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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 25, 2021 7:00am-8:59am PST

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around the streets.evwi ce if you smell covid. >> "gma" is next. good morning america. with 25 million coronavirus cases nationwide, now concerns intensifying about those covid variants. the biden administration announcing new travel restrictions and re-imposing the travel ban for more than 20 countries. this morning, the push to ramp up the vaccine rollout as supplies are running low. plus, why one pro basketball team is saying these dogs may help keep their fans safe from the virus. and the glimmers of hope this morning -- the third vaccine that could be on the way. new hospitalizations are going down and the major announcement expected this morning out of california. dr. fauci joins us this morning. impeachment showdown. breaking news. the article of impeachment against former president trump
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will be delivered to the senate in a matter of hours, less than three weeks after that mob stormed the capitol. and the new outrage from democrats over allegations former president trump considered using the justice department to try to overturn the election. biden's big plans. the new president beginning his first full week in office, expected to roll out new buy american executive order and lift the pentagon's ban on transgender people serving in the military. plus, will republicans cooperate on his nearly $2 trillion covid relief bill? triple threat. three dangerous storms on the move. winter weather alerts in effect from california to the mid-atlantic. we're tracking it all this morning. breaking news. 11 miners found alive after being trapped for two weeks. the latest on the dramatic rescue. megamillions mystery. who is the one lucky lotto ticket holder of that billion-dollar jackpot? the search for the winner, and the clues this morning. and super showdown!
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>> tampa bay buccaneers and tom brady going to super bowl lv. >> yep, tom brady booking a trip to his tenth super bowl, the oldest qb to ever do it, beating the green bay packers and aaron rodgers. the bucs ready to face the defending champs, the kansas city chiefs, and superstar quarterback patrick mahomes.e an for the epic matchup, and who will be coming out on top? we certainly do say good morning, america. hope everybody had a wonderful weekend. less than two weeks from now, that matchup, tom brady, yes, his tenth super bowl. patrick mahomes, two for two, two in a row for him. take a look. here's what tom looked like. this was his first super bowl appearance. and what did mahomes look like that year?
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>> oh, wow. >> just to give you an idea. the g.o.a.t. and the kid. >> this will be a super bowl, like we can all imagine, due to the pandemic. we'll talk about how it's going to go down. but first, we have a lot of news to get to, starting with the race to vaccinate americans. people lining up at mass vaccination sites across this country, from here in new york to a 24/7 site in phoenix, arizona. >> nearly 22 million doses administered. and there are some encouraging signs this morning. we're starting to see cases decline in parts of the country. hospitalizations are the lowest in more than a month. dr. anthony fauci is going to join us in just a few moments. but first, let's go to eva pilgrim at a vaccination site in jones beach, new york with the latest on those danger covid variants surfacing and take a new step. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning,
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robin. yeah. there are just not enough vaccines for all the people who want them. i want you to take a look at our drone footage. this mass vaccine site in jones beach is expected to open at 8:00 a.m. so many people say they'll show up at whatever time available to get their vaccine. the morning, as concerns intensify as those covid variants rise, predominantly from overseas, the u.s. will begin restricting travel from south africa, banning most non-u.s. citizens who have recently traveled to the country from entering the states, as well as re-imposing the travel ban for brazil, the uk, ireland, and 26 countries across europe in an effort to mitigate the spread of the virus. the move comes athe v which scientists say is likely more contagious and possibly more dangerous has already been reported in at least 22 states. >> even if the virus ended up being anymore deadly, the fact
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that it's more contagious, it will infect more people. it's going to cause more hospitalizations and a lot more deaths. the fact it is more contagious is a real source of concern i think for all of us. >> reporter: this weekend, the u.s. crossing yet another milestone -- more than 25 million covid-19 cases reported here since the start of the pandemic. according to the covid tracking project, last week, an average of two americans tested positive every second, with one death reported every 30 seconds. the push to get vaccines to people, urgent, but slow. finally passing the milestone 20 million shots administered announced this weekend, a number the previous administration had anticipated to reach in december. some states now temporarily canceling appointments saying they don't have supplies in stock. millions of doses are being delivered throughout the country every week, but in new york city, citi field, the home of the mets, was supposed to open as a mass vaccination site this weekend. city officials telling abc news that plan has been delayed due to the shortage of vaccine on the federal level. the new cdc director frustrated
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by the passdown she was given by the previous administration. >> i can't tell you how much vaccine we have, and if i can't tell it to you, then i can't tell it to the governors, and i can't tell it to the state health officials. if they don't know how much vaccine they're getting not just this week, but next week and the week after, they can't plan. >> reporter: and more vaccine could be on the way. johnson & johnson is expecting their phase 3 trial results some time in the next few weeks. they could be before the fda for emergency use authorization by mid february. some other the good news, the number of covid cases across the country is slightly down and we're now hearing that the governor of california is expected to announce that he's lifting that stay-at-home order there. officials say with all this positive news, though, we have to stick to those basics. we're not out of the woods yet. wear your mask, social distance and make sure to wash your hands. george? >> thanks, eva. we're joined by the president's chief medical adviser, dr. anthony fauci.
