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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 27, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>> stay with us for "good morning america." right now on "america this morning," a one-two punch from mother nature. hurricane douglas lashing hawaii overnight and what's left of hurricane hanna triggers flash floods and causes widespread power outages in south texas. what to expect on this monday morning. more stimulus checks but fewer unemployment benefits. the new proposal from republicans as they submit a coronavirus relief plan and with infections surging in parts of the south and west, the death of a florida 9-year-old highlighting the risk for children. our medical experts weigh in. breaking overnight, a shooting near the federal courthouse in portland. police say they found molotov cocktails and rifle magazines as civil unrest spreads across major u.s. cities. president trump chiming in.
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returning to selma. the powerful moment the body of civil rights icon john lewis passes over the edmund pettus bridge one last time and the tribute from martin luther king's daughter. also this morning, meet the 99-year-old woman who is not just a pilot, she's also a flight instructor. and from the 120-pound st. bernard rescued from a mountaintop to the black bear desperately trying to cool off in the backyard, all the trending videos to kick off your monday morning. good monday morning. i'm mona kosar abdi. >> and i'm alex presha. kenneth moton is off. we begin with breaking news. a hurricane threatening hawaii right now. >> hurricane douglas has been swirling in the pacific fewer than 100 miles off the coast of oahu as a category 1 storm. officials said overnight they're optimistic but said hawaii is not out of the woods yet. >> heavy rain and winds battered maui sunday. forecasters say douglas will
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likely remain a hurricane as it moves past the islands. meanwhile, in texas hurricane hanna lashed the gulf coast this weekend with high winds and drenching rain that destroyed boats, flooded streets and knocked out power. more than five feet of storm surge washed over beaches and flash flood warnings issued with ten inches of rain possible over theory joy grand valley. 240,000 power outages have been recorded across south texas. a closer look at the forecast in just a few moments. and now to the coronavirus and a new step today in the race for a vaccine. moderna's phase 3 vaccine trials are getting under way in the u.s. it comes as fema says five states including california, texas and florida need more medical professionals to fight the surge in infections and the trump administration's testing czar admitted sunday the test results are taking too long with some people waiting 19 days. meanwhile, a 9-year-old girl has now become the youngest person to die from the virus in florida. abc's megan tevrizian begins our coverage.
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>> reporter: this morning, thousands of patients across the country lining up for the nation's first large-scale vaccine trial. >> there was some apprehension, nervousness. >> reporter: less than two weeks after publishing promising results from early testing moderna is heading into phase 3 taking 30,000 volunteers and injecting them with what could be the first immunization against coronavirus. >> i think it's really important that a person steps up and tries to do something good for the world. >> reporter: it comes as the nation's daily death tollikeea new e. the u.s. averaging nearly a thousand deaths every day over the last week. california, the hardest hit state in the country, now seeing a record number of deaths including a los angeles firefighter and an lapd officer. and in alabama where hospitalizations are at an all-time high, the police chief near birmingham is in the icu. >> we are at war. we are in the trenches. >> reporter: meanwhile, kentucky
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is bracing for new restrictions today after seeing its worst day yet. >> we'll get through it together but know we'll have to do a lot more. >> reporter: also today, indiana is set to begin its statewide mask mandate, and at least five states are now in need of skilled professionals, fema urging states to pull resources, doctors and nurses. >> at some point it doesn't matter how much you pay a person to work, they just can't physically do it anymore. >> reporter: florida now surpassing new york for the second highest number of covid cases. the sunshine state logging more than 9,000 cases in the last 24 hours, but parents in orlando face today's 5:00 p.m. deadline to choose online or in-person classes. a new report released over the weekend showing a troubling increase in infections among children in the state. >> they also said at the beginning that it wasn't going to affect children and was only in the elderly and now we're having this conversation where these little kids are getting this. >> reporter: according
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to newly released data, nearly 8,000 children under the age of 17 tested positive for it in the last week alone. >> his face swells up. >> reporter: zane wampler has been hospitalized for a week. the 8-year-old's mother now warning parents to think twice about sending their kids to school. >> it has been really, really sad and terrifying watching my child go through this and nobody knows what's going to happen later. you know, i don't know how he's going to be in three years. how will this affect him long term. >> reporter: while re-opening schools is still a divisive issue in households across the country, a recent poll finds one in five teachers are unlikely to return to the classroom in the fall. alex, mona. >> megan, thank sda among adults and children, officials say a 9-year-old is the youngest person in the state to die from the virus.
