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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 10, 2020 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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now at 5:00, a south bay city ramping up coronavirus testing. the strict rules you will have to follow. and gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen. this is not what baseball wants to see during the pandemic. the bench-clearing brawl between the as and astros. >> i have all the tea on that. and it is good. >> it is hot. >> don't like to see it, but a lot going on. >> sure is. you know, i acted like i had never seen the sun before. that's what this weak eekend wa. i was out in it a little too much to be honest. mike? i don't know what happened. >> it was kind of neat because i was watching the golf tournament, you would think that they were stuck in like siberia
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compared to everybody else. temperatures in the low 60s, dropping into the 50s and all that cloud cover and you were out in san francisco probably a couple miles away with sunshine. i mean, that is the neat part of the microclimates. we have limited cloud cover out there right now. and you can see a little bit of a breeze on ourryuiing. so if you look close to the coast, it will stay comfortable, but if you look at the planner that i put together, you can see that it gets pretty warm once again especially inland neighborhoods nearing 90, around 80 at the bay and 62 at the coast. mid-70s and mid-80s by noon. so a quick warming today. we'll talk more about that coming up. as this pandemic goes on, we're focused on how we can build a better bay area for all of us during this time. health is part of that, education is the another the part of it. and this morning it is back to school in oakland. but students aren't going to actually be seeing very much of
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their teachers. lauren martinez is explaining why that is this morning. >> reporter: today will be far from usual. the district has not come to an agreement with distance learning. now, with public schools, california requires between three and four hours of daily instructional time during distance learning 2k3e7bding on t the child's age. and the new academic year will start with 60 minutes of daily live interaction. the union says two main sticking points require the equal for small group instruction including the use of substitute teachers and flexible workday schedules. and even though kids may receive well proceed the amount of instructional time, it is a start. >> i've heard talk why are teachers asking for less time. to me, it
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they have their own kids to deal with, their schedules to deal with, students with differing needs and they have to figure out how to help all those kids. >> reporter: the district will work hard to reach an agreement and they will update parents as soon as that happens. an agreement can be reached at any day but the hope is that it does not take longer than two to three weeks. we should know by tomorrow if san francisco teachers have signed off on a dealing for distance learning. they began voting on the agreement between their union and the district friday evening. linens per day.teacld s ofiv diraion to othey wike hey so ged planning time and a stipend to help with the cost of working from home. this is two week before the new school year is set to start. and on our website, you can
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find more resources. abc 7 past spent the past week covering back to school. and you can find all of those stories on our website and on our free apps. and head's up for parents with kindergartens. kids still need to get the usual vaccinations. public health officials say it is difficult to catch up on missed immunizations. they want to avoid an outbreak of a preventible disease after students finally come to campus, rtenal vna for ral including measles, hepatitis b and chickenpox. santa clara is partnering with the county to provide free covid-19 testing wednesday at the central park library. appointments are required. you can sign up online. the site is designed to only
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test people who do not have symptoms. you should get results back within three to seven dareys. and uc santa cruz and the county are working together. it can now conduct up to 800 tests per day. the lab can turn test results in 24 to 48 hours. the county says it will take several weeks for the lab to have all the you new equipment up and running. testing capacity is expected to increase. and let's talk about baseball. the as are on a streak winning their last nine games, but yesterday a brawl broke out against houston. bu's break down what is going on. the as finished runner unto the astros each of the last two
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seasons. and because the astros were caught cheating for multiple seasons, the as feel like they were stolen of what was rightfully their. and also the whistleblower who first tipped off the scandal is now a pitcher for the as. so yesterday the as ramon hit by a pitch twice this the game after already being hit once in another game over the weekend. as he went to first base, he exchanged words with the astros hit beiting coach and then char against cleared out. players say the astros coach is to blame. >> i mean, i just know that the coach egged on ramon and i thought that was wrong and that it about it. clearly the frustration is building and yes, they l it out. >> the league has notnnounc an suspensions or fines just
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yet. there are some questions and confuse this morning over president trump's executive order to extend unemployment benefits. jobina is at the live desk with the details of the order. >> good morning. president trump bypassed congress and signed an executive order that restores unemployment benefits to millions of americans. it includes a $400 a week unemployment benefit, but states will have to share the cost. $100 for each unemployed person. the announcement caught some governors off guard. ohio's governor says the states may not be able to afford the extra spenc extra expense. >> he is trying to move the ball forward, but i think what really needs to happen is congress needs to get back in and negotiate. >> our lawmakers are blasting the order. new york's governor tweeted it
