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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 25, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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area, cobb, middleton and the arion just no s helen. showers through the santa cruz mountains and the east bay and about to head into the east bay valleys and watch out things are wet just like you're seeing here on the san mateo bridge. mid-50s this afternoon with widely scattered showers and thunderstorms. >> all right, thank you, mike. the number of coronavirus cases in the u.s. is growing and president trump has a new deadline to reopen the u.s. economy despite the warnings from health experts. so, let's catch you up with the latest headlines at 6:00. data from johns hopkins shows that nationwide more than 55,000 people have now been diagnosed with coronavirus. more than 800 people have died. about 350 people, though, have recovered after being sick. here in the bay area, san francisco reported its first coronavirus related death. the patient was a man in his 40s with underlying health
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conditions. president trump wants to roll back social distancing guidelines by easter in order to get the economy back on its feet but not everyone agrees. >> with this epidemic on the move in the united states, our economy will not be normal anyway. there would be an extraordinary amount of sickness and pressure on hospitals in a way that we haven't experienced before. i think it's just important for everyone thinking about both options. keeping these measures in place or considering changing them that we really all understand what the consequences of both will be. >> well, as the president considers rolling back social distance guidelines measures, doctors are encouraging everythieveryone to stay home. >> that includes the kids. amy hollyfield has advice from a pediatrician. amy? >> hi, reggie. playgrounds like this one are closed for a reason. this is heather farms in walnut creek. people are tempted to come and let their kids play and be
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outside, but officials say the shelter at home order applies to them, too. that's why they had to close playgrounds like this. doctors say kids can get the virus, too. and they can pass it on to parents and grandparents who likely have a tougher time recovering. they also point out if you let them outside to play with friends and they're riding their bikes and on skateboards, they could get hurt and end up in the e.r. >> we want to make sure we're reserving it for the patients who have covid and need to be s you d'tan your kids e.r. doctors deal with this pandemic. doctors say they are getting a lot of questions from parents wondering if their kids no. they should also, they just need to be with the people they are quarantining with, their family. and teachers point out, if we're going to miss right so this works. so, no playgrounds, no play
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dates. shelter at home even for the kids. reporting live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> you might not know about amy is that not only is she a great reporter, but she is also a pretty good p.e. teacher. >> well, you got to keep them occupied and busy, reggie. we have been doing some family workouts at home because the kids can't see their friends so we are their friends right now. we're their companions and we're having p.e. in our dining room and yesterday's workout was based on our name and that determined what your exercise was. i was feeling really grateful for my short first name for that work out. my daughter's name is seven letters long and she was definitely complaining and wanting me to change her name. but, no, not doing it. we're having fun and trying to stay active and trying to stay together and not just be off in our own separate parts in the home all day because that can
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get lonely and isolating. so, we're all trying to hang out together and little bursts of time including p.e. class. if you'd like me to lead you guys in a p.e. class when this is all over, i'm happy to do it. >> no, girl. i'm scared. the hollyfield household is going to be ripped by the end of this pandemic. >> that would be nice. i'm worried about actually gaining weight. we'll see. >> not that with that workout. >> you might need to add a few letters to your first name. >> i know. i know. they were trying to make me do it twice. i was like, no, amy's fine. the senate is expected to vote today on a multi-trillion dollar economic stimulus package. democrats and republicaovernight na at expect t go >> senate and white house leaders have finally agreed to a $2 trillion deal that would jump start the u.s. economy during
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the coronavirus pandemic. they haven't released the full details yet, but here is what the possible breakdown. according to cnn, americans would get a one-time about 1,200 per individual and $2,400 for couples and $500 per child. the payments would scale down as income goes up. and the cut off completely for individuals who make more than $9,000 or couples without children who make more than $198,000. >> this is not a moment of celebration. but one of necessity. we have the anguish of the american people wondering about the future of their health. the health of their loved ones and the economy. necessitates us to do all we can to help them and help our country. >> $850 billion would also go towards businesses, large and
