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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 9, 2020 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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how residents played a pivotal role in stopping the rampage. abc news starts right now. building a better bay area. for a safe and secure future. this is abc 7 news. >> i saw police gas a crowd full of teams and senior citizens without any prior warning. >> right now, a community outcry in the east bay over police tactics, hundreds have had a townhall to demand the end of tear gas and flash bangs. >> that marathon meeting t inin still going on. >> it is, for more than five hours. community members have been sounding off in a zoom meeting with the oakland police commission, so many upset. saying last week's protests were peaceful ones until tear gas was fired. let's go. let's go. >> this is facebook live video from monday, june 1st in oak
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lapped. t -- oakland. the moment that tear gas was fired in to a crowd of protesters. those on the ground say the crowd was not violent, and only a water bottle was thrown. during a special police commission meeting held monday night, many sounded off. >> one minute in to chanting hands up, don't shoot. tear gas was released on us. >> tear gas has been shown to call still births and miscarries. >> you were to protect and serve us and you failed. >> the deputy chef was quick to respond concerning some of the tactics used in recent protests at the end of may and start of june. >> what is missing from the conversation is the amount of violence that opd was incurring. if you look at the downtown oakland, over 200 businesses have been looted and destroyed.
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officers were under violence through the throwing of rocks, bottles, molotov tococktails. >> it's been said that they did not follow the guidelines set for them and the deputy chief i make sure that protocols followed. we had over 30 officers injured and some transported to the hospital, sadly there was a federal security officer murdered in the protests. now many who voice complaints say they want the budget's police department done away with, most want tear gas use ended. new at 11:00, we received video of a deadly officer involved shooting in oakland, took place saturday night. the person who shared it with
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us, said is it was taken moments after the chp opened fire. you can see a heavy police response, there was near 96th avenue and cherry street. eric solgado died, and his wife has been in and out of coma. it's not clear what led to the shooting but the family wants answers. >> if it can be preventible, which i am sure it can be, 40 shots while he is in a car, that is excessive. there could be other ways that i feel like could have been done with any death that is done brutally by the police. >> a peaceful protest was held in oakland over solgado's death, an update will be given tomorrow. >> tonight, new details about the heroic acts that put an end to a deadly rampage, the suspect
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accused of killing a deputy and wounding others was stopped by a good samaritan. >> a dangerous and angry man intent on bringing harm to police officers. that is how the santa cruz county sheriff describes the suspect in the deadly ambush. deputies were up against gun shots. pipe bombs and poor radio and cell reception. saying that residents played a role in stopping the rampage. >> this guy could have done more damage had the resident not taken the action he did. >> the suspect was carrying an ar-15 when he demanded a residents vehicle. he was handed the keys and when he turned around, the resident tackled him. >> the suspect reached in his pocket and pulled out a pipe bomb and tried to ignite a pipe bomb while being held down. he then pulled on it a pistol. clare was using her cell phone to record police activity. >> so i was videoing that and then all of a sudden, you know,
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we started hearing the cries is for help. >> a man named eric and his pit bull rushed over the help the other resident. >> he was having a hard time keeping him under control with the handgun pointed at him. >> immediately he realized the man pinned to the ground was the suspect, wanted for killing 38-year-old sergeant damon gutzweller and injuring others. >> we are holding him on the ground here. >> they say actions by the residents are reflective of the tight knit community. >> in a way, it did not surprise me, that is exact many how people around here would respond. >> residents saturday held him until deputies arrived and placed him under arrest. he will be arraigned 1:30 friday afternoon. abc7 news. >> in the south bay, the san jose police department is making significant changes. the chief announced that the department now expressly forbids officers to kneel on somebody's neck. this is part of the department's
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prohibition on choke holds and they are required to report and step? on excessive force. and when it comes to crowd control, rubber bullets will not be used to disperse people. there's been calls to disban the police department. and he said he will not do that. >> what i hear is the overwhelming call in every meeting that i'm in, for more police patrol, not less. >> they will take up the use of force tomorrow morning. and the abc7i-team found a rubber bullet right here on the streets of san jose, at the protest, may 29th. dan spoke with an activist that was hit in groin that day, he to have surgery and may not be able to have children as a result. we posted his story to our website. >> we saw several protests around the bay area, all of them peaceful.
