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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 1, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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say what? i said it's bea.... try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery. good morning, everyone. it's saturday, august 1st. i'm liz kreutz. thanks for joining us. we have a lot to get to but first let's start with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning to you. the winds are compressed. that means the winds have shifted and cool air to start off in the north bay. the fog is setup along the coast for 2 mile visibility. half moon bay 4 miles up in petaluma and a live look here. you can see the scattered deck of low clouds. 58 in the city, 60 in oakland. in the upper 50s in san jose
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with about 55 in half moon bay. from mt. tam beautiful view there for a warmer day in store for you, but 40s right in petaluma, 50 in santa rosa, 59 in concord. you can see how low the cloud deck is here in the city where we'll have a warmer day as well. by 9:00 partly cloudy, looking at a sunny and warmer midday, 60s along the coast. it's breezy there. the warmup comes around the bay and inland as we're in the 80s and 90s. looking at a warm day tomorrow but will it be as warm? i'll let you know coming up. all right, lisa, thank you. california has passed the half million mark in coronavirus case, the first state in the country to do so. more than 8,000 cases were reported here in just the last day, and this morning an east bay doctor is not holding back forcefully saying it is time to take the virus more seriously. >> our rights not wear a mask, that [ bleep ] is going to kill us. >> nationwide july was the worst month so far of the pandemic.
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abc 7 news reporter kate larson has more on that doctor's outrage. >> a grocery clerk should not have to fight a grown man to wear a mask. that's not their job. our rights are going to kill us. >> reporter: physician and richmond resident dr. desmond carson was deadly serious at a contra costa county press conference about the pandemic. >> we need the national guard to come out to tell these fools who don't want to wear masks that you're going to wear the mask or you're going to go ho. >> reporter: more than 110 contra costa county residents have died from covid-19 and there are now more than 2 naphtimes the number of people hospitalized from corona compared to the end of the month. in lafayette mask wearing compliance was good but far from perfect. still contra costa county residents weren't so sure about dr. carson's message. >> i know i need to wear a mask
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and i try to educate people but i don't think it's ramming it down their throats. it's giving them that information. >> i would encourage people to use a mask. >> reporter: but what about bringing in the national guard to enforce it. >> i wouldn't be that extreme about it. >> reporter: another idea that came out of the press confernce was a youth ambassador program for 15 to 25-year-olds here in contra costa county. ambassadors will receive $525 to post on social media about best covid practices leak mask wearing and social distancing. even though it's advice some teens in the county could clearly use this 15-year-old pittsburgh resident is not so sure the strategy will stick. >> a lot of them don't watch the news and all that, look at the cases and how it's inclining. a lot of people just kind of forgot about it. >> reporter: kate larson, abc 7 news. and new video shared with abc 7 shows several bus loads of
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people being dropped off in south lake tahoe. most without masks, no one social distancing. witnesses say the crowds were e bay area.chaingm >> reporter: no regard for residents. that's how south lake tahoe residents are characterizing the behavior of this crowd. >> from my vantage point it only seem about maybe 40 to 50 people, still a lot. but as we got closer and after the video i saw three full buses, and i would estimate about 180 people. >> reporter: separately and standing much closer resident elana mosely recorded this sea of kids, no social distancing inside. >> there were too many of them not taking the precautions to safely do whatever they were doing. >> reporter: he spoke with group members and learned this was a church events. >> i know there were no large churches around. i asked them where they were from, the girls talked for a
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second and responded they were from redwood city. >> reporter: so we reached out. redwood said it's notifying places of worship saying in part we continue to urge the community to remain vigilant against the deadly virus by following all social distancing and safety precautions. abc 7 is working to independently confirm where the group came from and why they were in south lake. >> we don't really care what kind of event it was. it was irresponsible. >> reporter: chris fiori says the city was only made aware of the crowds when it was posted to social media. he says everyone plays a part including acting responsibly and reporting violations. >> and for the most part it's worked here but not everyone's following the rules and we saw that. >> reporter: he says the city recently reached a volunteer effort to hand out masks and educate locals and visitors. >> state health officials are confirming the first covid related death of a teenager in
