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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 12, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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now or call during business hours. it may be easter sunday and a holiday weekend, but health officials in the bay area and across the country are pleading with people to stay inside amid the covid-19 pandemic. worried any social distancing lapses for church service or religious dinners could spiral efforts to curb the crisis. good morning, everyone, it is sunday, april 12th. happy easter sunday to all of you. i'm liz kreutz. thanks for joining us. we want to start with a quick look at the holiday forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> hey liz, good morning to you. the easter bunny out there early. might get a little damp. we've had some patches of drizzle but really it's the cloud cover it's all about again this morning. low clouds and fog, our stratus
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extends to the east bay. mild temperatures in oakland at 55. 53 i alameda. 49 in pacifica. with the cloud cover to start, temperatures are pretty mild but as we get closer to noon, we have partly cloudy skies, throw mid-60s around the bay and inland. still cool at the coast but by the afternoon it's warmer. widespread 60s to near 70 except at our beaches and tonight we're clear, just some patchy fog as we get into a wind shift and that wind schiff will bring the warmer weather to start the week. how warm? we're talking above average in a detailed look in my accuweather seven-day forecast is in a few minutes. liz? >> thanks, lisa. today's easter sunday and passover celebrations will be different in households across the bay area. it is the first major holiday since coronavirus hit the united states with full force. organizers of decades old traditions are moving to new ways of worship. like for instance atop mt. davidson the first time in its 97-year history this morning's easter sunrise service won't be happening.
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but as you can see, the cross is lit up in blue to show solidarity with health care and other essential workers putting their lives on the line in this pandemic. abc 7 news reporter lauren martinez shows us more on how easter services are shifting to keep everyone safe. >> it's such an emotional feeling when you're up here. >> reporter: since 1923, easter sunrise service has been held at the mt. davidson cross in san francisco. for the first time in its 97-year history, that tradition is now canceled amid the pandemic. >> something needed to happen for easter, so i think illuminating the cross and showing there is still hope and light was pretty important to us. >> reporter: the council of armenian americans of northern california purchased the cross in 1997. they wanted to light it in blue this year to show their appreciation to health care workers, first responders, grocery store clerks and other essential workers. >> they're our saviors. without them, i think that we would probably be a little bit
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lost as far as how we would survive ourselves. >> reporter: earlier in the day, we caught katherine mcgee picking up her ham for easter sunday dinner. >> we'll do zoom together and show off our hams. >> reporter: last week the magees celebrated a family member's birthday on zoom. they'll be watching mass online. >> we're going to make a new easter memory from this and look forward to next year when we can really celebrate easter together. >> reporter: a long line could be seen outside noe valley bakery. next door at chocolate covered >> how big of a bag is that? >> reporter: owner says there's three high holy days for chocolate, christmas, valentine's day and easter. >> beautiful foil wrapped items. i'm fortunate enough i can let people knock on the door and help people and although i don't sell what i was selling before this craziness, i'm selling enough so i can't complain. >> reporter: reporting in san francisco, lauren martinez, abc 7 news. new this morning, pope francis delivered his annual
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easter message online amid the coronavirus outbreak. he's urging political leaders to give hope and opportunity to people who have been laid off. the pope also expressed his gratitude to doctors and nurses in the fight against covid-19. only a handful of attendants as you can see here, assisted him during this morning's service. cities here at home are doing everything they can to keep people separate and avoid easter crowds. oakland is shutting down several city streets but whether people listen and follow directions remains to be seen. abc news reporter cornell bernard has the story. >> so we're on, i don't know, four weeks or so of us driving each other crazy. >> reporter: gabriel thompson from oakland is grabbing a walk and fresh air with daughter leila. but that's not always easy or >> we y g out ay bike but it's, these streets are busy and the sidewalks are narrow. >> reporter: the city of oakland has heard those complaints. >> we saw people were on
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sidewalks up and down the street getting too close to each other. >> reporter: councilman dan kalb says this weekend oakland is making more room for residents to social distance by shutting down more than a dozen neighborhood streets across the city to cars. >> we want to make more room for people already going on outside to walk around the block, to take a walk to the drugstore, what have you, and do that in a manner where they won't be coming in contact with other people. >> reporter: the berry family likes the extra space. >> for people to ride their bikes someplace flat without cars around it's great. >> but this is a good thing especially like for me today because i didn't want to walk and i didn't want to drive my truck, so i'm going to get on my bike and ride. >> reporter: in san francisco, reminders about keeping that six-foot distance are everywhere. despite that, we saw people on the embarcadero near the ferry building farmer's market clearly not practicing social distancing. many people are getting a not so subtle warning.ach,clend en t
