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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 3, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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six bay area counties kick off the first steps in reopening tomorrow. certain outdoor activities now allowed, but crowds have shown us worrisome signs of what could be to come. good morning everyone. it's sunday, may 3rd. i'm liz kreutz. thanks for joining us. we'll have a full look at slightly eased restrictions coming tomorrow. first let's get a peak of the bay area forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> hey, liz. good morning to you. this is live doppler 7 and yes, there is a bit of fog out there, showing it to new santa cruz, where temperatures in the bay area range from the low 50s from the peninsula to the coast, where we're much cooler up in the north bay, with the clear sky, the lower dew points and the northerly wind taking over to start out this morning. low 40s santa rosa, 43 in petaluma. napa is at 40 and we're 50 in the east bay. so a cooler start, but by the afternoon, temperatures very comfortable, we'll be in the low
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to mid-70s inland. a lot of sunshine. 50s on the coast, mid-60s around the bay. liz? >> sounds good, thanks, lisa. it's an early test tomorrow in the time line of reopening the bay area. some restrictions will be eased in six counties, alameda, contra costa, marin, san francisco, san mateo, and santa clara. the shelter in place order has been extended through may 31st but here's what we'll now be allowed starting tomorrow, construction certain outdoor businesses like landscaping and gardening and certain outdoor activities. golf courses can reopen as long as they follow social distancing guidelines and all real estate transactions and residential moves will also be allowed to resume. child care facilities with 12 children or fewer can also reopen, however at this time it appears they can only accept children of essential workers. especially given this weekend's nice weather in the bay area, or that we've seen recently at least, staying at home isn't easy. state and local officials say we need to keep it up as much as possible. for many it's becoming harder an
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harder to do. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard has the story. >> reporter: are you getting antsy? >> a little bit, yeah. >> reporter: seven weeks at home has been a long time for roxanna rojas from oakland. she's not alone. lake merritt was crowded with those getting exercise sunday. >> the lake is one of the few places that really counts as a place to be allowing us to walk because a lot of the parks are closed. >> reporter: last weekend, the lake looked like a lot like precovid 2019, not much social distancing happening. it prompted the mayor to send a warning. give the lake a break. >> lake merritt is getting too crowded. please recreate somewhere else. >> reporter: today oakland police officers were on duty to discourage any large gatherings, despite that many say things are definitely changing. >> a lot more traffic and just people walking. >> reporter: on the marina green in san francisco, police volunteers were handing out
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masks to those who didn't have one. earlier in the day, the green was crowded with people. governor gavin newsom came close to issuing an ultimatum friday saying the shelter-in-place order is close to being modified but that depends on the behavior of the public especially beach-goers in southern california. >> if we have the kind of weekend i hope and expect we will, where we don't see the huge crowds descend, we're going to be in a position as early as monday, tuesday, i hope to make some announcements of new strategies and partnerships. >> reporter: the marin county sheriff tweeted the stay-at-home order is still happening and will be enforced. for the most part the bay area is doing its part wearing face coverings and staying home to help flatten the curve of this deadly pandemic. >> without your support and without you adhering to these guidelines i think we would be in a much worse spot than we are today. >> reporter: starting monday, six bay area counties will relax some shelter-in-lace restrictions. construction activities, retail nurseries and landscapers including golf course also be
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allowed to operate again. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. opposition is growing in southern california. newport beaches city councils voting to double down in its support for two other cities now challenging the governor in court. we saw plenty prove testers rally to reopen the beaches on friday and crowds swarmed the beaches last weekend. this weekend police are patrolling to keep people off the beach. >> we're a surf city and it is part of our culture in huntington beach, people come out to surf and swim. it is difficult for us as officers, residents, all of us and we are asking that people be patient with us. >> the state judges are holding the beach closures for now. another hearing will take place later this month. one family tried hitting the beach this weekend anyways, visiting orange county from phoenix. >> the police were like literally chasing me down on the beach telling me i had to get out, i had to leave. it was my second warning.