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dr. fauci, thanks for joining us again this morning. so we've seen this announcement of the travel ban from south africa. re-imposing travel bans to other areas, but at this point are they really going to do any good? >> i believe so, george. i think that was a prudent decision. because right now, even though our surveillance isn't as comprehensive as we'd like it to be, it does not appear that this particular mutant is in the united states, though it may well be. but if you have a free inflow of people from a country in which that mutant is clearly dominant, and i talk to my colleagues often in south africa. it clearly is dominant there. i believe the travel ban will be important, in addition to having a situation where anybody coming into the country now is going to be required to have a negative test before they even get on the plane, when they land, to have a degree of quarantine as well as another test. so i believe it was prudent even
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though it's never perfect as always. there's a possibility, and even a likelihood of some slippage, but i think the ban which was discussed very intensely by the group was the right decision. >> let's talk about these variants. you're concerned about the south african variant. not sure if it's here yet. we've gotten some evidence over the last several days that the united kingdom variant is actually more deadly. explain what we're finding. >> yeah, at the beginning, george, when it was first studied intensively in the uk, the uk scientists made a statement which was clearly obvious -- that this was more easily spread, i.e. more transmissible. when they looked at it, it did not look like on a case by case basis it was actually more virulent is the word they used, more likely to make you seriously ill or kill you, when they looked at the data they became convinced that it is, in fact, a bit more virulent making
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it more difficult when you get to the point of serious disease and even death. so i believe their data. i haven't seen all of it, but from what i've heard i believe the data. >> we're still seeing shortages of the vaccine all across the country at this point. i know the president has issued a series of orders that are designed to increase vaccine production. what more can be done right now? >> well, i think it's exactly what the president is doing. we've got to pull out all the stops. we've got to find out -- you know, there's a lot of disparities that you see, and discrepancies that you see. for example, george, you may call up one group locally, the vaccine isn't getting into people's arms. it's available, you make a call to another group and say, we don't have enough vaccine we have people lined up. we have to get into the trenches at that local level and figure out how to get it there and
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figure out what's going on and how to fix it because president biden has said right from the beginning he's going to pull out all the stops, if things aren't working well, instead of blaming people we're going to try to fix it and jump all over it. that's what we're doing. it's going to take a little time, and you're going to still hear about people who are not getting vaccines wanted as well as vaccines that aren't on the shelf, and hopefully in a short period of time, that's going to get corrected. >> we got 25 million cases over the last year. you've been under a lot of pressure over the last year. what's the number one change you've noticed between president biden -- to president biden from president trump. >> it was very clear, george, and it was articulated multiple times that the president has said it publicly, but just in a private session, sitting down with him and the medical team, he's very serious. he said, science is going to rule. we're going to go by the facts. we're going to go by the evidence. we're going to go by the data. if something is wrong, like i just said, we're going to just try to fix it and we're going to pull out all the stops to get our arms around this. getting the vaccine situation on track is his highest priority. so i mean, the idea that the president himself sits down with
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you and says, i want science to rule. go out there and do everything we need to do to get it done, just is really very, very refreshing. >> you faced personal threats over the past year. i was horrified to read that you had one incident you opened up an envelope and feared you were poisoned. >> yeah, that was very traumatic george, but more so for my wife and children. just really, really, were horrified by that because for awhile there, you know, i said in a "times" article there were only three possibilities. either it was a hoax which i was hoping and praying it was. it was anthrax which would require me taking 30 or 60 days of cipro or it was ricin, which means i was dead. i didn't know until the fbi and the hazmat people figured out what it was. it was a very difficult period. >> we're glad you're okay. dr. fauci, thanks for your time this morning. >> good to be with you, george.