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ep youdiance let's make it a memorable holiday weekend. >> reporter: the fire department urging residents to resist the temptation of gathering this easter weekend. >> think about some things that we can do besides going out to the parks or the beaches, think about some things that we can do that doesn't include going to another family's residence. >> reporter: marin county trying to avoid crowds they saw last month at parks and beaches. the sheriff's department tweeting a few weekend reminders, the first and the last, stay at home. police and fire departments say neighborhood hikes and walks are perfectly fine, but not if you have to drive there to do it. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. a stanford disease specialist is joining the list calling on people to resist the urge to get together for traditional easter service, or family dinner, even if it's indoors. >> to be together for such a long period occupying very close quarters is really a formula for
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spread. >> dr. steve goodman says these holiday gatherings bring together people from generations, often from different parts of the country. it means younger-aged people who are asymptomatic could put their grandparents at risk. >> this is a very important time, unfortunately, to stay away from doing what we love and make sure that the next easter everybody's going to be there and everybody can celebrate the way they want. >> dr. goodman says you can't overstate the importance of maintaining social distancing under covid-19 and that's his update this. 20 ucsf health care workers are in new york city this morning, they left to help their fellow health care workers fighting in the epicenter of this virus and getting some special shout outs. >> thank you to the heroes going to do this in new york city. >> thank you! >> thank you! >> thank you!
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>> that was part of the united airlines boarding announcement as the doctors and nurses departed sfo yesterday morning. the team will provide urgent care to patients for one month at new york's presbyterian hospital. ucsf specializes in critical care in hospital and emergency medicine. they say it will give them critical knowledge to bring back home. >> we do hope that our health care volunteers there will learn that what it takes to get through a pandemic like this and create a sustained response and they could bring that learning back to california in the case that we do have a surge. >> and check this out, seth steph curry had a message for the health care workers before their flight yesterday. >> it's unbelievable the sense of sacrifice, the selflessness and you stepping up to the call and to serve people. >> these are just a few photos posted by the ucsf twitter page showing other employees' heartfelt sendoff messages to the team. epoud that.. as we know, this pandemic is having disastrous effects on small businesses in the bay one livermore company that makes
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real estate signs saw orders drop by 70%. as larry beale shows you, it has found a way to reinvent itself with a simple message. >> at a time when people express themselves with social media badges, something more old school is popping up in front of homes in the livermore area, lawn signs. signs of our times. and they read "this family stays home." >> we look at it and remind ourselves, you know, we got to kind of stay at home. it kind of helps to reinforce to yourself as well as your neighbors. i think it's a great idea. >> reporter: an idea that chad snook's wife dreamed up while sheltering in place >> my wife came one the name. that would be a positive sign to come up with so that's how it got started. >> reporter: snook actually was the perfect person to carry that banner or sign in this case, because he owns fast post, that's a business that makes
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real estate signs. business dropped off drastically with the stay-at-home order but making the signs has allowed them to rehire a furloughed worker. >> everybody is in their house, stressed out and depressed. this is something they are sacrificing for the community, staying at home to stop the spread of the virus. and that's a good thing. >> reporter: the message is spreading. signs have gone up in pleasanton, dublin and neighboring cities. something else is going up, too, graduation signs. >> we have about 100 signs right here. >> reporter: they are for seniors who aren't getting a graduation ceremony this year. they've gotten 350 orders at since last thursday. jennifer costello got one for her son, nick. >> gives me a little hope that people do care and people are looking out for us even in a >> makes le out ofemons. a sign- >> reporter: and helps soothe a co larry beale, abc 7 news. making a lot out of lemons that these days for sure. >> i'll be high fiving a lot of
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people after this is over or maybe elbowing. >> for sure. >> we are looking at the fog into the sacramento valley and even in the sierra, nevada. it's mild,id-40s on the peninsula. a few areas of patchy drizzle. we are going for afternoon sun again with widespread 60s. i'll have a look at the details for your easter sunday, and even warmer weather for next week, coming up. >> thanks, lisa. together yet separate. a closer look at how tablets are playing a vital role connecting patients with their family in the covid-19 lockdown. plus easter sunday with the newsoms. hear the message from the governor and his family complete with and a safari search. how you and the family can hunt for easter lately, i've discovered that while keeping safe and staying in, we can still go out! -sort of. so while you're discovering new things to do in the box, we'll be here for you... at the drive-thru, on the mobile app, and with delivery.
