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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 17, 2020 2:42am-4:00am PDT

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for bathroom odors that linger try febreze small spaces. just press firmly and it continuously eliminates odors in the air and on soft surfaces. for 45 days. severe weather swept through western new york on thursday. heavy rain and gusty winds forced this family off the road in stockton, new york. flooding was also reported in the area and a severe storm system caused flooding in the new orleans area.
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drivers were urged to stay off flooded roads. a heat wave is coming to parts of the northeast and midwest this weekend. temps will reach 97 in hartford, connecticut, on sunday, and 100 degrees in the nation's capital, washington, d.c. >> it's going to be a hot one. here in new york city, one worker is dead and three others injured after a terrifying scaffolding collapse outside an apartment building. >> it was a building safety project that turned deadly. wabc's josh einiger was on the scene with this report. >> reporter: what started like so many others, as a routine building project, has become a construction crime scene as inspectors spent hours poring over every inch of the wreckage to explain the carnage below. >> things have been falling onto my air conditioner all morning. little noises. i was kind of jumpy. >> reporter: aubrey lynch lives on the fourth floor of this co-op apartment building at 36th and lexington, working from home, finishing up a call, when a rigging platform gave way and plunged in a heap of jagged
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metal and crumbling bricks to the sidewalk shed. >> i just heard this crash, this huge boom, boom, boom. right? and i went to looked out the window, and these men are hanging from the thing. >> reporter: one worker died on the spot. three others delicately pulled to safety and hospitalized as the buildings department began to figure out what went wrong. >> they had filed the required reporting to repair and restore portions of the facade that needed it. >> reporter: the city mandates maintenance of building facades to prevent catastrophe. in this case, it was the work itself that was the danger. officials say the contractor is edris group corporation of belleville, new jersey, which has no open violations but has been cited 43 times for safety violations in the past decade. it's under the microscope again after a workplace tragedy that almost certainly could have been prevented. the building department would
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not say or could not say exactly how this happened. they're still trying to figure out how the scaffolding gave way, or perhaps if debris from above sent it crashing down. but one thing to note about that sidewalk shed, you see them all over the city. they are eyesores, and you wonder what they do. that's what they do. it caught the brunt of all that debris and protected anyone under it from getting hurt. josh einiger, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> fortunately no one else was hurt. all four involved were employees. our thanks to josh. coming up, why right now is a great time to be a shopper. >> so many retailers are already offering some of their biggest savings of the summer. we'll go shopping when we get back, mona. shopping e get back, mona. no cover-up spray here. it's the irresistibly fresh scent of febreze air effects. [harsh aerosol spray] cheaper aerosols can cover up odors, buryiodors in a flowery fog. switch to febreze air effects! febreze eliminates even the toughest odors from the air. and it uses a 100% natural propellant
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♪ looking for some hot stuff ♪ looking for some hot stuff baby this evening ♪ ♪ i need some hot stuff baby tonight ♪ if you are looking for hot stuff this summer, a major savings event is about to launch from the website retail me not. >> i'm not sure she was talking about clothes, though. after months of pandemic closures, retailers have a backlog of merchandise on their hands. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: if you missed those fourth of july sales, don't worry. as summer rolls on, so do the savings. from home depot -- >> get summer savings at the home depot. >> reporter: to google. >> google presents "the daily special," a whole month of daily deals. >> reporter: retailers offering deals all month. as many brands try to unload excess inventory from the covid-19 shutdown, consumers should be on the lookout for extra discounts through the end of the year. kicking off a week from today,
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another huge savings event, rebound with retail me not. more than 100 brands, including best buy, sephora, and nike, offering exclusive deals and up to 20% cash back. overstock one of those brands offering the 20% back. spend $99 on this new wave air fryer and get $19 back. and 16% back at bass pro shops. buy this yeti cooler for $249 and pocket about $39. to take advantage of the four-day sale, head to to find a list of event promotions, and to score cash back, create a free profile. shoppers can expect that money after 45 days through paypal or venmo. >> our thanks to rebecca jarvis. in addition to retail me not, another great resource for shopping online is the browser extension honey. >> oh! >> if it's what i think it is, i think you mark something and it tells you when it goes on sale. all these hacks, guys, don't pay full price. >> don't pay full price, it's all out there for you.
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♪ time now for "insomniac theater," previewing two movies opening this weekend. one streaming, the other at the box office. >> we're starting with a british psychological horror film. "saint maud" follows a hospice nurse who fears she may be possessed when she becomes obsessed with saving the soul of a dying patient. >> i'm ready and open. i feel fuller of your love than ever before. >> i have a responsibility. >> oh, yes, of course. >> this is life and death. on another level. >> what if i'm getting it all wrong? >> i'm getting "exorcist" vibes.