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>> he has been such a steady presence through such a terrifying year. >> certainly. all right, george. thank you. we're going to move on now to capitol hill, and that major step in the impeachment trial of former president trump. within hours, the house will send the article of impeachment to the senate setting the process in motion. rachel scott has all the details. >> reporter: this morning, with just hours until the house sends the article of impeachment to the senate, democrats outraged over new allegations that former president donald trump considered using his own justice department to try and overturn the election. >> as if it's not enough that he sent an angry mob down the mall to invade the capitol. >> reporter: "the wall street journal" reports that trump wanted the department to sue states directly in the supreme court, and when that plan failed, "the new york times" says he allegedly plotted to remove his acting attorney general and replace him with a trump loyalist who was willing to help him fight president joe biden's victory in georgia. >> it goes to his motive to stay
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in power, his intent to do that, to call his supporters, to radicalize his supporters at all costs. >> reporter: the justice department has not commented on those reports, and trump hasn't addressed these specific allegations against him. the former president is already charged with incitement of insurrection after he urged his supporters to march to the capitol. >> fight like hell. >> reporter: that impeachment trial now scheduled to start the week of february 8th. >> we'll move forward with the trial. it will be fair, but it will move at a relatively fast pace. >> reporter: democrats would need at least 17 republicans to vote to convict trump, but a growing number are now blasting the trial before it even begins. >> i think the trial is stupid. i think it's counterproductive. >> reporter: tomorrow senators will be sworn in as jurors, but both sides have agreed to delay that trial for two weeks. it'll give democrats a chance to push through joe biden's cabinet picks and trump more time to prepare his defense, george. >> yes, it's a complication for biden's agenda.
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rachel, thanks very much. president biden is pushing hard on a number of fronts as he enters his first full week as president. he's pushing forward on his buy america plan. senior white house correspondent mary bruce has the details. >> reporter: president biden is continuing his blitz of executive actions. today he'll try to fulfill that campaign promise by signing an order encouraging the federal government to, quote, buy american and purchase goods and services from u.s. companies. now the law already requires this, but businesses have been frustrated by loopholes that still exist. this order will try to clamp down on all of that. we also learned from sources that the president will be signing an executive order lifting the pentagon's ban on transgender people serving in the military. that controversial policy that president trump put in place a few years ago. biden has long supported reversing this, and we've learned that the new defense secretary lloyd austin who also supports this, will be on hand for the signing, george. >> the president is getting some pushback on his covid relief plan from republicans saying it's just too big. >> reporter: george, he's running into some roadblocks on the hill already. the president has been adamant
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he wants bipartisan support for this, but republicans and even some democrats are balking at the nearly $2 trillion price tag. even more moderate members like susan alcoh susan collins and mitt romney saying it's just too big, especially since they just passed this package last month and much of that has yet to be spent. biden has to walk a very fine line here. if he gives republicans too many concessions that could put off some democrats. with that nearly even split in the senate, biden has very little wiggle room here, george. >> mary bruce, thank you very much. robin? george, now to that billion-dollar mystery. who won that massive mega millions jackpot? only one winning ticket sold and it was in michigan. will reeve joins us now with more. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it literally is that billion-dollar ticket. we know where it was sold. now we're left to wonder, who bought it? this morning, it's a megamillions mystery in michigan. >> they don't have the option ts
7:16 am
multi-state game, so they do have to make their identity known. >> reporter: the winning ticket worth $1 billion. the third largest jackpot in u.s. history was sold at this grocery store in novi, a small town outside detroit. >> in general, any city says, having that ticket bought means more hustle and bustle into my city. it's the luck of the draw, and we got lucky. >> reporter: the lucky ticketholder might stay anonymous for awhile. >> the winner has one year from the date of the drawing to claim their prize. with this amount of money they're probably gwhen they do >> reporter: the odds of holding that winning ticket, 1 in 303 million. the check of that lump sum is nearly $740 million. if you're holding that ticket right now and don't know what to do, listen up. >> first, sign the ticket. that's important. put your name on the back of
7:17 am
it. second, keep it in a very safe place. whether that's a safe in your home, you put it in a safe deposit box, put it somewhere that it's going to be safe and secure. >> reporter: there are only seven states where winners can stay anonymous, one of them south carolina. that's where the largest single prize was ever awarded, $1.5 billion in 2018 and now we wait and see who won in michigan. i personally, guys, would take the lump sum because it's a whole lot of money. >> you think? thank you, will. >> will is getting very wise. >> thank you, will. we're following a lot of other headlines this morning including -- how about that super bowl matchup? come on now. tom brady and the bucs versus patrick mahomes and the chiefs. plus, we'll celebrate larry king. his children sharing memories, and what they call their amazing father. we'll check in with that this morning. then, how these dogs may he from covid. bufi >> reporter: good morning, amy. we're tracking three storms that
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cover much of the country, this impacting part of the southwest, with heavy snow across arizona. this is between phoenix and flagstaff. tough go over there on i-17, and just over the border in new mexico. this is the continental divide of new mexico where i-40 was shut down. i-94 just outside detroit, snow squalls there creating some havoc. let's track storm number one, and really taking shape now across the central part of the country. this is going to be chicago's heaviest snow of the season. could see six inches of snow there. omaha, des moines, you'll see it as well. snow and icy conditions heading into philly and baltimore during the day tomorrow, and then some snow getting into new york and up 95. not a lot of accumulation across the northeast, but certainly enough to keep things on the slick side and another storm directly behind that. time now for your select cities sponsored by target.
