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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 27, 2020 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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julian glover will ai >>vebodys mo, jy 2thnday,d morn. and let's check in with mike nicco. >> welcome to monday. let's see what happens differently today weather-wise. we'll start with our winds and see how they are blowing through the golden gate bridge making that left turn at the san rafael bridge, heading into the delta at about 24 miles per hour. you can see the flags up if you recall unfurled there. and so we're mostly cloudy and temperatures in the mid tupper we'll have a comfortable evening. and we'll take a look at the week's weather coming up soon.
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new overnight in the east bay, police are investigating a double shooting outside a 7-eleven in antioch that happened shortly after midnight on buchanan road. investigators say that two people were in a white suv w they were shot. a woman in the to the hospital. police believe that they were targeted. and some coronavirus testing sites will hopefully decrease your wait time. there will be wrist bands issued. they have been seeing long lines over the past few weeks. and jewel glulian glover is how this will work. >> reporter: yeah, i've seen these massively long lines it the at the testing sites
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firsthand, sometimes folks getting there hours in advance forcing them to take off work. and now the new wrist band system is aimed at saving these folks some time. so we actually got to see this system in action a couple weeks ago at independence hst school. you can given a wrist band that is linked to an hour when you would return to the site to tested. so once you check in, there is a lot of people in line, so you given a wrist band for a 2:00 time slots. and you just come back a 2 to get test. y d . these po sights are aimed at hits some of the hardest hit areas. this will be a solution for many of them. we know there are currently 50
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coronavirus testing sites throughout santa clara county, a couple new pop-up sites this one, and you can find the locations on the county website. julian glover, abc 7 news. and there is new hope in the race to find a vaccine, fades thr phase threes are getting under way. and tens of thousands have vol unteerd. here is victor oquendo. >> reporter: and in "first look," race to a vaccine, a major milestone in the battle against covid-19. for the first time in the u.s., phase three vaccine trials are thousand getting under way. 30,000 measures are expected to volunteer for the clinical trials hoping the be the answer. >> i think that it is important that the president steps up and tries to do something for the world. >> reporter: and 73-year-old
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jeffrey is in good health and says that he is not nervous at all about the risks. >> to me it is all on the vaccine is the holy grail >> reporter: i'm victor oquendo, abc news, miami. coronavirus infections continue to surge with more than 16 million people now infected worldwide. more 4 million of those cases reported here in the u.s. americans facing economic uncertainty are looking to washington for federal relief. corinna mitchell is in new york with the >> repord to take action as millions are on the verge of losing that federal unemployment benefit. republicans proposing a package with laid off workers getting 70% of the wage. >> it will cap it as a level that is consistent with people
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going back to work. >> reporter: and nancy pelosi admonishing the gop blaming them for the ongoing crisis. >> that delay is causing suffering for american families. so we have been ready for two months and ten days. >> reporter: that as several states report out of control numbers. california the worst hit in the country. florida with more than 400,000 cases now surpassing new york to become the second most infected state. and recording an alarming spike in infections among children. this 9-year-old the state's youngest covid victim. >> she was strong and she could put a smile on your face just by looking at her. >> reporter: while hospitalizations surge, officials looking for a way to extend the life line to bars and restaurants by keeping them officials says -- >> if they open up bar, they are basically saying good-bye to
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schools. >> reporter: and 15 states reporting problems where testing. and kentucky is bracing for new restrictions as at least 30 children under the age of 5 have died from the virus. corinna mitchell, abc news, new york. and a new relief bill would include an eviction moratorium and unemployed aid. and san francisco business owners say it is not a permanent fix. tracy says she wants to get back to work. >> we don't want a stimulus package, we don't want unemployment, we just want to open our doors. we need the city to step up and the state to step up and make a decision on what they will do with the beauty industry. >> more details about the federal aid package are expected to be released today. a niptd deanth death row ins
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died from coronavirus. he was sentenced to death in fresno county in 1996 for two counts of first agreed murder. all together, more than 2400 inmates and staff have now tested positive for the virus. patricia wrilt wght was reld from the prison and she has battled cancer. wouldn't make it if she caught covid-19. an advocacy group helped to free her. >> and so ill that is still there, that i just pray thatveo
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compassion as he did for me and consider their release as well. >> advocates are filing to older d medically at risk inmates early release. and two assembly members tested positive for coronavirus. but they are about five weeks remaining in the current session to tackle some critical issues including tenant protections, bills about police brutality and health care and legislation that would make covid-19 infections eligible for workers comp. let's see you a expect if you are traveling. cloudy with temperatures from 55 in richmond to 59 in places like oakland and also around hayward.
