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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 6, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PST

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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc 7 news. making news now at 6:00 a.m., the stay-at-home 2.0.ns a progressive health restrictions for most of the bay area. the coronavirus more prevalent now than ever before, but it doesn't come without criticism. >> open schools now!
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open schools now! >> it's hard for a lot of people and my mental health hasn't been so great during zoom school. >> a day of demonstrations in two local cities showing just some of the many pandemic emotions pouring out as the bay area battles a drastic climb in cases. good morning, everybody. it's sunday, december 6th. we have lots to get to, with a busy week ahead for the bay area. first a potential fire danger in the forecast that we're also tracking. we get over to meteorologist lisa argen with a look at that. good morning, lisa. >> hey, liz, good morning to you. today will be a calm day, and we're getting into that red flag warning and wind advisory for the upper and lower elevations after 11:00 tonight. right now, live doppler 7 picking up on the cloud cover, that weak front that pushed through yesterday leaving us with more moisture. there's fog out there. 49 in oakland and milder alame ta, 51 degrees. 45 in san jose. some upper 30s from livermore to santa rosa and the fog from the
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north bay to the coast, but with that uptick in moisture, we're anywhere from 8 to 11 degrees milder. visibility reduced to about nothing in napa, just under a mile in santa rosa, over a mile half moon bay and over two miles in novato. looking at the clouds and fog through the mid morning hours, then we'll break out to partly cloudy skies, mid and upper 50s by noontime. later on in the afternoon more sunshine, lower 60s, slightly milder and looking at tonight, it will be calm 9:00 but come 11:00, that's when we want to pass on to you all those advisories, which include the very dry weather coming into play. liz? >> lisa, thank you. tonight kicks off the first night of that new proactive stay-at-home order for five bay xwr area counties. health officers say if they were to wait to fall below the state's given threshold of 15% icu capacity, it would be too late. here's when they take effect. san francisco, santa clara and
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contra costa county are first starting at 10:00 p.m. tonight. then two hours later for alameda county at midnight and marin joins at noon on tuesday. the new restriction also stay in effect until at least january 4th. napa, sonoma, solano and san mateo counties are currently choosing not to proactively enact the stay-at-home order. it's important to show you the numbers behind the decision, like we say five bay area counties are not waiting to fall below the state's 15% marker. the region which includes santa cruz and monterey counties is at 21.7% icu capacity. southern california just triggered its stay-at-home order falling to 12.5% capacity saturday. the san joaquin valley has the worst icu situation in the state at 8.6% capacity. for another perspective our abc 7 data team has been updating the chart of new daily cases
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since the start of the pandemic. the yellow line there shows the rolling average of cases. you can see in the middle, that was the summer surge we had and the surge we have now, higher and sharper than ever. under the new stay-at-home rules, restaurants can only do takeout. wineries, outdoor playgrounds and entertainment centers also must close. also on the list, hair and nail salons. abc 7 news reporter matt boone shows you one walnut creek hair salon trying to fit in last-minute customers. >> reporter: it's been all hands on deck at salon hanover in walnut creek since they got word of the impending stay-at-home order. >> it was crazy. we were getting phone calls. the phones were blowing up. everyone wanted to get in before we have to close down. >> reporter: stylist gina deluca says they're packing in as many clients as possible, of course with plexiglass dividers, masks and temperature checks. >> you need to get your hair done, come on down. >> reporter: they've been through this before but with the
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holidays approaching this is different. >> hair stylists are struggling. i just feel really bad for them. a lot of people are wondering how they'll feed their kids for the rest of the month. you know? >> reporter: her client, lina takahashi was able to get a spot last minute. >> it's been difficult because i have had to cancel a few times because of covid, because i wasn't feeling good, and didn't want to take the chance. >> reporter: with cases spiking, she says she's understands why the closure is necessary. >> we have to do something. if this is it, this is it. >> reporter: it was a busy day at zebra tattoo and piercing. >> we open at 12:00. at 10:30, there was a line down the block. >> reporter: they extended their hours to capitalize on holiday demand. >> the month of december is what makes our year. >> reporter: they'll be able to keep their retail section open but by sunday at 10:00, they will not be able to do tattoos or piercings. he says that means 40 of his employees will be forced to go back on unemployment.
