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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 13, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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days and i was like done, i'm out. i'll put it off until today and tomorrow when it is much nicer out where i live. it was 100 both days at least. let's take a look at what is going on. here is a look at the exploratori exploratorium. can't see the top of the sales force otower there. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s this morning. 71 to 81, you can see the models just updated right there. 77 to 87. where are the 100s, where are the 90s? there are a few and i'll show them to you when we take a look at the microclimate forecast in the 7 day coming up. a bunch of businesses won't be reopening today. there are new restrictions on some businesses. and abc 7 news is focused on both the economy andr bay area especially during the pandemic.
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amy hollyfield is live in sonoma with more on these new restrictions. >> reporter: good morning. look behind me at this sign, it needs to come down. it says but not anymore. restaurant, winery, tasting rooms can't have customers inside any longer. movie theaters and bars must close again. this just went into effect at midnight. county officials say they just can't have crowded bars right now as the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise. >> we're particularly talking to the young folks. they seem to feel in-vulnerable to what is happening around them. and this is not party land. we want to be safe as a community, we want you to be safe. >> reporter: county officials hope these new restrictions will
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motivate residents to do what they can to flatten the curve. they really need people to wear masks and socially distance so they can get the businesses open again. and these closures will be in place for the rest of the month, as of right now they are set to expire august 2. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. the opposite santa clara county where more businesses can reopen starting today. and they include gyms, hair and nail salon, hotels and even outdoor pools. businesses have to complete online form acknowledging that they understand social distancing policies and other safety policies. indoor dining, bar, saw in as a saunas and theaters will stay closed. indoor gadhafi t nonhousehold members will be banned. cardio is not allowed inside. the county says that the use of cardio equipment like treadmill, bikes or ellipticals is strongly
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discouraged. officials urge owners to move those machines outdoors if they can with proper social distancing. the county is requiringxercisina county where they have new rules in fenkeffect starting today. indoor worship services are no longer allowed and people have to wear masks during social bubble gatherings. and in marin county, two more inmates have died of covid-19 at san quentin prison. more than 14 inmates have been infected so far. hair salon owners and workers will hold a protest demanding that the county let them reopen. their protest starts at 11:00 this morning outside the alamed
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count canity health departmen y and two more testing sites will be reopening tomorrow and each location can conduct 500 tests a day. they will be open tuesday through frif, and it includes independence high school and the county service center auditorium and south county annex in gilroy. and happening today, san francisco's mayor and director of health are hosting a live conversation online about covid-19. the conversation called the data driving our decisions will be hosted online through youtube, twitter and facebook. mayor talk about where the city stands. the conversation starts at 11:00. stanford medicine is also holding a fireside chat today wi
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dr.uci, he will put the recent spike of covid-19 cases in to context. he is also answering pre-submitted questions, stanford students submitted them ahead of time. the chat will be live streamed at 10:30 this morning. and education secretary betsy devos says there is no good reason to keep kids from returning to classrooms in the fall. >> many of them are going to be so far behind, difficult to catch up, and we know that this is a matter of their health in a multitude of factors or multitude of dimensions. their emotional and mental we , well-being and particularly kids from will he income and vulnerable populations, this is devastating to be out of school and not learning for months on end. >> devos says there is nothing in the data to suggest that kids being in school is dangerous. she says the trump administration is looking at, quote, all the options for pulling funding from schools that don't provide in-person
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learning. the american association of pediatrics recommends students return to class. however, a doctor at johns hopkins university says that the virus can still be dangerous to kids. here's what we know so far about what some districts are planning to do for the return of school. you can see the list on your screen. the school board in fremont voted to begin with fully distanced learning. and alum rock union will have in-person instruction for students who are homeless, in foster programs, have special needs or who are recent immigrants. will the republican national convention happen this year? the latest consideration from presidential aidesed a and all. and the washington redskins may be dropping their controversial name as soon as today. and a couple things to
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notice on our golden gate bridge camera, the west wind at 16 miles per hour, the increasing clouds, and that all leads to a 5 to 14 degree turn about oig today. temperatures on the decline.
