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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 6, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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that's what's making news in america this morning. right now on "america this morning," fourth of july fallout. packed beaches and lakes spark fears of new coronavirus outbreaks as several states report new all-time highs and new data revealed the racial disparities. florida reaching infection levels seen at the peak of new york's crisis. and breaking overnight, new worries about the return of professional sports as more teams close their practice facilities. devastating details. >> she wants justice. >> the missing soldier from ft. hood now confirmed dead. what we're learning about her suspected killer. breaking overnight, wild weather sends a tree crashing down during a child's birthday party. nearly two dozen people injured while in the west a new wildfire forcing evacuations. what to expect today. new details overnight about
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ghislaine maxwell, sex offender jeffrey epstein's former associate, set to return to new york to face a judge. why an alleged epstein victim says prince andrew should be, quote, panicking. pit crew crash. the terrifying moment a chain reaction leaves a nascar worker pinned on the racetrack. and pandemic dilemma. the fierce debate after one mom says parents now have to choose, kids or job, but not both. good monday morning, everyone. we begin with the coronavirus. nine states reported a record high number of new cases over the weekend. >> the u.s. death toll is approaching 130,000 people and new data shows the racial disparity. according to "the new york times," black and latino people have been twice as likely to die from the virus as white people. >> people are still ignoring safety recommendations.
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we found many examples of people partying over the weekend. >> there's more hesitation among sports teams getting ready to play again. the milwaukee bucks and sacramento kings are the latest to close their practice facilities. andrea fujii begins our coverage. >> reporter: this fourth of july weekend, massive celebrations. hundreds at this party in diamond lake, michigan. boats packed in lake minnetonka and missouri's lake of the ozarks. it comes as covid-19 cases climb across the nation. 39 states now reporting new increases. >> we're right back where we were at the peak of the epidemic. >> reporter: florida now accounting for 20% of all new cases in the u.s. the state tallying more than 11,000 new daily cases over the weekend, on par with what new york was seeing back in april at its peak. >> if we continue to do this, you know, florida going -- we're going to find ourself in a very, very difficult situation. >> reporter: other states reaching their tipping point. texas hitting a record number of
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hospitalizations this past weekend. >> if we don't change the trajectory, then i am within two weeks of having our hospitals overrun. >> reporter: in houston texas medical center reports the icu capacity is at 98%. los angeles now making room in hospitals limiting elective procedures to make space for cote patients. and in arizona -- >> we opened way too early in arizona. we were one of the last states to go to stay-at-home and one of the first to re-emerge. >> reporter: officials scrambling to curb the spread with about 150 icu beds remaining in the entire state. over the weekend, president trump continued to downplay the threat of the virus. >> we have tested almost 40 million people. by so doing we show cases 99% of which are totally harmless. >> reporter: but fda commissioner dr. stephen hahn
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would not defend the president's statement. >> how many cases would you say are harmless? >> what i'd say is, you know, any case we don't want to have in this country. any death, any case is tragic. >> reporter: for some the effects of covid are long-lasting. 31-year-old cara schiavo tested positive in early march. four months later she's still sick. >> sometimes my fever will come back for a couple of hours. i've been treated with four different rounds of steroids and two different rounds of inhaler -- an inhaler with steroids in it. >> reporter: 22-year-old troy hart from pensacola, florida, says his first sign he might have covid-19 was chest pain. he now wants others his age to know they're not safe from the virus. >> i didn't think this would affect me in any way and then here i am laying in bed. i can't breathe. i'm scared to fall asleep because i don't know if i'll wake up. >> reporter: at the university of washington more than 120 fraternity residents have now tested positive for covid-19. over the weekend penn state announcing its first coronavirus
