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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 2, 2020 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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>> martin is the leader behind the scenes. he does it all. good morning, america. alarming new milestone. daily cases of the coronavirus setting a new record, topping 50,000 in the u.s. for the first time as 38 states show an increase in infections. now the testing chief's new warning. some labs reaching or nearing capacity as lines stretch miles long and the crisis unfolding in hospitals. icus, 90% full in riverside, california, as nurses go on strike, protesting conditions. re-opening reversal. more than 40% of the country now changing course from new york to florida and california as cases skyrocket. the new clusters, college students allegedly holding covid parties gambling on who gets sick, but despite the surge,
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president trump still hopeful the pandemic will just pass. >> i think that at some point that's going to sort of just disappear, i hope. >> now the head of the fda joins us with a new strategy on testing, the race for a vaccine and the latest covid treatments. economic whiplash. the second wave of layoffs now under way as governors reverse re-openings. some workers losing their jobs again just weeks after going back to work. the new unemployment numbers out this morning. holiday weekend scorcher. the new alerts as temperatures top 90 degrees from california to new jersey and as you hit the road for your getaway, where traffic is reaching pre-pandemic levels. plus, the electrostatic sprayers anrobotsots and safe. wet wedding. the dramatic moment caught on camera. a couple taking their wedding photos swept into ocean by a rogue wave. the lifeguard's split-second decision that saved the bride's
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life. ♪ i'm gonna stand by you and finally free. jonathan irons in prison for more than two decades, superstar athlete maya moore putting her career on hold to fight for his release. now just hours after he walked out of prison, both of them joining us live only on "gma." ♪ even if i can't find heaven we certainly do say good morning, america. great to have you with us on this thankful thursday, and guys, we have to see that moment again. megastar maya moore falling to her knees as jonathan irons, a man who's been in prison for more than two decades, he was facing a 50-year sentence. he walks free, his conviction was overturned in march, but he finally walked out of that prison just hours ago, and both of them, maya and jonathan, are going to join us live on "gma." whoo!
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>> robin, you see her drop to her knees there. she has been a part of this story since she was a teenager, and you said megastar. she is a superstar in the wnba, four-time champ, gave up her career, put it on hold to do this for that moment, robin, so i'm really looking forward to that this morning. >> more than two decades behind bars now free. so an incredible story. we're looking forward to that. more on that in a moment. first we want to get to the latest in the coronavirus crisis. some truly staggering numbers, more than 50,000 new cases in the u.s. in a single day, the most yet, and cases in just the past month.
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now even new york where the cases have been declining putting a pause on indoor dining. >> we know that the south and west facing rising hospitalizations, and those long testing lines as fema warns the testing supply chain is under strain. matt gutman is in california for us with the very latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. those numbers really are staggering which is one reason labs like this are working 24/7 and another reason that governors are rolling back those re-openings. now, california's governor here taking drastic measures saying he's coordinating state agencies including the california highway patrol to strip businesses of their license and counties of their state funding if they are noncompliant. anything to stop the onslaught. this morning, that alarming new record, more than 50,000 positive covid test results in the u.s. reported just on wednesday. the explosion in demand for tests leading the president's testing chief to warn that labs are being pushed to the very brink. >> that is absolutely correct that some labs across the country are reaching or are near capacity. >> reporter: june, a devastating month in the fight against the
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virus. a quarter of the world's cases are now here in the u.s. where coronavirus relentlessly gained ground after states began easing stay-at-home restrictions. now more than 40% of the country reversing course on re-opening. in california, nearly 10,000 new cases in just 24 hours. in riverside county, icus are at 90% capacity and nurses on a ten-day strike, conditions under covid they said, deplorable. >> i know the ppe shortage is nationwide but i feel like our hospital has done an exceptionally poor job in terms of distributing it and maintaining our supply chains. >> reporter: the hospital losing two of its own to covid. >> we've known these people. we spent holidays with them. you know, we spent birthdays with them. and it's hard. it's hard. we want to do the job that we signed up for. >> reporter: cases skyrocketing in texas where a record 8,000 cases registered in a single day. but texas' lieutenant governor both downplaying his state's
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2,400 deaths and dismissing the nation's top infectious doctor, anthony fauci. >> he has been wrong every time on every issue. i don't need his advice anymore. we'll listen to a lot of science and listen to a lot of doctors, and governor abbott, myself and other state leaders will make the decision. no thank you, dr. fauci. >> temperature checked three times a day. >> reporter: but at parkland hospital in dallas where they've opened their third covid unit, one doctor telling marcus moore he's facing agonizing decisions. >> i'm having to choose and have conversations about which patients i'm supposed to take care of, which patients i can't take care of because i got to take care of other patients. i can't even believe i'm having that conversation. >> reporter: arizona reporting a record high jump of nearly 4,900 cases and 88 deaths. hospitals there, too, at the brink. >> it's very hard. >> reporter: ricardo had seven relatives die of covid.
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at one point his parents and his pregnant wife were all hospitalized. he says his parents are still fighting for their lives today because hospitals are overwhelmed. >> he was supposed to be on ten liters of oxygen and neglected to put him on oxygen so on sunday night around 11:00 he suffered a major heart attack. >> reporter: he's been out of work since march but still, ricardo spent his last few hundred dollars to move his mother's care to his home. >> you can't put a price tag on somebody that you love, on somebody that you care for. >> reporter: you can't put a price tag on family. now, we are in the covid testing lab at providence st. joseph. this machine can spit out results in about four, five hours. other machines in about 20 minutes, but they're concerned here, as in other hospits across the count running out of reagents, swabs,
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these tubes, and that's one reason we're much more likely to see pool testing across the country. that's using one sample to test many people. if one person comes back positive they'll be tested individually but it saves time and money and supplies. whit. >> a new strategy the government is looking at. matt gutman for us, thank you so much. joining us to talk more about that and other things is fda commissioner and white house coronavirus task force member dr. stephen hahn. thanks so much for joining us. i want to jump to some of the numbers matt just highlighted in his report there. a new record yesterday, more than 50,000 new cases, cases increasing in 38 states, positivity rates in 32 states, hospitalizations in 25. are we losing this fight right now? >> thank you. it's good to be here with you this morning. we are seeing rising cases, and particularly in the south and the west, and what we're doing is we have a plan. we have a plan to actually get more personal protective equipment, testing supplies to those areas that need them the most. the other thing that's different from earlier in the year is that
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we have new therapeutics, antiviral, remdesivir and the steroid dexamethasone and we also have convalescent plasma which is a new type of treatment that has been used before in infectious disease where you take the antibodies from someone who's recovered from covid-19 and give that to someone who currently has it. over 28,000 americans have been treated. it's available, and one thing i'd like to say to america is if you recovered from covid-19 please go and donate. visit your local red cross, your local blood bank. it could save a life. >> you mentioned some of those therapeutic treatments. is any one of them or a group of them together -- there's also been talk about a common steroid. are any standing out to you as having real promise going forward? >> we have -- fda is supervising -- excuse me -- 141 clinical trials so the pipeline is very robust of potential therapies for covid-19. but remdesivir is certainly shown to reduce the duration of hospitalizations and sick
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hospitalized patients and the corticosteroid dexamethasone has been shown to reduce mortality by 30% so we have new tools for providers in those hospitals you were talking about this morning on your show. >> you're a member of the white house coronavirus task force. you've had questions with the president. you've briefed him. he said yesterday in an interview that the virus might, quote, sort of just disappear. is there any chance of that happening? >> we have learned a lot about the virus over the last couple of months. we've learned a lot about how it affects people, how it spreads. and so we're continuing to learn, but we will eventually get beyond this pandemic. we have a lot of therapeutics, we have vaccines in the pipeline. i'd like to stress one thing, the president's coronavirus task force guidelines. we need to follow those guidelines. follow your local protocols for screening, frequent hand washing, bring hand sanitizer. socially distancing is really
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important, and if you can't socially distance, wear a mask. those are common sense things as we head into the fourth of july weekend that we can do to stop the spread of the covid-19 virus. >> i want to get to those vaccines. we're six months into the crisis around the world. where do things stand right now on vaccines, the clinical trials, and realistically, how soon before a vaccine could become available to the general public? >> fda has given an authorization to proceed with clinical trials for four separate vaccines, and we've seen a number of vaccine developers come forward, double-digit numbers. so we have a lot of different, if you will, shots on goal with respect to vaccines. that's good news. and we expect two of these vaccines to go in the late stage of clinical trials, which are large clinical trials, in this month, july. and so we are on target to reach a vaccine by year's end or early next year so i'm cautiously optimistic. of course, it depends on the data generated from the trial. and i want to emphasize one thing.
