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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 14, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning, everyone. it's saturday march 14th. we have a lot to cover about the coronavirus emergency and the impact it's having on all of us iclook at the weather and the rain we're tracking this
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weekend. meteorologist lisa argent. good morning, lisa. >> good morning to you, liz. our storm impact scale will stay with us the next several days. it's a level one. right now it's pretty quiet out there. we've had showers overnight. for the weekend, waves of showers, gusty winds, chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow with some hail. mt. hamilton could see some snow. snow levels going down to around 3,000 feet. the sierra there and the activity to the north of us as we go in closer to the bay area. it's only been light showers from novato, highway one, highway 12, herk lease. in the mountains, temperatures are in the low 30s. a mixture of freezing rain and snow. 44 in cloverdale and this morning is the only morning we'll say we are warmer than we were 24 hours ago because the trend will be for cooler and wetter as we go through the day today. 9:00, it's raining. rain increases by noon, heavier in the east and south by, less
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in the north bay. liz? >> lisa, thank you. new developments on the coronavirus outbreak. a second person has died in santa clara county. county public health department says it was a woman in her 80s who had been in the hospital since march 9th. health officials say they expect cases to only continue to grow. >> the outbreak of covid-19 in our county will continue to accelerate. and we anticipate many, many more cases in the days and weeks to come. >> and amid fears of the virus santa clara county, along with so many others has closed all schools until the end of spring break. stanford university has confirmed its first positive coronavirus for an undergraduate student. that student is now self isolating. the school is tracking down anyone the student has had contact with and as the virus spreads through the area, the university is also making some major changes. starting today, dining halls will be closed. instead students with meal plans will be given nonperishable and
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canned food to go. quarter finals will be optional for undergrad students. students are being forced out and have to be out by wednesday. in the hardest hit county in the bay area, there's not a place or person untohehi is. santa clara county called off classes, and placed even stricter limits on public gatherings. chris reyes is in san jose where the effects of the pandemic are becoming more and more visible. >> this sign might as well be speaking for the whole county. practically deserted, inside and out and everywhere you look. the kind of quiet too eerie for friday night in san jose. that's because in the county with the highest number of covid cases in california, the message is clear whether you're a house of worship, a school, a business or simply just a family, be ready to hunker down. >> we're supposed to be working from home, too, but we have the kids at home. they don't let us work, because we're distracted. >> the 35 number was very
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shocking. i don't know the effect yet. i'm waiting to get some clarity on that. >> dan navarro is talking about santa clara county's restriction of gathering on 34 or more taking effect midnight march 14, putting this one into limbo at a time when employees are already worried about losing pay. places of worship all over the county shutting down its doors while trying to find ways to serve their very anxious membership. >> certainly we're trying to live stream our sunday masses. some parishs may want to do that on a daily basis. >> nextdoor on social media, even more community building and outreach for sean cartwright who advocates for unhoused people she says it's the silver lining of this crisis. >> maybe it's the first time people see themselves on the same field as homeless people. and i think that's really important. people are really pulling together. >> many people i spoke to are still reeling from the shock of the last few days. no doubt they'll spend the weekend planning for this new
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reality. chris reyes, abc 7 news. all oakland public schools are officially closed until april 5th. the district joins a slue of other school stricts that have shut down. three out of every four students in the district rely on free or discounted meals. the district will ease that burden by setting up 12 sites to provide a grab and go breakfast and lunch. some will move their studies online but still parents are concerned. >> rambunctious children in the house all day. there's a lot to think about, specifically mostly around like how do we ensure they get their instructional time, how do i manage work, how do i manage the household? >> so much to think about right now. oakland mayor announced that senior centers, libraries, recreation centers and head start programs will also be closed monday. we know there are several school closures across the bay area, keeping an updated list of those closures on our website. we can find it abc 7
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san francisco's public health announced that nonessential events of 100 people or more have now been banned. many of those businesses like restaurants, bars, nightclubs, with a capacity of more than 100 people. people. >> reporter: from afar, everything looks all right. when we get closer, we learn what is really concerning the chef. >> we buy 20, 25 dishes. now we have only like five or six. >> reporter: the city of san francisco announced that the spread of the coronavirus led to a public health order. now nonessential events with 100 or more people are banned. >> the impact has just been devastating. >> reporter: with capacity capped at 100 people to avoid the spread of coronavirus in venues, bars like midnight sun closed its doors, san francisco live concert lounge, dna also