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critics are giving "saint maud" a solid 93% on rotten tomatoes with mostly positive reviews. a chilling and compelling psychological thriller that will unnerve and disturb you. clearly. barry hurt says the film doesn't quite provoke as much as it thinks it does, ouch. >> then there's maud. i don't know, that's not bea arthur, that's not the maud i know. limited release in the box office. this one streaming, a hedge fund drama starring liev schreiber, marisa tomei, and peter sarsgaard. the lives of two families intersect amidst an impulsive business deal and a tragic hit-and-run accident. >> did you drive drunk last night? >> i don't know. >> how did your car get here? >> someone drove me back from the party. >> who? >> everybody saw you with him at the party. arguing about his car keys. >> the question is, who's going to get in trouble for it now,
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you or him? >> your investment in the fund has gone down. >> i'm not built for this. i'm not like you. i need that money back. >> it doesn't work like a game. >> it is to you, it is a game, you make that money in a week! >> clearly jamie was driving the wrangler. >> critics are less than impressed with "human capital" giving it only 67% on rotten tomatoes. the overlapping narratives drag the simple story out, making a relatively short 97-minute film feel like a bit of a slog. and, even in movies, hedge funds are still boring. >> ouch. >> unless you got one. >> yeah, exactly. it's the music for me, though. like, who's going to jump out of the corner? i think i saw kenneth, though, weren't you the reporter? asking questions? >> that was not me. >> oh, sorry. >> i do need some royalties, though. >> cash that check, better get your check. that's it for this half hour. check us out on our facebook page. >> w
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this morning on "world news now," a new record number of coronavirus cases in one day. >> for the first time, more than 70,000 americans test positive in a single day. the pandemic is out of control, but the debate over masks is raging. florida's biggest county will start fining people for not wearing facial coverings. in georgia, the governor is now suing the city of atlanta over its mask policy. plus dozens of nfl players testing positive. >> the white house still pushing for schools to fully reopen in the fall, and now its response to the pandemic is coming under attack from another republican. days after announcing it's changing its name, washington's nfl team is facing allegations of sexual harassment. according to a new report, more than a dozen former employees say they were harassed on the
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job. and police hopping to it when they got the call that there was a kangaroo on the loose in a residential neighborhood. how the bouncy alleged law breaker was finally brought in. it's friday, july 17th. he's accused, alleged lawbreaker. until he's been convicted. >> before you get in trouble, you better put that in there. >> i don't want that kangaroo suing us. >> when i first saw that i was like, aww, you've got to love australia. oh, that's in the states. >> oh, yeah. we got some crazy animals here in the states that you wouldn't think. >> right, like a kangaroo in florida. >> is it florida? >> yeah, ft. lauderdale. they said it on the top part. >> i just -- we always go after florida. always talking about florida.
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florida, i try to give you the benefit of the doubt. >> we say that -- >> i tried. >> rush down there, especially new yorkers rush down there when it gets cold out here, so you guys better be careful what you say about florida. we're going to talk about florida on a much more serious note now, the latest developments and a grim milestone. july is now the worst month yet for new coronavirus cases and we still have two weeks to go. >> another dire statistic, the u.s. now reports 71,000 new cases of the virus in just 24 hours, crushing the single-day record for infections. >> a new study from the cdc shows that the travel bans imposed by the government early in this outbreak came too late to stop widespread transmission. the agency also says it is extending the ban on cruise ships through september. >> in arizona, a small ray of hope where the governor says the number of newly confirmed cases has flattened. but he warns the number of patients hospitalized with the virus is rising. >> in miami, police are now ticketing people not wearing masks, and public violators will be fined $100. this as florida grapples with an astonishing surge of covid-19 cases.
3:03 am
florida facing its deadliest day yet. the virus claiming 156 lives in just 24 hours. in miami, the epicenter, hospitals are now at 95% capacity. this plea from the front lines. >> as an icu nurse, i beg you to take this virus seriously. >> reporter: doctors say there is an urgent need for plasma. the governor says he's working with the white house to get more of the drug remdesivir. >> if something is not done to dramatically alter our course, we could be in a more dire situation than what we're in. >> reporter: nearly 14,000 new cases reported. lines for testing lasting hours. the wait for results, for some, taking weeks. >> pull your mask a little bit forward. >> reporter: i went in for a test. the nurse telling me the labs are simply overwhelmed. >> it's so frustrating.
