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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 14, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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the combination of the threat of coronavirus and possibly the rain as well keeping people home. this as many counties ban large events and more residents test positive for covid-19. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm larry beal. >> and i'm dion lim. four local counties today reported new coronavirus cases. sonoma county has four cases and late tonight revealing thafr first confirmed case by community spread, santa clara county, revealing 12 more cases pushing its total to 91. >> san francisco reported five additional cases and marin county added two new cases for a total of five there. >> now to the latest impact here in the bay area. uc berkeley says a student has tested positive for covid-19. the university believes no one
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is at a significant risk of contracting the illness from the infected individual. the newark school district also announced its closing school starting tuesday and continuing through april 6th. and both the alameda and san francisco superior courts are making major adjustments to their court calendars including continuations in both civil and criminal trials. >> an alaska airlines customer service agent at sfo has tested positive for coronavirus. alaska says that employee felt sick and left work on tuesday. their positive test result came back yesterday. that employee is now recovering and feeling better. alaska is working to identify anybody who may have come into contact with this employee. the airline says it's also thoroughly cleaned the areas where that agent worked and its employee break room as well. president trump is extending the travel ban in europe to new include the u.k. and ireland. >> the world health organization is calling europe now the center of this pandemic and a number of european countries are now on
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lock down. >> reporter: president trump in a rare saturday afternoon briefing telling members of the press he has been tested for covid-19. >> i decided i should based on the press conference yesterday. >> reporter: saturday night white house physician revealing the results of that test. negative. while officials are urging social distancing the president drawing criticism for shaking hands. >> why are you shaking hands, sir? >> because it almost becomes a habit. people come up to me, they shake hands. they put their hand out, it's sort of a natural reflex. shaking hands is not a great thing to be doing right now i agree. >> reporter: meanwhile the u.s. travel ban new expanded to include the united kingdom and ireland. in just a few weeks the outbreak epicenter swinging from china to europe with devastating effect. spain announcing a nationwide lock down. the prime minister's tested positive for covid-19 and residents are only allowed to leave their homes to buy food, go to the pharmacy or go to the
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hospital. in italy alone covid-19 claiming 175 lives in the last 24 hours. and in france the prime minister announcing that nonessential businesses including restaurants, cafes and cinemas will close until further notice. back here at home hospitals are gearing up for potential patient overflow. >> the testing is really everything right now because we have to figure out which patients have the covid-19 and which patients don't. why? because we have to isolate those patients to make sure they don't spread the virus. >> reporter: some cities now offering drive-thru testing from san francisco to seattle, denver, birmingham and all the way to new rochelle, new york. elizabeth herr, abc news, new york. >> and as you can see from these images arriving international passengers have no room to socially distance at chicago's o'hare airport. o'hare is one of the 13 airports including sfo with screening areas to determine if any
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arriving travelers display symptoms of covid-19. passengers have complained about scenes like this at dallas fort worth international as will. they claim nobody is offering them hand sanitizer or protective masks while waiting for hours. >> the rules impact bars and restaurants. >> abc 7 news reporter lauren martinez found some bar owners are much more worried than their customers. >> reporter: bars and clubs in san francisco have seen better nights, but coronavirus concerns are not keeping people from having a good time. >> celebrating st. patchrrick'sy with my friends, people i love. >> reporter: and there's no hesitation going out and being around people. >> as long as you're cautious and you understand what's happening, it shouldn't be a deterrent to do anything else. >> i'm not too scared of it. i'm scared of