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is simply impossible. and republican senator ben sasse says that it is unconstitutional slop. nancy pelosi questions part of the order that defers payroll taxes and president trump says that that will not undermine social security. and 7 on your side is dedicated to helping with unemployment claims. if you are having any trouble getting your money, you can get in touch with michael finney and the team on our webwebsite, jus head to on your side. and a new study looked into covid-19 infections in the san francisco fire depament. 1200 members of the department got tested for antibodies. only 3% tested positive despite nearly half of the department saying they had likely been around people who were infected. >> i think that it is a combination of our relatively low prevalence of covid
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infection in san francisco which is attributable to our pretty early shelter in place. and the really good ppe. >> similar studies of essential workers have found antibody rates of 5% to 10%. the san francisco fire department had just a fraction of 1%. and we're coming up on about, what, nine himinutes aft 5:00. we'll go into the east bay where we have some upper 60s around antioch and also present wood a brentwood and so it is a mild morning out there. and that will get us to temperatures near 90 again this afternoon. mid-50s to mid-60s out there with limited cloud cover.
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look at the peninsula, we'll be in the low 80s this afternoon. and a nice 71 as we head towards 8:00 this evening. for the east bay, that is where we're seeing the most amount of cloud cover away from the coast. limited sunshine at 88:00. but we'll be in the upper 70s in afternoon and sunshine. and in san francisco, we'll shed the cloud cover and try too push the temperatures into the upper 60s this 567 away from the coast where we'll stay in the mid-60s. and everybody down to with 62 at 8:00 with increasing cloud co r cover. now let's talk about the morning commute. so head's up for anyone that is relying on the golden gate bridge this morning. just want to remind even that the chp has issued a fog advisory and a high wind advisory for the golden gate bridge. and now a look at emeryville, it
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has been a pretty light ride for the most part. we don't have any major issues except the one that i'm following in ashland that i'll get to. but you can see the headlights moving towards the maze this morning. and bringing in our graphics, the crash i was talking about in ashland, it is not causing a slowdown. this is a single car sdirnt thai that turned on its side. it is blocking one lane and injuries have been reported. so head's up to anyone moving through that area. and antioch to hercules, 25 minutes. and highway 4 to the maze, 16 minutes. and highway 85 to the san jose airport, 7 minutes. and coming up next, 7 things you need to know as you start your day. and we're also waiting for joe biden to announce his running mate. it could happen any day now. we'll look at some of t big developments surrounding the election. and as colleges get ready to
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here are the 7 things to know. number one, the public health director has abruptly stepped down. dr. sonia an gel oig's departure comes a week after the glitch was discovered. agovernor newsom will offera covid-19 update at noon today. and new video out of beirut, protesters demanding a chachk government after the deadly blast that killed 200. today oakland public schools open for distance learning but the district and the teachers union are still working out several issues, that includes
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how much time will be spent on instruction will be spent and prep time. and we have temperatures pretty close to average. the heat will return in time for this weekend. and number six, i'm only following one minor crash thong. everything else is looking pretty smooth across the board for the bay area as you head out the door. we'll show off walnut creek. and number seven, a 23-year-old cal alum is the new pga champion. collin morikawa played so well that he caught the attention of steph curry. here what curry offered to do for him coming up at 5:30. happening today, a chinese researcher accused of visa fraud will be due in court. she will plead not guilty. she remains in custody. court documents say she is a
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member of the chinese military she and three others are accused of lying on applications to work in the u.s. on sensitive areas. she was a researcher at uc davis. she hid in the conscience lulat month before her arrest. and joe biden is expected to announce his running mate this week. here is andrew dymburt. >> reporter: joe biden is expected to announce his running mate this week having said that he will choose a woman. dr. jill biden telling cbs she and her husband have discussed different potential candidates. >> it has to be joe's decision, who he feels more confident about with, who shares his values. and that is what he has always said, that he and barack had. >> reporter: with less than 100 days to the elections, top counterintelligence official
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saying that russia is working to denigrate joe biden. while china wants biden in the oval office. one means of foreign interference, posting false or misleading information on social media. >> it will be important to take a pretty skeptical view of political information that we see knowing that the sources of it may not be reliable. >> reporter: voter safety a concern, many voters may be looking to cast their vote by mail. the president critical of mail-in ballots. >> it is ease yesie easier for china, north korea, many other, people, countries you wouldn't expect, it is much easier for them to forge ballots and send them in, much easier for them to cheat. >> reporter: but his administration is supportive of an sebsentee ballots.
