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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 16, 2020 7:00am-8:58am PDT

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>> that is so good. >> i'd rather have that bear than cozy bear and fancy bear from the russians. good morning, america. on the brink. covid hospitalizations nearing all-time highs as doctors hit their breaking points. >> they come in and get sick and may live, they may not, unfortunately, a lot don't. >> covid deaths now increasing in 25 states, including texas where nearly 100 army medical personnel are now moving in to help. and the crisis growing over equipment. some hospitals across the country forced to ration gear, reusing old masks and gowns as a new mask battle erupts. georgia's governor banning cities and counties from making masks mandatory as the state hits record new covidtraging tyurg paem at youtube star jake paul's
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home. kids hit hard by covid. as schools finalize plans for the fall, alarming new numbers out of florida. nearly one-third of children tested for the virus have come back positive, and the new concerns about long-term effects on kids. campaign shake-up. overnight president trump replacing his campaign manager as new polls show him trailing joe biden and the new message from dr. anthony fauci calling attacks on him from members of the white house bizarre. abc news exclusive. more from my one-on-one with mary trump, the president's niece, on being the prime source for that report on donald trump's taxes. what she says about family dynamics, christmas at the trump house, and her real reason for writing the book. high-profile hack. joe biden, bill gates and kanye west among the politicians, pop stars and billionaires targeted in a major cybersecurity scam on twitter. now the investigation. how hackers targeted employees to gain access.
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close call. a kayaker paddling through a river when all of a sudden he's attacked by a charging alligator tipping him into the water. how he kept his cool. hello, everyone. i hope you're all doing well during these difficult times. >> and who is alex trebek? the "jeopardy" host back on camera. what he's saying about his health, the show's return and what he's really been doing during this time. and we do say good morning, america, on this thankful thursday. warms your heart to see alex doing well. we'll have much more from him ahead. yes, and, michael, wonderful to have you back. >> it's great to be back, robin. two weeks of hanging with the kiddos and now i'm here to hang with you two kids. how about that? it's great to be bac . we do have a lot to get to this morning and we'll start with the coronavirus pandemic.
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take a look at the miami convention center this morning being transformed into a field hospital for covid patients, and in houston nearly 100 members of the u.s. army medical task force arriving to help with the surge in coronavirus cases. >> hospitalizations are on the rise all across the country. this map tells the story. a month ago just 11 states were seeing an increase in covid hospitalizations. that number has tripled to 33. texas has hit a high for p hospitalizations this week and marcus moore starts us off from dallas. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: george, good morning. we are back outside one of those drive-through testing centers here in dallas where, long before the sun came up this morning, people were already lined up to get tested as hospitalizations rise. this morning covid hospitalizations nearing their all-time high with more than 56,000 patients currently hospitalized as cases rise in 41 states. 25 states, half the u.s., reporting an increase in daily fatalities. icus filling across the south.
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here in texas with another new record of nearly 11,000 new cases, refrigerated trucks lining up in san antonio as morgues fill up. >> it's a hard thing to talk about, people's loved ones are dying, but in the hospital there are only so many places to put bodies of the loved ones and we're out of space. >> reporter: inside university of mississippi medical center in jackson, doctors at their breaking point. >> they come in and get sick and may live, may not. unfortunately a lot don't. >> reporter: overnight california's l.a. county seeing its highest number of new covid-19 hospitalizations ever. our team was on the front lines at nearby palm desert. >> they come in faster than we're able to discharge and unfortunately these patients turn very quickly. >> reporter: first responders rushing a patient to a hospital and when they get there, only three icu beds left. >> if we exceed capacity, something has to give and really then the quality starts to suffer. >> and that breaking point is close. >> it is very close. >> reporter: medical professionals across the country
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yet again struggling to find ppe. some saying hospitals are rationing gear and forcing many to reuse old masks and gowns. >> in a country that's this rich with resources, it seems criminal that nurses and health >> reporter: in oklahoma which also saw another record-breaking day in cases, governor kevin stitt revealing he has tested positive. >> i got tested yesterday for covid-19, and the results came back positive. so i feel fine. >> reporter: governor stitt had pushed early to re-open his state and was seen attending the president's rally nearly four weeks ago without a mask. >> i'm just hesitant to mandate something i think is problematic to enforce. >> reporter: but the state of alabama issuing a new order requiring them. violators could face a fine of $500, even jail time. in georgia, governor brian kemp banning all city and county
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orders that require masks in public places. this as dr. anthony fauci, who still serves on the president's covid task force is calling for recent attacks against him from various members of the white house to end, calling them bizarre. >> it distracts from what i would hope would be the common effort of getting this thing under control rather than this back and forth distraction which just doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: in trying to get things under control health officials are urging people to wear a mask as the covid-19 virus keeps a firm grip on so many parts of the country. michael. >> masks are so important. marcus, thank you. in recent months we've seen the virus have a bigger impact on younger people. the average age of those hospitalized dropping dramatically from april to june. the percentage of people in the icu who are 18 to 49 years old, jumping nearly 50%, and in florida, alarming new data about
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children adding to the debate over sending kids back to school and victor oquendo joins us from miami beach. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, michael. the bottom line from the school superintendents here in south florida is that right now it's simply not safe to put kids back inside classrooms. one doctor telling us while their cases may not be as severe there is no reason why children would be spared. this morning as the fight over opening schools wages on, alarming new numbers out of florida showing 31% of children under the age of 18 tested for the virus were positive. >> the concern is that kids could still get infected and can still transmit it, and if you put kids back into their natural habitat which is schools interacting with their peers, that sort of offsets their sort of lower ability to transmit and then clearly that becomes, like, spreading a virus, you know, like wildfire through a school system, and then it brings that back into the community. >> reporter: so far only 54,000 of the state's 4.5 million kids have been tested and
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hospitalizations in young children remain rare. >> there's a couple caveats that are very important here in that kids are tested differently than adults so you expect higher percent positives. kids with symptoms are more likely to be tested. it's not as broad testing as it is in adults. >> reporter: across the country families are concerned about their children's safety. the virus hitting the gibbons family hard much their father alex contracted covid. 4-year-old deacon and 4-week-old harrison both tested positive. >> i'm going to be honest that i thought it was a death sentence. >> reporter: harrison spent three agonizing days in a children's hospital. his mother jenny the only family member allowed in the room with him. thankfully he's back home and recovering now as the entire family isolates for the next two weeks. but even as infection rates grow pressure continues for schools to re-open from the president and governor of florida. schools in florida's hardest hit counties, miami-dade and broward, both opting to start the school year with online
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learning until conditions improve. >> as long as the number of hospitalizations continue to increase we're not in the position of re-opening schools. it is actually counterintuitive and dangerous. >> reporter: and florida's governor who again wants schools to re-open acknowledging that right now test results are taking too long to come back. he wants that time cut down to 48 hours but in many cases right now it's taking up to ten days and the way he put it that's simply not helpful. robin. >> it is not. all right. victor, thank you. and joining us now is the former acting director of the cdc and our former colleague here at abc news, dr. richard besser who is now the president and ceo of the robert wood johnson foundation. rich, always, always good to see you, and you just heard in victor's report about the numbers down there in florida. rich, is there an explanation for this? >> yeah, you know, robin, i think more work needs to be done to sort that out. you know, how much of it is due to behavior of children, not
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staying at home, getting out and being exposed, how much is from older family members who are getting back to social life or going back to work and bringing it home and infecting children, but the bottom line takeaway is that we need to remember that children can get this infection too and while most of them will do well that's not true for every child. >> that's true. most of them will do well but that's not the case for every child, but do we know long-term what the effects could be on these young people? >> yeah, you know, that's one of the big concerns whenever there is a new infectious disease. this infection has only been around since december. we know from adults who have had this infection when they followed up with adults two months out, many of them, a high percentage will still have fatigue, will have trouble breathing, and you have worry in terms of could there be longer-term effects in life.