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than the virus. >> reporter: staff taking every precaution possible. the owner says business has been down more than 70% this past week. >> i don't think we can overstate how serious the financial impact is going to be. >> reporter: the owner wishes the city would almost mandate restaurants and bars closed and go on lock down. >> if we do get a lot of people in, who are we putting at risk? and at this point i'm kind of leaning towards closing. >> reporter: he says he's only staying open for the employees. he's not concerned losing business around the st. patrick's holiday. >> that's really not the point right now. actually i haven't forgotten about that. >> reporter: in san francisco, lauren martinez, abc 7 news. >> people are also being ordered not to visit patients in san francisco hospitals. that includes friends, even family. the concern of course is people
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who aren't showing symptoms can unwittingly infect vulnerable patients with coronavirus. the order is in effect starting today and will continue through april. violations could result in a fine or imprisonment. hospitals are allowed to make exceptions, though. women giving birth should check with their hospital about the rules. >> san mateo county tightened their restrictions tonight. gatherings of 50 or more people now banned. gatherings of 50 or fewer people have to follow certain rules. at midnight restrictions for gatherings in santa clara county go in effect. that county is banning groups of more than 35 people. gnat includes bars and restaurants with some exceptions. similar bans go into effect in contra costa at midnight. the county's acting health officer announced how me believes this decision will slow the spread of the virus. >> social distancingblh sategyle
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interactions of people so the disease spreads less. we are working to flatten the curve, meaning our goal is to slow the spread of the virus so that health care systems don't become overwhelmed by too many people getting sick all at once. >> you will find the board of supervisors very supportive of the health officer's decision if we need to continue it longer. >> contra costa's county ban of gatherings more than 100 people will last through at least march 31st. a stanford university student has tested positive for coronavirus. and in an effort to control the situation, university officials sent an e-mail to all undergraduate students letting them know they have to move out by wednesday. >> abc 7 news reporter reporterr live in the newsroom. >> it's now backtracking where that student fqurko get guidanc anyone who may have been working
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with that student. dining halls empty as the deadline to leave campus approaches. stanford university students are feeling anxious. >> the student body right how has a sense of uncertain. >> reporter: he's exempt from having to leave campus on such a short notice. in a letter to students stanford university president said we will be prioritizing international students who cannot go home, students who have known severe health and safety risk and students who are homeless. >> it's a lot harder for me to do my classes at home. we don't have internet, so thankfully stanford is letting me stay here. >> reporter: stanford's position was made after sainta clara countyand events of more people. this stanford senior has her bags packed. stanford paid for her ticket home. >> last night we received an e-mail saying we had to leave by wednesday.
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we're going to be flying back to my home in connecticut. >> reporter: a hope many will be able to continue their classes online as they wait for whatever happens next. >> a lot of people talking about coronavirus. a lot of people saying good-bye to their friends or really disappointed, sad, worried. >> reporter: stanford is also asking professors to make final exempts for the winter optional and gyms and recreational centers will be closed. >> we know you have a lot of questions ability coronavirus, so we have dedicated a page on our website to all of our stories about it. you can find the very latest updates and how you can prepare at you can also download the abc 7 news app to get breaking news alerts sent to your phone. we got some badly needed rain today. meteorologist drew tuma joining us now with a look at the weather. >> we saw some wet weather earlier today, heavy in spots. and that band of moisture still
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sitting in spots. much of the action confined to the south bay and east bay. so we zoom on in and where you find those brighter colors on live doppler 7, that's heavy rain from fremont to sunniville, over through san jose. snow continues to fall in the sierra. we have a winter storm warning in effect there. on the storm impact scale it is a level 1 storm the next 24 hours and we're tracking several days of wet weather on the seven day. we'll have all the details in a few minutes. >> thank you, drew. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, businesses just reeling because of coronavirus. the help being promised today by the city of oakland. and steph and iesha curry doing their part to help families struggling because of coronavirus. the other acts of kindness we're seeing across the country. the coronavirus now having an impact in thea. jo res closing dn with over 75 years of savings and service, geico is the easy choice.
