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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 15, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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hi, friends. >> hi. >> good morning. >> and so what does our monday look like, mike? >> a little change in the forecast for today. we've got clouds onincreaeezes increase. won't be quite as mild as yesterday. and it starts with a look at live doppler 7, and you see the high clouds coming as a cold front will pass to the north and that will induce the sea breeze are. winds are already starting to pick up. but then faster this afternoon 25 to 35 this afternoon and evening. temperatures 57 to 59 at 7:00. and look at the temperature at noon, it is warmer than the temperature at 4:00. it is usually the opposite. and by 7:00, we're in the 50s and 60s. so grab a coat if you are heading out this evening. let's get back to the news with reggie. a major milestone in the south bay. today is the first weekday
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commute since two new b.a.r.t. stations open as more of you are heading back to your workplace. this is just one of the topics that we're focusing on in an effort to build a better bay area and amy hollyfield was really lonely a few minutes ago, we'll see if anyone showeded up at the station yet. hey, amy. >> reporter: it is a very empty station this morning, i am a bit lonely. we have seen two people and i will say that they are both very grateful to have this station. it will impact their lives in a very positive way. this is the new m resanjo owally reachg the south bay. we came out this morning to witness the first monday morning commute and we met one rider who says that it will make a huge difference to her life. >> i need it really bad because i've been commuting for many years to oakland. so it takes me like about -- driving is horrible.
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and now it is so close, i can't tell you how happy i am. >> reporter: you will have no trouble finding parking or a seat yesterday. people are still working from home and sheltering in place, so we have not seen many people here yet. but the station is beautiful. this ten mile long, $2.3 billion project is only phase one. phase two plans to bring b.a.r.t. to downtown san jose and also to santa clara. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. cal train is increasing its service in response to the easing of coronavirus restrictions. it will now run 70 trains every weekday, that is up from 42. this will allow for three trains per hour during the height of the commute. cal train will use askip/stop system meaning that fewer stops to cut done on trip times.
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and now the latest in atlanta after the police killing of 27-year-old ray shard brooks. a new autopsy report riled his death a homicide after being shot twice in the back by police. the two officers claim that brooks was asleep in aivth thene arrest after failing a sobriety test. >> take a >> i don't want to refuse anything. >> he grabbed the officer's taser and one officer is fired and the othered a minl straight difference leave. the police union is saying that the decisions were made without due process. and atlanta's police chief also resigned over the weekend. this morning the wife of rayshard brooks is speaking with gma. >> my little children can feel that their father is not answering to daddy, daddy, where is daddy? i feel like i'm a statistic, like i'm stuck being a single
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black parent. they took something from me. >> the sdrukdistrict attorney w decide on officers by mid week. murder charges are in play. and a live report coming up on gma. closer to home, city leaders in petaluma will be taking a close look at its police department policies. tonight the city council will consider forming a subcommittee to review police practices during a virtual meeting that is open to the public. and the council will draft a statement over the use-of-force protocols. tomorrow night the mayor, police chief and city manager will host a separate virtual town hall to answer questions from the public. and oakland city council member is calling to reallocate at least $25 million of the police department's budget. she tweeted the proposal last night and it would reprotect the money toward things like mental health support, homelessness
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pre-swrenks a prevention and other social services. the mayor says that oakland's ou million of op dwchd's cut budget. and san francisco mayor breed says that she recognizes the pivotal role that african-american elected officials need to play in a national conversation about racism. she made the comments on a cnn town hall. >> this is an extraordinary time and an extraordinary time for extraordinary leadership. in the absence of federal leadership. and what is happening in this country is you are seeing mayors in particular especially african-american mayors who are beingike never before because of what is happening around race in this country. >> mayor breed joined mayors of
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washington, d.c., laeatlanta an chicago for this conversation. and we expect to get an update today on how california is reopening. governor newsom expected to hold another news conference at noon today. as of right now, california is in stage two. retail, manufacturing, some office, outdoor museums and limited personal services are allowed. the couple who confronted a man about black lives matter chalk art in san francisco is now apologizing. and there is a new development this morning. and new calls to are at officers who killed brionna taylor, the effort now getting support from an a-list celebrity. and here is a look at today's temperatures. and you can also see what is going on for tomorrow. even cooler weather before a warming trend begins wednesday and it gets really warm as we head into the holiday weekend.