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there are a number of infections if you get them in childhood as you get into adulthood they can have consequences so you want to reduce the chances that everyone can get this and children need to be part of that equation. >> this is your wheelhouse. you're a pediatrician. you're also a parent and you know the question. you know the question that a lot of parents are asking, can schools re-open safely this fall, rich? >> yeah, i mean, as a pediatrician and parent i know that children need to be in school. they need to be learning. but it has to be done safely, not just for the children where most of them will do well but teachers and staff have to be safe, and we have to make sure that every school is safe, not just those in wealthy neighborhoods that have the money to retrofit classrooms and hire staff to do cleaning and hire staff to do screening. it needs to be every school but if you have widespread transmission in the community like is going on in so many places, there's absolutely no way to safely open schools. you have to get it under control
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in the community first and then get your schools ready to be able to open so that children, staff and teachers are safe. >> i'm glad you said that, staff and teachers as well as the students can be safe. you have seen the reports about the white house saying that they want to bypass the cdc, have the coronavirus information sent directly to the white house. the administration is saying this instead of the cdc. you're the former acting director. is this unprecedented and what kind of implications could this result in? >> yeah, you know, i see this as a big red flag. cdc has been sidelined throughout the response. they haven't been able to hold press conferences and talk directly to the public on a daily basis. cdc is the place where data needs to be. it's got the world's best scientists to be able to analyze that data and look to see what's working and what's not. the data systems have to be improved. they've been underfunded but why set up a system that bypasses the nation's public health agency?
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it doesn't make sense and it concerns me about the influence of politics on what should be good public health science. >> it has been confusing for a lot of people, the public especially. dr. richard besser, always good to see you. hope you and your family are doing well. thanks for your time this morning, rich. take care. >> thanks so much, robin. great to see you. >> okay. all right. michael. >> thank you, robin. to washington now and that surprise shakeup in president trump's re-election campaign. his campaign manager suddenly demoted and replaced as the president faces tough, new poll numbers. our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega has more. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, michael. good morning to you. so we're just 110 days out. this is a major shake-up. longtime campaign manager brad parscale demoted. he will now run the digital operation and bill stepian takes the top job involved in the 2016 campaign and was the white house political director. i'm told he's someone president trump is comfortable with but in many ways this is not a surprise.
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in 2016 the president had three different campaign managers. this time, though, you just mentioned it, those polls showing president trump trailing joe biden by double digits nationally, in many swing the was the tulsa tno andrewafuris d idt has struggled to lay out his thtold witn as a new team shifted into the campaign, some believe the president has had a fire lit under him but here's the reality. no matter who the campaign manager is, as one person close to the campaign just told me, president trump is always going to be his own best strategist, but, george, others, you know this, those close to him say that perhaps that is for better or worse. >> we've seen that from the beginning. thanks very much. more now from my exclusive interview with the president's niece, mary trump. her new memoir is topping the amazon best-seller list this morning and when we sat down she described how she was the prime source for the pulitzer prize-winning "new york times" report outlining allegations of possible tax fraud by donald
7:15 am
trump and his family. >> you write, i had to take donald down. >> yes. maybe a bit of an overstatement there in the sense that i didn't ever think that there was any one thing i or anybody else could do, but certainly in that moment that i'm describing, i felt that i needed to do anything i could not just to stop this, but also to make up for the fact that i hadn't done anything in the past. >> and we'll have more with mary trump in the next hour where she talks about the president's relationship with her father, christmas at the trump house and what it was like working for her uncle. she worked for him for a brief time. robin. >> a lot of people talking about this. george, thank you. now we have the latest on the high-profile twitter hack targeting politicians,
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celebrities and leaders of some of the largest companies in the world, even putting some people's safety at risk. rebecca jarvis has more on this for us. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this was a massive attack. the first of its kind, a coordinated attack targeting some of the biggest accounts on twitter, those of joe biden, elon musk, bill gates, barack obama and kanye west among others, all sending to their followers via the hackers, a note to send money, send bitcoin. the fbi warning this was a scam, perpetrated by some hackers out there. this is part of a hoax and not to fall for it. those tweets have since been deleted overnight. twitter shut down the biggest accounts, those with a blue checkmark, and investigated the scam. they believe that it has been ended but they also believe that there could be potentially more malicious activity and they continue to investigate that. michael, this is a reminder not to believe everything that you
7:17 am
read on social media. michael. >> absolutely. if it's on social media it does not make it true. all right. thank you, rebecca. also this morning, some good news for supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. she was hospitalized from -- sh possible infection. the court's spokeswoman saying the 87-year-old justice is, quote, home and doing well. good to see she's home and well. >> that is good news. we're following a lot of other headlines this morning. up next, youtube star jake paul is under fire for this massive house party you see during the pandemic. it was broadcast over social media. now the mayor of his town is promising a crackdown. and the health battle for wnba star elena delle donne, taking 64 pills a day for chronic lyme disease but the wnba denying her request for a medical exemption during the covid outbreak. we'll have the latest, but first, we're going to go home to ginger. hey there, michael, george.
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yest is just south of springfield, illinois, in farmersville. there were at least four reported tornadoes. thank goodness that is out in a field and not impacting anybody. had it hit anything that's the type that does the damage. let's see where those severe storms are going to be today. a couple of pockets we're watching. one of them has a shot at being tornadic and that would be from down to even morgantown, west virginia, up to rochester, buffalo and including much of western pennsylvania just so monaca, just northwest of pittsburgh, you're watching for that type of thing. much more coming up. first your local weather in 30 seconds and here are the sunny cities sponsored by carmax.
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good morning. a lot of us waking up to cloud cover this morning. we're mainly in the mid-50s to low 60s. 54 to 62 is our spread. as far as your commute sh north of the bay bridge through the delta from 1:00 to 7:00 it's going to be breezy and to be pretty nice. let's look at the seven-day forecast. warmer through the weekend and then back to average next week. >> mike, thank you. coming up, a mask reality check. we'll talk about filters. what you need to know about them
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and how to care for them. we'll see you again in about 30 minutes. have a good morning.