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>> it's going to be pretty scary just to see round two of this happening again. >> reporter: certainly tough times ahead. both businesses are open today and hoping for big crowds one last time. reporting in walnut creek, matt boone, abc 7 news. in san francisco, people are trying to give a final boost to their businesses. abc 7 news reporter luz pena spoke to business owners highly concerned about their livelihood ahead of the stay-at-home order. >> reporter: unless something changes, this is what the last saturday of outdoor dining of 2020 looked like in san francisco. packed. >> the last hurrah. >> reporter: in north bay nearly every seat was taken. the general manager at tony's pizzeria says the generosity of people leaving bigger tips than usual tonight gives them hope as they plan to survive past january 4th. >> it is going to be another big
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hit for us, especially after we invest so much money and time. >> reporter: earlier in the day, another group of san franciscans are struggling with a second thought of a stay-at-home order which means no playgrounds. >> first of all school, very frustrated and i hear i can't come and bring my kid to a park. >> reporter: it's harder to break the news to the little ones. playgrounds are going to have to close after sunday. >> oh. >> reporter: what do you think about that? >> i think you need to be sad. >> feel like a bummer but at least i'll have my skateboard. >> it's really upsetting that i have to wait all the way until 2021 just to be able to play in a playground again. >> reporter: the general manager of the san francisco recreation and park department is highly concerned about the long-term effects more closures will have on children. >> impacts on social and emotional development, ability to problem-solve, their creativity.
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this has been a really, really hard year for kids and i would like to see us, you know, prioritize them. >> reporter: and he questions the state's decision. are you hoping the state revisits this? >> i do hope the state revisits it. >> reporter: in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. >> and some things can still stay open. but it's not a long list. outdoor gyms and fitness activities limited to a max of 12 people with face masks. youth sports are allowed with social distancing and no competitions. low contact sports like golf and tennis, but only with members of the same household. and another change you'll want to make note of. grocery stores will shrink customer limits under the stay-at-home order. we saw crowds of people at the costco in concord. people in line, getting what they need before the order takes effect. once it does, grocery store capacity will shrink from 50% down to 20%.
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that doesn't even look like 50%. that looks packed. we have everything you need to keep track of the latest updates in your county on our website. what's open, what's closed and how your county is handling the order. it's all right there on along with the economy and your health, a key commitment to helping build a better bay area also includes building a better ed especially in the midst of this pandemic. this morning abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard brings the story of families rallying in two cities with the same plea, reopen public schools. >> open schools now! open schools now! >> reporter: parents and kids marched to san francisco city hall, a small group with a big message. >> remote learning doesn't work at all. >> reporter: daniel cotson says his 5-year-old is falling behind. >> i'm a stay-at-home parent, we have reliable wifi. it still doesn't work. my son doesn't know how to read, since he's in kindergarten.
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>> reporter: these parents want to see the district open schools for in-person learning. in berkeley the parents echoing the same complaint learning has been a big failure. >> we're all very frustrated with our school district. >> reporter: this rally at mlk park brought families together. eighth grader ella haynesworth talked about her struggles. >> it's hard for a lot of people and my mental health hasn't been so great during zoom school and i don't know, it's all been pretty chaotic. >> we really believe that guided by science, our schools could be reopened. >> reporter: in a statement the district said "berkeley unified is currently working diligently to be ready to reopen our schools in a hybrid model that will balance families' differing needs at the point that state and county health officials indicate that it is safe." the berkeley school board has approved mid-january for pre-k through fifth grade to resume classroom learning in a hybrid model. no plan for middle or high
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schools. san francisco unified set its target of 25th for the first wave to open in-person learning. mayor london breed remains focused on education. >> we absolutely must continue our work to reopen our public schools. >> reporter: but these parents want to see their kids back in the classroom sooner than later. >> the kids are suffering every day they're not on campus. >> reporter: cornell barnard, abc 7 news. this morning a public safety power shutoff, one of the pspss they're called by pg&e tomorrow is now being scaled back. pga says it estimated the planned outage is likely to start before 6:00 a.m. monday for customers in 16 northern california counties. 92,000 customers are in danger of losing power with impending fire danger. here in the bay area, it includes roughly 2,300 customers in napa county, 66 in sonoma county. of course this fire danger, lisa, is something you're
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tracking as well. >> it happens late tonight. today we're counting on increasing sunshine but from our exploratorium camera you can see the clouds and fog from along the peninsula, all the way up to the north bay. temperatures are milder, so it is a pretty good looking sunday afternoon, before we talk about wind, surf, and high fire danger for december, and record temperatures, coming up. >> thanks, lisa. new criminal penalties possible for pg&e. what the utility is now being accused of doing in the santa cruz mountains of the czu fire zone. plus curbside chaos in the south bay, how multiple cars ended up like this late last night, as neighbors looked on in disbelief. [ horns honking ] and major bay bridge backup, nearly two hours to cross san francisco, the reason, a poli
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in new this morning, san jose police are investigating a crash that injured at least one person. it happened around 10:15 last night on vista park drive near blue field. an suv ended up on top of two other cars. it's unclear what caused the driver to crash. medics took one person on a stretcher and their condition is not known at this time. nlgtsds we have new details this morning about the czu lightning complex in the santa cruz mountains. pg&e is reportedly facing fines that could total millions of dollars. according to our media partners, "the east bay times" pg&e cut hundreds of trees without permits leaving huge logs on private properties. cal fire outlined more than 300 violations by the utility and each one could cost up to $10,000. pg&e says it did nothing wrong saying it doesn't need permits for the work. they did it to reduce future fire risk removing trees around power lines.