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california. the fresno county persons name and age are not being released. health officials added the patient had underlying health conditions. and this comes as alameda county warns the majority of repeat cases are coming from teenagers and adults. the county health officer says about 75% of cases are people under the age of 50, many of them teens. >> you know it's absolutely something that can affect younger adults and young people and pass it on. >> alameda county is also reporting the highest number of hospitalizations since the pandemic began with more than 200 people. and right now hospitals only have 25% to 30% of icu beds available. happening in just a half-hour, a car caravan protest put on my amazon workers saying the company has thrown them into dangerous conditions for far too long at the warehouse in san leandro. this week the california attorney general began investigating amazon safety practices after covid-19
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outbreaks in facilities. but today organizers say more immediate action needs to be taken. at 6:30 this morning they'll the know how this virus is two disprur portionately portionatep latinos. the goal was to get latinos and essential workers tested. mission local reports the site ran out of tests three hours early the first day and five hours early yesterday meaning many workers who wanted to get tested canned not. san francisco data shows latinos account for nearly half of the city's confirmed cases with 49.6%. school employees, teachers, assistants, principals, administrator staff and
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custodians can take the test. although the county says the positive test does not necessarily prove immunity. another bay area county is on the state's watch list now, san mateo county the newest edition. indoor gyms and salons expect they'll have to shutdown today. you can check out the interactive map on all right, in the east bay a video of a man erasing the word blackout of his neighbor's black lives matter chalk sign-i concord has gone viral. abc 7 reporter luce pena spoke to neighbors about the incident some are calling a racist attack. >> if you want to do this in some other neighborhood, fine. >> reporter: this is heated altercation between two neighbow gone viral. for three days a concord resident says she was trying to figure out who had been erasing the word "black" from her black
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lives matter chalk sign. >> if you disagree that's fine, but don't damage what was written on a sidewalk in front of someone's. y have to do is k walking. >> reporter: her video surveillance caught her neighbor pouring water on her signs. >> i was upset because it wasn't the first time it happened. >> reporter: she wanted to teach her 3-year-old daughter about the movement and says she wasn't anticipating for anyone in her neighborhood to retaliate against them. i have never experienced anything like this. >> reporter: we spoke to the man in the video who explained his recent actions. >> i was only pouring across the black because i believe all lives matter. i don't care what nationality, sexual orientation, any of that. we're all human beings. >> reporter: as to others calling h racist -- >> no, i am not a racist. and the only reason i did that was because i thought someone
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was tagging this house with racist thoughts. >> reporter: the altercation has now been viewed more than 40,000 times and now other neighbors are also writing black lives matter on their sidewalk across this neighborhood. in concord, luce pena, abc 7 news. and vallejo city council member hakeem brown's campaign office was vandalize would a racial slur. brown says he was shocked, upset and disheartened by the act as a black man and supporter of black lives matter. brown is asking the community to join him this morning at 10:00 to show vallejo is a place of understanding and not hate. when it comes to issues of social justice and racial equality we are here as an ally. you can go to action. mayor london breed is proposing a budget cut. $120 million in funding will be redirected from law enforcement
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to address disparities in the black community including things like housing, work force development and education. >> i want black boys growing up today to thrive because we chose to change how this city and how this country treats our young black men. not as a statistic or an inevitable tragedy but as an important part of our city's future. chief william scott said in a statement while the cuts are significant they are cuts we can absorb and that will not diminish our ability to provide essential services. all right, lisa, as always a little bit hazy out there this time of the morning. >> yeah, it is, liz. but changes are coming. in fact, we're going to see sunshine sooner around the bay. hello to august. we're going to get some summer-like weather here for the first weekend of august. right now in the city you can see how low the cloud deck is, but upper 60s later on, breezy at the coast, hot inland. my accuweather seven day forecast is coming up. also ahead cal train is
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developing news out of southern california this morning. a fast proving brush fire has forced about a thousand peop ho riverside county. the apple fire in cherry valley has burned more than 1,700 acres so far and officials say flames burned dangerously close to homes. crews work quickly to be able to save those homes thanks to a huge amount of resources. the cause of the fire is under investigation. happening today it's back to business as usual for vta in the south bay. fares start back up again for all buses and trains. the fares were paused for more