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announced it's closing for the next three weeks. >> it's meant i've had to put a good chunk of my staff on a little bit of vacation. >> reporter: others are coming up with strategies to remain open. >> we're trying to target the liveries in takeouts. people is a little afraid to come out and dine. so we've seen a little increase on deliveries and takeouts. >> reporter: chamber of commerce is getting calls from 50 to 60 businesses a day, wondering if they'll survive after covid-19 is under control. >> the mayor said we are deferring business taxes till later in the year. that's a massive move that allows businesses $20,000, $30,000 back and allows them to use it on things like rent and keep their employees going. >> reporter: it's important to highlight that it doesn't apply to food banks, grocery stores, transit, hotels and others. abc 7 news. here are the confirmed cases
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of the virus in the bay area. there are 13 new cases in santa clara county, by far the most of any county in the state. the number also includes two people who have died there. there are five new cases in san francisco. all the american passengers are being taken off and being quarantined. 15 international passengers will return home this weekend, possibly on charter flights today. 19 crew members tested positive for coronavirus and are being cared for by the ship's medical staff. they're expected to leave monday morning and anchor in san francisco bay. few riders on bart because of coronavirus. bart released numbers that show a significant drop in ridership with the biggest fall i don't have thursday. 35% below average when compared to thursdays in february. last month, for instance,
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typical thursday saw 400,000 riders. yesterday there were about 213,000. there are now eight infected. thursday we learned that four tested positive. 80 firefighters are under quarantine. san jose is tracking dozens of firefighters who may have been exposed. >> fourth tsa agent at the airport has tested positive for the coronavirus. co-workers who came in contact with them over the past two weeks are being quarn teend at home. we know little more about the agents now. three of them worked at terminal b, checkpoint b on evening shifts. one worked until february 21st, another until february 26th and the third until march 2nd. eight more alameda firefighters are quarantined after confirmation one of their colleagues tested positive for coronavirus. all of its firestations are fully staffed with no reduction in capability to respond for calls. today's opening game of the
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oakland panthers has, no surprise, been canceled. the game against the iowa bannerstormers will be postponed until a responsible time to do so. in a statement the team wrote it must take the necessary steps to contribute in the global fight against covid-19. i was one of the people the last few days that were stocking up on things. not so much toilet paper but canned goods and pasta. no one knows what happens. >> and the shelves are empty. did you run into that? >> absolutely. >> i have family in new jersey, new york. empty everywhere. >> across the country. it's remarkable. >> it is. good morning, everyone. we're looking at not only the rain increasing, but the cold weather with us, with breezy to gusty winds, winter storm warning for the weekend in the sierra nevada. richmond/san rafael bridge, wet out there. it will get increasingly wet throughout the day. if it's not raining yet at your house, you may want to get the dog out. you can see it's wet out here in
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the north bay. we'll talk about details, timing and amounts in a few minutes. >> thanks, lisa. also ahead, we'll take you inside the bay area company planning to roll out a rapid test for coronavirus this weekend. if you do want to go outside and do something outdoors, two popular bay area destinations
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points. s&p 500 picked up you 230. new overnight, apple has closed all of its retail stores to help control the spread of coronavirus. the company announced the plan on friday to close all stores outside of china until march 27th. team members in the company's offices worldwide will work remotely if their job allows it. apple said it will roll out new health screenings and temperature check in all of its offices. hourly workers will continue to be paid as usual. people can still shop on apple's online stores. roche is one of the companies that saw its stock pop. the bay-area lab has been working around the clock to develop the urgently needed coronavirus test kits. 4,000 tests are being manufactured every week. the first ones will be used as early as today. >> we, therefore, expect up to half a million additional tests will be made available early next week. i want to thank roche, great
6:15 am
company, for their incredible work. >> reporter: that incredible work president trump is speaking of is happening in pleasanton where pharmaceutical giant roche has been developing a rapid test for coronavirus, first batch of 400,000 test kits will be available within days. >> we have tests available to go this weekend, early next week out to a group of about 30 testing laboratories across the u.s. >> reporter: paul brown oversees it all. his company was given emergency authorization by the federal government to scale up production. what should have taken 12 months happened in six weeks. >> it's based on the nobel prize winning technology of pcr. here in pleasanton we have some of the world's expert in pcr, which we applied to this problem. that's with a we've been able to do what we've done. >> reporter: working nonstop since february 1st, compelled to develop the test and recognizing the threat posed by this new
6:16 am
virus. >> it's truly remarkable. we're very grateful we can actually contribute to hopefully controlling this terrible pandemic. >> reporter: dan ashley, abc 7 news. >> roche's smaller diagnostic teams can process and bigger ones 960 in that time. we've seen long lines at costco and other stores because of coronavirus. this video was taken in hayward yesterday morning. the long line stretching the length of the building as people waited to get in. in richmond the store was bustling with shoppers as well. but there was no toilet paper or paper towels available. water was available, but people were limited to just one case. other items being snatched up include rice and refried beans. in watsonville, this is a snapshot of how the coronavirus is really changing everyday life. there is now a black market for toilet paper. yeah. we are told people in the truck were selling 96 rolls for $60.$.