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small. the bill would also include public health emergency funding and funding to expand unemployment benefits. some of these numbers may change when democrats and republicans reach a compromise. we can expect to learn the full details later this morning. reggie? >> thanks, jobina. >> that stimulus package could provide relief to free lancers struggling in the bay area. many people in the beauty industry like hair stylist work as stylist and they depend on their customers. they may be out of work by the time the shelter in place is over. by the time freelancers form their own business and have one person to qualify, it may be too late. >> by the time you apply, there may not be enough money left for everybody. >> small businesses can also get help from the new give to sf respond to covid-19 recovery fund. corporations can make tax
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deductible donations to that fund. housing, food security and small businesses. a new stock of personal protective equipment just arrived in the north bay to help fill a critical shortage. governor newsom said the state 0 ce shld 5,500 surgical masks the shipments went to queen of the valley hospital in napa and the napa county emergency operation center. new at 6:00, 55 million students across the country are out of school and one university made the shocking decision to reopen their campus. abc 7 news anchor kimberly brooks says administrators had no other choice. >> reporter: colleges across the country have been telling students to close up shop, but this morning a different decision by the faith-based liberty university in lynchburg, virginia. with spring break now over, it's reopening its doors in the middle of this deadly outbreak. the school now welcoming thousands of students back to campus. the school's president jerry
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fowell jr. said there was no other choice. >> 750 international students who have no alternative. they couldn't go back to their countries and we have students that have no where else to go but their dorm rooms. we have taken all the precautionary measures. >> reporter: one student tweeting so proud to called liberty u my home. the unnecessary rage against liberty's administration in handling covid-19 is unjustified. but lynchburg's mayor feels otherwise. slamming the school's decision. >> i believe it was a reckless decision to decide to allow all students back on campus. we would have preferred that it be closed. >> reporter: still, falwell says he's playing by the rules by providing online classes and limiting in-person labs to ten students at a time. >> we're operating like every vitef thelege in the state o law. >> reporter: kimberly brooks, abc news, new york.
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>> whei mean, when you're livinn a dorm, it's very difficult not to spread this virus. s, i don't know how this is going to work. >> that's a tough one. sfo is adding special bus service for people who are stranded because b.a.r.t. is closing early now. so, one of the top stories on abc 7 news right now. you're going to hear f thpa part in a clinical trial for a drug that could treat covid-19. the decision that may have saved her life. a north bay distillery making a pivot during the shelter in place. how they are now making hand sanitizer. and mother nature is making some wet weather for us. you can see it right here on live doppler 7. this is just the first round of many scattered
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you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. moderate shower moving through milpitas. you can see it there on 680 and 880 and that stretches to a lighter extent all the way up to dublin, pleasanton, union city, hayward and down towards sunnyvale and over towards cupertino. here's a look at what's going on at 880 at the coliseum. not raining right now, but definitely wet from earlier rain and everything is wrapped around
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your commutetionarf the wet weatr. all right. roh a wers psie at 1:00 and 3:00. east bay valleys maybe a lesser extent of the showers and possible today. 40s through 9:00 and mid-50s for the afternoon hours and then the peninsula. we've got our best chance shower. about 1:00 this afternoon and the temperature of 54 degrees. now, just because you're not seeing a lot of showers on there, these are hourly forecasts so they could slip in between those time frames and when they do, they could have dangerous lightning and some small hail and the snow level down to 3,000 feet. more rain coming in this weekend and we'll talk about that coming up. first, jobina has a new, what, mass transit issue to talk about. >> well, i would call it an issue for some, but a positive update but put a little spin on it there for everybody. trying to bring some decent news in here. good morning, everyone. with b.a.r.t. ending service at 9:00 late night bus service for
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passengers and workers trying to get home. here's a live look at sfo right e airpo i providing shuttles from courtyard g at the international terminals. buses leave at 10:15 p.m., 11:15 p.m. and 12:15 a.m. sfo is also providing service from the north concord/martinez b.a.r.t. station to the airport. that bus leaves at 12:20 makes four stops and gets to the airport at 1:45 in the morning. kumasi. >> thanks, jobina. napa may soon be known for more than its wine. at is struggling during shelter in place is stepping up to make hand sanitizer. >> the hand sanitizer that we make generally is made using the same materials that we would use to make our vodka. >> arthur runs and owns napa valley distillery. he has been forced to lay off seven employees and shifting from spirits to sanitizer.