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good morning, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. if you live near the coast, there's a chance of thunderstorms. that's why we're a 1 on the storm impact scale. prepare today for what's coming tomorrow and wednesday. that 3, that strong storm, it's going to bring us damaging winds and flooding rains. the hardest hit areas are actually going to be south of us, santa cruz mountains to the central coast. today chilled sunshine, breezy, partly cloudy, low to mid-50s. look at the freezing temperererererererererererererer and we'll be right back.erer ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc7. good morning, i'm reggie aqui. the stay-at-home order in the bay area could be lifted today, and that means that restaurants could open again for outdoor dining. the california restaurant association sent a letter to its members late last night saying they've been informed that the governor is going to announce the stay-at-home order will be lifted for all regions. of course that would impact restaurants. it could also impact nail salons, hair salons and other businesses that had to close. the governor's office says there will be a formal update later today. watch abc7 and our mobile app for that announcement. the current stay-at-home order is based on icu capacity and officials divided up the state into five regions. when a region fell below 15% capacity, that's when the order went into effect.
7:24 am
currently the bay area is one of three regions still under that order. and this morning there are encouraging signs about our icu capacity. you see right there that it jumped from 6.6% january 22nd to 23.4% now without explanation. for a long time it was below 5%. we're going to check in with meteorologist mike nicco for a
7:25 am
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good morning, we have some showers in the far east bay, live doppler 7 tracking those. that could make it slick on highway 4 and 580 and possibly 80 through solano county. our best chance after this morning is going to be scattered thunderstorms near the coast. you can see storm prediction center has us in this little narrow ribbon. be careful. tuesday and wednesday, tomorrow and wednesday, the real deal
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it won't raise blood pressure the way that advil® aleve® or motrin® sometimes can. for trusted relief, trust tylenol®. look who's got smart pahk. >> it's smart. >> i can park it anywhere. >> are you kidding me? i parked it and then unparked it. >> you unparked it? >> game-changer. welcome back to "gma." yes, we all remember that hilarious hyundai ad, the super bowl commercial from last year had some big-time boston stars. you see them t now, a former boston superstar tom brady, he's headed to his tenth super bowl, this time with tampa bay, just after this ad from last year that sparked, remember, all of those retirement rumors. >> oh, yeah.
7:31 am
>> coming up in the next hour, we have peyton manning joining us live giving us an exclusive first look at his commercial for this year's big game. >> we're looking forward to that. following a lot of headlines, including concerns about those covid variants. the mexico president has announced he's tested positive for covid. also right now, the article of impeachment against former president trump will be delivered to the senate in a matter of hours, less than three weeks after that mob stormed the capitol. and take a look at the new white house residents enjoying their new home. first dogs major and champ. major is the first ever rescue dog to live at the white house. >> get your rescue on. don't shop, adopt. we'll continue this half hour with that super showdown. yep, tom brady is back in the super bowl for the tenth time, and yes. the first with the buccaneers. going head to head with patrick mahomes and the defending champs kansas city chiefs. t.j. holmes, break it all down.