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related student fatality. 21-year-old juan garcia dying of respiratory failure ten days after testing positive. this morning, there are almost 43,000 new coronavirus cases across the country, but experts say that number may be low as some states reduce testing and reporting during the holiday. kenneth, mona. >> andrea, thank you. new concerns about the return of pro sports this morning. dozens of nba players have tested positive for covid-19. the milwaukee bucks and sacramento kings have now closed their practice facilities. some teams are scheduled to report to orlando tomorrow where players and staff will be sequestered for games. meanwhile, major league baseball is set to begin its season later this month, but 31 players have tested possible and several high-profile players say they're sitting out the season. >> these are grown men. they have to speak to their own truth and how they feel about things so right now we're
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just trying to give them as much as we possibly can and let them decide. >> superstar mike trout, whose wife is pregnant, is among the players saying they do not feel comfortable returning. now to the latest on the killing of vanessa guillen. the ft. hood soldier last seen back in april. this morning a suspect in the case will make her first court appearance. abc's andrew dymburt has the latest. >> reporter: this morning more than two months later confirmation that investigators have identified the remains of army soldier vanessa guillen as her family claims the army did not take her disappearance seriously. >> i'm not just going to stay grieving in my room because i know vanessa wouldn't want that. she wants justice. >> reporter: guillen was last seen april 22nd outside her barracks in ft. hood in killian, texas. investigators found her remains in late june 20 miles from the base. >> why it happened, why it took this long. >> reporter: investigators say army specialist aaron robinson took his own life after being identified as a suspect. this morning his alleged
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accomplice, cecily aguilar, will make her first court appearance accused of helping dismember and hide guillen's body. aguilar is the estranged wife of a former soldier at ft. hood. according to attorneys for guillen's family, aguilar told investigators that guillen saw a picture of her on robinson's phone and threatened to report robinson for adultery, which is a crime in the military. but guillen's family does not believe that was the motive. they say robinson was sexually harassing guillen. >> vanessa's father, her sisters say that's not like vanessa reporting someone for having an affair. she was probably going to tell him she was going to report him for sexual harassment. >> reporter: they found no evidence she was sexually harassed. officials are defending their handling of the case. >> what i was able to share was tempered by my responsibility to protect the integrity of the investigation so that we could, a, find vanessa, b, prosecute those responsible for this travesty.
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>> reporter: guillen's family meanwhile is calling for a congressional investigation into how this case was handled. as for cecily aguilar, if convicted, she faces up to 20 years in prison. kenneth, mona. >> andrew, thank you. at least 75 people were shot in chicago highlighting a violent weekend in some of the nation's biggest cities. 13 of those people shot in chicago were killed including 7-year-old natalie wallace who was visiting her grandmother's house. in atlanta an 8-year-old was killed. the death of secoriea turner sparking anger from the mayor. >> so we're fighting the enemy within when we are shooting each other up on our streets in the city, and you shot and killed a baby. this random wild, wild west shoot 'em up because you can has got to stop. it has to stop. meanwhile, in new york city nine people were killed by gunfire on sunday alone. new details about ghislaine
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maxwell, sex offender jeffrey epstein's former associate, she's behind bars after being arrested in new hampshire. maxwell is accused of helping epstein recruit and abuse underage girls. she is expected to be returned to new york this week for a bond hearing as early as friday. maxwell is also a longtime friend of prince andrew. one of epstein's alleged victims tells an australian news program, quote, prince andrew should be panicking after maxwell's arrest. andrew has denied any involvement in epstein's sex trafficking ring. now to some wild weather. a child's birthday party in maryland turned into a rescue mission. high winds toppled the tree injuring 19 people including 2 kids. they were among a group taking cover in a garage when the storm hit. and a falling tree is to blame for one death in charlotte, north carolina, where a man was trying to take shelter. let's take a closer look now at your monday morning weather. a wildfire forced mandatory
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evacuations in santa clarita offnight. the fire exploded to more than 1,100 acres in just hours. dry, windy conditions are fueling the fire's spread. oppressive heat could fuel more wildfires this afternoon. the feels like temperature will be in the 90s across most of the country today. here's a closer look at today's highs. 90 in new york. 94 in chicago where it's the hottest start to summer since 2012 and triple digits in phoenix. coming up, the important voice now calling for a major sports team to change its name. but first a small plane landing on a highway bursting into flames. the alleged ties to drug money and what was found on board. and a broadway star loses his battle with coronavirus.