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he's offering to give away the sanitizer for free, if you show up to their location on stockton street in napa. he's also eventually planning to sell it online. new at 6:00, joe an fabrics teams up with neiman marcus to
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abc 7 news. all morning. look at this. frefighters in the east bay had to work to put out this garage fire at a home in concord that broke out on sierra wood court shortly before 10:00 last night. the contra costa county shared this video before crews got it under control and everyone got out safely. now to a story you'll see only on abc 7. a palo alto woman is crediting a trial to help her recover from covid-19. she and her husband developed the coronavirus after they went
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to egypt on a vacation. she had asthma and diabetes. she developed pneumonia, a persistent cough and then was admitted to stanford hospital. she wasn't improving so she was accepted into a clinical trial to test the drug remdesivir which was developed by gilead sciences. her conditions started to improve and she had also been taking antibiotics. >> i think after two days i can see that i feel better. the only part that is not feeling better is my coughing. >> five daily doses of remdesivir paved the way for her discharge after nearly two weeks. the couple is now at home recovering in self-isolation. a cycling studio is giving away its in-door bikes for members to use at home. all city riders in sacramento uses a video wall to make riders feel like they're biking outdoors. now that the governor has ordered the temporary closures of all california gyms, all city
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riders is changing its business model and bringing its technology to customers' homes. >> you have to figure out a way to continue to go. i gave myself 20 minutes where i yelled at the top of my lungs and then after that, let's go to work. so we're going to work. >> they've already given away more than a dozen indoor bikes. the owner is hoping to test it out for a month before finding ways to expand the business. i wish that i had that here. >> i know. i feel like he probably knows his customers. they're not going to keep the bikes. look how it just folds up. >> you can still pay for your membership because you feel like you're really getting something. >> that peleton is $2,000. something like that. >> should i knock on the door of 24 hour and go, hey, can i borrow one of your elliptical ma >>t's going to work out well for you, mike. don't do that. >> i might not be here tomorrow if i do that?
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>> no. >> let's talk about what is going on weather wise and here's mt. tam. let's use that as the background for sunshine and thunderstorms. quieter tonight and even cooler. even more so than this morning. the foggy spots out there. we have some rain this weekend and spring warmth next week. so, we'll be one on the storm impact scale for today because of those light to moderate showers and the chance of dangerous lightning and hail. our strongest storm right now you can see around drive 237 from 680 to 880 in milpitas and 17 about to get wet up as you head through the santa cruz mountains. here's our latest shower coming right through the san bruno gap and daly city and burlingamebure 6:23 and paloalto after that. you can see the showers continuing as we head, rotating from northwest to southeast as that cooler, unsettled air rolls in. notice when we lose the heating of the day, the showers kind of disappear during the overnight
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hours and clouds open up and freezing cold temperatures in the north bay and the rest of us outside the valleys in the 40s and a random shower possible tomorrow. we could get up to a quarter inch of rain if you get caught under a couple of these showers and potential thunderstorms. dri one on saturday and sunday and then you can see the warmer weather for monday and tuesday. 70s back away from the coast. >> i'm excited about this next thing because we've been missing our ginger zee and our little daily chats, but it turns out she is live for us this morning from her house. >> how is this working, ginger? i'm excited to see you. >> i am excited to have this time with both of you and i've always wantsed to ha eed to hav for a party. you're here, in my basement. and this is where i'll be doing my weather forecasts and the show from for a little bit and the explanation just goes very briefly that adrian's school had
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two staff members test positive and he was sick and a couple of us had some symptoms and we're just being extra careful and staying at home as thebo t torn that hit the south and our show begins with the coronavirus divide. president trump is calling for our country to be, of course, open and business as usual as of easter. that's what he would like. but then, of course, many governors are saying that's just not going to work. there's such high demand for a lot of that medical, you know, some of the medical things including masks and the respirators. we'll have the latest on that. this morning, wall street is soaring as they are inching closer to a deal on that massive rescue passage. $2 trillion. what you can expect if they finally pass it. most of us still have to get to the store to get food at some point. we'll give you some tips on what to do once you go to the store. what do you do when you get the food back? do you have to wipe it all down and do extra beyond that?