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fda's job is to assess the data and the science behind these vaccines. what comes out of the clinical trials, and we will look at those data and make the best decision we can for the american people on the safety and the efficacy of that vaccine. >> dr. hahn, quickly, i want to get to something matt gutman mentioned in his report about pool testing. some of your colleagues on the coronavirus task force have talked about this possibility, basically testing people in mass numbers to get a better snapshot of what's happening across the country. does the federal government have a strategy, a plan, to implement this moving forward, and what are the benefits? >> so fda has published guidance to laboratories and provided a lot of technical assistance to individual laboratories, academic centers, large commercial labs on how to do this pooling. and that's as you described where you take multiple samples and run them as one test. it saves on test supplies, reagents, et cetera, now, laboratories have to do this
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under special conditions, so that's on our website. we're providing technical assistance and we will continue to do that but it is one strategy and a significant strategy to increase our testing capacity. >> all right, dr. stephen hahn with the fda, thank you so much for your time this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you, whit. >> t.j., over to you. as the world waits for that vaccine, president trump is saying he believes the virus will, quote, sort of just disappear. cecilia vega at the white house for us this morning and, cecilia, i don't know if you heard the fda chief. he didn't exactly go along with those words from the president about the virus just disappearing. >> reporter: yeah, exactly, t.j. officials have had trouble sort of having to explain that, but also the president, another headline about covid for you from the president this morning. he is insisting he is pro-mask even though he has yet to be publicly seen wearing one. even as new cases hit record highs, president trump is once again predicting that at some point covid-19 will simply disappear. >> i think we'll be very good with the coronavirus. i think that at some point that's going to sort of just disappear, i hope.
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>> reporter: this despite the fact that health officials warn the worst may be yet to come. while president trump maintains he is not anti-mask -- >> if i was in a crowd, you know, a crowd, a lot of people and everything else i'd wear -- i have no problem with a mask. at all. >> reporter: but then seconds later, he went on to bash joe biden, his opponent, for doing exactly that, wearing a mask. >> i see biden walking up on a stage where there's nobody around. he's speaking. he has a mask on, and you can't even understand what he's saying or he takes it off up there. when there's nobody around i don't see any reason to wear it. >> reporter: despite growing calls from his own allies to wear one, the president has yet to be photographed in a mask. >> i think i look better in the mask. >> reporter: even though he says he likes the way he looks when he wears one. >> it was a dark black mask, and i thought it looked okay, looked like the lone ranger. >> reporter: now, the president also said he's not on board with a national mask mandate because yople,t e president is holding this fourth
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of july event at mt. rushmore tomorrow. thousands of people expected to attend. they will be offering masks, but despite the cdc recommendations on social distancing, it will not be enforced there. >> that's what we're hearing. you're right. all right, cecilia. thank you. now to the pandemic and the economy. as the virus surges and states roll back on re-opening, some workers are getting laid off for a second time. rebecca jarvis has more. >> reporter: workers across the country facing economic whiplash this morning. with coronavirus cases on the rise in 38 states, many governors rolling back re-opening plans. employers cutting jobs once again, sending employees who just returned back to the unemployment line. >> i got furloughed with almost no notice. this second round i think will be more stressful. >> reporter: in arizona, one of many states reversing course in the face of an outbreak, cal duncan made the tough call to
7:16 am
close his indoor market. >> so we're laying off about 28 people. it was going to be a risk of losing more money trying to be open during this, exposing people for the amount of revenue we're getting. it did not make sense or feel right. >> reporter: the mounting pressures renewing calls for additional help. congress extending the so-called paycheck protection program, a lifeline to small businesses, through august 8th. economists believe today's jobs report will show that anywhere between 1 million and 7 million workers were rehired in the month of june, but it's less certain about the path forward as these states and now a number of businesses including mcdonald's and apple reverse course on those re-openings. whit. >> that's a big question going ahead. thank you so much, rebecca jarvis, for us. now a look at what to expect if you're traveling for the holiday. despite the pandemic, millions are likely to hit the road. we're already seeing traffic increase dramatically in some places. the number of people flying is also picking up once again.
7:17 am
gio benitez is at new york's laguardia airport with more on that. gio, good morning. >> reporter: hey, whit, good morning to you. yeah, without a doubt travel is down and it is down dramatically but by all accounts this is going to be the summer of the great american road trip and already we are seeing incredible numbers on the road right now. take a look at this because cell phone data actually shows that more than half of the states in this country are seeing more traffic than they did before the pandemic.nta, wyoming, idaho an california seeing the least traffic, but traffic is getting worse just about everywhere. the skies are also projected to get busier for the holiday. tsa expecting to screen even more travelers today and tomorrow. american and united saying they'll add flights to mountain destinations. a lot of outdoor trips. >> gio benitez, our thanks to you. we know that you'll be back in our next half hour with a look
7:18 am
at what hotels and home rentals are doing to keep people safe during their stay. we are following a lot of other headlines this morning. whoill t sick. about college gi also, take a look. a couple is swept into the sea taking their wedding photos. they're okay but a lifeguard's split-second decision to help save the pride. but first, let's head over to ginger. >> yes, and along a stationary front, slow-moving thunderstorms did this in tennessee. you had 6 to 8 inches of rainfall quickly with the flash flooding. kansas city had a couple of inches quick and some flash flooding too and we could see more of that along the same front but have heat advisories. it'll feel like 111 today in little rock. let's get to the sunny cities now sponsored by macy's.
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late july. bring out the good chips. hope your thursday is off to a good start. california is turning the dial back on reopening to curb the spread of coronavirus. confirmed cases of the virus have now jumped 45% in just the past two weeks. that's why governor newsom has ordered bars, wineries, movie theaters and indoor dining to close. that order includes santa clara, cntra costa and solano county us. state officials will revisit the guidelines in three weeks. you also need to know about stricter mask guidelines now this effect if you eatn a restaurant in san francisco. customers wear them anytime they are not eating or drinking.
7:24 am
so that means when you're wa waiting to be seated, looking at the menu, orderin, waiting orde arrive. restaurants have to make sure waiting crowds are at least 20 feet
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every year, you can see spectacular celebrities at aids walk san francisco. every year, you can see they are coming to you! join bette midler gloria estefan matt bomer stars of queer eye rupaul's drag race superstars.