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than four months during stay at home orders. vta says it's made safety improvements in the meanti plexy glass is in place so that front door boarding can start again. vta also recommends downloading the easy fare app or using a clipper card to limit touching surfaces while paying. the the issue may be most immediate for cal train. new details this morning as the train system is now one step closer to being shutdown for good. the chronicle reports the sfmta voted against a sales tax measure to fund and likely save cal train. carrying just 5% of its normal passengers. four transit boards and three county boards need to vote yes by friday to get the proposal in front of november voters. and it is estimated a large number of the people infected with or have mild
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a bay area company is now launching a new testing kit that can track whether covid-19 is present on surfaces. stephanie siera digs in. >> a company is working around the clock to detect the presence of covid on surfaces. >> it just indicates whether or not you have people that are carrying the virus indoors. >> reporter: ceo dr. jessica green explains each kit sent in the mail comes with between 10 to 25 swabs. you take each swab, brush the top of any surface and send the samples back to >> we process every sample and assess whether or not the virus that causes covid-19 is present in the sample and then you can have a comprehensive view of where in your building it was present. >> reporter: what's the test turn around time? >> 48 hours before the kit gets back. >> reporter: 40 to 51 samples
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taken across retail shops have tested positive for the virus. >> we all spend more than 95% of our lives indoors, and so we need to understand without even knowing it we're transmitting the virus. >> reporter: but dr. dean winslow who specializes in testing research is skeptical of this strategy. >> the potential downside is it could give people or companies sort of a false sense of security. there are still a lot of people coming in and out of the building shedding the virus whether they're symptomatic or not. >> reporter: dr. winslow also pointed out the science behind environmental surface testing for covid-19 is not validated yet. >> we know even directly testing human beings has a false negativity rate so the sensety of testing environmental surfaces has to be much, much lower. >> reporter: while the false negative rate could be lower surface testing can still be valuable. just proceed carefully with the negative test. in san francisco, stephanie
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sierra, abc 7 news. san francisco will close down streets in the tenderloin to allow for more physical distancing. muny put up closure signs on four blocks of jones streets. the tenderloin has been hit hard by coronavirus as we've reported. this extra space will be used for an extended sidewalk, outdoor dine and a play area. the closure will start in the coming days. and small business owners in san francisco say they may not be able to stay in business much longer. reporter lauren martinez tells us what resources are still out there for them. >> if i could i would close. >> reporter: small business owners along san francisco's west portal neighborhood are either closing down permanent la or unsure how much time they have. >> not too long, how much time i'm not sure. this shoe service shop has trie apply for loans.
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>> i tried to apply for the state and it was the same thing. why waste more time trying to get something that is not going to happen? >> on friday assembly member camden chuorganized a webinar with california state treasurer fiona mato discuss services for small businesses. the ppp program ends august 8th. >> we do understand not all banks are making the program as available as we'd like to, some of the small business, some of them are a little bit smaller. >> reporter: down the street petals of a flower studio is run by one person. >> we lost the waitings. we lost the graduation, proms. >> reporter: she said if it wasn't for her landlord discounting her rent she'd be closed by now. >> he told me that i can pay a very bare minimum, and then right now he said, well, if you a plan which i don't as none of us do. >> reporter: she does not expect
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she'll last another year. >> given today's situation if i get the same amount of orders, i don't know maybe until january. >> reporter: in san laen mtiz, . >> happening today a drive-thru donation event to get parents and families a little extra help during pack to school season. the samaritan house is handing out 2,000 backpacks filled with school supplies from 9:00 to 1:00 as a much needed boost for those who know school shopping is even harder this year. and what a different back to school sits going to, lisa. i know oakland unified starts a week from monday, so it's here, it's happening. >> yeah, it definitely is and we can hope for the best seeing all sorts of kids out there. bigger kids with masks so it's a real blend how people are doing things, managing and good luck to us, right? good morning, everybody.