7:32 am
>> reporter: i know what a lot of people are saying. m brady again? yeah, he's good. yes, tom brady, now get this, past 20 years has been in 50% of the super bowls in that time. i'm sure he might be getting tired of us calling him the oldest and greatest, but to win this one he has to go up against one of the most talented dudes in the nfl. >> brady goes for the deep shot, he's got it. touchdown! >> reporter: new year. new team. same result. >> the tampa bay buccaneers and tom brady are going to super bowl lv. >> reporter: tom brady is headed back to the super bowl. his tenth. dgers and the green bay ampa bay packers in sunday's nfc championship. >> brady throws, end zone, he's got evans for the touchdown! >> reporter: speaking to our michael strahan earlier, brady explained how the hard part may now be over. >> you said getting to the championship game is actually harder that the super bowl.
7:33 am
what do you mean by that? why do you think that's the case? >> winning a road playoff game is a very difficult thing to do. super bowl, neutral site. twwe to prepare. >> reporter: this time, no neutral site, the buccaneers will be the first team in nfl history to play the super bowl on their home turf, raymond james stadium. >> tampa, we're coming home! >> reporter: the league will have fans in the stands, including 7,500 vaccinated healthcare workers. brady will, again, reset an old guy record, at 43, the oldest quarterback ever to make the super bowl. >> touchdown! >> reporter: his wife, gisele, excitedly tweeting her support. >> it's been a great journey thus far. we put the work in and a lot of guys justrything and worked really hard to get to this point. and it's a tough game, had a few tough games in a row. the next one will be really tough too. >> reporter: the nfl's elder statesman is facing off against one of the youngest in the
7:34 am
league, 25-year-old kansas city superstar patrick mahomes who took the chiefs to victory at last year's super bowl. >> here's mahomes. underhand, and he throws it for the touchdown. >> reporter: and get this -- when brady won his first super bowl in 2002, mahomes was just 6 years old. but in two weeks, the nfl icon and the face of the nfl's future will meet on the biggest stage. first time a team has home field, home turf for a super bowl. that was put in place -- tampa got the super bowl in 2017. so tom brady was still winning super bowls in new england. this is an ideal matchup for the nfl. these two teams, after this whole season, postponements with cod anwhndha bdyndom the number one and number two selling jerseys in the nfl, mahomes/brady, this is a dream matchup for the nfl. >> two weeks to go. t.j., thank you. now we'll turn now to some breaking news. 11 miners found alive after they were trapped for two weeks in china. ian pannell is joining us with
7:35 am
the latest on the dramatic rescue that happened. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, amy. that's right. dramatic scenes in china as rescuers pulled 11 gold miners to safety on sunday after being trapped, get this, 1,000 feet underground. tv cameras capturing these scenes as the men were finally brought to the surface. some of them blindfolded to protect their eyes from the sun. if entrance to the mine in the far east of the country had collapsed after an explosion january 10th, leaving the man stranded under 70 tons of debris. hunger challenged the miners, and china's mines are among the world's deadliest. officials just announcing that despite the rescue, ten miners have been found dead. condolences offered to their families. guys? >> all right. ian pannell, thank you for that.
7:36 am
now we are going to remember larry king. the legendary talk show host conducted some 50,000 interviews over a more than 50-year career. tributes are pouring in from all over the world. chris connelly is live in los angeles, the place larry king called home. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, george, and yes, we loved him out here. larry king relied on short questions and his life-long curiosity for interviews that sometimes became part of the national conversation. he once said he liked guests with passion, a sense of humor or a chip on their shoulder and in his remarkable career, he sure found a lot of them. >> how do you deal -- are you with men more or women with more? do you want to be married? >> i deal with it just fine. >> reporter: if you made music, or movies or made history -- >> what are you going to do now? >> i'm going to do something creative in order to help to speed up the liberation of my people. >> reporter: made people laugh. >> miss piggy. >> don't flirt with the host. >> she's very pretty. >> reporter: or just made people
7:37 am
go what? >> have you ever commented on guilt or innocence? >> my opinion is i think o.j. is guilty. >> reporter: then you were one of the estimated 50,000 people who talked live to larry king especially during his 25 years in prime time on cnn's "larry king sn d in a ne reporter: those who sat across from him on the air, paid homage to king after his death on saturday at the age of 87. madonna, so sorry to hear of your passing. viola davis, rest in peace, larry king. what a titan you were. bette midler, a great interviewer and a great listener and they're not the same thing. king could make news on occasion as he did in 1992 when billionaire ross perot all but announced his candidacy for presidency on his show. or when o.j. simpson called in the day after his 1995 acquittal. >> how are you? >> i'm doing fine. >> reporter: then as always, king was unafraid to ask the
7:38 am