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so thanks again. one good share deserves another. increasing clouds over francisco, most of us in the mid to upper 50s. we do have tracy at 62, fash fie
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fairfield at 61. and here is a look at san jose, 59, you can see the clouds coming and the breeze will be the biggest issue for outdoor activities. otherwise the temperatures will feel pretty comfortable, in fact the most comfortable today and tomorrow. south bay 62 at 8:00, look at the jump into the 70s before the winds kick in and we drop back to 69. in the north bay, 77 for a couple hours this afternoon. down to 68 at 8:00. and east bay valleys, upper 70s for a few hours, and then down to 69 by 8:00. hope you have a great day. and we'll take a look outside, we go to emeryville, east shore freeway, you can see the headlights moving at the limit, so far so good. if you are funneling into the bay bridge toll plaza, just a minor delay there. no word of metering lights yet. here is a look at your east shore commute if you combine highway 4 to the maze, you are
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looking at about a 26 minute w the santa cruz mountains, this d morning. it is northbound 17 near eagle crest, and you can see the slow traffic is beginning to build behind it, with speeds 7 and 24 miles an hour. so give yourself extra time as there is really no good alternate. >> thank you, sue. good to see you. "jeopardy" has aired the final episode filmed before the pandemic. and we're taking a live look outside, this is sfo. therewe go, this is what i wanted to se
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here's what we want everyone to do. count all the hugs you haven't given. all the hands you haven't held. all the dinners you didn't share with friends. the trips you haven't taken. keep track of them. each one means one less person vulnerable, one less person exposed, and one step closer to a healthier community. so for now, keep your distance. but don't lose count. we'll have some catching up to do.
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that could mean an increase byin energy bills.. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden.
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a san francisco couple is apologizing after video of them confronting a man at his own home went virafhi is >> why are you asking in. >> because it is >> james lives in pacific heights neighborhood, he was writing black lives matter in chalk outside of his home when lisa and robert questioned if he belonged there. he recorded this video, posted it online telling abc 7 news that this is an example of polite racism. we've now learned that robert has been fired from his job at an investment banking company, he emailed his apology yesterday saying i have a lot to learn about how racism impacts people and their lives daily. meanwhile lisa says that she wants to apologize to james in person. and in a statement she says the last 48 hours has taught me that my actions were those of someone who is not aware of the damage caused by being ignorant and
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naive to racial inequalities. people outraged by that viral video tried to leave negative yelp relieves on her skin care company. but some have been targeting the wrong business. alexander is the ceo of l.a. face products. and all her social media has been deleted. another company is called l.a. face products -- sorry, my l.a. face. >> if somebody had posted a comment saying that here is her business, her business yelp page, let's go after it. and -- but it had my wife's business. >> we started private messaging them to say that i'm not lisa. >> yelp says that it has been notified about the mix july and they wi mixup and they will be removing the reviews in question. and if you love jeopardy,
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they have run out of new "jeopardy" was forced to shut down production in march because of covid-19. alex trebek says he is ready to head back to work and he wants to be one of the first shows back in production. you can watch it week nights at 7:00 right here on bsabc 7. >> they have social distancing. >> that gives insight into how far ahead those shows are shot. >> right. don't they tape like four or five a day? >> do they? >> something crazy. yeah, that and wheel of fortune, i believe. >> so they only have to work a few months out of the year. >> great gig. let's talk about what is going on, it is monday, hi, everybody. let's open the weather window. we changed cameras, going with . i love to see the water.