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like i was afraid they were going to arrest me, so i just finally turned around and came back up. >> of course santa cruz made the move to close their beaches from 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for almost any activity after seeing crowds the weekend before. coming to the north bay free coronavirus testing will be offered in a san rafael neighborhood starting tomorrow. marin county will offer it to those who live in the canal, which is one of the most diverse and densely populated areas of the county. the site will be on francisco boulevard and should be able to do more than 100 tests every day. people will need to make an appointment first and can do so online. there are at least 239 confirmed cases of the virus in marin county. also tomorrow the san francisco marin food bank is holding another food giveaway to help out our neighbors hit by hard times. tomorr tomorrow's-pop up food pantry on martin luther king king middle school. it will be on gerard street in the portola neighborhood. the food bank is looking for volunteers as well. because of safety returns you have to reserve a spot to volunteer. check out the san francisco food bank's website.
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muni is bringing back one route monday. the agency says the "n" bus will return to partial service as a community shuttle between the park and westportal stations. the route will provide better access for essential trips in the ocean view, merced heights and enienin eniningleside neigh. the bus will run weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. a live look at sfo, you can see here sfo we're starting tomorrow, you'll be starting to see major changes when flying de to the widespread coronavirus concerns in airports and on planes. as of tomorrow, face masks are required at any bay area airport, if you are taking an essential flight. these include bandannas, home made mask ares or nonmedical masks. nearly every major airline will require them on board. starting tomorrow for united, delta and jetblue. airlines are blocking some or all middle row seats for distance. since the number of people going through tsa checkpoints has steadily risen in the past couple weeks, southwest airlines is changing how passengers will line up to board.
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uually you know you line up in the lines of 30 on either side of marked poles. but now southwest will ask customers to line up ten passengers at a time. southwest has also stopped serving onboard drinks and snacks. this morning, no more summer training crews for students at cal maritime academy. the cal state school located in vallejo is choosing to cancel that this year. the president released a video message yesterday saying there were too many factors at play including the inability to test cadets before boarding and testing on the cruise. cal maritime have been planning for students to come back to school in person, they got approval from governor newsom to begin this month, but the date keeps getting pushed back. >> we continue to work through our campus wide learning process for a face-to-face instruction. we have not reached a decision on a hard restart date as health and safety conditions remain uncertain. i know this causes more uncertainty for you and your families. i wish it were easier but it's not.
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>> parents we spoke with earlier this week had mixed opinions about their kids returning to classrooms so soon. check with lisa argen on the weather. it's going to get real hot into this week. >> that's right. we have several days to go to get to that, but this morning, it's a little chilly out there, with 40s to the north of the city. right now san francisco beautiful out there, numbers in the low 50s, going for a high of about 63, but those west winds kicking up. big question is will they stay with us to cool us off throughout the week ahead as our heat builds? i'll have the answers next. >> thanks, lisa. one bay area mayor outraged this morning over the decision to release a suspect from jail facing several sexual assault charges. hear what the mayor is saying, worried the suspect could now be hiding. plus a go-to local eatery is one of many pushed to the brink but one expert has an idea, what some say needs to be done to keep the chain alive. and not all local business is suffering. some are booming. what one bay area industry says it's overflowing with. do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging?
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a man awaiting trial on multiple sex assault charges is out from the santa rita jail the judge said it was because the man was at risk of getting covid. the mayor is outraged over the decision and open letter he wrote the suspect is "now living in one of our neighborhoods." kris reyes has the story. >> my number one priority is the safety of my community. >> reporter: livermore mayor john marshon penned this letter friday after judge thomas reardon released 61-year-old gregory vien. changing his bail from $2.5 million to zero. he faces several sexual assault charges including rape. vien was in santa rita jail in dublin where there's been an outbreak of covid-19. this month the california judicial council began moving toward setting bail at zero for low-level felonies and misdemeanor to limit the spread
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of coronavirus in jails statewide. vien's lawyer clarified her client was not released under this new emergency bill. in a statement to abc 7 news, vien's lawyer melissa adams said, "to be clear, mr. vien was not released pursuant to the emergency bail schedule. however in light of the covid-19 pandemic and mr. vien's unique personal and medical circumstances, i argued that his bail should be reviewed. threats to the family, mr. vien and myself will not be tolerated." she didn't clarify his medical condition. vien must wear an ankle bracelet but mayor marshon says that is not enough. >> i don't believe that releasing someone on a zero bail is in the best interests of my community. what incentive does he have to keep his ankle monitor charged? >> reporter: vien was arrested and charged in 2019 after a
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lengthy investigation that goes back to the '90s, after multiple victims were kidnapped and raped in livermore and union city. his trial date has not been set. mayor marshon wants the judge's decision reviewed and asking his community to reach out to their local representatives. >> the people are outraged that the judge made the call that his health and well-being was more important than the safety of our community. >> reporter: in livermore, kris reyes for abc 7 news. san mateo county says it has seen a significant increase in catalytic converter thefts while people are staying at home. san bruno police arrested three men for allegedly trying to take the converter from a parked car yesterday morning. this is in the area of crystal springs road and crestmore drive. they are urging residents to keep their doors locked even outside their homes. several have found their cars on blocks and missing tires. they say thieves are going after tires 19 inches and often equipped with night shade wheels. as local restaurants sink under the pressures of the coronavirus pandemic governor newsom giving small hope saying days not weeks changing its
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stay-at-home order. we might find something out tomorrow even. the impacts have been felt closing many doors in san francisco including a location of a popular restaurant chain. abc 7 news reporter lauren martinez has the story. >> hayes valley is usually hopping, tourists and hipsters and everybody overpaying for coffee and the whole thing and you know, you saw it, it's all boarded up. >> reporter: rich lives directly above the grove. the owners of the small restaurant chain told us they closed their hayes valley location. >> you got the symphony here, the jazz center next door, city arts and lectures. when those closed down all the restaurant guests disappeared. >> reporter: the owners of the grove are worried another location of theirs on fillmore and pacific heights won't turn a profit once restrictions loosen up due to limited seating space and social distancing measures.