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check this out. a large turnout on the bay bridge, maybe you were stuck in it yourself. traffic came to a crawl yesterday headed into san francisco from the east bay. you see the backup at the toll plaza. a protest in support of indian farmers, sikh activists held a covid-19 conscious car rally as part of a global day of demonstrations yesterday, a show of solidarity with farmers in india revolting against new agricultural laws they say favor large companies. the caravan headed from middle harbor, shoreline park in oakland to the indian consulate in san francisco and then back to the park for a rally. ft. mason will be postponing its drive-in opera showings next weekend because of the new stay at-whom orders. san francisco's opera's screenings of "tasca" were supposed to be featured december 11th and 12th. people could watch from inside their car and leave to buy food and drinks but the drive-in showings are no longer allowed under this new order.
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the san francisco opera will get in touch with ticket holders for refunds. abc 7 is celebrating some of the most cherished institutions, destinations devoted to the arts, sciences and much more. with everything else, they've been forced to adapt and evolve but many face daunting challenges. abc 7 news anchor deon lim begins our coverage of the state of the arts week for the san francisco opera. the pandemic meant performers are working together but also alone. >> so singers used to singing out in front of 3,000 people now have to find their way on screen. >> everything looks amazing. >> reporter: it's a foreign feeling for pianist john churchwell and soprano ashley dixon. who collaborate closely, but today he'll be on piano in one room and ashley on stage in another. the two will be linked during the performance by remote cameras, video and audio displays. >> although we're performing in
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different rooms, i'm relying 100% on what i hear. >> it's great to be performing with somebody. i'll take it in any way possible at this point. >> reporter: and possible means a clean sterile stage she can't share. ♪ except for the music of beloved colleagues. ♪ >> beautiful. you can watch deon's complete complete report tonight at 6:00 and 11:00 on abc 7. we hope you'll join for that. if you'd like to help the san francisco opera or any of the organizations we are featuring this week, we have information at area, just click on "state of the arts." so beautiful, lisa. can't wait for the day we can go back to a show, a theater, a ballet. >> not this year, though. >> one day. >> finally we could say not this year and there's not much of this year left, which is just around the corner. >> yes. >> we're looking forward to that and looking forward to some
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rain. looks like we'll get in a little of that for the month of december, and we're still only in the first week, but signs are pointing towards maybe some of that changing, as we look at live doppler clouds, we had a weak weather system that allowed for some fog to settle in to some of our valleys. the moisture content is higher this morning, that's some good news, since our rainfall deficit is massive, and as we look at live doppler 7 once again, high pressure over the bay area, that will lead to more sunshine. as we look at the peninsula, temperatures are in the upper 40s to low 50s frombelmont. over into the east bay, it's cool in the upper 30s for livermore, and napa and this is where we have some of the dense fog from novato up through santa rosa, and san rafael, otherwise it is 50 mild degrees in the city here, and across the bay in oakland, upper 40s. areas of morning fog, not as
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cold for some. sunshine increases throughout the day today, winds are going to be onshore today. they turn to an offshore component tonight. a red flag warning and wind advisory, a high surf advisory, a beach hazard statement, and a surf warning going into play late tonight. the surf advisory morning will last through tuesday. the clouds clear first in the north bay and takes until 11:00, 12:00 until we scour the rest of the clouds out leaving us with a partly cloudy day today, temperatures rebounding into the 60s, 11:00 tonight, a red flag warning through 11:00 monday morning. so the strongest winds happening in the overnight hours, so this is the upper el visioevationlev 20 miles an hour, ridgetops up to 60. relative humidity because of the last system keeps us to 40% to 50%, better than summer standards into the teens b you it will be lowering to 30% and