3:04 am
on average now, how long does it take for the labs to get the results back? >> 14 days. >> two weeks? >> two weeks, and i've had patients up to 18 days, and it was very frustrating. >> reporter: these delays couldn't come at a worse time. a new study from "the lancet" shows the speed of testing is the most critical factor for success of contact tracing to slow the spread. in texas, long waits for test results, too, and hospital space is maxed out. the army opening up a new ward in houston. 24-year-old paola castillo spent a month on a ventilator in texas. she almost didn't make it. >> it's just a miracle i'm alive. it was god speaking to me, and it's like he gave me a second chance to live my life again. >> reporter: this week, after 79 days in the hospital fighting covid, paola was strong enough to go home. but for annalise long, the surge at texas hospitals created a worst-case scenario for her family. >> that's the person to scratch your back, you know? you can trust them with anything. >> reporter: the 47-year-old mother of triplets beat covid in
3:05 am
march, but her kidneys and liver never recovered. her husband says when doctors tried for a transplant, there were no open beds. annalise losing her battle. >> that's the hardest thing. is that she -- she gave her all. >> reporter: in arizona, officials ordering refrigerated trucks as they run out of room in morgues. 600 nurses headed there to help. deaths from the virus now climbing in 27 states, as nearly half the country either pauses or reverses reopening. in georgia, which reopened early, the governor signing an executive order banning cities from passing their own mask mandates. >> we shouldn't need a mask mandate for people to do the right thing. >> reporter: now there's a legal showdown in georgia. governor brian kemp filing a lawsuit seeking to block the city of atlanta from rolling back any part of its reopening, including closing dining rooms and the mask mandate. he says he's doing this on behalf of struggling businesses. >> victor, thank you. kremlin-linked hackers are accused of trying to steal coronavirus vaccine research from the u.s. and two of its allies. the nsa says the group known as cozy bear sent customized malware to institutions in the united states, canada, and great
3:06 am
britain. a spokesman for russian president vladimir putin denies any involvement by moscow. cozy bear was named in the mueller report as one of the hacking groups involved in russia's attack of the 2016 election. the white house says that science should not stand in the way of schools reopening this fall. that statement from press secretary kayleigh mcenany, who later added that "the science is on our side" amid this coronavirus pandemic. presenumheheas little mention of the virus. abc's jonathan karl has more. >> reporter: with the covid-19 crisis getting even worse, president trump staged an elaborate photo op on the south lawn of the white house on an entirely different issue. red and blue pickups, a crane, and massive weights to symbolize government regulations. also unfounded dire predictions of what will happen if he loses re-election. >> people have worked all their lives to get into a community, and now they're going to watch it go to hell. not going to happen, not while
3:07 am
i'm here. >> reporter: the president made no mention whatsoever of the alarming increase in coronavirus cases, something he has rarely talked about for weeks. larry hogan, the republican governor of maryland and the head of the national governors association, offered a blistering critique, writing in "the washington post," "instead of listening to his own public health experts, the president was talking and tweeting like a man more concerned about boosting the stock market or his re-election plans." >> this is revisionist history by governor hogan. >> reporter: the president has also faced blowback for his administration's attacks on dr. anthony fauci. >> i have concluded that he is like the man who refuses to ask for directions. all of the answers are there. the scientists have the answers. >> reporter: the president's attacks not just against fauci, but on sunday he retweeted
3:08 am
former game show host chuck woolery who said, doctors and the cdc were "lying." woolery today revealed his own son has been diagnosed with covid-19, and he deleted his twitter account. now at the white house, damage control. officials are insisting dr. fauci remains an important adviser. vice president pence posting a picture of him at a task force meeting. the president talked over the phone to dr. fauci, their first conversation in weeks. but doubts about the president's handling of the virus are hurting him politically. a new poll shows him trailing joe biden by 15 points. the president suggesting he'll be doing more political activities in the coming weeks, saying, quote, he has many exciting things to announce over the next weeks. he listed areas such as education, immigration, regulations, but he made no mention whatsoever of public health or of covid-19. jonathan karl, abc news, washington. >> thank you, jonathan karl. now to the crackdown on fake masks.
3:09 am
3m has investigated more than 4,000 reports of alleged fraud, counterfeiting, and price gouging around the world that has resulted in at least 18 lawsuits in north america. more than 7,000 websites with fraudulent products have been removed. the department of homeland security's investigative unit is also working with companies like 3m to locate fake masks. we're now getting our closest-ever look at our nearest star. >> nasa's solar orbiter has sent back these stunning images of the sun. the pictures were snapped last month at a distance of about 48 million miles, which is about halfway between the sun and earth. scientists noted a new phenomenon called campfires, which are at least 1 million times smaller than solar flares. it's believed they may help heat the sun's outer atmosphere. >> pretty cool images there. >> yeah. >> a little science, a little astronomy. >> as the technology gets better and better, it's hard to
3:10 am
believe, but i bet in 20 years' time that's going to be like a black and white picture. like, oh, look, they were impressed by that. but for right now it's very impressive. >> that's pretty cool, i like those images. barely a week away from training camp, more than 70 nfl players have tested positive for coronavirus. first, the fire aboard that navy assault vessel is finally out, but can the ship be saved? later, the kangaroo apprehended by police. but not in australia. oh, yeah, we already told you it was in florida, right? we'll have more on it, though. we're going to hop right into this one. going to be pretty bouncy to tell you about it.