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people socially distanced in the glenn park neighborhood. dozens of people showed up for a protest. and there was a black lives matter march in martinez. >> a family was threatened with violence while eating in a restaurant. we spoke to the family, they say it was sparked by their black lives matter shirts. >> we were just a family trying to have dinner. >> but before dinner had gun, a stranger interrupted. >> he banged the table, slammed his hands on the table, looked at my son, and said black lives matter? he said, f black lives, blue lives matter. >> anthony col on. n and his wife and children, 7 and 5, 2. were having a dinner at flights in burlinggame after the first family protest in san francisco.
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? i don't believe that if we were a white family that he would have approached us the way he did. >> after walking away, the man seen here in a surveillance image came back to the table a second time. >> he came back, >> i'm upset that the kids were exposed to them, and i'm upset about the affect that it will have on them. after this, arlo did not want to leave because he thinks the guy will come back and bring his gun. >> amanda and madeline were dining outside. they witnessed the incident and saw the man eating and drinking with a large group at the restaurant before he confronted the family. >> the older gentleman was very aggressive and he started, he shoved the father. >> i heard him say blue lives matter we are here for you and i heard the word shoot. >> it looked like he an agenda to come specifically to that father, that family or something and it may have been because the kids had the black lives matter shirt. >> they called police who took a
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report at the restaurant. >> he had so much anger in his face and his eyes. i just hope that he gets arrested and that he, we press charged against him and we get justice from this. >> i have been in touch with the police and they say they are investigating and already have a suspect in mind. abc7 news. >> tonight, george floyd's family is preparing for his operate funeral tomorrow. earlier today, thousands of mourners paid their respects outside of a church in houston. abc news reporter with more from houston. >> two weeks after his death. george floyd celebrated by his hometown of houston. thousands of mourners braving 90 degree texas heat to pay their respects. >> passionate about justice, equality, fairness, rightfulness, brotherhood, sisterhood, unity. >> the mourners linked by a city and a cry for change. >> this man's who's death changed the world. you have to come.
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i can't explain it. >> inside the church, social distancing. just 15 people at a time in masks and gloves. earlier in the day, former vice president joe biden met with floyd's family privately for more than an hour. a family attorney tweeting he listened, heard their pain and shared their woe. >> the floyd family grateful for the out pouring but all of it was happening as fired minneapolis police officer derek chauvin was making his court appearance. prosecutors laying out the second degree murder case, the bail set at $1.25 million. now with more scrutiny, there's a growing call to out right abolish or defund police departments, the minneapolis city council saying it intends to dismantle the police department and have more economic inclusion for people of color. and putting plans to defund the police in other cities.
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nypd funds being shifted to youth funds. president trump said it's not going to happen. >> they will not be defunding. they won'ting dismentaling of our police. i'm going to talk about ideas how we can do it better and how we can do it if possible, much more gentle fashion. >> abc news. houston. >> george floyd's funeral is tomorrow. abc will have live coverage of the private service and celebration of life from houston beginning at 9:00 a.m., you can watch it here on tv, as well as streaming online, through abc7 as well as our abc7 news apps. >> temperature checks on the bus and no more eating lunch in the cafeteria, the major changes coming to california classrooms. >> grab your popcorn, movie theaters could open the doors as early as friday, but your experience will be different. feeling left behind in reopening the plea from san francisco's bars.
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new developments regarding a corruption scandal at san francisco city hall, three more people being charged, nuru, the now former director of the department of public works was arrested and accused of taking part in a bribe scheme. sandra zuniga, is accused of laundering money. balmore hernandez a former public works plea is facing bribery. and florence kong is accused of lying to the fbi. we are committed to building a better bay area and tonight, a focus on the economy and getting
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business back on open. this friday, you could be heading to a movie theater. the state said theaters could open as early as june 12th, with showin showings limited to 25% capacity. state officials suggest they use disposable and washable seat covers and require people to enter and leave the theater and at the concession stand. >> bars in san francisco say it may be their last call if the city does not let them open earlier than scheduled. >> we are asking the mayor to allow us to open the same time restaurants do, because it seems only fair, because our economic future is in balance there and e need help. >> the bar aurged to be allowed to resume business. the group wants to open july 13th.
