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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 21, 2020 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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so, anyway. no. >> you're just a magnet, reggie. everybody wants good morning, america. coronavirus hospital admissions surging in the south. parents and teachers now suing the governor of florida to try and block schools from reopening next month, while missouri's governor defends his decision to re-open classrooms this fall saying kids who get sick will get over it. in new york, governor cuomo sounding off on large crowds outside bars and restaurants. >> it's stupid. what you're doing. it is stupid. >> the kentucky couple speaking out after being put under house arrest when they refused to isolate after one tested positive for covid. plus, more good news this morning about that potential vaccine breakthrough. president trump's about-face bringing back the coronavirus task force briefings and
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tweeting a picture wearing a mask calling himself patriotic. amid plugging poll numbers over his response to the emergency. federal agent showdown, president trump threatening to send agents to more major cities. >> new york and chicago and philadelphia, detroit and baltimore, more federal law enforcement, that i can tell you. >> this after outrage after unidentified federal law enforcement officers were sent to portland. protesters taking to the streets again there overnight. local leaders accusing the president of using terror tactics. stunning suspect twist. authorities identifying a prominent attorney as the gunman disguised as a fedex worker behind the attack on a federal judges's family killing her 20-year-old son. the latest on the investigation this morning. severe wildfires in the west. at least 54 burning from california to south dakota prompting mandatory evacuations. ginger is tracking the latest. overnight, kanye west's bizarre twitter rant. the startling tweet saying his family is trying to have him
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locked up. this after the rapper's alarming rant about his children at his first presidential campaign event. and one-on-one with alex trebek showing fans a side of him they've never seen before and giving our t.j. holmes a run for his money. >> you're an argumentative son of a gun, aren't you? >> only on "gma" this morning. live from times square, this is "good morning america." >> good morning, america. cannot wait for more with t.j. and alex trebek this. is going to be a lot of fun. it's exclusive for us here at "gma." >> i love seeing alex holding t.j.'s feet to the fire. >> he didn't let him off the hook. >> looking forward to that. we have a lot of news to get to starting with the latest on the coronavirus emergency. 40 states are seeing an increase in new cases now. >> yeah. and cities across the country cracking down. chicago the latest to reimpose restrictions on some businesses including bars, restaurants and gyms, and in the past 24 hours in the united states, there have
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been 57,000 new cases reported and more than 300 deaths. >> victor oquendo starts us off this morning in miami where florida is still seeing increases in cases and hospital admissions. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, michael. this is the largest hospital in miami, and just one icu bed is left. statewide there are 53 hospitals where icus are at capacity. this morning, florida's numbers trending in the wrong direction consistently leading the nation in new cases. for the sixth day in a row the state topping 10,000 new daily cases. >> shame on you. >> reporter: protesters derailing the governor's news conference monday fed up with his response to the pandemic. >> you lied to the public. >> you lied! >> reporter: florida a current epicenter in the u.s. is 1 of 40 states where the number is climbing and the death roll rising, too.
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governor desantis still pushing for schools to open but some teach remembers fighting back filing a lawsuit against the governor and other officials to block re-opening of schools in august. desantis addressing that suit on monday. >> maybe they teach or work virtually. maybe they take a sabbatical, but those folks who are higher risk, you absolutely need to have accommodations for. no question. >> reporter: 19-year-old jordan bird tragically lost his battle with the coronavirus. his brother calling on officials to keep all school employees safe as they work to re-open. >> they need to rethink the situation and get a better plan, and make sure everyone is safe. >> reporter: with the school year approaching the debate across the country over how to get kids back inside the classroom. missouri governor mike parson defending his decision to reopen them this fall. >> if they do get covid-19 which they will and they will when they go to school, they're not going to the hospitals. they're not going to have to sit in doctor's offices. they're going to go home and get over it.
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>> reporter: in california 91% of the population is now in the state's coronavirus watch list. >> it is our decisions that will determine our fate and future as it relates to the spread of this virus. >> reporter: all this as hospitalizations surge. 39 states nationwide reporting an increase with some hospitals reaching capacity. even in states that are keeping infection rates down, frustrations over gatherings. in new york governor cuomo calling out the large crowds continuing to gather outside new york city bars and restaurants. >> and i'm telling you in plain new york speak as a born and bred new yorker, it's stupid, what you're doing. it is stupid. >> reporter: the governor not mincing words. on a positive note, new york did just see its lowest level of hospitalizations since march 18th. whit? >> the governor putting up the graphic to make his point. all right, victor, thank you so much. we do want to turn now to new hope this morning in the battle against coronavirus.
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two major vaccine trials showing positive early results. the leaders of the pharmaceutical companies behind them are preparing to testify now on capitol hill. our chief national correspondent tom llamas joins us with all the details. tom, people eager for a breakthrough on this. >> reporter: hey, whit, good morning. you're absolutely right. this is some very positive news that we're going to be tracking closely over the next several weeks. we'll get even more results after they test larger groups of people, but right now across the globe, health experts say these results are encouraging. this morning, a new army taking on covid-19. health officials say more than 100,000 people signing up to participate in the next round of testing as we see promising data from two major vaccine trials. oxford and pfizer reporting early responses showing both their vaccines deliver a double defense against covid-19. pfizer and german firm biotech
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announcing new data suggesting their vaccine could be safe and elicits a high immune response developing both antibodies and t-cells. >> the antibodies we can say we're actually as strong or actually stronger than the responses you see in a person who has recovered from a coronavirus infection. >> reporter: antibodies neutralize the virus and prevent it from infecting healthy cells and t-cells are white blood cells that attack the virus. oxford's vaccine developed by astrazeneca seeing similar encouraging results. a new study published on their phase one-two trial in the lancet concluding it appears both safe and activates that double defense response. >> we think that gives us our best chance of getting good protection. >> reporter: more than 1,000 volunteers participating in that first round experiencing at worst, mild side effects. >> they said you might experience some mild flu-like symptoms, and i would describe
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them exactly as that. >> reporter: now as four major trials prepare to enter phase 3 by the fall, cautious optimism about what's ahead. >> i would say most optimistic by the end of 2020 we will have one, two or maybe three vaccines that have been proven safe and effective in these large-scale studies. by spring of '21, we would have most americans ready to receive the immunization. >> reporter: so you heard it right there. if everything works out as early as the spring for most persons, and as we reported earlier the executives from the top five drug companies sort of leading the vaccine race are due before congress to talk about their progress. cecilia. >> positive early signs there, okay, tom. thank you so much. we turn now to washington where president trump says he's bringing back his coronavirus briefings as polls show growing disapproval of his handling of the pandemic. mary bruce joins us with more on this, and, mary, this comes as the president has been trying to shift focus away from the virus?