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br but opponents say they are the shame thing and both secure.sece and a vallejo couple is offering up that are backyard and pool for rent. eric and suzanne are health care lofgs al professionals. they say that they will check everyone's temperature, sanitize all surfaces and enforce mask wearing. many on social media were upset saying that this promotes risky gatherings. the health department says they don't regulate private pools and spaces. if partiey continue, place say that they could file a public nuance lawsuit. the couple says that they will rent the change out in exchange for donations and limit groups to ten or less.
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a manager recovering from a broken leg after a scary parachute accident and it was all caught on >> oh! >> i cannot with the comments taker though. this man slammed in to a parking gara garage, this is in cleveland, and he was left hanging right there until firefighters could rescued him. he jumped from a plane with four people who landed safely in a nearby park. now police are investigating what happened. friends, this person recording it is getting me. >> he is trying to audition for something. >> he wants the role, he wants a new job. >> sounds like he wants a viral video, new job, whatever it
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takes. let's step outside. what you will see is sunshine, rays of it, a whole lot. and slightly above average temperatures. cooler tonight with more cloud cover and bay warmth and sunshine this afternoon. a lot of orange and red out there. so a lot of 80s and 90s. santa cruz about 72. most of the peninsula in the low to mid 80s. 62 to 66 along the peninsula coast. we think daly city will get more
5:21 am
sunshine 245than elsewhere. 71 in sals lusalitsausalito. low to mid-80s in the valleys and 100s from cloverdale to yucaipa. oakland and tonight's temperatures mid-50s to mid-60s, but more cloud cover. so slower sunshine. before you know it, it will be hot once again just in time for the weekend. and a boston company is coept. djting to the effects of the pandemic. so one company is offering the
5:22 am
issued called grad guard based in boston. >> it provides a refund for hoi hows, fehow s hows,ueition if they y are lost. >> and many policies don't cover the effects of a global pandemic. and a chance encounter with a man who needed assistance getting up a mountain. and also seriously injured
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. welcome back. tomorrow is one of our cooler days, so let's take a look at all the cloud cover during the morning hours. temperatures in the mid-50s to a few mid-60s. as we head into the lunch hour, you can see still a lot of clouds cover hanging out long the coast and coastal valleys. and temperatures mainly in the sefrt 70s and 60s. as we head into the afternoon hours, a lot of 60s, 70s and
5:25 am
80s. we'll try to get rid of the 90s at least for one day this week. and in first look, simon cowell is recovering from a broken back following an ebike except. the former "american idol" h undergone surgery. >> reporter: the accident renewing safety concern as ebike sales soar. one shop says sales have increased 300% year over year. and experts believe that they are giving people much needed fresh air as they stay away from public transit. >> we've seen a massive increase in demand, you know, upwards of over 140% growth in our sales. and we even at one point had a 14 week waiting list. >> reporter: but itt time users. >> they often have more power
5:26 am
obviously than a bike wurtithou motor. >> reporter: coming up, we'll give you the expert tips for staying safe and the latest on . i'm gio and a touching moment brought to you by the stars of last chance u. the netflix show just released its latest season featuring laney college's football time. one of the coaches posted this video on twitter. he said this weekend he and some players were hiking mission peak when they came across felipe. he was in ach couldn't make it until final stretch. the players helped him get to the top. and a few also tweeted about this experience and one of them wrote it was an honor to help someone. >> they are doing it all. >> they are everywhere and doing
5:27 am
everything. i like to see it. >> it is their moment. we're coming back with another 90 minutes of news including a survey that reveals how parents feel about taking their kids to theme parks. and also from the president of oakland based clorox about what the company is doing to get more wipes in the stores. >> reporter: and there is a
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making news at 5:30, california's public health officer abruptly resigns as more questions come about the testing numbers. and ready or not, the school bell will ring in oakland this morning. distance learning begins, although teachers and the district still haven't agreed on a deal. and we know coronavirus has
5:30 am
hit inmates at san quentin very hard and now the staff is mourning the loss of one of their own. >> good morning on this monday, august 10th. >> of course you're never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast and here is mike. >> hi, everybody. thanks for joining us this monday morning. we'll start with the winds because they are not very strong except for in fairfield where they are 21 miles per hour and the cloud cover is not very deep. so expect a lot of sunshine today and temperatures pretty close to yesterday's levels. so that means a lot of low to mid-80s in the north bay, upper 80s in the south bay, even some low 90s. richmond, 71, 67 francisco. and it looks hot through most of the accuweather 7 day forecast. an update coming up.