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investigators now say the kincaid wildfire that tore through northern california's wine country last october was sparked by electrical lines owned by pacific gas and electric. the fire burned hundreds of buildings and forced about 100,000 people from their homes. pg&e recently emerged from bankruptcy caused by its role in several devastating wildfires in 2017 and 2018. the fire aboard the navy's "bonhomme richard" is finally out. the goal is to salvage the heavily damaged assault vessel. meantime, naval officials say
3:14 am
the investigation into the cause of sunday's blast will be as long as it takes. here's abc's martha raddatz. >> reporter: the "bonhomme richard" sits scorched and heavily damaged on a san diego dock after more than 400 sailors and firefighters spent four days braving smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion to put out the massive blaze. a drone using infrared technology checking for remaining hot spots. fire crews forced to briefly evacuate after the ship began further listing from the water pumped into it. and the 1,500 helicopter water bucket drops. >> the flames are out but the heat is still there. we're going space by space, checking for hot spots. >> reporter: questions remain about how the fire started and whether the ship will be saved. a main radar and communication tower toppled in the blaze, and the 1,200-degree heat ripping through compartments inside. >> the ship can be repaired. whether or not it will be repaired will be determined. >> reporter: martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> our thanks to martha there.
3:15 am
washington, d.c.'s nfl team is facing a sexual harassment scandal. 15 former female employees and 2 print reporters tell "the washington post" they were victims of inappropriate comments, touching, and unwanted advances by three former and one current team executive. the washington franchise issued a statement saying it takes employee conduct issues seriously. a d.c. law firm has been hired to conduct an independent review. now to an unusual sight in south florida, a runaway kangaroo. ft. lauderdale police got a call about the marsupial thursday morning. officers used a dog leash to get the animal, named jack, in the back of a squad car. it's now in the custody of florida fish and wildlife conservation. the kangaroo's owner says he wants to bring jack home, but authorities say that isn't
3:16 am
possible because kangaroos are not allowed in the city. the officers that respond wednesday like, thank god we had a camera because this is something that you have to see to believe. now the owner says that he got the kangaroo because the previous owner was moving, because you know, that's just what people give each other, a kangaroo. and he says it's very bonded >> this is a broken home now. i don't know what's going to happen. >> i don't know if you ever heard me talk about this, but i worked in florida. and i love my florida stories. because -- >> i like the preface. >> i cover the pythons, all types of animals, gators. >> check. >> kangaroo. thank you. i don't remember a kangaroo, this is the first. so, florida, continue to surprise me, i appreciate you. all right, jack. get off my screen. >> hit the road, jack. coming up next half hour, why this jeweler in michigan has buried his entire jewelry store in various locations spanning nearly 500 miles, and how you can get in on the action. first, how dangerous is it our cal expert weighs in to
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the nfl players union says 72 of its members have tested positive for coronavirus. that's as of last friday. the players and their teams have not been identified. training camps open july 28th. as of this morning, july is the worst month for the coronavirus here in the united states. it comes as a decision later today by the governor of california will likely add to the debate over sending kids back to school. earlier i spoke with dr. ryan ribera. thank you to much for joining us this morning. the white house says science should not stand in the way of schools reopening. you are in california where the governor's expected to announce later today that the school year will begin online. what does the latest science say? will children spread the virus if they go back to school? >> obviously it's really disheartening to hear that from the white house. science should absolutely guide these types of decisions. admittedly, the science can be a bit confusing when it comes to kids and covid. i think it's widely known that
3:20 am
kids rarely die from covid. we've had only a handful of covid-related deaths in the united states. but that doesn't mean they can't get it and get quite sick. we've had over 200,000 pediatric cases in the population. in some states, as many as 10% of those have required hospitalization. >> a new study says rapid test results, within a day, are needed for contact tracing to be effective. some people are being tested today and waiting more than two weeks for results. how big a problem is testing right now? >> it's an enormous problem.lla study. i think it's important to note they did demonstrate that there's a significant positive benefit in contact tracing, really at any level, but certainly much more effective if you can get test results back in 24 hours. as you said, there's so many parts of the country right now where that is not possible. we've seen this pattern before. there are so many other countries that have successfully flattened the curve, and they've done it in largely the same way,
3:21 am
which is to establish a base of very available, very quick testing and build upon that a robust program for contact tracing. we have the formula, we've just got to do it. it all starts with testing. >> dr. ribera, this time of year is mosquito season. many health departments are focused on the virus and not mosquitos. how concerned are you about an uptick in mosquito-borne diseases? >> i'll say it's an interesting question. i know that covid has definitely sucked up all the attention in the general public. i'd say local public health departments are still cranking away, still doing their job, still focusing on all areas of public health. i'll tell you, though, there's been an interesting phenomenon with covid and with all the hand washing, the masking, the social distancing, the lockdowns. those have likely led to an early end to the flu season and reduced rates of things like rhinovirus, the common cold, stomach flu, other infectious diseases.