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55 in brentwood. and you will see some strong sunshine and possibly some hot surfaces especially in the inland eas where temperatures will reach the low to mid-90s. lacking really breezy conditions but also lacking sun along the coast. a small craft advisory through the delta. and east bay valleys, we'll be up around 90 at 4:00. and for the peninsula, in the 60s but increasing sunshine through 10:00. near 80 for a couple hours this afternoon. 67 at 8:00. and the last stop, south bay, low to mid-80s for a few hours this afternoon. and a comfortable 70 with sunshine this evening. 7 day forecast is coming up.
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first let's get an update on the morning commute. good morning, everyone. happy monday to you. i'm just watching a couple of minor incidents here coming in from the krmchp involving stall cars. it is not causing a mor slowdown. we'll take a look at the san mateo bridge. it is beginning to pick up a little bit as people make their way toward the peninsula. and you can see that it is green across the board. walnut creek to dublin, 13 minutes. santa rosa to san francisco, 47 minutes. and highway 1 to los gatos, 21 minutes. and paper tickets will no longer be sold at the glenn park station, but paper tickets will be accepted if you bought it at the another station. b.a.r.t. plans to phase out all paper tickets by the end of the
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here are the 7 things to know. number one, a second stimulus package is set to be revealed today, expected to reveal $1200 stimulus check. and moderna enters phase three for a hear from their ceo at 5:30. and a new testing site is to reduce the amount of time people spend waiting in line. people will be directed to other testing options nearby when they run out. >>. and governor newsom is expected to give an update at
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noon right here on abc 7. our action 7 news app and also number five, temperatures slipping just a bit early this week. but warmer weather is on the way for the weekend. and number six, we have a nice ride for your early commute. 101 this morning, no major incidents to report. so good news there. >> and number seven, the oakland zoo is reopening to donors and members today. visitors need to make a reservation and wear a mask. the zoo opens to the general public on wednesday. concern from owners of midway sf venue planned what a thayyold but the city shstcity still shu
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dwn. here is j.r. stone. >> reporter: these yellow lines are where tables will go. but the venue was forced to close after the 12i gave them a cease and desist order. >> it is not willy-nilly it is thought out, planned out and it is executed. all righ peter says that social distancing has been considered and there is a kitchen. and there will be a deejay. and while a large area, he says everything has been strategically set up. >> there weren't going to be anywhere near the number of people that we have at the park. >> reporter: and they have more than 50 years of experience when it comes to organizing large events and say they shouldn't be faulted for a safe idea that keeps around 30 people employed.
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>> what we're try doing and when we have done and will continue to do is to show that there is a way to come back, there is a way if dining and festive events to continue to happen. >> reporter: and as to those who say they are trying to make big profits? >> we don't make l mhe o work. >> reporter: i did reach out to the city of san francisco to get their take on what you are looking at. and they have not returned my calls or emails. in san francisco, j.r. stone, abc 7 news. right now have a county by countly li lly what is open and closed. and at the live desk, i'm
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tracking hurricane hanna as it weakens to a tropical depression.storm made landfall in texas over the weekend. it was the first atlantic hurricane of the season. maybe neighborhoods and businesses were blooded. >> and it is sweeping through an area that is the most challenged area in the state for >> it is shaping up to be an active hurricane season. hurricane douglas is threats ths beibe the hawaiian islands. it seemed like everything was canceled could ydue to covid-19 the hurricane season. >> yeah, it knows no boundaries. and other than the calendar
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year. let's go kigs focus on douglas. flooding will continue to be an issue with hanna. so much of us have a stake in so close to hawaii, i wanted to show you what is going on with douglas. it is moving off to the northwest at 16. it still could bring up to 6 inches of rain and beach erosion for the western most islands the next 12 hours or so. and then once we get towards tomorrow, it will be in our rearview mirror. back home, here is a look at the exploratorium. typical summer morning. it will be cloudy at the coast today and the rest of us have a bit of warming. highs will taper a little bit tomorrow and wednesday, possibly warmer weather coming up for the weekend e
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weekend. today 89 in morgan hill, and a smaller spread on the peninsula, 73 at millbrae to redwood city at 82. mid-60s along the coast today even with limited sunshine and mid to upper 60s, a little more sunshine downtown and sausalito. cloverdale northward, mid to upper 90s. mid to upper 70s all along the east bay shore today. and 88 around san ramon and pleasanton, 90 to 94 for the rest of the east bay valley neighborhoods. tonight 62 at antioch, most of us waking up with cloudy conditions. so we warm back up above average starting friday and stay that way for saturday and sunday. but still nothing too extreme. a chinese researcher accused of visa fraud is due in court today.