5:31 am
the public health directory 4 has an bruptly resigned. and she did not give a reason. amy hollyfield is joining us live with what we know. >> reporter: yeah, this job of trying to figure out what to stay hope, what to shut down. and the computer glitch that happened last week, and her resignation just days after the system failure. and governor newsom announced that case numbers were down and that california had possibly turned a corner in its fight against the virus. and then it was announced that there was a glitch and possibly 300,000 records had not been processed. a
5:32 am
and. >> the system failed. and that failure led to inaccurate case numbers and case positivity rates. it also being able to monitor some of the tests in their communities. >> dr. angell sent an email to her staff saying her decision was effective immediately. and governor newsom thanked her for her service. she's been on the job for less than a year. and governor newsom appointed dr. angell to the post last october. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. alast week the governor ordered a full investigation of the glitch that has led to the today i take backlog of up to
5:33 am
300,000 unprocessed health workers. many of them are covid test results. you can watch the governor's up date here on abc 7 and and our free app impeach. a testing kiosk is back open. you swab your own mouth. city officials say it was so popular, they brought it back if an extended pilot program. results are expected within two days. and today oakland public schools open for distance learng but theye return to scho that we are focused on in our effort to build a better bay area.
5:34 am
union leaders want two full weeks or ten occasions to prepare and the district is proposing nine. both sides also disagreeing on the length of time that teachers will work every day. and oakland unified will continue to have their twice weekly grab and go meals. they will only distribute students. private and charter school students are no longer eligible. abc 7 spent the past week covering back to school from preschool to college. and you can watch all of the stories anytime on our new connected tv apps.
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a south bay family is mourning right now 55-year-old gilbert polanco, he was a long time corrections officer and he died yesterday after a battle with covid-19. he is the first guard at san quentin to died from the virus. sfwh th >> they are being more reactive than proactive so i hope they can handle that. >> the family says that he was dedicated to his job. and he and his wife were getting ready to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. and the number of covid-19 cases in the u.s. has now topped 5 million.
5:36 am
>> midwest, especially as more students begin to return to school and students at notre dame are returning to classes starting today. the university held a socially distanced mass last night, about 340,000 children have tested positive nationwide and it is impacting back to school plans. a high school in georgia is switching to remote learning today and tomorrow after nearly a dozen students and staff tested positive for the virus. >> it was worse than i thought because i thought more kids would be wearing masks an social distancing would be attempted in the school. but it wasn't. >> and student is attending that georgia high school. and although 18 states are seeing a drop in hospitalizations, some states in
5:37 am
the sourt ath and midwest are battling a rise in cases. texas saw a record high seven day average of positive tests. and ever since the pandemic began, we have heard over and over we'll turn a corner when there is a vaccine. so where where we when it comes to developing one? this week we'll have a special series of stories enrolling what roll the bay area is playing. you can watch it all this week on abc 7 news, on our app and on our website. coming up next, bouncing back fromff workers here in they area turn their new time into a business opportunity. struggling to pay the rent in one east bay community. but first, let's turn to mike
5:38 am
nic nicco. >> and i'll go t t t t where we're about 55 to 57. you have increasing cloudiness. and take a look at that 66 in walnut creek, pittsburgh in the and rest of us in the mid to upper 50s. westwood at the golden gate, look how limited the visibility is. rest of us will have limited clouds this morning. but breezy conditions especially golden gate bridge to the bay bridge and northward through the delta as we head into the afternoon and evening commute. 61 this morning, a few clouds. low to mid-80s this afternoon. nothing too extreme. and a dropoff to 71 in the
5:39 am
evening hours. 61 at 8:00 in the south bay, 83 at noon and we'll hang out in the mid to upper 80s through 6:00. a comfortable 74 during the evening. so we're in the mid-60s already this morning and low to a few mid-90s for a couple hours this afternoon before 76 and sunshine at 8:00. i'll try to bring you one, maybe two days of relief from the heat coming up. let's look at the commute . routes 21, 26, 40, 51 and 51 h, 55, 57 and 59 will all return today, but all schedules will be impacted. so make sure to check your route
5:40 am
before you head out the door today. and moving over now to a live look showing you the richmond-san rafael bridge, the roads are looking pretty good this morning. no major slowdowns that i'm seeing or crashes on our
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squeeze in. pull up a chair. because life's just better when you believe a taste of welcome. we start off with a live shot looking south from the ferry building. always like to see what the flags are doing. you can see that it will take care of the bay and coast and keep you comfortable today while inland neighborhoods are already hitting the mid-80s at noon and at 7:00. that is as warm as it gets in those areas.
