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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  April 3, 2020 3:12am-4:00am PDT

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china to get them. that's where the team bought a total of 1.7 million masks to help out the crisis. we've been reporting how this pandemic has been hitting close to home for so many including actor and comedian ali wentworth, wife of george stephanopoulos. she tested positive for covid-19, but ali has been feeling better and wanted to share her experience. >> first of all, thank you for all your well wishes. i have tested positive for covid-19. you know i'm feverish if i'm allowing myself to go on national television with no makeup on. i wanted to share with you my experience because i think it can be helpful for some people. first of all, i'll tell you right now that my girls are not with me. i'm quarantined in my own room. the only person that comes in is george. and so what started was, i had a real tightness in my chest.
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i was walking my dog, cooper. and i just felt very, very winded. and i assumed, of course, it was because i never work out and i'm out of shape. but it was too heavy for that. and i came home, wasn't feeling great. and it wasn't until the fever started that i realized, this can't be a common summer cold. i went and got tested. between the time i got tested, which was three days ago, and now, i've had high fevers, sort of 101, 103. i finished watching netflix. achy joints is a big thing. it feels like a really, really horrible flu. and you know, i'm still in it now, but i can tell you the things that help. tylenol. chicken soup. i took some hot baths when i had chills. and i have two dogs that sleep
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on my bed with me. so anyway, be safe, stay home. >> some good words there from ali. we are wishing her the best and a speedy recovery. those tips and information people need to know. >> oh my gosh, that's one thing i wanted to point out, we can learn. those of us who have not contracted covid-19, we can learn from what they are saying. the tightness in the chest, the fever, the achy joints. these are symptoms that are consistently being repeated by people who have contracted the virus. and also the fact that even ali says, the nights for her are the worst, and that's when chris ts e bad, yea >> liste ne saying it feels wor than the flu. just follow directions, oh lord. >> you're right. we should report george, our chief anchor and host of "gma," he says he's feeling physically fine, he's taking care of ali as well. we should see him later on
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"gma." i'm a big fan of ali wentworth. i've been following her since "in living color." that's the '90s. i get to work with her husband every day. coming up next half hour, do-it-yourself masks. how to make one with or without a sewing machine. first, our evolving understanding of the coronavirus. we're talking to one doctor about the new diagnostic tools being put into use. and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price. a price you can afford, a price that can't increase, and a price that fits your budget. i'm 54. alex, what's my price? you can get coverage for $9.95 a month. i'm 65 and take medications. what's my price? also $9.95 a month.
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welcome back. some new studies are sounding the alarm on just how the coronavirus is being spread and who is capable of spreading it. i spoke earlier with ucla's dr. david eisenman. the latest research says this virus can be spread simply by talking and breathing, not just coughing and sneezing. what should people know about this latest study? >> it's a bunch of studies all put together. so yes, we're also going to now be recommending that masks are no longer for sick people only. so it comes from a few studies that we're saying now you need to cover your mouth and nose whenever you go out of your house and into public. the studies show first that we know that many people can spread the virus even without having symptoms or before they have symptoms. and we also have found studies now that show that normal
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speaking generates lots of small spit droplets, really too small for the eye to see. and the virus is contained in that saliva that's dispersed when we talk. so this may partially explain how people without symptoms are spreading the disease in those studies. and it appears that a mask or even a cloth covering your mouth can stop this emission. so more and more cities are recommending that people wear a mask or a bandana or a scarf when they leave home and go out into public. i anticipate that the cdc might be recommending that very soon. and the goal here is to help reduce overall community transmission, to prevent people from emitting it out. not so much to prevent people from breathing it in. >> when it comes to testing, the president says he took a second test, it was much faster, it was much more pleasant, in his
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words. yesterday detroit became the first u.s. city to use what's being called rapid tests on first responders, medical professionals, and city workers, what do we need to know about this new testing? >> this new testing can detect the virus pretty quickly. it runs on a much smaller machine, about the size of a toaster. that a lot of doctors' offices have now because they use it for strep tests and flu tests. and the doctor takes a swab from the nose or the back of the throat and inserts it into the machine. and the results are available anywhere between five and 15 minutes later, so it's very rapid. test. one t we don't really how accurate it is. the current tests that take a lot longer to get back give falsely negative results about 30% of the time. so it will be very important to see if this does better than that. but any kind of testing, as long as it's reasonably good
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accuracy, is a really important thing to have out there. >> it appears allergy season raised the paranoia exponentially during this pandemic. how can people tell the difference between allergies and the coronavirus? >> so there are some overlaps, but there are some real distinctions. first of all, allergies tend to cause some itchiness. itchy nose, itchy ears, itchy throat, itchy, watery, puffy eyes. so that's not really a coronavirus thing. also, some people do get occasional sneezing with coronavirus, allergies give you bouts of sneezing. if you're not sure, you can do some other things. first of all, you can look online. if the pollen count is not up and you don't have the symptoms i talked about, maybe it's not allergies and you should call your doctor. >> our thanks to dr. eisenman. people have joked, allergy season, it ain't your time. not today, not tomorrow.
