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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 28, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> a son shares a story of a santa clara mother who he lost to covid-19. abc7 news reporter, julian glover, has the story you will see only on 7 we are taking a live look at our east bay hills camera, and get your sun screen and shorts ready if you are heading out today, and it will be the hottest day of the week. that says a lot, because i feel like we have had pretty warm days, mike, this week already. >> yeah, yesterday got a little toasting. >> look at his sign in the background. >> what? >> i changed it. thank you for pointig that out. i usually wake up in the morning and the elves come and fix that for me, but i think the elves slept in. what does it say now? toasty tuesday. especially inland where we will have the 80s.
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look at the fog, it's thick around half moon bay. the kra ceiling is about 200 feet, and we will have 70s, 80s and a few 90s in the east bay. it's quiet in san francisco as we look south along the embarcadero towards the bay area. look how rapidly we warm. 80 tole 8 at 4:00. but it will be comfortable by the time we get to 7:00, away from the coast in the 50s and most of us in the upper 60s to mid-70s. reggie? >> thank you, mike. new this morning this is azar ahrabi, the santa claire yo woman was at the time of her death the first known coronavirus death in the bay area and just the second in the country to have died from the virus without traveling abroad, and she is more than that, she is also a beloved sister, daughter and mother.
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and julian glover had a chance to speak with this woman's son. julian. >> good morning, reggie. she was warm and had a big smile and she was extremely caring. these are all the ways the man i spoke to, her son, amir, will remember his mother, azar ahrabi. stop what you are doing and take a look at her picture on your screen now, and she was 68 when she died from complications of what she thought was the flu, and symptoms she complained in mid february and doctors suspected pneumonia, and she was tested and tested positive for covid-19. she stayed close to home and lived with and took care of her mother in her 80s leaving amir baffled about how she caught the virus. >> there was no talks of the coronavirus public at that time
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and no understanding of what the pandemic's behavio, and i felt cheated very much in that moment by life, and i thought how could it have tumbled down so quickly? >> at the time of azar's death on march 9th, she was the first to die of the coronavirus in the bay area. his grandmother is also a survivor of coronavirus, and he said he thought he had many more years ahead with his mother to make more memories, but a story of resilience and moving forward in such a challenging time, and you can see more of my exclusive interview coming up on midday live at 11:00. we should all prepare to stay home through the end of may. most bay area counties have
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extended their shelter-in-place orders for at least another month, and it's just not safe for businesses to re-open until there's more testing or a vaccine. jobina is at the live desk with the federal government's response to this. >> thank you, kumasi. good morning. president trump is calling for ramped up coronavirus testing across the country. white house officials are telling us that states should aim to test a minimum of 2% of residents. priority should be given to vulnerable groups and emergency workers and the man in charge of the testing task force says it will be easier to identify covid-19 patients in the summer. >> there's no influenza circulating in the summer so when somebody comes in with a like-illness, we will have a good idea that that person is likely covid inj infected. it's not the only tool we have in the toolbox. >> you can hear more from him
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coming up on "gma" and that is at 7:00, right after "abc7 mornings." kumasi, i will send it back over to you. >> thank you, jobina. more protective gear is coming to the u.s. from overseas. turkey filled a cargo plane with all of this medical question, 4,000 overalls, 1,500 goggles and a lot more. turkey has sent protective gear to 55 countries during this pandemic. new at 6:00, uk doctors are taking note of an alarming trend. they are seeing more kids with covid-19 who need intensive care. some kids with coronavirus have abdominal pain and inflamation in the stomach and intestines, and exhibit signs of toxic shock and exhibit signs of toxic shock syndrome. be meeting today to figure you
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on to quickly get the city's homeless population into hotel rooms. they wanted to secure more than 8,000 rooms by sunday for those who are homeless or at risk groups, and mayor london breed said that was an unrealistic goal. at noon today a group of city supervisors will hold a joint press conference to denounce what they claim is the mayor's refusal of the ordinance to house the homeless. workers would not come are back to work. restaurant owners we spoke with said they are worried part of the workforce will want to keep it that way once things open back up. >> when they work part time they consider, maybe i am not going