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on fillmore street, 90% of businesses are closed. >> right now, there are about over 30 businesses that are boarded up. >> reporter: voss canires says businesses that had a digital presence before 2019 had a leg up. those trying to stay open should try to adapt online. >> online shop in some capacity, catering, takeout, delivery, online apps. it's, you know, definitely the future. >> reporter: he says businesses need to start opening up, but in a safe manner. >> the 95,000 businesses in the city, half of them are considered small business. 45,000 businesses employ ten or less employees and employ 350,000 people in the city. so this is a big part of our community. >> reporter: lauren martinez, abc 7 news. change is coming to costco this week. heads up, it's now limiting how much meat its members can buy. members can now only purchase three items from costco's selection of beef, pork and poultry products. kroger which operates food for
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less and foodco in the bay area made a similar move this weekend. costco says it's to make sure members can purchase all their items. tomorrow you'll be required to wear a facing mask or face covering inside. many gas stations will resume their normal hours monday as well. one industry is booming in the bay area as a result of the pandemic. local bike shops are seeing big jumps in sales with people buying bikes to stay in shape. bikes are considered an essential service since many use them to get to work. san francisco and oakland have closed streets to provide places where walker,ic booers and shoppers can closely distance. one shop owner said "we're basically selling bikes faster than we can build them." my cousin who lives in the bay area, back from college and he's working at a bike shop, very busy. a lot of people biking right now. >> absolutely. it's been pretty nice out there. yesterday a good cooldown, like
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a fall day. today a clear sky. the only clouds you'll find will be some of them to the south of us, also to the north, and we have what we call a zonal flow setting up, winds from the west moving to the east, and that's that onshore flow, allowing for a patchy marine layer. northerly winds are coming in early this morning, the upper levels of the atmosphere, drying out that low cloud deck but overall the onshore flow staying with us today, tomorrow, and into the work week, which is a good thing. i'll explain in a moment. here's san jose, with some of the low clouds deck here, but beginning to see a little bit of sunshine, 51 downtown, as well as oakland. 52 in redi would city, san jose. 50 on the coast and a couple views from the city where it looks nice and clear here. the golden gate bridge 40 up in santa rosa, that's about 11 degrees cooler than you were yesterday, same deal in napa. lighter southwest winds through the delta, so making it cool there, with 50 concord, livermore and san francisco beautiful right now. the breeze kicks up, low 60s for your afternoon high, and looking
6:18 am
at the sunny start, and finish today, with those west winds up to 20, and that summer-like heat arriving thursday, a weak system arriving late tuesday into wednesday, keeping the temperatures from not getting too warm, although we will be well into the 80s by wednesday. here is a look at today, where that fog from the central valley, the south bay, a little in the north bay, just lasts another hour, maybe hour and a half, and looking at those northerly winds, here in the upper level winds taking over. so nice afternoon, but then they switch off to the northwest and westerly component and that's going to allow for a breezy bay today, and inland just about where you should be, but on the coast, that's where it will be a little bit gusty. peninsula, you'll have the westerly winds starting out in the 50s, low 60s by 11:00. belmont, redwood city up to the upper 60s around mountain view today and dropping off through about 5:00. here is the scenario for the week ahead tomorrow. the ridge is into southern california and the brighter colors indicate the warmer
6:19 am
conditions. here's the wind flow, the ridge builds from the south, and that's going to allow for that warmer weather in the central valley to stay there, for tomorrow, but then by tuesday, it begins to move from west to east. we have the cooler onshore winds for monday and tuesday, but they begin to lighten up. they won't disappear. they're going to keep the coast very comfortable, but it's still going to warm a bit at the shoreline, keeping numbers nice, almost beach weather at the beaches. 66 in san mateo today. 68 in fremont. 72 in livermore and morgan hill. the accuweather seven-day forecast, check out the warming trend as we get through the early part of the week. numbers are climbing through the 80s inland, through the 70s arched the bay. 60s at the coast and after wednesday, things really begin to heat up with numbers in the lower 90s, from 10 to 20 degrees above normal by the end of the week. liz? >> sounds good lisa, thank you. two bay area natives are battling it out on their requestest to become the next "american idol."