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>> reporter: yes, cecilia, this is a major change in strategy for the president. for weeks he's been trying to move past the pandemic saying little about it publicly but now with those poll numbers sinking the president is changing course and the briefings are back. after a nearly three-month hiatus, president trump announcing he's coming back before the cameras to brief on the coronavirus. >> what we're going to do is i'll get involved and we'll start doing briefings. >> reporter: in the beginning of the outbreak, trump took part in task force briefings nearly every day. >> we had a lot of people watching, record numbers watching. in the history of cable television. >> reporter: but those briefings were abruptly halted in april after trump speculated injecting disinfectants might kill the virus. a potentially fatal theory. >> i see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute, one minute, and is there a way that we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning? >> reporter: since then he's
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tried but failed to change the subject, and with his poll numbers plummeting, some advisers are now urging trump to focus more on the virus. warning if he doesn't, he's likely to lose in november. late yesterday the president tweeting this photo of himself wearing a mask, writing, many people say that it is patriotic to wear a face mask when you can't socially distance. there is nobody more patriotic than me. but the president still says he will not support a mask mandate. his surgeon general pleading on fox news with viewers to wear them on fox news. >> i'm begging you, please understand we are not trying to take away your freedoms when we say wear a face covering. >> reporter: now the white house and congress are now negotiating the next coronavirus relief bill. democrats and republicans wanted to include billions of dollars to expand testing tracing and for the cdc, but the white house wants to take that funding out of the bill. they say there is still plenty of money left over from the last round of funding that hasn't been spent yet.
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that is going to be a no-go up on the hill. lawmakers say that funding for increased testing is a must-have. michael. >> the battle continues. thank you so much, mary. now to the escalating showdown over federal agents being sent onto american streets by the trump administration. after those clashes in portland, president trump threatening to send federal law enforcement to other major cities. kayna whitworth has the latest. >> reporter: overnight president trump ordering 150 federal law enforcement officers to chicago and says he may send them to other cities as well. >> we're not going to let new york, chicago, philadelphia, detroit and baltimore and all of these -- oakland is a mess. we'll have more federal law enforcement. that i can tell you. >> reporter: mayors from across the country taking swift action signing a letter requesting immediate removal of federal officers accusing president trump of using terror tactics. >> your presence here isn't wanted. it's not needed. it is clearly ratcheting up the violence and the vandalism.
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>> reporter: this after the president defended sending unidentified federal law enforcement officers to portland. overnight protesters taking to the streets. after eight straight weeks of protests against racial injustice and police brutality in portland -- just after 3:00 in the morning hundreds of people are still in the streets. police just marched down and cleared out this area. the navy veteran who are calling captain portland seen in this viral video beaten by law enforcement and pepper sprayed speaking out overnight. >> i also want to use my 15 minutes to try to refocus this whole discussion back to black lives matter as opposed to an old white guy that got beat up, because i don't think i warrant the attention, to be perfectly frank. >> reporter: those unidentified law enforcement officers have been seen spraying chemical irritants into crowds and pulling protesters into unmarked vehicles. like this 29-year-old. he says he was walking home after peaceful protesting. to this day you don't know who
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did it? >> no, from what i'm reading it sounds like it was cvp. >> reporter: the protests continued into the early hours of the morning. they were still out here a few hours ago. we could hear flash bangs going off. police clearing the area, driving right down this street here. even though we're a few wlblock away, still now the tear gas is so thick in the air, it really makes your eyes water. whit? >> protests showing no signs of slowing. kayna, thank you. now to that stunning twist in the attack on a federal judge's family that left her son dead and her husband injured. the fbi has identified the suspect as a prominent manhattan attorney who they say dressed up as a fedex deliveryman and then later took his own life. stephanie ramos has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, disturbing new details about the suspect behind that grisly attack on a new jersey federal judge's family. authorities now identifying attorney roy den hollander as the man accused of dressing up
7:14 am
like a fedex driver, ringing the doorbell of judge esther salas' home, then opening fire, killing her 20-year-old son daniel and seriously injuring her husband mark. after an urgent manhunt den hollander found dead this a car from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. about 100 miles north of the crime scene. sources say a fedex package was found in the car with him addressed to judge salas. >> they're just such fine, wonderful people. >> reporter: authorities now investigating whether den hollander who had reportedly been diagnosed with terminal cancer was on a deadly mission targeting his enemies. "the new york times" reporting the manhattan lawyer and self-described anti-feminist allegedly wrote about judge salas in a self-published book calling her a, quote, lazy and incompetent latina judge appointed by obama. the two involved in a case dating back to 2015. the lawyer also known for suing manhattan nightclubs over ladies
7:15 am
night discounts telling abc news this in 2007 -- >> i'm now trying to turn the tables of equality on the feminazis who changed the country over the past 40 years. >> reporter: judge salas unharmed in the shooting has presided in high-profile cases involving teresa giudice and jeffrey epstein. now family and friends mourning the loss of judge salas' son daniel, a student at catholic university. >> just a once this a lifetime teammate and once in a lifetime person. >> reporter: now, authorities in cressland, california, say there may be links betweens attack here and judge salas' home and the murder of an activist gunned down at his front doorstep by a man also dressed like a fedex driver earlier this month. local ish tos say they investigation is led by the same fbi office overseeing the case here in new jersey. >> so many questions. thank you.
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we turn to severe wildfires in the west. 54 burning from california to south dakota. ginger is tracking the latest. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, cecilia. let's start in northern california where new mandatory evacuations are in place. that is in the hog fire. the images you're seeing there. more than 12,000 acres burned. 0 percent contained, and holland track fire that we have images of. that's still hog. 90% contained. 75 acres. that was a big one. erratic with the winds. here's why. we have the high pressure system ushering in monsoon flow. you say, isn't that good? not when it creates thunderstorms with outplow boundaries that can have 50 to 60-mile-per-hour gusts. >> thank you, ginger so much for that. now to the nfl and players agreeing to coronavirus testing protocols after some of the biggest names in the game blasted the league's planning for the opening of training camp. janai norman joins us now from outside nfl headquarter here in new york. good morning, janai.
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>> reporter: hey, michael. good morning. yeah, nfl players and the players union have been at odds over how to bring players safely into training camp, but this morning one issue perhaps the most important issue is now agreed upon. according to a memo obtained by espn, players will be tested every day for the first two weeks of training camp then they'll be tested every other day. if at any point the positivity rate is above 5%, daily testing will resume. this is a compromise. the players wanted daily testing while owners preferred every other day, and another big issue that may be on its way to being resolved. espn has learned the league offered to scrap all preseason games. this is something thatted players wanted. now, the league possibly feeling pressure from a coordinated social media campaign over the weekend. a tweet storm from players including russell wilson and super bowl mvp patrick mahomes who tweeted -- hoping the nfl will come to an agreement with the safe and right protocols so we can feel protected playing the sport we love. according to nfl players
7:18 am
association president jc tretter, there are still issues to work out here. one is that not every team has submitted its infectious disease emergency response plan which the nfl and union must approve before full teams can report to camp. michael. >> all right. janai, thank you. looks like the players took it into their own hands. >> yeah. >> all right. and refusing to follow a quarantine agreement. what they're saying this morning. and kanye west's twitter rant overnight saying his family wants to lock him up. first, though a check of the weather and head over to ginger. good morning. >> good morning, boston and new york city had their first official heat wave, three days or more of 90 plus. let's get to that tuesday trivia sponsored by subaru.