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in the face of the coronavirus, three city council members are proposing what they're calling the strongest paid sick leave ordinance in the nation. the plan would ensure everyone who works two hours in san jose can accrue up to 80 hours of sick paid leave. >> there will be an impact to our small and microbusinesses but we are looking at ways to provide subsidies, grants and tchnical assistance as we build out this ordinance. >> the measure is backed by a coalition of community groups as well as other local and state politicians. the proposal we voted on by the rules committee wednesday, if fas pas there had goes to the full city council may 4th. the travel ban for 36 countries is now officially in effect as of last night. live look at sfo. the hub for flights between northern california and europe. the ban will last 30 days. travelers at sfo scrambled to
6:18 am
catch last-minute flights home before the ban went into effect. many waited for hours before they could get any help. >> we don't know what we're dealing with. every few hours, things are evolving. enacting different policies and restrictions. >> the ban does not affect u.s. citizens, the united kingdom or ireland. flights from europe are being funneled in, and travelers will be screened. sfo is one of them. great america in santa clara says it will postpone opening until saturday april 4th. the park has had no confirmed cases of the virus on any of the properties. six flags decided to temporarily suspend operation until the end of the month. the company says it also has no confirmed cases of the virus. list of places shutting down because of the outbreak as it grows and grows, two popular bay area destinations are staying open for now.
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both the san francisco and oakland zoos are maintaining normal operating hours, both are saying they're taking precautions. san francisco zoo says it will temporarily cancel certain events, including animal public feedings. deep cleaning, wiping down children's rides, handrails and other high-touch areas. maybe something to do while your kids are out of school and at home. in the midst of this coronavirus crisis, you can take action and help others. a lot of people are asking how you can help. go to abc 7 and look for this story with a list of options and resources for you. >> the other big story we're following today is the fact that some wet weather is on the way for us, something we've been waiting for, for a long time, lisa. >> that's right, liz. sun coming up in another hour. we're not going to see that. we're already looking at the rain increasing across the bay area. live doppler seven showing you it's been light but we are
6:20 am
looking at rain in the city. as we get in closer, north of san francisco, bridgeway, salsalito, highway 101, shower coming down here south and westward we look. you can see more returns offshore. right now the higher elevations are getting a little wet. further to the north you'll notice there's thunder . we already have the possibility of snow in lake county and higher elevations through tomorrow around mt. hamilton. it is 50 in san ramon, 48 in napa, 51 in san francisco. winds will be breezy as well over the weekend. west winds increasing to 20 miles an hour into sunday, getting even a little gustier. 25-mile-an-hour winds throughout the morning hours and then by the afternoon, it's still a breezy, chilly day out there. you can see the drops here on the lens of our camera. wintry mix into early next week
6:21 am
and heavy snow in the sierra nevada right on through monday. today's system say level one on our storm impact scale. it's just getting going. by the it's going to stall out in the east bay and south bay. this is noontime. rain showers get more widespread. and as we get toward 3:00, look at the diablo range, coast into the south bay. looking at pretty big downpours. by 5:30, it's still raining to the south and east. north bay has had a break. overnight hours, saturday night into sunday, a few showers. this is sunday morning. the cold air is in place. less moisture. when it does come down, we could see some of those higher peaks, see some of that rain/snow mix into your sunday night. we add up the totals for your weekend, let's include monday, why don't we? fremont and mountainview. less than that, though, blue shade i shading for the north bay. main activity will be south of san francisco. maybe about an inch in san francisco through the three-day
6:22 am
period. winter storm warning through 11:00 on monday morning and we're talking two to four inches at lake level, four to five inches above 6,000 feet. it is really going to be a tough time there with blowing and drifting snow. travel not advised. highs today in the 50s. you can see the rain throughout the afternoon from the south bay, the peninsula, 56 a soggy day for you in concord this afternoon. and then overnight tonight, some scattered showers, look at those 30s in the north bay. accuweather seven-day forecast, level one today with showers, cold conditions, highs only in the 50s. and by tomorrow, a chance of a thunderstorm. higher elevations could see some snow. mt. hamilton could be a good bet. monday still looking at some rain, level one system continues into tuesday. some clouds still cool on wednesday. spring arrives on thursday night, looking perhaps into maybe more rain into next