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>> leave me alone when i sneeze in this corner. >> no, i will never do that. ix. no, i l never do that. the mix is next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ insomniacs, you ready? >> it's time for "the mix." i said we're going to have a special guest. she's got the coronavirus mask on. >> she does. >> she's staying safe. we'll get to her in just a minute. >> we will. we want to get to a guy who he loves his mama so much. she was in a senior care facility, and because they are on lockdown he wasn't able to see her. and ohioans, they're not ones to give up very easily. >> no. >> he decided he was going to get a bucket drop. >> whoa! >> and social distance himself to the top. >> do whatever you got to do to see mama, how about that? >> we love to see it. >> i do. should we get to beyonce now? and the fact that we love to use cutouts on "world news now."
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that's not the real beyonce, everybody. >> what? >> a couple in michigan, they were getting married. so many big events had to cancel because of this pandemic. this michigan couple decided to use cutouts for their guests. 160 invited guests. they didn't want the pews to be empty so they put cutouts there. so big congratulations to dan and amy in michigan. beyonce, i hope you're staying safe as well. keep that face covered. you're a national treasure, we love you. and it's "polka" time. ♪ politics and foreign wars all the weather all the scores odig'sleep you lack doka ♪lka ♪ ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing
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this morning on "world news now," the crisis in america. deaths from the coronavirus rising by about 1,000 a day. in new york critical supplies are running dangerously low and the state soon won't have enough ventilators for all who need one. hot spots emerging across the u.s. the new warnings. as leaders urge people to wear masks and face coverings, can you make your own? oprah and stedman reunited. her long-time partner released from self-imposed isolation after two weeks. >> their touching words to each other later in "the skinny." it's friday, april 3rd.
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stedman got more than a hug and a kiss from oprah when he got out of that quarantine. can you believe that? >> what did he get? >> i'll tell you in "the skinny," how about that? >> he got the teeth. we begin with increasingly desperate cries for help as the war on the coronavirus rages on with scarce supplies on hand. >> across the globe more than 1 million people have now been infected, one-quarter of those here in the u.s. president trump is not among them. for the second time he tested negative saying he took the new 15-minute test to see how fast the results will come back. new yorkers are now being urged to wear nonmedical masks, bandanas, or other face coverings when they venture outdoors. >> meanwhile the economic fallout is mind-blowing. nearly 10 million people have applied for unemployment benefits in the past two weeks. 1,000 a day, now topping 6,000. this morning an urgent new appeal for help in new york
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city. >> if a person comes in and needs a ventilator and you don't have a ventilator, the person dies. that's the blunt equation here. >> reporter: with more than hospitals in the city, intensive care units say they're running dangerously low on supplies. >> right now we have a burn rate that would suggest we have about six days in the stockpile. >> reporter: it comes amid growing concern that many ventilators provided by the federal government are not working. and here, another sign of the urgent need. this makeshift hospital recently built for noncoronavirus patients in a manhattan convention center has now been approved to take virus patients. doctors say a navy hospital ship that arrived in new york this week has not been much of a help, taking only 20 patients as of thursday night. hospitals say transferring
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patients to the ship is proving to be cumbersome. still, doctors say, even if they're able to get more ventilators, there's still other essential equipment in short supply. >> you're going to go in to intubate a patient, and at this time you need to be fully prepared with our ppe. face shield or eye covers. n-95 masks with another mask on top. impermeable gown. gloves. topicals. >> reporter: meanwhile, a new move to stop the spread of the virus. new york is now following los angeles, urging people to wear nonmedical masks or face coverings in public. >> we don't want you to use the kinds of masks that our first responders need, that our health care workers need. >> reporter: soon the white house is expected to issue similar guidance for more americans. with masks in growing demand, the feds are launching a new crackdown on people hoarding supplies. in brooklyn agents seized nearly 1 million masks, gloves, and gowns from a man accused of gouging doctors and nurses. >> there is a black market springing up that you have