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350 bars make up the bar owner alliance and do not serve food, and are teatering on the edge of professional and personal collapse. >> nail salons have upped the ante in their legal battle against the state. they have filed another lawsuit to get people back to work. governor newsom said that the first community spread case came from a nail salon, the governor spoke with industy representatives about the claim. >> it was understood from the call, that the first case of covid-19 did not in fact come from a nail salon, we are angry, frustrated and suffering. and need our salons to be open >> no date creopen >> the road map open hos in califora was guidelines school districts prepare for august as they welcome schools back again. we see what it may look like. >> in the fall, schools must put
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the safety of students, teachers and staff first in order to reopen with any kind of success. the ways to do that are included in the 55 page guide book, issued by the california department of education. >> you will see, there are guidance, and it talks about the need for students to be spaced in ways that honors a six-foot space of physical distancing. >> schools are advised to follow other cdc recommendations, such as facial covering for all. temperatures should be taken before anyone enters the campus. on friday, governor gavin newsome announced that personal protective equipment will be made available the all school districts. this is thermometers, and hand sanitizer and face shields for teachers. and when it comes to designing the school day, it will be up to the districts to choose what is best for each school.
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some may have a hybrid learning model. districts are asked to be creative the way that schools are currently working. >> they are using spaces like the calf e-- cafeteria, they ha tables spaced out. they are using spaces like a gym. >> we know the guidance is telling us several things that we would need to do that right now, we are still trying to figure out how we can possibly deliver on. >> districts will undoubtedly face challenges as they implement the safety measures in a time when the california budget is shrinking. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> in the north bay, solano county is allowing businesses to reopen as of tonight. gyms and fitness centers and wineries and bars and breweries, zoos and museums as well as hotels can resume operations. this is ahead of the state's
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schedule that set a date of this friday. >> new rules in affect for alameda county, child care, occur side library puck up, aappliance repair, pet grooming services and small outdoor gathering. and masks must be worn at all times in public, that includes when you are exercising. hair salon and barber shops will open next wednesday. and indoor dining, bars, churches, gyms, museums and hotels can reopen july 1st. last friday, contra costa county, opened up swimming pools and dog parks. >> swimming pools may sound good coming up. i think we are warming up, right? >> yeah, absolutely. it is going to get hot enough to where you might want to just jump in the pool. let me show you a live picture right now. stunning view from our emoryville county, you can see all the way across the board.
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san francisco going from 70-75, five degrees warmer. san jose up eight coming in at 88 and 92 in concord, nine degrees warmer tomorrow afternoon. it's all due to the area of high pressure that is building and that's going to bring about warmer weather the next few days. so, here is a look at live doppler 7, no fog to speak of, the air mass is dry, as we take a look at the temperatures from the 50s to the 70s, the winds have eased up over the week and they were blowing as you look at a spectacular view of san francisco downtown, you know we are in for a nice couple of days ahead. warming continues in the next two days. cooling begins on thursday. and it is going to be windier and cooler as we head in to friday and saturday. first thing tomorrow morning, 40s, 50s on your temperatures as we head in to the afternoon, those numbers in the south bay, 91 in morgan hill, and 88 in san
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jose, it will be warm around milpitas and on the 69 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, a lovely day, 75 degrees. 68 in daly city, still a bit of a sea breeze, it's not going to be as strong as it has been in days a past. 89 in the north bay, and 85 san rafel, 80 in oakland, and these temperatures are running a bit above average for this time of year. inland areas, it will feel like summer. even though summer is still a few days away. a live look and we are looking at the beach. you may want to enjoy the beach if you live close by. sunny and warmer a high uv index, you will need the sunscreen. 83 in santa cruz. a look at the air quality. take a look, it's going to be good on the next four days. we will be dealing with moderate air quality.