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♪ i read that wrong, oh yeeaaaah! geico. save an extra 15 percent when you switch by october 7th. ♪ give it up for tara! welcome back. it is a monday and it is about 6:0. we have temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 50s on the peninsula side, low to mid 50s on the coast side of the peninsula. and temperatures there pretty close to where we are everywhere until we get to the east bay where we have 60s out there. here is a look at what will happen today. small craft advisory on the bay, but not as hot for exercising or if you put off the yard work
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like i did. it was just too hot. south bay, noon sunshine and 78. low to mid-80s in the afternoon pnd and abo and a comfortable evening. and in the fix in the north bay, and 79 at noon. mid-80s for the afternoon hours. and quickly dropping to 68 at 8:00. and hottest temperatures are in the inland east bay valleys. some 90s out on highway 4. most of us in the tri-valley in the mid to upper 80s. let's get over to jobina and talk about the monday morning commute. >> good morning, everyone. so i'll go back to that crash i was following in fremont involving multiple cars and injuries reported there. so bringing it up now because a backup is beginning to form there at least two lanes are blocked right now, this is southbound 680 before route 262. so a head's up if this is a part of your morning commute. and also drive times for you, antioch to hercules, 26 minutes. highway 4 to the maze, 16.
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and highway 85 to the san jose airport will be a quick 7 minute ride. checking in right now on the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights came on earlier than we've seen recently. 6:01 for metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza. and it is beginning to back up there. once you make it through the lights, a clear ride across the bridge. president trump has the final call on whether there will be a republican national convention this year. presidential aides and allies are considering scrapping the event all together. the late august event has already moved from north carolina to florida. and now coronavirus cases are spiking there and there is an economic recession. no convention does kind of put a damper on the president's re-election campaign, but the health and safety of all who attend will be scrutinized for weeks.
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hi reggie. >> hi. >> let me tell you something. we'll be talking about the vehicle that is making a comeback today after almost two decades. and also a coronavirus test for a gorilla who was
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welcome back. nelson mandela's daughter has divided. the 59-year-old passed away in johannesburg at a hospital and the cause of of her death hasn't been revealed. she was serving as south african ambassador at the time of her death. happy of a man shot and killed byrs ig video footage and the family of eric sal gatto is
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holding a press conference this afternoon. he was shot june 9 after officers say that he tried to ram their vehicles when they were trying to pull him over. his pregnant girlfriend was also in the car at the time. the family wants the chp to release the names of the officers. they are not required do that. the family will also hold a birthday celebration remembering sal gatto's life. and keeping up the pressure on vallejo police in an effort to seek justice for a man shot and killed by officers. they held a socially distanced block party to remember sean monterrosa. they had music, food, literature readings. monterrosa was a san francisco resident. police shot and killed him after they were responding to reports of looting at a walgreen's the night of june 2. they later found a hammer on monterrosa but no gun.
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this is an unusual test for covid-19 at a shoe in miami. shango the gorilla landed in the hospital to get wounds treated after he got into a scuffle we'll call it with another gorilla. he had a low grade fever so doctors also 2k3w5i6 hgave him test. they in-ertz issert issed the s he was under anesthesia and it turned out to be negative. what they failed to give him, my friends, was a blanket so he could cover up and get his test with decency and respect. >> that is true. when i saw the pictures again this time, i saw like the mouth hanging open and i thought i don't need that for shango. >> no, how would you feel if you woke up and that business is all over the internet? >> sue.