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in the east bay officials are reacting to the covid-19 pandemic and taking steps to help small businesses getting clobbered by the crisis. >> covid-19 is impacting everyone lives. >> reporter: oakland mayor libby shaft says the coronavirus is hitting businesses hard. some downtown streets are empty. >> we're slow but, you know, the stores open for a long time so still have customers come in, you know. >> but a lot of people are staying away. >> i quo. >> reporter: he's struggling to keep his long time restaurant on webster street open. workers have constantly been sanitizing all surfaces inside. >> now it's very, very slow. it's half like 50% and
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customers, yeah it's very, very slow. >> right now what is good for public health isn't necessary good for the economy. >> at a news conference microphones were disinfected and speakers distanced from each other. an online research tool with information on zero interest loans and help with tax bills. >> our staff and our finance department our revenue department is ready to work with you to make sure you can meet those obligations in a flexible manner which includes payment plans and waiving penalties. >> reporter: mayor shaft says customers can still support oakland businesses without even leaving the house. >> instead of cooking, order delivery from one of your favorite local restaurants. go online and buy some items from your favorite local stores. >> reporter: congresswoman barbara lee wants to make sure new pending coronavirus legislation will make things like hand sanitizer now in high demand available in stores. >> hopefully this legislation
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will help manufacturers now understand they have got to step up and make sure these tests are available and make sure that hand sanitizers, medical devices and everything people need. >> reporter: mayor shaft is asking mall business to document any losses during the coronavirus crisis indicating any financial crisis in the future. >> in the meantime morebles businesses are closing their doors. the retailer shutting down for at least two weeks. the company also owns anthropology and free people. patagonia has shutdown both its brick and mortar stores and its website. allbirds is closing its store starting tomorrow. t-mobile is also closing in door mall stores on monday. you'll see at the bottom of your screen we've got a ticker of all
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the closures in the bay area. >> coronavirus closures also now impacting tahoe ski resorts. north star, evenly and kirkly ski resorts will be closed starting tomorrow. vail resorts made that decision to close all north american mountain resorts until monday march 23rd. squaw valley and alpine meadows also suspending operations tomorrow with no immediate plans to reopen. >> all right, from the snow to the rain we've got plenty of it coming. >> and here's meteorologist drew tuma. >> we're tracking that rain here. where it has been setting up it's been linger for quite some time. the north bay it's mainly quiet, mainly dry. but look over the last 6 hours the south bay has really been getting hit hardest. zoom on in some heavier showers in milpitas, san jose. you see those pinks and whites that's some wintery
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precipitation. not out of the question to have some snow. just a cold system we have overhead. light scattered showers in the city right now. if we go back in the last 6 hours and watch how this stalled front just moves over the south bay over the past 6 hours and really just brings rain to half of us. the north bay, you made out with made 0.10 of rain today. the south bay we've seen anywhere from a half an inch to over an inch of rain. winter storm warning is in effect until 5:00 p.m. monday. all areas shaded in pink on this map around lake tahoe and sierra above 3,000 feet. so these are low snow levels. talking heavy snow, low visibility, travel difficult if not impossible. we've seen chain controls on 80 and 50 already. and look how the snow adds up over the next day or so. by monday afternoon we'll talk about 2 to 4 feet of fresh powder in spots. and i think areas could see as much as 5 feet of snow in our
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highest peaks. back here in the bay ir twe're the 40s and 50s right now. 50 that current temperature in hayward. so on the storm impact scale, it is a level one light system here lingering in the next 24 hours. scattered showers. there is tomorrow the chance of a thunderstorm popping up and our snow level again is dropping pretty low. we could see that happen on a lot of our high peaks tomorrow. overnight tonight temperatures dropping into the 40s across the board. to future weather, tomorrow morning 7:00 in the morning there you can see some tracks of rain again moving through. and scattered showers are on the menu even in the afternoon. in the afternoon we could see a shower pop up. nderstor that factt'pled if one does pop up we could see some hail even some lightening. so that's something we'll be tracking closely for you over the next 24 hours.
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additional rainfall you could see over the next 24 hours, probably close to a quarter if not half an inch coming our way for sunday. it is chilly out there in terms of march numbers. we're holding in the low to mid-50s to finish out the weekend. there's that thunderstorm chance tomorrow. it's just cold and wet even monday and into tuesday for st. patrick's day. a brief break in the wet weather wednesday and thursday as spring arrives. but friday and saturday, some more chances for rain. >> all right, drew, thanks. still ahead on abc 7 news
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because better coverage means better protection. always well, between coronavirus and the rain, many people chose to stay home today. >> but life did not come to a complete halt, thankfully. an abc 7 employee snapped photos of life around the bay today.
