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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 4, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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fourth of july from a distance. independence day this year may seem like there's less freedoms with no beach barbecues or main street parades but it's in the face of surging coronavirus cases and deaths in the bay area and across the country. health experts urging all of us to stay at home. good morning, everyone, and happy july fourth. crime liz kreutz. let's start with a look at your holiday forecast. good morning, lisa and happy july fourth. >> thank, liz. good morning to you and looking at a bit of fog out there in the city, along the coast and that will clear for a sunny and warmer afternoon for most of you. a look at live doppler 7 where there isn't any cloud cover being picked up here, but as we
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look live our sutro tower camera. and at the lighthouse there in santa cruz it's going to be nice. temperatures going to climb to near 80 degrees at the beach, 55 near the delta. less breeze today but chilly this morning. upper 40s in santa rosa and petaluma. low 60s by 9:00 in oakland and warm through the 70s and 80s. by 2:00 we've got the low 90s returning, so that's about 5 to almost 10 degrees warmer today in our inland valleys. around the bay maybe 7 degrees warmer. at the coast our sea breeze will pick up. it'll be breezy there but tonight we won't see much in the way at fog. we'll track that forecast, but the cooler week ahead coming up, liz? >> okay, lisa, thank you. and new overnight contra costa fire crews were responding to at least 13 fires. there were four fires in the span of 30 minutes that involved two cars and two homes in
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concord. firefighters quickly got the flames under control, and fi fireworks are being blamed as well for a grass fire in pittsburgh off highway 4 in ludridge. the cause of those are under investigation. there are no reports of any injuries, but certainly a busy night in contra costa county. both the increase in illegal firework and the lack of open places for people to light their legal fireworks have those firefighters, police and residents on a much higher alert this year. in san francisco one house was damaged in a fireworks explosion last night. the san francisco fire department says the device large than an m-80 was setoff in a drainpipe. investigators said there was no injuries. and also yesterday 15 people were displaced by a fire that hit two buildings in the mission district. this one may also have been started by fireworks. multiple witnesses saw and heard them just before smoke was seen
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at nearby buildings, but no official cause yet. in san francisco fireworks are illegal for a reason. we could lose entire communities by fireworks. >> law enforcement is trying something different to catch sights of fireworks this year. from the peninsula to oakland hills volunteers are going to be stationed in parks and hilltops all over the bay area this weekend who will actually have binocurals. >> we'll bring camp chairs and binoculars, and have hand held radios. we'll be scanning the horizon for fires, for telltale smoke. >> this year top fireworks viewpoint grisly peak in the oakland hills keep in mind it will be closed from skyline to centennial. north bay counties are bracing for big crowds this july fourth weekend. it comes amid a spike of covid-19 cases. marin county added to the watch list and sonoma county could be next. abc news reporter cornell
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bernard said it could setoff opening roll backs. >> reporter: alex burnette will skip a trick to memorial beach this july fourth weekend where crowds of people may show up because state beaches are closed. >> in the water even we're telling people to keep your distance and everybody's been really great about it. >> we're beefing up our staff. >> reporter: down the road amy's wicked slush has expanded its slush garden seating area to accommodate more guests. >> i think it's mostly making sure everyone's got masks on and we ourselves wear masks we've got to sanitize. >> reporter: downtown healdsburg was getting busy. there were lines for caves and the plaza had news to report. >> we are full for this weekend. we were excited about it and we've been working really hard. >> that is my message this weekend. be safe, socially distance. >> reporter: supervisor gorren says independence day is colliding with a spike in 38 new coronavirus cases and six dects
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since sunday. she fears that could put sonoma county on the governor's watch list and force re-openings to roll back. >> the governor will say to us you need to shutdown certain sectors of your economy. >> reporter: that's something most business owners are trying to avoid. county officials tell most folks take the advice of this billboard. stay safe and stay home this july fourth weekend. in sonoma county, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> not just here in the bay area the coronavirus also surging in dozens of states but could holiday travel be increasing this weekend? some airlines reporting this is their busiest in months. >> reporter: air travel getting its biggest boost since the start of the pandemic. american airlines saw its busiest day on thursday since march, but air travel is still down dramatically 78% from a year ago. most of those traveling skipping planes and turning to the roads. in some areas traffic is even
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worse than it was before the pandemic. 100,000 tourists are expected to flood myrtle beach. this is the line on the border. it stretches for hours. for many it means vacations closer to home. >> i was headed to georgia originally and i was like we can just drive to philadelphia. >> reporter: times are tough for hotels. national occupancy hitting less than 50% in june, and travel expert emily hoffman says many guests aren't following hotel rules. >> just because all of those things are in place doesn't mean the guests are standing far apart or social distancing or even wearing their masks. >> reporter: which is why so many americans are heading to rural areas like never before. airbnb says cabins are the most searched for get aways. and so right now when it comes to rentals cabins are at the top of the list, that's why airlines are adding more flights to rural areas especially those with mountain ranges.