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we do have the record dry fuels because of our lack of rain, but here are the lower elevation wind advisory, where anywhere 15 to 25 miles an hour but you go up in height and the winds get stronger. so we're watching this right on through mid morning. this is 11:00 tonight, winds get strong as we get towards about 4:00 or 5:00 monday morning, up to 30 and 40 miles an hour particularly around mt. st. helena, mt. diablo, even into the santa cruz mountains and we'll look for things to calm down, leaving us with a mild afternoon. so our beach hazard statement, the waves four to five feet but from san mateo down through monterey bay could see breakers up to 25 feet. so looking at 70s for your monday and tuesday, wednesday we cool off, back to your sunday afternoon, low 60s oakland, mid-60s morgan hill and the accuweather seven-day forecast, we're looking at a calm day today, increasing sun, high fire danger through mid morning monday, and then looking at
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milder, dry weather the rest of the week. so no rain this week. >> hopefully next week. we'll see. >> hopefully next week, yes >> lisa, thank you. just ahead, golden state of giving. what the warriors are up to on the first day of their season of giving and what they're planning for bay area families for the entire month. plus the million-yard mission, one local swimmer's impressive challenge to beat cancer. how he's doing it and why he now needs your help.
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dan harris joins us from new york to tell us what's coming up at 7:00 on "gma." >> coming up, the covid-19 pandemic is raging across the country at medical facilities in many states struggle with record case numbers and one nfl player goes public with his battle with the virus. president trump takes the stage in georgia overnight, campaigning for republican senate candidates in the upcoming runoff elections there, while repeating his unfounded claims of election fraud.
6:25 am
is he perhaps sending a mixed message that could hurt his own party. a big loss for the comedy world. celebrating the life of david lander who played squiggy on "laverne and shirley. we'll see you soon. happening today the golden state warriors keep the spirit alive. it's the next of their season of giving for bay area families. the team is going to continue et cetera holiday tree express at thrive city just like yesterday here. families in need came to pick up christmas trees and holiday decorations for the season. next week the warriors will host a holiday cooking night how to cook a meal for under $10. many people may up their exercising while in quarantine this year or others took a break all together one man in moraga has his beat, on a mission to swim 1 million yards in 2020. david miller began the swim a
6:26 am
million project at high school in january, trying to swim the 1 million yards or 568 miles, raising money for cancer research. he kept at it when the pandemic hit, swimming in a wet suit when the pool closed and couldn't be heated. miller says the challenge pales in comparison to what cancer patients go through. >> my father passed from lung cancer. my mom has survived three bouts of cancer, my sister has had cancer, a cousin, an uncle, an aunt, close friends. it seems like everyone i know has been touched or is dealing with cancer. >> so far miller has raised nearly $20,000 for the cancer research institute. he has about 60,000 yards left. for information on how to donate look for the story on pretty amazing. still to come on "abc 7 mornings," back to the bay area counties stay-at-home order,
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where it will take effect tonight and why for some it won't take effect for a good time. plus -- >> and they set up a movie company right next to my outdoor patio. >> one so. cal woman's plea sparking plenty of buzz online. hear the words she has for governor gavin newsom. and stuck on a stimulus, but there's promise of progress being made today. the one big reason why congress may get a deal done this week.
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc 7 news. >> it's just like, just a huge blow to everyone's energy and you know vibe and just, it's sad. >> prepare to shut down. some small businesses in five
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bay area counties say this long winter may become their last. cases of covid-19 are pushing local hospitals to the brink. either way, many are waking up to the final day before the second stay-at-home order. good morning, everybody. it is sunday, december 6th. i'm liz kreutz. we're going to have everything you need to know regarding these new stay-at-home restrictions starting tonight in much of the bay area. first another check of the forecast and the fire danger approaching, with lisa argen. >> hi liz. good morning, everyone. that's all going to happen tonight, probably while you're sleeping through the overnight hours and then subside into your monday late morning. so as for today, starting out with this beautiful view from mt. tam. the sun not coming up until ten minutes after 7:00 and we are 50 degrees in the city, as well as half moon bay so that's a jump along the coast, 47 in mountain view and this is the view from san rafael, where we've got the clouds around, 37 in santa rosa, and napa. 38 in livermore.