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the fbi says that she had been hiding in the san francisco consulate for a month. before that, she was working at uc davis. she and three other researchers are being a scheduled of lying on applications to work in the u.s. areas. and a show of support for have a necessary a gi have a necessaryvanessa guillen month. the group called for justice in her case. authorities believe that another soldier killed her. her family says that she was being sheks lsexually harassed y a superior. and the san francisco cron kell phil matier wrote that review is under way of schools named after presidents and other historic figures. the list includes more than a
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dozen has lowell on the list. you can read his column every sunday and wednesday. and the bay area native who just became a citizen in another country. >> and mel gibson's fight with covid-19, what he revealed about his health. and as we fight the coronavirus pandemic, california is mandating face masks to stop the spread and that is why abc 7 wants to remind you to
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let's show you what is on wihanna. i think that flooding will be an issue. it won't be the winds, look at this, takes tropical depression with winds around 25 miles per hour, but it is drawing in all of the gulf moisture and that will ring out the air mass.
5:24 am
so i think that flooding will be an issue. it will be interesting to s if it returns to a drtropical nature. let's look forward to the weekend. you can see the temperatures will be a little buiit above average. saturday maybe a degree or two warmer. and sunday about the same. so expect above average temperatures friday, saturday and sunday. and fans are mourning the loss of a star from hollywood's golden era who got her start acting in oakland. owe live i canlivia de havilland peacefully of natural causes at her mohome in prararis. she was 104. she is credited as a pioneer who
5:25 am
took on the studio system and won. de havilland's decision set an enforcement limit on employee contracts. and mel gibson rli hospitalized. a representative says he spent a week in a los angeles area hospital. he was treated with remdesivir. gibson tested negative several times since then as well as positive for the antibodies. and tomt hantom hanks and he officially greek citizens. they posted this photo holding up their new passports on instagram. the family became honorary citizens because hanks helped raise awareness about the fires. hey ha lot in
5:26 am
2020. they have been through it. >> they have been through it all. and we're coming back another full 9 0 minutes of new including a face mask with a message. and the way area county considering fines if you don't cover your face. >> we could hear details today mr. a new unemployment package. i'll have the details coming up next. and washington preparing a final good-bye to the late congressman john lewis. how his fellow lawmakers will honor his life and legacy today.
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>> i went to the san francisco zoo, they just reopened in the past wooum kecouple weeks. i really enjoyed myself. and the caveat is that i would swear to you the animals were looking at me like oh -- >> that one tiger you posted with everything. >> gorgeous, right? animals are posing for the mi i humans. i might be making that up. >> i thought are they voguing for you, are they picking up on our vibe? that's all we were doing friday during the show. they were looking at you like hey, yeah, you're looking at me, i'll give you what you got. i'm glad you posted that. let's take a look at what is going on. welcome to monday. let's see what we can do for your we
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you may see some patchy drizzle. temperatures are mainly in the 50s this morning and we'll hit the mid-60s along the coast and into san francisco. mid to upper 70s around the bay. mid to upper 80s in the south bay. east bay low to mid-90s. and north bay, we'll have mid 70s to low 80s. millions of people who lost their jobs are about to lose something else, a vital financial life line. is this the last week this they will get the $600 unemployment benefits unless congress takes action. and amy hollyfield is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. this is the last week of that
5:32 am
$600 a week check. so many will be returning to unemployment offices like this one looking for more help. mitch mcconnell is expected to announce a new plan called c.a.r.e.s. 2. it includes a $1200 stimulus check, eviction moratorium and 70% of pre-attepandemic wages. some senators think if they offer as much as they are now, people won't be motivated to go back to work. and one economics professor says what is important that this they act quickly because people are desperate for help. >> unemployment rate is at an all-time high. >> reporter: there is still quite a bit of negotiating that will need to happen on capitol hill. this plan would cost $1 trillion. house democrats support a plan that costs $3 trillion.
5:33 am
so a big gap that they need to agree on. and it looks like the checks everyone needs won't reach them for another few weeks. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. and governor newsom is set to give an update to the state's response to covid-19. on friday the governor announced additional protection for essential workers on the front lines. he says he is implementing an educational campaign. you can watch the update at noon right here on abc 7, our free app. >> the ray to findce to find a s htting a big milestone today. moderna is starting phase three. jobina has more. >> and there are still so many unanswered questions regarding moderna's vaccine. researchers want to know if they
5:34 am
can protect people from covid-19. and if so, does it simply reduce the harm of the infection or can it 3r5prevent people from getti sick all together? the k co-founder says that 30,000 volunteers are participating in this phase of the vaccine trial. it will be tested in 30 states plus washington, d.c. >> certainly we will be doing the tests in an area where there is a significant viral challenge so that the tests can quickly see whether we're giving the protections. >> he is hope follow that it will have fda approval by the end of the year or early next year. you can watch the full interview on gma. president trump is heading to north carolina today to visit a lab where scientists are working on key elements of a potential covid-19 vaccine from the drug maker novavax.