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abc news, new york. >> and we can say good-bye to that signature fireworks show above the san francisco bay, but at least one bay area city is still moving forward with their fireworks show tonight, somewhat. gilroy is doing a distance fireworks show even though santa clara county is on the state watch list. it launches at dusk from a field at gilroy high school. fireworks will go higher into the sky this year. anyone within 2 1/2 miles should be able to see them. >> to help people, you know, in this time of stress and tension in their lives. if we could do something small like this i say go for it. >> roads around gilroy high school and nearby parks will be blocked off to prevent crowds. just because the fireworks aren't in person this year doesn't mean you can't ooh, and ah with your family. it's all there on
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all right, lisa, but the weather is going to be very nice today it seems like. >> yeah, best day of the week. in fact you're looking at the sunshine right now from our south beach camera. temperatures are climbing today for most cities. we do just a little bit of fog here at the coast. but it's going to be a nice, warm holiday with temperatures ranging from the 60s at the coast to the low 90s inland. but as you know it's not going to last. stay tuned. my accuweather seven day forecast is next. >> thanks, lisa. down sizing for independence day. while the parties are small see where you may run into the july fourth crowds in the grocery store line this year. plus -- >> this monument will never be desecrated. these heroes will never be defaced. their legacy will never, ever be destroyed. >> fourth of july from mount rushmore. see how president trump celebrated in south dakota underneath presidents past. and today a special story this
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now to the latest developing numbers in the rapid and record surge of coronavirus cases here in california. as of this morning as we mentioned marin county is now on the state's watch list which you see hereafter an increase in transmission rates and hospitalizations. monterey and san diego counties have also been added to that list. many new cases in marin are from the outbreak at san quintan. the president says another two death row inmates have died from complications on the virus. scott had been on death row since 2004 for the killing of two boys in san diego. alvarez was sentenced in 1989 for killing a man during a robbery in sacramento. their deaths brings the total number of inmate deaths to four.
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nearly 1,400 prisoners #infected as well as a hundred staff. gillgoil is a former san francisco prosecutor and it comes as cases are surging across the country as americans celebrate the fourth of july. abc 7 news reporter christina sloan has the details. >> reporter: a much different july fourth weekend amid a surging number of covid-19 cases. beaches closed in hot spots like texas, california and florida. but it's the crowds that have leaders concerned. >> it's not the beaches per se that are the problem. it's the crowds that are created. crowds are not good. >> reporter: more than 9,400 new infections in the sunshine state, nearly 15% of all tests positive. employees at 30 publix super markets also testing positive. a 10:00 p.m. curfew in effect in miami to stop the spread. >> what happens is when someone is at home for six weeks they get tired and really get
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stir-crazy so they're out in the streets. so people are fighting using the mask, social distancing. >> reporter: arizona one of 26 states seeing a rise in hospitalizations. icus at 91% capacity. phoenix and san antonio using pediatric icus for adults as they run out of beds. texas governor greg abbott ordering everyone across the lone star state to wear a mask. to stop the spread up to 80% of fireworks displays in the u.s. canceled. but that's not stopping local leaders including the mayor of lancaster, california. >> this is america and our birthday, and it is the worst year that we have ever experienced. the only thing that will stop it is handcuffs. >> reporter: at least 19 states have reversed or paused reopening and imposing strict new rules in concerns the virus may havemitated and spread more rez eel. >> the virus replicates better and may be more transmissible. >> reporter: christine sloan, abc news, new york. >> now to the east bay where
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most families are down sizing their party plans to comply with health orders, but as abc 7 news reporter kate larson found out it doesn't mean the shopping is any less busy. >> reporter: the parking lot in richmond was bustling along with the meat and seafood department. >> it's always busy. it's terribly busy today. >> reporter: monica dean works at costco. most of the customers had plenty of space to distance themselves in the aisles including the check out lines and everyone was wearing a mask. >> every other maybe fifth person we sanitize the register as we wipe everything down. >> i got some steak to barbecue tomorrow but also got wine for the next two weeks. >> i'm continuing to be very careful. >> we usually invite friends over. right now it's just family. >> reporter: stephanie hernandez was buying celebration supplies at target in albany with her family. she's taking extra precautions