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san francisco live stars ofat home,ye streaming on july 19 to benefit prc and their covid relief efforts all over the city. register now at welcome back and good morning. let's start with curreonditions. bid-50z to near 60 in oakland. 40s in santa rosa and we have fog. breezy bridges and choppy bay water forbo daay a sunday, if even if they are open, don't go near the water. it's dangerous. it's going to be warmest this weekend.
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reggie? >> thank you. coming up gma, how hotels and
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gallons of water in just one year. join finish and skip the rinse to save water. i think he looks better on the lower shelf. it's a lovely unicorn. >> back here on "gma" and look who is stealing the show. that's a bbc interview that went viral overnight. a public health expert overshadowed by her young daughter. it's a situation a lot of parents working from home have faced. coming up, a linkedin career expert is sharing her advice about how to make working from home work for you, your employer and your family. i have been here in my basement since march. i have got to give a shoutout to our technical team, the way they have not just for me, but for ginger, for lara, for all of us that are still at home, it is just absolutely amazing. little man is asleep on the couch right now so no chance
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that he's going to interrupt anything here. >> he's below the camera height. >> that's right. ig, whit. >> aolutely, a shoutol y morning. robin, we'll talk to you in a bit. much more on that story ahead. first, though, the top headlines we're following right now, the u.s. hitting a new record in the coronavirus crisis, more than 50,000 cases in a single day. 38 states showing an increase in infections and now the testing chief is warning some labs are reaching or nearing capacity. breaking news for our viewers in the west. ghislaine maxwell, the former associate of jeffrey epstein, has just been arrested. the fbi took her into custody at 8:30 this morning in new hampshire. she's expected to appear in federal court there today. sports fans,lk bau a onal baseball ays. natiheefending
7:32 am
champion nationals, showing up. it's not spring training. we call it summer camp now but a delayed season, but the teams are starting to report. boston players and cities all over the country are starting their training camps. they'll be tested for coronavirus every other day, but the season is set now for an opening day on july 23rd or 24th. look at that face, robin. >> fingers crossed. >> i know sports is coming back. >> whoo! let's play ball. let's play ball. let's get back out there. let's play too. all right, gentlemen, thank you. we have the latest on those covid clusters that have been linked to parties in both new york and alabama, allegations that college students -- are you ready for this -- intentionally trying to get sick, even gambling on who gets the virus first. erielle reshef is in new york with the latest on this for us. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. those allegations are shocking. officials say those parties are
7:33 am
causing hot spots like the one here in rockland county as more virus. this morning, officials with an urgent warning after they say college students allegedly held covid parties knowingly attending gatherings with infected guests. >> college kids are having covid parties where they're buying tickets to come to the party and then they will invite a couple of students that have tested positive for covid. so if you are the first person that tests positive for covid, then you win the money. >> reporter: state officials confirming that students intentionally may have spread the virus around tuscaloosa, alabama, and now possibly the state. >> not only did the doctors' offices confirm it but the state confirmed it. they had the same information. >>epteckland county, new york, at least eight confirmed cases allegedly linked to a house party full of 20-year-olds in a suburb of new york city. >> it's a very uncaring attitude toward the rest of society. >> reporter: authorities say the
7:34 am
host of the party was already symptomatic during the event and there were at least two other parties with guests in common and now officials say some of those at the party are not co don't call me again. i will not tell you anything, or i was not at the party. it doesn't matter what anyone else said. i was not there and i'm not going to speak. >> reporter: authorities issuing subpoenas to nine people with possible $2,000 per day fines for noncompliance. >> we are deadly serious. i will not allow to have the health of our county compromised. >> reporter: it comes ahead of a holiday weekend as cases among young people are rising in many areas across the country. and officials are calling those parties both reckless and dangerous. they are urging, especially as we head into the holiday weekend, that young people especially, as we head into the
7:35 am
holiday, abide by the cdc guidelines. of course, that means hand hygiene, social distancing and wearing a mask when possible. whit? >> gambling on who catches the virus. unbelievable. erielle, thank you so much. we do want to turn to travel picking up again. a look at what hotels and rental homes are doing to keep visitors safe. some using high-tech sprayers and robots but the cdc says even with that you should still take your own precautions. let's go back to gio benitez with more. gio, good morning. >> reporter: hey, whit. good morning again. even in a hotel right now, even staying in a hotel, that looks very, very different than before the pandemic. so this morning with so many changes, we ask, how do we stay safe? as thousands hit the road for the fourth of july weekend, many wondering this morning what are hotels and companies like airbnb doing to keep us safe? >> we are redefining our cleaning and safety standards. >> reporter: hotel giant marriott releasing this video promoting its cleaning procedures. it's a lot of the same technology we've seen on airplanes. those electrostatic sprayers, disinfecting hotel rooms and the buttons on the elevators. >> when you are in a lobby, at
7:36 am
the pool, in a workout room, in the hallways, anywhere where the public is gathering or passing each other, you're going to see a lot more cleaning. people physically cleaning more than they have in the past. >> reporter: the beverly hilton in los angeles using a uv light robot which the manufacturer says reaches a 99.99% level of disinfection but even with these measures, the cdc is suggesting you take matters into your own hands. avoid the check-in desk altogether and get a mobile key on your phone. minimize use of public areas like pools, game rooms or fitness centers and consider taking the stairs instead of the elevator. >> what they should look for is that the hotel cleans the frequently touched surfaces often and that they require everyone to wear a face mask when not in their hotel room. >> reporter: what about short-term rentals like airbnb? after all, those are homes owned by private individuals. there's no inspection by the company.
7:37 am
hosts have to agree to airbnb's cleaning protocol. >> what we require is those hosts who are participating in the cleaning protocol to attest that they are, in fact, applying it. >> reporter: the company saying there's a 24-hour hotline customers can call if the room isn't clean. and many of those airbnb bookings are actually for rural areas like the adirondacks here in new york and the blue ridge mountains in the southeast. a lot of people going outdoors this summer and, t.j., they are doing it right here in america. >> all right. gio, thank you so much. up next here now a bride and her wedding dress swept off her feet. it is not what you think. she was trying to get the perfect wedding photo with her groom, swept away by a rogue wave and now we're hearing about the split-second decision that the lifeguard made to rescue them. adrienne bankert here now with that story. good morning to you, adrienne. >> reporter: good morning to you, t.j. yes, thankfully this has a happy ending, but really this couple fortunate to be alive once that
7:38 am
photo shoot led to the daring rescue. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: watch as this newlywed couple is swept away by a huge wave. the bride and groom posing for wedding photos on the rocks at the edge of laguna beach in california tuesday. this giant swell looming in the distance. the powerful wave sweeps them away. the man filming stops to call for help. then -- >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: -- he finds the pair again in throwaas rescuers arrive passing a floaty to the groom, then racing for the bride pulled away by the current. >> she ditched the flotation device which is a brave move on his part and went out to rescue the female without a rescue tube and was able to drag them close to one another. >> reporter: the lifeguard attempts to pull her to shore and watch as another wave crashes on top of them. the drenched and exhausted bride onto dry land. her soaked white gown dragging through the sand.