6:23 am
weekend. march is turn iing out to be a t better than what we've seen. >> which is some good news, right? everything going on. i'm looking at that forecast thinking all these kids are going to be home. it's going to be raining. uno cards, games, movies. lots to do to keep kids busy at home right now. thanks, lisa. someone wants to make sure that there will be food to feed the kids while schools are shut down. and abc news will be airing a special edition of 20/20 because of the coronavirus. you can watch "outbreak:what you need to know" right here on abc get to the ross spring dress event, where the prices make all the dresses yeses. yeah! save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices on our best selection of spring dresses. the ross spring dress event, on now! you mighyour for your heart...
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oh yeah! sí. yes. that's the sound of saving 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. joins us now to tell us what's come iing up at 0 on ""good morning america."" >> a national emergency, making way for funds to become available to respond to the outbreak. the house passes the first coronavirus stimulus bill as americans take a financial hit. plus the travel ban on europe, strict restrictions going into effect overnight. what this means for americans traveling abroad. finally, sports across the country coming to a halt, including the ncaa's winter and spring season. how senior athletes are now responding to the break in their career. that's all ahead here on gma. >> i want to intercede on behalf
6:27 am
of the kids who rely on their daily services and try to help any way we can. >> working with the alameda food bank and oakland unified school district to make sure that kids are getting their meals. >> awesome to see people step up as steph and ayesha curry he made a donation to the food bank and say they want to provide more than 1 million meals while schools are closed. they're asking for all of us to join them by making a contribution. we've posted the link on our website, abc 7 still to come on abc 7 mornings, president trump says he will most likely be tested for coronavirus after he came in contact with a brazilian official who tested positive. what his physician is now saying, coming up.
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it's the rush of relaxation. introducing the all-new lincoln corsair. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. if you're just joining us this half hour, start with a look at your weather. here is lisa argen. >> hey, liz, storm impact scale is a level one today. the system is a cold one. it will get progressively colder and wetter around the bay area. looking at waves of showers throughout the weekend and our snow level by your sunday, dropping to 3,000 feet. already looking at some snow in the sierra nevada. as we go in closer to the bay area, looking at the wet weather from the richmond/san rafael bridge, highway 101, and wet weather in hercules up toward i-80, fairfield.
6:31 am
very little happening from the east bay to the peninsula and south bay. that's going to change, though. our winter storm warning making access to the mountains just impossible through early next week. 50 in san ramon, 46 in santa rosa. through the day, you notice the showers at 9:00 are scattered and increase by noontime. it's only about 50 degrees in the warmest locations. by 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, we've got heavier rain in the east bay, south bay, peninsula looking at some pretty good cells while the north bay sees a bit of a break. liz? >> thank you, lisa. >> house speaker nancy pelosi has agreed to legislation for the coronavirus stimulus. for more on this cbs news reporter marcie gonzalez. >> reporter: president trump declaring a national emergency. >> two very big words. >> reporter: unveiling his plan to combat the coronavirus
6:32 am
outbreak. it includes sending states $50 billion in aid and working with the private sector to set up drive-thru testing facilities, like this one just outside of new york city. >> this will start very quickly. we'll have the ability to do in the millions over a very, very quick period of time. >> reporter: through now 2600 cases in the u.s., but with many doctors saying they don't have access to enough tests, it's unclear how many americans are actually sick and how long this pandemic will last. >> it's unpredictable, but if you look at historically how these things work, it will likely be anywhere from a few weeks to up to eight weeks. >> reporter: precautions against the virus shuttering schools with 26 million students set to stay home. nascar and golf masters joining every major league sport in postponing or canceling their seasons or championships. production halted on countless
6:33 am
