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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 9, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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and some advice from america's leading expert on covid-19. dr. anthony fauci thinks we should not shake hands to say heghendemic, t thursday, april 9th. i'll give you a peace sign, kumasi. >> is this even too much. fist bump too much? >> fist bump is still touching. >> i'll do the wave. well, hi, friends. hi, mike, how are you? >> i'm doing all right. i still want to go back and do the reggie. why not. he was brilliant. he was ahead of the curve. being a trend setter, as usual. you have anything else for us? >> i try. i'm going to keep on thinking. >> fantastic. all right. we appreciate that. that's what we need. everybody working towards a common goal of being healthy. hi, 6:00 saiupn thnto start wit
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doppler 7 and pretty cloudy outside and we have some rain but mainly staying around the monterey bay right now as that area of low pressure. the fifth day consecutive day it will have an influence on our weather. brought us a little drizzle you can see near the golden gate and up into marin county. watch out 1 and 101 is a little wet or are a little wet. let's talk about our day planner and what you see are just cloudy conditions and temperatures below average, even though we're mild this morning. low to mid-50s we stay at the 50s at the coast and low to mid-60s else where. promise you some sunshine in the weekend forecast coming up. reggie? >> thanks, mike. developing this morning, fremont police are investigating the city's first homicide of the year. this happened in the lucky supermarket parking lot around 7:30 last night. investigators say the victim was in the parking lot with friends when an suv pulled up. the victim got out of his car and got into a fight with someone in the suv. a person in the suv ended up opening fire and then taking off. it's not clear exactly what led up to this fight.
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abc 7 news reporter julian glover is at the scene and he'll have a live report coming up in the next half hour. now, to the latest coronavirus headlines. in the last half hour, we got those much-anticipated numbers from the labor department and here's where we stand. 6.6 million americans filed for unemployment last week. so, that brings the total over the past three weeks to more than 16 million of us out of work. dr. anthony fauci was on "good morning america" and we're beginning to see the flattening of the curve. there could be 60,000 deaths in the country, instead of the 100,000 initially projected. here in the bay area, the total number of people testing positive for covid-19 in the bay area and santa cruz county has surpassed 4,300 people. some of those people getting infected are at hayward nursing home and that is causing a lot of concern. six people have already died and dozens of others have confirmed cases. this is happening at gateway
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care and rehabilitation center on patrick avenue in hayward and abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield has more on this outbreak. amy? >> hi, reggie. as you know, this is a real issue for nursing homes this virus. but this is the worst we have seen. six deaths at one center here in the bay area. the mortuary workers had to wear hazmat suits as they went inside the building to recover the bodies. six people have died here at the gateway care and rehabilitation center in hayward. 53 other people here have tested positive for the coronavirus. that's patients and staff. we talked to one man whose grandmother is here. he came by to check on her >> it'sime right now . because my grandmother is up in age, but she's doing well. she doesn't have a fever. just the regular aches and pains that an 85-year-old would have. but just hard that we're not
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getting information. >> he was very frustrated at the lack of information. he didn't know about the six deaths. he said he heard about that from us, not from the care facility. so, not knowing what all is going on has just added to his concerns and other family members, as well. we did reach out to the management team here for comment, but we have not heard back. reporting live in hayward, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. all right. thank you, amy. who is ready for some good news because i know i am. for many americans stimulus checks are on the way. yes. and, could be in your bank so,ap ns soon asda you. 50 to 60 million taxpayers will begin receiving the extra money to pay rent, groceries and other bills next week. some experts say possibly today or tomorrow. the first group includes people who have already given their
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bank account information to the internal revenue service. if you do not yet or if you did not yet file a 2019 return, the irs is using information from your 2018 tax filing to calculate the payment. the next wave of money could come as soon as the week of april 20th. kumasi, i hope some people get this money and have a little something to smile about when you open up that bank app. >> yes, deposit cleared. all right. thanks, jobina. well, there is new guidance that attempts to get essential workers back on the job faster after being exposed to someone with covid-19. the cdc now says that if a worker is symptom free, they can go back to work before 14 days. >> what cdc has done is that we looked at the essential workforce and how to maintain that workforce, particularly at this time as w to reopen and ha confidence and bringing our workforces back to work. >> the cdc director says employees should take their
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temperature before they go to work. they should wear a face mask at all times. social distance at work and if you're sick just go home. the strategic national stockpile is almost out of n95 masks. surgical masks, face shields, gowns and other supplies. the house overnight committee released documents showing about 90% of all the personal protective equipment has been distributed to state and local governments. that remaining 10% being held for federal workers. this has left states to come up with their own coming up with equipment. governor newsom pledging to buy 200 million masks a month for front line workers. in the south bay, people and businesses with a stockpile of personal protective equipment are being asked to report it to santa clara county. this is a new order from the health department. county officials say they have a pretty good supply right now and they're preparing for a possible shortage ahead. they're ordering anyone with a ventilator or a certain amount of ppe including gloves, n95
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masks and surgical masks to respond by next wednesday. well, one reason california can flatten the curve early is that we may have built up immunity. we're going to share this new study from stanford that is looking at just how long coronavirus may have been in the state. and passover goes high tech. a look at the celebrations in the bay area during our shelter in place. and here's a sneak peek at the weekend forecast. look at how much warmer it is going to be. we'll talk about how we get there and how there is a slight chance of rain in the forecast before t
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in this time of crisis we run with them, toward those in need. we are 7,000 doctors, nurses, pharmacists and therapists supporting their efforts on the ground and virtually. and just as we are by their side, we're by yours, too. with answers to your most pressing questions and expert advice at and expert advice there are times when our need to connect really matters. to keep customers and employees in the know.