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you can see a little ripple, but it will be pretty choppy 24 afternothis afternoon and evening. and you can see the high clouds starting to stream in. we'll have cooler conditions, but no rain. may be a stray shower if you are lucky. cooler, clouds increase a little tonight when drier air filters in behind the cool front and then warmer wednesday through father's day this sunday. so you can see the cold front looks really healthy for oregon and washington, but not so much for us. so let's see what it does to our temperatures today. we start off with about 75. san jose, 77. low 80s in morgan hill and gilr gilroy. 62 to 64 along the peninsula coast even with sunshine. not the marine layer clouds, the high clouds will be what the sun is filtering through, but you
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will be chilly. winds could be 40-mile-an-hour at ti 65 south san francisco. and you can see napa, 80 up in the north bay. east bay shore, low to mid-70s. and about 80 to 82 in our inland east bay neighborhoods. no need for the air conditioner deepest valleys, upper 40s show up, rest of us in the low to mid-50s. and tomorrow even cooler than today. and then you can see the change wednesday as tempertures even at the coast, almost 10 degrees warmer, warmest thursday and friday, and we'll let off the heat just a little bit for saturday when astronomical summer starts. back to you. and now we write bring in g stooe with a lozee with a look what is ahead. >> i'm making notes, i have to
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coming up here on gma, we'll have the latest on the protests across the nation and of course that anger in atlanta after the fatal shooting of a black man, rayshard brooks. he was shot in the back after a struggle in a parking lot. the incident was and i will caught on camera. would be officer h one officer fired and the other on administrative duty. we'll hear from the victim's wife. and also people are looking for sports to come back, but why kyrie irving is saying that now might not be the best time to return to the court and why he james.g head to head with we'll ha and isation, you know it has put an incredible strain on our country, but this morning there is a silver lining apparently. harvard did some researh showing that the strengthening bond between fathers and their children is something that we might see. and i can attest to being just a
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parent having a stronger bond especially being around more. plus this may be hard to believe, but now might be the best time to start a new business. we'll get into why and give you tips, all coming up right here on gma. >> do you spend a long time trying to think of what to get for father's day or do you know immediately what to get? >> a long time. it is so hard. ben is like the worst. he doesn't like gifts. so too bad, something is coming up. >> so a card it is. ginger, we'll see you at thank you. coming up next, thenightmar one expert
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. welcome back. you can see the winds are pretty gusty along the ocean. and look as they spread inland what the fastest time frame is right around , 25 to 35-mile-per-hour winds. so watch out for maybe small tree limbs coming down. and the winds tomorrow not nearly as aggressive, but still
6:25 am
around 20 to 30. ee new developments we want to share with you, gone with the wind is returning to hbo max, but with new material. the company will add an introduction with black scholar and tv host jacqueline stewart providing historical context. the movie was pulled last week over criticism that it romanticized slavery. and beyonce is demanding justice for brionna taylor. she wrote a letter to kentucky's attorney general and she wants criminal charges brought against the officers involved in taylor's death. taylor died back in march after a drug raid at her home. she used a no knock warrant to barge in and shot her and no drugs were found. the officers have been reassigned toed a minute straight difference duties. and heare car sales are
6:26 am
increasing because people no longer want to rely on public transportation. with coronavirus fears causing workers to want to keep to themselves, one major traffic expert predicts unprecedented traffic congestion ahead. >> there could be 10%, 20%, 30% higher than what we've seen traffic could come to a standsti standstill. >> and sam schwartz says that the rush hour commute could triple in length for some metro areas in a few months. and a new survey shows that dramatically more vacationers are planning road trips. 62% say that they plan to travel by car. that is up 72% from last next, local protests fighting for racial justice find a powerful way to spread their message. and plus fran san francisco,
6:27 am
what is now allowed. and this morning we know that the westfield valley fair mall behind me will finally be opening at 11:00 a.m. there will be plenty of hand sanitizer and a lot of social distancing happening inside.