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good morning, i'm reggie aqui from abc7 news. the covid outbreak at the alameda jail is growing. 107 inmates are infected in dublin and 42 cases in one housing unit alone. one inmate was hospitalized but has recovered. 44 staff and contractors have been infected since the outbreak started. now to the peninsula, san mateo county jury trials are on hold for the next month after a court employee tested positive. the presiding superior court judge said a jury was exposed to the person and cited the significant increase in cases in the county. the county just resumed trials
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good tuesday morning. let's look outside and show you what the commute looks like. it's pretty gray out there. some drizzle in the coast and in the east bay hills, that should continue for the next hour or so and it will be breezy through the bay bridge. heading out, mainly 50s and low 60s. a bit of fog around san martin and petaluma. so we're going to be cooler than average through friday. pretty breezy friday also, then the winds back off and temperatures warm back to average starting saturday and holding on sunday and monday. coming up, an exclusive on
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and it's my job to test the product. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. blue diamond almond breeze. here's the host of "jeopardy," alex trebek. >> thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. on behalf of all of us, welcome to "jeopardy." >> welcome back to "gma." that's a fast-talking alex trebek hosting "jeopardy" for the first time back in 1984, and this morning, we have more of our exclusive interview with him after 36 years of reading answers. he's going to tell us what he's saying about going back to work during the pandemic. who he would like to see succeed him and some other things. a lot of other interesting things. that's just ahead. >> powerful conversation. all cheering him on. first, the top headlines we're following including the latest on the coronavirus
7:31 am
emergency. cases climbing in 40 states across the country. this the sixth day in a row. also right now we're watching wildfires in the west. 54 burning in ten different states and that dangerous heat wave. this morning four states under heat advisory or warning. plus, baseball is coming back. opening day is thursday and guess who's throwing out the first pitch at the washington nationals home opener. dr. anthony fauci. you see him with the mask right there. the defending world series champ saying, quote, he has been a true champion for our country, it's only fitting we honor him as we kick off the 2020 season and defend our title. and an update from the nba bubble. 346 players tested. no new positive results have come back from the latest round of coronavirus testing. a possible sign that the bubble idea might actually be holding after all. and in our next hour, we're going to actually go inside that bubble with philadelphia 76ers rookie matisse thybulle.
7:32 am
>> going to be a fun conversation to have. we begin with that kentucky couple speaking out after being put under house arrest when they refused to sign an isolation order after one of them tested positive for covid-19. they now say they were planning to quarantine and trevor ault joins us with more. good morning, trevor. >> reporter: well, good morning, michael. so this is raising questions about how far the government can and will go if they think you're a public health threat. this family says they're being treated like criminals, but the health department told a judge to fight the spread of the virus they had to be kept at home. this morning, a kentucky family says their covid-19 quarantine feels more like a prison sentence. >> you don't get an ankle monitor unless you're convicted of a crime or waiting for trial. >> reporter: elizabeth lin-scott said when she tested positive earlier this month the health department asked her to sign these documents saying she, her husband and her daughter would isolate at home for 14 days
7:33 am
updating the health department on their symptoms every day and contacting medical officials beforehand if they had to go to the hospital. >> i said, i have no problem with self-quarantining. i said, but if i have to leave my house to get an a necessity for an emergency, i'm going to do that without your prior consent. >> reporter: lin-scott declined the agreement writing in part it's my right and freedoms to go where i please and not have to answer to anyone for it. she said she'd do her best to stay home and avoid the elderly but added there is no pandemic. the health director citing the threat of the virus then requested a judge order the family to quarantine informing the family they'd been ordered to wear location tracking ankle monitors ensuring they stay home. >> like, we're not wearing those ankle monitoring, dude. we didn't do nothing wrong. >> reporter: the sheriff's office confirms deputies were on hand to inform the family of the judges's order but distanced themselves from the decision saying in a statement, we have no open cases nor have we had
7:34 am
any cases involving the enforcement of a failure to isolate for positive covid-19 testing. the lin-scott family says they're receiving messages criticizing them for not complying, but they stand by their decision. >> if you're so scared please just you stay home, because i can't put my life on pause because you're scared. >> reporter: so this family says this they have been wronged and they're threatening to go all the way to the supreme court to make it right. of course, right now they are waiting it out at home. cecilia. >> okay, trevor. thank you so much. we turn to kanye west. a twitter rant claiming his wife kim kardashian wants to lock him up. this, of course, on the heels of that weekend speech that left many questioning his well-being. diane macedo is here with more on this. good morning, diane. >> reporter: cecilia, good morning. we've seen kanye sound off before, but nerve are quite like this. overnight he sent out more than 20 tweets even taking aim at his family. now, many fans say they're worried about kanye. overnight rapper kanye west raising concerns with a series
7:35 am
of tweets, some aimed at his mother-in-law and wife claiming the duo wanted him locked up. kanye writes to his 30 million followers, kim was trying to fly to wyoming with a doctor to lock me up like on the movie "get out, " because i cried about saving my daughter's life yesterday. the tweet referencing a comment he made at his first presidential campaign event in south carolina on sunday. >> i almost killed my daughter. >> reporter: claiming he became pro-life after conversations with kim kardashian west during her first pregnancy. >> she said she was pregnant and for one month and two months and three months we talked about her not having this child. >> reporter: kanye says it was kim who ultimately insisted on keeping the baby. >> but even if my wife were to divorce me after this speech, she brought north into the world even when i didn't want to. she stood up and she protected that child. >> reporter: kanye also tweeted to mother-in-law kris jenner she
7:36 am
will not be allowed to see his children. west is currently at his ranch in wyoming while his wife and family are in california. he later tweeted, i love my wife. my family must live next to me. it's not up to e! or nbc anymore. according to "people" kardashian west was furious at kanye for sharing intimate details about their daughter. earlier this month west announced his intention to run for president. the artist has stirred up controversy with other rants before. his recent behavior now raising concerns for the rapper who has also been open about managing his bipolar disorder in the past. >> when you're in the state you're hyper, paranoid about everything. everyone now is an actor. everything is a conspiracy. you see everything. you feel the government is putting chips in your head. you feel you're being recorded. you feel all of these things. >> reporter: kanye has since deleted the tweets about his
7:37 am
wife and mother-in-law instead saying he is going to focus on the music. cecilia. >> okay, diane, thank you so much. whit. we have a note involving abc news this morning. the chairman of walt disney television peter rice issuing a statement about barbara fedida, a senior vice president for talent and business affairs at abc news. following allegations in press accounts rice saying, quote, outside counsel has completed its independent investigation of the allegations against barbara fedida. the investigation substantiated that ms. fedida did make some of the unacceptable racially insensitive comments attributed to her. it also substance yachted that it also substantiated that ms. fedida managed in a rough manner on occasions used crass and inappropriate language. lastly, the investigation found no basis for the claims that ms. fedida was the subject of dozens of hr complaints and that abc news spent millions of dollars in confidential settlements related to ms. fedida. as alleged in some press accounts. he adds, although ms. fedida made contributions to the organization over the 20-year
7:38 am