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to keep business moving. comcast business is prepared for times like these. powered by the nation's largest gig-speed network. to help give you the speed, reliability, and security you need. tools to manage your business from any device, anywhere. and a team of experts - here for you 24/7. we've always believed in the power of working together. that's why, when every connection counts... you can count on us. all right. welcome back. it's about ten minutes after 6:00 on a thursday. we'll start with some neighborhood temperatures on the peninsula where it's cloudy on the bay side and a lot of mid-50s there. but it's foggy on the ocean side
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and temperatures right around 50 degrees. that fog will linger for at least through 9:30, 10:00. you can see temperatures else where in the low to mid-50s a very mild morning. let's talk about being outside today. spotty drizzle this morning and a spotty shower this afternoon and definitely going to be cool. you'll need the jacket. look at the lack of sunshine until the afternoon hours in the north bay. more sunshine than the rest of us and mid-60s for a couple hours. east bay mostly cloudy most of the day and get to 63 at 3:00. little sunshine by 7:00 and 61 and the cloud cover pretty stubborn in san francisco as we reach 61 at 3:00 and down to 58 under mostly cloudy sky at 7:00. let's turn over to jobina and find out what the essential workers are dealing with this morning. hi, jobina. >> hi, mike. thank you very much. good morning, everyone. overall, still, ood news for our essential commuters and i should say our essential workers who are also essential
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commuters. the big point i want to make note of is vta light rail service. it is returning today. 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every 30 minutes. no fares because they want to keep passengers away from the drivers. there was a trainee that did test positive for covid-19 two weeks ago. they shut the system down and that is back open today. as we look live outside right now. we can see the clear roads, again, for everybody. just an overall nice shot of the bay bridge that i will leave you with this morning. reggie? >> all right, jobina. one of the most interesting stories of the morning. scientists at stanford university are testing a theory that many of us here in the bay area were exposed to coronavirus many months ago when we didn't know what it was. that could help explain why california hasn't had as many cases as we are seeing overwhelm new york. here's a graph at what is happening in our state. 14 bay area and surrounding counties. one senior fellow at stanford's
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hoover institution thinks it's possible coronavirus has been in our state since the fall. victor hanson says in the fall, doctors reported an early and vicious flu season. during that time, the state was welcoming as many as 8,000 chinese visitors daily at our airports. >> something is going on that we haven't quite found out yet. when you calculate, as well, that there were people on direct flights to san francisco and lax from wuhan, ground zero of the otbreak. you'd be naive to think that the california population wasn't exposed. >> so, if that's the case, that means a portion of our cld n may ausal her immunity. a stanford study is looking further into this possibility. the conclusions are expected to be published in a few weeks. >> that is actually really
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interesting. i want to to see what comes out of that. >> it could mean a bunch of us walking around that already have had it and didn't even know that we had it. i'm crossing my fingers that is the case. even in times of unpredictable, the cast of "full house" is bringing joy to fans. the video they posted on social media. also, after the need for social distancing is over, elbow bumps may be here to stay. dr. anthony fauci explains
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abc 7 news. passover is going high tech because of the shelter in place, people are having to celebrate in a different way with many families connecting virtually for the first time. passover signal one of the most sacred holidays. tell the story of the exodus from egypt. they celebrate their freedom and gather in groups for the passover seder. instead of sitting across the
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table, it is happening on screens. >> not going anywhere. not socializing. nobody coming in and completely just isolated at home. >> many temples in the bay area are providing passover kits and businesses in san francisco are dishing out nearly 300 free passover seder plates. right now we're all avoiding hand shaking as we maintain social distance, but dr. anthony fauci suggests for good even when the pandemic is finally over. >> people have raised their eyebrows when i said it. viral diseases that are respiratory born where people touch their face and shake hands ust ho off on that for a while. >> dr. fauci added that not only would it prevent the spread of coronavirus, but it would probably decrease instances of influenza dramatically here in the u.s.