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with freedom unlimited, you're always earning. i should've purchased lighter weights! i'm doing well. i've been continuing my treatment and it is paying off, though it does fatigue me a great deal. my numbers are good. i'm feeling great. i can't wait to return to the studio and start recording shows for the new season in september. meanwhile, my wish for all of you, stay safe. >> and that is our wish for that man right there. how great is it, guys, to see alex trebek doing so, so well, addressing his health and the return of his show like that, michael? >> it's great, robin. you know, he also acknowledged his new look as you saw there, saying whenever there is a break in the taping schedule, he takes the opportunity to grow some facial hair. i think we can all agree we
7:31 am
really like it and think it really looks great. >> keeps it pretty neat too. >> keeps it really neat, george. we're excited for this. we have an exclusive interview with mr. alex trebek next tuesday right here on "gma." >> we are looking forward to that. here are the top headlines we're following right now. covid hospitalizations nearing all-time highs as 41 states see an increase in new coronavirus cases. the convention center in miami is being transformed into a field hospital now. take a look at this. nascar is allowing up to 30,000 fans at their race last night, it's the biggest crowd at a sporting event since winter. nascar is enforcing social distancing, requiring masks in public chases. chase elliott won the race. >> take a look at this. this man lucky be to be alive after a close call with an alligator. you can see it charging him right there. that's pete joyce. he was paddling through a river in north carolina when that gator attacked his kayak, tipping him into the water. thankfully he was able to pull his his training as a firefighter and emt helped him
7:32 am
keep his cool, and that he looks forward to exploring that part of the river again. i don't get it but good luck, pete. >> i'm with you. >> he'll have a camera with him that time as well. we'll move on to the crackdown on massive parties during the pandemic. videos posted on social media show youtube star jake paul's california mansion and you see it right there. it was just a massive party. the mayor of calabasas is now promising to take action. kaylee hartung is in california with the latest. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: good morning, george. we have talked about the cringe worthy and dangerous concept of these so-called covid parties before. here in california cases are surging, and there seems to be video evidence of a party that's so over-the-top that you have to see it to believe it. controversial youtube star jake paul under fire this morning for recklessly defying the rules in the city of calabasas. >> they're holding onto the bulldozer like it's a bull.
7:33 am
>> reporter: the video showing dozens of people packed into the 23-year-old's mansn upalhills on cato completely disregard safety precautions. no social distancing. no masks. the videos outraging the city's mayor. >> i really could not believe that an event like this was taking place. we expect everyone in our community to act responsibly because we're in this together and we just cannot show such disregard. >> reporter: while she hopes the backlash paul is facing will deter any future parties, she says there will be repercussions for paul or anyone else hosting parties against health orders. >> we're looking at all available options that we have from the city side and we're also working with the sheriff's station to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again in our community, that there is a zero tolerance for parties like >>
7:34 am
ptedr:eo as in washington state -- >> if we go back and close to stage one or whatever, i'm still going to go out. >> reporter: -- and new york city. but new york city deejay grier gray says the risk of working these parties isn't worth it. >> i feel for people who need the money but if your audience's safety isn't your first concern you need to get another job because that's number one. >> reporter: jake paul has made a name for himself on social media by being controversial and he's garnered millions of followers along the way. since that video surfaced, he's declined our request for comment. george? >> kaylee, thanks very much. let's bring in our chief legal analyst dan abrams for more on this. dan, we're seeing these mask mandates pop up across the country right now. right now bans are on parties like the one we saw at jake paul's mansion, but how do you enforce those rules?
7:35 am
>> yeah, that's going to come down to the local municipalities. each one is going to have to decide how aggressively they want to enforce them. when you hear the mayor of calabasas say there's going to be a zero tolerance policy, you presume there really could be even arrests if this happened. remember, the goal here from law enforcement is not to punish, it's to prevent. it's to protect. and so their first goal is if there is some kind of party like this, break it up. end it. get people away from each other. but if people are flaunting the law, particularly in areas where you're seeing increases in covid i think you're also going to see increases in more aggressive efforts by law enforcement as well. >> we saw it here in rockland county, new york, upstate new york, and they issued subpoenas to partygoers so they could do the contact tracing. again, that's difficult to enforce. >> yeah, but that was a very interesting way to force people to at least answer questions. right? that was a case where they were calling people and they were hanging up on them on the phone. you had people who were lying
7:36 am
about whether they were at the parties, et cetera, and so new york said, you know what, we need eight of you to come in here and answer our questions and by issuing a subpoena, if you refuse that subpoena, you could be fined. look, i think as this increases more and more across the country, the focus is going to be more on prevention, stopping these events from happening rather than necessarily just trying to deal with it after the fact. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. robin. >> all right, george. thank you. now the surprising decision this morning involving one of the wnba's top players. two-time mvp elena delle donne who says she takes 64 pills a day for chronic lyme disease is now being denied a medical exemption from playing during the pandemic. janai norman has much more on this for us. good morning, janai. >> reporter: robin, good kfast d orpills y.
7:37 am
ela delle donne's situatiotheir lives for their livelihood. this morning, one of the wnba's top players is speaking out against the league's decision to have her play even after she expressed health concerns. >> for nine years now i have been dealing with lyme disease and other co-infections that have destroyed my immune system. when covid has come around and i saw that if you're immunocompromised you have to be super careful. >> reporter: reigning league mvp, elena delle donne saying her chronic lyme disease puts her at higher risk for covid-19. >> i went through the process with the league of submitting all my information. my doctor who has been treating me for nine years submitted a letter basically saying this isn't safe for her, so when i got the call that i was denied i just was completely shocked. >> reporter: but the wnba denying the 30-year-old's request for medical exemption from playing this season.
7:38 am
della done's head coach addressing the situation. >> elena shared the letter with us but we weren't able to make an announcement regarding the decision unless the player makes a public statement first. the mystics organization will never put elena's or any other of our other players' health and well-being in jeopardy at any time. >> i take 64 pills a day but i love the game of basketball. i found a protocol that sometimes works for me and enables me to play. >> reporter: delle donne speaking out in a blog and on "sportscenter" is forced to decide if she will risk her health to play with the washington mystics or give up her paycheck. >> it's not going to be easy. it's never easy when you lose an entire salary including endorsements if i'm not playing, but i'm in a position where we can figure it out. >> reporter: and the situation also showcasing the huge disparity between the nba where many players have massive salaries and the wnba where that vennouncedhat eleny,
7:39 am
robin. >> they made that clear, all right. thank you, janai, for bringing this to us. coming up in our next hour, a "gma" health alert about kids and peanut allergies. and up next, we have a mask reality check. should you use a filter and how to wash your mask the right way. come on back. how to wash your mask the right way. come on back. plaque psoriasis. now there's skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months after just 2 doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms, such as fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches, or coughs. or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. ♪ nothing is everything. ask your dermatologist about skyrizi. puts cash back in your wallet. earn 5% cash back on everything you buy at mom!