3:34 am
described where we have people bid against each other. >> reporter: the government stopping people making big money by sending supplies overseas. we are going to crack down unmercifully. i would say to the hoarders, the people trying to make money off the misery of people, that's got to stop. >> now using the law ordering the company to produce more masks for americans who need them. 3m did not immediately comment. more than 90% of the country is under stay-at-home orders aimed at slowing the spread of the virus. as new hot spots come into view, experts at the white house are making it clear more cooperation is needed to flatten the curve. abc's kimberly brooks has the details. >> reporter: new york is no doubt the epicenter of covid-19 in the u.s. but as each day passes, a new reality, more hot spots >> what changes the curve is a new detroit, a new chicago, a
3:35 am
new new orleans, a new colorado. we're watching very carefully, because we see that you can go from this to this very quickly. >> reporter: why the spikes? it comes down to who was still moving around in recent days. this "new york times" map shows the country color coded by who was allowed to travel just last week. those gray areas are places where stay-at-home orders were already in place. but those areas of red? business as usual. from state officials late to restrict travel. georgia finally issued its stay-at-home order wednesday. the governor making this shocking statement yesterday. >> what we've been telling people from directives from the cdc for weeks now, that if you start feeling bad, stay home. those individuals could have been infecting people before they ever felt bad. well, we didn't know that until the last 24 hours. >> reporter: but the cdc warned about that risk months ago. one rural area of georgia is
3:36 am
erupting with cases. >> just shows you, you know, you're not safe in rural america, small, urban. this isn't just for the big cities, it's for all the united states. >> reporter: in louisiana, this sobering chart showing cases soaring to nearly 10,000, a 42% jump in one day. in volusia county, florida, northeast of orlando, beaches were still open until last night. florida has reported a 27% increase in its death toll in one day. and growing concern in colorado. the governor writing a letter to vice president pence saying the crisis is far worse than he imagined, and saying colorado's death rate is rising faster than any other state. experts are also closely watching texas. houston in particular is reporting a spike in the number of patients needing ventilators. kenneth, mona? >> all right, kimberly, thank you. the trump administration says americans will start seeing money from the $2 trillion stimulus program in the next two weeks, but that's only if you've previously done direct deposit or tax refund in the past.
3:37 am
about 80 million americans have not. a web portal is being set up for people to connect with the irs. mailed checks will likely take months. the trump organization is reportedly losing more than $1 million in revenue every day during this virus outbreak according to the "wall street journal." and the "new york times" reports the company is exploring if it can delay payments on some of its loans and other obligations. and two retail giants are taking new steps to protect customers and workers from the coronavirus. starting today a membership card will only get two people into costco at the same time. the chain is already restricting the number of shoppers inside a store. meanwhile, target is also limiting the number of people in stores. the retailer is also providing disposable face masks and gloves to workers. we know how the humans feel about sheltering in place but your pet may need social distancing as well. >> the extra chaos may be stressing out your dog or cat. experts suggest creating people-free zones so they can cope. keep your eye out for any
3:38 am
abnormal behavior. >> i saw a meme just yesterday, it was a cat, it was like, barbara, when are you getting out of my house? why are you here so much? >> oh my gosh, i can only imagine. for certain animals it might be like, oh, we never see you, thank you. for some animals it might be like, this was my time. >> experts say, if you're there too much, your pet's going to be clingy. once you go back to work the pet's like, where'd you go? why'd you leave it? things could happen. that's why i think it's a good tip of like, maybe putting them in a human-free zone for just a little bit here throughout the day. >> i know my neighbors are having issues because i swear they have like great danes in one-bedroom apartments. good luck, susan. >> good luck with those great danes. coming up, ideas for making your own mask. first, how being a first responder is second nature to sean penn and his family. what the actor is saying this morning about his two kids
3:39 am
working at a drive-thru testing site. later in "the skinny," home sweet home. see who just moved into this mega mansion. >> it's me. >> it's very easy to social distance in that thing.