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i'm down. >> i'm into it, too. if you have ever been in a men's bathroom, you know. >> friend. >> mike, back me up on this. >> yeah. i'm with reggie. >> that is disturbing. >> that's why we won't say any more about it. >> thanks, friends. i trust you. >> all right. >> all right. so, here's to elbows and bowing. let's talk about what is going on weather wise. goodern morning. we'll use this beautiful shot of 87 as the backdrop for the accuweather highlights. isolated drizzle this morning and isolated showers this afternoon. raition to sunshine tomorrow and average temperatures and then we just keep on going as we head through the weekend and into next week. here's a look at today. 58. that's our cool spot at half moon bay where we have 66 at fremont, san jose, concord,
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antioch, santa rosa some of our warm spots and 61 cooler in san francisco. tonight a little bit cooler with not as much cloud cover mid-40s to low 50s. here's a look at future radar and you can see the showers getting ever so close to us, but mainly staying south of us until you see a few spotty showers develop as we head towards the afternoon and early evening hours in the south bay. the last chunk of energy rotate around that area to our south and then tomorrow watch the clouds start to move a little bit more from north to south and that's some drier air coming in as high pressure takes over. if you get caught under one of these showers, don't expect a lot of rain. about 0.01 and maybe just a little bit more. have our app handy for one more day to track those showers and then tracking where the sunshine is and especially if it's over your house as you try to get outside unlike last weekend where mother nature made us stay inside.tempting, but,
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remember, do your best for social distancing. it's going to be nice next week. >> yeah, sounds it. let's check in with our friend ginger zee. >> with a live look at what is coming up on "gma" at 7:00. >> pretty special here on "gma" and get into the grim numbers. the highest death toll day in new york as social distancing and some of the other measures we're taking are working to flatten the curve. the white house task force member dr. anthony fauci is going to join us this morning to discuss what's next. also this morning, the new jobless numbers are out. now you've seen them and reporting on them. we know that 6.6 million americans more on top of what already have filed for unemployment. we're going to show you how some people are getting creative to make ends meet. maybe you'll find a little
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something that could help you and bring in some extra money. plus, celebrating a day of hope teaming up with feeding america to raise awareness of how families in need of snow can find help. what those of us in a position to help can do. so many people are pitching in from celebrities to your neighbors and your friends and hopefully you and i this morning on "gma." reggie and kumasi. >> i'm so glad we're doing this. we'll see you then, ginger. thank you. there is concern growing over security and privacy on zoom. and another tech company has stopped using the video conferencing platform for meetings. ndetoued on a morning along the embarcadero. hope you're already getting off to a good start today. we'll be right back. lately, i've discovered that while keeping safe and staying in, we can still go out! -sort of. so while you're discovering new things to do in the box, we'll be here for you...
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at the drive-thru, on the mobile app, and with delivery.
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while keeping safe and staying in, we can still go out! -sort of. so while you're discovering new things to do in the box, we'll be here for you... at the drive-thru, on the mobile app, and with delivery. welcome back. 6:22 on a thursday.
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latest drought information out and our rains were beneficial over the weekend and this week. the drought nothing changed here in the bay area. even more beneficial down in so cal with the abnormally dry area that was taking over most of so cal shrunk back to 68%. there's some good news. let's get over to kumasi for more news. warriors star steph curry took his time to show appreciation for oakland nurses on facetime. he heard about nurse shelby delaney on the front lines and decided to make a call. >> thank you so much. i know you guys have very important work to do. we have so many people praying for you, rooting for you and i know as things continue to go, hopefully everybody take care of the responsibility and the person's responsibility to end this thing sooner than later.