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and stores issue mandatory orders to wear them including walmart, starbucks and sam's club. becky worley has a closer look at mask filters and the right way to use them. good morning, becky. >> reporter: good morning, michael. we know cloth masks protect others but does wearing a filter inside of your mask give you, the wearer, extra protection? masks, as of this week more than 20 states require people to wear them in public. the director of the cdc with an urgent plea for everyone. >> i think if we can get everybody to wear a mask right now i really do think over the i really think we can get this epidemic under control. >> reporter: do masks that let you up certificate a filter offer better protection? >> any mask will offer others from whatever secretions you might inadvertently have, but if you add that filter, then you're also adding a really good protection for yourself. >> reporter: while the cdc doesn't offer specific guidance
7:44 am
on filters they say they're more effective with more layers and the world health organization says nonmedical masks should ideally be made with three layers of fabric. >> the outer layer should be a water resistant fabric. the inner layer should be water absorbent and the mid layer acts ter: and some may opt for any extra protection they can get. >> it's true that certain masks may filter out more or less viral particles but all masks filter out the majority of viral particles. >> reporter: while there are masks with sewn in filter pockets available for purchase, you can also just cut a pocket into a standard mask and insert a disposable filter. and if you do use a filter, you want to be sure and remove it from the mask before you wash it. experts say that wash should be hot and the mask should be
7:45 am
tumble dried, not air dried. >> you know it's clean because you washed it yourself. you put in a fresh filter. and there you go. >> reporter: the most important aspect of using a mask is fit and comfort. the more you wear it, the better, so while these coffee filters can work, they can get wet and make things a little too stuffy, michael, so you can also buy a disposable filter online that may offer more comfort. >> great advice, becky. thank you so much for that let's bring in dr. jennifer ashton. and, doc, can you take us through the experiment testing that we've seen about the effectiveness of facial coverings. the visuals are pretty striking. >> they are, michael. and, remember, we're learning about this day by day. we've never really been in this situation before. so take a look at this video because it really shows how it's all about fit, fabric and feet apart meaning distance. you know, you see just how many particles come out of someone's nose and mouth just with breathing. then when you look at different fabrics you do see a difference
7:46 am
there and, of course, whether the mask or covering is over the nose really, really important. it has to be that way. but i want to be crystal clear, since there are no official recommendations about this at this point, it's really about using something. something is better than nothing and keeping that distance apart is key. >> it's amazing to have visuals to back up your words. thank you so much for that, doc. coming up next, our "play of the day." you can tell by the music it'll have you believing. ♪ hold on to that feeling ling ♪ lly when your easily distracted teenager has the car. at subaru, we're taking on distracted driving... ...with sensors that alert you when your eyes are off the road. the subaru forester. the safest forester ever.
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♪ don't stop believing we're back with our "play of the day" and t player who has fans believing. take a look. ♪ ♪ just a small town girl living in a lonely world ♪ you know the words. >> i did know the words. >> you did until i messed you all up. i was off key too. shoppers at a massachusetts antique store were very impressed when a guy walked in and started playing a journey classic "don't stop believin'." when the owner saw the video he knew he to track down the mystery man and give him the piano. with the help of the internet, he did. that's john thomas archer with the owner. here's archer playing on this wonderful gift. ♪ >> that is great. >> fantastic. i love the human spirit of giving. we'll be right back, everybody. we'll be right back, everybody. . -and always will be.
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coming up, a "gma" health alert about children and peanut allergies. also, we'll get into "deals & steals," and should you do your christmas shopping right now? why some experts say yes. this segment has been sponsored by liberty mutual insurance. your local news and weather,
7:55 am
"good morning america" is "good morning america" is sponsored by freshpet. real pet food fresh from the fridge. fridge.
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good morning, i'm reggie aqui. most bay area counties are now on the state's watch list because of increasing coronavirus activity. the only exceptions, san francisco and san matteo counties. alameda and santa clara are the new est additions. they have to close gyms, hair salons, nail salon, pal, indoor churches and nonessential off e offices if they haven't already done so. mike nicco taking a a look at the forecast right now. hey, mike. >> hi, everybody. let's show you that the cloud cover is starting to show weakness. expect sunshine. small craft advisory north ofel fr 7:00 this evening. temperatures close to average. still looking at a modest warming trend this weekend. reggie. >> thank you. coming up, more of the abc
7:57 am
exclusive interview with mary trump, the president's niece, on her uncle's relationship with her father, christmas at the trump home and what it was like working for her
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning, america.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 a.m. on the brink, covid hospitalizations nearing all-time highs as doctors hit their breaking points. >> they come in and get sick and they may live, they may not. unfortunately a lot don't. >> covid deaths increasing in 25 states as a new mask battle erupts. georgia's governor banning cities and counties from making masks mandatory as the state hits record new covid hospitalizations. abc news exclusive. more from my one-on-one with mary trump, the president's e, o complicated fil dynamics, christmas at the trump house, how things changed when he married ivana, and what mary trump says was her real reason for writing the book. "gma" health alert. the new report on peanut allergies. so many not following the recommended guidelines for when you should introduce your child to peanuts and potentially life-saving questions to ask your doctors. ♪ cool for the summer and it's our "deals &
8:01 am
steals" supersized event to help you beat the heat and help american small businesses all ahead with thursday this tory, and a live shot i'm trying to pull off at home as we say, good morning, america. >> sit. sit. ♪ >> oh, that riva, lara and riva. can't get enough. good morning, america. it's great to be with you on this thursday morning, friday eve, and we have something to be thankful for this friday, don't we, guys, a double dose of deals with tory. >> that's right. definitely thankful for that. she has a dozen bargains to help you beat the summer heat. lara is teaming up with tory to bring all those from american small businesses. that's coming up later in the show. >> best part of thursday. first a lot of news to get to starting with the coronavirus emergency. 41 states are seeing an increase in new cases. texas hit especially hard. marcus moore is in dallas with the latest.