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since she's going back to work as a preschoolteacher on monday. >> i know the numbers are going really high people having coronavirus. we're not trying to add more numbers to that. >> reporter: trader joe's in berkeley had a line down the block but everyone we spoke to was shopping for personal groceries not big parties. the body frenzy may not be what you expect before a long summer holiday weekend. people seem they're trying to obey health orders while still celebrating. >> i'm getting the beef links, potato salad. >> reporter: lisa picked up barbecue with three of her friends. in nonpandemic times she celebrates with a much bigger group. >> maybe a hundred people having a gigantic barbecue and have the kids and everything but not tomorrow. >> now the question for this fourth of july will be will there be really the same crowds we saw mow moruloday weekend and
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how vigilant will people be this time around? we sort of know what cases surged through memorial day. >> there's no easy way out of this. there's no way to just wish our way out of it. there's no way to get together in big crowds of people and think we're not going to get infected. >> a strong warning about letting your guard down this holiday weekend. don't. we've heard the recommendations. wear a face covering, stay 6 feet apart, avoid large gatherings am. it's messaging that means nothing without action. that guidance echoed by dr. dean winslow with stanford health care. >> the idea is we cannot completely eliminate risks but there are some pretty easy common sense things which are evidence-based which we can use to marked law reduce the risk of transmission of sars, covid 2. zwlr those actions include
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staying outdoors and consider disposable utensils. >> i think the risk of really transmission of this virus by fomites or from inanimate objects is probably not the major way this virus is transmitted. >> reporter: new harris poll data released thursday found a majority of those surveyed won't be gathering with others this july fourth. a solid 25% said they had no plans for celebrating. 61% say they'll avoid gatherings altogether because of covid-19 concerns, and only 39% say they'll be attending or hosting for the holiday, most of them at home. >> we want to celebrate things. i get it. i've been there. i am there, but we have to think beyond that. >> reporter: as we head into the holiday weekend health eshperts remind us covid-19 remains a significant health threat regardless of what we're celebrating. in san jose amanda del abc 7 news. >> and that stretch of beach is
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actually open for visitors this weekend, but the county health officer is recommending people keep their visit short, wear face coverings and do not share food. the beaches are open but keep in mind many of the parking lots will not be. >> we're urging people to stay home especially from out of the area meaning no road trips, no parties, no violations of the social distancing guidelines set forth by the governor. >> state parks like big basin, henry cowell and castle rock will be open for hiking. you can camp too as long as you have a reservation. it's also limiting access to the marina today closing it off to cars starting at 4:00. there have been so many closures and cancelations of beaches and local parks it can be hard to keep track of but you can head to and that's where we have a full list of what's open, what's closed and what's allowed for your fourth of july weekend. let's get a look at the holiday forecast now with lisa argen. and one of the things we keep hearing from the governor and
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officials many states seeing a rise in cases is coming from family gatherings. really that's where we're seeing a lot of the cases. >> yeah, that's too bad. we are going to have a nice day, though, so that social distancing, of course, will be really easy to do outdoors because numbers are going up. some of you have had that wind and temperatures really have not been that hot. but if you like it a little bit warmer, well we're going to deliver today. in fact, today the warmest day out of the next seven. here's a look at live doppler 7. it is looking like it's clear, but there are some patches of fog. here's a look from our roof camera where you can see the flag blowing, and that sea breeze up to about 20, 22 miles an hour later on today. 52 in mountain view, 357 in san jose, 50 on the coast with some patchy fog. sunny here, exploratorium camera looking at cooler numbers up in to north bay, upper 40s, mid-50s concord and livermore where numbers today will climb into
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the lower 90s. you were only in the mid-80s yesterday. it's been comfortable in our inland east bay but a little cool for summer standards elsewhere but that's what we get this time of year. nice and sunny here, mostly clear this morning looking at that warmth around the bay anywhere from 7 to 10 degrees and warmer than yesterday, and that cooling is coming back into play for the week ahead, so we're not looking at any extreme heat. but with that warmth today the relative humidity continues to drop off into about the teens or 20% range. so the dry air, those hills around the bay certainly dry. beach hazard statement through sunday. 6 to 7 foot wave height. so the south facing beaches all the way down to santa cruz will have an increased risk of sneaker waves and rip currents throughout the day today. there's our fog, a few patches of it here from the san mateo coast. it's going to return tonight but look at the bulk of the day, it clears. and we have our sea breeze and comes back a little bit more.