7:39 am
lifeguards say the waves fueled by high surf caught the couple off guard. the two shaken up, but no major injuries. >> any time somebody is on the rocks they always have to be looking out towards the ocean so they can see any sort of wave that is coming on the horizon and they just put themselves in precarious, and luckily the lt, outcome was positive in this case. >> reporter: okay, so lifeguards are warning if you head to the beach, especially near the water's edge, check in with the lifeguards. make sure they see you, and ask them about current conditions. guys? >> all right, adrienne. thank you so much. maybe that's a good start. they know from now on we can survive anything together. >> they got a photo. just not the one they were looking for. still ahead, speaking of the beach ahead of the holiday the new shark sightings off the coast of cape cod and the app that lets you track what's in the water. ng you.
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we are back with the great white warning. as we head into the fourth of july weekend, concerns sharks may be more active along beaches this summer. will reeve is at the beach in sea bright, new jersey with more on that. will, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. there might be fewer people at the beach this summer due to covid-related closures and precautions as we take a drone view of the jersey shore on this beautiful day.
7:44 am
anyone who does go to the beach needs to be vigilant for sharks. they're active this time of year and they've been spotted up and down the coast and all around the, ss the country head to open beaches for the holiday, not only to watch out for covid-19 but also for what might be in the water. >> so we now have had more sharks than ever and believe it's just as dangerous as last year. >> reporter: officials in cape cod saying sharks are coming close enough to the shore to be a concern. >> you have predatory sharks called the white shark coming in close to shore to feed on a growing population of seals. there should be a higher level of vigilance when it comes to getting in the water because of is pdar ip >> reporter: greg is a fisheries biologist specializing in sharks. >> there's no reason in the world for people differently this summer than any
7:45 am
other. >> reporter: two shark attacks on seals documented there in recent weeks and in miami beach, these sharks recently spotted near a popular swimming spot. >> what are we hoping for? >> reporter: last summer i was off the shore of massachusetts tagging sharks with greg. >> i see it. >> reporter: we found a nine-foot great white feet away from an isolated beach. >> we're tagging a shark. oh, got it. ooh. there's the fin. >> once the tag is in it we'll start learning from that fish and learn about where it travels to. >> reporter: now volunteer pilots trying to keep people safe from the sky flying over beaches to radio in shark sightings. >> it's an imperfect system that only came from community efforts. people talking to people about it and getting smart people together and good things happen. >> reporter: and officials also using an app called sharktivity from the atlantic white shark conservancy. the past month the blue representing where sharks have been spotted, the green
7:46 am
representing where tagged sharks have sent swith our dron here, experts say that what you might really need to look out for this summer is on land, covid-19, so take your precautions there. wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands, use your wipes. if you are in the water looking for sharks, vigilance, attention, stay close to shore and if you see a seal, get out. sharks love seals and when seals are around, sharks might not be far behind. whit. >> all right. will reeve with the annual shark warning for us, thank you so much. we appreciate it. up next, our "play of the day." ♪ what a man gotta do ♪ what a man gotta do what a man gotta do ♪ ♪ right now, there are over a million walmart associates doing their best to keep our nation going. because despite everything that's changed, one thing hasn't and that's our devotion to you and our communities. our priority will always be to keep you and our associates safe, while making sure you can still get the essentials you need. ♪
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♪ what a man gotta do ♪ what a man gotta do back now with our "play of the day." let's just show you this kid getting his first lesson in golf. this will be your life. a little kid from minnesota, daddy is getting him squared over the ball. get those shoulders square, get those feet set. widen that stance, take a swing. no, not yet. golf, golf. who wants to play golf? where is my basketball, daddy? this is ridiculous. look, get set. that is going to be, robin, his life. that is playing golf for the rest of your life, young fella. that's what it looks like. >> isn't that why you quit before you moved to new york? >> that is how i quit actually. >> oh, my gosh. he just did what we all feel sometimes. we all want to do that sometimes about life but, boy, okay. we'll see what happens. we'll keep an eye on him. how about this? this "gma" exclusive that is
7:51 am
coming up, a real athlete, basketball superstar, maya moore, put her career on hold to help a man who was wrongly convicted. now hours after jonathan irons was freed, they are both going to join us live here on "gma" so come on back. come on back. alright, let's roll. alright, here we go. ♪ ready to roll sound. action! [doorbell rings] pizza's here. it's pizza time. hello, how are you? woah, is that shaq? hello? how are you little princess? what are you doing in a box? i'm a board member and a store owner of papa john's and this is my brand new pizza the shaq-a-roni. just by ordering the shaq-a-roni $1 from each pizza is donated to papa john's foundation to support communities, covid relief, the fight against racial injustice,
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and good morning. firefighters put out a grass fire that could have posed a big problem. fast moving flames burnd along willow pass road. strong winds pushed those flames uphill making it extra challenging. they contained it to less than ten acres. investigators are rying to f trying to figure out what caused that. >> it's loob looking bright as the marine layer is going to move away faster. let's look at your activity planner. high uv index and small craft advisory because of the faster breezes. 70s around the bay and 80s inland, we drop back into the
7:57 am
40s and 50s tonight. rough surf this holiday weekend at the beaches when it's hottest and you want that free air-conditioning. be careful. >> yes, thank you, mike. coming up, a wnba superstar put her every year, you can see spectacular celebrities isear inet m every year, you can see spectacular celebrities gloria estefan matt bomer stars of queer eye
7:58 am
rupaul's drag race superstars. for aids walk san francisco live at home, streaming on july 19 to benefit prc and their covid relief efforts all over the city. register now at
7:59 am
8:00 am
and their covid relief efforts all over the city. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. alarming new milestone. daily cases of the coronavirus now topping 50,000 in the u.s. for the first time. as 38 states show a surge in infections. breaking news for our viewers in the west. jeffrey epstein's associate, ghislaine maxwell, arrested by the fbi this morning, accused of enabling or participating in the abuse of several women. the very latest as we come on the air. also this morning, it's the video so many can't stop watching. >> shhh. >> this public health expert interrupted on live tv by her daughter scarlet. not all work from home woes so easily solved. this morning, the mother who claims she was fired from her job because her boss felt her children were too noisy on conference calls.
8:01 am
♪ look around, look around meet the simmons sisters who are all in high school missing the chance this spring to perform their song based on "hamilton." all super fans of lin-manuel miranda. >> good morning, sisters. >> hi. >> i love your song. ♪ i'm gonna stand by you and finally free, the incredible story of jonathan irons, convicted at 16 years old. his lawyer saying there was no evidence of a crime, no fingerprints, no dna. the judge ruling in his favor. basketball superstar maya moore putting her career on hold to fight for his release. now just hours after walking out of prison -- >> 23 years of lies, i'm finally free. >> they both join us live this morning as we say, good morning, america. ♪ ♪ yeah you're all i ever needed ♪ and good morning, america. thank you for being with us on
8:02 am
this thursday. you know what, thursday doesn't sound as good as saying friday eve. so let's go with that. >> it's friday eve. >> there you go. >> it feels a little better. people are going to be feeling great. you have an exclusive interview not with one but two extraordinary people and this story is just -- will uplift anybody this morning. >> i am so excited. i am so excited to share this. we have a live look now, wnba star maya moore and jonathan irons, less than 24 hours ago, jonathan was freed from a missouri prison after maya was one of those who helped get his conviction overturned, put her basketball career on hold. i want to talk to both live in just a minute. her basketball career, we're talking about four wnba titles, two ncaa titles, two gold medals. at the height of her career, she put that to the side and fought for his release. >> incredible sacrifice and that video too, just amazing to watch. we'll look forward to that later on this morning.