8:02 am
good morning, marcus. >> reporter: george, good morning. we're still at that drive-through testing center here in dallas. it's just about to open and before the sun came up, people were lined up here to get tested and every day there is a constant stream of people here and elsewhere, a rise in hospitalizations. this morning, covid hospitalizations nearing their all-time high with more than 56,000 patients currently hospitalized. as cases rise in 41 states, 25 states, half the u.s., reporting an increase in daily fatalities. icus filling across the south. here in texas with another new record of nearly 11,000 new cases, refrigerated trucks lining up in san antonio as morgues fill up. overnight california's l.a. county seeing its highest number of new covid hospitalizations ever and as cases continue to skyrocket, schools in florida's hardest hit counties, miami-dade and broward, opting to start the school year with virtual learning until conditions
8:03 am
improve. this morning, robin spoke to richard besser, the former acting director of the cdc, regarding his concerns about re-opening schools. >> can schools re-open safely this fall, rich? >> and we have to make sure that every school is safe, not just those in wealthy neighborhoods that have the money to retrofit classrooms and hire staff to do cleaning and hire staff to do screening. it needs to be every school but if you have widespread transmission in the community, like is going on in so many places, there's absolutely no way to safely open schools. you have to get it under control in the community first and then get your schools ready to be able to open so that children, staff and teachers are safe. >> reporter: in the meantime, health officials are urging people to wear a mask to stop the spread of the virus that seems to be keeping a very firm grip on some parts of the country. michael. >> we cannot say wear a mask enough, marcus. thank you so much for that. now to a "gma" health alert about kids and peanut allergy
8:04 am
prevention. a new medical report in "jama" says many pediatricians may not be following the latest guidelines, and dr. jennifer ashton is back with that. doc, tell us about the report. >> well, michael, first of all, peanut allergies affect a little bit over 2% of u.s. children and back in 2017 guidelines were released recommending that pediatricians talk to parents about introducing foods that contain peanuts as early as 4 to 6 months. this study you just mentioned in "jama" suggests that 93% of pediatricians know about those recommendations but only 29% are actually following them. so this is not a one size fits all approach but this is of really important discussion that needs to be had between parents and pediatricians. >> absolutely and, jen, you're a parent. you're concerned about peanut allergies so what should you do? >> yeah, and i also have a lot of food allergies, michael, so i check all the boxes on this.
8:05 am
i think first of all parents of babies in this age group should talk to their pediatrician. this is not something you wing and diy it at home. if a baby has eczema or egg allergies or other food allergies, you definitely want to have this discussion with the pediatrician. but this has to be a two-way street, michael. it's not a dictatorship in medicine. you know, the parents ask questions, suggest things. the doctor or health care provider also gives their recommendations, inform, educate. make awareness higher. this is an important issue in pediatrics for sure. >> all right, doc, as always, thank you. 's tmworwhme yo patient and dtor. thank you more p,he preationsrview with mary her father, christmas at the trump home and what it was like working for her uncle. and history made in asheville, north carolina. the big change involving
8:06 am
reparations and how it may be a model for other states. and those blockbuster "deals & steals," huge bargains to beat the summer heat. we'll be right back. eals," huge bargains to beat the summer heat. "gma's morning menu" is sponsored by u.s. bank. let u.s. bank turn your new inspiration into your next pursuit. inspiration into your next pursuit. inspiration into your next pursuit. why?" i see a new kitchen with a grill and ask, "why not?" i really need to start adding "less to cart" and "more to savings." sitting on this couch so long made me want to make some changes...starting with this couch. yeah, i need a house with a different view. and this is the bank that will help you do it all. because at u.s. bank, our people are dedicated to turning your new inspiration into your next pursuit.
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♪ i got you on my mind welcome back to "gma." it's great to have all of you with us this morning and always great to have amy with us. >> thank you very much, michael. nice to see you again. >> thank you. >> all right. guess what, tomorrow we have ellie goulding joining us live for our summer concert series and we are very excited about that as well. >> she always brings a great show. we have more from my exclusive interview with mary trump, the president's niece out
8:11 am
with a new memoir, "too much and never enough: how my family created the world's dangerous man." she takes us inside the family relationships that formed donald trump. >> talk about the relationship between your father and his younger brother. he was about 8 years older? >> about, 7 1/2, 8, yeah. my dad, when they were younger, included him when he could but i don't believe that they -- they weren't close and i think as soon as it became clear my father was not going to be able to continue at trump management, i think donald saw an opening. and i want to make something clear. this is very important to me. it's not that my dad wasn't good at it or had no interest in seceding my grandfather in his
8:12 am
company, my grandfather didn't give him a chance and made it impossible for my dad to succeed. >> president trump didn't -- wasn't a fan of it either. he says now and he has said for the last couple of years that he regrets the pressure he put on your father. >> he was also following his dad's script, so i can't fault him necessarily for doing what his father asked him to do. >> your father once dumped a plate of mashed potatoes on donald's head? >> yeah. that's one of my favorite family stories. they were really young kids, and i think donald was maybe 7, and one of his favorite things to do was torment my uncle rob who was a couple years younger. my grandmother is cooking dinner and donald was just being merciless and finally my dad had no other option but to pick up a bowl of potatoes, mashed potatoes, and just dump it on
8:13 am
his little brother's head and it ended the -- it ended the fight but i think it also started something because donald was humiliated by it as evidenced by the way he reacts to this story now, is no sense of humor about it whatsoever. >> it came up when you were at the white house in april 2017? >> yes, yes. >> who brought it up? >> my aunt maryanne, yeah, and we know that he doesn't like the story so i think it was a bit of a dig. >> according to the conversations you had with her, it doesn't sound like she believed that donald trump would be president or should be president. >> she very emphatically did not believe it would happen or think it should. >> what did she say? >> she thought that because he was a man without principle, nobody would vote for him. she was horrified by the white evangelical embrace of his
8:14 am
candidacy and, you know, because she knew that he had no deep convictions about religion one way or the other and considered going to church a photo-op. >> talk about christmas at the trump house. >> it was strangely grim and hysterical, often at the same time. >> it sounds like the dynamic shifted a little bit when donald married ivana trump. >> yes. it was very striking actually. it was the first instance in which there was a sense of wealth, you know, the way they dressed, the way they just sort of entered the house, the hair, the makeup, the expensive suits, the presence sort of gave me and
8:15 am
my brother and cousin david a way to bond and we sort of had an unofficial competition to see who got the most ludicrous present. i'm proud to say i usually won. >> what was the first present he got? >> a three pack of bloomies underwear, retail $12. >> from your uncle? >> and aunt ivana, yes. what's interesting, though, before that i have no idea what donald ever got me. so at least it was remarkable. >> many years later, you're an adult and graduated college and donald trump actually hires you. >> yes. >> to write the sequel to "the art of the deal," "the art of the comeback." what happens? >> so i got a desk in the back of his office and spent my days going through files and talking to other people in the office and went out to las vegas once, went to atlantic city a few times, went down to mar-a-lago a
8:16 am