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demonstrations from coast to coast after another black man is shot and killed by police. >> i didn't know that i was going to wake up to my husband never coming home. >> the man shot in the back as he was running from officers. this morning authorities considering murder charges. we're shedding light on the silent jen owe side happeniw ag within the united states. and plans to root out racism. the changes proposed to keep the public safe. andth b gets a needed financial boost, a major mall reopening but with a lot of changes. plus, touchless travel, the high tech way hotels are preparing for your return. and san francisda for indoo
6:31 am
lot of stories to get to. good morning, everybody. it is monday, june 15th. but first we will start with mike with a look at our forecast today. >> and hi, everybody. let's take a look where you see high clouds are encroaching upon our sky and they will diffuse the sunshine and the cold front will also create increasing breezes, which will keep our temperatures a little bit below yesterday's levels. you can see right there, the gray is taking over from north to south. winds at sfo 20, the rest of us 10 or less so that is pretty comfortable. mid-60s along the coast, low to mid-70s around the bay. and upper 70s to low 80s inland. reggie. breaking news this morning, search and rescue teams continue to look for the u.s. air force pilot who crashed into the north sea. the fighter jet was on a routine
6:32 am
mission and the base is about an hour and a half northeast of london. the air force says just one pilot was on board when it hit the sometime around 3:00 a.m. our time. the pilot's status is still unknown. and abc 7 is focused on bringing you story that is help to build a better bay area and would one thing we're following is the economy. and today there are major changes in san francisco for the first time since march, retailers can start letting means that the big malls like westfield, san francisco center and stones town galleria can reopen. masks will be required and westfield will monitor and limit the number of guests and have crews clean more frequently. acs ha washing statns. ld valley fair mall and south bay is reopening. julian glover is live in santa clara with a look inside.
6:33 am
>> reporter: good morning. yes, the doors to the westfield valley mall will finally be reopened for the first time in three months. at 11:00 a.m., those are the new modified hour, 11:00 to 7:00 a.m. monday through saturday. you will want to check the website though, i did a quick scan and only about 72 of the nearly 200 stores will be open on 24 first day. so it looks to be a slow but gradual process. employees will be reminding shoppers to wear faceed. and they also have signs up to remind shoppers to keep their distance and place markers on the ground to keep people spaced out in line. and there are hand sanitizer stations placed throughout. all sresill be mentioned, it isy the luxury brands and big players, apple, bloomingdales,
6:34 am
foot locker, old navy. they are open. but some stores like kay jewelers and the ke kiosks and n the disney store are closed. the food court is open, but no seating. and the parent company tells us that they will launch a capacity tracker so you can go online and see how many people are there before you decide whether you want to drive out here. and some are also working on a point. shopping so you can make an appointment online. i'm julian glover, abc 7 news. now to the latest in atlanta following the police killing of 27-year-old rayshard brooks. a medical examiner found -- i should say confirms to abc news that he died from two gunshots in the back. this was in the parking lot of a wendy's friday night. the officers claim brooks was resisting arrest after fli aff
6:35 am
with a officer'staser. brooks s to fl that their father is not answering to daddy, daddy, where is dad did dy. i'm stuck being a single black parent. they took something from me. >> the officer who shot brooks is now fired. the other on administrative leave. atlanta's police chief also stepped down. and this morning fulton county's district attorney says that he expects to decide on possible murder charges against the officers by mid week. the unions representing police officers are proposing a plan they say will protect the public and root out racist officer, it includes creating a database of offices fired for gross misconduct to prevent other agencies from hiring them. the plan calls for a national use of force standard with a
6:36 am
focus on deescalation. officers would get frekts trainitrai frequent training in crisis intervention. the union officials called to defund police departments say that it doesn't help them or the communities they serve. a "black lives matter" protest brought traffic to a standstill on the bay bridge. drivers say that they were stuck in traffic for about two hours yesterday. police ended up arresting more than 20 people after the protests. demonstrators had parked their cars on the upper deck and they painted #blm on the freeway. chp officers eventually got there and arrested them. the chp says it respects people's right to protest but doing so on the bay bridge is dangerous. and in the east bay,counitmw hundreds to support the "black lives matter" movement. it was organized by alexander who was so moved that she had to
6:37 am
bring a message to her hometown. >> i never thought that this would be my reality. we talk about rosa parks or martin luther king, but this is a moment, you know, this is real. >> black lives matter. >> we need to show support for them. we're tired of seeing police brutality and all that and we're out here supporting them. >> we don't typically see people in our neighborhoods supporting the cause, so this means a lot to us. >> people young and old came to show support all saying systemic racism has no place in danville or anywhere. on our website, we have a list of local resources to help you navigate through the challenges regarding race and equality, democratacon and click on the resources. right now at 6:. we're taking a live look at the new york stock exchange, and we're
6:38 am
down about 560 points. another big drop after the opening bell this morning. we'll be talking about what is behind the selloff. check your car, the warnings that went out on windshields overnight. and speaking of vehicle, sue hall has a look at the traffic. no? mike? it is mike. >> it is me. we'll get to sue. and we appreciate her being here. filling in for jobina. but, yeah, i'll go first, sorry. most of us in the low to mid 50s. look at that, redwood city, also la fayette, there is a popular number. 59 in san jose with high clouds. and the driving, the biggest concern is what happens during the afternoon and evening with the very gusty winds. 25, 35 miles per hour.