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back now with that sad news about broadway star nick cordero losing his battle with coronavirus. >> his wife, amanda kloots, kept fans updated throughout his entire struggle. this morning the broadway world mourning one of their own. nick cordero, tony nominee, husband and father passing away from complications of coronavirus 95 days after he first checked into the er, three months after being admitted to a los angeles hospital with what was originally thought to be pneumonia. the canadian actor spent weeks in intensive care, had his right leg amputated and lost more than 60 pounds. the star of stage and screen also suffering several mini strokes. the 41-year-old was seemingly healthy before getting sick in march. ♪ i've been running high, i've been running low ♪ ♪ i've been running >> reporter: his wife, amanda,
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keeping fans and followers up to date on his health journey waking up from a coma in may. >> da-da is awake. yay! >> reporter: but then a series of setbacks for cordero. amanda saying just last week that he'll likely need a double lung transplant. >> a 99% chance that he would be needing that in order to live the kind of life that i know my husband would want to live. >> reporter: amanda confirming his passing last night writing on instagram, quote, i am in disbelief and hurting everywhere. my heart is broken as i cannot imagine our lives without him. and in addition to amanda, cordero is survived by his 1-year-old son elvis. at least two people are dead after two small planes crashed over a lake in northern idaho and the sheriff's office says there may be more victims. as many as eight people may have been on the planes. recovery efforts continued overnight. in mexico authorities
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believe drug smugglers set this plane on fire after it landed on a highway in mexico's yucatan peninsula. officials say the private jet may have been carrying $5 million worth of cocaine. coming up, a potential new name for the washington redskins. also ahead, a developing story, what doctors are saying about the risk of the coronavirus spreading through the air. our medical expert weighs in next. ok, to save time and stay ahead of the mess but scrubbing still takes time. now there's dawn powerwash dish spray. the faster, easier way to clean as you go. it cleans grease five times faster on easy messes, just spray, wipe, and rinse. on tough messes, the spray-activated suds cut through grease on contact, without water. just wipe, and rinse. get dishes done faster dawn powerwash dish spray. spray. wipe. rinse. try nature's bounty sleep3, a unique tri-layer supplement that calms you, helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer
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only at your sherwin williams store. so we collaborate ♪ ocean spray works with nature every day to farm in a sustainable way back now with an avalanche of rocks crashing down on this highway in idaho. it started as just a few rocks then became a much more serious situation forcing police to close route 95. no injuries have been reported. an unusual nascar crash to show you. there was a chain reaction crash in indianapolis sunday as drivers were pulling into pit road, and during the chaos one crew member was hit and pinned between two cars. paramedics ran to help him, but he later gave that thumb's up on the stretcher. he is okay.
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cleveland indians manager terry francona is supporting calls to change the team's name. the club says it will now determine the best path forward. francona says the indians' name goes beyond disrespectful. >> i think it's time to move forward and not just say, hey, i got -- it's a very difficult subject. it's also delicate. >> cleveland adopted the indians name in 1915. they removed the chief wahoo logo last year. in the nfl the washington redskins have an offer for a new name. the washington generals best known as the punch line for the harlem globetrotters willing to sell their name for the right price. we turn back now to the coronavirus and a major headline this morning. more doctors are voicing concern about how the virus lingers in the air. earlier i spoke with dr. alok patel about the scientists who are now urging the world health organization to change its guidelines. dr. patel, hundreds of experts
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are now asking the world health organization to recognize the risk of the coronavirus being airborne lingering in the air. this could mean a whole new set of rules when it comes to social distancing. it could even mean new guidance when it comes to how ventilation systems work in restaurants, schools, nursing homes. can you walk us through this and what's new here? >> well, there is a back and a forth debate right now about the droplets and if they actually can infect people with the coronavirus lingering in the air so the w.h.o. is basically saying droplets expelled from the mouth are too large whereas about 240 scientists in over 30 countries are putting together a letter basically saying these droplets can be a lot smaller and can linger around in the air for a longer period of time thus causing airborne transmission. and this is supported by the fact that there are cases that have been linked to bars, restaurants, choirs and, you know, there's modeling showing, yes, some businesses may need to take precautions because of the potential for airborne
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transmission. and so, you know, it's possible that once the w.h.o. reviews this article coming out this week, there may need to be a new set of guidelines. >> do you think this means we should be social distancing even more than six feet from each other and wearing a mask even more? >> i think it definitely means the latter. i think it does mean people need to be vigilant about wearing a mask, even indoors when possible. you think about the difference between going to a restaurant when you obviously can't wear a mask if you're eating versus going to a casino where we've seen video of people in casinos next to each other playing games and not wearing a mask. i think people saying, this virus is airborne. if somebody coughs it's not necessarily going to be a droplet going to the ground. it might travel a little bit and people need to be aware of that. >> our thanks to dr. patel there. coming up, a whole new kind of big screen tv. but first the mom igniting a fierce debate. why she says right now you can have a job or child but not both.