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we'll have have the tips from the experts on it. the designer that so many love and trust i n inedasks al o medic folksn e f lines. mli so, y'llee iall comi urigh"gma." so great to be back with both of you. >> you, too. how are your kids feeling? >> now great. you know, both of them had different parts of it some sort of illness last week and a little bit of a rough week but everyone is feeling healthy and well and really grateful. no matter what this was that we had the opportunity to be home and protect others. >> probably some dance parties going on later today? >> oh, lots of dancing. yeah. that's the way to heal. >> i've been enjoying your videos. ginger, so good to see you and ginger, so good to see you and be wcalifornia phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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6:25. want to take you to this afternoon. you can see the yellows out there. some of the more intense showers and possible thunderstorms with hail and snow down to 3,000 feet on this one on the storm impact scale. also knows how cool it is. 55 to 58. tonight, look where we clear out. places like the north bay. freezing cold temperatures for santa rosa, lake port, cloverdale and ukiah and east bay and from freemont, redwood city and everyone else low to peninsula coast as they will develop over the water and rotate south. so, you can see how widely scattered the showers will be by the wide range in rainfall
6:26 am
amounts. reggie? >> thank you, mike. east bay congressman and his family are expressing their gratitude and the support and prayers that he is getting from a lot of you as hremains in cri condition. he is stable right now. the concord democrat says says s does not have coronavirus. his two sons released a statement and said he devoted his time, energy and his life to the citizens of california and they say that we hope you all continue to lend him your support while giving him the quiet he needs as he continues fighting the good fight. well, although seniors and people with underlying health conditions are most at risk of dying anyone can become a victim. listen to this a 25-year-old man in new jersey is in a medically-induced coma. 46% of cases in new york city involve between 18 and 44. a 28-year-old man in washington state shared his survival story.
6:27 am
>> a lot of people are still in that belief that, oh, i'm young and healthy and therefore it won't have a profound effect on me. but, i mean, obviously, from my case, and probably other people's cases, too. it just kind of proves that kind of mentality isn't always true. >> a 17-year-old boy in southern california who was sick with coronavirus has died. further tests are needed, though, to determine whether it was a coronavirus-related death. new help for hospitals that need supplies. joann fabrics and craft stores teaming up with neiman marcus to make medical supplies like masks, gowns and scrubs. joann is sending supplies to shops where they are going to be made. joann is opening classrooms in its stores for people who want to volunteer to help make supplies. breaking news, the coronavirus hits the royal family. what officials have during the . th proposal to suspend rent and
6:28 am
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now your health, your safety. this is abc 7 news. right now at 6:30 the dow set for a lower open this morning. even after congress makes a deal on a historic stimulus package. the opening bell just rang after another record-setting day. yesterday the dow spiked 2,000 points. the biggest percentage gain in one day since 1933. so, we're tracking what happens as you can see we're up about 224 points. and possible relief for renters and homeowners taking a financial hit during the coronavirus shelter in place. where officials are proposing a moratorium on payments. walmart announced a change to help protect workers. what you'll soon notice inside the stores.
6:31 am
>> prince charles has been diagnosed with coronavirus. i'll have the details on that. >> good morning, everybody. it is wednesday, march 25th. >> going to start with mike who is tracking a couple things, including an earthquake some people experienced. >> 4.1 up in the north bay. about a mile depth. it was about 4:57 this morning that earthquake. so far, i haven't heard of any reports of any damage. it was around cobb if that gives you a reference point. else where today, we had some showers and we'll have some more light to moderate showers and a one on the storm impact scale and snow level down to 3,000 feet. the most activity right now moving through the san bruno gap nearing the peninsula coast and moving through the santa cruz mountains and about to move into the diablo range of fremont and milpitas and also get a little bit of a break before more showers develop. where the clouds clear out thick fog around napa and santa rosa. 280 at 17 and you can see a little quiet here right now but
6:32 am
look at those showers, thunderstorms and only 50 degree highs in the forecast today. now breaking news from the abc 7 news desk. >> breaking news. we learned prince charles tested positive for covid-19. a spokesman for his royal office residence clarence house said he is self-isolating at a royal estate in scotland. the statement says the prince of wales remains in good health and has been working from home for the last few days as usual. the spokesman says it's not possible to determine who the prince caught the virus from because he has been to several engagements in recent weeks. his wife, camilla, has tested negative for coronavirus. britain remains on a national lock down as it attempts to stop the spread of the virus. kumasi. >> thank you, jobina. learning more about a woman who said she was attacked in the south bay after she asked for social distance. >> this is awful. happened on a trail in san jose and that's where julian glover is this morning.