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and that sea breeze kicks up, windyat the coast for the sunday afternoon. look at the 60s here with that beach hazard statement, 80 down in santa cruz, 70s down in monterey, and one of those rare days where you're going to get that sun. it should be pretty nice if you're hiking to the shoreline. otherwise tomorrow looks like it's going to stay warm inland but a bit cooler around the bay. by monday, though, more cooling and into tuesday looking at the summer spread. 60s at the coast with some patchy fog to near 90 inland. looking at highs today around the bay look at the warmth coming into play in the east bay. 81 in richmond, 77 in oakland, looking at 80 in palo alto, clear around the bay tonight 9:00 if you're outside. and temperatures in the mid-60s oakland. so a mild night for you but 70s holding on for santa rosa, livermore and san jose. 64 on the peninsula, and we'll
6:22 am
still have some 90s inland tomorrow. and by monday looking at more of a breeze coming back into play as the low clouds and fog get better established from a system to the north. that's going to keep us in that pattern with that low hanging out to the north of us tuesday and wednesday. comfortable inland, around the bay a little breezy and at the coast you'll need the sweatshirt. >> thank you. just head slow street switch up. see what bay area city is bucking the new trend and changing its mind
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what's coming up al7:00 on good morning america. >> coming up here on gma celebrating the fourth of july in the middle of a pandemic. with three fourths of the country seeing a rise in coronavirus cases officils are urging caution as americans head outside to honor the stars and stripes. plus trump's mount rushmore address pushing back against
6:25 am
protests to remove controversial monuments. the presidet kicking off the holiday weekend a packed crowd and no social distancing. and a black mother speaking out about that video of a white woman pointing a gun at her after an alleged confrontation in a chipotle restaurant. what the mother is saying now about protecting her children and the fiery parking lot dispute. it's all ahead here on gma. check this out. major flooding hit the streets of new port beach after high surf warnings were issued for the coast. you can see that water there was at least knee-deep yesterday afternoon and partially submrmged some cars. orange county's coastal areas were under a high surf advisory into monday. closer to home we have a sad ending for that mountain lion recently made famous two weeks ago when it was roaming the streets of san francisco. that mountain lion has now died. the cat was hit by a car along highway 1 in pacifica yesterday.