span of her career, in light of the overall findings we have determined that she can no longer serve in a leadership role and will not be returning to abc news. peter goes on to say, we are committed to working together to build on what we have learned from the investigation and foster an environment that is fair, just and welcoming to all. >> okay. whit, coming up next -- millions across the country facing these dangerous heat waves. the new concerns over air-conditioning potentially contributing to the spread of the coronavirus. what infectious disease doctors say to do to stay safe and cool. doctors say to stay safe and cool. sistis with the ones you love. so at king's hawaiian, we wanted to share some of your irresistibly delicious ideas with the world. like kristi's greek almighty burger. or lucy's chili dog days of summer. and of course, trudy's sweet island chicken sliders. and if you want to share even more this summer, join us and no kid hungry in our fight
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we're back with the heat wave gripping parts of the country this morning and the potential impact on the coronavirus pandemic. many people are running their air conditioners nonstop, but some are concerned air condition cog actually help the virus spread. our becky worley joins us now from san francisco to explain. hey, becky, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. covid-19 is spiking in some of the hottest parts of the country so many people are wondering, is it safe to turn on the ac and cool down? >> the heat is on. >> cooling centers now open. >> it's extremely hot. >> reporter: temperatures skyrocketing but the relief of ac suddenly a worry. this scenario in china. nine people in the direct part
7:43 am
of an air conditioner's blower became infected, but those out of its air stream did not. >> if it's blowing the virus in a specific pattern and you're downwind of somebody indoors, then it could blow it farther than six feet. >> reporter: but with temperatures dangerously high in many susceptible to heat-related illness, what can you do? >> if you're not at risk and have no great volume of contact with the outside world there is not a lot that you really need to do. just run the air-conditioning system. >> reporter: but if you must have people inside, infectious disease doctors say open doors and windows and run the fan mode for a few hours before and after visitors. next precaution, think about your ac filter. >> it's a really good idea to change that and clean it if it's cleanable or change it and put a clean one in if it's removable. >> reporter: this man is on the
7:44 am
task force and he says replace your existing air-conditioning filter with a compatible one that removes the most particles and the smallest particles. he recommends something called the merv 13 standard. advice to stay safe and stay cool. hvac experts we talked to said window ac units often have vents that can bring in some fresh air, but the filters in those and in portable air-conditioning units are generally not fine enough for the removal of those tiny virus particles. they're meant more to kept dog hair and insects out of the machinery. also, everyone we talked to said air purifiers can help if you have someone in your house who is sick or a frontline worker who is self-quarantining, whit. >> it's all great information but what about people driving around out there in taxis and ubers in a tight space on a hot day? any tips for keeping passengers and drirsve safe? >> reporter: yeah, you know, having the windows open and everyone wearing masks is best but on these super hot days if you are running the ac, experts
7:45 am
say make sure that recirculation option is off. this way the car is getting fresh air in all the time instead of reusing air from inside that could have virus droplets from one of the passengers. >> all right. great info, becky. thank you so much. that's the button with the arrow that goes inside the car. get the fresh air in the vehicle. clean it out. >> we appreciate that. coming up later, we have more on the new front in the battle over schools. stevers and parents now suing to stop re-openings in that and up next, we have our "play of the day." recirculation button in your car. remember that. ton t. i need to follow my heart. i know i'm not the smartest, or the fastest... i'm going with frankie z. jake from state farm? here's the deal... she's not the one for you. sure, she's got that cool apartment, that brand new car, but she doesn't have good insurance. if she's not going to protect all her stuff with state farm, how's she going to protect your heart?
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7:49 am
♪ bring m ♪ bring me a higher love we're back now with our "play of the day," and one man who is truly going above and beyond that break a world record in waterskiing. take a look. that's chris dens, and, yes, he is wearing stilts while waterskiing. they're 11 feet tall. the previous record was 10.5 feet so he took it up a half a foot. it took him about 20 attempts to nail this trick and that is successful. these are some of the, you know, the practice rounds. >> ow. >> yes. >> that's a long way down. >> practice makes perfect. got to keep at it, but as you said you love his friends laughing at him. >> his friend laughed at every fail. just as amusing for that friend. >> i wonder how you find out that's your skill in life. where do you -- >> exactly.
7:50 am
>> i guess you got to be able to water ski in the first place and then you add 11 feet to it? a trip to the mri. as well. more of our exclusive interview with "jeopardy" host alex trebek. we'll be right back. with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, are you okay? even when i was there, i never knew when my symptoms would keep us apart. so i talked to my doctor about humira. i learned humira can help get, and keep uc under control when other medications haven't worked well enough. and it helps people achieve control that lasts. so you can experience few or no symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b,
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7:54 am
end tropical storm or tropical depression, looks like it could somewhere could have a lot of rain. from houston to coastal louisiana to late they are week you'll want to watch that and you know we will too. coming up, the nba rookie sensation off the court, his videos have been showing us what life is like inside the bubble. highly entertaining. matisse thybulle will join us live. plus, the irish dancer that's taken over the internet and defying stereotypes. a walk down "bachelor" memory lane when one of them broke the heart of both finalists. what they are saying now about brad. this dearand with summer here,these energy bills are rising. together, we can save energy and money... by taking steps to stay cool while using less.
7:55 am
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc7 mornings. linkedin will cut 960 jobs this week in its sales and hiring departments. hiring at most companies has stalled because of the pandemic. affected employees will receive ten weeks of severance and health benefits for a year. they will get company-issued phones, computers and desks to help with the transition somewhere else. the roles represent 6% of the microsoft-owned company's global work force. let's check in with mike nicco and a look at our weather today. >> thank you very much. hi, everybody. let's open the weather window on the exploratorium. it's gray out there, but there are some breaks in the cloud cover. high clouds on the way also. nice day for outdoor activities with temperatures below average. still a little breezy and choppy north of the bay bridge through
7:57 am
the delta. 60 at half moon bay to 86 in antioch. cooler by friday and then we return back to average this weekend. reggie? >> thank you. coming up, one of the most notorious
7:58 am
7:59 am
that could mean education for our little man and a closer bus stop for her. shape your future. start here. complete the census at
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. coronavirus hospital admissions surging in the south. cases climbing in 40 states across the country. florida topping 10,000 new daily cases for the sixth day in a row. and in new york, governor cuomo sounding off on large crowds outside bars and restaurants. >> it's stupid. what you're doing. it is stupid. fighting back. florida teachers filing a blistering lawsuit against the hot spot state to halt schools from re-opening next month. some saying they feel like collateral damage during this pandemic. the latest front in the battle over returning to the classroom. here is the host of "jeopardy" -- alex trebek. >> abc news exclusive, one-on-one with alex trebek. the "jeopardy" host opening up
8:01 am
about chemo, the pandemic and if he'll ever give up his hosting job. >> is there a host in training? do have you an apprentice? >> giving our t.j. holmes a run for the money. >> you are an argumentative son of a gun. aren't you? i've had you up to here. up to here. [ laughter ] ♪ i'm the bad guy "the bachelor" blockbuster walk down memory lane when one of the most notorious bachelors ever broke the hearts of both finalists. what they're now saying about brad. ♪ bring me a higher love meet the incredible irish dancer mesmerizing millions with her unbelievable moves smashing stereotypes and inspiring so many around the world including beyonce's mom. all ahead as we say -- "good morning america"! ♪ bring me a higher love good morning, america. great to be with you on this tuesday morning.