6:20 am
♪ you make me feel >> teach the children. ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ >> grace leer and francisco martin will find out if they move on tonight. we check in with grace to see how she's feeling about the big reveal.
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whit johnson joins us from new york to tell us what's coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." >> coming up, more states looking to move forward with plans to reopen but many workers are worried about having to choose between their jobs and getting sick. plus china intelligence report officials saying china hid the severity of the coronavirus outbreak from the world while stocking up on critical medical supplies. and finally, the pandemic and summer camp, this year the annual tradition is up in the air for a lot of families. what parents and kids need to know about summer camp camp safety. it's all ahead here on "gma."
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they hail from the bay area and their talent has given them a shot at "american idol's" top ten. francisco martin from san francisco and grace leer a danville native face the judges. leer moved to nashville to follow her dream. this morning, chris alvarez stat down with leer to ask wher whhe it's like to be like on the doorstep. >> it is a big weekend for fran francisco martin and grace leer. grace leer played soccer at cal and now she's on the verge of the top ten in "american idol." >> with stay-at-home orders across the nation like many productions we have to shift the way we make our show. >> reporter: you were part of an historic "american idol" you performed from home. ♪ so cry just a little for me >> reporter: what was it actually like?
6:24 am
>> it was amazing. it's different without the crowd. it's different without the live band but for me, i treated it like any other performance. i had so much fun. that song meant a lot to me, and i was just really wanting to get that emotion across even if it was just through that iphone camera. i knew that millions of people are watching it on the other side. >> reporter: you performed from your backyard. did you have to say hey neighbors, quiet, i got the biggest performance of my life going on? >> so fun to be able to be filming "american idol." i never thought i'd be filming "american idol" from my backyard in danville. >> reporter: what was the camera setup? looked like if "american idol" was at your house. >> we're working with the "american idol" crew over video virtual means. i'm not only a singer and artist but i'm being an engineer and cameraperson and a stage director and designer and it's wearing a lot of hats but really fun and i'm taking it in and enjoying it. ♪ something in return
6:25 am
>> reporter: what are we going to seec on sunday when we watch on a? >> you guys are going to see the top ten reveal. so they're going to announce who out of that 20 amazing, talented contestants who made top ten and once that top ten is created, the top ten will sing their top ten song. it's a combination you see the top ten and they get to perform right away for america once more. ♪ for me >> wow! [ applause ] >> reporter: it is going to be a great show. good look to francisco as grace as they both try to get in the top ten and represent the bay area. i'll send it back to you. >> even you can cheer grace and francisco on it tonight at 8:00 p.m. here on abc 7. momp more to come on the next half hour of "abc 7 mornings." the difficult decision to reopen, different states reopening at different paces.