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>> at least they knocked him out before they scratched his brain with that swab. i mean, that is invasive. but it has to be done. i understand it. >> cover him up. >> all good points. let's move on. i don't think that that will be a hot topic today. >> no. east bay hills camera, this tells the tale. the marine layer has climbed high enough to start to move into some of the east bay valleys and that is a sign that comfort is increasing today. it will be sunny around the bay and inland, which means the clouds are return to the coast and be stubborn there. it will be breezy today. and the summer pattern of morning cloud, afternoon sunshine, that will last all week. a couple areas of pressure, one low up around edmonton, a high around el paso, they are influencing our weather and it is that low that is deepening along the coast and pushing the
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high pressure away from us. barely 90 innil d we have 72mil at san mateo. and 60 to 64 along the peninsula coast with limited sunshine today. mid to upper 60s in downtown. and also in sausalito. possibly a little more sunshine but just as breezy along the north bay coast, that is why you have mid-60s. low to mid-80s the closer you are to the bay. but santa rosa northward, upper 80s and even upper 90s around lakeport. 72 in berkeley. mid to upper 70s along the east bay shore. and the sunshine and how about some mid to upper 80s forhe kee the clouds cover isprdi ando will the 50s. good sleeping weather tonight. just about everywhere. temperatures about the same tomorrow. maybe two degrees warmer wednesday, we'll drop down a couple degrees thursday and then
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we'll hold pretty steady with 60s near the coast and upper 80s to mid 90s inland through the weekend. the ford bronco is making a comeback today. ford released this video as a sneak peek of today's announcement. ford will reveal three new suvs with the bronco name this afternoon. disney is the parent company of abc 7. the new vehicles include the first ever four door bronco model, ford hasn't produced the bronco this abokenco in about 2. and costco is changing its senior hours again. what you need to know. and the continued search for actress naya riveria and how some fans are apparently taking their grief out on
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you now know that in the next earthquake your house will be standing and we also got a discount on our earthquake insurance. if there is an earthquake. our house has a better chance of surviving in. it is 55 degrees in san
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francisco and that is about 40 degrees cooler than phoenix at 93. can you believe how hot it is in those neighborhoods? let's take a look at why everything is changing especially north of the bay bridge through the delta. we have a small craft advisory for 14 hours and for another 12 tomorrow. and that is why today we get rid of the 100s, just a few 90s hanging on in the north bay and east bay. and tomorrow into thursday, we try to get rid of those also. let's turn now to ginger zee with a look at what is ahead on gma. >> nice to be with everybody this morning. we'll start here on gma on a monday edition with the rise in coronavirus cases. florida has set a one day record for cases so the mayor of miami is going to join us this morning. and then the new warning about covid parties, yeah, i guess that is a thing. a 30-year-old in texas died after allegedly attending one of those parties.
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also this morning, breaking news actress kelly preston died at 57 years old after a two year battle with breast cancer. we'll get into her private fight and what her husband john travolta is saying this morning. and a lot of parents are worried about end is being their kids back to school in the fall, so now some are trying something called micro schooling. could it be a safe sloouolution family? and we're going a lot country. we not only have luke bryant, but also bret he bret he bret he us live. so get your boots ready. today is the sixth day that search teams are looking for actress naya rveria. the 3 # 3-year-old disappeared while boating last week with her 4-year-old son. officials believe that she drowned in the lake.
6:24 am
surveillance video captured rivera and her son on a dock on a poon tonight boat hours before the boat was found in the lake before her son is physically okay. investigators do not spect uld her co-star lea michele has deactivated her twitter account. fans of rivera are angry at michele for not sharing her support for the rivera family. some left comments that others are calling bullying. and that led michele to delete her twitter account. she's been mostly quiet after some of her co-stars said she is difficult to work with. and the washington redskins have officially dropped their controversial name. for years people have been calling for them to do so. jobina fortson is at the live desk with more. so the washington redskins are the team making that announcement on twitter just minutes ago, that that
6:25 am
controversial name will be dropped. mentioned, for years and years, the complaints have come in over this. the washington redskins is one of the league's oldest franchises, the recent focus on race relations brought renewed scrutiny to the team's name, prominent sponsors like fedex, nike and bank of america asked the team to change their name. more than a dozen native american leaders also wrote to roger goodell demanding change. the team launched a review of the name backed by the nfl and ultimately decided to change it. it is unclear what the new name will be or when that will be unveiled, but we'll watch to see what happens there. costco is changing course and now offering special morning hours to seniors every weekday. the retailer had planned to scale it down to just are two days a week starting today, but now costco says that they will keep the five day a week special hours because we are seeing an icrease in covid-19 cases.
6:26 am
the special hours do vary by store, so you will want to check their website. shoppers 60 and older or those disabled or immunocompromisecome are welcome. and hand is an tirsanitizer dangerous. and hair salons, gym, barker shops can open but under strikd new guidelines. i'll have the details and a puppy was snatched. the offer from the new owner. but firs omothg. 56 degrees in san francisco this morning.