8:02 am
we'll try some of that river dancing during the commercial break. >> cannot wait. we'll be sure to get video that have for sure. >> absolutely. also talking about sports coming back this morning. fans getting ready to see their favorite nba stars back on the court but there's already a breakout star, philadelphia 76ers rookie guard matisse thybulle is actually documenting life inside that bubble, and he's going to be joining us live coming up later this morning. >> he's been going viral. plus big news from nicki minaj revealing she's getting ready to become a mom. we'll have more coming up with lara in "pop news." first a lot of news to get to starting with the latest on the coronavirus emergency. in the past 24 hours in the united states, there's been more than 57,000 new cases reported and more than 300 deaths. let's go back to victor oquendo in miami, florida, with more. good morning again, victor. >> reporter: good morning, michael.
8:03 am
we are in the hardest hit part of the state this. is the largest hospital in miami and at last check there is just one available icu bed. this morning, florida's numbers trending in the wrong direction consistently leading the nation in new cases for the sixth day in a row. the state topping 10,000 new daily cases. >> if you had been -- >> shame on you, ron desantis. >> reporter: protesters derailing the governor's news conference monday fed up with his response to the pandemic. >> you lied to the public. >> all right. >> you lied. >> reporter: florida, a current epicenter in the u.s., is 1 of 40 states where cases are climbing, and 1 of 28 states where the death toll is rising, too. and in california, 91% of the population is now in the state's coronavirus watch list. >> it is our decisions, not our conditions, our decisions that will determine our fate and future as it relates to the spread of this virus. >> reporter: all this as hospitalizations surge. 39 states nationwide reporting an increase with some hospitals reaching capacity. even in states that are keeping infection rates down, frustrations over gatherings.
8:04 am
in new york governor cuomo calling out the large crowds continuing to gather outside new york city bars and restaurants. >> and i'm telling you in plain new york-speak as a born and bred new yorker, it's stupid, what you're doing. it is stupid. >> reporter: while new york just saw its lowest level of hospitalizations since march here in florida, that number continues trending up statewide. whit. >> yeah, the icus are a real problem there. victor, thank you. let's go back to ginger tracking the latest on that heat wave. ginger, good morning to you. millions of people feeling the heat. >> yeah, whit. we had our first official heat wave both in new york city and in boston but excessive heat warnings are still on and the humidity still high from washington, d.c. down to south carolina. greensboro, fayetteville, raleigh and durham included, feeling like over 100 today.
8:05 am
what's happening in the west, wildfires, mandatory evacuations. you can see on a wider perspective there. we also have pictures from the holland track fire, because there's another one there. 75 acres. this one blew up quickly but they got it under troll. 98% contained and evacuations lifted. michael? >> yeah. see a lot of people that can't wait for that, ginger. thank you so much. coming up on "gma," the latest in the battle over schools. new lawsuit in florida to delay reopening next month. plus "the bachelor" women, the most stunning finales and most notorious bachelors of all-time. what they're saying about brad. and our exclusive from host alex trebek. who he would like to see possibly host the game show in the future. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ i like to dream, yes, yes
8:06 am
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♪ good morning, good morning good morning, sunshine. good morning, sunshine. welcome back to "gma." >> are you talking to me? >> that's right. it is great to have you with us on this tuesday morning. tomorrow on "gma" we are celebrating national grilling month with our cookout cook-off and pit michael symon against pati jinich. sounds delicious. oh, yeah. right now it's time for "pop news" with laira spencer. hey, laura! >> hi, good morning, you guys. nice to see everybody. lots to talk about this morning. we begin with baby news from nicki minaj. the 37-year-old rapper taking to instagram on monday sharing the great news. i'm doing it in nicki style,
8:11 am
sporting those high heels and a bikini made of swarovski crystals, writing just one word -- #preggers. congratulations to nicki minaj. a slam dunk in sports card history. the rookie basketball card for lebron james. guys it just sold at auction for $1.8 million. a little piece of cardboard, but this cardboard is special. it's from lebron's first year with the cavs during the 2003/2004 season. this is the highest amount ever paid for a basketball card. the card is especially rare, because it only made the amount of cards, the same amount as the player's jersey number. so you guys know that's 23 in lebron's case. the auction house said interest in buying some sports cards has hit an all-time high during the pandemic. people staying at home during
8:12 am
quarantine finally having the time to hunt for their old collections. see what they're worth today. i'm not going to lie. i did find my old baseball card collection frb 1977-1978. no winners in there but i did look as well. so the phenomenon is real. also in the news this morning, andy and thomas have three kids of their own but wanted to help others and became foster parents in 2017 to a little baby boy named bryson, after discovering that he, little bryson, was one of five siblings all in the foster care system but in different homes they ask fundamental they could foster all of them together. it took two years, but they did it. all of those kids who have been separated are now together under one roof officially adopted. 8-year-old twins thomas and carter, 6-year-old david, 4-year-old gabriel and little bryson complete this family of now eight siblings. andy and thomas telling us the
8:13 am
kids have been through a lot, but they are the sweetest, they are amazing, and they are resilient. as you see in that picture they are officially a family. love that story. finally, you know, when we all get older, we lose our eyesight just a little bit. it happens to dogs, too. apparently they also learn not to behave. but i want to show you a video of the senior pooch who can't really see or really hear her owner greet him when the dog returns from a walk, but she sure can smell him. right? watch this. >> chop, chop. >> let's go find somewhere nice to sit. yes. >> it's me. it's me. it's me! i'm here. i'm here. >> the excitement is real. the excitement. look at that. that's 15-year-old chapter. she lives in london with her
8:14 am
human jason who posted this sweet video, and he wrote, "at 15 she needs a little sniff before she recognizes me, and she sure does." that video getting nearly 6 million views online proving once again the nose knows. and finally -- i think that's it. that's it, yeah. we have to go back. i wanted to tell you one more story but sadly we've run out of time. sending it back to you all in the studio. >> that was a great "pop news." lara, thank you so much. we are going to turn now to our "gma" cover story this morning. the battle over returning to the classroom. florida teachers are fighting back in the covid hot spot state filing lawsuits hoping to block schools from re-opening and diane macedo is back with the story. >> reporter: good morning. these lawsuits come after florida issued an emergency order requiring schools to offer in-person classes. now as districts announce their individual plans two lawsuits are hoping to block that in-person requirement saying florida schools just aren't ready. katherine hammond says for teachers in orange county,
8:15 am
florida, there's only one topic of conversation. >> orange county is exploding with covid cases. it's inconceivable i would walk back into a classroom in just a few weeks. >> reporter: but says that's what she's being asked to do after the orange county, florida, reopen august 21st, both online and in person. >> i feel like they're willing to sacrifice teachers, all staff, really, who work in schools and our students as an acceptable collateral damage for re-opening the economy. >> reporter: now hammond who is both a teacher and a parent in the district is suing along with fellow parent monique bellaflore. they're hoping to prevent schools in the state from requires in-person attendance. >> being pregnant i don't feel safe for myself entering the classroom. >> reporter: the lawsuit alleges that florida public schools are unage to meet the guidelines required to safely re-open schools or transport students to school in a safe manner. the district says it does not comment on pending litigation. but hammond and bellaflore
8:16 am
aren't alone. the florida education administration is now also suing state and local officials saying in their suit opening without the proper plan, resources and safety precautions inevitably will exacerbate the spread of the virus, jeopardize public health and ultimately cause longer closures. >> once it's falling and we have the resources to safeguard our school families then and only then should students return to brick and mortar schools. >> reporter: in a press conference monday governor ron desantis said accommodations should be made for students and concerned teachers as needed. >> look, these are unique circumstances. let's be flexible. >> reporter: hammond and bellafore's attorney said it's not that simple. >> the constitution guarantees employees a safe place to work and children have a safe place to go and both these things need to be addressed. >> reporter: now, the florida education commissioner tells us that the emergency order simply creates options so that families can decide what's best.