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♪ >> well, the rainbow was promising but other places looked like a ghost town. >> kind of eerie, isn't it? >> it's a weird time. if you want to share what you're seeing in your community and how you're being affected by coronavirus, tweet us an image. make sure you use the hashtag abc 7 news. >> let's transition into sports now and there is some sports going on. >> coming up in sports ano na player tests positive for controversy. but the
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shutdown for the foreseeable future the nfl has made no official changes to its off-season schedule meaning that as of now the new year which includes the beginning of free agency will start next week. espn adam sheckter posted from multiple teams with how that can happen. that's hard to do or justify at this point in time. even the pro-football hall of fame has announced it's closing for at least two weeks. if the until continues as usual the new league year is going to start wednesday at 1:00 p.m. pacific. major league baseball canceled spring training by at least two weeks. according to the san francisco chronicle giants players are working out plans to potentially return to the field very soon. now the league gave players three options. return home, return to their team city or stay at their spring training facility. brandon belt told the chronicle as far as he's aware players are staying in arizona. the giants i deep cleaning those
11:30 pm
facilities this weekend and reopening the stadium monday. well, there was baseball on saturday night. reds pitcher trevor boyar organized a charity wiffle ball game in the arizona desert tonight with players that stuck around after spring training was delayed indefinitely. home run there. we got baseball highlights on this saturday night. pretty impressive, too, for wiffle ball. that is not easy to do. the trophy a giant bottle of purell. now utah jazz rudy gobert was the first confirmed case. he would play saturday against the jazz and gobert as those two were mashed against each other quite often the nba suspended the season wednesday night for a minimum of 30 days. their encouraging fans to watch suns games played on nba 2k 20
11:31 pm
streaming on their twitch channel. the suns twitter page was posting highlights as if an actual game was being played. in the simulated game the final score beat the mavs beat the high scoring suns. six time all-star, his basketball accolades as we know all on and on. currently he and his wife ayesha are working with oakland unified and the food bank to make sure all the kids get their meals as they're away from school. >> thank you, chris. much more to come on abc 7 news at 11:00. confusion remains over president trump's promise that google is working on a site with coronavirus testing info. came as a surprise to google. what the vp said today when pressed for an explanation. >> and coronavirus is changing
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good evening, again, thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm dion lim. four local koumticounties today reported new coronavirus cases. sonoma county now has four including their first case of community spread. that patient is an employee of the health center. santa clara county reported 12 more cases pushing its total to 91. san francisco has five additional case and marin county has two additional cases. >> new restrictions on gatherings start at midnight for three counties, and these numbers will vary depending on where you live. gatherings of more than 100 people are banned in contra costa county. san mateo county banning groups of more than 50 people. and san mateo banning groups more than 35 people.
11:36 pm
>> and new public health orders are putting bars and restaurant owners in tricky positions. smaller crowds have led to a loss in business and revenue. some owners say they have chosen to stay open for their employees. >> in his address to the country declaring a national emergency over the coronavirus yesterday president trump claimed that google is launching a coronavirus testing website. >> but that may not be quite right. here's abc news reporter rachel scott. >> reporter: tonight mounting questions about the program the president promised the american people. >> it's going to be very quickly done unlike websites of the past to determine whether a test is warranted or to facilitate testing at a nearby convenient location. >> reporter: touting google's work on a website with easy access to coronavirus testing information. >> google has 1,700 e working on this right now. they've made tremendous progress. >> reporter: and it wasn't just the president.
11:37 pm
dr. debra burkes of the coronavirus task force holding up this chart to explain how it would work. >> where clients and patients and people of interest can go and fill out a screening questionnaire. >> reporter: the vice president jumping in, too. >> and then at the same website you'll be directed to one of these incredible companies that are going to give a little bit of their parking lot so people can come by and do a drive by test. >> reporter: but about a half-hour after the president's event concluded google tweeting this statement. their website as of right now is in the early stages of development and plans to roll testing out in the bay area with the hope of expanding more broadly over time. today the vice president was prezzed for information. >> there's discrepancy about the website and google's involvement. >> we're working literally around the clock and i know our whole team working on this public and private partnership. couldn't be more grateful to all the hardworking people at google that are helping to put this website together.