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back to work because otherwise we not get the money from the unemployment money. >> these local restaurant owners are hoping once they are able to re-open their doors there will be some sort of incentive for workers to come back. new details on the now viral video, it shows a fully packed cabin on an american airlines flight from new york city. the woman that videoed this said it was an essential flight for her and was shocked to see so many people show up at the gate. >> i recognized the risk i was taking by agreeing to be on the airplane in the first place, and i wanted to believe all the precautions were being taken on the airline websites, but there are a
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tracking what closed down most of 101 overnight. plus concerns about shortages at the grocery store. how some of the most popular items could be hard to find. the coronavirus spreading to virus, where the first dog in the u.s. has been diagnosed. here's a look at some of our hottest neighborhoods this afternoon. you can see
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bay inland temperatures. mid to upper 60s already on
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highway 4 from antioch out to discovery bay. mid to upper 50s about everywhere. 50 in pacifica. look how calm it looks and tranquil it looks from pier 15. everything is good today, just remember there's allergies to be taken care of and also it will be bright with the sunshine. you could burn if less than 15 minutes from 10:00 to 4:00. there is a six-hour window to take care of your eyes and skin. north bay, low to mid-80s through about 5:00. for the east bay 55 at 7:00. look at that. upper 70s for several hours this afternoon. down to a very comfortable 67 at 7:00. and then san francisco making a run in the upper 60s to near 70 with sunshine and breezy if you are closer to the coast. let's get a check of the morning commute for our essential workers. hi, jobina. >> hi, mike.
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thank you very much. good morning, everyone. as of 6:00 this morning we have a new change of the configuration of the traffic at the 101 alemany project in san francisco. you can see the live picture here on the left-hand side of the screen, that's the northbound lane but it's southbound traffic being averted, because on the right-handed side where you see the construction work, that's the southbound side where crews are working to do the deck replacement there. that's the situation. north bay traffic is being diverted to 280. >> thanks, jobina. new at 6:00, first cats and now a dog has been infected with the coronavirus. the dog tested positive for covid-19 in north carolina, and their owners had the disease also, and doctors are working to learn more about the exposure. historic bay area garden takes on a new mission during
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the pandemic. how it's now helping the community. a magical birthday surprise. wait until you see who showed up at this girl's on wednesday april 29th, abc7's digital frequency will change. you need to mark your calendar and plan to rescan. on april 29th, grab your remote and go to the menu and choose set up and antenna and choose auto scan or tune
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this morning besides the concerns over possible meat shortages coming soon in the grocery aisle, household products are in short apply, and while toilet paper supplies are
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improving other household items could be scarce. >> this morning the household supply chain is getting a refill. >> you will probably see full walls of toilet paper in the next month. rsre having to search for hand sanitizer, paper towels, tissues and, of course, toilet paper. >> panic buying is what occurred so people bought in mass. the toilet paper manufacturers were caught off guard. >> georgia pacific, the company behind brands like quilted northern said toilet paper sales have increased by 40%. >> we are making 1.5 million more rolls a day across our systems. we are making product as quick as we can. shipping it out as fast as we can, and it's really a time of the supply catching up to the consumers. >> major manufacturers are selling toilet paper on their
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websites, directly to their consumers. li like one forever roll that costs nearly $30. cleaning products and hand sanitizer supplies may not improve until summer because the ingredients come from china. >> buy what you need, so the dilemma we have, your neighborhoods, your mom and dad, they can't get those products because you may have a certain amount in your closet. a group of moms in gilroy is spreading unicorn magic during the pandemic. these are the quarantine unicorns visiting a local girl for her birthday. it started when the friends dressed up to cheer up a new mom at home and it concept took off. they don't ask for money. their mission is spread joy. not the high heels.