8:03 am
thank you, robin. first, a lot of news to get to starting with those troubling new developments in the covid crisis. the number of cases in a single day topping 50,000 here in the u.s. for the first time, fema is warning the testing supply chain is under strain. let's go back to matt gutman in california with more on that story. matt, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning again, whit. this is the covid testing lab here at providence st. joseph. now labs like this and across the country are increasingly concerned that they are running out of swabs, of tubes, of reagents, the tools necessary for the millions of americans who need to get tested. this morning, that alarming new record, more than 50,000 positive covid test results in the u.s. reported just on wednesday. the explosion in demand for tests leading the president's testing chief to warn that labs are being pushed to the very brink. >> that is absolutely correct that some labs across the country are reaching or are near
8:04 am
capacity. >> reporter: june, a devastating month in the fight against the virus, a quarter of the world's cases are now here in the u.s. now more than 40% of the country reversing course on re-opening. in california, nearly 10,000 new cases in just 24 hours. in riverside county, icus are at 90% capacity, cases skyrocketing in texas where a record 8,000 cases registered in a single day. arizona reporting a record high jump of nearly 4,900 cases and 88 deaths. hospitals there too at the brink. earlier this morning fda commissioner stephen hahn spoke with whit about the surge in covid cases. >> a new record yesterday, more than 50,000 new cases, cases increasing in 38 states, positivity rates in 32 states, hospitalizations in 25. are we losing this fight right now? >> what we're doing is we have a plan. we have a plan to actually get more personal protective
8:05 am
equipment. the other thing that's different than earlier in the year is that we have new therapeutics, antivirals, remdesivir and the steroid dexamethasone and we also have convalescent plasma which is a new type of treatment that has been used before in infectious disease where you take the antibodies from someone who's recovered from covid-19, and give it to someone who has currently had it. if you recovered from covid-19 please go and donate, visit your local red cross, your local blood bank. it could save a life. >> reporter: and citizens and local governments have to do their part as well, and the governor of california is now taking drastic action. he's actually setting up strike teams that are going to go out and strip businesses of their licenses and counties of their state funding if they are noncompliant. robin. >> all right, matt. thank you. as cases of coronavirus surge across the country and 38 states see those increases, president trump is saying he
8:06 am
believes it will disappear. let's go back to cecilia vega at the white house with more. good morning again, cecilia. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. president trump just finished briefing reporters. as for this recent surge in cases, he says, quote, his administration is putting out the flames that that it is working out well, this as we are seeing this record rise. even as new cases hit record highs, president trump is once again predicting that at some point covid-19 will simply disappear. >> i think we'll be very good with the coronavirus. i think that at some point that's going to sort of just disappear, i hope. >> reporter: this despite the fact that health officials warn the worst may be yet to come. while president trump maintains he is not anti-mask -- >> if i was in a crowd, you know, a crowd, a lot of people i'd wear -- i have no problem with a mask at all. >> reporter: but then just seconds later he went on to bash his opponent, joe biden, for doing exactly that, wearing a mask. >> if i see biden walking up on a stage where there is nobody around, he's speaking, and he
8:07 am
has a mask on, and you can't even understand what he's saying or he takes it off up there. when there's nobody around, i don't see any reason to be wearing it.seetary was just ask has any regrets about re-opening the country, the economy, too soon. his answer, absolutely not. t.j. thank you, cecilia. turning to that breaking news for viewers in the west, jeffrey epstein's associate, ghislaine maxwell, arrested in new hampshire this morning, taken into custody by the fbi, accused of enabling, facilitating or participating in the abuse of several women, charged with conspiracy to entice minors to engage in sex acts. she has previously denied wrongdoing. maxwell was charged out of the southern district of new york which did not stop investigating epstein's associates after his death. she's expected to appear in federal court in new hampshire today. coming up here, a mom of two suing, claiming she was fired because she couldn't keep her
8:08 am
kids quiet while working from home. advice this morning on how to balance your kids and your job. also this morning, a "hamilton"-sized surprise. lin-manuel miranda on a mission to celebrate three super fans. looking forward to sharing this one with you. >> i think that surprise worked. plus, one-on-one with orlando bloom. his new role in "the outpost" getting rave reviews and what he's saying about soon becoming a girl dad. we'll be right back. "gma's" morning menu is sponsored by u.s. bank. let u.s. bank turn your inspiration into your next pursuit. ill and ask, "why not?" i really need to start adding "less to cart" and "more to savings." sitting on this couch so long made me want to make some changes...starting with this couch. yeah, i need a house with a different view. and this is the bank that will help you do it all. because at u.s. bank, our people are dedicated to turning your new inspiration
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8:13 am
tomorrow we are kicking off the holiday weekend with old dominion rocking our "gma" summer concert series, definitely looking forward to that, but now it is time for "pop news" and lara and the sidekick, your co-anchor. is she with you this morning? >> yes, look at her. we're working really hard on this training thing. so far so good, guys. cross fingers and let me get through this fast. all right, we have a lot to talk about. we're going to begin with the last remaining star of hollywood's golden age, olivia de havilland turned 104 years old yesterday. de havilland has won the best actress oscar not once but twice and in 1944 -- i did not know this -- guys, she redefined the business by becoming a free agt ler udio and demanding to control the roles that she would consider taking. that move paved the way for future actors to flourish without being tied to one studio. today we still have the de havilland law.
8:14 am
it prevents exclusive contracts from lasting longer than seven years. amazing work she did. what a trail blazer. no word on how she spent the special day. there she is. that's her 103rd birthday last year, celebrated by riding her bike near her home in france. happy birthday, dame olivia. an amazing story and an amazing life. up next, actor jason momoa, you know him from "game of thrones," "aquaman" and now frosty the snowman. yeah, that's right. big, strong jason momoa will provide the voice for frosty in an upcoming live action film about the snowman that comes to life. the team behind "elf" will write the script. warner bros. is thrilled with this unexpected choice in jason saying in part, quote, from his fearsome count in the land of ice and fire to the oceanic success of "aquaman," jason was the perfect choice to bring this beloved character to life. we, weirdly, think so too.
8:15 am
the original animated frosty, there he is, aired on cbin this version sure to melt your heart but hopefully not frosty's. and finally, boys and america, move over, tom cruise. roll 'em. ♪ [ playing the theme to "mission: impossible" ] >> oh, yeah, we call this mini mission impossible complete with drool. baby ryland, from new orleans, 6 months old from new orleans, getting over a million views in just a few hours. mission accomplished, and so is mine. i made it through "pop news" bite-free, and i'll now send it back to you, ms. robin. >> complete with drool. that was priceless, and riva, my goodness, i know you are working
8:16 am
hard from home, lara, and you're doing a great job. we know working from home has been, you know, it's been challenging. it's been challenging and a struggle for many including parents who are trying to find that balance between taking care of kids and their job. now one mom is suing, claiming she was fired because her boss felt her children were too noisy on conference calls. becky worley, please tell us about this. you join us now from san francisco. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, robin. working from home with no child care options for parents of young children especially, it's a nightmare. >> shhh. >> do stop me. do tell us. >> reporter: this bbc interview going viral overnight as a public health expert's young daughter steals the scene. >> what's your daughter called? >> she's called skylar. >> skylar, i think it looks better on the lower shelf. >> reporter: while this was interlude was handled gracefully -- >> and it's a lovely unicorn. >> reporter: -- it's a worry for all parents working from home.