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while keeping safe and staying in, we can still go out! -sort of. so while you're discovering new things to do in the box, we'll be here for you... at the drive-thru, on the mobile app, and with delivery.
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this morning if you need another reminder to follow the shelter-in-place orders, santa cruz police showed a picture of seven people from fremont who were busted after they made a trip to buy some alcohol. it's not considered essential travel and a violation of the order. each person was cited and received a $1,000 ticket. ouch. a major current concern in this stage of the coronavirus pandemic is protecting bay area homeless populations who are at higher risk. abc 7 was in the south of market area yesterday, you're seeing your small buses that are shuttling people out of the episcopal community services shelter. san francisco's department of emergency organized the move but hasn't said where it took the shelters residence. as we've been sharing homeless advocates are asking leaders to find hotel rooms for anyone living in shell centers or the street. the troubled msc south shelter t in particular is now functioning as what's being called a recovery center this morning after half of its residents tested positive for covid-19 this past week, housing 140 people at fifth and bryant, but
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now, most of the non-infected residents are living in city rented hotel rooms. covid-19 restrictions are making it hard for any hospital patients to see friends and family. video chats on ipads have become the next best thing. some employees at ucsf launched a fund raiser to buy more ipads for patients. abc 7 news reporter ansar hassan has more. >> it's incredibly difficult for a family who can't be with their loved ones at the bedside. >> reporter: as with hospitals across the u.s., ucsf family members can't visit patients since new restrictions went into effect in mid march, the order is to retuesday the spread of covid-19. one way to help lonely patients has been video chats on ipads. >> i wish i could say that interactions on an ipad are just like being in a room but nothing substitutes that personal connection, even when you can't touch or hug your loved one. your presence is irreplaceable. >> reporter: dr. michelle marat is the vice chair of the department of medicine at ucsf. she has witnessed firsthand the change in patients who have been
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able to connect with their family via video chat. >> we had one particular gentleman who was having trouble with delirium altered sensorium being able to see his family every day, hear the voices he reblgd, a recognized, and the faces that he recognized was incredibly impactful to his care and i'm pretty confident led to him being able to get his normal mental function back and be able to leave the hospital yesterday. it was really tremendous. >> reporter: dr. marat says using an ipad to communicate with patients isn't new, but it's never been implemented on such a large scale. she says 100 ipads have been donated, so now each bed in the respiratory isolation has five to eight ipads for patient use. some ucsf medical residents and students launched a go fund me, hoping to raise money to buy >> we are thinking about expanding this hospital life and thinking about what are the role of ipads for
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family members who can't make it to the bedside after this epidemic is over. >> reporter: in san francisco, ansar hassan, abc 7 news. out in the east bay, a group of volunteers hosted an operation love donation drive for personal protective equipment. over a two-day stretch they collected gloves, masks and other items at danville's village theater and art gallery. one of the organizers says this is just the beginning. >> we're going to keep out here until all the nurses, all the retirement homes, all the meals on wheels, everybody has some protection. so please, come help operation love, because i'm a nurse of 34 years and we are here to help and serve. >> you may help with donating supplies by making masks, finding operation love on facebook, they'll be holding another donation drive in live saturday. first it was toilet paper, hand sanitizer and sourdough starters. now people are buying up hair dye. with salons closed for nearly a month, roots are beginning to show for some people.
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so they're coloring their hair at home as they shelter in place. research from nielsen says sales of hair coloring products are up 23% compared to this time last year and hair clipper sales have also gone up. they've gone up by more than 160%. california governor gavin newsom foregoes his daily coronavirus press conference this weekend to share a saturday easter message from him and his family. >> we are thinking of you all and so grateful for everyone respecting the stay-at-home orders and social distancing. >> we appreciate all our first responders, health care workers, our grocery workers, everybody that's keeping essential businesses going and keeping people healthy and safe, and we just want to extend our appreciation and admiration to all of you out there that are continuing to do what you can to bend the curve in the state of california, and so we want to wish you all a very happy easter. >> happy easter. lots of love. >> happy easter! >>ay bye! >> bye! >> take care. >> bye!