6:26 am
you're seeing the stretch of road where it happened. california fish and wildlife used the animal's tracker to match it. it was the same male cat spotted outside our studios a week ago and was suspected of killing three marsupial ast the san francisco zoo. experts say young male mountain lions face high risk of being hit by cars because they are often roaming near roads in search of territory. also on the peninsula the city of san carlos is partially revrgs its decision and reopening parts of its downtown street to cars. one of three blocks of laurel street had been closed to give the ability of restaurants to serve customers outside. but san carlos said while it seemed to help those restaurants it was also hurting the other businesses. >> there really was no blueprint for this. none of us have ever lived through a pandemic before, so we've had to make decisions that we've never had to make before. >> one block may still end being
6:27 am
closed to vehicles. the city council will decide on it at the july 13th meeting. much more to come in the next half-hour of abc 7 mornings. we'll get you right back to president trump's salute to america in south dakota and what happened when protests met police. plus the new warning for latina women. mounting questions come after the disappearance of army soldier vanessa guillen. and if you've probably heard hamilton dropping on
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their achievements will never be forgotten and mount rushmore will stand forever as an eternal tribute to our forefathers and to our freedom >> a little heads up right now. you might want to back down the hill. you're not going to like the
6:30 am
effects going. >> fourth of july firework of a different kind. police in full riot gear meeting protesters and president trump at mount rushmore for fourth of july. good morning, everyone. i'm liz kreutz. thanks for joining us and happy fourth of july. lets get a check of our weather again if you're just joining us. >> good morning to you. hi, everyone. happy fourth of july. starting out with a little sunshine, very little fog out there, and we'll continue to see a lot of sun warming us up here today. numbers coming up into the 90s today. right now it's a cool 54 downtown. oakland at 54. san jose 57, a cool 50 at the coast. here's emeriville where you're even getting some hazy sun. mid-50s in our inland east bay. by 10:00 already in the upper 70s out by the delta, the sea breeze is going to be with us, but less of an influence today. as a result we will climb into the low 90s inland. mid and upper 70s around the bay. the coast will be sunny and
6:31 am
breezy at times, but tonight hanging out outside it will be clear, and we'll look at a pretty nice day tomorrow, almost as nice as today. details on that coming up. >> president trump is back in washington, d.c. after a visit to mount rushmore. his event was billed as a celebration of freedom and liberty for july fourth. the blue angels flew over the monuments before the first fireworks display in 11 years. thousands of people stood shoulder to shoulder to see the president. it was his third large event in the last two weekends as coronavirus cases are on the rise. face masks were optional at the event. the president addressed the crowd yesterday, and he aim at what he called a, quote, left wing cultural revolution amid racial injustice protests. >> our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipeout ou history, defame our heroes, erase our values and
6:32 am
indoctrinate our children. the american people are strong and proud, and they will not allow our country and all of its values, history and culture to be taken from them. >> leaders of native-american tribes protested the event. they are concerned it could lead to virus outbreaks among their members. at least 15 people were arrested after police imposed a deadline for them to leave. now, this morning california congresswoman jackie spears calling for an investigation into the disappearance opan army specialist stationed at a fort hood. we're talking about private first class vanessa guillen. she's been missing since april. her family believes the remains found this week are hers. as abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow explains local and national groups are now demanding justice. >> reporter: as questions mount around the disappearance of fort hood army specialist vanessa guillen, the nation's oldest and largest latino civil rights organization is telling women they should not join the military. >> because they're not going to
6:33 am
be protected. that's just the fact of the matter that right now the army is turning a blind eye to sexual harassment in the military ranks. >> reporter: guillen's family says before she went missing she told them she was sexually harassed by a superior but didn't report it out of fear of retaliation. federal prosecutors have charged 22-year-old aguilar in connection with her disappearance. robinson who was a suspect killed himself wednesday morning after being confronted by police and federal marshals. earlier this week investigators found human remains 20 miles away from the base. guillen's family believes it is her. this sunday at 10:00 a.m. brenda garcia is organizing a bay area peaceful protest for answer. a caravan of cars will make its way from concord to san francisco. >> we always say that somebody needs to do something, somebody needs to do something. and just finally told myself this is my little something that i need to help. we need to bring awareness to safety for our soldiers.
6:34 am
>> reporter: she was last seen april 22nd at a parking lot outside her barracks. investigators say her personal belongings and identification were found in the armory room where she works. the army said it is investigating the sexual harassment claims but guillen's family says the army took too long to act. now jackie spear chair of the house services armed committee is calling for an independent investigation into guillen's disappearance. >> you have to take these cases out of the chain of command if people are going to feel comfortable coming forward and seeking relief. >> reporter: spear says the climate at fort hood is deeply flawed. >> the message goes out to the service member don't rock the boat, suck it up. >> reporter: melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> when it comes to issues of racial justice and equality you can trust abc 7 news to be your ally. go to including guides how to discuss these issues with your kids.