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you are looking at a you are looking at a coronavirus testing site in los angeles. the popup locations called core sites for community organized relief efforts focusing on the city's homeless community. c.o.r.e. is the nonprofit founded by sean penn but the organization is a family affair. the oscar winner's daughter and son, 28 and 26, are both active. they're hoping c.o.r.e. take over testing in cities in their hometown. they tell abc's matt gutman there are concerns but it was what they were born to do. >> you have two kids. are you concerned about this? >> we joke the dna of our family is, emergency is our happy place. both my kids work in the hot zone. they are service oriented and there was no keeping them off it.
3:43 am
>> c.o.r.e. expects to process thousands of tests each day. turning to another group of heroes working in hot zones across america, those tireless health care workers. this morning we're hearing growing cries for help as they increasingly don't have the tools to help them fight this invisible enemy. >> please help us. we need your help. >> reporter: this morning, pleas for help from the frontlines where health care workers say the lack of protective gear is putting their lives at risk. >> why are we asking nurses to enter rooms with reused masks? >> reporter: doctors and nurses in new york say they're being told to reuse not only critical masks but everyday supplies like gowns. >> every day when i go to work, i feel like a sheep going to slaughter. my colleagues and i are writing our last will and testament. >> reporter: it's not just hospital workers dealing with massive shortages. the union representing thousands of nursing employees has issued a plea saying long-term living
3:44 am
facilities are not getting the same attention as hospitals, calling themselves the forgotten frontlines. a nursing home worker north of chicago who wished to stay anonymous tells abc news, quote, we don't have anything, not even hand sanitizer. we're told if we want to wear masks, we had to bring our own. in georgia the state is investigating possible outbreaks at 47 nursing homes. the national guard is cleaning facilities near atlanta. in colorado, where 10 nursing homes are reporting an outbreak, gretchen gordon says wearing a mask can sometimes make her job more difficult, especially when treating patients with dementia. >> so this is an interesting shift for me, because sometimes the wife forgets that the coronavirus is a thing. and she'll, you know, freak out that i have a mask on. it makes her uncomfortable. >> reporter: in new york hospital workers already facing dire shortages are sharing this
3:45 am
warning. >> if frontline caregivers are sick or dying, there won't be anyone left to take care of the public. >> and new york governor said that 20,000 have offered to help. >> an incredible group of people. "the skinny" is next. 20,000 have offered to help. >> an incredible group of people. "the skinny" is next. that you can feel good about using in your home to deliver a light, natural-smelling freshness. febreze one neutralizes stale, stuffy odors and releases a subtle hint of fragrance like bamboo or lavender & eucalyptus. to eliminate odors with no heavy perfumes, try febreze one. brand power. helping you buy better.
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♪ skinny just gimme the skinny ♪ skinny just gimme the skinny time now for "the skinny" starting with the celebrity quarantine update. take it away, mona. >> yeah, after being banished to their guesthouse, stedman graham -- i just found out stedman has a last name -- is back in the big house with oprah. stedman had been traveling before arriving at the start of the pandemic, so he decided to protect oprah by self-isolating for 14 days. >> the happy couple reunited in a video posted on the queen of all media's instagram account. stedman greeted by oprah herself in a song by two former students from the oprah winfrey
3:48 am
leadership academy for girls. oprah asked m, bet you appreciate us more now. to which stedman replied, i appreciated you before, honey. >> good reply. graham reportedly did not have the virus, by the way. next to the premiere we'd all been waiting for. >> dolly parton premiered the first episode of her series "good night with dolly" reading "the little engine that could." >> puff, puff, chug, chug, went the little blue engine. i think i can, i think i can, i think i can, i think i can, i think i can, i think i can. >> i'm waiting for someone to remix that into a song. i think i can, i think i can. parton read the story last night to a live audience of more than 200,000. her story time will be streamed on facebook every thursday at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> i love dolly doing this, reading to us. again, it's for the kids and the adults. especially when you can do that remix.