8:17 am
>> we started mid-march and that's when the craziness of trying to work from home with two kids and the intensity of the harassment started. >> reporter: in a new loss drisanna rios said she was fired because her boss didn't want to hear her kids in the background of work calls, and she is suing for, among other things, gender discrimination and wrongful termination. >> he said the kids cannot be heard on business calls with clients. it's unprofessional. >> reporter: in the complaint the mother of a 4-year-old and infant said coronavirus closures left her with no child care options, juggling children's lunch, nursing and nap schedules trying to work around her boss' needs but the suit says he continued scheduling calls during lunchtimes and kept complaining about the noise from her kids even though her schedule allowed for calls in the afternoon. >> i don't understand. i'm meeting the deadlines. i'm working so hard.
8:18 am
there's times when i'm working at night, too, to make up for anything i -- that needs to be done for the next day. >> reporter: abc news reached out to rios' employer and they said, while we can't comment on pending litigation, hub is proud to have successfully transitioned 90% of its 12,000-plus employees to working from home during the covid-19 pandemic. one sure thing, the struggle of working from home is more intense than ever. >> working from home doesn't mean you're working around the clock. >> reporter: linkedin career expert kathleen fisher said you need to renegotiate expectations. >> you really want to make sure that you're setting yourself up for success by creating those boundaries. >> reporter: without communal coffee runs or casual elevator chat with your boss and co-workers, communication has to be explicit. >> think through what is it that you need to be successful working from home and what your employer needs from you but also what your family needs. you'd be surprised at how many people on the other end of that computer screen are dealing with the exact same thing.
8:19 am
>> reporter: the thing i hear from working parents, i feel like i'm failing at everything. i think we have to normalize saying, uncle, i can't do it. the family's first coronavirus response act offers some relief for qualifying employees, a caregiver may take leave -- and i quote -- to care for a child whose school or child care provider is closed or unavailable for reasons related to covid-19. we're talking about full or partial pay up to 12 weeks and that caregiver can be male or female, mom or dad. i have a link to the relief act, so you can see if you qualify. it's in my twitter feed @bworley. that's good info for some folks, robin. >> okay, repeat that again, where they can find it. >> my twitter feed @bworley and have a link to that act to see if you qualify. >> i'm sure you're going to be getting a lot of traffic and rightfully so. all right. thanks so much, becky. always good to see you. ginger, i'm sure you can relate to what we were just
8:20 am
talking about. you're at home with your little ones. >> that's right, you saw one of them walk in the other day so, yes, i am still here with them and i can hear them upstairs, like the pitter-patter and the screaming at all times. hopefully you can't hear that. i want to you hear this instead. the "gma" moment sponsored by verizon. i don't know about you but i have never met a duck who liked pilates before but i'd like to you meet puddles who watches jen who happens to be a friend of mine and i've learned pilates from her, but in tina kramer who rescued this duck and many other animals in illinois, it was puddles' birthday yesterday and they did a special pilates and then when it was over puddles was not happy. pecking at the ipad there. all right. please give me your "gma" moments. put them on my facebook page, put them on my facebook page, head to my instagram and for noh right now. and seniors are self-isolating to protect their health. but that means they can't get access to the food that they need. but there is a way we can all help.
8:21 am
with feeding america. richie: their network of 200 food banks are up and running. roberts: distributing food to people and communities they serve all across the country. if you need help... or if you can help... please visit to locate a food bank in your community. you can count on organizations like feeding america... to be there for you. and we have been counting down all week to "hamilton" streaming. so many people excited to finally >> oh, "hamilton," is that this week? i haven't heard much about it. >> note it in the calendar. >> everybody excited. there will be streaming on disney plus starting tomorrow. everybody is waiting to see it pop up on their screens at home but for three talented young ladies from california, their screen at home, you know who popped up on it, lin-manuel miranda with a very special and deserving surprise for them. take a look. >> reporter: asia, malia and amia, sisters from southern california. >> i'm asia. >> i'm amia. >> and i'm malia.
8:22 am
>> reporter: the pandemic stole from them moments they'll never get back. >> look at asia. rr: r-d asia waha her high school graduation by car. >> asia nicole simmons. [ cheers ] >> asia, say good-bye. >> reporter: as for her and her prom date -- >> look how good they look. ah. >> reporter: they got to enjoy a lovely evening in her parents' living room. the family making the best of it with food and decorations. but the disappointments didn't end there. 17-year-old malia missed out on her spring dance show. >> it's really sad because that's one of our favorite parts of the year. >> reporter: all three were crushed when their school's production of "matilda" got canceled the day before opening night. >> that was pretty heartbreaking but luckily that night our teachers invited close families of the leads and the seniors and
8:23 am
we got to be part of that so at least got to perform for someone. >> you got to sneak it in there. ♪ remember the woman >> reporter: but the real gut punch, not being able to perform this original song they wrote about the wives of the founding fathers based on "hamilton." ♪ martha, i'm george washington's wife, abby, i'm john adams' wife ♪ ♪ eliza, i'm alexander's wife >> reporter: the song inspired by lin-manuel miranda and his "hamilton" education program which invites students to create their own "hamilton"-inspired performances and now because of quarantine post them online. ♪ abby, i oppose slavery and reminded my husband to remember the ladies ♪ >> reporter: music inspiration from the schuyler sisters because they're an iconic trio as well. we are a trio, the simmons sisters.
8:24 am
>> reporter: they had been selected to perform their song at the hollywood pantages theater in l.a. but no sooner did they hear the news than surprise, surprise, that was scratched too. >> they're saying, hey, you're selected, and you're cancelled? >> yeah. >> that's ridiculous. ♪ remember the women >> reporter: but turns out sharing their song on social media has its perks. do you all think lin-manuel miranda has actually heard your song? >> i don't know. >> i don't think so. >> you don't think he's heard it? >> oh! ♪ remember the women ♪ remember the women >> you don't think he's heard it? >> hi, guys. >> you don't think he's heard it? >> hello, simmons sisters. i love your song so much. >> thank you. >> it was so great. i haven't been able to stop clapping like this all day. thank you. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's fantastic.
8:25 am
>> you don't get tongue tied on me now. lin-manuel is sitting in your living room. >> thanks for being here. >> when i see your work i get so inspired. i can't wait to see what you guys write and i love watching you make your own stuff. >> you didn't hear them earlier talking about this but they were supposed to perform in l.a. and of course the pandemic happened but didn't find out they had been selected until it was canceled so they got the news that they made it only to find out at the same time it was canceled. >> oh. well, so the pantages didn't get to see you but the world gets to see you so that's kind of a nice, you know, balance of the scales. it's so catchy. my kids will be singing it the rest of the day and they watch it like this and then as soon as it ends they go, again. so we watched it ten times this morning. we've been bopping to it all day.
8:26 am
>> lin, my man, good to see you. we missed a lot so good to see you. >> the treat is all mine. thank you for the wonderful song. it's so great to meet you, simmons sisters. >> thank you. >> of course, you can stream "hamilton" on disney plus starting tomorrow. coming up, our exclusive with basketball superstar maya moore and the man she helped free from prison. stay with us. >> i didn't want to mess up your beat. >> announcer: tomorrow only on "good morning america," ease into your summer weekend -- ♪ i don't wanna be a one man band ♪ >> announcer: old dominion performing just for you on "good morning america's" summer concert series sponsored by caesars rewards. concert series sponsored by caesars rewards.
8:27 am
good morning. the fourth of july holiday is going to look a bit different this year. governor newsom is highly discouraging family gatherings to prevent covid-19 infections. communities have canceled the governor is also discouraging get aways to the beach. >> yeah, if you can get to the beach, p if it's opened, you may not want to go any way. beach haszarhazards, 3:00 tomor morning through 8:00 sunday morning for rip currents. temperatures in the mid-50s to low 60s. haven't changed much in the last hour or so.