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that could mean an increase byin energy bills.. you can save by setting your heat to 68 or lower... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or just letting the sun light your home. stay well and keep it golden. [ horns honking ] another week down of anti-lockdown protests from oregon to ohio. many restless to get back to work and reopen their local economies, but as different states move at different speeds, new concerns over potential hot spots reappearing. good morning, everyone. it's saturday, may 2nd. i'm liz kreutz. we are patiently awaiting governor newsom's decision for california's stay-at-home order saying modifications could come early this week. before that if you're just
6:30 am
joining us this half hour let's start with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> hey, liz. good morning to you. a lot of sunny shots here, starting with our east bay valleys camera atop volmer peak. 51 in san francisco and oakland. 52 gilroy and half moon bay. emeryville a lot of sunshine, nice start to the day but cooler in the north bay with low 40s there, about 50 concord and liver livermore, brings us 13 to 14 degrees cooler in the north bay, seven degrees cooler, palo alto, concord and oakland. by the afternoon a few degrees warmer in some spots but at the coast the breezy west winds will keep you in the upper 50s to low 60s. 2:00 we're in the upper 60s to low 70s, and our inland valleys. that's about normal and tonight another cool one but looking at a big warming trend for the week ahead. details in a moment. liz? >> lisa, thank you. california and the bay area are seeing slight decreases in hospitalizations, and icu cases recently. numbers still paint a grim
6:31 am
picture for the larger u.s. as we see state and local governments consider relaxing public health orders at their own pace. abc news reporter ty hernandez has the details. >> reporter: april 30th and may 1st mark the deadliest 48-hours in the u.s. fight against covid-19, according to the world health organization. more than 4,900 people died, with covid-19 cases dropping in some areas, increasing in others, governors across the country are dealing with a difficult decision, when to reopen. in mississippi, the governor is pausing his plans after the state saw its largest single-day increase, nearly 400 new cases and 20 new deaths. >> this was a large enough change to make me take a step back and want to look at the board, to reexamine things, and i've come to the conclusion that i must hold on for now. >> reporter: gallop, new mexico, on lockdown as the number of
6:32 am
cases there surges. every road surrounding the city now closed. in chicago, mayor lori lightfoot with a strong warning for anyone hosting or attending large house parties. >> we will shut you down. we will cite you, and if we need to, we will arrest you, and we will take you to jail. period. there should be nothing unambiguous about that. you are risking your own health. you are bringing death to their doorstep. >> reporter: in new york city, a thousand additional officers are on patrol to enforce social distancing as the weather turns warm, and in china, where the pandemic originated, u.s. intelligence officials accusing china of deception. a report from the department of homeland security obtained by abc news says "the chinese government intentionally concealed the severity of covid-19 in early january, while it stockpiled medical supplies." the report claims they increased imports and decreased exports, choking off supplies to nations
6:33 am
in dire need. chinese officials are pushing back against the allegations. ty hernandez, abc news, new york. coming up on "this week" with the 2020 election six months away rnc chair ronna mcdaniel and dnc chair tom perez will discuss their party's prospects in november amidst the coronavirus pandemic, what they're going to do about the conventions this summer. watch the full interview on "this week with george stephanopolous" at 8:00 on abc 7. new developments about modoc county. county sheriff's office says it's working with the governor's office to be allowed to reopen. it submitted a plan to the state public health officer. everyone must follow guidelines, stay home if sick, keep six feet apart and no large gatherings. of its 9,000 residents there have been no confirmed cases of coronavirus so far. realtors are noticing a new trend, coming out of the coronavirus pandemic.
6:34 am
city dwellers looking to move to the suburbs for fresh air and a little extra space. >> i've been inside for 48 days now, with three little boys. the challenge for me as a parent and for the kids themselves. >> lifelong new yorker chloe davis and her husband could not have imagined leaving the big apple until now. weeks spent inside a cramped two-bedroom apartment home schooling their young sons and caring for their pets changed their perspective. now they want to find a house in a nearby suburb. housing industry experts say the uncertainty of the virus and the economy is part of it. >> there's no end in sight, so if somebody said hey, this is six weeks and you're going to be fne, it would be a different animal but these people are like what happens when the second wave comes? >> many cities were already seeing a mild population decline and the pandemic could super charge the trend that could force steep cuts in tax revenue and basic services like schools, transit, police and fire. because of the stay-at-home orders across the country, high school seniors won't experience graduating with classmates
6:35 am
before they head off to college. a deputy who watches over one ohio school is recognizing each of them, it's a pretty good story. here's abc news reporter david wright. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: this is how the school year began at green high school in green, ohio. ♪ with the marching bulldogs, complete with baton twirling majorettes, stark contest to the end of the school year, the hallways empty, no parties, no prom, no caps and gowns. >> this is my senior year, essentially even if the quarantine everything were to stop now it's been robbed from me. >> graduation is like their super bowl, everything they've been doing for the last 12 years leads up to this one moment. >> reporter: the deputy who watches over the school decided to go door to door. >> hi, jordan. >> hi. >> here to congratulate you on grad wading. >> thank you.