3:49 am
somebody should remix that. all right, so next, mona, can you hear what the rock is rapping to you? >> oh, yes, i can, because dwayne "the rock" johnson posted a video to instagram sharing his own hand washing song with his youngest little baby, baby tia, a rap version of his song "you're welcome" from the "muana" song track. >> i can explain every natural phenomenon. what's the lesson what is the takeaway now the breakaway and the tapestry here on my -- >> johnson said in his caption, stay healthy and safe my friends. i've actually got a question for the rock. how do you keep that towel on so tight? >> um, we're all wondering that. >> i have a hard time, i'm like -- keeping it on, it's got to be all -- you know. what size towel is that, rock? >> we have so many questions about that towel. >> an extra extra extra extra
3:50 am
large. >> i went through the comments too and it's a bunch of moms like, you go, rock, so cute. we all love it. it's the content we love to see in quarantine. next to tom brady's new digs. >> tampa bay's newest buccaneer has reportedly just landed his family into a sprawling 30,000 square foot mansion on a private island built by derek jeter. >> it is too early for me to be feeling this broke. it is the perfect size for brady, wife gisele bundchen, and their three kids. is it the perfect size? seven bedrooms, nine baths, a billiard room that wraps around a swimming pool. >> similar homes rent for about $7500 per month. and because we are nosey here at "world news now," we can report the home's tax bill for last year was nearly $227,000. that's public record. >> am i the only person who wants to go in west philadelphia born and raised. >> why? >> because it looks like the house from bel air. no? >> i think this one's much
3:51 am
bigger. >> oh, it's much bigger. finally we are going to end the week like we started it, talking about coronavirus and the "tiger king." "tiger king" mania has apparently gripped the sylvester stallone household. >> the "rambo" star joined his wife and three daughters in dressing up like the subjects in the netflix hit true crime docuseries. >> sly himself dressed up like jeff lowe, and it was daughter sofia who took on the role of exotic and his other daughters. >> stallone captioned the pic "tiger king" fever has taken over. >> we've got somebody here behind the scenes. kim, she's one of our amazing extraordinaire editors, does als shsaoi to beskinorallowe.
3:52 am
>> oh, we need to see that. >> halloween needs to be now, i need to see that now. >> it's what we have to look forward to these days, right?
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and eliminate odors for 1200 hours. ♪breathe happy febreze... ♪la la la la la. ♪ yeah 'cause he's back he's the man behind the mask ♪ increasingly the man behind the mask is all of us. >> with the new guidelines, what can you do if you can't get your hands on an actual mask? well, with that answer is will ganss. good morning. >> hey, good morning, mona, kenneth. the mayor of los angeles recommending everyone there wear a face covering in public, and new york city's mayor saying the same thing. if you're looking to make your own face covering, there's some easy hacks you should know about and some to avoid.
3:56 am
in a time when everyone's desperate for masks, it turns out you may not need to be as creative as you think. but you do need to do something. >> we're advising viewers to wear a face covering when you go outside and will be near other people. so let's be clear. this is a face covering. >> reporter: new york and beyond instituting new guidelines. we shouldn't be wearing the kinds of masks our frontliners so desperately need, but a face covering of some kind. like the kind you can make at home. the basic pattern is not new. two layers of fabric, three folds, elastic to go around the ears. without guidance from cdc, let's go with that plan. if you have a sewing machine, great. in less than a day, this diy mask tutorial racking up 50,000 views. >> it's so easy, anybody can make them. >> you can hand sew one, it just takes a little longer. jeremy howard, a research scientist at university of san francisco, says there's some things to keep in mind. >> there's two things to be aware of when it comes to picking a material. the first is breakability.
3:57 am
and the second is, does it stop liquid? iversity study from 2009 tested the efficiency of homemade masks. and it turns out household products like dish towels and vacuum bags are actually usable. from their analysis, there are many fabric types that will work. if sewing is completely out of the question, which let's be honest -- >> we're going to fold this over -- >> in the, it's better than nothing category, this hair tie and folded cloth option will suffice in a pinch. so if you are making your own mask at home, some advice. be sure to use different fabrics on the front and the back so that when you take it on and off, you know which side should face your mouth when you put it back on. remember to wash them. above all, of course, health officials say nothing works better than social distancing and washing your hands. >> that's for sure. >> yeah, i feel like i'm going to take the biggest scarf i have and wrap it all the way around my face. >> lenny kravitz style. >> and go out in public. that's the way it is right now. >> it is what it is. >> they call us essential personnel, can you believe that, will?
3:58 am
>> i'll take it.
3:59 am
4:00 am
breaking news in america this morning, the coronavirus emergency forcing new york city to take new action. now urging all residents to cover their faces in public.w r suggesting the virus may spread just by breathing or talking to someone. plus, the growing list of virus hot spots from the south to the rocky mountains. one governor now saying this is far worse than he imagined. a new order from president trump overnight as more hospitals plead for medical masks and ventilators. federal agents now cracking down on people hoarding supplies. meanwhile, the u.s. treasury makes a new promise to the millions of americans waiting


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