6:33 am
julian. >> hey, guys. just some really terrifying news to bring to you this morning as you mentioned this woman running on a trail here on communications hill when she says she was attacked by at least two people. we're talking about her being hit and coughed on repeatedly and as you mentioned all she did was just ask for a little bit more space between her and the runner behind her. let's walk you through what you know. she posted about her experience on the next door app. many of you might have it on your smartphone. also posted video of the incident, too. it started when a teen ran up behind her and then directly next to her. she was asking for more space and that's when she said the teen tripped her. then minutes later came back with two adults. she said a man coughed on her several times and hit her with his hat mocking her and a woman slapped her on the back of her head. san jose police confirming officers were called out saturday evening just bef d intainin tdiance. if somebody is not, it isabsolu.
6:34 am
>> that could be deadly in the worse-case scenario. really setting a bad example for his kids. >> now, that was the reaction from a couple of other runners on the trail we spoke to yesterday. the suspects ran away before police got there and not been identified or tracked down by police and as for that victim, she did not have any serious injuries. she didn't have to go to the hospital but now she says she's afraid of going running by herself. so, just a reminder, if you're out trying to get some fresh air or walking or if you see somebody close by and someone says, hey, can i get more space don't be offended as we try to adjust to this new, temporary normal. for now reporting live in san jose this morning, i'm julian glover. >> thank you, julian. congress has finally reached a deal on a coronavirus relief bill to help jump start the economy and a vote is expected later today. but investors having mixed reaction about it. let's look at the new york stock exchange right now as trading gets under way this morning.
6:35 am
you can see we are up roughly 400, 500 points. overnight futures trading was really all over the place. abc 7 news reporter inesde cuetara has more. >> reporter: good morning. lawmakers are still drafting the final language of that bill, but after close to 15 hours of closed door bipartisan talks, both sides are indicating that bill will pass. overnight, lawmakers on capitol hill finally reaching a deal on that multi-trillion dollar stimulus package meant to help revive the u.s. economy. >> it's good news for families all across america. at last, we have a deal. >> reporter: the deal comes after fiveays marathon negotiati negotiations. democrats wanted the plan to do more for workers and were pushing for a marshal plan for hospitals. on the way.ericans i say, help >> reporter: this as the president reveals he wants parts of the economy to reopen by easter. >> easter is our timeline.