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kamara had no underlying health conditions. her mother took her to the hospital with a fever. her family says she was sent home and collapsed a short time later. we spoke earlier with dr. ryan ribeiro about the overall rick risk for children. >> i think cases like this do actually bring up something important which is while the virus itself doesn't very often lead to serious outcomes for children, there's still a lot we don't know about what other things this virus can put children at risk for both in the short term and long term so definitely we shouldn't be cavalier about exposing our children to a virus where the long-term risks are very much unknown. >> her family doesn't know how she was infected. she spent the summer at home. she did not attend school or summer camp. her mother was also tested but is still waiting for results. senate republicans are expected to unveil their economic relief package today. it's expected to include another round of stimulus checks for most americans, but a change in unemployment benefits is leaving millions in limbo. abc's karina mitchell has details.
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>> reporter: this morning new economic relief possibly on the way for millions of americans. senate republicans are unveiling a proposal today offering most americans a second round of $1200 stimulus checks, but a major change could be coming for people who have been receiving the $600 weekly federal unemployment benefit expiring this week. instead under the republican plan, laid off workers will get up to 70% of their former wages. the trump administration saying it wants to avoid incentivizing people to stay home and may even consider offering back to work cash bonuses. >> it won't stop the assistance. it's going to cap the assistance at a level that is consistent with people going back to work. we have had a flood of inquiries and phone calls and complaints that small stores and businesses and restaurants can't hire people back. they went too far. >> reporter: sherry johnson, a single mother from
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arizona, says she depends on the extra $600 in unemployment benefits to support her two children. >> there are people that would gladly work but that $200, $187 does not cover rent. it doesn't help us eat. >> reporter: today's unveiling is only a proposal towards a final bill and rounds of bipartisan negotiations are expected. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying this on friday. >> hopefully in the next two, three weeks we'll be able to come together and pass something that we can send over to the house and down to the president for signature. >> reporter: congress has until august 7th to strike a deal before their month-long summer recess. mona, alex. >> karina, thank you. and breaking overnight, a shooting at a protest in portland, oregon. at least two people were under arrest after chaos broke out near the city's federal courthouse leaving one person wounded. it happened just hours after president trump called the portland protesters anarchists who hate our country. local police say they also found a bag loaded with rifle
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magazines and molotov cocktail. protests near a police station in seattle left 59 officers hurt. police were hit with explosives, rocks and bottles saturday. one group set fire to trailers at a construction site. and new information about a deadly shooting at a black lives matter protest in austin, texas. police say the shooter claims he felt threatened after the victim pointed a weapon at his car. investigators are trying to determine what caused a small plane to crash into a neighborhood near salt lake city shortly after takeoff. three people including a baby were killed. a 2-year-old boy and his mother survived. they're in critical condition and so is a woman who lived inside that home where the plane mor injuries.r-old girlon that time for a look at your monday morning weather. hanna continues to fall apart. across northeastern mexico we
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head into monday across the south central u.s. we're still going to have a little bit of moisture coming into texas and that could produce a few storms. the next system that we are tracking is out towards the pacific. we can see hurricane douglas continuing to track west, and it will be producing some heavy rainfall, mainly on the north and eastern side of the islands. there is the possibility for flash flooding. another system we're watching is a tropical wave across the atlantic. i'm marvin gomez with your accuweather forecast. coming up, the end of an era in hollywood. also ahead, making a statement. pro basketball players walking off the court during the national anthem. but first civil rights icon john lewis returns to selma one last time, a powerful tribute from martin luther king jr.'s daughter. that's next.