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>> birthday boy looks happy. was that a bunny in the corner? we're trying to figure that out. looking for something to do today with your kids to celebrate safari west is hosting their annual hunt for the hare online. go to the facebook page starting at 10:00 to watch the staff search for mr. hare who is lost on the property and leaves a trail of eggs for other animals to find. safari west is hosting an egg decorating contest, you can post them on instagram with #huntforthehare. winners will receive safari west gift cards. lisa, you have plans with your family this morning? i know we're tracking the forecast but some ham is in the works sounds like? >> yeah, exactly, candy for sure, easter eggs and we're seeing clearing this afternoon. >> hopefully. w clouds d cloud and fogde clear from parts of the bay area, cleared late for others. once again it's back this morning not only across the bay area but all the way into the
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santa cruz mountains and into the sacramento valleys, in to tahoe. over 2,500 feet and the westerly wind back along the coast. a subtle wind shift in the upper elevations bringing drier air down to the surface, compressing this marine layer to bring us that sun, a little bit sooner today later in the morning hours toward the afternoon. there is mt. tam buried in the fog and looking at the sunrise in 20 minutes. right now it is 52 in san francisco. good morning, oakland 55, the cool spot we hadwood city at 46. san jose 52. 50 in gilroy and half moon bay at 52. taking you out to the east bay in walnut creek, you can see all the clouds here with numbers in the low 50s from santa rosa, bet lieu ma and napa. 52 by the delta. concord at 53 and with the uniform cloud deck low 50s in livermore. 49 degrees here in santa cruz, 58, partly cloudy later on today and another cloudy shot for you. fog and low clouds clearing to the coast and looking at the
6:21 am
warmer days on monday. the warmest day of the week should be tuesday. subtle cooling on wednesday. still nice, bigger changes arrive by thursday. here is a look at the low clouds, the fog, how extensive they are, and as we go through the mid morning hours to the late morning hours, they're beginning to break up. we're seeing holes in tthe over. build upin the mountains north and east of santa rosa, could see an isolated shower, otherwise we're partly cloudy, we're dry. we're dry through the evening. the fog comes back into your monday and clears earlier and that sets the stage for that warmer day as we get set for mid and 70n oakland but by tuesday that high pressure ridge building in, and that allows for numbers to get even warmer. you can see the colors here indicating the warmer weather, and by wednesday, still inland, it's nice, maybe a shift to a sea breeze by wednesday, a stronger onshore push and that could cool us down. a system will ride to the east of us, and that's going to allow
6:22 am
for further cooling as we get into thursday. tonight, it will be in the 40s and 50s, partly cloudy with some fog. the accuweather seven-day forecast. the easter bunny a little damp out there, maybe with some drizzle and dew. otherwise it's cloudally to start out and afternoon sun. 60s around the bay. 70 inland. by monday we're looking very pleasant and into tuesday, a warm day, still holds on wednesday, above-average temperatures and the cooling beginning on thursday. and by friday and saturday, maybe an isolated shower, but overall looks like maybe it's going to feel like april for a change around here. >> that would be nice. a little sunshine will feel really good. thanks, lisa. okay, one easter tradition we're having to do without this year, see's candies. how the chocolatemaker is making sure its delicious stash doesn't go to waste.
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that could mean an increase byin energy bills.. you can save by setting your heat to 68 or lower... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or just letting the sun light your home. stay well and keep it golden. ♪ no matter how far from home ♪ i hit your phone to tell you te extrano ♪ hey!
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i got your note! ♪ besitos from mis litos ♪ and some oreos de mi hermano hola! ♪ ja ja. bam bam bam ♪ stay playful every day, yo puedo ayudar ♪ ♪ ja ja oh oh oh thank you, brother. ♪ stay playful, spread it 'round like an oreo. ♪ ♪ >> dan harris joins us from new york to tell us what's coming up
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on "good morning america." >> gma" easter in pandemic. believers around the world celebrating this holiday like never before. and the legal battles as some pastors plan to hold services despite the social distancing guidelines. plus america reaches a grim miletone. more than 20,000 deaths. new york seeing a leveling off as other parts of the country prepare to see theirs surge. finally the nba back in action, kind of. how some star athletes are returning to your screens. it's all coing up on "gma." see you soon. it's not a strange scene anymore, busy crowds at target e at the mission and fourth street store in san francisco around dinnertime last night. some families told one of our reporters they waited nearly two hours just to get in. but today there won't be any line because target amongst several other stores will be closed for easter, giving store workers a much needed break. costco, sam's club, bj's wholesale, sprouts, trader joe's and lowe's will be closed. cvs, rite aid, walgreens,
6:26 am
walmart, dollar general, whole foods, safeway, home depot and petsmart will be open. although you'll want to check and see if they have any altered hours because some do. seems like every week there are new rounds of mass transit cubacks. starting tomorrow b.a.r.t. will close station entrances, and it only affects sop stations for downtown san francisco stations and oakland's 12th and 19th street stations. b.a.r.t. ridership is down 90% from current levels and runs trains every half hour. muni drastically cut its bus routes after stopping subway anh without a big easter tradition, see's candies. see's is donating some inventory to community groups in the bay area. it closed all their retail stores and online ordering last month. the 98-year-old company ended production at its factories, including one in south san
6:27 am
francisco. it is the first time see's closed for an extended period since world war ii. with it still being hard to buy toilet paper, a baker in california is getting creative with an alternative. maria mendiola is making toilet paper roll cakes, they're in lodai. they won't work in the bathroom but a sweet treat to get customers through the coronavirus blues. she makes them in vanilla and chocolate. instead of a toilet paper roll inside, they are filled with strawberry. they look pretty real and it comes with a nice sense of humor as well. concerns that some in-person church services could make for new u.s. hot spots. a look at where t planning to defy social distancing orders and what states are doing to stop it. plus worship done from the driver's seat. how people are beginning to trade the pew for the car seat in their sunday best.