6:36 am
what a great timeline that would be. >> reporter: according to morgan stanley, 3.4 million people filed for unemployment last week. that's nearly five times more than the highest week ever. but health care experts warn the country is no where near ready. >> no one is going to want to tone down things when you see what's going on in a place like new york city. i mean, that's just, you know, good public health practice and common sense. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says a vote is expected some time today and freshry secretary steve mnuchin says the president will absolutely sign this deal. ines de la cuetara, abc washington. president trump hopes to roll back social distancing guidelines by easter in an effort to improve the economy. george stephanopoulos ask eed t homeland security adviser if this is a real timeline? >> the president wants to do this, but i'mresources to do it
6:37 am
careful in places like new york and now very troubling, new orleans. >> you could watch that full interview coming up on "gma" after "abc 7 mornings." here is a look at the latest cases in bay area. santa clara reported 16 deaths and 375 cases. that's more than double san mateo 161 cases. alameda county reported a second death and 135 confirmed cases. contra costa reports 186 cases. two confirmed cases of coronavirus in menocinoountys r cases. stanford university is aware to 24 people who are connected that tested positive for covid-19. one is a student on camps and erecting tts on campus faculty,v
6:38 am
at its galvez street parking lot across from the bing concert hall. the new tents will start being used in the next few days. we're learning more about a southern california teenager while sick with coronavirus. los angeles county health officials say although the 17-year-old boy was infected, it is possible that something else caused his death. officials say further tests are needed. his dad is also in the hospital. >> his father is an uber driver and his father also has the disease. but it's not as bad. >> the boy was initially thought to be the first child to die of the pandemic here in thehe way businesses. the board of supervisors approved $3 million in emergency funding to start the san mateo
6:39 am
strong fund. the fund is designed to help self-employ people who can't qualify for unemployment benefits and also help prevent small businesses from having to lay off workers. new resources to shelter homeless people who are at risk for covid-19. trailers will park in the parking lot of a popular attraction in the south bay. and are you stocking up on groceries during this shelter in place? the federal government says you might not need as much as you think. but, first, we're going to take a look at our potentially rainy forecast with mike nicco. >> thank you very much. hi, reggie. live dopple 7. this is a moderate shower that left some standing water on the peninsula and also the east bay as it moved through. the precipitation rate is down from about 0.6 an hour to about 0.03 per hour and since it's moving off leave 0.1 in allenrock. this entire complex stretches right up 680 as you head towards milpitas, fremont and all the way upou take
6:40 am
84 into the southern parts of livermore, it is wet right now. here's a look at what happens behind it. we'll see a lot of sunshine today but it will be chilled sunshine with temperatures in the 50s and also create more showers and thunderstorms. so, everything if you have to commute today revolves around being safe while it's wet out. the north bay with 36 at 7:00 and 56 at 1:00 with some scattered showers and thunderstorms possible. in the east bay, we'll jump up into the 40s by 49 at 9:00. low 50s with a partly cloudy afternoon. 48 at 7:00. and san francisco some scattered showers and thunderstorms possible. 48 through 9:00 and 54 for most of the afternoon. we have a
6:41 am
can we go get some ice cream? alright, we gotta stop here first. ♪ ♪ from smarter atms, to after hours video tellers ♪ ♪ comcast business is connecting thousands of banks to technology that turns everyday transactions into extraordinary experiences.
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hi there. how are you? do you have any lollipops in there? (laughing) no, sorry. we're helping all kinds of businesses go beyond customer expectations. how can we help you? you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. even with more sunshine, it will be chilly. 55 to 58 is our spread and even colder tonight. look at the freezing
6:43 am
temperatures up in the north bay. santa rosa northward and mid to upper 30s for the rest of the north bay. same thing in the east bay and from fremont, redwood city and around the coast low to mid-40s. scattered low level elevation rain and thunderstorms and high elevation snow. in fact, we still have that winter weather advisory, another one to six inches in the sierra until 11:00 today. our seven-day forecast. more light snow tomorrow and chance of light snow saturday and sunday. >> now on abc 7 news live desk update. walmart is introducing more changes to try to protect their workers and customers from catching the coronavirus. these decals will be installed at stores at both the entrances, exits and in check-out lanes making it easier for customers to judge the proper social distance from each other. walmart started
6:44 am
plexiglass sneeze guards. they'll put them up at renlst ss over the next two to three weeks. a new solution to sanitize carts and it will allow associates to clean carts quicker and more thorough. in the south bay, city of san jose is stepping up efforts to offer emergency housing for people experiencing homelessness who have the coronavirus or been exposed to covid-19. according to our media partner mu "mercury news" they received 109 trailers from the state. they are located from the east parking lot at hollow park andc ma sure they are ready. the city is expected to start using these trailers next week to isolate people experiencing homelessness who do not need to be in the hospital. staying at home has been tough on everyone around the bay area and families will tell you it is tough for kids who are off school and anxious to see their friends. doctors are urging all of them to stay home. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live at walnut creek.