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>> so, shelby and the staff at the summit medical center in oakland were all wearing their warriors gear and they, of course, thanked steph for calling. the steep drop in air travel because of coronavirus is hitting a new low. take a look right now at san francisco international airport live this morning. get this, less than than 100,000 people went through airport checkpoints which is down 95% from last year and actually the lowest number since the tsa started keeping track back in the '50s. there was no air travel for a few days after 9/11, but people got back on planes a few months after. it shows a slower recovery this time. hotels hit hard, too. new data is finding 80% of hotel rooms in the u.s. are empty right now. only 20% were occupied between march 29th and april 4th. analysts believe that occupancy may drop even more as people continue to follow stay-at-home
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orders. another company is banning zoom over privacy concerns. google is now telling its employees they can't use the app on their phones or on their laptops any more. according to buzz feed google sent an e-mail out last week citing security vulnerabilities and told them the zoom app would stop working for them this week. google has it own video conferencing app and it was called hangouts and now called meet. facing scrutiny over privacy. you may have heard of zoom bombing where they gained access and aimed to disrupt it. costco is showing love for our health care workers and first responders during this pandemic. they're going to allow them to get to t they're letting these folks police officers, paramedics, firefighters and health care workers skip the long lines and get in first. costco says all you need to do is show a membership card and your official i.d. and get
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priority access into the store. disney plus is nearing its global subscriber goal four years early. the streaming service has 50 million paid subscribers, just five months after it launched. initially, it thought it would reach 60 to 90 million by 2024. but disney plus is a lot more popular than they thought, especially once they got a bump from ncountries like uk, german recently. of course, disney is the parent company of abc 7 news. new at 6:00, a san francisco reunion of sorts. six cast members of "full house" have reunited remotely with a spoof of the show's opening. ♪ so the video was posted yesterday on instagram, tiktok and twitter. they all perform their
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quarantine activity and the message stay safe and stay home. good advice for all of us. so funny. >> that is cute. well, coming up next at 6:30. millions more americans are unemployed. the latest statistics from the labor department. and our mission to flatten the curve appears to be working. we're going to hear from dr. anthony fauci. he shows us signs of progress. some of disney's secret recipes have been
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now your health, your safety. this is abc 7 news. fremont police are investigating their first homicide of the year. a shooting in a supermarket parking lot. and aern wai warning for peo are exercising outdoors while social distancing. six feet might not be enough space. we're taking a live look at the opening bell as wall street opens for business on this thursday. there it is. this morning the labor
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department announced 6.6 million more of us have filed for unemployment. of course, we'll be keeping an eye on the big board to see how wall street reacts. kne good morning on this thursday, april 9th. >> first, check in with mike for a look at the forecast. good morning, mike. >> reggie, jobina, kumasi. day five influencing our weather as it spins down along socal bringing heavy snow in their mountains which is great. we need more. here's a look at the cloud cover over top of us and little bit of rain, but mainly down to the south. we have patches of drizzle out there. so, a little damp and it's a little mild with temperatures in the low to even 57 in oakland. low to upper 50s. this afternoon we'll stay in the upper 50s at the coast while the rest of us hit low to mid-60s. the coolest day moving forward. the warm weekend forecast coming up. here's kumasi. developing news in the east
6:31 am
bay, fremont police are searching for the gunman who committed the city's first homicide of the year. it happened in a parking lot at the lucky supermarket on mary avenue. julian glover is joining us live from the scene. julian. >> good morning, kumasi. one of the last places we can go in the middle of this coronavirus lockdown. now the latest homicide and the first one in fremont and detectives here in fremont need your help locating the suspect. he's a man with a buzzed hair cut, 20s, 30s, got away in this dark colored older model suv after shooting a man in this parking lot here at lucky supermarket. it happened around 7:21 last night here in the parking lot. witnesses saying the victim was in the parking lot with his friend and got into an argument with a man in an suv. that's when the attacker shot and injured the victim and then sped off. police and an ambulance were called but 30 minutes later, the victim was pronounced dead at a
6:32 am
local trauma center. his cousin actually showed up to lucky where he was shot and killed last night. >> he's a really good guy. very passionate. very loving. very hard working. he has a family. he recently just got engaged. >> no info on the victim so far and no motive for the shooting. again, this is fremont's first homicide. you can see the parking lot where i'm standing this morning and the supermarket is continuing to fill up. no crime scene tape. business as usual. fremont detectives want to hear from you if you saw something last night. your tips can remain anonymous when you text tip fremont pd to 888-777. they'd love to hear from you this morning those detectives. reporting live in fremont, julian glover, abc 7 news. now to our coverage of the coronavirus pandemic. the total number of people
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testing positive for covid-19 in the bay area and santa cruz county has surpassed 4,300. the very latest reports show that three more people passed away in santa clara county, increasing the total deaths there in the bay area to 116. at least 46 people have died from coronavirus in the south bay where there are nearly 1,400 cases. san francisco has the second most cases with 676. alameda county reported 40 more cases yesterday and now has 674. further north, lake county is reporting its third case in mendocino county. cases are holding steady at 4 and three of those four are recovered. jobina. >> at the live desk, i'm looking at how social distancing may already be paying off. new models show the projected death toll may be lower than expected. instead of 90 or 100,000 deaths, it could be 60,000.