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here's a look at the accu weather seven-day forecast. heat, mid to upper 60s, fog returns by wednesday afternoon. thursday, friday, we start to notice that cooling trend, especially away from the coast line, and by friday, everyone is dropping. gusty winds for friday, saturday, and as we head in to the weekend. it is going to be beautiful. but definitely not as warm as what we are about to experience. >> soupd sounds good. >> going inside the first episode of bachelor's greatest we're here for you and we're open. wow. i'm an original. one of a kind. you feel me? love ya'. oop! you look cute! better than you? pop my 100% all-white-meat classic or spicy popcorn chicken combo for just $5.99. watch live tv and all your favorite streaming apps. and now x1 also comes with peacock.
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pop my 100% all-white-meat classic or spicy popcorn chicken combo for just $5.99. building around san francisco are lit up in crimson and gold tonight, this image was tweeted, the colors represent the houston high school where floyd graduated. >> a woman in oakland has come up with an artistic way to protest inequality for a hip hop dance class. ♪ >> these dance manufactures are part of a movement several adults and kids came out this morning in a ridge mont neighbor, to dance in a socially safe distance in support of black lives matter. dancers wore signs that said, white silence equals white consent. >> when i came across the slogan, white silence equals white consent, that struck a
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cord with me and i wanted to do something in protest of inequality and i thought, what i do is dance. it's for a great cause and hopefully next time we have more people involved. just to show support. and i'm all for it.e to protest- it was amazing. >> more support dance classes arn toros (for just $100 a month. switch to sprint and get four lines of unlimited
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the warriors built a championship culture on the off the court, that was on y once again after many peacefully protested across the bay area. steph curry and klay thompson were among the many that show support. both of them missed time due to injury. the condition of klay was asked about who is recovering from a torn acl. >> 100% for you and i walking around is not the same as 100% for a nba basketball player. so, until we kind of test him and see him and you see him one on one and two on two and the pandemic has not allowed him that opportunity to do those type of things. so, we will, there's no rush, clearly. as far as i heard, he is, he is recovering fine. there's not been a set back. >> former a's catcher bruce maxwell took a knee back in 2017 on the baseball field for the a's and he recently joined us on
1:36 am
the with authority podcast. maxwell is now playing in meevngn ts podcast. includg bi racial in alabama and his decision to kneel and how it will forever change his life. >> when people say it's disrespecting the military and the disrespecting the flag and the all live matter comments that people love to say, it bothers me. because it's a deflecting technique. it really is. and people want to talk about the military, and our flag and our national an then, well, my father fought in the military and my grandfather fought in the military i have uncles and aunts and i have and 35 years in the military and before them, you had the same people that had fought in the battle and came home to be mistreated because of what they looked like. >> time for abc7, call my play, larry calls the action.
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all right, that is it for tonight, thank you so much for watching. right now - >> we are all back with an all new "ta i belihere's ausave.likeou,ilhop
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whit some of whom i've argued with. i've been stunned by those who realize just now that there is a problem. i've said from the beginning of this show, let's talk about it. and we will do this. hearing from the young people who are in the streets, and the city, in the suburb. what are they have to say? i hope that we all want the same thing. and how do we finally get it? be sure to watch a very special "tamron hall show." >> announcer: the "tamron hall show" celebration of pride starts now. >> tamron: welcome to "tamron hall" from my home. wait for it! tamron, two, one. [applause] take a look at! we have an audience, our virtual audience. hi, family! this is our first virtual tam fam audience from all over the country. nothing can keep us apart. i'm so thrilled to have an
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audience. you watching at home, our tam fam, virtual. we are going to keep doing this so that you can join us and help keep building a relationship, our community, putting it back together. so the people that you see right now, they are celebrating pride month across the country. you can tell. it dolled up for the occasion, i love it. i even have my little color thing going on here. so we are finding innovative ways to bring the show to you, and a lot of people are finding the innovative ways to continue to the pride parades. pride is much more than a parade. we know that. it is a movement that recognizes and celebrates the lgbtq+ community. >> just look them in the eyes, and say, "mom, dad, i am" -- >> tamron: 50 years ago, when the first gay pride parade was held in new york city. was held in new york city, the animated movie "out" would've been unthinkable for a


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