3:22 am
with people going out a little bit less, being exposed less, i wouldn't be surprised if we see a similar phenomenon with mosquito-borne diseases this year with lower rates than normal. >> our thanks to dr. ribera. "the mix" and "polka" is next. over time, you go noseblind to the odors in your home. (background music) but others smell this... (upbeat music) that's why febreze plug has two alternating scents and eliminate odors for 1200 hours. ♪breathe happy febreze... ♪la la la la la.
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♪ time for the friday "mix." we know that as newspeople on the television, a lot of things can happen. >> a lot of things. >> to us. >> right. >> and you will see it. this happened to this ukrainian broadcaster when -- let's just say she acted cool under pressure when, yep, her tooth came right out of her mouth. >> yeah, her whole tooth. that's not a piece of gum. >> no, not at all. >> that is her front tooth. >> she took a bite right out of that report. i feel myself wanting to say, all i want for this newscast is my two front teeth, my two front teeth. >> listen, we've got to commend her. >> yeah. >> i said this during break. i don't think i could go on. number one, the shock of your tooth falling out would have sent me out.
3:26 am
>> you'd crawl out of here. >> then you expect me to go on walt disney's television with one tooth and finish this report? i can't. i refuse. >> good news, good news for that news reporter. the tooth fairy will now visit her. >> hey, dollar bills, y'all. speaking of a visit, a coast guard ship got an interesting visit from some seal recruits. >> the s.e.a.l.s? >> no, not the navy s.e.a.l.s, the real seals. >> oh. >> yeah. they decided to make themselves at home. >> they will not pass the navy s.e.a.l.s test at all. >> no. and they smell. "polka!" >> it's the fabulous jalopy theater in brooklyn, new york. ♪ politics and foreign wars all the weather all the scores that's the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ if you're an insomniac and a good night's sleep you lack do the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing
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this morning on "world news now," mask up or face a fine. florida's largest county steps up enforcement as the u.s. hits a new single-day record in coronavirus cases. and the pandemic is again forcing a change to one of the major political conventions. the latest development in the race for a vaccine. security officials say hackers linked to russia are trying to steal intelligence on vaccines from the u.s. and american allies. a jeweler is closing up shop and using erything fro store to launch a treasure hunt worthy of a hollywood movie. i'm talking diamonds, rings, coins all up for grabs, and you could be the one to find the buried treasure. billy joel is proving that
3:31 am
one man's trash really is another man's treasure. >> we will show you what he did when he stumbled upon a piano that someone had left out to be thrown away. it's friday, july 17th. ♪ happy friday, everyone. we made it to the end of the week. what? the irony in that. the piano man finds a piano. >> they don't call him the piano man for nothing. >> they don't. he saw the keys and he knew -- >> he had to tickle them. >> that's exactly what he did. let's get to the latest developments on the pandemic. some dismal numbers to report. the u.s. now has more than 3.5 million confirmed cases of coronavirus and more than 138,000 people dead. >> because of the spread of covid-19, democratic convention organizers are telling members of congress and party delegates not to travel to milwaukee for next month's convention. >> texas is one state where infections are surging. now army medical specialists have come to houston to help relieve overworked hospital
3:32 am
staffers. abc's megan tevrizian picks up our coverage. >> reporter: this morning, covid-19 cases exploding around the country. a record number reported thursday, 71,000 new cases in 24 hours. despite the drastic rise in numbers, from utah -- >> i think it's political hoax. >> reporter: to oklahoma -- >> my rights are civil rights! >> reporter: to wisconsin -- >> outrageous infringement on our fourth amendment liberty. >> reporter: the debate over masks is raging. >> don't be stupid, do what you're supposed to do. >> trying to save my grandma's life. >> since when do we have a constitutional right to put other people's lives in danger? >> reporter: in georgia, where hospitalizations are hitting record levels, governor brian kemp is suing atlanta's city council and mayor keisha lance bottoms to stop the city from requiring masks just one day after he blocked local officials from issuing mask mandates. that decision sparking outrage in nearly a dozen cities.