6:34 am
white house task force member dr. anthony fauci is on "good morning america" and hopes to see a bend in the curve by late april. while this is good news, americans should assume the virus will continue even during the summer months. >> what we need to do is make sure that we don't let up on those mitigation. those physical separation programs. because if we do, that can just bounce back again. so, even though it's good news and encouraging, we have to make sure that i always say we keep our foot on the accelerator when it comes >> he also believes new researc prly thought. te here.. flso said morninge that americans have the potential, want to emif assipha the potential to have a summer,
6:35 am
a real, normal summer with vacations and everything like that, if we continue these mitigation strategies. we don't want to undo what we've already done, so we just need to keep working hard on that, reggie. and ahopefully, that gave me a bit of hope when i heard him say that. >> yes. i would say, very cautiously optimistic with that one. all right. jobina, thank you. now, we're going to turn to a hayward nursing home that has become a hot zone for coronavirus cases. already six people have died. dozens more at this home have been infected by coronavirus. this is all happening at gateway care and rehabilitation center on patrick avenue in hayward. that's where we find amy amy? >> now breaking news from the abc 7 live desk. >> at the live desk, i'm looking at another surge in unemployment
6:36 am
claims. the u.s. labor department released the jobless claims over an hour ago. here's what we're looking at. 6.6 million people filed for unemployment. that's more than 16 million claims in the past three weeks. 10% of the u.s. labor force is now out of work. economists are expecting job losses will continue with the unemployment rate peaking somewhere in the double digits some time in the next few months. if that is the case, it could take at least a couple of years for unemployment to return to its prepandemic levels. kumasi, i'll send it over to you. >> thank you. berkeley is turning off those pedestrian push buttons in nearly 50 intersections. surfaces that get touched a lot and can create the chance of spreading coronavirus. the walk signs will cycle through automatically now and special push buttons for the visually impaired will still work. governor newsom is asking the state legislature to approve almost $1.5 billion to buy personal protective equipment for front line workers.
6:37 am
part of that money will go to acquire the 200 million masks that he announced tuesday night. state lawmakers have to approve some of that money by tomorrow as a down payment to obtain the masks. california is also getting technology to sterilize up to 80,000 n95 masks a day. more san francisco families are receiving laptops so their kids who attend san francisco public schools can start e distance learning on monday. the problem has been getting these families internet service, but it looks like there are some solutions in the works. san francisco unified school district has now been in contact with high-speed internet companies that are providing either free or low-cost service to the neediest families. the second plan is to place superspots in some neighborhoods that connections that same time. 1,500 hot spots have also been given out and 5,000 more have been ordered. >> it's not going to be perfect. we we go.