5:43 am
tomorrow and wednesday is the best chance of a fire so that is why there is a fire watch. from the live desk, we're hearing from clorox this morning possibly not meeting demand for disinfecting wipes for next year. the president of the oakland based company is talking about the shortage on good"good morni americ america". the ceo says that they are making wipes in record numbers, but demand is up 500%. >> we're making more disinfecting products than we have ever before. since january, we're able to make 100 million more disinfecting products than we did before, a 50% increase. and specific to wipes, we're making nearly 1 million packages of wipes every single day and shipping them to stores. >> she also offers tips on how to get your hands on clorox wipes, sign up for store
5:44 am
reminders online. and some stores allow you to enter your zip code and see if they are in stock. and if families are looking for things to do, a new poll finds that parents think that it is too soon to go back to theme parks. nearly 80% of parents say that they are not ready to go back to a theme park. nearly half of those surveyed said that they would consider visiting next summer. here in the bay area, great america is still closed. discovery kingdom has reopened. time is running out to apply for two rental assistance programs. one provides rent for unto two month, another provides a grant for up to $2500. both are into hayward renters facing financial hardship because of the pandemic. and you have until tomorrow
5:45 am
night at 8:00 to apply for either one. the pandemic has shut down businesses and also opened the doors for several to open. in san francisco, a costume designer along with his friends all laid off turn their love of fabric are and fashion into a mask shop. here is lose pe here is luz pena. >> reporter: this is what pivoting drew in an pandemic lo like. >> i was doing design wok. >> i worked a lot of music festival. >> reporter: aside from their love for fabric and design, these friends have one more thing in common, that they were all laid off in march. >> absolutely everything i had to work for the year got eliminated. >> reporter: in the back of this garage now turned into a customized face covering business is the lead designer andfounder of the mask shop. it all started with a phone call
5:46 am
and $1,000. it later moved into a designing room and now here we are. >> my good friend francesco allowed me to work in the designing room when they had to close down. >> and that one actually somebody reserved. we can make you one that is identical. >> reporter: and so when you first walk in, you get fitted with a mask just like this one. several days later, you come back and you get your customized mask. mine is the stingray. >> reporter: and the mask shop is expanding while keeping high safety guide lines and getting tested for covid-19 every two weeks. every thread giving them a new purpose to create. >> working as a volunteer has saved my is an init. >> reporter: and keeping the city safe one mask in a >> reporter: and keeping the city safe one mask in a time. >> reggie, you do not need anymore masks.
5:47 am
don't try to figure out twr they are, you have enough masks, friend. >> i already know where they are because i pass by that spot all the time when i go for my run. and now i know i can go in there and say hi and perhaps pick up a mask or five. >> or ten. >> or 11. mike, you really can't have too many. >> exactly. reggie, single handedly keeping those folks in business. we appreciate that. just save some for the rest of us, please. here is a look at what is going on in san jose. welcome to monday. you can see the early sunshine developing. we lose 2:02 of sunshine today, but it doesn't matter, we'll still become sunny, tonight maybe better sleeping weather. and then we'll have some building inland and bay warmth this weekend.