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bleak numbers this morning in the coronavirus pandemic. the united states now the highest death toll in the world from the virus. the greater bay area sitting at 134 with nearly 5,000 confirmed case this is morning. officials say this will be a big test this easter holiday weekend to keep people inside and distanced to keep on flattening the curve. good morning, it's sunday, april 12th. happy easter to all of you. if you're just joining us, we want to start this half hour with a look at the forecast. here's lisa argen. >> good morning to you. happy easter, everyone. we have to go way above the clouds to see the sunrise officially in about eight minutes. mt. tam and everyone below, everyone really is cloudy to start again this morning. 52 in the city. 55 in oakland, down in san jose, in the low 50s. and from our exploratorium camera, it will be gray all day here, improvement from yesterday. low 50s in napa as well as livermore. your easter forecast calls for maybe some patchy drizzle, a lot
6:31 am
of clouds around with 50s. a few mid-40s on the peninsula, and then by noon time we're partly cloudy. the clouds decreased and low to mid-60s for most except at the coast. a warmer day with the afternoon sun. mid-60s to near 70 innland. breezy to partly sunny day at the shoreline. things will change as we get into a warmer pattern form the week ahead. liz? >> lisa, thank you. as many will worship on computer and tv screens for worship service several are held in person in sharp defiance of shelter in place orders. as karina hitchle explains, even with staggering death numbers, there are signs of hope. >> reporter: the united states reaching a grim milestone this weekend, more than 20,000 americans are known to have died from covid-19, and on this easter sunday, new fears of fuher spread as some still plan to gather to celebrate, including pastor jesse horton in jackson, mississippi. >> we will more than likely have more than ten.
6:32 am
we will be sitting spaced as they wish. >> reporter: the kansas supreme court deciding saturday an executive order banning services over ten people will stand, just hours before the start of easter services. in kentucky, governor andy beshear says anyone gathering at in-person church services will be required to quarantine for 14 days and in new york state the hardest-hit area in the u.s., the virus has killed more than 8,600 residents, but officials say there are encouraging signs. >> the number of hospitalizations appears to have hit an apex and the apex appears to be a plateau, which is what many of the models predicted that it wasn't going to be a straight up and straight down. it was going to be a straight up, you hit the top number, and then you plateau for a period of time, and that looks like what we are doing. >> reporter: in michigan, governor gretchen whitmer banning travel between two residences with only a few exceptions.
6:33 am
in texas governor greg abbott also increasing travel restrictions to his state, s. and on to the economy, nearly 17 million filing for unemployment over the past three weeks. abc news has learned the first stimulus checks started going out this weekend. in cities across the country, lines of cars stretching for blocks outside local food banks. for alice sanford, a banquet server, who is out of work, the $1,200 will be a drop in the bucket. karina mitchell, abc news, new york. new this morning british boris johnson has just been released from the hospital where he was being treated in the icu for covid-19. he'll continue his recovery at his country house and will not return to work just yet. he spent one week in the hospital and three night i icu after his symptoms got worse. johnson thanks the staff who took care of him and says that he owes his life to them.