3:33 am
>> it's my belief that the city of atlanta still has the appropriate standing to mandate masks. especially as it relates to buildings and places that we own and operate. >> reporter: but the governors of colorado and arkansas, who both previously opposed statewide mask orders, are now reversing course. meanwhile in california, the city of manhattan beach will now fine people up to $350 for refusing to wear a mask. miami-dade county enacting a similar rule overnight, threatening a $100 fine for violating masks and distancing rules. more than 50 of florida's icus overwhelmed by covid patients. the miami convention center is now being transformed into a field hospital to treat coronavirus victims. amidst the increase in cases, the white house continues to push for in-person classes in the fall. the press secretary making this bold statement -- >> the science should not stand in the way of this.
3:34 am
>> reporter: kayleigh mcenany then claiming -- >> the science is on our side here. >> reporter: but dr. anthony fauci says it's not that simple for parents. >> this is not an infection to take lightly. even with young people. >> reporter: it comes as an internal fema memo obtained by abc news shows more young people are becoming infected in the u.s. in june, 18 to 49-year-olds made up nearly 36% of hospitalizations and 30% of those in the icu. >> your getting infected is not just you in a vacuum. you're propagating a pandemic. >> reporter: even some of the country's most physically fit falling victim to the virus. the nfl revealing at least 72 players in the league have tested positive for the virus, raising questions about the safety of team training camps set to start at the end of the month. but this morning a glimmer of good news in arizona. the daily number of new covid-19 cases flattened. the state projecting a possible decline in the coming days. more retailers are mandating
3:35 am
masks at stores around the country. cvs and walgreens are two of the latest stores requiring face coverings, joining companies like walmart, kohl's, and starbucks. kenneth, mona? >> megan, thank you. the fight against the coronavirus includes a battle against cyber thieves. security officials say hackers linked to moscow are trying to steal intelligence for vaccines from researchers here in the u.s., and the suspect is a group we've heard from before. here's abc's pierre thomas. >> reporter: as u.s., canadian, and british scientists race to find a vaccine to fight covid-19, allegations that russian intelligence is trying to steal that critical research. >> i think that's pretty appalling, to have the russian government engaged in that endeavor i think needs calling out. >> reporter: the nsa warning that the group apt29, also known as cozy bear, suspected of having ties to the kremlin's domestic and foreign intelligence services, is trying
3:36 am
to hack researchers working on the vaccine. >> russia not only can derive benefit economically by speeding up their own development of a vaccine, they can also disrupt our efforts to develop a vaccine. >> reporter: the allegation, which the kremlin denies, potentially more evidence that russian aggression towards america after its targeting of the u.s. election in 2016. threats of cyber attacks targeting vaccine development growing. u.s. warning china-affiliated hackers were trying to steal covid-related research. with allegations russians are being aggressive on the covid-19 vaccine, there's real concern growing that they could be back at it for the election. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> all right, pierre, thank you. the irs is canceling more than 1 million federal stimulus checks, those checks were issued to dead people. the agency had initially requested that family members return the checks. more than $1 billion went to dead recipients. the payments were included in the coronavirus relief bill passed by congress in march. checks were issued to people who
3:37 am
had filed taxes within the past two years. would-be homeowners and those looking to refinance, better listen up. the 30-year mortgage rate has fallen below 3% for the first time in 50 years. that's according to mortgage giant freddie mac. many analysts believe rates will stay that low well into next year. but they warn if too many temporary coronavirus layoffs become permanent, home buying could take a major hit. let's take a look at sports now. tiger woods has made his return to the pga tour after a five-month layoff. and he came back to the sound of silence. >> that's what he's done, he's taken out the right, a little turn to the left -- >> not too much silence there, mona. >> his tee shot was greeted by polite claps by a few onlookers in dublin, ohio, but no cheers from the gallery. the pga isn't allowing fans at its events due to the pandemic. woods described it as a silent and different world.
3:38 am
i was listening for the claps. >> there were none. >> i didn't hear it. there was supposed to be a few silent claps. >> there was nothing. >> greeted by some polite claps, he said. >> they're right there, you hear them, when he hit that shot. >> that is why i guess he said it sounds -- what did he say? described it as a silent and different world. a lot of us can say the same about our social lives, our other lives, it's a lot. >> hm. >> no roar for tiger. >> yeah. that's the way it's going to be for a little while for us. coming up, the epic treasure hunt across michigan. later, the little boy who selflessly leapt into harm's way to save the life of his little sister. how his act of bravery now has celebrity superheroes praising him. and the boys of one direction celebrating their aluminum anniversary. the gift they're now planning to give to their fans. ♪ yeah yeah ♪ you don't want to take it slow you just want to take me home ♪ you just want to take me home ♪
3:39 am
3:40 am
is skincare from around the wobetter than olay? olay regenerist faced 131 premium products, from 12 countries, over 10 years. olay's hydration was unbeaten every time. olay, face anything.