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do you -- did you see that one unicorn in full heels? that's commitment. >> no, i didn't see it. >> oh, my. >> i wonder why she's in heels -- or he. >> why not is the question. >> because he might fall. >> we have to celebrate celebrae reasons we have to put on heels. that's a reason. >> wanted to feel better about herself, or he. i saw a pink pair -- don't slam me for the color, but there was a black pair, so a couple were wearing them. hopefully it will be in the air-conditioning if they plan on doing that today because it's going to be a warm one. it's going to be sunny away from the coast, warm to hot. the breezes will keep you cooler
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at the coast and even clouds clinging to the peninsula coast. cool marine air layer will arrive today and take us back to the average temperatures, even cooler with the sprinkles possible. sunday, the area of high pressure still off the coast but we are getting most of the heat today and then we will start to see tapering as the high pressure loses its grip tomorrow. north to south across the south bay. 74 to about 80 on the peninsula this afternoon. you can see the mid to upper 60s along the coast with breezy conditions there. we will try and get to 70 in downtown san francisco and sa s sausalito. we will be up to 88 in calistoga and santa rosa, and about 84 in napa today. mid to republican 70s for places like hercules, richmond, berkeley, oakland -- all right, everybody but union city and fremont, you are about 80.
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even a few 90s around, antioch, brentwood. you can see the small craft advisory starting at 2:00 this afternoon, and can you see clouds and temperatures comfortable in the 50s except for antioch in the 60s once again. you can see the tapering of the temperatures, and the best chance for sprinkles will be on sunday in the north bay. back to you. >> thanks, mike. now i am excited to toss over to ginger zee because she has a whole new set in her house, and i am living for it. hi, ginger. for it, too, reggie, you have no idea how happy i amp that we got real lighting in me because it feels good. this is not times square, i am still in my basement in new york, and coming up here on
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"gma" on a tuesday we will start with the coronavirus and the president rolling out a new plan to help states ramp up testing for the virus, and critics are saying the plan is falling short and the man responsible for overseeing the testing for the task force will joiren o" and also this morning there's an interest in the alarming video showing passengers packed on to a ft. what one major airline is doing to protect those onboard, including the atentants and passengers. and then turning some of the junk drawer clutter into cash. why it's the perfect time to be selling that old technology. and then a special reporter from the one and only billy porter, and he will be singing, but guess what i can do?
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max, hit it. i can dance with reggie right here. >> yes! >> this is the dance we learned together. uh-huh. bump, bump. i will be here for the next couple of hours just pretending we are together. >> i love it. i was super bummed out a few minutes ago and now i am back in the game. ginger zee, thank you so much. that is the best thing. >> you're welcome. turning 75. how the ♪ dad, i'm scared. ♪ it's only human to care for those we love. and also help light their way.
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it's why last year chevron invested over $10 billion to bring affordable, reliable, ever cleaner energy to america. ♪
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so we're working 24/7 toected maintain a reliable network, to meet your growing internet needs. we're helping customers who are experiencing financial difficulties stay connected. we're increasing internet speeds for low income families in our internet essentials program. and delivering self-install kits to your door. nos comprometemos a mantenerte conectado. we're committed to keeping you connected. for more information on how you can stay connected, visit here's a look at our temperatures. at least a 10-degree drop tomorrow and then we plain off
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thursday into friday. here's what could happen on sunday, you can expect up to 0.05 of an inch of light rain if it comes to fruition. police need your help to find a man suspected of vandalism. he broke into five businesses in san jose. he drives a black toyota pickup truck with a texas license plate. here's a look at the damage. police believe he smashed the glass windows and doors at various delis last wednesday, but nothing was stolen. and then taking on a new mission during the covid shutdown. tucked away in the corner of the presidio, the garden has roots more than a century old. it started as a free space for re produce but expanded to grow fresh
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for restaurants. >> making stir fried greens with the kale and garlic. >> i like making quiche. >> and the garden is making the fresh produce available for the presidio's volunteers. today we will hear from steve kerr on how the team is dealing with the coronavirus outbreak. he is holding an online webinar. they started a disaster release fund for chase employees put out of work by the nba suspension. some facilities could be opened back up starting next friday. and then the birthday for thomas the engine. >> celebrating 75 years of