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so we're warmer this morning, due to the cloud cover out there, 5 to 11 degrees warmer. the fog is getting better though and by 9:00 we'll increase the sunshine in the north bay. cooler there, 40s. 50s elsewhere. by noontime, 1:00 we have more sunshine across the bay area. upper 50s to low 60s. we should see some mid-60s by the afternoon. the winds are onshore, shifting to offshore tonight, and we'll pass on those advisories to you coming up. liz? >> lisa, thank you. tonight, millions of people here in the bay area will be under a strict stay-at-home order. san francisco, santa clara and and contra costa counties will enter the order tonight at 10:00. alameda county follows at midnight and marin county joins at noon on tuesday. restaurants must close indoor and outdoor dining. they can only do takeout or delivery. bars, restaurants, wineries, hair and nail salons and other
6:32 am
personal care services must close. private gatherings of any size will be banned and playgrounds also have to close. >> it's really upsetting that i have to wait until 2021 just to be able to play in a playground again. >> impacts social/emotional development, their ability to problem-solve, creativity. this has been a hard year for kids and i would like to see us you know, prioritize them. >> the new restrictions will be in effect until at least january 4th. san mateo, sonoma, napa and solano counties are choosing to hold off on a stay-at-home order for now. in the south bay, santa clara county is going to allow people to test themselves for covid-19. sites in six cities will open starting on tuesday. they'll be observed doing a nasal swab rather than having someone administer it for you. trained staff will be on hand to assist. appointments will still be
6:33 am
needed through the county's website. down in southern california, that region of the state has gone below the state's 15% icu capacity threshold, now triggering a three-week stay-at-home order there. but this morning, video quickly going viral, a los angeles restaurant owner calling out the city's mayor and governor newsom. her outdoor dining area forced to close while a film set is allowed to operate right nearby. reporter amy powell has the woman's plea from our sister station in l.a. >> i'm losing everything, everything i own is being taken away from me, and they set up a movie company right next to my outdoor patio which is right over here. look at this! tell me that this is dangerous, but right next to me as a slap in my face.
6:34 am
that's safe. this is safe? >> reporter: angela has owned pineapple hill saloon and grill for ten years. she calls her bar the "cheers" of the neighborhood that, a reference to the long-running television series. she spent around $80,000 setting up this outdoor dining area, and getting everything necessary to follow all the health and safety protocols, but with the new county restrictions in place that banned outdoor dining, she's been forced to shut down. she came in today to pay her staff and saw the production tents. >> i guess i was in shock, so i didn't, i walked in and then i'm going to make signs and give out last paychecks and i just started crying. i just was like, i can't take anymore. i literally have been punched in the face ten times over. i've done the dance. i've done everything that they've wanted and i've done it better than anybody else, like we took temperatures, we did face masks, we had gloves. the community needs us, and we need them, and i finally made a profit in october, and they shut
6:35 am
us down in november. >> reporter: amy powell, abc 7 news. >> according to the "new york times" the catering site was a crew filming a television show "good girls." the crew had permits for the catering and filming locations. l.a.'s county health department says film crews are regularly tested and unlike restaurants people do not mingle for extended periods of time without masks. meantime this morning, the u.s. is passing yet another chilling milestone in the covid-19 crisis, more than 280,000 americans have now died from covid-19, according to johns hopkins university. hospitals and health care workers across the country are feeling the strain. a minneapolis doctor is one of the many saying her and her co-workers are overwhelmed. >> we're suffocating in our patients' isolation and their fear. it's suffocating in just the emotional and physical
6:36 am
exhaustion of our colleagues is feeling helpless, because there's often nothing we can do for people. >> a new cdc report warns that the u.s. has 120 people testing positive every minute. as restrictions tighten back up across the country there's a focus on the prospects of a new federal coronavirus relief package. bay area congresswoman jackie speier says congress is aiming to have it passed by the. the package will likely include $908 billion in stimulus funds the representative believes it would include $300 per week for unemployment, money for distributing a vaccine and about $299 billion for struggling businesses. >> people are going to have relief. they're going to start seeing the unemployment checks return if they haven't had them. for those who are businesses, they're going to have the loans
