to talk about here. bring you up to the maps. feeds are down five miles per hour in the area before 680. we do know this is involving a motorcycle and one other car. all lanes are blocked right now. this just came in a few seconds ago. took me a minute to get over here, avoid the area if you can and we'll follow this up on social media. i'll have more for you there. i'll send it over to meteorologist mike nicco for the latest on the forecast. >> 51 right now in the sunset and 57 in the marina spread across a mostly cloudy san francisco. 50s up and down the bay shore and out to the coast and into the south bay and east bay and
6:38 am
lack of clouds a little cooler and low to mid-40s in the north bay. you need to dress a little bit warmer. let's talk more about the commute weather wise. looks pretty quiet as far as the weather. a few sprinkles in the south bay any time today. little milder this morning and also this afternoon. not going to be quite as warm as it was yesterday because the wind is not blowing off shore as strongly as it was yesterday. but, still, look at this. very comfortable. 56 at 9:00 in the peninsula and yesterday we had increasing clouds. today we'll have decreasing clouds. that will push us into the mid and upper 60s from noon through 7:00. a few upper 60s from 3:00 to 5:00. east bay valleys staying through 9:00 and an increase in sunshine and temperatures hanging around the upper 60s through noon hour. and see the clouds that we saw yesterday, but that chance of a stray shower. we're in the 50s through 9:00. you will have the most cloud cover and also reach the upper 60s for several hours this afternoon.
6:39 am
that's still slightly above average. we'll talk about a potential atmospheric river for the weekend coming u
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explore floor & decor in person or online. this is abc 7 mornings. >> here we go. we're milder this morning except for the north bay, we're in the 40s. the rest of us in the low to mid-40s. increasing sunshine and above average temperatures mid-60s to 70 after school. thunderstorm threat gets as far north as meced, sole dad and big sir. you could see cumulus clouds if you look to the south today. that is where the best chance of wet weather is going to be and also a chance around l.a. and also palm springs in san diego. but not as widespread as it was yesterday. look at this, if the atmospheric river does pan out, we're talking saturday into sunday, up to three feet of snow. and then monday and tuesday another foot to a foot and a half. possibly four and a half feet of snow over that four-day span.
6:43 am
reggie? >> thanks, mike. three tsa workers at mineta san jose airport tested positive for coronavirus. >> all employees they had contact with are quarantined at home. julian glover live at the airport with the latest. good morning, julian. >> good morning, guys. i've been speaking to passengers here at mineta san jose international airport and say they are concerned that learning that tsa employees have been infected, three of them, with coronavirus. they still have to travel. we're talking about the lines not being as heavy as they normally are at the airport, which is true. not as much traffic, but still people showing up here at mineta san jose this morning. as you mentioned, those three tsa employees now off the job and being treated after they were infected with coronavirus and, again, we know all the employees they came in contact with being quarantined at home for 14 days but still a lot of unanswered questions. when did those employees test positive for the virus and what days were they working?
6:44 am
will the people who were walking through the airport during those days and interacting with them be notified? we also don't know how many of the employees are under quarantine this morning and several people on sjc's facebook page this morning commenting that they are concerned about their safety, word about potential exposure. i spoke to some travelers this morning who heard about the news when they woke up and said they're ready to do what they need to do to protect themselves from the virus. >> we're just going to take precautional measures and make sure we wash our hands and yeah, basically the stuff we should have been doing for the past 20 years. so, overall, we're not that concerned. >> we're going to go check in and we're going to go through tsa and we're probably not going to eat anything from the food court. we have all of our own food packed and we have our wipes. i'll wipe everything down. >> the latest statement from sjc saying that business will be as normal here at the airport this morning. no word of any stepped up
6:45 am
cleaning practices when it comes to making sure that things are disinfected after learning that three of the tsa employees have been tested positive for coronavirus. we also don't know what the time period of those workers who were actually airport, that they were infect would ted with the virus at all the people coming through the airport will be notified that they could have been potentially exposed to the virus. so many unanswered questions this morning. reporting live this morning out of sjc, julian glover. >> thank you. uber and lyft are making changes to try to prevent the spread of coronavirus. customers and drivers who test positive for the virus or have been exposed to it. both uber and lyft are distributing hand sanitizers to their drivers. and uber eats can request to leave deliveries at the door. coronavirus impact on the 2020 race.