tv shows, movies and local economies taking an ongoing hit. in washington state, hotel spending down more than 50%. restaurants down 30. meanwhile, the world health organization declaring europe is now the epicenter of this outbreak. restrictions on travel to the u.s. from most european countries took effect last night. americans and greencard holders are still allowed to return home with president trump saying they will all be screened for the virus. marcie gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. president trump has said that he will most likely be tested for coronavirus soon after the white house said that there was no need for him to be tested. now his doctors are saying he won't be tested. this all came in contact with a brazilian official who tested positive. terry moran has more. >> reporter: in the rose garden, the president was quick to take credit for some of his administration's efforts on the coronavirus challenge, but when it came to all the problems with
6:34 am
testing -- >> i don't take responsibility at all because we were given a set of circumstances and we were given rules, regulations and specifications from a different time. >> reporter: and the president was asked why his administration disbanded the national security office set up to prepare for pandemics. >> when you say me, i didn't do it. we have a group of people. i could ask, perhaps, my administration, but i could ask perhaps tony about that, because i don't know anything about it. i mean, you say we did that. i don't know anything about it. >> reporter: what about the president's personal exposure to the virus? he is pictured here at mar-a-lago last weekend with a brazilian official who has since tested positive. the president has not been tested nor has he isolated himself. >> reporter: are you planning to take any kind of precautionary measure to protect you and also your staff who was there? >> no. we have no symptoms whatsoever. >> reporter: reporters kept pushing him, noting that other
6:35 am
politicians who were at that same mar-a-lago event have quarantined themselves. >> i don't know that i have exposure but i don't have any of the symptoms. >> reporter: there's no doubt that the president was exposed. you can see it right there in the photo of him standing roo right next to the brazilian official. >> i have no idea who he s i take pictures and it lasts literally seconds. i don't know the gentleman who we're talking about. i have no idea who he is. >> reporter: the president's daughter, and top adviser, ivanka trump, has had contact with an australian official who tested positive. she worked from home. >> reporter: are you being selfish by not getting tested? >> i didn't say i wasn't going to be tested. >> reporter: are you going to be? >> most likely. >> reporter: when are you going to be? >> not for that reason but i will anyway. fairly soon. we're working on a schedule. >> reporter: meanwhile, president trump is still shaking hands, a lot, contrary to the public health guidance of his own administration and in full view of the american people. terry moran, abc news, the white
6:36 am
house. >> white house physician sean connelly released an official letter saying that the president does not need to be tested or quaranti he president himself remains without symptoms testing is not currently indicated. he went on to say that he will r canceling reservations. mainland china, south korea, italy and the united states can cancel at no charge. guests from the u.s. going to parts of europe covered by president trump's new travel ban can cancel reservations for free. >> some people in italy are using their voices to help them deal with the nationwide lockdown in effect there. take a listen. there's some beautiful clips going around social media, uplifting moments.
6:37 am
this clip, people can be seen and heard singing together from their balconies, windows. people responded to the tweet, saying the sight and sound is giving them hope at a difficult time. one person wrote, quote, imagine the whole world singing like this from their houses, no hate, no nothing, just unified for once. love this so much. we are all coming together right now. that's one silver lining, you could say. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, we talked with a local couple trying to tie the knot. they're on their third attempt to try to find a place to host the ceremony. here is our camera looking out over the san francisco skyline. little hazy. 6:37. we've been talking, lisa, we know some rain is on the way this weekend. this weekend. stick with this burger's delicious! this weekend. stick with let's make it more delicious! ♪ menutaur put an extra patty on that! bam! woah! uh-uhhh!
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6:41 am
orange county. it will be working with guests wishing to change or cancel their visits or provide refunds. all disney parks will be shut down as of monday through the end of the month. some pretty impressive stuff. frozen 2 is coming to your living room early because of the coronavirus outbreak. disney announced the sequel will be made available on its streaming service, disney plus, three months ahead of schedule on march 15th. disney, of course, is the parent company of abc 7. so many posts on my facebook page of people saying let's crowd sourcehees ow watch as so many people are sitting home. >> and turn off the sprivengleers. hopefully you brought in that lawn furniture. it was like spring for such a long time. now we're back to winter with the cold weather and the rain falling in parts of the bay area. live look outside from walnut creek. you can see it is partly cloudy. elsewhere around the bay, including san francisco, the winds are picking up. the roads are getting wet.