6:37 am
that are forgivable, and for the schools, we're going to be able to vaccinate the teachers and that will be a huge step in the right direction. >> speaker nancy pelosi of san francisco says her and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell agreed to attach the relief package to a must pass government funding bill. lawmakers need to approve that by friday to avoid a government shutdown. and coming up on "this week" health and human services secretary alex azar will talk about the nationwide surge in cases. you can watch the full interview on "this week with george stephanopolous" at 8:00 this morning, right here on abc 7. the fda is meeting this upcoming thursday about possible approval of pfizer's vaccine. good news and exciting, right? if approved governor newsom says california should get the first round by december 15th. with 327,000 doses to start, high-risk health workers are top priority. more doses will arrive between january and march for essential
6:38 am
workers and eventually everybody else. abc 7 news assembled a vaccine team to track the latest developments, it includes dr. patel, anchor erin, kate larsen and luz pena and "7 on your side's" michael finney. you can follow the latest vaccine news on our website now to the latest in the crucial runoff elections in georgia. president trump made his pitch to keep gop control of the u.s. senate. he held an outdoor rally yesterday stumping for incumbent senators kelly loeffler and david purdue, fighting reverend rafael warnock and john jossoff. >> they're trying to steal these two important senate seats from georgia. and these seats are the last line of defense to save america and protect all that we have
6:39 am
accomplished. >> yesterday democrats brought in former president barack obama to rally their base in the senate. the election is scheduled for january 5th. still ahead on "abc 7 mornings," the bay area teenage artist going global. his time lapse portrait seen across the country. hear why his work is getting high class attention, now here to stay and what he has to say about it. and taking a live look outside as we head to break this sunday morning. pretty out there, the santa cruz beach. sun starting to come up. we'll check in with lisa and what we can expect in these dry conditions, coming up. on the most reliable network with xfinity mobile. in a land not so far away. people are saving hundreds they can choose from the latest phones
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or bring their own. and choose the data option that's right for them. they even get nationwide 5g at no extra cost. and since they are on the carrier rated #1 in customer satisfation, they live happily ever after. again, again! xfinity mobile. your wireless. your rules. your way to stay closer together. click, call, or visit an xfinity store today.
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just how much visibility your car's headlight bulbs can lose before burnout, so we've taken away 50 feet of visibility from this walk home. don't wait until your headlight bulbs burn out. switch to sylvania, the #1 automotive lighting brand, and see better tonight. a special holiday tradition with a 2020 twist. united airlines treated patients to a drive-through north pole at sfo. in a normal year united takes the children on a fantasy flight to a north pole destination but because of covid, they set up curbside this year with cheering employees and santa welcoming
6:42 am
them with a bag of gifts. the children range from three months to 13 years old and most are battling terminal illnesses. >> i was crying this morning because my job is getting the families, and i talk to a lot of parents and there's going to be tears here because they don't know what to expect. >> the volunteers were all united employees. everyone from baggage handlers to pilots. lisa, are you getting your last-minute haircut? >> i did, just random, i lucked out. >> you were lucky. >> right, very lucky. good morning, everyone. the view from mt. tam, isn't that pretty? 46 degrees at about 2,600 feet. you go down into the valleys and we've got fog and temperatures in the upper 30s. so also chilly in our inland east bay. we'll talk about how warm we get, how sunny we get and when the red flag warning goes into effect, coming up. >> laz, lisa.
6:43 am
also to come, the bay area's big upsets, both cal and stanford crash the party for two pac-12 powerhouses, they come with plenty of drama. you see the nail-biting finishes
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all right, let's talk sports. the 49ers are gearing up for their home game in arizona tomorrow night. the niners are spending most of the month in the desert because of santa clara county's coronavirus restrictions. the niners face the bills at state farm stadium on monday night football. watch the game on abc 7 at 5:00 p.m. and then join us after the game at around 8:15 p.m. yesterday sjsu kept their perfect season alive with a lin over hawaii in honolulu. here's abc 7 sports anchor chris alvarez with the highlights in this morning's sports.