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we're in store for a warmup as we look at live doppler 7 right now. low fog and clouds being compressed by higher pressure that is building in the south of us and that's going to allow for a remember war day. maybe five degrees warmer from the bay and at the coast windy conditions. so even though we're going to see some sun it is going to be pretty gusty out there. in between two elements of a trough of low pressure to the north, a ridge to the south, but that dryer and warmer air winning out might get you caught up on another hurricane that might be impacth florida tonight. winds right now at 85 miles an hour. it's a cat 1, and as we look at moving over the bahamas hurricane warnings in effect all along the eastern sea board or i should say florida today and tonight as we're looking at heavy rain, storm surge 2 to 4 fe 4 feet and certainly wind impacts here. as it skims the coast of the east coast could make landfall
6:22 am
up into north carolina for a second time. whether or not it's going to make -- certainly making impacts here but landfall doesn't really matter because the effects are here for sure, and as we look at sunday night still winds of 75 miles an hour off the georgia coast. here's a look at san jose. much calmer here. in fact, we're looking at a beautiful day of numbers about 4 to 5 degrees warmer in the south bay today. you were in the upper 70s yesterday, 56 in mountain view, 58 now in the south bay. 51 in gilroy. good morning, san francisco. 56 there. 54 in santa cruz. about 77 today with winds up to about 18 miles an hour. we've got fog, mile and a half visibility up in petaluma, but we are looking at this fog pushing to the ground and looking for some dense conditions before it evaporates quicker today. 57 by the del atu, it's clear in our inland valleys and look at
6:23 am
our view from mt. tam. a deck of low clouds here. a warm day out there up to the 90s. but where you have it it is dense in spots with a cooler pattern seing up as we get into next week. here's the fog. san mateo coast later on today. you go about a mile and we're going to see sunny conditions. so looking at a nice afternoon not only today and tomorrow. looking at temperatures in the middle of the week, that's when we come down. in fact, looking at numbers well into the 70s. and as we get into the next several days looking at the cool down for wednesday. thursday we begin to rebound. highs today 80 in fremont with low 80s up in san rafael. string of 90s through mondays, and then as we get cooler, liz, it's below like today inland. >> yeah, it does look pretty cool later this week.
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just ahead changeerize coming to facebook this weekend. we'll have details on
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all right, in the east bay the u.s.-hornet museum will reopen to the public today with restrictions. only the open air portion will be accessible during a visit. and all inclosed areas since below will be closed to the public. there's an activity or somethng you can do this weekend. and starting today you can watch music videos on facebook. the social media giant is introducing a new music section within facebook watch. it allows users to discover and share and watch music videos by well-known artists. facebook is also planning to have exclusive music video content from a variety of artists. still to come president trump targeting tiktok. and plus
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good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. we are going to start this half-hour with a look at the weather so let's go over to lisa argen. hey, lisa. >> hey, liz, good morning to you. welcome to august. we have some august warmth coming your way. as we look outside right now you can see the low clouds and fog from our east bay hills camera. so certainly the marine layer with us but it will be evaporating. 60 in oakland, so it looks typical here, but we have cool conditions in the 3/4 bay. look at that. isn't that beautiful from our sutro tower camera. just 49 in petaluma. 5 to nearly 8 degrees cooler than yesterday. 57 with less wind for you around the bay today. you may have felt that yesterday. i did certainly less of an onshore flow. as we get towards 10:00 just a
6:30 am
bit of fog there in half moon bay and we're well on our way to a remember fremont you're headed towards about 80 degrees and by tonight looking at that fog pushing back into the bay. so that will make a difference for your sunday. i'll tell you how much of a difference in a few minutes. >> thank you. happening today discussions on a new stimulus bill are set to resume. this comes after the $600 unemployment benefit that has kept millions afloat under the worst economic crisis in decades or in years officially expires at midnight. house speaker nancy pelosi is expected to meet with minority leader chuck schumer, meadows and treasury secretary steve mnuchin. and here in california lawmakers are considering launching a wekly payment if the government does not renew the federal benefit. this morning there are signs of hope as two vaccines head into their testing stage. the short-term forecast for the country still remains grim. abc news reporter christine sloan has the details.