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that was really brave. i pray god things go with you, miss mellie. >> it's the end of a hollywood era. the last actress of the gold age, olivia de havilland, has passed away best known for her role as melanie hamilton in "gone with the wind" and went on to win best actress for other roles. she was 104 years old. john lewis died at the age of 80. his body lie in state at the u.s. capitol after a weekend of events celebrating his legacy. overnight a final good-bye for john lewis in ♪ it's been a lon coming but i know a change gonna come ♪ >> reporter: the civil rights icon making his final journey to washington, d.c. later today. the procession will shut down
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several streets while his body is transported to the capitol to lie in state. >> he was a servant who wanted to do good at all times and wanted everybody else to do good. >> rorr:n ntgomery alabama, sunday night, a service celebrating the boy from troy a name given to lewis by martin luther king jr. among the speakers, dr. bernice king. >> after my father's assassination, he was one of a few who continued to remain committed to nonviolence as a philosophy, a methodology and a way of life. >> reporter: earlier sunday 46 lewis' flag draped casket carried by a horse-drawn caisson over the edmund pettus. red rose petals where he bled for the right to vote on sunday, march 7th, 1965 when state troopers attacked him and other civil rights demonstrators as they crossed that bridge. >> he's labored. he's done his work. he's done his job like so many others. now it's time for us to do ours.
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>> reporter: lewis returned to the bridge year after year bringing bipartisan delegations with him. most notably marking the 50th anniversary of bloody sunday in 2015 walking across that bridge with president obama who credited lewis with helping to make his presidency possible. back in montgomery last night martin luther king jr.'s daughter with this message. >> vote together but don't forget to pray together or you will get weary and one day there will be a great camp meeting where we will all join together and say, free at last, free at last, thank god almighty, we are all free at last. rest in peace and rest in power, uncle john. >> lewis' funeral is thursday in atlanta. the service will be held at ebenezer baptist church once led by dr. martin luther king jr. coming up, news about oprah winfrey and her media empire. also ahead, celebrating
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back now with a powerful moment as the wnba season got under way, players for the new york liberty and seattle storm walked off the court during the national anthem in support of racial justice. both teams came back for a moment of silence and dedicated the season to breonna taylor, the louisville woman who was killed in a police raid. oprah winfrey's magazine will no longer publish in print. the "oprah" magazine 2020 issue is expected to be the last regular hard copy of the monthly publication. their parent company says "o" will focus on digital content. new tributes pouring in for regis philbin. he passed away over the weekend just shy of his 89th birthday. ♪ just to be sad ♪ thinkdot all on tv. >> hey. >> reporter: and he did it all. for longer than any other person ever has.
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>> decades. >> i believe you've been here over 150 times. >> reporter: from his first broadcast. >> just in case people don't know who we are. we should introduce ourselves. >> to that first million dollars. >> this is the final answer heard all around the world. he's won a million dollars. >> reporter: philbin created a legacy that stood above the rest and spanned more than 60 year. >> that's his thing. >> i'm glad he finally got one. >> reporter: the new york native getting his start in front of the camera in the '60s before becoming a household name hosting "live." >> regis philbin. >> reporter: his epic career seeing him head up the daily talk show and create prime time gold with "who wants to be a millionaire?" >> final answer? >> final answer. >> reporter: his 16,746 1/2 hours on camera winning him a guinness world record along with a lot of laughs. >> the third daughter broke her leg. i mean it never ends in your place. >> what?