6:46 am
>> good morning. for the first time in three weeks, the san jose state football team finally able to play a game. their last two opponents were not able to play due to covid issues so sparty finally taking the field in hawaii. here we go. the game originally scheduled to be in san jose, but moved to the island, didn't matter where they played. nick starkel to isaiah holiness. 7-0 sparty out of the gate. tyler nevins a big game on the ground. check out the blocking, springs him free, he turns on the jets and he is gone. 72 yards, he had 152 yards on the ground, 14-0 san jose state. later in the third, a much shorter run but kyrie robinson two yards and in, he had 111 yards on the ground, 28-17 spartans. fourth quarter, another explosive play, starkel to trey walker, a hit over the middle and yards after catch, folks, 50 of them. san jose state wins 35-24 and take home the dick tomey trophy. sparty is 5-0 and there is a lot of excitement >> they've just been through so much and to get this game and the last two games were canceled so here we are, we get to play
6:47 am
and that was the message all week. we're going to play this game. we've been good at covid protocol and hawaii's been good at covid protocol. we're going to play. it was awesome. >> we came in at halftime and i was talking to the guys, how good does this feel? we're playing football again and the heat and humidity reminded me of fall camp in high school and i was like let's just embrace this, and i think our team really, really came together that second half. stanford at number 22 washington. the cardinal forced to practice in a public park earlier in the week. opening possession, austin jones three yards and in, 7-0 cardial. not a replay. its austin jones with a yard out, 138 yards, 14-0 stanford. having their way on the ground, nathaniel pete. 24-3 cardinal at the break, but early third, play of the day alert. watch this. washington's dylan morris airs it out to ty jones. look ma, one hand. what a catch. even his teammates can't believe that led to a touchdown for the huskies. third quarter david mills to
6:48 am
scooter harrington and the cardinals up 31-10. stanford 443 yards of total offense and 10 of 13 on third downs. another conversion there. 31-26 stanford, cardinal play at oregon state on saturday. aaron rodgers cut out watching his alma mater cal taking on number 23 oregon. cal down 3-0 until chase garbers capped a 13-play, 75-yard drive. shaw an 80-yard drive, 13-3 cal. same score in the second. garbers out to nico ramejo in the end zone, 28 yards, 21-17, cal. one minute to go, oregon on the move. tyler shuck to johnny johnson iii. he fumbles. cal recovers and the golden bears get their first win of the season 21-17. stanford women's basketball a big win at unlv. that's your look at sports. let's send it back to you. let's get a check of the weather. we're following the stay-at-home
6:49 am
orders and the dry conditions and a little bit of fire danger, lisa. >> that's right, liz. going into play late tonight into about 11:00 tomorrow, it will be the third red flag warning issued in the month of december. we had one in december 2013, 2014, 2017, so not a real usual event around here for december. got the clouds around. certainly high pressure once again. system setting up to the east of us, and with the fog, we're above it here, temperatures are in the upper 40s to 50 from the peninsula to the east bay, in the city, and we're warmer on the coast, and look at this pretty view from our east bay hills camera. 38 in napa. 37 santa rosa, upper 30s in livermore, a dramatic view from the airport here, some fog, not as cold. increasing sunshine and red flag warning and wind advisory going into play tonight. starting out with the clouds by mid morning, we're sunnier in the north bay. it will take a while for the rest of the bay area so we'll call it partly cloudy overall
6:50 am
today. increasing sun, low to mid-60s 11:00 tonight through 11:00 tomorrow morning. north winds 15 to 2025 miles an hour. could see gusts in excess of 45 to near 60 miles an hour. the only caveat here is the relative humidity that's so moist this morning that we're staying 40% to 50% but it will lower to 30% and the wind advisory for the lower elevations from sonoma, highway 1, san mateo, north winds once again, 25 miles an hour, and with the gusts up to 45 miles an hour. so make sure you charge the cell phones and some of your extended batteries out there, because some of you up in napa, the base of mt. st. helena, mt. diablo could have your power shut off. we're looking at the gustiest winds 5:00 this morning until 11:00 tomorrow. records are possible monday into tuesday. we also have dangerous surf out there, our beach hazard statement, high surf warning, high surf advisory through tuesday, starting tomorrow,
6:51 am
though, right now four to five feet. we could see breakers up to 25 feet. so looking at the warmth coming into play for your monday, with 70s, upper 60s at the coast. that's a good 10 to 12-degree jump, even more so from today. we hold onto the warmth on tuesday. wednesday we're a little bit cooler, and as for today, temperatures will be from the upper 50s and cool with increasing sunshine. low 60s in oakland, 62 in san jose. look for mid-60s in morgan hill, and napa. the accuweather seven-day forecast, some fog, slightly milder to start, sunnier to finish this afternoon, and then the winds kick up tonight. the red flag warning, the wind advisory, the surf through tuesday, then looking at the cooler weather coming into play thursday and friday, and we cannot get a rain icon in there, liz, so we're just waiting for maybe something mid month but between today and tonight, enjoy it, because we do definitely