6:42 am
and it will increase throughout the day today. and then the cold part of the storm moves in for your sunday. a look at a chilly start to spring when we come back. >> thanks, lisa. also next, paying it forward. warriors organization is helping hundreds of staff impacted by the nba suspension in play.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
welcome back. in sports, the warriors are doing their best to help people who are affect bid the nba suspension in play because of the coronavirus pandemic. larry biel has details in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. warriors are stepping up to help during this coronavirus crisis with a donation of $1 million. golden state ownership, players and coaches have come together to donate the money to chase center employees who work during games. we're talking about security, concessions, ushers. the owner said in a statement those who are fortunate enough to be in a position to help need to help, with steph curry adding we wanted to do something to help ease the pain during this time. nba on hiatus for a minimum of 30 days. still hoping to crown a champion this summer. how about pelicans rookie zion williamson, pledging to cover the salaries for all workers at the pelicans home arena for the next 30 days. pels, as a team, will chip in as well, they say. several players from other team
6:46 am
s, as we say such as the warriors rrks pledging to help employees at their arenas. zion is only 19 years old. what maturity. san jose sharks announcing they'll pay their part-time staffers who work their home games, full-time employees are working from home while the nhl pauses indefinitely. the most prestigious golf tournament in america on hold. masters officials postponing the tournament. augusta national is typically closed in the summer because it's so hot. that could potentially push the masters to the fall. players are, naturally, disappointed, but understand this decision. >> this is a time when you can spend time with the family, look around and tell your loved ones you love them. i know the world is not coming to an end but it's a little reality check. and, you know, golf is not that big ofeawhat gngn the wod. >> not life and death. nascar postponing its next two races scheduled for atlanta and miami.
6:47 am
naz car originally planned to continue their season but without fans in attendance. they decided, you know what? best to put all the cars in the garage for the time being. charles barkley is waiting for test results to find out if he actually has coronavirus. he felt sick a few days ago. it gets worse. you take a look at this video. the nba hall of famer paid a visit to the angels spring training camp march 2nd. so he could have had the virus in his system but not known it. the angels say none of their players or staff has any symptoms. let's hope it stays that way. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry biel. >> it is really incredible to see these players coming together to help out all the staffs of the arena. lisa, obviously, this is scary times but there's a sense of camaraderie. >> definitely. need to bring things back to the grocery stores and stop hoarding, right? good morning, everybody. we're looking at not putting a dent in our deficit, but adding
6:48 am
to some march totals. we are so afar behind that even this 1 1/3 inches that we're going to get is not going to do much but we will see, in fact, looking like march is going to end up being even wetter as we get toward the middle and end of march. we'll take it. it's a level one system on our storm impact scale today. tomorrow, a system comes in, lingering into tuesday, so waves of rain throughout the weekend and early next week. thunderstorm possibility into your sunday with some hail. mt. hamilton certainly could see some snow. and looking at the snow levels, continuing to lower even into lake county. look at the rainy, golden gate bridge. this morning a few light showers. we continue to see the rain increase throughout the day today. that will allow for a chilly afternoon. it will be windy as well, taking you into vallejo around crockett, highway 80, it's wet out there. martinas highway 4.
6:49 am
westward few more scattered showers into southern marin county. rain overnight. you can see as we look down toward san francisco, treasure island and chinatown, a few light showers and more are developing offshore. they'll continue to push into the coast throughout the day today. the system is going to get hung up to the southern half of the bay area. most of the activity will be out of the north bay but we're seeing it now there. sweep on top of mt. st. helena, it's a snow system. snow falling in lake county and temperatures well below average. we'll see numbers not much warmer than this throughout the afternoon, mid 50s out there. 54 in oakland. out of the west today ahead of the system, by tonight as we get behind the system, we're still breezy, looking at your sunday. we have breezy to gusty winds, 25 to 30 miles an hour. and this is late sunday. it's still definitely going to be a chill this the air out there. you can see right now, still dark out there.