6:31 am
>> reporter: this morning positive signs as two vaccines advance to the final testing stage. one of the volunteers for phizer, dr. victoria smith in louisiana taking on the risk herself after seeing multiple patients not make it. >> i've lost three patients to covid. i have a large african-american and latino patient population who's been disproportionately affected by covid, and so a vaccine is really what offers some hope to try to end so much of the suffering. >> dr. anthony fauci testifying on capitol hill saying he feels positive. >> we feel cautiously optimistic that we will have a vaccine by the end of this year and as we go into 2021. for some that vaccine can't come soon enough. students in georgia starting to return to school. safety measures are in place but masks are not required. >> i have full confidence they ve put in all the right
6:32 am
protocols. >> reporter: yet at a sleep away camp also in georgia where campers didn't wear masks the virus spread to over 44% of campers and staff within a week. the cdc predicting the coronavirus death toll could jump by another 30,000 in the next three weeks reaching 182,000. florida friday hitting its fourth straight day of breaking a record for lives lost. she says her family there had mere moments to say good-bye to her 94-year-old father-in-law over video chat. >> they called us at 6:00. we were able to talk to him until 6:19, and that he said his blood pressure was going down. and by 6:30 we lost him. >> reporter: many families also fear losing financial security. 30 million americans receiving their final $600 weekly federal unemployment benefit last week. congress and the white house not appearing close to another solution. christine sloan, abc news, new
6:33 am
york. >> and the latest celebrity to be recovering from coronavirus, walter white from breaking bad. actor bryan cranston says he's back to full health now and now looking to help fight the virus for others. >> i started a program there to -- not there. i was originally in the wrong line. so hopefully the plasma donation can help some other people. >> the emmy winning cranston said on instagram he's now giving his plasma and antibodies to the ucla donation center. he says he was strictly adhering to safety protocols but still got the virus. he says he was lucky to have only mild symptoms. in the video he urged followers to wear a mask. you must wear a mask if you want to shop at target. all employees are already required to wear a face covering and here in the bay area shop rrz required to wear one, but across the country they say
6:34 am
they're going to be providing disposal masks to customers who don't have one and those masks are free of charge. gap brand stores will also require shopper to wear a mask and these sfotores join costco, kroger to have a mask mandate. the president without evidence is now surging the ri. here's international correspondent terry moran. >> reporter: the president bhind in the polls and seeming more frustrated about it making an apocalyptic prediction. his idea of delaying the election was immediately shot down by republicans and democrats alike trump now claims because of pamail-in voting the results may never be known. >> it'll be fixed, it'll be rigged. it'll go on forever. >> reporter: postal service expects a huge surge in mail-in
6:35 am
ballots, a huge challenge. postal worker leaders say if they have sufficient resources americans can trust them to do the job. >> they have to insist that the mail's not slowed down and those ballots are going to move timely and quickly. new post master general who's a major trump donor ordered big cuts in the name of efficiency and there are now backlogs at post offices and concerns that politicicize behind the move. former president obama highlighting the issue in his eulogy for congressman john lewis. >> there are those in power doing their darnedest to discourage people from voting even undermining the postal service in a runup to an election that's going to be dependent on mail-in ballots so people don't get sick. >> reporter: terry moran, abc news, the white house. >> and president trump says he'll soon take action maybe as far as today to ban the popular
6:36 am
video app tiktok. tiktok claims to have millions of u.s. users and hundreds of million globally. but as chinese ownership as raised concerns about censorship and sharing data with chinese oficials. federal prosecutors are charging graham clark here of florida and two others with 30 felony counts in connection with the hack. authorities say they gained access to the accounts and sent tweets urging users to send bitcoin to fake charities. >> this was a highly sophisticated attack. cvs has announced a
6:37 am
partnership. the new payment system will require a customer use their own phone to scan qr codes generated at the cash register. paypal says it will not charge customers fees on these tran actions. cvs will rollout by the end of the year and the company already assessments touchless payment from apple and google pay. the usda has now identified 14 different kinds of seeds. a spokesperson says some pckages contain flowering plants, others contain vegetables like herbs including manipulate, sage and lavender. agriculture officials warn if you received a package do not plant them. and the fda has linked red onions to a salmonella outbreak. the fda says bakersfield based thompson international is the likely source. the company is recalling all of its onions because of possible
6:38 am
cross contamination. and if you can't tell if your onions are from thompsont just to afe. > shome making a new property. and here is a live look from our east bay hills camera. so beautiful there this morning. i love that. 6:38 is the time right now and we're going to check in with lisa what we can expect in the weekend aheading coming up. as we all fight the coronavirus pandemic california is mandating face masks to stop the spread. that's why abc 7 wants to remind you to wear a mask for you, your love
6:39 am
6:40 am
welcome back. here is a live look outside at our mt. tam camera here, a view from that camera, so beautiful this morning as we all wake up on this saturday, august 1st.