few times. he wanted me to see, you know, the breadth of the empire but was never willing to sit down with me for an interview. this is a book about his comeback after a very difficult, you know, two or three years of serial bankruptcies and because he wouldn't speak to me in terms of the book, there was no way for me to know what hand he had had in anything, what his strategies were, what his plans were for the future. >> he sent you materials, though, right? >> only once. but it turned out to be a transcript of some stream of consciousness stuff that he had spoken into a tape recorder and it was almost exclusively about women, women he dated, women he wanted to date, but wouldn't
8:17 am
date him, not that he put it in those terms, women who probably because they rejected him he disdained. >> "the new york times" review of your book concludes saying it's been written from pain and designed to hurt. fair critique? >> no. written from pain, absolutely. hurting wasn't my -- it wasn't a goal. it wasn't an intention. if telling the truth, if telling the stories as i remember them as they were told to me causes pain, then the people who participated in them need to look to themselves. >> pain maybe not but she is very clear she wants donald trump defeated and that's part of the reason she's written this book. i should add she worked on donald trump's memoir but
8:18 am
actually was fired by the editor without ever having written a word. >> wow. it is fascinating. all right, thank you, george. we go on now to one city's historic decision to try to make up for its past. asheville, north carolina, voting to approve reparations for its black residents hoping to serve as a model for other states. adrienne bankert joins us now with more on this story, good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: good morning to you too, amy. this is a big case, council members say initially they received a lot of support for reparations ahead of the vote. but now that the plan has passed they're getting calls night and day from residents expressing their disapproval. >> we have a motion and a second, thank you. >> reporter: history is being made in asheville, north carolina. the city council passing a resolution to apologize for the city's ties to slavery and to provide reparations for black residents. >> a movement that largely describes the treatment of blacks in america for a sustained period of time. there's this concept that is the american dream that we all have an equal opportunity to generate the kind of wealth that brings
8:19 am
meaning to the words life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness even though black americans have been denied that. >> reporter: it's a concept steeped in debate. in washington, d.c., consideration of nationwide reparations was the subject of a 2019 congressional hearing. supporters including actor danny glover calling it long overdue. >> a national reparations policy is a moral, democratic and economic imperative. >> reporter: but according to a 2019 gallup poll, 67% of americans including one in four black americans are against cash reparations. asheville's reparations will not be in the form of personal payouts. the counpls tandinomic ei disparities. >> we need to be made whole in areas of health care, education, employment, criminal justice, business ownership, home ownership, overall equity and of
8:20 am
course generational wealth. >> reporter: all seven council members, two of whom are black, voted unanimously in favor of reparations. >> what we're trying to do is to address the systemic racism that exists in our community and that exists in every community across this country, whether they recognize it or not. >> reporter: the mayor of providence, rhode island did sign an executive order just wednesday that will explore the process of reparations for the city's black and indigenous residents. in asheville, the council plans to report back with their first steps towards reparations in six months, and every six months after that, into perpetuity. amy? >> all right, adrienne bankert, thanks so much for that. we turn now to ginger who is at home. hey, ginger. >> hey, amy. we got to talk heat because roswell broke a record, 105. midland broke a record, 107. now we have heat advisories. now from oklahoma to texas all the way to alabama it will feel like it's above 100 and then will spread north and east and look at some of these numbers.te
8:21 am
minneapolis feels like 102. chicago is 103. 110 des moines and, yes, it is going to eventually get to the east coast. you know, washington, d.c. has had 20 days of 90 plus. if they get another one they break an all-time record of a long stretch of 90-plus, and we may seinework ci first official heat wave with now it is time for "pop news" with lara spencer. take it away, lara. >> hey, you guys, we begin with
8:22 am
dr. anthony fauci on the cover of an unlikely magazine. "instyle" has chosen dr. fauci as their cover model for this special digital edition. there it is. and inside we get to know a more personal side of the top doc leading the fight against coronavirus. a few personal notes we thought were interesting about dr. fauci, he and his wife who also happens to be a doctor, like to power walk to stay healthy. one of their daughters is a schoolteacher living with them for a few months now since her new orleans school shut down. the couple's favorite meal, fresh pasta with a glass of wine. the doctor also shares the story of how they met, in 1983 at the national institute of health in bethesda, maryland where dr. fauci was working as an attending physician. dr. grady was a clinical nurse specialist. he says it was love at first sight. 35 years later they are still happily married. you can read the entire interview about dr. fauci right now on thanks, "instyle" for that.
8:23 am
and one direction this morning reconnecting to celebrate the band's tenth anniversary. the band announcing overnight an all-new website for their fans, including an in-depth timeline dating back to their discovery on the talent show "the x factor" back in 2010. look at how little they look. oh, they're so cute. there will be an archive of music videos, never-before-seen footage of the band and new versions of old hits. but what about the big question, will the band reunite for the first time since 2016 to mark this milestone? well, in april, here's a clue, harry, niall and louis and liam, they all re-followed zayn for the first time since their breakup in 2016. everyone thought that was a good sign. liam said in may that an in-person reunion seemed hopeful. we'll find out, but the new website launches on july 23rd and will make available new versions of their music on spotify and apple music. and speaking of one direction, zayn and his girlfriend gigi
8:24 am
hadid are expecting their first child together in just a few months, and on wednesday gigi shared her baby bump for the very first time. take a look. >> there's my belly, y'all. like, it's there. so, yeah. i love you all and i really appreciate your positive messages. i'm just, like, taking my time with sharing my pregnancy, and you guys will see it when you see it. >> take your time. that is absolutely your prerogative, gigi. she shared that message on instagram yese ffee tab bk with "v" magazine. gigi and baby -- gigi and zayn's baby due in september. that's going to be one cute little nugget. we wish them the best. also popping today you may want to take a look in the skies. a rare sighting that i dare say will be out of this world this weekend, the five brightest planets, mercury, venus, mars,
8:25 am
jupiter and saturn, will all be visible at the same time. this graphic shows the last time it happened. that was over four years ago. do not worry if you don't have a telescope, you will be able to see these planets all with the naked eye. the only catch is you need to be an early riser like us if you live here on the east coast. we're talking 3:45 a.m. this sunday, july 19th. that's when four of the five planets come into view. then mercury joins the bunch at about 5:00 a.m. if you live in central or pacific time zones, you can just adjust accordingly, but a rare sight early this sunday morning indeed. and then finally, you guys, i just wanted to share this video with you because it made us smile. what's better than a cool pool on a hot day, check this out. watch jasper. just watch and enjoy. he's in ontario working on his doggie paddle, making lots of people smile on social media. that is all i have for you for now. coming up though, a monster version of "deals & steals" live from my backyard.
8:26 am
cannot wait to share that with you with some very special models included. ♪ ♪ feeling hot, hot, hot >> announcer: tomorrow, power your way into your summer weekend with ellie goulding. ♪ want the power >> announcer: tomorrow summer is heating up with "good morning america's" summer concert series sponsored by caesars rewards. ♪ power ♪ power
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8:28 am
that could mean an increase byin energy bills.. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden.