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a massive fire ripped through a waterfront apartment complex under construction outside of seattle. embers from the flames in everett set off another fire at a nearby home. one firefighter suffered a minor
3:42 am
injury. wh tfire trucks were damaged to the intense heat. at least half the construction area was destroyed. a jeweler outside of detroit is turning his lemons into lemonade for everyone. >> after 23 years, the covid-19 lockdowns are forcing him to close up shop for good. but he decided to turn his misfortune into a fortune hunt for everyone else. our own will ganss is here now with more on the jewels and the bling-bling. >> guys, pack your bags, we are going to michigan. after 23 years, johnny perry decided to take everything from his family jewelry store and design a treasure hunt all over michigan, for anybody, us included, who wants to participate. so if you've ever wanted to feel like you were in the movies, now's your chance. >> one-eyed willie stole treasure once. it was rubies and emeralds -- >> and diamonds? >> diamonds. >> reporter: he's not one-eyed willie, but john parry's hidden
3:43 am
treasure is enough to make any aspiring goonie gasp. >> i had coins and gold, diamonds, i've had things in my safe passed on from my father for years and years and years and years, stuff going back 150 years old, you know? >> wow! >> reporter: all the loot coming from johnny's family jewelry business which he took over from his late father. >> he always thought i was nuts. but he'd be all for it, he was a big giver. >> reporter: the michigan native saying he could use the inventory to retire or make it into an epic treasure hunt. >> it was awesome, man. >> reporter: johnny and his wife kayaking, hiking, walking all over michigan to hide the loot, splitting up the treasure into separate caches worth about 4 grand each. some containing vintage engagement rings and jewels, others diamonds and silver. johnny is selling tickets to this treasure hunt of a lifetime and providing clues to those who participate. each bundle hidden in a spot personal to johnny.
3:44 am
childhood memories or favorite places. >> oh my god, i know these rocks, i know where this is! >> reporter: all the hidden gems have gps trackers, so he'll know when they move. in tough times, johnny says he just wanted to share an adventure and a chance to cash in with everyone else. >> give them something to hope for, to journey for, something fun. take your kids, take your husband, wife, whatever, you know? >> tickets to join the quest are only $49 each, and the first hunt begins on august 1st. so you've got to get your goonies together quick, and in true treasure hunt fashion, "x" will mark the spot. johnny said he painted a literal "x" over the spot where each prize is hidden. >> treasure hunt, it's on. how one man's trash is billy joel's treasure. tina turner's newest hit. we told you about it. "the skinny" is next. st hit. we told you about it. "the skinny" is next. cascade platinum plus the power of oxi. cascade platinum + oxi peates and breaks down food soils some detergents can leave behind,
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♪ what's love got to do with it what's love but a secondhand emotion ♪ got a lot to do with it because i'm loving that. as we start off this friday
3:47 am
"skinny," you can hear it. tina turner's highly anticipated remix of "what's love got to do with it?" it's out this morning. >> that's right. turner teaming up with kygo after his successful whitney houston remix last year, the remix of the song has fans ready for the dance floor. it comes with a music video, too. it's club ready. >> i'm listening to it right now. pete, turn it up, let me hear this. ♪ >> oh, the shoulders, uh, uh. >> in the video the couple looks like they've got the perfect relationship until we realize the emotional connection just isn't there. one of them chooses to walk away. and there's a little bit of a twist at the end, no spoiler alerts, go watch it. >> it might get you in your feelings, it's a whole movie. >> i like that. i love tina. >> yes. >> tina, timeless. next to a wellness update from our friend alex trebek. >> we've been following the
3:48 am
progress of the long-time "jeopardy!" host in his battle against stage 4 pancreatic cancer. now looking tanned, rested, and sporting a goatee, he's sharing an update with his fans. take a listen. >> i've been continuing my treatment, and it is paying off though it does fatigue me a great deal. my numbers are good, i'm feeling great. >> mr. trebek, you are looking good. "jeopardy!" hopes to start taping new episodes in september. in the meantime, the show has announced it will be airing a four-week retrospective series featuring some of the best moments in the show's 36-year history. >> including the series premiere from september 10th, 1984. that special series kicks off on monday, july 20th. he's been through a lot. >> he has. >> and he's gotten a lot of support from a lot of people, and we are still wishing him the best. he is not fighting this fight alone. >> no, he is not. well-deserved support there. >> that's right. next to the big news from michelle obama.
3:49 am
>> the former first lady is set to debut her own podcast on spotify later this month. spotify says it will be released exclusively to both premium and free subscribers starting on july 29th. >> in a statement spotify said, "the michelle obama podcast will include candid human and personal conversations to show us what is possible when we dare to be vulnerable." >> guests are set to include conan o'brien, former white house aide valerie jarrett, and michelle obama's mom, mrs. robinson, also brother, craig robinson, not to be confused with the actor craig robinson. >> big distinction. >> yeah, definitely. next to a viral video from long island, new york, that's bringing us all a much-needed smile. >> someone apparently threw out what appears to be a perfectly good piano right out into the street. and along comes someone who apparently agreed. >> someone who knows something about pianos.