6:41 am
here we are 7 months into 2020. what a year it's been. all right, summer seems much different without the county fairs sfri fairs for instance for the bay area this year. sonoma county's was supposed to start today actually but it's keeping some of the fun. at 9:30 this morning the fair is doing a virtual live stock option and planters planning for this weekend all year. things like hams, goats, hogs and steers will be sold at virtual market. august already, lisa. what is going on? >> well, we have a little bit of a good news. if you want it a bit warmer we've got brighter weather sooner making for a warmer afternoon. here's santa cruz, 53 degrees, some fog here. but there's not much of it. it is going to burn off quickly and temperatures maybe a few degrees warmer than yesterday. stay tuned.
6:42 am
my accuweather seven day forecast is next. also next a giants rookie has a night to remember against the
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all right, here is a live look from our san jose camera. much clearer down there than we're seeing here in the city. not surprising. we'll check in with lisa and we can talk about for this weekend ahead for august 1st in just a mment. two of it best coaches in bay area sports history are teaming up. warriors head coach steve kerr and former manager bruce bochy will take part in a virtual chalk talk celratinghe 2016 alexander valley cabernet. they'll be discussing the role of fine wine in professional sports. silver oaks event also includes live music and reknowned chefs and a free virtual event via zoom. starts at noon. you do have to register on the
6:45 am
silver oaks website. the a's will try to snap a three game losing treat. the giants will try to get above 500 for the first time this year and they face the rangers at oracle park. first pitch is also at 6:10 tonight. and last night the giants bats gt going against texas. here's larry beil with the highlights of that and more in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. baseball commissioner rob manford told the players union he could be forced to shutdown the whole season on monday if more teams have outbreaks. but the giants and rangers healthy opening an interleague series last night at oracle with this it's the new rad pack. joints won't love this. first pitch of the game is gone. shin suchugoes deep off logan webb. 1-0 rangers in ashhit.s se o th.
6:46 am
4-2, g-men. bottom six, rookie from aruba got his first hit early of the game. second hit brings in darin how about the a's? in seattle somebody bought a steve bartman cut ought clearly not a cubs fan. then things go terribly wrong. kyle seager, down the line, two run score. allowed five runs. the a's in the fifth they need a double play, get the perfect play right here. but throws the come backer wide to second and the relay at first is late so they don't get anyone out. he thought that was ball four, you're walking back to your dug out.
6:47 am
a's drop legeews the pac-12 announcing their plans for a game conference title game just before christmas to be hosted by the top seed. former sabrina lu luneskew. sabrina ended up being helped off the court, taken to the hospital. they're really hoping that it's mild but, man,ha looked painful. nba in the bubble in orlando. bucks and celtics. they call them the greek freak. yoenis yoenis with authority. jalen brown he canhato leadin c
6:48 am
to stop him there win the first official game in the bubble 119-112. on sunday oakland native damian willard and the blazers taking on the celtics at noon. bucks and rockets at 5:30 and stay with us right after that for after the game at 8:00. enjoy your weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> let's get a check of the weather. people are going to be hopefully enjoying their weekend. if you're in the city it's going to be a little cold, though, but no surprise. >> we will have that sea breeze in the city but even so the numbers coming up by about 4 degrees. high pressure building in just enough to the south of us that we're going to see a warmup out there. a live look outside from our sutro tower camera. a deck of low clouds tt mns the marine layer is compressed. so as we look at livermore today
6:49 am
in the low 90s, looking at about 90 tomorrow and monday. the cool down comes, of course you know it's coming, right, tuesday and wednesday as a trough of low pressure moves into the north of us. it's going to kind of hang out into the middle of the week and then the numbers will rebound by the end of the week. so it has been a pretty comfortable summer. and for today if you want it just a little warmer we have that in store, that onshore flow will be limited right here to the coastline. it will be gusty at the coast, but you just head in a couple of miles away from the shoreline and you're going to feel that warmth as that wind flow backs off. in fact, we're looking at a northerly wind this morning allowing for some cooler conditions and clearing conditions out there. here's a live look outside where we're looking at our east bay, 56 san francisco, 55 enhalf moon bay and from our roof camera the winds are light right now, but we will look for them to
6:50 am
increase to nearly 0 miles an hour at the coastline. 50 in santa rosa. how about 48 in petaluma, so a chilly start out there as that dryer air is working in from the upper elevations. by the afternoon that translates into warmer temperatures. it is 59 in concord, livermore 55, and you can see the skyline thereof san jose where we're looking at sunny start. hot inland over the weekend and even into monday looking at that cooler pattern arriving into next week. headed to the beach, well, partly cloudy conditions. it will be mild before that sea breeze kicks up, and temperatures in the mid-60s but those winds increasing throughout the day today, and we'll see more of that tomorrow and more fog, so the warmer day over the weekend should be today. 83 in san jose, coming up about 4 degrees for you, 82 in coopertino, peninsula numbers from the low 70s millbrae to out p ao.