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friendship and teamwork.k.k.k.k. >> harry recorded an introduction for the special episode of "thomas and friends." it includes harry's father and grandmother as animated characters. the show will launch on netflix on friday. harry says he has fond memories of thomas from his childhood. >> were you into thomas? >> no. >> me either. >> i was hoping you were. i know of, but i was -- it's not like, oh, my god, i can't believe it. >> no. thomas can go away on those tracks or do whatever he i was more of a babbar the
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elephant. coming up next, sharing a popular portuguese recipe. plus, slowing cars to help with social distancing. the shelter-at-home order was set to expire this sunday
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now at 6:30, plan on staying home for at least another month. the order in most bay area counties has been extended. the message from local leaders. from health crisis to financial meltdown, to meet the challenge. it's not just humans that miss their friends. the adorable duo that got to
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reconnect virtually. good morning on this tuesday, april 28th. that's what we do every day right here. >> every day. you just miss the howls. we have got a lot -- >> i am trying not to wake him up. >> yeah, he was not happy yesterday. we want to take a live look from our tower cam as the sun is coming up. just to warn you, it's going to be really warm today. here's mike with a check of the forecast. >> i wuv you. here's a look at what is going on with the fog. it's really thick in places like half moon bay with the ceiling around 200 feet. you have the best chance of having clouds today while the rest of us are going to be pretty sunny. let's take a look at my highs for today. 90 in antioch and fairfield. that sticks out, doesn't it? a lot of mid to upper 80s where
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it's in the south bay or north bay, and a lot of 70s in the bay until you get to san francisco at about 70 degrees. this morning most of us in the bay area are gearing up for another month sheltering in place, and the current orders were set to expire this sunday but now several counties have extended the order until may. amy hollyfield is live at walnut creek with more on this. >> reporter: hi, kumasi. shops like these here in broadway plaza in walnut creek will remain closed. there will be no shopping out here for mother's day gifts at least for another month. a date of when this shelter in place order will end was not giving, and a joint statement from five bay area counties said the virus spreads easily and test something limited and vaine development is moving slowly, and they can't move too quickly in easing the restrictions. the mayor said she knows this is
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a challenge for people. >> this has been the most difficult thing i have had to do is to ask the people of the city to basically stay at home and only leave your house for essential services or if you are essential workers, and to get fresh air and exercise. unf unfortunately we will need to extend the stay-at-home order through the month of may. >> here are the counties that extended the shelter-in-place order. most have been sheltering in place since march 17th, and this will mean about ten weeks of staying home, of closed stores and restaurants. the statement mentioned possibly easing restrictions on some lower-risk activities but did not give any specifics. officials said we could expect more details later this week and we have not been given a date of
6:34 am
when this will end, just saying through the month of may. >> thank you, amy. in the north bay sonoma county is moving in the other direction, and they are reportedly looking to ease restrictions this week. the county is set to allow limited local park access as early as wednesday and that would be followed by giving the go-ahead for more construction work and landscaping and gardening. napa county made a similar move last week. the governor is vowing to enforce some of the stay-at-home orders if that becomes necessary. he isow chastising those people that flocked to beaches and packed places in violation of the order. and he said ignoring the restrictions could prolong the spread of the coronavirus in california. >> it doesn't take the weekend off. it doesn't take anytime off. it is yubiquitous and invisible
6:35 am
and remains deadly. >> newsom also criticized cities and counties in his eyes that did little to stop beachgoers. he said he expects to announce modifications to the stay-at-home orders within weeks. jobina is at the live desk with some steps some are taking to go back to work. >> more states are reopening restaurants and other businesses. texas, we understand now, will allow some businesses to re-open on friday. ohio will allow manufacturing and construction to resume next week. many business owners are eager to get back to work. >> i am kind of excited because these are my family -- i get emotional. but, you know, these guys need work. they need to make money. >> washington state plans to re-open state parks and lands by next tuesday and other states
6:36 am
are being more cautious. new york's governor says he will likely expand the shutdown in certain portions of the state. kumasi, i will send it back over to you. >> thank you, jobina. happening today two more streets in san francisco will be off limits to cars to create safe spaces for outdoor exercise. starting this morning at 6:00, john f kennedy drive and golden gate will be closed, and cars will be banned on the entire shelly loop. the city closed 12 streets earlier this month as part of the program. alameda is starting its own program. starting on thursday, pacific avenue between grand and oak streets will be closed to vehicle accident. between central avenue and ferns eye boulevard will also be blocked off. it's so people will have more space to exercise outside.