simplest of questions. guided more by curiosity than confrontation, king liked to keep his conversations spontaneous, sparking plenty of memorable changes. ♪ got a date with an angel ♪ >> you're off-key. >> reporter: as unflappable as he was on air, his personal life could get tumultuous at times. there were two bankruptcies and a heart bypass. then there were his marriages, eight of them, seven divorces, enough to put this one-time "usa today" columnist in the gossip columns himself. his three surviving children calling him an amazing father. releasing a statement following his passing saying in part, we know without a doubt in the world he loved us more than life itself. >> i wanted to be a broadcaster since i could remember, when i was 5 years old. i wanted to be on the radio. >> reporter: but through an amazing 63-year career in broadcasting, king never got tired of listening to other people. >> my endless search to learn
7:39 am
more never left me and that has kept me going. i'm insatiably curious. >> reporter: he'll long be remembered as a broadcasting legend. guys? >> he certainly will. >> one of a kind. >> i also enjoyed his column in the "usa today." i like ice cream, just a random thought. he'll be missed. >> our thoughts are with his family an friends of course. coming up next, one nba's team plan to let dogs sniff out the coronavirus to let fans back into the are. the coronavirus to let fans back into the arena. the question, will it work? action! faster, faster! they're gaining on you! ♪ ♪ [engine revving]
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7:43 am
we're back now with a look at what may be the future of big events in the age of coronavirus. the miami heat allowing a limited number of fans to attend games starting later this week with the help of virus-sniffing dogs to screen them. victor oquendo is live in miami with how this is supposed to work. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the miami heat have been working on this for months, screening smaller groups at the american airlines arena. they say so far so good. they believe in the research behind this, but the real test, it comes later this week when they welcome back some 1,500 fans with the help of these specially trained dogs. this morning, an nba team's new experimental defense against
7:44 am
coronavirus. covid-19 detection dogs similar to the canines on patrol at airports. later this week the miami heat will station specially trained dogs at entrances to the american airlines arena to try to sniff out the virus that causes covid-19. here's the plan -- dogs will sniff fans before entering by walking past them. if the dog sits, that signals they may have detected covid-19, and that fan will be asked to leave along with their group and given a full refund. >> it's really, really interesting. dogs are amazing creatures. and their noses are way more powerful than ours. >> reporter: medical specialists point out that research done in this area is exciting but preli. no study has been scrutinized by peer review and the fda has not signed off on this method of screening. dogs have been used to sniff out possible bombs. some have even detected early stages of ovarian cancer. they have up to 300 million
7:45 am
smell receptors, where humans only have about 6 million making dogs uniquely equipped to detect scents humans can't. >> what we're trying to do is sniff out an odor,gac hinishat dogs can figure that out. >> reporter: but infectious disease experts warn that a traditional covid test is more reliable and are concerned that these dogs could give people false comfort. >> adding innovative tools like dog sniffing of course is really exciting but it shouldn't give this false sense of security and truthfully we should still be relying on widespread testing to fully get this pandemic under control. >> reporter: the heat will have rapid tests available for anyone who's either allergic or afraid of dogs. most importantly all other covid protocols remain in place. there's a limited number of fans to ensure social distancing. everyone will have to wear a mask at all times. these dogs are just an added layer. guys? >> keep that in mind, an added
7:46 am
layer. all right, victor. thank you. coming up next -- we have our "play of the day." stay with us. stay with us. ♪ this is what community looks like. ♪ caring for each other, ♪ protecting each other. ♪ and as the covid vaccine rolls out, we'll be ready to administer it. ♪ my dermatologist was raving about pure retinol. it's amazing. new revitalift night serum with pure retinol our most potent retinol. in a clinical test, 100% of women showed reduction of wrinkles, even deep ones. new revitalift night serum with pure retinol from l'oréal paris. is that grilled chicken that we all know and love,
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and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. >> ♪ back now with our "play of the day" and this epic gymnastics routine. that's superstar ucla gymnast nia dennis. incredible floor routine.
7:50 am
yeah, she stuck that. you might remember her for her amazing beyonce routine, but this time she was flipping to the music of kendrick lamar and missy elliot along with tupac. ucla gymnastics tweeting, this is what black excellence looks like. olympic gold medalist simone biles saying, this was so fun to watch. keep killing it. but nia said it best. she said, this routine definitely reflects everything that i am today as a woman and of course, i had to incorporate a lot of parts of my culture. she danced through this whole thing in addition to all that tumbling. look at her go. by the way, she won. >> she's good. she's good. >> first place with this routine. >> she's good. you should watch the whole routine. so creative, so entertaining. she's beautiful. coming up, peyton manning. anook at h new super bowl commercial. he's here live. come on back. come on back.