6:52 am
have that red flag warning, high fire danger coming into play for december. a little odd. >> yes, we just need a little bit of rain. come on. all right, crossing finger, thanks, lisa. he's a san jose teen whose time lapse portrait of vice president-elect kamala harris caught national attention. tyler gordon is becoming known for these types of paintings. he's also since done president-elect joe biden and before that a-rod and j-lo. this past week his viral portrait of the vice president-elect debuted at an art gallery in l.a. abc 7 news reporter julian glover spoke with tyler as he took it all in. >> reporter: how's it feel to see your work in the gallery? >> i was just really shocked still to be able to walk in and see my art featured with all these different other types of artists. >> reporter: 14-year-old tyler gordon of san jose better get used to the spotlight. he's sharing it with some of the
6:53 am
most renowned artist of the past and present at the beverly center in los angeles. he picked up the paint brush three short years ago. >> when i started painting, i was painting for the fun of it. people seem to enjoy it, i just love art more. >> reporter: vice president-elect kamala harris loves his art. she gave him a call to personally thank him after a pic of her portrait went viral last week. >> you really have a gift, my goodness. >> thank you. >> reporter: for tyler, there's a personal connection. harris for breaking barriers like he has, shaking a debilitating diagnosis that left him in a wheelchair for two years and biden for overcoming a stutter like tyler, who was born deaf. >> he also stutters like me and he's not afraid to do public speeches and use his voice, so i'm really inspired by him and he knows me with my stutter. >> reporter: as the youngest artist featured, here is his advice to anyone doubting their own ability.
6:54 am
>> if you have a talent, use it and don't be afraid to express yourself. >> reporter: tyler's portraits will be on display at the beverly center in los angeles until the end of the year. as far as what's next? he tells me he hopes to someday be able to paint the official white house portraits for the president and first lady. i'm julian glover, abc 7 news. up next, art of a different form, music magic suddenly popping up in one san francisco neighborhood. why these street performers are much more skilled than you might think.
6:55 am
6:56 am
the holiday spirit is in full swing. nearly 1,000 drones lit the night sky over kansas city, missouri, the walmart holiday drone light show. they formed 3d characters. the show will make one stop here in california in sacramento on december 18th. tickets are free but must be reserved in advance.
6:57 am
closer to home, the san francisco ballet orchestra held a version of one of their world famous nutcracker concerts unique to this year. ♪ you're seeing their pop-up street performance at hayes and goff yesterday afternoon. this year, the nutcracker performance is being shown digitally on the san francisco ballet's website due to the pandemic. you can get virtual tours of the opera house and learn the choreography. the performance will be available in hd until december 31st. that is a tradition we really are missing this year, the annual trip to the nut cracker. >> of course. a lot of folks getting into the spirit, in my neighborhood a lot of lights are up and hopefully you can try to fake it until it works for you, to get a little bit festive out there. low 60s out there, with increasing sunshine. 61 in fremont. a little fog this morning and by the afternoon, should be pleasant, low to mid-60s. upper 50s at its coast.
6:58 am
the winds coming into play tonight with a wind advisory, a red flag warning and surf advisory as we get through your sunday night into monday. so we wish we would see rain. not seeing is this week, liz. >> lisa, thank you. thank you for joining us here on "abc 7 mornings." i'm liz kreutz along with lisa argen. abc 7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. "good morning america" is next followed by "this week with george stephanopolous." we'll see you back here at 9:00. have a great sunday. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right.
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usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa
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good morning, america. coronavirus deaths top 280,000 as covid-19 spreads at an alarming rate. california back to square one with new tight restrictions. this football player's battle with the virus. >> it kicked my butt. >> and sean penn's sitdown interview with "gma." >> hey, how can we help? >> testing and vaccination sites. his mission to stop the spread of the virus. campaign rally. president trump addressing a big crowd in georgia to support two republican senators facing runoffs, still refusing to concede his own election. >> it's rigged. it's a fixed deal. >> the pressure he's putting on state leaders to challenge the results. republican election official gabriel sterling right here to


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