6:38 am
>> the district says private companies have stepped in to donate or pay for most of this equipment. now we're going to check in and see how coronavirus is impacting some other schools. berkeley unified won't be holding online meetings after classes were disrupted both by inappropriate students and by so-called zoom bombing. the dorms at sonoma state university will be used as an alternate care site in case of the surge of coronavirus patients overwhelms the local hospitals. san jose will hold an online recognition experience for the graduating class of 2020. graduates will receive their diplomas in the mail and walk across the stage in commencement ceremonies in the fall or next spring. santa clara county begins the ground work to ditch tradition aal polling places bu it may not be that big of a change. right now a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange. starting up this morning about
6:39 am
320 points. investors are reacting to that unemployment report we just showed you. 6.6 million americans filing for unemployment just last week. and arsuay. e stores t. all right. we'll get to all those stories in a moment but first checking in on our forecast with mike. good morning, mike. >> reggie, kumasi, good morning, everybody. 6:39 on a thursday and the cloud cover has kept the fog to a m minim minimum. a 48 there in napa. and let's take a look else where and low to mid-50s. the thickest fog along the coast and out near tracy where visibility down to about a mile. for our essential workers, watch out. that will be around for our entire commute. today is the mildest morning moving forward, but also the coolest afternoon. a little bit of drizzle as you can see on the golden gate bridge. don't be surprised if you run into a little bit of that this
6:40 am
morning also. that is the only thing for your commute other than that stray shower will pop in the south bay this afternoo. let's take a look at neighborhood temperatures. we'll start in the south bay 50s through 11:00 and the most cloud cover and the least amount of sunshine and still hit the mid-60s for a couple hours this afternoon. east bay valleys will see more sun this afternoon. mid-60s for a couple hours after starting in the mid-50s and cloudy conditions and a little drizzle this morning. for the peninsula, 50s through 11:00 and little sunshine this afternoon and help push you to the mid-60s. partly cloudy by 7:00 and 60 degree. we'll take a look at that weekend warm up coming up next. i'll see you then. all right, thank you, mike. good morning, everyone. checking in on traffic here. i'm looking at a minor crash right now on westbound 580 at the 14th street off ramp there in oakland. looks like it's blocking just one lane. minor crash in that area. the big headline for transit this morning is vta light rail service is back. it was suspended about two weeks ago because of an operator
6:41 am
trainee that tested positive for covid-19. everything has been cleaned and it's also fare free because they do not want passengers coming into close contact with those drivers. you can expect the light rail trains to be coming every 30 minutes. they have a reduction in service and it will be from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every week day. as we take a live look ouweee t that i have been watching all morning long. the chp has not had anything major come down and i will, of course, let you know if that is the case. so far our essential workers are heading out the
6:42 am
the heroic doctors and nurses on the front lines. the 7,000 cigna clinicians beside them. and everyone staying home to protect others. we will get through this together. eveso we can stillg a answer your calls. now. and everyone staying home to protect others. and we are monitoring our system 24/7 to ensure that we have a fast reliable network, keep the customers connected, and making sure people are staying safe. and we're still on the road. solving critical issues as they arise. ♪ go to
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thank you. we find a way through it. it's about taking care of each other. it's the small parts that make a big difference. at chevy, we promise to do ours. we're offering current chevy owners onstar crisis assist services and complimentary wifi data. to help keep you on the road, maintenance or repairs. you can also still shop and schedule your service appointment online. it's just our way of doing our part. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> live look from our roof camera where it is 53 degrees where we look south along the embarcadero towards the bay bridge. let's talk about today. low to mid-50s through to 60 a.
6:44 am
stay at 58 7 at the coast and tn 55 to 60 with a little sunshine before the sun sets this evening. the snow pack continues to grow thanks to the area of low pressure that is bringing more snow to the central and southern sierra and that will continue through at least tomorrow. let's look at am temperatures, mainly 50s and 60s until you get up in the sierra where you have some 40s and few light showers possible in tahoe today otherwise temperatures will ramp up and be warmer than average there next week just like here at home and i'll have that coming up next. here's reggie. >> the east bay nursing home where a number of people have died and dozens more have been infected with coronavirus, this is at the gateway care and rehab center on patrick avenue in hayward and that is where we find abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield. amy? >> hi, reggie. relatives are really frustrated. they say they're not getting information out of the center. when they call, they are having a hard time getting a hold of
6:45 am
anyone. that is just adding to their anxiety. mortuary employees had to pull on full hazmat suits as they entered the building to go and recover the bodies. six people have died at the gateway care and rehabilitation facility here in hayward. 53 other people have tested positive for the coronavirus. that's patients and staff. we talked to one man whose grandmother is here. he checked on her through her window. he says she seems okay right now. he didn't know about the six people who had died until we told him. he was pretty upset. >> we had trust our loved ones with them and we are hoping that we would get information as it happens. i kn tav aseir nds, thehode ngut to us and we should be finding out about this before it hits the news. >> this is, obviously, a huge issue across the country at nursing homes. but this is the worst we have seen in the bay area with six deaths at one center. we reached out to the management
6:46 am