5:35 am
they were awarded $1.6 million under "operation warp speed" to mass produce an effective treatment. the president will be required to wear a mask when he tours that facility. and john lewis will lie in state at the u.s. capital the next two days. here is alex presha. >> reporter: overnight a final good-bye for john lewis in his home state of alabama. ♪ the civil rights icon making his final journey to washington latest today, the procession will shuts downs. >> he was a servants who wanted to do good at all times abt s a wanted everybody he will to do good. >> reporter: and in montgomery, a service celebrating the boy from troy. among the speaker, dr. king.
5:36 am
>> after my father's assassination, he was one of a few who continued to remain committed to nonviolence as a methodology and a way of life. >> reporter: earlier sunday, lewis' flag draped cass set carried bring a horse drawn casen. >> he has done his work. he's done his job like so many ours. >> reporter: lewis returned to the bridge year after year bringing bipartisan delegations with him, most notably the 50 ths th an verse walking across the bridge with president obama. and back montgomery last night,
5:37 am
this message -- >> don't forget to prayer together or you will get weary. rest in peace, uncle john. rshtd >> reporter: alex pre-say, abc news, no. and house panel is investigating whether apple, facebook, amazon and going are stifling competition. the hearing was delayed and it is likely to honor john lewis. >> whoa, whoa, that is not acceptable. >> this woman caught on camera making bracist racist insults. and the action for apple employees. and first the hardest working man in meteorology, mike know
5:38 am
compan mike nicco. >> thank, i'm take that. we have some clouds. you see mid upper 70s just about everywhere. and time to head back to work and school possibly if -- maybe not school but work. 56 at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see them sdreemi istrea. it will be choppy once again in afternoon. cool in san francisco, but the hot if you are heading out to the suburbs on mass transit. north bay, by noon we're 76 and we'll hang out in the mid-80s for a couple hours this afternoon.
5:39 am
in the east bay, mid-70s this afternoon. and breezes will drop us in to the mid-60s by 8:00. and in san francisco, mid-60s this afternoon with a mostly sunny sky. and we'll take a look at the week's weather coming up. >> good morning, everyone. o major blocking ad io problems. and we'll show you the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll let you know when the metering lights come on. and we have some drive times for you you. albany to the mad, 4 minutes. fremont to san jose, 14
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cloudy picture from our roof cam where it is about54 degrees. not a lot of mist and drizzle unless you drive up into the cloud. temperatures 60 at the coast, 71 to 82 bay and inland by noon, 77 and 90, so you can see the spread warms a little bit over yesterday's highs. and back into the 50s, 60s and 70s by 7:00. a chance of thunderstorms in the shaded area and that same area is under a red flag warning today. let's take a look 99 in close company to 830 0 in tahoe. 78 in l.a. and two people have been detained in portland after a shooting near protests. one person because hurt but expected to survive. a group of people were fighting
5:43 am
right before a shot was fired. it is to the fight near theear e courthouse. oakland is cleaning up after protesters became violent. it started peaceful in downtown, but police say that in 23407b straig demonstrators set fire and smashed windows and spray paintpaint graffiti. police claired it an aun unlawful assembly. >> this is a bad image for the city. this doesn't bring flooyd back r anything. >> mayor schaaf says that we celebrate passionate protests but oaklanders need to know that
5:44 am
when they attend protests after dark, they may be providing did you ever for agitators who are more intent on stoking civil unrest. and a legal battle may take a new turn. the city attorney says he will take a legal action if the l.a. doesn't respond to his calls to investigate the shootings of monterrosa and mccoy. abrams recused herself from the investigations asking the attorney general to step in. but the attorney general's office said that it will department's destruction of evidence in the monterrosa case but not the shootings because there is no legal basis for abrams to recuse herself. building a better bay area means that sometimes standing up to racism and bigotry. community members are outraged after a woman was caught on video using a racial slur
5:45 am
towards an ameri p service worker. [ bleep ]. >> whoa, that is not acceptable. >> this video was taken at the usps location on main street thursday afternoon. and it shows the woman in the mask yelling at the employee behind the counter. when she used a racial slur, several by standers jumped into deannounce her behavior and one was a man who took the video. >> the reason i did it was to spread awareness and to let people know that this is happening all around us. like i live in the silicon valley and this is happening in loss >> postal service officials are looking into the incident. visi
5:46 am
for the first time since march. the general public can start visiting wednesday. however, you do need to make online reservation. they are only allowing a certain number of people in. visitors who are three or older have to wear a mask. you may be soon be fined if you violate health orders. the board of have rice or coiding fine and if you thinkring a face mask is boring, a fashion designer has come up with a new option. look at this. this is the face mask that lights up. it has l.e.d.s that can display
5:47 am
whenever you want. the designer says that face masks are becoming a standard part of wardrobes, this is true, she called it a new form of xreg expression. is that true? i guess. why want to see all this flashing. it's too much. >> >> no? what if i sell advertising on it? come on, a little circle 7 on it maybe, watch the news 4:30, no? >> that would make me stay in the house. >> i could put your picture on my face. >> no, mike. no. >> we well.