6:46 am
getting rid of clouds can slow the spread of the virus and the dnc decided there will not be a live audience at the debate in phoenix, arizona. joe biden widened his lead after primary elections. a majority of votes counted in michigan went to the former vice president. really a crushing blow to senator bernie sanders who won michigan back in 2016. biden also won in idaho, mississippi and missouri. meanwhile, a video of his conferenrontation with an auto worker in detroit is picking up millions of views online. >> shush. shush. i support the second amendment. >> biden has canceled an event today in florida because of coronavirus fears. happening today, sentencing for harvey weinstein the disgraced movie producer is set to head back to court to learn his fate. he was convicted on rape and sexual assault charges last month and now faces up to 29
6:47 am
years in prison. he will also have an opportunity to speak. the new york case was the first criminal matter to arise from the accusations of more than 90 women. a second criminal case is pending in california. now to your morning money report. you may have more time to file your taxes this year. >> according to "wall street journal" the trump administration is considering extending the tax deadline past april 15th. this is an effort to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on households and businesses. no actual decision has been made yet and it's not clear when that new deadline would be. google is advising all of its north america employees to work from home. that's about 100,000 people. the move makes it the largest corporate move to curb to date. google instructed bay area and seatte offices to work remotely and now the policy covers the entire north american network. you're not going to like what is about to happen on your screen. we are down 778 points this
6:48 am
morning. futures were down, of course, tuesday we saw a rally where the market made up about half of what it lost on monday. but now it looks like we are, once again, heading in the negative territory. so, we will be seeing how that progresses throughout the day. and, of course, all of that is related to coronavirus fears. >> we'll keep watching that and in the meantime check in with mike. >> all right, thank you very much. 6:48 on a wednesday. beautiful shot from the exploratorium. the bay is relatively calm this morning. let's find out about our acu weather highlights. light shower in the south bay and brighter in the north bay just like yesterday. brighter everywhere this afternoon than it was yesterday as we'll see decreasing clouds instead of increasing clouds. spring warmth tomorrow and friday and wet weather possible saturday through monday. one model says atmospheric river, that's how much rain. show you that in a second. mid-60s for the coast and upper 60s to near 70 in our inland neighborhoods. today the mid-level clouds clear
6:49 am
out and that allows fog to form. spills into the north bay and the coastal valleys into 101 and into bay and san pablo bay. cooler tomorrow morning. future radar for today and you can see those showers trying to rotate up towards the south bay as we head through the morning and into the afternoon and early evening hours. and then they fall apart. rainfall totals from this particular thing, just nothing showing up except for the higher elevations. so, let's jump ahead to the weekend. this is the european model. the better model so far this dry, wet season. look at the rainfall amounts. up to 0.3 in the north bay and more than an inch for everywhere else. let's hope it comes through. the timing is not that great because it is the weekend and into monday and temperatures up to 20 degrees cooler during this time, also. jobina. >> thank you, mike. good morning, everyone. following a rather serious sig alert in fairfield. we have an update. not all lanes are blocked. traffic is getting by with one lane and westbound 80 before 680. this is a crash between a motorcycle and an suv.
6:50 am
the motorcyclist is down. there are health experts and emergency crews on the scene. speeds are down to about three miles per hour in the area. want to bring you now to a live camera we have from cal trans just showing you that traffic is getting by with just one lane there. there is several emergency crews. they have not given an eta to when all of this will reopen. traffic is backing up badly. so, avoid the area, if you can. >> all right, jobina. now we'll get to something comparatively silly amidst a lot of serious news. the dramatic finale of "the bachelor." it appears that pilot pete is going to remain a bachelor. >> spoiler alert. after we already told you. so, the show ended with a failed engagement and then a kind of rekindling of another relationship. >> will you marry me?
6:51 am
>> oh, my gosh, ye marry me. >> your words, you can't be true to them. why would i hear you out any more? leave. >> she left. >> what happened? >> okay. listen. he said his heart wasn't there, he broke up with this woman. leeann told me. this was a woman, apparently, who was his first choice, but she ended up leaving the show so he proposed to hannah ann, but said his heart wasn't in it and then the producers brought her back on the show. now they're going to see where things go. >> now i have a question. >> i'll see if i can answer. >> what is his mama going to say. >> get back to the mama's face. if we can get back to her. her face says it all. the mom doesn't like her as much.
6:52 am
>> play it. >> you know, if your mama doesn't like the person. >> do we have a sound bite from her? >> no, we just have her -- >> yeah we do. >> my love went to hannah ann because anyone that loves your child, your son, your daughter. >> i disagree. >> he's going to have to fail to succeed. >> i can tell you guys that i know how she feels for me. and i know how i feel for her. >> oh, boy. all right. chris harrison is talking about the dramatic finale on "gma" this morning. pilot pete's former fiancee posted a picture on her instagram, flying solo. no turbulence accepted, period. i guess she is moving forward. good for her. i think.
6:53 am
6:54 am
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welcome back, everyone. 6:55. if you're just joining us heading out the door. seven things to know. number one, three tsa workers at san jose mineta international have tested positive for covid-19. all other workers they came into contact are quarantined in their homes for 14 days. more than disembark. the ship got here monday but unloading has been a slow,
6:56 am
tedious process. video overnight shows some of the passengers landing in texas. these people will spend 14 days in quarantine at lackland air force base. the dnc has decided the next debate will not have a live audience. former vice president joe biden widened his lead ahead of senator bernie sanders yesterday mini super tuesday. number five, here's a look at san jose. one of the areas that could see some drops this afternoon. today is opposite day. increasing sunshine but slightly cooler conditions than yesterday. number six we're following a major sig alert in fairfield right now. four lanes are blocked due to a cross between a motorcycle and two other cars. this is westbound 80 before 680. speeds are down to 3 miles per hour. number seven. coachella and stage coach are being delayed until oct ccerns a ifou can't i october, organizers will notify you later in the week to get a refund. >> who is in the lineup?
6:57 am
i remember when we talked about that. who else?
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
tesas we join you this wednesda morning, dramatic new steps to contain the coronavirus outbreak. breaking overnight, the number of coronavirus cases in the u.s. tops 1,000. as the first containment zone in the u.s. is set up right outside new york city, the national guard called in. google and apple now telling their employees to work from home. "the new york times" clearing out their newsroom. more big schools closed. harvard orders students to move out of to their dorms. now will march madness be canceled. the new numbers this morning about how few of the coronavirus tests have been administered in the u.s. so far. health officials have been racing to get those tests out. the president ys


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