6:34 am
also new this morning, we're learning contra costa county may ask governor newsom to declare only mail-in ballots for the november general election, because of coronavirus concerns. many volunteers have notified the county election office that they won't be able to volunteer because of health and safety concerns. the board of supervisors will discuss the issue at its meeting this week. last week wisconsin received criticism for holding its primary election. thousands of voters were forced to break safety measures to cast their ballots. coming up on "this week" fda stationer stephen hahn with george stephanopolous here on abc 7:00. one church in south carolina people under a stay-at-home order tuesday night but the congregation met in a parking lot, listened to the pastor's sermon on the radio from their cars spaced apart. >> we could wave through windows, i started calling friends i knew and talking to
6:35 am
them, and instead of amenning or saying yes, we got to honk our horns, windshield wipers. >> we felt tonight like we would any easter morning, joyful, expectant hopeful. >> churchgoers received prepackaged communion and sang along to worship music. as most christians attend easter services online this morning we have a look at what one church is doing to help you keep the faith during the coronavirus crisis. >> hi, my name is travis russell, associate pastor at st. ignatius parish. the holy days are approaching and easter on sunday and many of us are cooped up inside, practicing social distance, perhaps feeling a little alone and disconnected from our traditions. >> grace and peace of our lord jesus christ, the love of god and the communion of the holy spirit be with you all. >> reporter: there are many
6:36 am
opportunities though, what i'm calling a new model of old church, it's about getting back to basics and practicing these great symbols we have of our faith, and as we approach easter, in that in between liminal space, it's important to remember that we are jesus' disciples. so how can we take the crucified of this world down off their crosses, and perhaps it's talking about what we can do to alleviate some of this suffering. and then on easter, i think the best medicine for a pandemic is joy, rejoice in what we have. so at st. ignatius, we have asked people to send in photos of themselves and we have taped them to the pews of people and their families, so even though it's a virtual experience, we also get to see their faces, and we've actually, as catholics, always sat in the same pews, we have put them where they actually sit. so it's wonderful. it's another reminder of this
6:37 am
real spiritual communion that we share in the body of christ. i think the holy days are the perfect paradigm for our time. they speak to us in a new way. holy thursday is about pouring out your love, good friday is about love lost, and disappointment, betrayal, and easter sunday is about committing and doubling down to love when it, in spite of all that's going on. the facts don't change, but they are transformed. they're illumined with hope and joy. to be a follower of jesus is to be an easter people, not an idealism, but a hope that is born beyond all of us, and to recognize that everything we have is a pure gift.
6:38 am
this morning we are airing san francisco's glide memorial church's easter celebration at 11:00 a.m. you can watch it right here on abc 7, on, facebook and youtube. nd n ust ahead here is the drive-through deejay. you can't throw a party, the party can come to you. how people are still celebrating with social distancing. plus pollution amid a pandemic. what researchers are discovering when it comes to the globe's breath of clean air when it comes to covid-19. and a live look from the abc 7 roof camera, the sun just beginning to come up. you can see someone running action an early morning easter run. good for them. i hope a lot of you are waking up finding yummy treats from the easter bunny. we'll check i'm susan and i'm 52 and i live in san francisco, california. i have been a sales and sales management professional my whole career. typical day during a work week is i'm working
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our house has a better chance of surviving in. in this time of crisis we run with them, toward those in need. we are 7,000 doctors, nurses, pharmacists and therapists supporting their efforts on the ground and virtually. and just as we are by their side, we're by yours, too. with answers to your most pressing questions and expert advice at check this out. adults are getting in on the fun
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with easter hunts but instead of looking for eggs, they are hunting for wine. this is video at the james river cellars winery in virginia. staff members were challenged with finding as many hidden bottles around the wineries garden in a twist on the traditional easter egg hunt. >> woo! >> my kind of easter egg hunt. a little closer to home, e i inlace, bringi musideej this weekend, he visited more than 100 homes, reaching 500 families in the moraga area. he's leading games and activities in driveways and front yards, a socially distanced way to connect with others without the computer screen. >> a lot of deejays want to just go online and livestream but interaction in a safe manner, people are missing that, because everything is online these days, so i really want to try to find that spot where people could try to do something with themselves and get some exercise in a socially
6:42 am
safe manner. >> you could make requests going to he's focusing on the east bay but can go elsewhere if his schedule allows. lisa, seems like the weather is soon going to allow for a nice outdoor deejay dance party. >> yes, seems like we've been saying this for days but not everywhere. we're on track to see afternoon sun. it is in the low 50s right now. mid-50s across the bay, and a little cooler on the peninsula. you could run into a little patchy drizzle but we'll get into an apple we haven't seen in a while, my accuweather seven-day forecast is next. >> thanks, lisa. live sports are back today. somewhat. we explain the big basketball showdown happening with the stars on espn. plus steph curry went viral yesterday for one hot take. hear what comment has the sports world buzzing. lately, i've discovered that
6:43 am
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happening today the rush of live sports sort of. nba and wnba stars will compete. players include chris paul, trae young, zach levine, tamika cashings, chauncey billups and paul pierce. all games will be filmed while at home. they will compete shot for shot in the traditional game, but dunking is not allowed. the first round starts at 4:00 this afternoon, the semifinals and championship will be on thursday. you can watch it all on our sister network espn. steph curry is not among the players taking part, but he made his presence known yesterday. abc 7 sports anchor chris alvarez has details in this morning's sports. >> hi, everybody. chris alvarez working from home. yesterday was exactly one month since the nba shut down their season due to coronavirus. athletes have still been active on social media, that includes warrior superstar steph curry, had this commentary with jermale