8:17 am
the governor is now calling for flexibility, and in the meantime, teachers feel like they're in purgatory, cecilia. >> big fight there, thank you so much. michael. now more on that abc news exclusive, our one-on-one interview with "jeopardy" host alex trebek. he's opening up about restarting the iconic game show without an audience and his new memoir "the the answer is: reflections on my life." and t.j. holmes sat down with alex trebek and he has more. t.j. >> reporter: did you know when he first started he insisted they announce him as the host of "jeopardy" and not the star. he says the contestants are the stars. did you know when he was a kid he once wanted to leave military school, because he didn't want them to cut his luxurious hair. these are just a couple of tidbits great and small we're learning about trebek in a new memoir, a book he never thought he'd write. >> it's the best kind of reality television, i feel. people watch it and if they come up with one or two correct responses in that half hour, they feel pretty good about themselves.
8:18 am
>> announcer: here is the host of "jeopardy," alex trebek. >> six-day champion with $103,000. greatest of all time. the new one-day record. >> reporter: after 36 years coming into our living rooms you think you would know a guy but alex trebek has plenty left to reveal. why now do you feel like you do have something to offer and it's time to write it down? >> because i want to be in control of my own story out there. >> reporter: the longtime "jeopardy" host is showing fans a side they haven't seen in his new memoir "the answer is: reflections on my life." there's a decent amount of profanity. alex trebek -- >> curses. >> kind of a lot. >> yeah, i curse more than i think i do. >> you talk a lot about the hair in the book. >> this is not me. and as long as i'm on chemotherapy, this will always be here when i'm in public and
8:19 am
that's fine. if i were no longer hosting the program, i would not be wearing the hairpiece. >> reporter: trebek diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer last year wrote the entire book in quarantine in his california home where he's been since the pandemic began. >> a cavalier attitude towards this pandemic on the part of our young people especially. we've lost over 130,000 people and the young people just, hey, if you don't want to catch it don't go out, you know. huh? what kind of an attitude is that? there isn't enough caring out there as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: no doubt on trebek's mind, "jeopardy," the game show he's held for the past 36 seasons and counting. >> it's a tv show, but it's feel-good television. >> until next time, folks. so long. >> you will never walk away from that show, alex. >> i think i will. well, maybe i misrepresent myself when i say i will walk
8:20 am
away. maybe i will crawl away. so -- >> but still as long as can you do the job you can't find a reason you would ever want to stop doing the job? >> correct, you are absolutely right. >> so, therefore, you're never going to walk away from this show or crawl. >> you're an argumentative son of a gun. aren't you? i've had you up to here. to here. >> is there a host in training? do you have an apprentice? is there anyone you're getting ready for the role down the road? >> i have no say whatsoever in who will replace me when my days as the host of "jeopardy" end. >> reporter: but if he could choose a replacement -- >> rose nyland. >> i joked and said betty white because they want somebody younger, somebody funnier. >> she checks all the boxes. >> she checks all those boxes. betty and i have been friends for a long, long time.
8:21 am
>> put into terms what she's fans mean to you, fans of the show. >> they are the most important elements in my life outside of my family and friends. i can't help but be touched by what they have to say and by what i mean to them, and it's humbling. it's nice to be humbled. >> all right. continuing with my theme of being an argumentative son of a gun, he would leave the show, guys, if, he says, his talents, his ability to do it should start to diminish. he said he's seen some of that and is hard on it and everybody agree he can do the job. he's not going anywhere walking or crawling away from that show but the new memoir, "the answer is: reflections on my life" is out today. >> cannot wait to check it out. great job, by the way. >> he shall forever be known as an argumentative son of a gun. forever. >> yes! >> he likes you though, t.j. >> i think we can all agree. alex trebek's assessment on that. now to ginger. hey, ginger. >> i'm with you, guys.
8:22 am
i love that betty white twist. how about we do a "gma" moment sponsored by verizon. 5-year-old bella has been really trying to perfect her backflip with her papa. >> okay. raise your knees and flip, one, two. go ahead. one, two, three. >> whoo! [ laughter ] >> not quite, she's obviously okay and very brave there in westchester, ohio. we just love that video. drop your "gma" moment on my facebook page or go to instagram and send me a direct message
8:23 am
thousand to another blast thousand to another blast from the past from "the bachelor: the greatest seasons ever," will, every rose has its thorn. looks like will reid ma have gotten have roses out there. every rose has its thorn. >> not these, though. cut them off. that's right. last night we revisited one of the most jaw-dropping finales ever seen on "the bachelor" and learned new details about the man who couldn't bring himself to part with these, brad womack. >> reporter: it was one of the most shocking moments in bvrp b.j. history. isn't "bachelor" history. >> what in the hell have i done? >> reporter: "the bachelor: the greatest seasons ever" taking a look back at one of the most notorious bachelors ever, brad womack. [ cheers ] brad outraging viewers after
8:24 am
season 11's scandalous finale. >> i hate to say this, but i want something more that i can't -- i can't find with us. >> reporter: when he broke the hearts of both finalists. >> i want so badly to be so confident, to pick you up and twirl you around and give you a diamond ring and spend my life with you but i can't. >> reporter: the two women deanna pappas and jenni croft reacting to how the unprecedented decision changed their lives and "bachelor" nationer forever. >> everyone thinks it's so shocking that he didn't pick anybody, and, honestly, like, i was probably "the" most shocked, because i could have sworn he picked her, because i didn't know that he didn't even pick her until after the final rose show. >> reporter: deanna left blindsided after they spent one last night together before the final rose ceremony. >> something that didn't air on the show 13 years ago was brad
8:25 am
and i had time off camera and for the life of me i'll never forget the last thing that he said to me. he said, i'll see you tomorrow, and i said, oh, gosh. don't remind me. he said, don't worry, it's going to be a good day. >> reporter: moving on to become the bachelorette and although she didn't find lasting love on the show, she doesn't regret her experience and says it helped her see brad's decision in a new light. no. no regrets. i wish i would have pushed a little harder for some answers but ultimately like i don't blame brad. i'm thankful he made that decision. i kind of wish i would have done it myself when i was "the bachelorette." >> reporter: deanna says there is a group chat with all the bachelorettes including the new "bachelorette," claer. her season has already begun filming, creator mike fleiss said there's been a rose ceremony. we're very excited to see that and i have these, don't really know what to do with them, guy. >> keep them for yourself. all right, will, thanks so much. they look good on you. up ahead, a look inside the
8:26 am
nba bubble. >> announcer: friday on "gma," one, two, three, hit it. ♪ and heat up your summer with jason derulo friday only on "good morning america" summer concert series sponsored by caesars rewards. tomorrow how does "gma" celebrate national grilling month? with michael symon and patty hinich. tomorrow, hilary duff has cool mom wisdom for you only on "gma." . .