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for your flooring project curbside! so come discover the perfect floor at the perfect price in whatever way is perfect for you. all in one stop!flanden now at 6:30, businesses in one bay area county get ready to welcome customers today for the first time in months. the striblgts nct guidelines. and a dozen states are reporting a record number of new cases. the big city mayor thousand considering a new two week shutdown because it is running out of icu beds.
6:30 am
and -- >> everything in this town is all shut down. and i don't want to do that. >> i don't know if you have seen this yet, but it is totally worth watching. a little girl emotional over coronavirus closures. her rant that is pretty relatable. >> i felt that in my spirit when she said it. >> she said that the mcdonald's drive-thru is not the same as going into the restaurant. >> she can't get to play, that's what she said. >> that is her favorite restaurant, kumasi. >> you know what, it is hard out here. >> it is hard out here. it really is. >> and when it is getting to the kids, you know we've been under this a long time. i was adding up, this is my 115th day working from home. and for some of us, it has been
6:31 am
even longer because i still went into the station for a week or two after the shelter-in-place started. >> when you put it like that -- >> isn't that know, iknow, iknoi over the weekend, we missed the free air conditioning but it is back. check out the wind at fairfield, 32 miles per hour. 18 at concord. 12 at sfo. 13 at napa. and this is the way it looks from the east bay hills. yeah, the marine layer is tall enough so the # 100s are gone fm the forecast there. they were happily residing there both days this weekend. instead upper 80s to low 90s there. mid-80s in the south bay. we have 71 in richmond to about 80 in fremonfremont. and i'll let you know how long this is going to last coming up. now back to the news.
6:32 am
it will be a boost for the economy in sabnta clara economy. some businesses are getting the green light to reopen today. and julian glover is live with what we can expect. >> reporter: this is the news that made business owners in santa clara county happy. many of the high risk high contact businesses within the county can finally reopen. and turn the welcome light on. let's walk you through what we know. barber shops, nail and hair salons, gym, hotel, tattoo parlors, they can all reopen today in santa clara county, but of course under strict new guidelines. nees mt havthr reopening plany the county health department, this is somethi s jose hair salon preparing op an
6:33 am
us a see them. >> reporter: and people ready to get that hair done, right? keep in mind, this is a big reversal. just a week ago, some outdoor bars were being forced to close back down. while we do know more businesses will be allowed to reopen, it is still to be seen how many actually will. te salon owner says that the space is ready, but the employees still have to undergo training. but again, many are ready to finally reopen their businesses julian glover, abc 7 news. and in alameda county, the board of supervisors will vote tomorrow on whether to ask to permission to take another step
6:34 am
in reopening .they have been added to the covid-19 monitoring list. and counties on this list are required to close indoor activities for three weeks. most indoor activities like dine-in restaurants and movie theaters are already closed in alameda a state variance would allow lower risk activities to to two more inmates at san quentin prison. nearly 1500 have been infected. and that is the most of any state prison. on friday, the state announced that it would release up to 8,000 inmates early in order to try and son thtop this outbreak. at least a dozen states are reporting a record number of coronavirus cases. florida has the highest one day total of any state during this entire pandemic. jobina fortson has more on that.