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♪ time to check "the pulse." we begin with new doubts about the presidential pronouncement from kanye west. >> he tweeted over the weekend that he's running for president but many think it's only a publicity stunt. the rapper does not have a campaign committee and he hasn't filed any papers with election officials. >> west does have a new album coming out, and he recently signed a clothing deal with the gap. here ye, here ye, this is fake. back to school plans remain in limbo as coronavirus cases continue to surge, and that has parents facing a big dilemma. >> school districts across the country are struggling to tailor schedules that work best for the parent and child. one mom wrote a "new york times" article entitled in the covid-19 economy, you can have a kid or job, you can't have both. experts agree we're facing a
4:24 am
tough choice. >> we're going to have to decide week by week or month by month is it riskier to send kids to school and have everyone's health be in jeopardy, or is it riskier to keep kids home and have everyone's finances and ability to pay their bills be in jeopardy? >> one option under consideration is sending students back to school part time, but many parents say they're desperate for a normal routine. next we have a heartwarming video that shows what one girl learned at home during this pandemic. >> she learned sign language so she could talk to the package deliveryman who is hearing impaired. her mother says the two have struck up quite a friendship. >> she even drew a thank you for him, which he now displays on his truck. >> love it. and finally a massive display by a casino still under construction. >> they activated their 100,000-square-foot l.e.d. between with a digital fireworks show. it is made up of more than 3,500 l.e.d. panels. >> it's 340 feet wide and took seven months to build.
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making news right now at 4:27, firefighters in an all-out south and a confrontation over "black lives matter" takes a violent turn in the east bay. only on abc 7 news, video of a man arrested after blm supporters say he pulled a gun on them. and say good-bye to one wind fall of the pandemic. starting today, san francisco and oakland are enforcing parking meter rules again. good morning, it is monday, july 6. we'll get to all those stories in a moment, but czech in with mike nicco, happy monday, friend. >> thank you. did you have a good weekend?
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>> i can't wait to tell you about it. >> fantastic. let's jump into the winds. 21 at sfo, 18 at fairfield. 10 at concord. so the sea breeze is coming back and bringing a few clouds this morning, but not too much in the way of fog looking south on 101 there. they will take away a little bit of the heat. 61 today at half moon bay, 67 in san francisco. low to mid 70s around the bay and you can see upper 70s to mid-80s in the south bay and north bay. and some upper 80s in the east bay. it temperatures will drop about 5 to 10 degrees today. we'll talk more about the fire coming up. rin c ntncght, eating inside ingov numbers. it is in effect for at least three weeks. outdoor seating and takeout service will not change.
4:29 am
marin county gave the green light to indoor dining on june 29 but them on a watch list of hot spots. sonoma county is in danger of being added to the watch list because of a surge in cases. 92 people tested positive for the virus between friday and saturday and that is the county's biggest 24 hour spike since the start of the paebndem. the supervisor is considering the possibility of citing people who don't wear face coverings. >> so be forewarned if you are coming to sonoma county, bring your facial covering because we may have some financial consequences if you don't.
4:30 am
>> she says the county still needs to figure out who would actually hand out the citations. happening today, governor newsom will be giving us an update on the california coronavirus response and of course we'll bring to you live at noon. today's update comes just a day after a large group protested outside newsom's house in fair oaks. protesters are demanding being a be taken inside state prisons where more than 2400 inmates and 500 workers have tested positive for covid-19. 25 inmates at california prisons have died, including two from san quentin prison last week. it is not clear if newsom will address the issue at the update today. a man was arrested after allegedly pulling a gun on a "black lives matter" supporter. it happened as a group was watching


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