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>> daughter grace just got her big break. well, i was close. >> reporter: philbin sitting down with robin roberts in 2011 to talk about his storied career. >> is there any guest you haven't had on that you would like to interview? >> i never got barbra streisand. >> no? >> on our show and would love to have had her on. you've had her on "gma." >> yes, yi, i've been to her home. >> well that, shows you where we are. actually went to barbra's home. see what i mean? >> i went to her home. >> that's exactly what i'm talking about. >> reporter: regis is survived by his wife joy, three of his four children along with the affection of millions that with remember his candor, his heart that made him so special to watch. >> i hope to be remembered most for? >> 17,000 hours in front of a television camera. is that enough for you? >> television icon. and many people in the business say the key to regis' success
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pampers the #1 pediatrician recommended brand, helps keep baby skin dry & healthy so every touch is as comforting as the first pampers. the #1 pediatrician recommended brand ♪ time to check "the pulse." we begin with a pilot soaring into the record books. >> after teaching people how to fly for decades, robina asti is now the world's oldest active pilot and flight instructor at age 99. she beat out the previous record holder by giving a flight lesson sunday. >> i love getting people to experience what it's like to lift off this earth. it is so good. >> she taught me a few things up
4:24 am
there that i haven't learned in well over a thousand hours, and it was kind of neat getting a new perspective from somebody who's just been flying for so long. >> robina says she wanted to show seniors are son vital. baing played in mean. >> case in point, the giants/dodgers game this weekend, the dodgers' will smith hit a home run and the ball nearly took off the head of a cardboard cutout fan. the real fan tweeted smith if he could keep that ball. smith said he'd be willing to hook him up. >> meanwhile, take a look at baseball arguments in the coronavirus era. no more nose-to-nose confrontations. and next, st. bernard are known for making rescues, but sometimes they need help. >> check out daisy. she weighs 120 pounds and had to be carried down a mountain and had to be carried down on a
4:25 am
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. making news at 4:27, new relief bill unemployed workers say can't come soon enough. and the oakland zoo was on the verge of closing for good, but the animals will finally see visitors starting today. and washington prepares a final good-bye to the late congressman john lewis, his fellow lawmakers will honor his life and legacy. good morning, it is monday july 27. let's check in where mike ni wi for a look at the day ahead. >> good morning, how are you? >> good, how are you? >> appreciate you asking. it is monday morning and we're back at it.
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we start with live doppler 7. it is pretty quiet in most areas. you can see that it is cloudy around the bay. and let's take a look at the temperatures. they are trending a little warmer this afternoon, with mid-60s, the coast into san francisco, mid to upper 70s around the bay. we have mid-70s to low 80s up in the north bay. low to mid-80s in the south bay and low to mid 90s in the east bay. so it looks like we'll need to run the air conditioner in some neighbor anothers. we have possibly warmer weather into the weekend and of course the accuweather 7 day forecast coming up. we're focusing on the economy and millions who lost their jobs are about to lose a vital financial life line.
4:29 am
this is the last week that they get the $600 federal unemployment benefit unless congress and president trump take action. amy hollyfield is live in concord with the details. >> leaders agree that employment departments do need to give more un un unemployment checks to people who are unemployed, but the big question is can they agree on how much some senators think that continuing existing benefits could incentivize pele to not go back to work. we're expecting to hear details today about a proposal for a new package. mitch mcconnell is caring can c.a.r.e.s. 2, it includes a $1200 stimulus check, an eviction moratorium and 70% of pre-pandemic wages. one hair salon owner we talked to said this really doesn't cover all her costs, she would
4:30 am
rather just get back to work. >> eventually if we can the not open, how are we able to pay our bills? cover our rent or live? everybody he will can create an income. >> reporter: the current weekly unemployment aid of $600 a week runs out at the end of this week. and economists say the lawmakers need to act quickly. by the time lawmakers agree, it looks like the checks that everyone needs won't be reaching them for another few weeks. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. "the room where it happen " happening today, the oak land se zoo will reopen. visitors have to make online reservations and only


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