6:39 am
so please be careful then. and the peninsula, we jump from 61 at 8:00 to 69 at 10:00, low 70s, but we'll fall because of the breezes all the way down to 61 by 8:00. east way, bay, 73 at 2:00, but drop down to 63 by 8:00. and in san francisco, we only warm up around noon to 64 and then we drop all the way to 59 degrees by 8:00 with our fastest winds, look at that. no joke, it will be a breezy afternoon. and especially this evening around 8:00. now time for sue. let's get over to her and find out what is going on wit trafc. isretty quiet out there as you start your monday morning. we'll give the north bay a bit of love. in san rafael, traffic is
6:40 am
flowing at the limit. and the richmond/san rafael bridge, it is looking brets goo pretty good. no delays here. and just a reminder, metering lights did turn on at the bay bridge this morning at about 6:15, so we'll take a look at some of your drive times here. south on 680, looking good. and across the golden gate, just over 45 minutes. and traveling highway 17 northbound, the earlier problems are now cleared.
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we saw the earthquake grace in bold was offering a grant program. i signed up and i was actually
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selected it leaves the house in tack. you now know that in the next earthquake your house will be standing and we also got a discount on our earthquake insurance. if there is an earthquake. our house has a better chance of surviving in. we start with a live look from the exploratorium camera. and our planner for today, 57 to 59 at 7:00. high clouds and sunshine rule the day. but notice we keep talking about the breezes, normally at 4:00,
6:44 am
it is a little warmer than noon, but not today because the breezes kick in and they pull the cooler air off the ocean. and then we keep falling into the 50s and 60s by 7:00. the winds are too fast and ground too dry up in the's sarah, sathe's sarah, so a high flag warning there. the full 7 day forecast is coming up next. as more of you head back to work, the commute and changing workplace is just one of the topics we focus on. amy hollyfield is live at the milpitas san diego. >> reporte >> reporter: and it is a prably nevre that tyn and wit a wouldeed wn eyere planning this. there are signs what b.a.r.t. has done to make sure that they are protected from the
6:45 am
coronavirus. signs talking about disinfecting the station and how face coverings are required. people have not showed up yet this morning. the trains are pretty empty. ne into their routine yet. we did meet one woman who says that she has been waiting for a. >> i need it really bad because i've been commuting for many years to oakland. and so it takes me like about -- driving is morable. and now it is so close, i can't tell you how happy i am. >> reporter: there are two new stations available now and open this morning. this milpitas one and then. >> is another one in is an ohio say's bear yes, srryessa neighb. phase two is expected to bring stations to downtown san jose and santa clara.
6:46 am
happening now, san francisco and hayward is enforcing the parking rules for street sweeping again. police began leaving warning tickets on vehicles overnight. this video is along harrison street. street sweeping was stopped with the shelter-at-home rules. but now the streets have to be cleaned again as more and more businesses reopen. and now your morning moneay locations. clubs in alamo, berkeley, san jose, fremont, milpitas and walnut creek will also close. and members are welcome to visit other locations. other gyms will be open once safe. and now we're taking a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets under way.