team here for comment, but we have not heard back. reporting live in hayward, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. all of santa cruz parks and beaches are closed, off limits if you want to exercise or enjoy the beach. so, that means no surfacing or runs along the beach. the sheriff department issued 80 citations to people who are not following the shelter-in-place orders. fines could cost you up to 100 bucks. >> they have to stop going to the parks. we're all making sacrifices right now and this is just a temporary thing. >> hopefully everybody behaves so that we can still enjoy the privilege of being in the fresh air and in the ocean. >> that order is currently set to end on april 15th. we'll see if it's extended. this is in an attempt to keep people away during spring break and easter weekend. it is awfully hard to stay inside all the time, especially as we are about to get some
6:47 am
sunnier and warmer weather, but now we're finding out that staying six feet apart, especially when we're exercising may not be enough. jobina has more on that. >> thank you, reggie. good morning. when we talk about this six feet social distance rule, pretty much routine for us no matter what we're doing walking the dog or going to the grocery store. now this new european study is saying that joggers and runners especially may need a greater distance here. i know this is going to be alarming to some people here because lots of people have been exercising outside because the gyms are closed. researchers in belgium and thlas fodfe would ted with the pass on respiratory droplets through a kind of vacuum they form as they cut through the air. kumasiy know specifically here in oakland, people have had a lot of complaints about lake marin and not having enough
6:48 am
space there. >> i know it is difficult with people wanting to get outside to think about one more thing. but thanks for letting us know, jobina. all right, the november election and maybe exclusively vote by mail for people in santa clara county and all because of coronavirus. the board of supervisors wants the registrar of voters to look into the possibility. she tells abc 7 news it wouldn't be a change for most voters. >> the march election that we just had, 87% of our voters who turned out to cast a ballot already cast a ballot by mail. i feel confident that many, if not most of our voters are already familiar with that process. >> the registrar of voters says that the county began mailing every voter a ballot this year so the county is in a good position to go to an all-mail > stanford university is out with this new app to help protect front line responders. first responder covid-19 guide. connects first responders with stanford medical experts who will answer their health
6:49 am
questions and then determine if they should be tested. stanford health care is offer priority drive-through testing in santa clara and san mateo counties to emergency workers. all right. now your morning money report. many u.s. workers will have more time with their families on easter sunday because more companies are deciding to shut their stores down on sunday than usual. trader joe's, sprouts farmers market, lowe's are among the stores that are not going to be open. that is a thank you to employees who have been working through the covid-19 pandemic and some stores that are still staying open plan to reduce their hours. we'll take a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets under way. jobs just came out showing that one in ten of us lost our job over the past three weeks. but as you can see, wall street is still rebounding as they did yesterday. so, we are up right now 447 points. >> all right. well, disney parks around the world, they may be closed
6:50 am
because of the covid-19 pandemic, but you can still enjoy one of their favorite park snacks right from the comfort of your house. here it is. the recipe for the park's famous churo bites has been released for families to re-create. we put the full recipe on our website disney is the parent company of abc 7. reggie aqui is the official anything you need to know about disney. tell me about the churros are these your thing? >> i only eat churros at disneyland. when they came out with this repopy i was very excited because i wanted to know how to make it. i also checked and something called a cookie fry, which they also have on that blog that you can try and that is a plant-based dessert. so, now i have two things to tackle here at home. >> friend, i think you should do that. you should take us along on that journey of you making a churro
6:51 am
bite. >> i already have it in the works and i think i'm going to do this with ginger zee live next week on instagram. >> love it, friend. i'm ready. >> first episode of his podcast that you have been dying for, kumasip. >> i'm taking the credit, okay. >> yes, you are. yes, you are. all right. let's talk about weather. good morning. kind of a mild morning, but kind of a cool afternoon. good time for a warm churro. that's for sure. the latest information from the drought monitor. just dropped this morning. we're doing okay with the rain over the weekend and socal doing even better. the area covering the state abnormally dry shrinking down to 68% from about 75% last week. here's a lookt a that gray as we look from the exploratorium and also look how calm the bay is this morning. a little drizzle possible for the exnext hour or two and possible shower as we go through
6:52 am
the fifth day of this low controlling our weather. one more chance tonight and mo mornings and warmer afternoons are on the way starting this weekend. today, we have low to mid-60s in most neighborhoods. upper 50s near the coast where we have the fog and most of the drizzle this morning. tonight, mid-40s to mid-50s. so, still pretty mild out there. here's a look at future radar and you can see the cloud cover and the gray dominates our forecast. as we head towards 5:00, a few blips on the radar across the south bay and there is your last chance tonight and as we head through tomorrow, you'll watch the clouds move in a different direction as a northerly wind and a drier wind kicks in and brings us more sunshine and jump start the warming trend as high pressure takes over. a quick look at the potential for rain and it's not much. 0.01 if you're lucky out of these showers. we'll get back to average tomorrow. morning clouds give way to afternoon sunshine and marine layer will return for a few days. mid-60s at the coast and it is
6:53 am
going to be a warm one. hope you enjoy it. >> thank you, mike. well, a third man is facing charges for this attack in san francisco's china town back in july. police say he and two accomplices attacked a 56-year-old man and stole his watch. a second victim tried to intervene and ended up being knocked unconscious. he was 69. police say they arrested the third suspect last wednesday in stockton. the man facing retrial for the ghost ship warehouse fire could be released from santa rita jail. a judge indicated she could approve derek's release as soon as tomorrow. it comes as a push to release people, there is a strong chance his client could end up under house arrest. 36 counts of invo ughterhe tdeadly fire in oakland. a jury couldn't reach a verdict in this case last year.