8:27 am
. . good morning. i'm coupkumasi aaron from abc mornings. marin county is considering putting in effect civil penalties to discuss the ordinance ordinance. business violations will be the main focus but enforcement areas could change based on public health risk. as far as your weather goes, good morning to you. let's look outside and see what's going on. you can see the bay bridge toll plaza, pretty empty. did have a little mist and drizzle earlier this morning as did our hills and beaches. now it's going to be breezy and choppy. that's the biggest issue through the delta. temperatures in the mid 50s to low 60s. on our way to another below
8:28 am
average afternoon.
8:29 am
well, good morning. great to see you. coming up on the show, tony hale joins us. >> and virtual week continues with a visit from lance ulanoff who will give us the best virtual school tech gadgets we have to have. and our good news story of the day all coming up on "live." back to you now. >> we'll have another abc7 news
8:30 am
update in about 30 minutes. you can find the latest on our app and on ♪ all you people can't you see can't you see ♪ and welcome back to "gma." the nba season scheduled to restart next week, and there are some good signs when it comes to safety. the league says of the 346 players tested for covid-19 on the nba campus in orlando, none of them have tested positive since results were announced on july 13th so some early good signs. >> some great news right there and before the games have begun, there's already a breakout star on the internet, philadelphia 76ers rookie guard matisse thybulle is documenting life inside the bubble at disney world. he will join us live in a moment, but first let's take a look. the sixers rookie matisse thybulle has become an internet sensation.
8:31 am
>> self-recording and got back from picking up supplies. >> reporter: stuck at home alone, perfecting his tiktok skills. ♪ where he really shines, youtube, documenting his journey to the nba bubble in orlando. >> for those that don't know part of my job as being a rookie is getting chick-fil-a for all the players on the plane and even in a state of pandemic, that job still stands. >> reporter: wherever thybulle goes -- >> you can't go anywhere without a mask on. >> reporter: we go. >> hello. pillow. that's crazy. that's how you know you've made it. >> reporter: including daily coronavirus test. >> you got your test? >> reporter: failed boat rides. >> 2020 in a nutshell.
8:32 am
>> reporter: golfing with teammates. and sometimes meals with no utensils. >> i don't have a fork. the chicken is chicken. oh, maybe i'm supposed to use the lid as a spoon. >> reporter: his favorite part of vlogging, staying connected with family. >> i watched the vlog. yes. >> and matisse thybulle is joining us live from orlando this morning. matisse, thank you so much for joining us. we love watching these videos, but this is blowing up pretty quickly for you. how does it feel to be an overnight sensation? >> thank you, no, it's been crazy. it's been cool. i think just honestly for -- to have the opportunity to be back playing basketball has been huge for us and to give people a look into this bubble that we live in has been a cool opportunity. >> yeah, matisse, we love seeing the look that you're giving us inside the bubble. what's it feel like in there? do you feel safe? >> yeah, we feel really safe. i think that's one of the great things about it is just how they've created a situation for us where we can come back to doing our jobs, something we
8:33 am
love and also just making it a safe environment and a lot of unknown times. >> and, matisse, we know it's a strange world you're living in. a lot of rules and precautions in place, but let's be honest, it's got to feel great to get back to playing basketball with your team, right? >> yeah, i mean, i -- for me it was like three months, right, literally couldn't play. i live in an apartment building and i didn't have access to a gym. to have that opportunity back is honestly a blessing? >> now back with your teammates playing in the bubble. does it feel a little like summer camp? >> yeah, the way i describe it, you know how in high school no one loves waking up early going to class and all the homework and stuff, but you're all kind of in it together so you just make it the most of it. that's the situation we find ourselves in. >> give us a sense of your day-to-day, if you're not working out together do you get to hang out together? are you watching video games, eating together? >> we have a pretty cool --
8:34 am
there are different bubbles. the bubble we're in, we can go fishing. there's a little pool. we can play cornhole and this one restaurant we all like to go to that has fancy dinners but it's cool. we don't have a lot of options but we make the most of what we have. >> matisse, i understand some of your teammates have joked that regardless of what happens this season, you're going to be considered a rookie going into next season as well. do you see it that way as like a do-over next time around when things get a bit more normal? >> no, i see that as my worst nightmare. for me -- >> more chick-fil-a. >> for me, i see this covid season-type thing kind of like the do-over like the second of my first season, so next year i don't -- i'm not going to be hearing from anyone i'm no longer a rookie. >> i had to buy all that food too. they broke me as a rookie. they really do. they don't give you money to cover all that food. you pay for it yourself.
8:35 am
but we have to ask you finally, are we going to see the 76ers in the finals when the season resumes? >> i think we have a great chance. i think that the whole quarantine, everyone having the quarantine kind of leveled out the playing field, and i think this is going to be a great opportunity for us and our guys to step in and make a run. >> well, good luck to you. good luck to the rest of your team. really appreciate your time and for taking us inside of the bubble giving us a glimpse of what life is like for you guys. >> no problem. thank you guys for having me. >> of course, and you can watch a new episode of "inside the bubble" on matisse's youtube channel right now. coming up -- the irish dancer taking over the internet and defying
8:36 am
hi. what's on your mind?in.
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♪ welcome back. that is 20-year-old irish dancing tiktok sensation morgan bullock. she's dancing to megan thee stallion's "savage" with more than 1 million views. >> pretty sure most of them are mine. i'm obsessed with her.
8:39 am
she's also getting beyonce's mom's attention. she's one of the few irish dancers that is black and her modern take has millions watching her moves and this morning, she's joining us from richmond, virginia. morgan, good morning to you. >> hi, good morning. >> we are so excited that you're here. i've already -- i am deep into your instagram. i love the videos that you post so much. just give us a little bit of a sense of how you got started in irish dancing. >> yeah, i've been a dancer my whole life. i started off with other forms of dance like ballet and tap when i was 3 and i saw irish dancing for the first time when i was 10 and i just was mesmerized. i fell in love with it instantly. i asked my mom if i could sign up for classes and at first she was like, i don't know if you want to do that it's kind of outside the box a little bit but, of course, being the supportive mother that she is she signed me up for classes and after my first class i was hooked. it just felt like i was really in my element.