8:29 am
and we'll have another
8:30 am
hi, a we know that the humidity and summer rain can ruin our hair. now you can beat the heat with hair brel l.a. the rain hate reinvented. >> welcome back to "gma." the inventor of the hairbrella. one of a dozen "deals & steals" we have coming up. you have another way to save. >> a lot of stores are offering deep discount, some of the biggest savings of the summer and rebecca jarvis is back with more. have you an exclusive first look at a big savings event from the website retailmenot. >> reporter: good morning, amy. that's right. it is a very good time to be a shopper. after stores were closed for so many months, retailers now have a huge amount of merchandise on their hands. everything from beauty products to clothes, to accessories, home decor and electronics and that means they are hoping to entice you to become a big shopper this summer. this morning, if you missed those fourth of july sales,
8:31 am
don't worry. as summer rolls on, so do the savings. from home depot. >> it's summer savings at the home depot. >> reporter: to google. >> google store presents the daily special. a whole month of daily deals. >> reporter: retailers offering deals all month as many brands try todownconsums should bhet f through the end of the year. kicking off a week from today, another huge savings event, rebound with retailmenot. more than 100 brands including best buy, sephora and nike offering exclusive deals and up to 20% cash back. overstock, one of those brands offering the 20% back. spend $99 on this new wave air fryer and get $19 back. and 16% back at bass pro shops, buy this yeti cooler for 249 and pocket about $39. to take advantage of the four-day sale head to
8:32 am to score cash back. through paypal or venmo. honey is a great resource to use while you shop. a browser extension. you download it onto your computer and automatically applies coupons codes for you at checkout. something great for groceries is ibotta. if you're wondering what's the best discount, what are the biggest discounts right now? they are on clothes especially from the winter and spring seasons. patriotic things, anything that was big for the fourth of july is now heavily discounted but you can hold off on swimwear and outdoor furniture. that tends to go on sale even bigger in the month of august. >> rebecca, i can't believe i'm about to ask you this but with the big changes with covid should people actually be
8:33 am
thinking about buying christmas presents right now? >> reporter: you know, it's funny, we oftentimes hear about christmas in july because we tailers want to invent advise people to start shopping now for christmastime. one thing that is different this year is because stores have been shut down for so long, their supply chains are different and so getting things out quickly has been a harder thing for many of the bigger retailers, some of the smaller individual independent stores on etsy, for example, have managed to get things out quickly. here's what i would say. if you only want to shop in store, you might consider doing it now because the stores are open. amy. >> we don't know what the future entails. all right, rebecca jarvis, as always, thank you so much. want to head to lara. lara gets her christmas shopping done before thanksgiving. i'm alwaysmp got blockbuster "d& steals." >> i do, indeed. yes, we're in the backyard. i'm wearing as many as i can,
8:34 am
we'll explain all of this coming up. so many great deal thanks to our tory johnson who is standing by. tory, i need to see you and the wind blower that you have. tory is at her pool ironically in her apartment and let's get right to it. so many great deals, right? >> yes, so first up, lara, coolibar. you and i were raving about this company yesterday. this is sun protection that you wear. this company makes two different types of clothing. all of it has sun protection. one is for swim and then there's all the products that are just for everyday, pant, tops, dresses, scarves, you name it. they've got something. i know that you love the zebra swim shirt. they actually make the same zebra swim shirt also for just everyday activities and the bes protected. this company has been recognized often for its efforts to help prevent skin cancer.
8:35 am
we've got options for women, men, kids, a gazillion thing, the big hat is one of my favorite things, you look gorgeous in everything, though. and it's all 50% do you beat th? all of the prices from coolibar rank from $5 to $50 today. >> i wanted to share with everybody that we -- and the camera froze for a second so, america, bear with us. we're shooting live from the backyard. i was showing another one of the wonderful shishts you were just talking about. an amazing deal there. also want to get to the next deal right away. there are so many i don't want to run out of time. hit it, tory. >> buttercloth. so you know this company as well as i do. they make what they call the world's most comfortable shirts for men. short sleeve and long sleeve. all button down and the magic with these is the fabric. it's a cotton blend that has the perfect amount of what they call six-way stretch. this is one that year round you text me to ask when is buttercloth coming back?
8:36 am
you bought them also for christmas. >> yes. >> great deal today to buy them because they're 00% off so they start at $54 and then, lara, we'll stick with shirts here because now we'll switch over to women's shirts. great company called foxcroft. i know you have a group of them there. this is the no maintenance, no iron shirt. it will look beautiful coming right out of the dryer and that's great, low maintenance, no maintenance, these tops are great. they're alsoi ve autis brand ths inusive, y stock up on some of them. this is like a year round top. 50% off. they start at $39.50 and from foxcroft free shipping. >> that's awesome. i want to get to these too because -- i do, i do. my daughter was eyeing these. i told her no touch. that we are very busy with "deals & steals" but these are super cute and really, really great material.
8:37 am
>> they are such good material because they stretch but don't stretch out. huge assortment from skinnytees. not only their classic tank tops in every single color but dresses, dusters, lots of things, size inclusive. everything today is up to 60% off so the prices range fro $11.00 to $44 and then you've got some yummie shapewear there. this, yeah, the shapewear. >> i'm wearing it, tory. hold on. >> you are? are you wearing all the pieces? >> yeah, i'm wearing the -- >> i'm wearing the black and the swimshirt in -- i'm sorry. i was trying to fill you in, the swimshirt in zebra and i'm wearing the black leggings and these are so comfortable. they feeln't feel like sausage . you know what i mean. when it's too tight. >> a little hug, not so squeezing suffocating. we've got shaping shorts, top, dresses, a big assortment. all 50% off, $9 to $29.
8:38 am
>> awesome. awesome. >> then last -- >> i believe the last deal for right now. >> yes, we do. >> sensible sneakers and sandals. that's what she's are about. sensible shoes. we have a huge assortment, not just the sneakers you have there. sandals too. all about cushioning and support to alleviate aches and pains, big assortment. all 50% off. they're $65. >> love these, i already showed these to mom and, yes, i am christmas shopping. butter for the boys, she's sneaks for the girls and maybe a few things for myself. go to our website and check the deals. thank you for all the companies participating. we have more "deals & steals" coming up on "good morning america." america." ♪ california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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back now with the "gma" moment sponsored by verizon and we're going to go to brooklyn, new york, for this one. don't we all kind of feel like this on thursday? just trying to get through the week. oh, oh. almost. oh, every time. trying to wear mom's shoes. she said, you know what, we have reached that point in quarantine. all right. please take a moment and go to my facebook page and drop me a direct messa
8:42 am
we have a wonderful guest joining us now. she is an emmy award winning actress who plays lady may on the hit show "greenleaf." please welcome lynn whitfield joining us from atlanta. hey, lynn. good to see you this morning. thank you for joining us. we know you've been in quarantine, but you've been putting your love of interior decorating to use because you redid that room you're in right now specifically for at home interviews. so tell us about that. >> well, i did. when i found out it was all going to be at home, everything, i said, okay, i need to be in a color that i look good in so i said, okay, blue works. i like myself in blue, it works and it's a versatile room so i
8:43 am