6:36 am
>> reporter: visiting all 317 seniors at home. >> what's up? >> how is it going, deputy hart? >> nothing, just here to congratulate you for graduating high school. >> reporter: closing the social distance one by one. >> it means that they care. >> i think it's great. i love deputy hart, all he does for us. >> reporter: the deputy has one last lesson for these seniors. >> don't let this define their last year of high school. think of the good memories. >> reporter: the land of the free and the home of the bulldogs, school spirit will survive even this. david wright, abc news, new york. >> here at abc 7 honoring the class of 2020. another major milestone due to the pandemic. jesey levines graduating from cal state east bay, earned a degree in psychology and jesey's mom said she is headed to toward texas tech and mom is extremely proud of her daughter as she should be.
6:37 am
congrats, jesey, we're proud of you, too. share details on about your graduate, we may give them a shout out on tv or online. check out a photo gallery of all the seniors we're honoring. still ahead on "abc 7 mornings," time to get moving on the mother's day presents. because of slow delivery times nowadays, we put together some top deals you can find this week. perfect for life staying at home. plus the city of tokyo says there's something fishy going on in its aquarium. we explain the bizarre effect the pandemic is apparently having on its eels this morning. and here is a live look from one of our cameras overlooking the bay there. you can just see how beautiful and glowing the bay looks right now, really beautiful at 6:37 this morning. 48 degrees in san francisco. we'll check in with lisa how much it might warm up today, coming up in just a minute.
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take a look, live look at sutro cam camera, over the golden gate bridge. does it get prettier than that? so beautiful this morning. i love the spring. 48 degrees in san francisco so it is pretty chilly. bundle up if you're going out this morning. an aquarium in tokyo set up ipads for people to facetime its eels, which are becoming lonely during this pandemic. sumida aquarium says its garden eels are shy of humans. since they can't allow any visitors. when keepers approach their tank the eels are burrowing into the sand. the aquarium says this is a problem because then they can't update their condition if they're buried. people from all over the world can call to help them get used to humans again. poor little eels, all scared. and this morning, abc 7's project thanks is recognizing a group of high school students who are giving up part of their weekend to raise money for the hungry. los altos high school kicked off its first ever rosen one mile per hour challenge at 9:00 a.m. yesterday. students are walking or running
6:41 am
a single mile each hour for 24 hours straight. so they may still be going right now. it's not even 9:00 a.m. yet. they might still be going. the high schoolers are pledging $1 for every mile achieved. >> i wanted a way to stay active and to do something with my friends, but obviously not together in real life, and the first time we did it was a great success. thought it would be a great idea to apply it to a charity and try to raise money to donate to a charity. >> 43 kids signed up and doing different themes throughout like run with pets, superheroes and jersey and more. so far they raised more than $7,500 form the second harvest food bank. we invite you to join better bay area project thanks and share your gratitude for everyone on the front lines of the covid-19 battle. use #betterbayarea to say thank you and share the love. that's pretty great. i wonder if they were walking through the night, lisa. it was cold out there, too. >> certainly got chillier out there as the skies cleared and this morning, a live look here, looks like we have a little bit of haze out there.
6:42 am
there is some fog, but overall, 40s and 50s to start out. a lot of sunshine on the way, 60s and 70s for the afternoon, but that's not the whole story. we've got a big warmup coming your way. i'll talk about it and have all the details next. >> thanks, lisa. did steve kerr try out for a second job? he could have a future career waiting for the warriors. see what he impressed our abc 7 sprts crew with, in sports, we're here for you and we're open. wow. i'm an original. one of a kind. you feel me? love ya'. oop! you look cute! better than you? pop my 100% all-white-meat classic or spicy popcorn chicken combo for just $5.99. there are times when our need to connect really matters. to keep customers and employees in the know. to keep business moving. comcast business is prepared for times like these. powered by the nation's largest gig-speed network. to help give you the speed, reliability, and security you need. tools to manage your business from any device, anywhere.