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okay, a texas man has survived the coronavirus, the great depression and the spanish flu. and now at 103 years old he's become the oldest person in the world to do a tandem jump out of an airplane. it's just amazing. here's abc news anchor tom yoenis. >> reporter: that's texas resident al suiting up for his next mission. he's attempting a guinness for tandem skydiving. al is no stranger to this radical way of living. we first reported on al in 2018 when he made his first jump at the age of 100. he survived the spanish flu, the great depression and now covid-19. so at 103 he decided to go at it again. here's the plane taking off climbing to 14,000 feet. and here's that moment, al going
6:36 am
airborne. the oldest person in the world to ever skydive out of an airplane. his grandsons joining in on the jump in honor of their college graduation. everyone safely landing, and alheading into the history books. >> it was awesome just to be able to jump out of an airplane with my grandpa. breaking a world record was honestly icing on the cake. >> reporter: as for al he didn't have much to say after landing back on earth but he did say this. >> i got pretty dizzy. >> reporter: tom yoenis, abc news, new york. >> i love tat. i have a feeling he would have been good friends with the late former president george bush. all right, still ahead on abc 7 mornings. >> because we didn't know each other but aeeverybody felt clos. >> the oakland woman whose family celebration is centuries in the making but her connection to a founding forefather goes
6:37 am
back much deeper. time right now is 6:37 and we're going to check in with lisa and what we can expect for our holiday forecast coming up. but first before we go i do want to mention michael finny and the 7 on your side team are look out for you, and this monday they're going to have a tax chat. you can submit your questions now on the 7 on your side website or using the #ask finny. and you can watch mon
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>> okay, hamilton made history when it opened on broadway nearly 5 years ago. a record number of tony awards ever since. more on what exactly makes the disney plus premier so special. hamilton pointed the way forward to a more inclusive
6:40 am
broadway while introducing a younger generation to the magic of live theater. >> especially now all theater is dark i'm incredibly grateful we had the foresight and planned a movie even as we did eight shows a week. >> reporter: the movie is from disney plus owned by our parent company, and for the members of the original cast this marks the first time they've been able to see themselves on stage together. see precisely why this production won 11 tony awards. >> not only do you feel like you're in the audience and seeing it from like the best angles possible at any given moment, but you also feel like you're with people on stage at certain moments. and i think that's what's so incredibly special about this experience. >> reporter: for us hamilton was a game changer, but for the performers the show changed teir lives. >> every norm that you had gets blown completely out of the water, and the possible becomes
6:41 am
possible. >> and what's possible is something magnificent. >> leslie odem, jr. and the others told me hamilton has taken on even more significance given the recent protests. >> it's the way -- the responsibility that everybody, all of the characters then show took to create the democracy that they wanted to live in. >> it also gives us some words -- some answer tuesday some questions we're asking right now about who are we as a country, how did we get here, what do we believe and what does our voice need to sound like so that we move forward. >> it is just perfect if you and the family need something to do this weekend. of course disney is the parent company of abc 7. it's such a wonderful holiday treat, lisa, we can all watch hamilton. so hard to get a ticket. obviously broadway is closed down for the moment, so being able to see this is truly special. >> yeah, can't wait. it should be a great day to get outdoors. in fact, today the warmest day out of the next seven.