6:45 am
amy. >> hi, reggie. doctors say a question they're getting a lot from parents is can my kids see their friends and the answer doctors say is no. that the stay at home order applies to kids, too. of course, they can get the virus. so, th's one thing, of course, you want to protect them from that. but they say aside from that, think of this. if they hurt themselves skateboarding or biking, they would need to go to the e.r. and that would take up space and resources doctors really need right now for this pandemic. and also, of course, kids need protection from the virus. >> they absolutely can get coronavirus. they might have mild symptoms and sometimes symptoms are so mild that they're not even that sick. they are the ones who passed it on to their parents, their friends, their grandparents. >> and teachers point o m all o valuable classroom time, let's
6:46 am
make sure we are doing this right so we can flatten the curve and all of thise effort pays off. playgrounds like this one, big, beautiful playground at heather farms in walnut creek and tempting parents, especially when the weather is nice and the kids have a lot of energy and they promise to keep them apart that they go ahead and shut playgrounds like this one down. they have closed it. kids are not supposed to be out in areas like this. and to just keep that temptation away from everyone. they closed them down to send the message that kids need to stay home, too. live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> i'm glad they did that. too many families using the playgrounds over the weekend. two san franciscoonou call governor newsom and president trump to declare a moratorium on rent and mortgage payments. they realize that people are struggling financy. >> what they are going to do
6:47 am
when their rent's due or mortgage is due and we have to stand up and make sure that every single one of our residents know that we have their backs. >> san francisco is one of several cities that halted evictions due to the pandemic. the pandemic has caused an economic catastrophe in the bay area. already one of the most expensive places to do business. bar closed that bar along with another restaurant that he owns. these are just two of the countless small businesses that are facing an uncertain future. harris said he laid off all 50 of his employees. >> they are all collecting unemployment really feels just like, you know, a consolation prize that is used toustify this situation that we have all gotten ourselves in. >> is it fair to say thatt you'e at risk of potentially closing forever? >> absolutely. >> and that heartbreak is apparent when you go on go fund me.
6:48 am
an endless scroll of small business owners who are asking for donations in order to survive. >> you know, that story yesterday and she had some good advice and that is we can as individuals save every business. but if you have a neighborhood business that you love like trick dog in the mission, go ahead and maybe send him a few bucks. because you could be investing in your own ability to enjoy it later, right? >> i agree. >> okay. now your morning money report. extend the shutdown of their plants because of coronavirus. >> gm, ford and fiat chrysler plan to reopen by the end of the month but now they're hoping for some time next month. coronavirus concerns have people across the country stockpiling food. the federal government says, don't do it. you only buy enough groceries to feed your family for one week at a time. officials say buying only what you need gives stores enough time to restock items and helps others get what they need, too. now, taking another check of
6:49 am
new york stock exchange as trading gets under way. you can see we are up about 469 points waiting for that stimulus package to pass and we'll see how that will update the markets going on in the day. youtube is quality. it's going to play videos in standard definition now unless you manually change it to high def. youtube says it is expected to last for 30 days. other streaming services are also cutting bandwidth. all the people staying at home is putting a strain on internet providers. >> how's it going, guys? robots to the rescue. abc 7 news anchor contactless to go food window at this downtown san francisco restaurant. it's called creator and robots assemble your food and two people who are working inside, to humans. they wear full-body protective suits and nobody actually touches your food. >> you know i looked, reggie, to see if they had a vegan option. >> tell me.
6:50 am
>> they have a substitute organic plant-based patty that you can, so we have options. >> i'm into it. >> that's really cool. get it and go. >> you know how i usually feel about robots. they're taking over the world and now they might save us. don't show my hypocrisy. >> that's what i'm saying, if they're making your coffee or hamburge hamburgers. >> if they're helping us be better people instead of taking things away from us like they've been known to do. you know, i was on the phone for an hour and 15 minutes yesterday because i was having issues with my internet access. if you have to call those folks, plan on being on the phone a long time. here's a look at sfo and shower just rolled through here. one of the many that we'll have today. outside of that cooler start with foggy areas and trivalley anas bay some fog. one on the storm impact scale
6:51 am
because of the scattered showers and thunderstorms. we'll see more sunshine than yesterday but the storms will be more intense, even though more wide spread. a wet weekend and then spring warmth. shower we are just talking about and san mateo bridge in the next few minutes and head over towards the dumbarton bridge an. heavier shower rolling through all allenrock and santa clara getting the light shower right now and you can see up in the north bay, it is clear. that is why you're dealing with much cooler temperatures. future radar and you can see how we have the rotation from the ocean to land of showers and thunderstorms. lose the heating of the day. we lose most of the showers overnight. we clear out. we're significantly cooler tomorrow morning. and then just a few showers tomorrow afternoon. not enough for a storm impact scale. friday is our driest day as we head into the weekend with another one light on the storm impact scale and the 50s for highs return. some 60s sunday and then the 70s start marching inland monday and then take over the bay also tuesday.