6:50 am
:17 the sunrise. wintry mix into next week. looking at heavy snow in the mountains through monday. it looks like if you want to go, tuesday and wednesday would be your best bet. here we go through 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. the winds will continue to increase. and the rain will get more widespread. you can see by noontime, it's wet in the north bay, the east bay. by later afternoon, this is where the heavier rain will be falling, from livermore, mt. diablo, diablo range, peninsula and down towards 280, while the north bay sees a few scattered showers. overnight, things lighten up a bit. as we get into your sunday, still things run settled. here is early sunday morning. you can see low snow levels to the north of us. more showers in the south bay and then by the afternoon on sunday, we've got partly to mostly cloudy skies with scattered showers right on through your sunday. so, let's add up the totals today, tomorrow, monday and the big winners here from the east bay over an inch, inch and a
6:51 am
third. hayward in the north bay a third to half an inch. mountains, winter storm warning tonight through monday morning, above 2500 feet. we're talking two to four inches at lake level. four to six inches likely above that. it will be a monster storm there with gusty winds. certainly the roads will be closed there. 56 in palo alto, 53 in richmond. accuweather seven-day forecast, while it's a moderate storm back home it's a huge snow maker over the weekend into the mountains. level one system, another one on monday and tuesday. spring arrives on thursday, but more spring showers looking like we could see into next weekend. >> you mentioned hoarders. everyone is like we have this pasta, e an you ea month? >> spread it around. >> spread the love a little bit. >> yeah. >> thanks, lisa. one livermore couple found out thursday night that the venue for their wedding had to
6:52 am
cancel because of coronavirus. they had less than 24 hours to find a place to get married. >> tomorrow is a big day for you guy. >> it is. >> you don't know where you're celebrating? >> not yet, no. >> reporter: they're getting married saturday but thursday night their venue canceled. >> my father-in-law was supposed to walk me down the aisle. we had this beautiful outdoor wedding planned and the gazebo with people and flowers. yeah. >> reporter: historical site canceled because of coronavirus restrictions. the couple then found a winery as a backup, but then it canceled. >> he said we're good to go. we were going to tour the place and he called and canceled. >> reporter: posting their problems on a livermore facebook page and were overwhelmed by the number of people wanting to help. >> the community in livermore was wonderful. complete strangers were offer ing up their backyard. >> reporter: go cart racing even offered up their party room. >> i would say yes to them if we fit, but unfortunately it's a little small for what we were
6:53 am
looking for. >> reporter: the couple actually g married las year in new zealand. michael's elderly parents weren't able to travel. saturday's wedding was supposed to be for them. >> he's their only son. he's their baby and his mom and dad want to be able to see him get married. >> reporter: they finally signed with the restaurant at the livermore airport. >> i keep telling myself 20 years from now it's all going to make for a good story. >> i don't want 20 years from now. >> reporter: in livermore, abc 7 news. next, today is pi day. the exploratorium is closed because of coronavirus but it's still celebrating
6:54 am
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>> welcome back. the coronavirus outbreak is having an impact on pi dachlt we're not talking about apple pie. the numbers in today's date, 3.14, matches the first three digits of the constant pi or 3.14. instead of canceling this year's celebration, the exploratorium will live stream activities instead. the live stream today begins at noon. this is just an example of how we are completely shifting the way that we live. and so interesting to see how we will get through this what our lives will be like now that
6:57 am
these events are being live streamed. >> for our kids, too, because we've never experienced this as kids. >> right. >> good morning, everyone. not only the rain increasing, but where it is increasing, you're looking at a pretty good downpour in the east bay. just east of richmond up toward i-80. winter storm warning in the mountains and more filling in, in the sierra nevada. accuweather seven-day forecast, cold, rainy, low snow levels through the weekend. >> with the suspension of the nba season because of the coronavirus pandemic, nba saturday prime time will not air on abc 7 tonight. here is our lineup instead. abc 7 news continues at 5:00 p.m., followed by world news tonight with david muir at 5:30, and hour long news at 6:00 p.m., followed by jeopardy! wheel of fortune, shark tank, and abc 7 news continues at 9:00 right he
6:58 am
here. gma is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we need someone to lean on the new xc90 available with six seats. xc90. recharged. lease the volvo xc90 for $499 per month. at your local volvo retailer.
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>> good morning, america. new developments out of washington overnight on a coronavirus aid package after president trump declares a national emergency. democrats and republicans reaching a deal on a coronavirus response act. how it will help americans fighting this global pandemic. >> i am officially declaring a national emergency. >> the president's latest move. how this could help slow the outbreak as the coronavirus battle turns personal. what he says about getting tested himself. do his doctors agree? coronavirus battlegrounds. new testing under way. drive-through service, google playing a part. hospitals ready for patient overflow with cases rising above 2,000. miami's mayor testing positive, plus more advice from doctors


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