6:54 am
a concerning situation on san francisco's bus lines and essentially the people running the buses saying there is not much they can do. 17 of the city's bus lines are operating right now and the social distancing is happening at the bus stops but once you get on the bus, well, they're finding that they're really crowded. sfmta director was finding this could be the problem when 40% of muni operators could show up to work this week. >> many front line who are vulnerable populations or vulnerable people at home. they increasingly needed to stay home in order to stay healthy and safe. >> telling people to not take public transportation right now. instead to walk, bike or drive. happening tonight levi stadium will be lit up in blue to show support for medical professionals on the front lines of the pandemic. taking part in the #lightitblue
6:55 am
initiative. levi stadium one of several arenas and national landmarks in blue. the campaign began last month in the united kingdom with more than 130 buildings, bridges and landmarks bathed in blue to honor health care professionals and other first responders. we want to invite you to join better bay area project thanks and share your gratitude for everyone on the front lines of the covid-19 battle. use the #betterbayarea to show how you are saying thank ou and we will share the love. celebrating a special anniversary today. 15 years of marriage. clarence shared this picture of the royal couple with blue bell and beth. the prince of wales and the duchess will be celebrating in isolati isolation. prince charles tested positive for the virus but we're told he is f
6:56 am
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here at abbvie, we're inventing medicines of the future to create tomorrows that will be healthier... ...and happier, while making medicines that help people right now. because that's the present we wanted to live in. and that's the future we all want to see. abbvie. here. now. hello. it is 6:57. if you're just joining us, here
6:58 am
are seven things you need to know this morning. investors are reacting to the labor department's report showing that 6.6 million americans filed for unemployment last week. right now you can see up about 530 points. number two. six people have died after a coronavirus cluster at a senior facility in hayward. dozens of other patients and staffers have tested positive for the virus. number three. new models show the projected coronavirus death toll in the u.s. may be lower than expected. white house task force member dr. anthony fouauci says instea of 90,000 or 100,000 deaths, it isn america. so join "gma" this morning for the kickoff. we'll share local food resources to help feed the bay area during the pandemic. and number five. fitting for weather because this is day five of that area of low pressure down to our south keeping us rather cloudy. a little fog near the coast and
6:59 am
patchy drizzle this morning and isolated shower. cooler than average temperatures this afternoon. number six. vta light rail service is back today. it was suspended for the last two weeks because of a worker testing positive for covid-19. couple notes here, the light rail service will run every 30 minutes from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and fare free. number seven. levi stadium will be lit up blue to show support for medical professionals on the front lines who are battling the coronavirus pandemic. city skylines across the country are taking part in the #lightitblue initiative and that starts at 8:00 p.m. all right. you guys, what are we looking forward to today? we have to have something to look forward to. >> flashing the peace sign, which is going to be my new official greeting. >> no more hand shakes. >> it's friday eve, is that still a thing? >> that is still a thing. >> yes.
7:00 am
>> yes. >> i'm going to try to get out of the house before the sun goes down. how about that. cotry agaie conaviamerica.battl hot spots growing. texas and connecticut both seeing increases of 1,000 cases in just one day, while new york state suffering its deadliest day yet, nearly 800 fatalities in 24 hours. >> the bad news isn't just bad. the bad news is actually terrible. >> the state now with more cases than any country outside the u.s. as we once again take you to the front lines. >> you are going to be sad, and you're going to be mentally and physically strained. social distancing may already be paying off, the dramatic new prediction that offers real signs of hope. white house task force member dr. anthony fauci joins us this


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