can move it around. it's like a home studio with a little glamour to it, you know. >> well, it looks great from where we're sitting. you should be a set designer for us here at "gma." you could really help us out. >> i'm coming any time you want me to come, michael. >> all right, perfect. i'm going to invite you as soon as we're cleared up with this covid-19 situation and, "greenleaf," want to talk about your show about a family, they run a megachurch in memphis, of course, there are a lot of secrets, a lot of lies and a lot of drama and now this is the final season of the show. are fans going to be happy with how the series ends? >> i think that what fans will be is, they will be fulfilled and what happens towards the end of the season, they'll feel the full completion and they won't -- you know that feeling of like, eh, that fell flat. i don't know. they're not going to have that. we're about to take a roller-coaster ride that is amazing and i think they're going to be very happy. >> that's what everybody wants
8:44 am
to hear for sure. we saw oprah appeared on the first season of the series. will she make an appearance on the last one? >> well, you know, oprah's role in "greenleaf," we are, you know, sisters who are at odds so i don't know. may always comes in and messes things up so we'll have to see if she kicks over another table. i don't know. but, yes, i mean i'm telling you, when i had to let oprah have it, my boss and kind of like get all in her face, michael, i was terrified. but it all worked out. i love acting with her. >> i'm sure you do. i'm scared thinking about getting in oprah's face and yelling at her. let's take a look at a clip of your work on "greenleaf." let's check it out. >> what does aaron think about this? does a first will have a claim on the second or undo it? >> i don't know. he's coming over this morning to discuss it with me. >> i want your father in that meeting because i don't trust you to handle this after how
8:45 am
t ose done things so far. bony little wriggly hands set this rube goldberg device in motion? where is she? up in that lair of hers we pay for. >> ooh-wee, not the wife. your character, what i love about your character, so many great one-liners over the course of the show. do you have a favorite one-liner? >> i've got a bunch of them. a whole bunch of them but one that i love was actually to the meddling stern daughter-in-law of mine and, you know, she said to her, dear, strength like yours is best expressed in silence, which means shut the hell up. >> i think a lot of people may take that advice and use that line on their family members as well. we know your daughter grace, she's been quarantining with you and you guys have been doing a
8:46 am
lot of cooking together so what is for breakfast this morning? we got you up early? >> all right, so what i had -- the thing that i this is not as important as what i put on it. so gluten-free toast, but i put honey, sin among butter on it that grace churned. it's hand made butter. i'm amazed at what she's doing. she's been doing most of -- so she made butter. that's how bored we got. >> you find out hidden talents when you have to, right? i know. it's been incredible. you know, and it's also been great to get my body back in alignment after not having it be in stilettos for three months. i'm walking well and in my flat shoes and comfort clothes and, you know, and ly, michael, i don't know if you're experiencing thisind rea hh we t we don't really have to do. >> exactly. >> you know? >> well, you know what --
8:47 am
>> it's cool enough sometimes. >> we appreciate you coming on and doing our show for us this morning, lynn. the background looks beautiful. decorate something great. you look wonderful and enjoy that homemade butter that your daughter made and the show "greenleaf" airs tuesday nights on own, thank you, again, lynn whitfield. coming up, tory is back with big savings. don't go anywhere. we will and right back on "gma." ♪
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ all right, we are back now with more summer savings that are hot, hot, hot. i'm wearing many of them right now. tory johnson is poolside in her apartment with incredible deals starting with sterling forever. i want you to know i'm wearing the moon and star earring in my backyard bonanza and also wearing the gemini necklace in
8:50 am
gold to model for you. >> amazing. >> i want to you tell everybody the amazing deal and selection.. maybe our biggest ever from sterling forever. we have birth flowers, birthstone, lots of layering pieces and big statement earrings. something for everybody and classic kind of on trend but timeless at the same time and all ages, plus, an amazing deal because everything today is up to 80% off so the prices range from $10 to $30. >> wow. then we're moving on to something, your hair. the hairbrella. do you have one of those? >> i sure do. i'm going to demonstrate right now. i usually borrow ory, i was sa usually borrow a baseball hat but with the hairbrella you have coverage like this. your hair does not get the crease in it so when it comes out, it is blow-out ready. i just did a whole demonstration
8:51 am
for you so everybody knows how fantastic this is. >> right, your hair doesn't get matted down because it's satined lined and will keep it pro better than anything else and we've got a variety of styles and sizes from this atlanta based company all 50% off so they range from $17.50 to $30. a great investment in making every day a good hair day. we go to tommie copper. have you the tanks there, right? >> i also have a t-shirt on. compression t-shirt feeling very compressed and fabulous. >> excellent. so they all have targeted compression, both tanks and t-shirts for men and for women and they target areas, give you back support, shoulder support, core. there is a variety of options and these are comfortable to wear all day every day, 50% off so today they start at $17.25. then we're going to a really
8:52 am
cool one, lahr r ready to do a demo on this. this is persole. do you have them there? >> i sure do. i've got the beautiful hot pick that has this wonderful flower design underneath and really pretty design and i love that these umbrellas come with a hold their doubles as an umbrella. very cute. i can take my hairbrella off because i'm covered which my persole. >> elegant shade in the sun is what you should think about. this is the umbrella you use not just for rain but more important for sun protection and for a lot of people sun protection is really, really important. this is going to give it to you. an exquisite accessory for summer. price 100% off so they're $47.50 then hydration. you and i can do a little cheer. they are triple insulated and will keep your drinks hot or cold longer and they also happen to be really beautiful.
8:53 am
so it's the accessory that you'll want to be walking around with whether you're just going to the park for a drive or wherever you're going, swell drink wear is awesome and it's all 50% off today so these prices start at $10 and then, lara, can you model some peepers for me? >> i am right now wearing the ones that you wear when you're on your screen too much but you have sent a wonderful selection of sunglasses so what's the deal? >> sunglasses, blue blockers, this is an amazing company, bold frames are in. you will look awesome on your zoom calls. all 50% off. they start at $7.50. >> everybody go online and check out the deals and we will be
8:54 am
there's this game-time internetting room.nity. so fun. wow. and then there's this work-from-home internetting room. finally, the open-concept internetting room. this is not an open house. get the most in-home wifi ocoverage with xfinity xfi. now that's simple, easy, awesome. get started with xfinity internet for $24.99 a month for 12 months. or, ask about packages with speed up to a gig. click, call or visit a store today.
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good evnesan e warning abo surge in covid-19 cases. here's the breakdown. hospitalizations are up 33% and the rate of new cases a day has risen this week to 7.7 per 100,000 people which is well above the goal. the virus's are reproductive rate in the city now has an infected person passing on the vi russ to an average of 1.3 people. all right. let's talk about numbers that aren't so scary. let's show you what's going on. we've got a small craft advisory and smoke. otherwise, a nice day to be outside with temperatures in the mid-60s to 90. >> now it's time for live with kelly and ryan and we'll be back at 11:00 for midday live. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan." today, from "riverdale" and the
9:00 am
new film "palm springs," camila mendes. and a well-read seven-year-old from new york is our good news story of the day! plus, for your next road trip, exclusive bargains on auto accessories available only to our viewers. all next on "live."ur viewers. and now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. [upbeat music] >> kelly: hey there. good morning. it's thursday, july 16, 2020. hi, ry. >> ryan: good morning. you look great. you look rested. you look happy. you look relaxed. >> kelly: really? >> ryan: got a gorgeous background, yeah. >> kelly: that's because i have a new lawn boy. i have a new lawn boy. i have two new lawn boys, as a matter of fact. i believe today's lawn boy


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