6:35 am
>> yeah, problems in florida and also texas where hospitalizations topped 10,000 both saturday and sunday. the mayor of houston is calling for a two week shutdown, that is what he is proposing, as they have less than 100 icu beds in the entire city. and florida reported 15,000 new cases just yesterday. that is the highest single day jump in the u.s. >> we definitely had a sharp increase in the number of people going to the hospital. number of people that are in icu and the people >> and this is as president trump wore a mask for the first time during the pandemic on saturday. he was visiting the walter reed medical center. he said that he wore it because it was a great thing in a hospital. happening today, we're expecting another update from governor newsom on the state's
6:36 am
response to the pandemic. last week the governor talked about how the state is preparing thf defi needo be evacuated, they will be taken to hotels or college dorms. a local rescue agency is making a plea for the return of a 10 week old puppy. it was stolen in a car break-in on treasure island. hre is the dog's picture. the white terrier mix was in an agency's car when a thief came by and smashed the window open and then the person stole the pet carrier with the puppy instead. its name was jay. and jay's new owner is offering a $1,000 reward for his safe return. a spokesperson for the rescue agency says that jay was showing signs of lethargy and needs to be checked out by a vet. coming up, a new list of toxic hand sanitizers. the ingredient that is causing
6:37 am
concern. and right now, we're taking a look at the big board at the new york stock exchange. we're up right now at 200 or so points. and frustration in the north bay because some sonoma county businesses that were allowed to reopen have to shut down again. we'll go through the new guidelines. and nemts though, it is 6:. a lot of back and forth. so we have to just you -- >> right.though, it is 6:. a lo of back and forth. so we have to just you -- >> right. >> i enjoyed the warm weekend. >> yeah, we had it pretty easy in san francisco, but everywhere else, it was anoff sve oeven. >> 71 yesterday in san francisco. >> it was delightful. >> and 102 at my house. >> no, no. >> you can keep it.
6:38 am
>> that's what i figured. appreciate you not rubbing it in. so let's talk about how things will change today. we'll start in san francisco where it is mostly cloudy right now, 51 in ocean beach to about 55 in the ferry building, marina and also krissy field. other neighborhoods, you can see a lot of 50s out there. pittsburg 65 along with tracy. 52 in daly city. a little bit of fog along the coast. so let's move on -- come on, computer. i've already refobooted you youu today. i'll do it manually. i heard jobina say that it was busier sooner than it has been during the entire i think shelter in place. we'll have to double check on that. but we have breezy conditions on
6:39 am
our bridges starting at 9:00 this morning through the delta and choppy on the water. and so let's talk about some of our microclimates. and we will return to the south bay where how about low to mid-80s this afternoon. not bad. look at that evening, 70 degrees. mid-80s in the north bay today and about 68. east bay valley, mid to upper 80s for most of us. that is mainly the tri-valley. we'll still have low 90s none the highway corner. we'll be down to 69 at 8:00. a great evening is on the way. are let's talk more about the commute with jobina. was i right are, is that the busiest you've seen it? >> definitely the earliest we've seen the metering lights come've seen it? >> definitely the earliest we've seen the metering lights come on.
6:40 am
and let's get to some hot spots that we have going on. checking out the maps, earlier this morning, i was telling you all about a multicar crash in fremont southbound 680. and you see the yellow line there, that backup is getting much better, traffic is starting to move as they move everything out of the way. out of tracy, speeds are down to 12 miles per hour. and then moving over to the bay bridge are toll plaza, here you will see a bit of backup. d veamera,
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
is this a sight you've been lacking in your life? look at this from the exploratorium camera. you can see all of the cloud cover out there. let's see what it does to our temperatures today. we're in the mid to upper 50s through 7:00. 58 to 59 from noon to 4:00. we'll hit the 60s in a few areas along the coast. 77 to 78 at 4:00. no more 100s. and low 70s this evening. and here is where the heat is, but this is one of the last days that it will be warm in the desert. in fact 114 in palm springs. and you can see a cooling breeze reaching sacramento. even hotter in yosemite, 98. >> that is hot enough. thank you. and some sonoma county businesses will not be opening as usual today. abc 7 news is focusing on the
6:44 am
economy. and juthis morning, there are n restrictions on bars, restaurants and other indoor businesses because of the rising cases of coronavirus. and amy hollyfield is live for us in sonoma. >> reporter: look at this sign behind me, it looks like it is a new sign but now it is already outdated. dining in is no longer allowed here. take a look at this list, these are the businesses that must shut down again. restaurants, winery, tasting rooms, they can't have people inside. they must serve be people outside again. movie theaters must close and bars. they cannot operate during this time. this order is brand new, it just went into effect at midnight. wineries and businesses along the russian river say this will be devastatinghe usually busy summer months but the county officials that it will help motivate residents to
6:45 am
flatten the curve. >> a lot of folks are not wearing facial masks. and that is not good. so the message needs to be out there about complying, protect our community, be respectful others, wear your facial coverings. >> reporter: the number of cases of the virus per 100,000 residents in this county is six times higher now than it was in june. so definitely on the rise. and these closures will be in plate for t place for the rest of the honmo through august 2. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. happening today, protesters are holding a car caravan demanding that contra costa county defund the sheriff's office. organizers say that it is as the sheriff's office is calling for
6:46 am
a nearly $3 million increase in its budget. they expect hundreds of people to showmainez.ocial justice aro crucial to building better bay area. over the weekend, hundreds of people gathered in martinez to protest over recent racist incidents in the city. the city's first "black lives matter" protest was sparked after two martinez residents tried to paint over the city's approved mural and a few days later, "white lives matter" was painted on a street blocks away and a martinez woman believes that bumper stir eer s and posters supporting "black lives matter" led to someone slash her tires.