6:42 am
this picture shows a sunny golden gate, but that doesn't tell the whole story. we do have a bit of patchy fog, and that sea breeze will keep us at the coast where numbers warm significantly elsewhere. stay tuned. have all the details in just a few minutes. also ahead the washington redskins no more. larry beil has the latest on the potential name switch from the classic franchise and what other for the sweaty faces, and the hidden smiles. the foggy glasses, and the sore ears. the determined looks, and the muffled laughs. a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: i care. let's all do our part to slow the spread. wear a mask. learn more at
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the indians for years the teams name and logo have come under fire for being racist, derogatory and offensive. the washington redskins also announcing they are doing the same. larry beil has that and more in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybdy. the san francisco giants opened summer camp yesterday as they get ready for a new season, short season. cautionary note though, the giants pitcher lois mudareo is
6:45 am
on the list who have tested positive, one of 38 in mlb to test positive. got to keep an eye on that situation. new normal on display at oracle park. masks on between drills, players keeping a distance from each other, as well as the media. pitcher jeff sumarge juasked about the 60 game sprint of the season and fan-free games and offered some high heat for ownership. >> i think we've seen with these owners they're not scared anything and scared of putting anyone at risk especially if it makes that money. so there are going to we people in the stands and social distanced and that's the way it's going to be. and everyone needs to stay in hotels at night and not go to dinner and bars. it's going to be a big word for this year. >> and the a's will begin their summer camp work outs today at the colosseum. the washington redskins will soon be gone, at least their nickname will be gone amid the renewed calls to change the neme
6:46 am
dan snyder says a thul row will be conducted. snyder has resisted pressure before. now the corporate sponsors are really putting the heat on. we're talking about millions and milians maybe billions of dollars in the long run. so the name will change and the cleveland indians also looking at a name change. seven time nascar champion jimmy johnson will not race. he has the coronavirus. it'll be the first time in johnson's career he's actually missed a race. time for abc 7 call my play. you send me the video, i call the action. this one features a former slam dunk champion. >> nothing better than learning from a pro. 11-year nba nate robinson a dunking machine at only 5'9". the student is makaio mimes, with authority. practice makes perfect. this young man is getting up.
6:47 am
hey, we just called your play on abc 7. throwing it down. send me your video. use the hashtag abc 7 call my play so we can put you on tv. have a great holiday weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> all right, lisa, you ready for some hot dogs and watermelon and nice outdoor time? >> definitely. in fact, temperatures today coming up. so if you like it a little bit warmer todays the day. although that sea breeze keeping the coast cool. a live look outside. you can see from behind me where right now on the screen you look at a little bit of haze, san francisco. there is a patch of fog or two at about maybe 600 feet out there. otherwise we're looking at that beach hazard statement. right now 5 to 7 foot breakers from sonoma to the central coast. the south facing beaches all the way down to santa cruz could run the risk of rip currents and
6:48 am
sneaker waves right on through sunday so dangerous at the coast. and emeriville is sporting a lot of sunshine this morning. temperatures are cooler in the north bay. warmer air working down to the surface today. it's coming from the upper elevations, and we're going to still look at that or feel that sea breeze at the coast despite that warmer air moving in. here's a look at 280 where it's nice and sunny. 57 right here, 49 in gilroy, and 50 in pacifica. and that haze again from the city. 47 in petaluma. so you see how chilly it is in the north bay with mid-50s out towards concord. the delta as halighter breeze and that will translate into a warmer afternoon. can you make out the golden gate bridge here? we're talking 5, maybe 600 feet the fog there. but it will evaporate and we're going to see a sunny day today. so a basically clear start, warm around the bay, and inland today
6:49 am
and cooling. it's going to be another week where we get the breeze back. no heat extremes yet. next weekend we could see a bigger warmup. if you are head today the mountains or know people up there in the 80s, so it's going to be a chilly start. numbers have been in the 30s, climbing through the 40s but really a nice holiday weekend in lake tahoe. from low 80s in milpitas and on the peninsula near 80 and sfroon sea breeze up to 20 miles an hour. slightly warmer but it will be breezy, 70 downtown. up in the north bay here's where you'll notice that warmth. east bay numbers up about 7, 8 degrees or so. 78 san leandro. castro valley how about 79. a beautiful day with 91 in walnut creek. tonight some 70s holding in our
6:50 am
inland valleys with clear skies, patchy fog at the coast, look for about 63 than ton the penin. the accuweather forecast showing the warmest day today. coming up 5 to 10 degrees inland from yesterday's readings holding onto those 90s inland tomorrow and the cooling really gets going throughout next week with numbers coming down, and we'll be breezy at the coast. liz? >> all right, lisa, thank you. we know their names, george floyd, breonna taylor, many more but now their names are living here in the bay area through art and it's helping people heal in these trying times. >> this mural we named it the 27 hour mural for breonna because she would have been 27. she didn't make it. she was slaughtered by the