3:50 am
that someone appears to be the piano man himself. ♪ >> now he's just showing off. a rep for billy joel has reportedly confirmed that was the piano man playing a ragtime tune. in the video joel said, "it's a perfectly good piano, it's a shame to throw it out." i say that about a lot of things. food. i see it in the trash, why are they throwing it out? >> was that you with that strawberry shortcake? >> that cake was not in the trash when i took it back home and ate it. >> oh, yeah. make that distinction. >> you ever see something, why are they throwing that away? >> like a piano. >> clothes, food. >> someone's man. just kidding. >> one woman's trash is another woman's -- husband, soon to be husband. next to one of our favorite boy bands celebrating a milestone anniversary. >> this year one direction is marking its ten-year anniversary, that's the aluminum anniversary for those who like to keep track of these things. >> while there's no official reunion, it's been announced the group is set to launch a
3:51 am
brand-new anniversary website with new content, a celebration video made just for their fans. >> the special ten years of one direction website launches next thursday, july 23rd, on the group's actual anniversary. some of us thought they had broken up, they were no longer together, that some of them had branched out in solo careers. but apparently they're still together. and you're still beautiful, girl. ♪ that's what makes you beautiful ♪ finally, in honor of national tattoo day -- it's national tattoo day today, how about that? we're celebrating with a special snap from chris rock. >> at 55 years old, the comedian recently got his very first tattoo from big bang tattoo in new york city which shared this photo, okay, on its instagram showing the star's crown tattoo on his left shoulder. >> and on this tattoo day today, he made it a family affair, getting the tattoo with his daughter. she had the same crown but with a dinosaur for extra flair. >> got to love it. >> tattoo day today.
3:52 am
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♪ i need a hero, i'm holding out for a hero till the end of the night ♪ ♪ he's got to be strong and he's got to be fast and he's got to be fresh from the fight ♪ a 4-year-old from cheyenne, wyoming, didn't have to hold out long for her hero who turned out to be her very own big brother. >> but what he did to protect his little sister is drawing praise from actual celebrity superheroes. here's abc's david muir. >> reporter: 6-year-old bridger walker has always looked out for his little sister. they were at a friend's house last week when a dog charged at his sister. bridger protected her. he told his family, "i stepped to the side in front of my sister so that the dog wouldn't get her.
3:56 am
i kept moving so it couldn't get past." they say the dog jumped at them, got ahold of bridger's cheek. bridger was rushed to the e.r., a two-hour procedure, 90 stitches. but he is okay and his little sister is unharmed. his parents saying bridger told them, "i always wanted to ride in an ambulance, but not like this. maybe i can ride home in one too." so many have been moved by bridger's bravery. the little superhero has been recovering at home in his superhero outfits. tom holland, who plays spider-man, talking to bridger, dressed as spider-man. >> you are so brave, mate. we are all so proud of you. >> reporter: bridger in his captain america uniform hearing from the other captain america, actor chris evans. >> this is a message for bridger. hey, bridger. captain america here. how are you doing, buddy? pal, you're a hero. what you did was so brave, so selfless. your sister is so lucky to have you as a big brother. your parents must be so proud of you. >> reporter: bridger and his
3:57 am
family have a new message for the superheroes who reached out to bridger and to everyone who has written to them. "we are so appreciative of all the kind words, love, and prayers." they've asked that donations be made to charities including the wounded warrior project to help the heroes on the front lines as their little superhero gets better right by his sister's side. >> our thanks to david and to bridger's family for sharing their story. >> such a brave little boy. apparently, according to city officials, at the owner's request the dog was humanely euthanized. sad story all around. >> it's so tough. you hope that obviously when it comes to children and pets that after an incident like that, they're able to still love pets after this and not be afraid. bridger there? he's going to surprise us. >> he is. >> he's going to do some amazing things. love it. don't miss our updates on facebook at
3:58 am
3:59 am
n95 white green hospital blue. these are the colors of one nation uniting in gratitude thank you for showing us that we never stopped being... the home of the brave.
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, the battle over masks heating up amid a record number of new cases in the past day. more states making face coverings mandatory as one governor takes a city to court over virus restrictions. the group doctors say are causing the current surge. vaccine spies. the new accusations against russian hackers allegedly hacking medical research in hopes of stealing information and becoming the first country to release a vaccine. what the nsa is saying about that incident this morning. harassment claims. the bombshell accusations rattling the nfl. more than a dozen former employees claiming sexual harassment and hostility at the hands of staffers on washington's team. plus, mask impostors.


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