7:51 am
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welcome back to "gma" from >> reporter: welcome back to "gma" from norwalk, connecticut. sunny, but chilly. here's what it looks like in california. a little rainbow there in the pacific. beautiful shot. coming up -- how to sharpen up your work from home look with those video calls. but now, though, some local news and weathe
7:55 am
"good morning america" is "good morning america" is response orred by northwestern mutual.
7:56 am
building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. good morning, i'm reggie aqui for abc7 mornings. today we should get a better picture of the state of covid-19 in san francisco. mayor london breed and the health director have an update scheduled at 1:15. this is amid the improving case rate and their goal to vaccinate the city by the end of june. cdc data shows california received more than 4.9 million doses and has distributed less than half of those. you can stream today's update at or your abc7 news app. let's check in with mike now. thank you, reggie. hi, everybody. live doppler 7 showing a few light showers over eastern contra costa, and alameda county. our best chance of showers and thunderstorms right near the coast today. we'll keep a 1 on the storm
7:57 am
impact. the real deal, the 3, the atmospheric river and the potential damage it brings starts tomorrow afternoon and goes through wednesday morning, and measuore rain through sunda coming up, eva mendez gets calledutr spending too much time on her phone. the warning signs and how advanced non-small cell lung cancer can change everything. but your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread and that tests positive for pd-l1 and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene. opdivo plus yervoy is the first and only fda-approved combination of two immunotherapies opdivo plus yervoy equals...
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. race against time, growing concerns about those coronavirus mutations, the biden administration announcing new travel restrictions and re-imposing the travel ban for more than 20 countries. the push this morning to ramp up the vaccine rollout as supplies are running low. and new hope, a third vaccine could be on the way. hospitalizations at their lowest in more than a month. what dr. fauci is telling "gma" this morning. impeachment showdown. the article of impeachment being sent to the senate in just hours. a trial set for early february as new allegations emerge that former president trump considered using his justice department to try to overturn the election. called out. actress eva mendes reveals she's stepping back from social media
8:01 am
after her daughter said she was on the phone too much. warning signs your phone use could be impacting your kids. jojo siwa with a revelation for her fans this weekend. >> i have never, ever, ever, been this happy before. >> the teen sensation and former "dance moms" star sharing community. saying she doesn't want to put a specific label on her sexual orientati orientation, but she does want fans to know that you should love who you want. ♪ larger than life ♪ count down to super bowl lv, the big game commercials start heating up. this morning, peyton manning, serena williams, how they're teaming up. and look who's saying -- >> good morning, america. good to see serena. good morning, america. we're off and running on another week, in less than two weeks until super bowl lv. kansas city chiefs, the
8:02 am
defending champs, taking on brady and the bucs. a big, exciting game, after those thrilling games on sunday. >> i know, i had no husband yesterday. i know. helps us count down to the super bowl this year, two-time super bowl champ peyton manning, teaming up as you just heard with serena williams, for one of this year's biggest ad, which " this morning. peyton manning is no stranger to primetime commercials. he teamed up with his brother eli back in 2006 for this classic. peyton manning's joining us live coming up. we have a lot of news to get to as well this morning, we'll start with the latest on the coronavirus emergency and the race to vaccinate. more than 41 million doses of vaccine have been distributed. nearly 22 million doses have been administered. let's go back to eva pilgrim at a vaccination site in jones beach, new york. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, george. so many people just want to be able to get this vaccine. i want to show you our drone shot right now. you can see the cars that are lined up at this me mega vaccination site.
8:03 am
it's a drive-through site, and so many people that we talked to say they don't care what time they have to show up for an appointment. they just want to be able to get the vaccine. this morning, as concerns intensify surrounding those covid variants predominantly from overseas, abc news has learned that the u.s. will begin restricting travel from south africa, banning most non-u.s. citizens who have recently traveled to the country from entering the states as well as re-imposing the travel ban for brazil, the uk, ireland and 26 countries across europe to mitigate the spread of the virus. the move comes as the uk variant which scientists say is likely more contagious than the initial version, and possibly more dangerous, has already been reported in at at least 22 states. dr. fauci speaking with george on "gma" this morning, on re-imposing the travel ban, and if it could curb the spread of the new variant.