6:46 am
magee. >> what player on the team you know is guarding you, you look at and be like you're getting 60 tonight. >> ooh. everybody. >> oh! >> i speak for all of us except steph's opponents saying i can't wait for that to happen again. steph can drop 60 like no other. spring football was in full effect across the country, with colleges getting ready for a new season, until everything was shut down. recently i had a chance to talk with the head man of the san jose state spartans, brent brennan. where do you think we are? is it logical we might start football on time? >> i don't know and i'm certain there's people a lot smarter than me figuring it out for us. obviously i hope so and i think everyone in america hopes so. i know i've got a team full of young men and people around our program that worked really, really hard, having a great offseason and everyone is
6:47 am
hopeful and anxious to find out where we will be in august and september. signed a three-year extension. coach, what did it mean to build your program? >> this program needed time. it needed time to build us a foundation and take the proper steps it takes to build a program that is consistently successful and that's been the goal day one is building a football program that wins year in and year out, plays for conference championships, goes to bowl games and i think we're on a good path that way. >> does this experience make you >> i think football is one of those sports that has a truly unique space in our country, and america needs football back, and so that everyone can kind of get back in to going to games and watching the game on tv and
6:48 am
watching sportscenter and feeling great about what's happening with our country. i think the game helps accelerate that. hey, did you see this? the chinese professional baseball league trying to open their season yesterday in taiwan. the home team rakuten monkeys tried to create a stadium atmosphere with robots playing music and mannequins in the stands to try to take place of the fans, however, despite all the efforts mother nature stopped the game because of a rainout, so they did not play. that is it for sports. enjoy your sunday. >> i can't get over that story. so bizarre. but i guess it's the sign of the times, right, robots in the stands cheering them on. let's get a check of the weather with lisa. no robots doing the weather. it's all you, take it away. >> i could use help. yesterday low clouds and the fog and today as well. took a long time for to us clear. for some of you didn't clear at all. only in the 50s in napa and a breezy day at that. late afternoon sun for others, and you can see from mt. tam, we are back with the sun above 2,500 feet as our marine layer
6:49 am
is running deep, through the sacramento valley and when it's cloudy there, you know the fog is extensive. so looking at that burn off once agin late morning, and that would take us maybe two, three hours earlier than yesterday. still having a breezy onshore flow, but the upper levels we're going to see a change as high pressure begins to build in from the west coast, and that's going to allow for warmer weather, starting with that sunshine earlier today, and then looking at a robust warming trend as we get into tuesday should be the warmest day of the week. a look at fran pretty gray, a little bleak. 55 in oakland and low 50s san jose and half moon bay. the flag is flat, not a breeze out there. looking at pier 15 and temperatures from the low 5 , qrywhere s the delta, inland valleys, 523in concord. the sierra nevada low to mid-30s right now. going for a high of 50 under
6:50 am
partly cloudy skies. you can see the cloud cover here, that sun officially up about ten minutes ago, so fog and low clouds to start out, and then allowing for that partly cloudy to mostly sunny conditions for the afternoon, and the warming trend as it builds into monday, the winds are going to shift to a north component, that's going to bring drier air down to the surface. that should happen today as it compresses the marine layer by about 11:00. as you see from this time line animation the overcast gets a little bit thinner and also a little bit of green in higher elevations. mountains forecast models bring in a shower to other locations. we're dry and sunnier and as the clouds retreat, they'll come back to the we nints lafor the early morning hours and looking at a sunnier and warmer day for your monday. highs in the south bay from the mid to upper 60s, a nice afternoon from milpitas to san jose and on the peninsula, low 60s san mateo. san francisco partly cloudy, but
6:51 am
still cool. those winds kicking up so it's breezy, 58 for you in the north bay. still looking at about 70 for you in sonoma. 71 in petaluma. near east bay 64 in berkeley today, with fremont checking in at 68. how about 67 in livermore. let's fast forward to a cloudier and cooler day on thursday. friday the rain should stay away, maybe an isolated shower. you can see the mountains looking more active. that brings a cooldown locally. the accuweather seven-day forecast saw the easter bunny this morning in the 50s for most with the clouds and turning sunny and milder, and that trend takes us through the middle of the week. the warmest day should be perhaps tuesday, wednesday, in parts of the bay area and then cooler for the upcoming weekend. so looking forward to hoping you all have a nice easter. liz? >> likewise whand we'll look forward to the sunny weather coming up.ngs are busy using the stay-at-home era to gather insights on the sharp drops in pllution levels. abc 7 news anchor dan ashley shows the critical work done in
6:52 am
the bay area. >> reporter: it was the image that first alerted the world to a once in a lifetime side effect of the covid-19 crisis, a dramatic drop in pollution levels over wuhan, china, after the area began to effectively shut down. shortly afterward, air quality researchers like professor ron cohen at uc berkeley predicted an eventual effect here in the bay area which the epa pegged as a year-to-year drop of more than a third in significant pollution levels around san francisco. >> it's much bigger drops than anything else we looked at. >> reporter: professor cohen and his team transferred numbers on nitrogen dioxide into a bay area version of the wuhan map. levels dropping by roughly half from the week before the shelter-in-place order. it wasn't a fluke of weather or other factors. >> there's a tremendously less nitrogen dioxide in the atmosphere.