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6:45 am
i have a lot of friends in d.c. posting videos of that, pretty cool. mother's day say week away. in staying at home now is the time to get a jump on gifts because they have to be shipped, especially given some of the shipping challenges lately. this morning, good ideas to help you. "good morning's" becky worley has what to buy and discounts to look out for. >> good morning. what does mom want now? if she's separated from family, she just wants to spend time with her kids. if she's currently quarantining with small children she wants to spend time without her kids. both of those requests are impossible right now, so how about some gift ideas that show mom she is loved. flowers are possible. many national chains are offering mother's day discounts in the 15% range but they can be tough to come by in some areas, so edible arrangements, that's fruit and yummy chocolate dipped strawberries are delivering. it's offering a 15% off deal,
6:46 am
too. for moms who want to spend time with you, how about a gift certificate at her favorite local restaurant. many are offering 20% to 25% bonuses. when you spend $100, you get a $125 gift certificate. that's a win/win. you're supporting a business in your community. for those moms who have small kids, never have noise canceling headphones sounded so ideal. bose selling their wireless quiet comfort headphones for $199, that's 100 off but you buy them from ebay, factory refurbished like new and warrantied. that's a good deal. let's just talk generic discounts in case one of these is a fave for the mom on your list. anthropologie 30% off, coach 30% off bags and wallets. kate spade 30% off, la cruecier, 20% off full-priced cookware. i don't want to nag, but no matter what the sites say about one-day or same-day delivery, order everything right now.
6:47 am
things are taking longer to get fulfilled. shipping can take longer. you won't regret being early this year. i'm becky worley, abc news. >> good tips. let's get a check of the weather with lisa. by next mother's day it will be pretty warm it sounds like. >> yes. you know what? sunday could begin a bit of relief, because the peak heat looks to come in thursday and friday, but yes, certainly on the warm side for sure as we finally get into temperatures that are going to be well above average. we've had a little bit of the taste of that the past couple weeks, a day here or there, but this is going to be the hottest weather we've seen in a while but not today. live doppler 7 showing you the clear sky, the lack of cloud cover. a cold front moved through yesterday. you may have seen the dark clouds, a little bit of mist and drizzle. it's behind us now, drier air moving. but we have a zonal flow that will bring winds from the west and allow for the sea breeze to kick up, keeping it cool at the coast, and all week long.
6:48 am
we will have a sea breeze, a little bit of patchy fog here and there each and every day. the view from the roof camera, the flag is flat, so that means little wind. 51 san francisco, and oakland. it's 52 in san jose. we've had some clouds there, and temperatures dropping back off into the upper 40s, half moon bay. finally sun in santa cruz, it was a gray start way lot of fog. later on today near 70 there. temperatures much cooler in the north bay, with low 40s to about 40 there, the dew point at about 40 degrees, up in clearlake you're down to 35, so certainly a colder start, but look at all that sun, from the golden gate bridge, a lot warmer today in the north bay. cloudy and breezy yesterday so chilly to start. sunny and breezy this afternoon. summer-like sizal rifg, wednesday is going to be warm. thursday looks to be the hottest day of the week. here is a look at wednesday, numbers in the upper 70s around the bay. mid 80s, that warmth from the east bay beginning to slide closer to the bay, look what happens on thursday, widespread
6:49 am
90s, even 70s in san francisco, that doesn't happen too often. should be a beautiful day holding on to the heat on friday, and for the rest of the day today, you can look forward to 70s from santa clara to san jose. a little breezy in the afternoon, mid-60s, san mateo, millbrae about 65. downtown might be a little cooler with that westerly wind but a lot of sun for you in the north bay. warming up today from 69 in san rafael, 74 in calistoga, near east bay a lot of mid and upper 60s to beautiful day for you from berkeley. hercules 69. how about 68 in union city, and you head inland some low to mid-70s, a lighter wind through the delta, about 76 there for fairfield. 72 for pleasanton, and looking at the clear and cool night in the north bay, low 40s there, upper 40s elsewhere. here is a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, where we're brighter today, and breezy, and beautiful day again tomorrow, maybe some early morning fog. the warming trend for tuesday. wednesday you can see temperatures a good 20 to 22
6:50 am
degrees, that spread from the coast to our inland valleys. it gets wider for thursday but we're warming up at the shoreline, where beach temperatures could be in the upper 60s but 90s inland, well above average for early may, liz. >> they're going to have to watch out at those beaches at the end of this week. goodness. thanks, lisa. let's talk sports. steph curry is at it again honoring people affected by the covid-19 pandemic. abc 7 sports anchor chris alvarez has the details in this morning's sports. >> stephen curry's work off the court has been tremendous during this pandemic. on saturday he held a virtual graduation including serena williams and kevin hart and this message for the 2020 class. >> i'm grateful for this opportunity to congratulate you, the undefeated class of 2020. you're my kind of people, you all know that. record-setting, you're history-making, and you show up
6:51 am
to win even in the greatest adversity. and we're here today to celebrate, because we believe in the work that you've done. you should be celebrated at the highest level no matter what's going on right now. >> curry's head coach steve kerr joined us on the with authority podcast earlier this week. we learned a lot in our 40-plus minute interview including his love for improv. he did some with second city in chicago. >> they're putting on online shows with various skits, you know, actors at home, and they got in touch with me and asked me to be a part of one. >> reporter: second city improv releasing the video on youtube earlier this week. coach kerr joined other actors virtually and played a doula using his coach skills to help a delivery. here's coach like you've never seen him before. >> carol, listen, this is your time to shine. >> but are you doing this for extra cash while the nba is on hiatus?