6:37 am
we see so many homeless organizations continuing to try and build a better bay area through this crisis, and in hard-hit santa clara county the destination home organization met with san jose mayor yesterday. they are trying to prevent any further rise in homelessness caused by the pandemic. >> in the same storm we are not all in the same boat, and we are trying to help so many who are struggling. clearly we have a homelessness crisis already and we don't want anymore families pushed out on the street. >> santa clara county is rushing to add a second wave of disaster funding to support those particular families that won't see a relief from federal stimulus or unemployment insurance. and right now we're taking a live look at the big board, at the new york stock exchange.
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we are starting up this morning at 285 points. another update on how the markets are doing next. one bay area restaurant open for business. how they are sharing their recipes with a national audience. if you watch us using an antenna, the rescan day is happening tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. if you watch tv through a cable or satellite service you do not have to rescan your tv. your service provider will do that for you. if you have an antenna, once you rescan you will still find us on 7.1. remember to rescan tomorrow, april 29th, and if you need information go to, and you can also call. we don't want you to lose mike nicco and his valuable forecast. >> hi, reggie. hi, everybody. let's look at the forecast right
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now. we are looking at neighborhood temperatures, and we are mainly in the upper 50s. you can see castro valley, 51. a little cooler there. and most of us in the mid to upper 50s. we have a 52 in livermore as a cool spot. antioch and brentwood there. here's a look at emeryville where it's 57. isolated fog near the coast and then it's going to be different bridges affected by the breezes this afternoon, it will be the richmond san rafael and carquinez bridge as that area will have the fastest winds and that's why we have the small craft advisory. upper 80s to near 90 at our warmest time, around 3:00 to 5:00. and then the south bay, 75 at noon and then 80, low 80s through the rest of the afternoon, and about 73 at 7:00. here's a look at the peninsula. 56 this morning.
6:40 am
about 75 at noon and near 80 at 3:00 and a very nice 72 at 7:00. speaking of essential workers, let's get an update by jobina. fp >> i noticed your background and you changed it on me. it says turn it up on tuesday. mike is quick with the backgrounds. you will have to see that the next time he comes up. he's good. he's really good. good morning, everybody. we will look live outside so you can see the alemany project there. on the left-hand side of screen is southbound traffic in the north bay lanes, and on the right-hand side that's the southbound lane area, and you see all the workers completing the deck on schedule. this is day five of the project and you know why this is happening right now, because this is caltrans' largest project of the year and was supposed to happen in july
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that could mean an increase byin energy bills.. you can save by setting your heat to 68 or lower... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or just letting the sun light your home. stay well and keep it golden.