6:53 am
>> reporter: soon he believes other key data will start to become more clear as well allowing researchers to confirm not only how much pollution is in the air but more precisely where it comes from. >> we think we know how much comes from cars and how much from trucks and how much from industry. and all of those things suddenly changed by different amounts. that we'll be able to check. >> reporter: and as specific industries potentially ramp down and back up again in the wake of covid-19, it is perhaps a sad irony that a human health and economic crisis could provide powerful discoveries about an environmental one. dan ashley, abc 7 news. >> fascinating topic. here is the nor cal man running masked miles. hear why he's doing it for days straight inside on his for nearly 100 years, we've worked to provide you with the financial strength, stability, and online tools you need. and now it's no different. because helping you through this crisis is what we're made for.
6:54 am
but when allergies and congestion strike, take allegra-d... a non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. so you can always say "yes" to putting your true colors on display. say "yes" to allegra-d.
6:55 am
a northern california man is midway through an incredible run right this morning. 60-year-old herve laconte began
6:56 am
his journey yesterday morning in placerville. all with his mask. his goal it to run through tomorrow for a total of 150 miles. he's doing it all to raise awareness for front line health workers and help with the short supply of personal protective equipment. >> so sewing masks and for people to look at their basement, attics, workshop, backup of the pickup trucks. you have gloves. it's quantity. don't bother by the quality. let somebody else decide if it's quality or not. we will use them. >> laconte is encouraging people to cheer him on, he's running in isolation but in front of a window at a business in downtown placerville. you can socially distance, take a walk and wave and cheer him on with a high five. that is pretty impressive, lisa. i know we talk about we're happy if we get out of our leggings and pjs. >> 30 minutes on the treadmill. >> good for him. >> a day. >> it's awesome. hopefully the sun will get you outside today, because we're
6:57 am
planning on it for the afternoon. upper 50s in the city, with breezy onshore winds, but we should warm up from the mid to upper 60s from the bay to our inland valleys, even a few 70s out there and as we look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, should be warmer tomorrow with less fog. tuesday and wednesday, well above average, 70s all around the bay, 60s at the coast. thursday we begin our cooling trend. friday and saturday cloudy and cool cooler, maybe a stray shower but overall we're hoping and planning on that sun. it's been a tough call in many neighborhoods with the fog but happy easter, everyone. hopefully delivering that sun for you all of you today. >> a lot of chocolate at home, lisa? >> oh, yeah, always. >> i got to grab some. it's too dangerous but i love it. thanks, lisa. thanks for joining us on this easter sunday. i'm liz kreutz along with lisa argen. abc 7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. we'll leave you with this gorgeous view over mt. tam. happy sunday morning, everyone. "good morning america" is up
6:58 am
next. with ha have a great day.
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good morning, america. on this easter sunday, from the vatican to the u.s., millions around the world celebrating like never before. the pope making history -- holding mass alone at the altar. as some pastors say they will defy authorities and open their church doors. the ruling overnight in kansas that went all the way to the state supreme court. >> if you truly love your congregation, tell them to stay at home. >> the struggle over the celebrations. heartbreaking milestone. the u.s. now has the most coronavirus deaths in the world. and while the curve may be flattening in new york -- >> it's stabilizing at an horrific rate. >> -- other parts of the country


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