6:51 am
louisville, kentucky, police department. we thought well-let's do it in 27 hours an hour for every year that she lived on this planet -- well, almost lived. i want them to remember breonna and i want them to take action for her. we want them to call the d.a. in louisville, reach out to the prosecutors, call the police department. we want them to do everything we did for george floyd. it needs to be done for her. that's what we want. the peoples conservatory our focus on black and brown youth in the east bay and surrounding area. everything we do is sort of high level arts training with a culturally representative focus. we serve over ten schools in the east bay and about 2,000 kids. there's nothing like art to be able to express the current times, what's happening in the world. its artists that are able to
6:52 am
inspire people to really take a look at what is happening in the world and want to make change, to find solutions, to be inspired to do more, to grow more. and so for me that has to start young. we start with kids as young as 5 years old. our youth, our adults our community, everyone works on this piece. there was a lot of light on george floyd which has been amazing, hugely galvanized the world. we didn't hear much about her, enough about her. so we wanted to do our part to bring light to her. the reaction was incredible. we've gin getting tagged on facebook and instagram by just random people who have taken a picture of this mural and because of it we actually decided to do more. so more folks have reached out and said hey we want you to do a mural in this part of oakland or that part of oakland. so we're going to do it. >> all right, we're excited about this one. just ahead the story of velma
6:53 am
williams, the perfect way to share this independence day as she gets ready for
6:54 am
6:55 am
all right, welcome back. a pillar of building a better bay area is race and social justice and part of that is willingness to understand and learn about our country's complicated past. new today we want to pish a happy 100th birthday to an oakland woman whose remarkable family history can help us all do just that. this is velma williams and on this july fourth she's turning 100. if that isn't amazing enough listen to her family history. ms. williams is a descendant of sally hemmings, one of thomas jefferson's slaves with whom he had several children. it was only in recent years she officially learned she is the great great-granddaughter of sally's older brother peter hemmings. a few years ago she traveled to
6:56 am
jefferson's plantation in virginia to meet other descendants of monticello's enslaved community. >> the last time i went there was a big reunion and i'd never seen so many people at a reunion, and they were people of every color, shape, complexion. they were from everywhere, and there was camaraderie and warmth and something pleasant. and it was almost spiritual because we didn't know each other and yet everybody felt close, both whites and blacks. >> ms. williams tells us she'd always heard stories from relatives about descending from the african-american community and that one female in each jen ration of their family was supposed to be named sally for sally hemmings. her mother she said was named sally. although she has lived in oakland for decades there's something about virginia when she travels there that always makes her feel right at home. and she'll be included in
6:57 am
monticello's virtual commemoration online starting at 8:00. she'll be in oakland celebrating with her family today. we wish her a very happy 100th birthday. reading about sally hemmings is so fascinating. it was really controversial for a long time. people didn't really believe these descendants and it was only in recent history sally hemmings descendants was officially recognized. and there's an exhibit on sally hemmings at monticello people can go visit. >> that is fascinating and happy birthday to them. good morning, everyone. a beautiful day today with not only warmer temperatures inland but around the bay as well. 84 around the delta, mid-80s in san jose. 60s at the coast with breezy winds. low 90s are returning to the north bay around santa rosa. the accuweather seven day forecast the warmest day out of the next seven today the fourth
6:58 am
of july. patchy fog at the shoreline, few degrees cooler tomorrow with the sea breeze but the main cooling gets under way next week with numbers coming way down into the 80s inland. >> the weather is so nice for this holiday weekend. looks good. thanks, lease wraush and thanks for joining us here on abc 7 mornings. abc 7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. gma is next. again, we'll see you at 9:00 and have a great start to your july fourth holiday.
6:59 am
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good morning, america. on a subdued fourth of july, pandemic precautions in place. strange scenes for a holiday weekend. these beaches empty, while those hitting the sand are urged to wear their masks. rising deaths in more than a dozen states and fears that large social gatherings could cause cases to explode. >> honestly still don't feel comfortable. >> plus, is it really time to play ball? mt. rushmore message, the president's speech at a national landmark. >> our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history. >> pushing back against recent protests over controversial statues and monuments, and this morning the breaking news about donald trump jr.'s girlfriend. police force firings, the officers


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