8:28 am
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about 30 minutes, but you can find ♪ind and we are back here on "gma" and this is truly a thankful thursday. she is one of the greatest wnba players of all time, four championships, two olympic gold medals, two ncaa titles she won not far from here at uconn. at the height of her career maya moore stunned the supports world stepping away from basketball to fight for justice and the release of one man, jonathan irons who spent more than two decades behind bars. he was just released late yesterday. we're going to talk to them both live in just a moment. first we want to you take a look at their story. >> maya moore finds some space. >> reporter: a decade long friendship between maya moore
8:31 am
and formerly incarcerated jonathan irons was based on family faith and the pursuit of justice. >> i was visiting my extended family in missouri, and they had gotten connected with jonathan through a prison ministry opportunity, and so i got to know him through that relationship, and then started to learn about his case. >> reporter: when jonathan was 16 years old, he was tried as an adult and convicted by an all-white jury to 50 years for assault and burglary, but maya, working in tandem with his team of lawyers, saw holes in the prosecution. >> jonathan's indication is special in that i mean there was just so many different problems in his case. there was no other forensic evidence that linked jonathan to the crime. just didn't add up that jonathan could have done it. >> people don't want to watch a fixed game. they want to watch a fair game. that's all we're asking for in our justice system let's be fair and make it equal for every person to have the truth be shown and treated with respect and dignity. >> reporter: with a champion's edge, maya helped win jonathan's
8:32 am
freedom. his conviction was overturned this past march, paving the way for his eventual release after more than two decades. >> his conviction be vacated and officially discharged. >> 23 years of lies, i'm free. ♪ praise the lord, hallelujah i'm free ♪ hallelujah! >> hallelujah, indeed and he is free and he is joining us this morning. jonathan irons, along with maya moore. ah, live from jefferson city, missouri. it is great to see both of you. i could barely sleep in anticipation of talking to you both. it's been less than 24 hour jonathan. less than 24 hours.o us your emo absolutely elated and thankful
8:33 am
just to be here in this moment right now. >> you and so many others prayed for this moment, prayed for this moment that you would be released. what was the first thing you did last night as a free man, jonathan? >> i think we -- there's so many things happened. i think -- i think the most important thing that stuck out to me is i got to have time to just sit around and just be around my people, my family and friends and, you know, people that i knew growing up and just to be in that moment. we had pizza and just enjoying the moment and loving on each other celebrating. that was what i wanted to do the most and that's what sticks out in my mind the most. >> well, my goodness and, maya moore, oh, we saw when you dropped to your knees when jonathan walked out.
8:34 am
what were you feeling at that moment, and explain to people why you put your career on hold to be apart of the team to help get him released? >> you know, robin, in that moment i just -- i really felt like i could rest. i mean i've been standing and we've been standing for so long and it just -- it was an unplanned moment where i just felt relief and just it was kind of a worshipful moment just dropping to my knees and being so thankful that we made it and, you know, when i stepped away two springs ago, i just really wanted to shift my priorities to be able to be more available and present to show up for things that i felt were mattering more than being a professional athlete and so this is obviously one of the biggest and most direct results of that. >> you and other athletes, you're stepping up. you're not the only one who has done this and what is your
8:35 am
advice to those athletes and other people who want to get out there and they want to fight for social justice as you have, maya? >> yeah, i'd say everything -- everything is built on relationship and so the first step for anybody whether you have a huge platform as a pro or you are someone who is just getting involved in understanding some of the restoration issues we have in our country, i would say get to know somebody who isn't exactly like you, who doesn't come from the same background as you. educate yourself, and then just keep showing up. and finding ways to show up for people and your voice will come out of that relationship and out of your pursuit to seeing people who aren't exactly like you. >> hey, maya, i remember when i was on the phone with you several weeks ago and jonathan happened to call and you put him on the phone with me and, jonathan, talking to you in prison, not knowing, i mean, you
8:36 am
had already been in march it was overturned but you didn't know when you were getting out because the state kept fighting it and there was appeal after appeal. but i was struck, jonathan, by your grace and you even extend that to the man, the victim of the crime who misidentified you and you have said he is the victim, not once, but twice. what do you mean by that? >> once by whoever broke into his house and shot him and, two, by whoever is responsible for manipulating him and feeding him information and, you know, and coaching him to identify me. i believe at some point if not already, maybe later on, he's going to be hit with a lot of guilt, and i want to let him know that he has a safe place to rest because i do forgive him. i don't blame him or fault him in any way.
8:37 am
>> and that is the grace that you have exhibited and worked very hard those 23 years educating yourself. maya, as you said this is the second spring, you know, folks were used to seeing you on the court. i'm here in connecticut where you're a huge star, won two wn olympic gold medals, and folks want to know, what is next for you, maya moore? what do you want to do next? >> yeah, you know, robin, these last couple of years i've just really been trying to take it one season at a time and i know it's horrible. we always want to know what's happening next, you know, as a basketball player. you're so scheduled in the knowing of what's going to happen but for the first time in my adult life i'm trying to live in the moment and honestly my rest is going to start now, you know. i haven't really been able to have the fullness of the rest that i wanted and so i'm like, okay, guys. now it's time to take a break. so i'm looking forward so only rest, and seeing what the future
8:38 am
holds maybe around the same time next spring. >> and jonathan, for you? what do you want to do next? >> i want to -- i want to rest and get my legs up under me and be able to stand. there's a lot to adjust to out here and i'm going to take it slow and i'm surrounded by people i know who love me and have my best interest in mind and i'll listen to them and study and learn all i can and when i get the time and opportunity and the resources and the provision, i want to be able to reach back and help other people. i want to advocate for people who are less fortunate. i want to help people with their cases. i want to speak to positive change and be a part of the rebuilding process from where we're at right now because there's so much greater coming in the horizon and i see it. even in the darkness i was able to see it and i know we're going. we shouldn't give up. we should keep going.
8:39 am
i want -- i also right now in this moment i want people to have hope from this story because we're in dark times. and we got to keep going. we got to keep the faith. you said something the other day on the show, you said when faith -- no, you said when fear knocks on the door, you let faith open it and this is a story that we've done that every day. every day. i appreciate you when you said that because that was powerful. >> oh, when fear knocks let faith answer the door, where you embody that, and i know you guys have to be exhausted. you haven't been -- i mean you've been going nonstop, both of you and it was so great of you and appreciate you sharing your words and getting up with us this morning. love the t-shirt, maya moore. love what you're wearing about mercy, there is so much more to this story. we are going to work together and share more of your story together, but thank you both so very much. can't wait to see you both. you take care. have a great day.
8:40 am
>> you too. >> appreciate it, robin. >> you too. thank you. >> you got it, maya. ooh, you know they got to be tired but, boy, they have fought the good fight. coming up, orlando bloom tells us all about his new movie and how he's looking forward to
8:41 am
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welcome back to "gma." everybody, get those wrists ready. you'll be fanning yourself from coast to coast. we've got a lot of hot numbers.
8:43 am
look at phoenix to 111 by the end of the weekend. denver to 91. chicago, you get more 90s. today could do it then through the weekend. philadelphia, you're hot, mid-90s and it will be humid in a lot of these spots so on fourth of july itself thunderstorms in the middle. that heat right there from o anw storms in atlanta, the southeast, new york city getting away with it on the holiday what does it take to let them know that we stand behind them, wherever they are? what does it take to bridge the distance and keep them connected to family, right now our one-on-one with orlando bloom talking about his new role playing a real hero in the movie "the outpost" and his new role in real life preparing to become a girl dad with fiancee katy perry, will reeve had the chance to talk with him. good morning, will.