6:51 am
62 with some clouds by the afternoon in daly city, but it has been a pretty dry and sunny summer for you in south city for sure. 83 in san rafael. how about 90 up in the north bay today in santa rosa? 76 in hayward, just a little bit warmer for you in fremont. and head inland and we're at 91 in walnut creek. how about 92 for you in concord. 60s on the coast with 70s around the bay. 90s inland, mid-90s today, tomorrow, tomorrow a bit of change although that sea prebre should pick u and that trough of low pressure i talked about hanging out with us tuesday and wednesday and bringing much cooler conditions, in fact, average. if you don't like the heat cooling off midweek. >> thanks, lisa. all right, those with back yards if you have one are turning them into their new
6:52 am
vacation spot and that has brought on a surge of demand for backyard pools. it's one of the few bright spots in focus on building a better bay area. david louie does a cost and benefit analysis. >> reporter: people are having pools put in. >> our request for pool installation design construction has gone up ten times probably what it was before. the phone rings all day long people wanting pools. >> reporter: pool contractor phil cookoo. it thr months to design a pool. there are lots of options and choices similar to remodeling a kitchen. the cost of a pool runs about $75,000. add a spa it could cost $10,000 or so, but people are diving in. >> rather than spending that money to go on a vacation every year which may cost, you know, in a few years you could buy the pool.
6:53 am
so- and u cause round. >> reporter: cook says some customers have wanted a pool for years but never took the plunge. the pandemic made others realize their yards could be better used to allow them to stay at home without worrying and flying about possible virus exposure. >> i'm happy i made the decision at this point now we're on lock down for a while and i have three children to entertain. so i'm hoping that this will be a recreational oasis in our home. >> reporter: the family can wait but it has run into delays they and the contractor can't control. >> the inspection process which you can't avoid and is a bit out of your control did hit a recent snag in the last few weeks just in the response time from the city. >> reporter: permitting and inspection in and areas have been delayed due to building department staff working frominviting neighbors and frie over for a big pool party might have to wait due to social distancing, but the immediate family can make quite a splash
6:54 am
with a staycation. david louie, abc 7 news. >> i know people that are thinking of doing it, so would be nice to have a pool right now for sure. next, a bay area teenager is giving back to the community. how he and his classmates are making a difference to help fight the cor
6:55 am
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(upbeat music) and in many cases, it works faster than braces. and the hidden smiles.. the foggy glasses... and the muffled laughs. a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: i care. wear a mask. let's all do our part to slow the spread. welcome back. one bay area high schooler is making a serious difference in this battle against covid-19. we wanted to introduce you to a junior at the kings academy in sunnyvale. since 2017 he's led a non-profit called united to care in rural parts of india and ken mu. the trips were canceled this year due to covid so instead he launch launched a program to district kits. such a great project and well-done. let's get a final check of your
6:57 am
weather with lisa. >> good morning to you. hi, everyone. checking out the highs today for a warming trend especially inland where 90s will be returning. how about 91 livermore, and 92 in concord. temperatures will be warmer in the city at 68 with 90 up in santa rosa. the accuweather seven day forecast still some 90s throughout the early part of the week so little change with maybe more of a deck of low clouds as we get into monday, but otherwise the cooling trend will begin tuesday and wednesday with numbers slowly rebounding by the end of the week so welcome august, liz? >> here we are. august 1st we're going for it. thank you all for joining us here on abc 7 mornings. i'm liz kreutz along with lisa argen. good morning america is next. have a great day.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. hurricane isaias bears down on south florida as the state struggles with the pandemic. high winds and heavy rains already crippling the caribbean, washing away roads and cars. its path of destruction as the storm heads northwest. >> i just signed an executive order to declare a state of emergency in every coastal county of florida's east coast. >> florida bracing for impact, covid testing centers shut down. our weather team in miami tracking the storm ready to impact the entire east coast of the u.s. california inferno. two wildfires merging into one raging overnight. evacuations ordered with hundreds of homes threatened, the battle to get it under


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