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let's move on to the weather. hi, everybody. good monday morning to you. let's open the exploratorium camera. a little mist hanging in the air and about 54 degrees. cloudy at the coast as we head into the afternoon hours. we'll have a warm surge as we head into the weekend. and temperatures just a couple degrees above average in the south bay. 84 san jose, near 90 at more morgan hill. and mid-60s along the coast today. and mid to upper 60s for downtown south san francisco, sal sausalito. 90s from cloverdale northward. east bay shore, pretty comfortable. 73 to 77.
5:49 am
88 in san ramon and 94 ind.grwe tonight. and the 7 day forecast, you see a drop in temperatures mainly inland tomorrow and then around all of us wednesday, just a couple degrees. and a slow turnaround starting thursday to back above average temperatures saturday and sunday. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, summer is locked into another week. apple is helping its workers get to the polls during the upcoming presidential election. according to bloomberg, the policy also applies to its retail workers. they will be given up to four hours to vote or volunteer at a polling place. twitter is giving people the whole day off about. >> theda
5:50 am
that makes sense. you need that time. okay. the loving tributes continue to pour in for regis philbin. he died friday night, he was 88 years old. and the l.a. times is calling him television's greatest host. he spent most of his career on abc. this mornings show now called live with kelly and ryan will have a special contribute buts t tribute to regis. natural that will be good. and coming up new, the undercover battle bay area college students are fighting during covid-19. but first, why one group is asking neighboris to a pictures of their sidewalks. but this is the muppets. >> and they have a new show
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
. a group of ada advocates is encouraging people to take pictures of their sidewalks in their neighborhoods. they claim that they are eneven and cracked which makes difficult to get around. the duck squad wants to show the pictures to city officials with the hope that they will make improvements. and if you are looking for your next feel good binge watch, get ready because because becaue ha muppets are back. >> there is a new show for disney plus. >> i'm listening. >> it will be wild and funny. and it will feature some new friends. >> no details about celebrity
5:54 am
guests or content may be proffered. >> i was just going on show everyone -- >> over my dead legal >> miss piggy is on "good morning america" this morning and she was asked how she is doing and she said she finally has a reason to stay 6 feet away from the other muppets. >> no, she didn't. >> you can watch miss piggy who does the whole interview from her bed and kermit the frog on gma. it is so funny. here is a creative way to present a check to a lottery winner. a robot hand delivering a nearly $4.5 million check to a lottery winner quebec. no human hands touched the check for 72 hours before the
5:55 am
presentation. >> i've got a hot topic, better diva, miss piggy or mariah. think about that one. and i'll give you 30 seconds of tropical weather. here is a look at douglas. it is moving away, but it is still a hurricane with 90-mile-per-hour winds. its effects on the islands will be up to 6 inches of rain, dangerous surf and beach erosion. here is a look at hanna, now a tropical depression. the flooding potential is the issue. up to 6 to 10 inches of rain possible in the mountains of mexico. and dangerous rip currents possible along the eastern shore of texas and also mexico. and we'll keep an eye on on on n and coming up new at 6:00, a
5:56 am
new class of coronavirus investigatio investigators. and also which hoping ttr waves of tracking teams. >> there weren't going to be anywhere near the number of people that we have at doloris park. and a music venue shut down even though they say they followed all the reopening rules. and a new toll this week to try to get people through those coronavirus testing lines a little bit more quickly. this could really be a time saver for folks who cannot take off work to get a
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there was a shooting in the parking lot of 7-eleven you can in an road. two people were in a white suv and they were shot. the woman in the passenger's seat died. the driver had to be taken to the hospital, no word on how he is doing. police believe that


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