11:38 pm
but tomorrow 5:00 we'll have very specific -- we'll have very specific description tomorrow. >> reporter: the vice president said there were plans to launch a version of the website in northern california on monday. but as for plans for a possible national rollout, he said those details are coming tomorrow evening. rachel scott, abc news, washington. >> google also issued an updated statement refirming they and varly are working with the government on a national website about covid-19. they add they are also promoting information on the google home page and youtube. coronavirus has impacted national politics. georgia just became the second state to delay its presidential primary. georgia voters had planned to go to the polls on march 24th. but georgia's primary will now take place may 19th. georgia's secretary of state made the decision after volunteer poll workers expressed concerns about being exposed to covid-19. louisiana rescheduled its primary yesterday. >> many san francisco families are scrambling to find child
11:39 pm
care with the city's public schools closing for 3 weeks starting monday. some parents worry about the imminent change hurting their family finances. >> the kids can't come with me to work so it causes me to lose pay, lose wages, lose benefit in order to stay home and provide for my kids. >> we've heard so many similar stories. the school district plans to have students complete assignments online. but one teacher fears students may lack access to computers and internet access. >> it's an issue putting things online, do our students have the capability to actually complete work? i know we are working currently with our community school program to get students chromebooks. ? the san francisco marin food bank has food ready to feed children who rely on free and reduced priced meals at school. starting monday families can pick up food at 14 schools across san francisco. now, we are keeping an updated list of school closures and
11:40 pm
event cancellations at our website. you'll find it at >> virus testing will be offered to passengers evacuated from the grand princess over the weekend. the u.s. department of health and human services will be collecting those swabs. all the american passengers have been quarantined at travis air force base, a spokeswoman said the collection process could take several days. 15 people are still onboard the grand princess. all of them are from other countries a countries and are expected to disembark tuesday night. >> the ship is still docked at the port of oakland with about 1,100 crew members onboard. 19 have tested positive for covid-19 but are reportedly doing well. the union says the crew is on a contaminated ship and needs help. >> the rest of the crew needs to be tested, and they need to be given medical treatment now.
11:41 pm
this is an international crisis. >> assemblyman rob fantas says the port of oakland is focused on the crew. he said many will disembark and placed on charter flights this weekend. >> depending on the situation san leandro police officers may ask you to fill out a police report by phone or maybe do it online instead of having an officer come to your home. officers may practice social distancing by holding fewer community events. the department says the changes are temporary. they're not intended to compromise public safety. baltimore police produced on instructional video. >> clean and disinfect your duty belt and any other gear in your possessions. >> you should also clean your patrol car. >> this includes frequently touched surfaces such as steeral wheel, center console. >> san francisco police cars do have infection control kits which includes a gone, a mask as
11:42 pm
well as eye protection. >> and if you've been driving on california's freeways you may have seen a sign like this. look closely. more than 700 digital highway signs are urging people to socially distance with the slogan less is more, avoid gatherings. usually these message boards remind us of other safety tips things like never texting while driving and driving carefully when construction crews are working. have you been out shopping? lines are crazy long. shelves are bare at stores all over the bay. this video was taken at costco in san francisco. >> wal-marts their hours. >> reporter: amid the growing coronavirus pandemic people streaming to their local stores where they're finding long lines just to get in. >> it was quite crowded, and we had to wait outside for about 20
11:43 pm
minutes before they let us in. >> reporter: experts are calling it fear contagion, and those fears pushing people to panic buy. >> there's no water bleach, clauorox wipes. >> reporter: health experts say shoppers should concentrate on items part of a healthy diet but also stock up on staples. >> you get the rice, the beans, the spaghetti, things like that, peanut butter. if you have all that on hand you don't have to make as many trips to the grocery and be in touch with other people. >> two super market chains, public and north carolina based announcing they will be closing all locations early each evening to concentrate on cleaning and restocking store shelves. if you want to avoid stores altogether the cdc is suggesting other ways of getting groceries such as through delivery services. >> you can ask the delivery service to leave the groceries outside your door or in a neutral place if you're
11:44 pm
concerned about contact with the driver. >> reporter: in terms of medical products, the cdc says be sure to have over-the-counter medicines and medical supplies to treat fever and other symptoms. most people will be able to recover from covid-19 at home. cvs is announcing its working on plans to facilitate covid-19 test [the drugstore chain adding it's taking other steps to help. waiving drugstore delivery and making diagnostic testing and televisits available with no copay. another concern is price gouging, and the doj issued a warning saying it will not h hesitate to bring criminal charges against companies and individuals engaging in criminal activity. >> tim cook today announced stores outside of china will shutdown. customers showed up to find the doors locked. while u.s. stores are closing all apple stores in china
11:45 pm
reopened today. cooke also says there will be deep cleaning at all sites and the company will provide health screenings and checks at its offices. b.a.r.t. staffers have been working on ways to limit contact and make passengers feel safer, and one idea is personal hand straps. that b.a.r.t. general manager demonstrated himself. >> take the strap, loop it around the top. there you have it. you're hanging onto something. you're not touching any metal surface. your stop comes up, a quick pull, your strap comes off and off you go. >> that video posted on b.a.r.t.'s official twitter page. a twitter poll is running tomorrow morning to see what the riders think. so far 75% of people say you know what, they'll use the strap if available. ridership was down 50% from the same time last year. >> in the south bay the valley
11:46 pm
transit authority is reducing its light rail capacity and suspending school transit. this all takes effect on monday. the halter of school service is no surprise after santa clara county ordered schools to close there. all trains will now be one car, but vta says that could change once it gets a better look at ridership data. still ahead restaurants of all kinds we're talking big and small, they're all having to make changes and adjust in the coronavirus times that we're in. and the decision a local taco shop and taco bell are making to ensure customers stay safe. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. still tracking some showers out there tonight, and
11:47 pm
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several bay area restaurants have closed or plan to temporarily close because of the coronavirus. san francisco's la tacoria plans to close after serving tomorrow. their employees will get paid while the restaurant remains closed. there is no planned date for reopening. and taco bell is preparing to close its dining rooms if local health authorities restrict people from eating inside the restaurants. if that happens customers could still go through the drive-thru and use delivery services. taco bell is also pledging to pay employees at company owned stores if they're required to stay at home or if individual outlets have to close. a rare sight today in southern california. eccheck it out.