5:48 am
and let's take a look at this morning. you have seen the cloud cover quickly retreating back to the coast and even there we're seeing some sunshine, pockets of it as we head through the afternoon. now 7:00, you can see it returns a little bit faster and that will set the stage for more cloud cover and cooler conditions tonight and tomorrow. until then, 84 to 92 is the spread in the south bay, 62 to 64 along the coast. upper 60s in downtown sfrane sa, low to mid-60s in the north bay. east bay shore, 82 in fresno. -- excuse me, flee month oifrem. and tonight you will see better sleeping weather. and my accuweather 7 day forecast, we drop about four degrees tomorrow, and then we gain a couple degrees every day. before you know it, above average thursday through the
5:49 am
weekend. san mateo police have released new images of a man wanted in connection with a violent sexual assault of a 62-year-old woman. now take a close look at the photo. police say the man was carrying a backpack or a satchel. they found the red sweater he had on and the bike that he was riding. the attack happened last wednesday night. there is a big effort to get everyone counted in the 2020 census before next month's deadline. and advocacy groups are focusing on chinatown. they are trying to reach out to older residents, undocumented immigrants and those who may have a language barrier. >> the time frame now is more compressed. sonl have september 30th, we were
5:50 am
originally given until october 31. so it is challenging. >> the group wants to get everyone signed up before they begin knocking on doors. sfr san francisco is lagging in reaching residents. amazon is reportedly in talks to transform shuttered jc their own fulfillment stores. they are in talks to transform the spaces. both sears and jcpenney have been hit hard by the pandemic and the gradual shift to online shopping. amazon says the centers could solve how you to get the items to customers homes. and coming up, the disproportionate impact on latinos is well documented, but now one company is helping spanish speakers to help contact trace the virus. but first the golfer with bay area ties wins one of the
5:51 am
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and the hidden smiles.. the foggy glasses... and the muffled laughs. a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: i care. wear a mask. let's all do our part to slow the spread. let's take a look at what is going on as far as our temperatures. you can see that tonl we'll wmo wake up with more cloud cover. we barely push some 80s in the afternoon hours and that will be a far cry from the 90s that we'll have today. and then in the evening, back in the 60s and 70s. and look at friday, above average, upper 60s to upper 90s. saturday same thing, may try to get to 100 by sunday.
5:54 am
arising superstar and local college phenom is the winner of the pga championship. collin morikawa played for cal before he graduated last year. he woon tn yesterday with a 6 u 64. his victory caught the attention of steph curry who asked him a question and even offered to be his caddie after the game. >> are you a leader board watcher, did you know where you were, like what is your mindset in that moment the last 2 1/2 hours of your round? >> steph, do you mind taking off your hat? i want to know where i'm at. i don't think that it affects me. i think that it is good. >> if you need a caddie or replacement, i'm available. >> only thing that didn't go morika morikawa's way was when the trophy came apart during the ceremony. >> oh, gosh.
5:55 am
>> so you have probably seen some designer face masks out there, but i don't think that they compare to this creation by a high jeweller. this is an ultra lux mask. and they say this is the world's most expensive coronavirus face mask. price taking, $1.5 million. a chinese businessman living in the u.s. placed the order and the jeweler says he doesn't totally get it, but he is happy to fill the order. >> i'm happy that this mask gave us enough work for our employees to be able to provide their jobs in very challenges times like these times right now. >> the 18 karat white gold mask will be encrusted with 3600 white and black diamonds. and it can also be filled with
5:56 am
filters. i can't wait until it arrives. >> where are you wearing it? >> none of your business. >> oh, that's your business? okay. >> living room. coming up, one bay area town is giving away masks for free. but there is a catch, they are being hung in certain locations around town, sort of like aveng scavenger hunt. and plus college football in crisis mode. and plus unemployment uncertainty for so many families across the bay area, and president trump says he has a plan while congress still deb e debates theirs. >> reporter: and the first day for oakland unified school districts,
5:57 am
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right now.
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what does the president trump's new plan do for the average family? i'll have the details. >> and good morning, it is monday, august 10. i hope you had a great weekend. it was really nice weather-wise. acting like we've never seen the sun before. >> nice. those mid-90s out where i live, so i didn't stay out as probably as much as you guys did. in fact i watched a lot of the golf yesterday and was very happy with the outcome. that was fun. let's take a look outside. not nearly the cloud cover that we've had fogust is out there, but limited release. as we look from the roof damage are a, there is a little bit o


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