6:47 am
she believes that she was targeted because of the signs in her card. >> we don't have room for it anywhere in downtown martinez. we're a close knit community. we love one another. >> she says that she is grateful for her community because they raised almost $1,000 to help her replace those tires. also an update on the bay area tech ceo who got in to this racist tirade at a carmel valley restaurant. he is out of his job. >> asian piece of will thof [ b. >> get out of here. you are not allowed here. >> the server gennica cochran
6:48 am
defended an asian american family. the man was michael lofthouse. he has now stepped down as his position of ceo of solid 8. he said that i can confirm that i have stepped down from solid 8 terminating all business relationships. i will make it my duty to ensure my personal actions do not continue to have a detrimental impact on those people closest to me. and by the way, online fundraisers for the waitress in that story have raised about $100,000. so if there is a silver lining, it is for her. at the live desk, the fda just released a new list of toxic hand sanitizers. researchers say that they have seen a sharp increase in hand sanitizer products that contain ethanol but tested positive for methanol. methanol is wood alcohol and can
6:49 am
be toxic when absorbed through the skin and deadly when inge ingested. some symptoms include nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, coma and even death. dr. ashton talked a bit about what to look for when buying hand antize e sanitizers. >> at least 59 marketed under the name blue men have been contaminated. so people want to look at those and look for the ingredient isopropyl at least 60%, those are safe. methanol very dangerous. >> the fda's first recommendation was only to use han sanitizers if soap and water were not an option. dr. ashton will talk more about all of of this coming up morning america.
6:50 am
and this week investors are set to take a hard look at the books of some of the country's biggest banks. jpmorgan, citigroup and wells fargo all record second quarter earnings. and right now, we are taking a live look at the new york stock exchange, trading gets under way this morning and you can see that we are up about 215 points. this little girl's quarantine meltdown is really hitting home for a lot of people. blake is frustrated by all the shutdowns especially the ice cream truck. >> and now everything in this world has to shut all the way down to nobody has to go anywhere because they are shutdown. the ice cream truck is shutdown. we can't go anywhere. not even mcdonald's, which is my favorite restaurant. the only thing that is open is nothing. nothing. >> the only thing that is open
6:51 am
is nothing. and the hands. so this 4-year-old girl from phoenix details everything that is wrong in her life during this pandemic. her very relatable meltdown has been viewed nearly 8 million times. >> i really would like to interview this little girl because i have a couple questions. one of them is she says that i totally got the mcdonald's thing, the ice cream truck thing, but then she says the water jug place is shut down which is my favorite place. what is that and what does that mean? and second, i need to examine this thing where her dad go knows, we can go through the drive-thru and she goes no we can't, because the drive-thru is boring. >> i mean -- >> i want to get into that more. >> maybe she can still play in her mcdone allegedalcdonald's.