11:50 pm
disneyland is closed until at least the end of march in the park's 65-year history it has only had three non-weather related full closures. the decision came following governor newsom's executive order thursday. disney cruise lines halted departures today through the end of the month . and to keep some disney magic the company is bringing frozen 2 to your living room early. disney announced yesterday the sequel will be made available on its streaming service disney plus tomorrow. that's 3 months ahead of schedule. the move comes as schools are closing leaving millions of children at home. disney is the parent company of abc 7. the exploratorium had to put its by day plans on hold after a closing because of coronavirus. the good news is the celebration is not over. >> yeah, math and science lovers can still learn more about the holiday thanks to a web cast. the exploratorium held a live
11:51 pm
stream at noon today. experts discussed the significance and history of the mathematical constant. and did you know an exploratorium staff member created it holiday in 1988? and if you want to check it out the full recording is available at their website. >> let's get one last check of the weather right now. >> we've got a rainy night for some out there. live doppler 7 showing the action really confined to the east bay, the south bay. first let's show you the bigger picture. there's an area of low pressure to our north. that's going to move through here tomorrow and into monday as wel. storm impact scale, scattered showers. we do have a chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow, and our snow levels do drop pretty low. meaning we could see a dusting of snow on our highest peak. overnight tonight 30s to upper 40s. and future weather showing tomorrow morning, wake up, 7:00 a.m. we'll find showers moving through the bay area.
11:52 pm
and it's really unsettled for mump of the day. we may get a peak of sunshine here or there but that's about it. total rainfall probably a quarter to half an inch in most spots. brief break of rain in the week and more rain on friday and saturday. >> still ahead everybody from celebrity to neighbors helping each other amidst this coronavirus outbreak. we'll have a look at some small acts of kindness coming up. and monday abc news will be airing a special edition of "2020 on the ♪ dramatic choir music ♪ dramatic choir music ♪ dramatic choir music
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it's the rush of relaxation. introducing the all-new lincoln corsair.
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in the middle of this coronavirus crisis we take a much needed look at some good that's being done. >> finally, right? news reporter robin curnow reports on the random acts of kindness that are giving people hope. >> reporter: one of the coronav. we can see hope through the actions of others. in italy residents shuttered in
11:56 pm
their homes broke out into a round of applause from their balconies in a show of gratitude for doctors and nurses caring for the sick steph curry and his wife helping to raise money for meals who may not have access to meals. and local communities are asking people to buy gift certificates and vouchers to their favorite restaurants coo keep revenue coming in as fewer people are choosing to dine out. a woman in oregon tweeted about an elderly couple too afraid to go into a grocery store, so we went instead to get their food. her tweet has been shared. >> people are seeing it stores and other places around the community i live in, but, you know, kindness helps. >> people have been using the #coronakindness on twitter.
11:57 pm
>> well, you got the gist of the story there, anyway. unfortunately we had a technical glitch. but i think the message overall is we all have to come together and work together over what is a challenging time. >> we're all in this together. i i saw this there are young people in my neighborhood volunteering trying to give supplies to the elderly. >> that's fantastic. that's what we need. >> with that, that's it, everybody for abc 7 news
11:58 pm
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