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welcome back. it's 6:43 on this tuesday. beautiful shot from our roof camera back at the station where it's 54 degrees. temperature of 52 to 57 in your 12-hour planner through 7:00. we jump into 74 to 80 at noon, and stay in the mid to low 60s at the coast. a gorgeous evening on the way. the extreme heat, you can see it's down in the desert, not only today but tomorrow and thursday. they could warm up to 107 degrees. 105 today in palm springs. the 73 in huh ttahoe, the recor 74, so warmer than we should be this time of the year. new this morning, the woman
6:44 am
of a santa clara woman who was among the first to lose the battle with coronavirus is remembering her as a loving and generous person. azar ahrabi was a beloved sister, daughter and mother. julian glover has that story. >> like so many of the early victims, what azar ahrabi thought was the flu turned out to be the coronavirus. you will remember the shelter-in-place that we are now in was not enacted after the 68-year-old died. she stayed close to home and did not work, and she lived with her mother in her 80s who she took care of. breathing issues led her to the hospital and eventually the icu as she was fighting what would be a losing battle. amir had to take care of his
6:45 am
grandmother who tested positive for the virus while he was still negative. >> oh, don't touch that. if something is touched, disinfect it. keep your mask on, it was difficult in the home environment. you feel like it's a home invasion. it's a virus but there's a presence where you have to protect yourself against it. >> his grandmother has recovered from the virus. she now that his mom is gone he says he misses her, of course, and it's a story of resilience and pushing through tough times. can you read his story on you can see more of the interview coming up on "midday live" coming up at 11:00. >> sorry for his loss, and glad
6:46 am
his grandma is doing well. thank you. and then looking at how the pandemic could affect the small semester. harvard could be holding classes remote instead of person. >> reggie, there has been a lot of mixed reaction on this. purdue university in indiana plans on reopening its campus in the fall. the school is home to more than 50,000 students and staff, and mitch daniels spoke on "gma" uc young people, he thinks the university could handle bringing students back to campus and they are willing to protect the staff as well. >> dining and residential
6:47 am
arrangements and the sizes of classes, everything with that goal in mind, we think we can do it, but we don't pretend to have all the answers. >> purdue is among one of the first universities to switch from online classes to in person learning in march. that interview is coming up at 7:00 right here on abc7. a bay area school plans to re-open its campus despite the extended stay-at-home order. o o received a letter stating in-person classes will resume next month. >> all my friends that have college-age students have their kids for the summer and can keep them home and that's not our case, which is good and bad. >> the governor's office and state health officials approved
6:48 am
that decision. cadets will be health screened dally including a temperature check. they will live in single rooms, and california tearfeterias wil closed and food will be delivered instead. many classes there cannot be taught virtually, and it's a small school with about 1,000 students. >> hello. >> hi, reggie. >> hi. >> this is what we are looking at. this is a portuguese restaurant, a local favorite in san francisco, and this morning -- oh, that looks good -- he's getting national attention. the restaurant chef is on "gma" showing viewers how to cook up the grilled chicken recipe, and amy robach has a glimpse. >> we have a chicken that has been cut in half and for the
6:49 am
marinate, we're going to use our dry white wine, and this is a portuguese white wine but you can use any white wine, and we have bay leaves and garlic cloves -- >> add to that, his homemade portuguese spice mix. >> then just some kosher salt. then we will just grab a whisk. mix it all up. put a little salt on the outside of the skin, and then just get it up on the grill. skin se pinch of salt. and that's it. the chicken has been on the grill for a little bit now. it has been cooking. the skin is nice and crispy on the outside and the chicken is
6:50 am
cooked all the way through and it's now time to give this chicken a taste. delicious.ooked delicious. they are open for takeout in case after all of this, which we can understand, you would want to make a to go-order. oh, that looked good. abc7 is partnering with iheartradio to support local businesses hit hard during the pandemic, thousands of bay area stores and services are still open offering to help with essential needs and lot of them are hiring. go to to find the resources, just click on "support the bay." i know we don't eat chicken, reggie, but that looked good? >> yeah, it did. can they do it with tofu? >> i bet they could. >> all right, bring it on, and i challenge you to make mak
6:51 am
>> just give me your chicken, and you could have whatever else. he could make a shoe taste good with all those spices. uma casa toooooo yes. look how beautiful and tranquil it looks. 57 in san jose, and look how quiet 87 is this morning. we like seeing that. we have more fog as the marine layer returns tonight and so does the cooling breezes. and then seasonal this weekend with still a slight chance on sunday. our heat pump is working overtime today and even hotter in so cal. cal. cal. milpitas and cooper tina and