8:44 am
>> reporter: good morning, lara. yeah, a lot going on for orlando bloom at home, and professionally. in "the outpost" he plays a crucial role in the story, a true story of a deadly battle in afghanistan. it's a role that bloom says meant a lot to him as an actor and as a man. >> it's just a tale. >> reporter: in his decades' long career, orlando bloom has played a pirate sailing the seven seas. >> here they come. >> reporter: and an elf battling for middle earth. now in his latest role in the film "the outpost," bloom is yet again in a faraway land. this time in a re-- as a real-le american soldier, lieutenant ben keating. >> our outpost still a target of insurgents in case you hadn't noticed. >> i wanted to portray him and do justice to this man and the family that he left behind and i got a real sense of who this man was and he was just such a hero. >> reporter: based on a book by former abc correspondent jake
8:45 am
tapper, "the outpost" depicts the deadly ambush by the taliban on american troops in remote afghanistan on october 3, 2009. >> the taliban are here. >> let's show some love. >> what drew you to the project? >> we sometimes forget the men in the middle of that who are family men, who are fathers, who are sons, who were men doing what they believe is the right course of action for their country, and with flag on their sleeve and with no fear and courage and integrity. >> reporter: bloom says playing a hero on screen inspired him personally. >> i aspire to be one of those men in my life and to play one is a great sense of honor and responsibility and i'm grateful for it. >> reporter: the 43-year-old has other off camera responsibilities on the horizon with fiancee katy perry. so much is about to change for you. you're about to be a girl dad.
8:46 am
how are you feeling? >> i'm excited. it's a magical time, you know, when an angel pops on to the planet which is what it feels like for me. i'm like, you know, those quiet times at home just, you know, you and the family and a little one and nursing and just sort of being present and seeing where you can help and what you can do to nurture the life into the world. >> reporter: bloom can't wait for bonding time with his new baby girl. >> i'm rllind those very late nights where i'll probably be getting up and doing a bottle, breast-feed bottle thing. because i won't be obviously breast-feeding, but -- you know what i mean? i'll -- i'm looking forward to that because i love those quiet times at night when the world is asleep and you've got a sleeping baby. >> reporter: exciting time for orlando bloom. he told me he worked closely with lieutenant keating's parents to accurately capture who their son was all the way down to that very specific new england accent. "the outpost" is in select theaters and streaming everywhere tomorrow.
8:47 am
lara. >> all right, will, looks amazing. thank you so much. coming up on "good morning america," chef eric adjepong shows us how to have the perfect picnic on this holiday weekend. don't go anywhere. "gma" coming up. more "gma" coming up. >> good morn >> good morning.
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ back now with our great american cookout. a look at how to throw a scaled back party during the holiday and asked top chef star eric adjepong to create a pop-up picnic you can take anywhere. we'll speak live to him in a moment but look at this. >> good morning, america. what's going on? this is chef eric adjepong here. very excited to show you a picnic my way. >> reporter: he whips up the spicy marinade. his special recipe of spices, citrus, onion, garlic and hot scotch bonnet pe
8:50 am
marinate the chicken for at least 15 minutes but even better if you can do it overnight. then cut the chicken into pieces and skewer. now time to hit the grill and so the skewers are perfectly charred. of course, no picnic without a side dish. he has a twist on potato salad. boil the potatoes, and then saute in butter until crispy, and make the sweet, sticky glaze with honey, shallots. on outsid. >> janell is getting ready for the picnic. let's do it. >> all right. chef eric and his wife janell and daughter lenox joining us from their backyard in maryland to unpack the picnic. chef, my note here says you have a can't miss -- one can't miss trick for pulling off the perfect picnic. i'm a little skeptical that there's one trick for this. >> it's not that big of a deal. i promise you, man.
8:51 am
it's honestly really just preparing ahead really. i think when it comes to being with your family and a picnic you want to enjoy the people and the moment and the time so breaking it up as much as possible, doing, you know, the dishes, a little ahead of time, perfect for you so you can enjoy the drink, your family, exactly what i'm doing. >> you're enjoying that moment and have the family out there. let's talk about the main course. how are you dressing up those skewers for the picnic? >> of course. totally so we had jerk chicken skewers we're marinading beautifully. we'll add in our pickled vegetables right on this lettuce wrap. nice and beautiful. just like that. up next i have this beautiful roasted potato salad. i'm going to add in a little bit of my shallot glaze right on top of that. give that a quick mix. beautiful. beautiful, beautiful. i love, love, love this east african spice paired with that honey will add a little chive for color.
8:52 am
and then last but not least, guys, we have our delicious drink. a drink of the diaspora. i love it. we have hibiscus, pineapple, cinnamon, clove. there's orange, there's ginger. there's a whole bunch of deliciousness in there. one of my favorite drinks to have. >> i was waiting on you to say rum. you had me going for a second. >> rum optional. >> you talked about the spice. >> definitely optional. for sure. >> you talked about the spice. you added on there that seasoning, that glaze. how spicy are we talking? o icy for yo scale of one to ten, moderate. it's absolutely delicious though, and i think it pairs well with that honey glaze as well. >> seven is moderate? seven is moderate? >> i don't know. >> my little one right there. >> looks like it might be a little too spicy for lenox this morning. eric, i wanted to ask you, though, you had me at potato
8:53 am
salad. that's my thing. at the cookout and the picnic, i eat it before, during and after the main course, but you've got a crispy twist on this thing. tell us about it. >> absolutely. so what we did is really just t kind of just allowed it to crisp up beautifully and have tomatoes that are just nice and all in season. salted that really simply, and then that honey spice. equal parts of honey, the berbere spice and shallots in there that you can make ahead of time. it's absolutely delicious. >> chef, always good to see you, our best to the family, all the recipes and info is on our website, stay with us.
8:54 am
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all right, folks, thanks for being with us. old dominion performing tomorrow on "gma." >> have a great day. performing tomorrow on "gma." >> have a great day. every year, you can see spectacular celebrities
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good morning, everyone. six flags is partially reopened today. there are no rides. the park is just opening their zoo and aquarium exhibits for now. guests will have their temperature taken before you open the park. hi, everybody. before you head out, it's going to be pretty comfortable temperaturewise, but we have caution because of the high uv index. burn factor, 15, 20 minutes and small craft advisory on the bay and starting at 3:00 tomorrow through just about the entire holiday weekend, sneaker waves and rip currents on our southern facing beaches. temperatures to mid-80s inland. much warmer this weekend. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us. we hope you have a great day.
9:00 am
hope to see you at midday live. bye. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan. today we catch up with ashton kutcher and mila kunis, and comedian sebastian maniscalco, plus tips on how to get a good night's sleep, all next on "live." and now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. >> ryan: hey, good morning. >> kelly: hey, hi there. good morning, everybody. it is thursday, july 2, 2020. big holiday weekend coming up, ryan. >> ryan: yes, lots of, uh, potential new kinds of movements and activity, and because we've been in lockdown mode, i was reading this article. now, you have to understand, we're doing this show and have been doing this show looking into screens. i'm looking at you in a screen, i've got gelman in a screen, who somehow has paused himself. you wanna unpause yourself i'd


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