6:52 am
can can th they can still play? >> no, if they do, they are closed. >> yeah, it got hamburglared for her. pressive. m ability to express herself. we didn't act the same way, but our ice cream man was coming around our neighborhood for a couple weeks and then it was like where did he go? we had cash and we werelike come on down, give us the k0icovid-1 as in pounds. like come on down, give us the covid-19, as in pounds. >> i was like what? >> we were confused. >> i don't know if you saw that part. let's talk about what is going on weather-wise. good day to be outside exercising because over the weekend, not so much for some of us. let's take a look at what is going on. look at that, a southwest wind in the east bay hills pushing the marine layer up and over and
6:53 am
into the east bay valleys taking away the 100s. a few 90s still left over. san jose, sunshine and 6 1. and some breezes will bring relief and a pretty average pattern all week. let's take a look as far as your high temperatures. a few 90s morgan hill, and mid to upper 80s in the south bay. san mateo, 78. and 60 in pacifica to 64 in daly city. you are spread along what will an pretty cloudy coast today. mid and upper 60s to downtown and sausalito. mid-60s along the north bay coast. low to mid-80s as the breeze is coming off the san francisco bay. santa rosa northward, from 88 t fremont the warm spot, 80. and inland, mid to upper 80s in the tri-valley and low to mid-90s from concord out highway
6:54 am
4. tonight look at the cloud cover go away, back to the coast by noon. and there it stays. and tonight it will makes push to the east and look how much it covers tonight. keeping us in good sleeping weather. and here is my accuweather 7 day forecast, and you can see low to mid-60s at the coast, 78 to 80 is your spread along our bay. and then 90 to 94 pretty consistent weather all week. hope you enjoy it. moraga police are warning neighbors about a coyote that approached two people. the first one 34r0eapproached a person and ran ran towards someone on a bicycle. neither was injured. and the second was thursday night and this time a coyote bit a small child on the leg. police are asking people to give them a calling if you see the
6:55 am
animal. happening today in the south bay, winchester mystery house is reopening. visitors will be able to explore the 16 new touchleself guided tour. you have to wear a mask, you have to follow the one way tour path. and there will be sanitizing stations throughout the property. groups are limited to members of the same household and capacity has been rediesed. a and if you want to explore from your home, there is a 360 tour right on line. >> cool. >> time to moisturize on this monday morning. where is it, kumasi? >> you know, after what we learned about the hand sanitizers today -- >> yeah. be careful with that. >> you have to be careful. >> just get all that moits chur ri moisturizing. moisturizing. >> tcalifornia phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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this virus is testing all of us. and it's testing the people on the front lines of this fight most of all. so abbott is getting new tests into their hands, delivering the critical results they need. and until this fight is over, we...will...never...quit. because they never quit. and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. here are the 7 things to
6:58 am
know this morning. number one, in sonoma county, restaurants, wineries, tasting rooms and other businesses must shut down again today. the state is ordering new restrictions, sonoma is now on the watch list after a surge of new cases. number two, the opposite effect happening in santa clara county where starting today barber shop, nail and hair salons, gyms, hotels and tattoo parlors can reopen. all the of them have to follow strict guidelines including a limit on how long people can be allowed inside. number three, san francisco mayor london breed and governor newsom will both give pandemic up mayor brooed eed is speaking at0 and the governor at noon. we'll stream them both. and the washington redskins are officially dropping their controversial team name. the nfl team conducted a review of the name considered offensive to many native americans. we don the new name will be yet. and the moderate heat brisk
6:59 am
is over.don the new name will b. and the moderate heat brisk is over. temperatures today in the 60s along the coast, 70s to near 80 around the bay. and 80s inland. just a few 90s in northern contra costa county. and number six, we are taking a live look at our south beach camera getting an overall glimpse of the bay bridge. metering lights came on at 6:01 and it is pretty packed there right now. and number seven, the san francisco zoo is reopening today. members can visit and tomorrow and the general public is welcomed back wednesday. you do need a reservation and you have to wear your face mask. who needs a zoo? >> i have my animal right here. let me tell you, we had a little meeting this morning and that meeting was we don't bark when you are on the air. so we're trying that out. >> woodstock loves you. >> good job, woodstock.
7:00 am
good morning, america. race to contain the outbreak. the white house testing chief warning deaths are expected to rise. >> we do expect to see that over the next two or three weeks before this turns around. >> as florida smashes a national record, reporting more than 15,000 new cases of coronavirus in a single day. despite the surge, disney world re-opening. idenp is seen wearing ng thhoe s a mask publicly for the first time. reports dr. anthony fauci is being sidelined and hasn't spoken with the president in more than a month. covid clusters. the new cases linked to this fourth of july party in michigan, and the overnight camp shut down in georgia as more than 85 campers and staff test


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