6:52 am
santa clara coming in at 83. you can see the clouds clinging to the peninsula coast a little bit longer than anywhere else, and that will hold you in the mid to upper 60s while we reach the low 70s around downtown san francisco and sauls hrasausalit. 80 in san rafael. 88 in santa rosa. along the east bay shore, everybody in the upper 70s. 80 and 81, that's just the beginning as you head into the east bay valleys. 85 in san ramon and pleasanton. antioch and brentwood and pittsburg around 89. this is more indicative of the marine layer coming back here. expect gusting breezes to be tugging at your steering wheel during the evening commute and both commutes tomorrow. it brings the clouds in tomorrow
6:53 am
morning and puts temperatures in the low to mid-50s. a least ten degrees cooler tomorrow, and holding steady on thursday, and a couple degrees cooler on friday, saturday and sunday with a chance of sprinkles, less than 0.05 of an inch of rain if you get any of it. here we are honoring the class of 2020. michael is graduating from james logan high school in union city. michael's family tells us he deserves to be honored after earning excellent grades and participating in the marching banned a band all four years of high school. he's smart, talented, loved by his family and also loves to cook. congratulations, michael. if you want to honor a graduate, sell the details on our website, and we could
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shout-out on tv or online, but don't send any professional photos. cvs will start testing for the coronavirus in may. it hopes to process 1.5 million tests every month. customers will book an appointment online and take a swab test. it will roll out testing at minute clinic locations first, and they are a lot of minute clinic locations in the bay area. this morning we are also starting to see drone deliveries for peoples' prescriptions becoming a regular thing. residents of the country's largest community in central florida, they will soon get the special drop offs from cvs. they will be flown by drones and this will start in the next few weeks. two furry friends in ireland
6:55 am
are staying connected the way a lot of us are, by video chat. barking from home, jeremy howard showed this video of his dog having a virtual playdate, and he says the two dogs are best friends and not seeing each other during the pandemic has been hard of them. these two can howl and bark and interact and do it all virtually. cute. coming up next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. abc7 has launched a new streaming app, so wherever you are you can get our live newscast, weather and more on our new abc7 app
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welcome back. it's 6:57 if you are just joining us. number one, shelter-in-place
6:58 am
orders will continue through may in most of the bay area. the current orders were set to expire this sunday. number two, sonoma county is reportedly going in the opposite direction, starting to loosen the restrictions this week, and the plan will start with limited local park access and then to construction work and gardening. and then closing to traffic to create safe space for outdoor exercise. number four, more states planning to re-open their economies. texas will allow some businesses to re-open on friday will allow construction to resume next week. number five, it could be cool this morning, and temperatures in the low to upper 50s, but it will be the hottest day this week with temperatures in the 70s and 80s, and even a few 90s inland.
6:59 am
number six, we're taking a live look at the 101 alemany project in san francisco. on the left-hand side of the screen that is south bay traffic on the northbound 101 lanes. this should last ten days total and this is day five of the project. northbound traffic on 101 is being diverted to 280. and los gatos based netflix will release a documentary on michelle obama next wednesday. it documents her book tour and gives a up close look at her live. we have a lot of good things that we can watch during this shelter in place. yes, girl, it is on my table too, at the house. >> i am ready. it was right here. that's how you know i am ready. stay ready so you don't have to get ready. >> friends, do you have lotion? we didn't get to get the lotion
7:00 am
break. >> yeah, my good morning, america. push to re-open. as coronavirus cases in the u.s. approach 1 million, more states rolling out plans to open up. texas gives the green light to restaurants, movie theaters, even malls. while others like new york plan to extend their stay-at-home orders. the hard hit state still battling 1,000 new hospitalizations per day. all this while the white house unveils a new testing plan putting the states under pressure to meet massive testing goals. a plan critics say still falls far short. the white house task force's head of testing joins us live. also this morning the concerns about re-opening college campuses around the country. the president of one major university also here live and why he says students should return in the fall. race for a cure. the popular heartburn medicine under investigation


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