8:40 am
>> well, we're mesmerized watching you do it. you are in your element, because you kind of dance to music from artists like drake, janet jackson and obviously queen bey and her mother tina knowles posted your video on instagram, so how did that make you feel? did that blow your mind? >> yeah, it was just so surreal to see that she posted it and my phone blew up. all my family and friends were like, oh, my gosh, beyonce's mom posted you, and at first i like wasn't really looking at my phone because i had been getting so many notifications. when i saw that it was just so crazy. >> pretty incredible there and also you actually got an invitation to join riverdance which is really a dream come true for you. for anybody else out there who's looking to defy what would be considered social norms or
8:41 am
break through barriers, what advice would you have for them? >> my advice would just be to go for it. don't let yourself be confined by the boundaries that people want to place on you because you never know if you'll excel at something until you try it so just go for it. >> well, morgan, we're honored to have you dance for us live. what song did you choose? >> i'm going to dance to "nice to meet you" by niall horan. >> we love it. all right, great. let's see those famous moves. ♪ what's your name let me treat you to a drink ♪ ♪ i like the way you talk i like the things you wear ♪ ♪ i want your number tattooed on my arm in ink, i swear ♪ ♪ 'cause when the morning comes, i know you won't be there ♪ ♪ every time i turn around you disappear ♪ ♪ nice to meet you
8:42 am
[ applause ] >> yes! so good. >> hey, continued success to you, morgan. thank you for joining us this morning. really appreciate it. i have a feeling whit and i will break our ankles trying to camp up to you. now we go over to ginger. hey, beginer. >> hey there, michael. good morning, everybody. can we just begin with a little story here? so john and his girlfriend erica went out to see the comet neowise, remember that's the brightest we've seen in 23 years. he said i went out to see the comet and came home with a fiancee. yes, he proposed in probably the coolest at least to me way to propose and an engaged couple now from old forge, new york. their friend tim captured that picture. good on you, john, because we won't see neowise again for 6800
8:43 am
now to a reality superstar getting real about her health during the pandemic. lara is back with more on that. lara, good morning. >> hey, good morning to you, whit. khloe kardashian is sharing her personal journey teaming up with our sponsor biohaven pharmaceuticals and sharing how she deals with migraines during these difficult times. ♪ >> you are so cute. thank you. >> mwah. >> social media and reality tv superstar khloe kardashian. >> hi. >> reporter: shares intimate and sometimes serious moments of her life on "keeping up with the kardashians." >> i have the biggest migraine. >> reporter: including her battle with debilitating migraine headaches that have beengoing since the sixth grade. >> i have impaired vision. i get really dizzy and just the sharp shooting pain mainly on a
8:44 am
specific side of my face. >> reporter: kardashian is one of 40 million americans who experience migraines, a severe kind of headache that's often accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and can last for hours or longer. khloe says she used to get 10 to 12 migraines a month and longest lasted two days. >> they're debilitating and there's times you can't get out of bed because walking seems almost like it's just -- it's impossible. it can't be done, and so especially now having a daughter and an active 2-year-old it's really hard. >> reporter: kardashian says the worst part about her headaches is the time it takes away from her daughter true. >> i think i stress myself out just anticipating a migraine coming because i know how it wipes me out and then how i'm going to be, you know, maybe not the best mom that i would like to be. >> reporter: stress is a trigger for migraines and some doctors say the pandemic is triggering more of these headaches than usual. >> definitely through the pandemic my migraines have
8:45 am
increased, but with all of that i try to find the beauty in everything, and having this time to really reset and spend so much quality time with my daughter, you know, it's been a blessing. >> reporter: kardashian is a spokesperson for biohaven pharmaceuticals and they're teaming up to raise awareness in their campaign to help empower people with migraines. >> i encourage people to go to where you have like-minded people experiencing the same things that you are. >> glad she is speaking up and we will be right back on "good morning america."
8:46 am
8:47 am
welcome back. this is a tough morning for us at "gma." one of our stars, daisha riley, a young and talented producer suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. she rose through the ranks over the years on our show working on
8:48 am
stories that have made so many of you, our viewers, smile and tear up. her legacy lives on in a powerful voice she shared through storytelling. you might not have known daisha riley's name but if you watched "gma" for the past 14 years, trust us, you saw her incredible work because daisha loved nothing more than telling america a story. daisha riley could write a breaking news piece with lightning speed. on features she could make you cry with her exquisite choice of words and when amy interviewed the cast of "game of thrones," you'd better believe that daisha made sure that set actually had a throne to make the actors' jaws drop. >> nice set. >> thank you. > well done, gents and ladies. >> as one colleague said daisha had grit and grace, she took pride in her work and she fought for it because to daisha there was no greater privilege than helping you at home start your day. and trust us when we say that for all of us at "gma" there was no greater privilege than
8:49 am
knowing daisha riley. she was never the loudest voice in the room, but she was always the smartest, funny and brilliant and above all, kind. quick with the smile and a kitten meme just when you needed it most. no, you might not have known daisha riley's name before today, but now you do. a world-class producer, a pillar of "gma" and a friend to us all. and she was beloved by all of us here. her smile lit up a room. her talents not just recognized by our team but journalists across the board and she won multiple emmys for her incredible work and it's just -- it's hard for us and difficult to even wrap our heads around this but we can't express how much we're going to miss her. we are thinking about her family and her fiance tyrone this morning. >> i found some emails that she sent to me recently on stories that we were working on. from a perspective of correspondent in the field it
8:50 am
always brought me comfort and confidence knowing that she was on the story with us. >> she really was one of the best. you mentioned her voice, i think of being on the phone with daisha so many times as we would work on pieces and she had the sweetest voice. she was known for this sweet voice but she really was a light on this team and we want america to know that. but we especially want daisha's fiance and her family to know that we love her and we will miss her very much. >> she always brought the best. we'll be right back. brought the best. we'll be right back.
8:51 am
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>> announcer: friday on "gma," one, two, three, hit it. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: heat up your summer with jason derulo. friday, only on "good morning america's" summer concert series. sponsored by caesars rewards. ♪ let me take you dancing
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>> announcer: tomorrow how does "gma" celebrate national grilling month like only we can with chefs michael symon, pati jinich and plus she's one of the coolest moms out there. and tomorrow, hilary duff has some cool wisdom for you only on "gma." "good morning america" is sponsored by sherwin-williams, ask sherwin-williams how to bring color to life with the very best paint. thank you guys for watching on this tuesday morning. >> been a good day and tomorrow on "gma" don't forget we'll celebrate national grilling month with our cookout come-off. we have time. you don't want to riverdance us off the air. >> no, full hammy. i'm on ir. >> have a great day, everybody. thank you to the doctors, nurses, health care professionals. >> and first responders. >> thank you to everyone keeping our supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations running. >> thank you to all the essential workers for all that you do. >> thank you. >> we thank you. >> we thank you. >> we thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> for all you do. >> and with every challenge, question, concern, we'll be here
8:55 am
for you every day. >> every day. >> every day. >> because we will -- >> -- get through this together.
8:56 am
we saw the earthquake grace in bold was offering a grant program. i signed up and i was actually selected it leaves the house in tack. you now know that in the next earthquake
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good morning, i'm kumasi aaron from abc7 mornings. the covid-19 outbreak at the alameda jail is growing. 106 inmates are infected and there are 42 cases in one housing unit alone. at least one inmate had to be hospitalized but has since recovered. there have been no deaths so far. 44 staff have been infected since the outbreak started. our break from summer continues today. let's look at your activity planner which is nice for outdoor activities considering temperatures will be 7 degrees cooler than average. we have the small craft advisory north of the bay bridge through the delta this afternoon. below average through friday, kumasi? >> now it's time for "live with
9:00 am
kelly and ryan." we'll be back at 11:00, we h >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, emmy award-winning actor tony hale. and we continue "live's virtual living week" with technology for your virtual classroom. plus, north carolina dinosaurs are bringing us of our "good news story of the day." all next on "live!" ♪ and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! ♪ >> kelly: good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, july 21st, 2020. ryan is having a bit of a technical -- oh, you're back. i was going to say this is why we can't have nice things. because only -- only you can have problems


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