6:52 am
>> no, i've been doing this since '97. i delivered dickey simpkins' kid on the team plane. >> as a doula? >> in both cases you're coaching babies. take it one possession at a time. >> possession? >> work with me, carol. listen, i survived a fist fight with michael jordan. i have eight rings. i'm your doula. you can do this. the first saturday in may usually the kentucky derby. however with this pandemic it will be held in september, but there was a race on saturday, virtually the 13 triple crown winners got together on the racetrack and here's the call. >> here comes secretariat in the middle, criation on citation on the inside. seattle's fluid american battle, here is the finish, secretariat has won it. over citation, then seattle. >> 47 years after winning the race on his way to the triple crown, the 7-2 favorite secretariat wins the virtual race with a great run down the stretch. did you see this?
6:53 am
check out thor bjornsen, going for the dead lift weight world, just a mere 1,104 pounds. not a problem for the man who played the mountain in the "game of thrones." in an interview he said he could have done more but what's the point? that is a whole lot of weight to lift. he's a strong man, much stronger than i. let's send it back to you. >> thanks to chris for that. if you ever want to catch this week's ful conversation with steve kerr, google abc 7 news with authority podcast. the guys spent the episode talking about what kerr thinks of today's upcoming episodes of espn's "the last dance" documentary, the traits steph curry shares with michael jordan and what it would take for the nba to get back to playing. anywhere you get your podcasts, itunes, spotify or sound cloud. sunday morning, what better time to curl up with a good book? next we'll tell you about the virtual book festival happening today, bringing the library to you and the family.
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6:56 am
happening today, it's the last day of this month's virtual bay area book festival. organizers are providing live and recorded events that talk about topics like voting rights, health and wellness and even about discussing being in quarantine with your kids. there are different sessions throughout the day, and you can even earn some money. there's a writing contest for middle and high schoolers and adult division. just go to for the details, where you can find their youtube channel with all the events happening today. let's get a final check of the weather with lisa. it's chilly so it would be nice to snuggle up with a good book this morning. >> absolutely, or wait a while before it gets warm to head out. if you do, keep in mind it will be breezy if you live on the peninsula or at the shoreline. our local beaches will be cool, but otherwise, upper 60s from fremont to oakland. low to mid-70s inland. the accuweather seven-day forecast a little bit warmer tomorrow, and then we begin our
6:57 am
warming trend. slow to get going but boy, once it does on wednesday, we're really going to talk about summertime heat well above average with temperatures in the upper 60s at the coast, but still a nice breeze there, but getting sizzling inland in the 90s. liz? >> that looks like it's going to be pretty warm and i'm happy about it. i like that heat. thanks, lisa. thanks for joining us on "abc 7 mornings." i'm liz kreutz, along with lisa argen. abc 7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. lisa and i will be with you. "good morning america" is next followed by "this week with george stephanopolous" at 9:00. take a beautiful look at the bay. thanks for joining us. have a great day, everyone.
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good morning, america. more than half the states reopening this week, but are we ready for what could happen next? spring fever bringing out the crowds. people in texas packing bars and restaurants. lines of boats in florida ready to set sail. but scenes like this drawing words of warning. >> you are bringing death to their doorstep. plus, the increasing hopes for a treatment. the couple who says they're convinced this drug helped them recover. coronavirus cover-up? a new intelligence report obtained by abc news pointing a finger at china, did the country cost the u.s. and the world valuable time mounting a fight against covid-19? the meat of the matter. the growing concerns about the nation's food supply. why one big chain is adding


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