6:47 am
you we are down 636 points. concerns about a potential second wave of coronavirus is what is thriving the me driving markets down. and the hotel industry is gearing up for changes. we could soon see apps making your stay touchless. you can use your phone to get checked in, control the tv inside the room and change the room temperature among other features. and as we should all know by now, the remote control is one of the n nastiest things in the hotel room. >> first thing that gets wiped down. look at this view from san jose. you can see the high clouds mixinging with the sunshine. 59 right now. and below to average highs today
6:48 am
and tomorrow. and it will be really breezy in the afternoon and evening hours with our fastest aggressive breezes this evening. and a warming trend will last through the holiday weekend. and you can see the area, swirling of clouds that are coming out of the gulf of alaska, pushing the cold front. question could a stray shower is possible. but let's talk temperatures. 77 in san jose, head up the peninsula, low to mid-70s. 60 to 64 along the coast today. 64 in downtown san francisco also. north bay valleys from 76 in vallejo to 80 in santa rosa. 70 at berkeley, 71 at oakland and newark. as you head inland, about 80 t .
6:49 am
and now tonight, back into the upper 40s to mid-50s even cooler than this morning. my accuweather 7 day forecast, coolest tomorrow and then look at that, 10 degrees warmer across the board. hottest is thursday and friday. have a good one. is it already that time? >> i believe it is. guess what i have? i don't have a dog, sorry, but -- >> what? >> i was thinking about that time that you are like i have woodstock. i don't have anything that can stop that, i just don't. >> my moisturizer is two feet away from me, but i'm so hooked into where i'm sitting that i can't -- i cannot move. >> and so i'll share some with you. let's just wait until after the break. >> we'll do that. coming up, 7 things that you need to know. >> but first, we're sell
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blatinblat i celebrating the class of 2020.
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this virus is testing all of us. and it's testing the people on the front lines of this fight most of all. so abbott is getting new tests into their hands, delivering the critical results they need.
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it is 6:54. here are 7 things to know. number one, breaking news, the u.s. u.air force says that fighr jet has crashed into the north sea this morning. one pilot was on board, their status is unknown. and two, possible murder charges will be decided this week for the two police officers involved in friday's deadly shooting rayshard bloobr. he had stole one of their
6:55 am
tasers. and starting this morning, indoor retail shopping will be allowed in san francisco, but only if stores are able to meet the county's health requirements. and today is the first weekday commute on b.a.r.t.'s sai south bay stations. service now goes south to milpitas and north to bear yes, sir beberryessa. and we'll have cooler weather than yesterday. we could get to 890 l to 80 in bay. and we have less than a 10 minute delay at the toll plaza. and hong kong disneyland is getting ready it reopen on thursday. temperature screenings and face
6:56 am
masks are required for all guests. and do you have your disney lotion now? >> i come. a and i looked it up and they do serve up at hong kong. >> yeah, our self care that we do. and mike has enough lotion for everybody. he has like the biggest bottle. >> yeah. >> i don't even know where he got that from. >> costco, you know. everything is bigger there. >> true. well, i'm excited that we're getting our hands moisturized and a good day coming up weather-wise. and we'll be back in 25 minutes, we have an abc 7 news update. in the meantime, look at this beautiful view of the golden gate bridge. we're so lucky to live here.
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7:00 am
good morning, america. anger in atlanta. protests across the city calling for justice after the death of rayshard brooks. the 27-year-old fatally shot in the wendy's parking lot and the restaurant set on fire the next day. the incident caught on body camera. brooks struggling with officers taking one of their tasers, then shot in the back.ty the atlanta police chief stepping down as the da launches an investigation. rayshard's wife is speaking out this morning. tensions high. police clashing with protesters using tear gas to break up demonstrations in richmond, virginia, after a police car allegedly drove into a crowd of


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