6:52 am
>> all right, thanks, mike. kaiser permenente will not build its headquarters in oakland after all. it was set to be near 22nd street. kaiser blames the move on delays and increa cancel the project is not related to covid-19. kaiser is oakland's largestpriv workers. kaiser plans to stay in its existing offices at seven east bay locations. thousands of people in the east bay are out of of the covid-19 pandemic. the number of californians applying for unemployment increased by 34% from the first week of march to the second week. and that outpaces the national increase during that same time by nearly 10%. if approved, the maximum benefit an applicant can receive is $450 a week.
6:53 am
>> really will only maybe take care of some supplementary bills but wouldn't come close to covering rent.eglati i se t one-week waiting period before workers are eligible for unemployment insurance and also loosens work search requirements since many employees will go back to their former employers once it reopens. costco is hitting shoppers in the pocketbook. it will not return supplies liks bottled water, rice and toilet paper. new limits on what can be bought along with the new rules for returns should hopefully put a real dent in hoarding. coming up next, the seven things you need to know today. >> as we head outside to break, let's see what we're looking at. beauty. i love it. it's nice to see the bay bridge from that exploratorium cam
6:54 am
when we face adversity, we find a way through it. it autak of eh he we're offering chevy owners services anddata. if you need a new chevy, interest-free financing for 84 months - with deferred payments for 120 days on many of our most popular models. you may even shop online and take delivery at home. it's just our way of doing our part...
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all right. it is 6:55. if your justecharles has tested positive for the coronavirus. a spokesman for his official royal residencece clarence hous said the 71-year-old is showing mild symptoms and is now self-isolating at a royal estate in scotland. congress and white house officials have reached a deal on the economic stimulus package. the $2 trillion deal includes one-time checks for americans and help for businesses. the senate will vote on it today. number three, a teenager with coronavirus has died in l.a. county. officials say more tests are needed before they determine the official cause of death. number four. the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the bay area has now topped 1,000. santa clara county continues to get hit hard. it's reported 16 deaths and 375 cases. that's more than double the cases in san mateo county, which is at 161. and number five. showers are up early this
6:57 am
morning. more showers and thunderstorms are possible later on this afternoon with the snow level down to around 3,000 feet. in fact, here's a look at 280 at 17. a shower roll through there and temperatures in the 50s today. number six. taking a live look showing you the san mateo bridge here. i just want to let you know that there are reports of standing water along 101 in the northbound direction in redwood city and now the bay bridge toll plaza here and remember no cash lanes in that area. and number seven. peeps have suspended production at its facilities in pennsylvania, but it shouldn't cause any problems for easter. the candy is still in stores because it was shipped well before production stopped. >> isn't that the best news you've heard, reggie? >> look. can't find toilet paper, can't find sanitizer. can't even buy a nintendo switch to entertain us nor can we find free weights to work out at home but peeps is there.
6:58 am
>> don't be mad. >> the two of you. >> they're
6:59 am
n? i'm in kind of a... yard off. ♪ rob! bill. [ chuckles ] follow me. make your yard the envy of the block this spring at lowe's. with savings on craftsman, scotts and honda. so you stay ahead of the pack.
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history funneling money to taxpayers, the unemployed and small businesses slammed by the coronavirus outbreak. president trump hoping for an easter miracle looking to ease restrictions across the nation in less than three weeks. >> easter is our timeline. what a great timeline. >> defying the nation's top health expert. >> you need to evaluate the feasibility of what you are trying to do. >> as officials sound a new alarm for new york city, now considered a high risk area. the governor concerned hospitals only have two weeks of critical supplies left. >> what am i going to do with


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