8:04 am
>> we've seen this announcement of travel ban, at this point, are they really going to do any good? >> you know, i believe so, george. i think that was a prudent decision because right now, even though our surveillance isn't as comprehensive as we'd like it to be yet, it does not appear that this particular mutant is in the united states. although it well may be, but if you have a free inflow of people from a country in which that mutant is clearly dominant -- i talk to my colleagues often in south africa. it clearly is dominant there. i believe the travel ban will be important in addition to having a situation where anybody coming into the country now is going to be rui to have a negative test before they even get on the plane. >> reporter: and some more ke t. johnson & johnson is e their fi results within the next two weeks. that means that they could be
8:05 am
before the fda for emergency use authorize by middle of february. that vaccine is a single-dose vaccine, robin. >> all right, eva. thank you. we turn now to that major step in the impeachment trial of former president trump. within hours, the house will send the article of impeachment to the senate. our congressional correspondent rachel scott is back with more. good morning again, rachel. >> reporter: robin, good morning. democrats preparing for this historic handover, now say they have even more evidence to back up their case, pointing to these allegations that former president donald trump tried to use the justice department in his fight to overturn the election. trump has not specifically commented on those allegations. the house charging the president with incitement of insurrection, and tomorrow, the senators will be sworn in as jurors, but both sides have agreed to delay the trial for two weeks as it will give democrats some time to try to push through president joe biden's cabinet picks and trump
8:06 am
more time to prepare his defense. democrats will need the support of at least 17 republicans in order to convict former president donald trump but already so many gop lawmakers calling it -- saying trump has already left the white house. >> all right, rachel scott. thank you so much. coming up next "dance moms" star jojo siwa coming out. saying she's part of the lgbtq community. that ahead, and the outpouring of support this morning. what eva mendes said her daughter said to make her take a social media break. the signs you may be on your phone too much and may not realize it. a tip, if your kid tells you, then that might mean you're on it too much. and stepping up your work-from-home fashion. the bests d su togeer for you. that and a whole lot more coming up right here on "gma." ♪ it's been...a year. and jackson hewitt knows your job description
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8:11 am
♪ okay. >> welcome back to "gma." your week's off to good start. >> i'm trying, george. >> tomorrow on "gma" -- wendy williams is going to join us live. but right now, it's time for "pop news" with lara spencer, ladies and gentlemen. good morning, lara. did you have a good weekend? >> yes, i sure did, robin. hello to you all, and great to see you. it's a special day because if you'll hear the music, we all love him so much. the one and only neil diamond celebrating a big one, his 80th birthday yesterday and to celebrate someone we love so much, who's contributed so much to the music our lives, we thought we would share some fun facts about neil.
8:12 am
like his real name, neil diamond. he was born neil diamond. he wanted to change it actually. he tried out noah kaminsky for awhile, and it didn't stick, and while music was his calling, there were a few other jobs diamond considered. in 1958, he enrolled at nyu in their premed program, he went on a fencing scholarship, he dropped out to pursue music, that worked out, he was present with an honorary degree. neil diamond who wrote this song -- i'm a believer, written by the one and only neil diamond. and the guy may only have one grammy, but he's been nominated 13 times and last laughs on us. he's got 130 million albums sold worldwide. neil diamond, you're a treasure. happy birthday. >> lara, lara, lara. lara, that report was so good. >> so good. >> so good.
8:13 am
♪ >> thank you, robin. even with the delay it was perfection. also this morning, a geological discovery that's -- take a look at this rock, found in brazil. that's not manufactured, that's how it looked when it opened up. scientists realized it bears a striking resemblance to yes, cookie monster. a gemologist discovered the agate in brazil. i mean, they look like twins. back in november, and it has gained rock star status. yeah, i said it, due to its unique formation. because of that it may be worth some serious cookie doug, north of $10,000. >> come on. >> what? you don't believe me? >> no, no. do not. believe that.
8:14 am
>> riva left. she was like -- finally, it's girl scouts cookie season. one little girl that we predict big things for, check out this second grader, learned how to deliver a very convincing sales pitch. >> hello. i'm selling cookies again. did you know we have a new cookie? it's french toast flavored. how cool is that? 2,000 cookies. i could win a chromebook. like, who would want a chromebook? how many cookies would you like to buy? >> let's go, cadence. her mom posted that video to facebook writing, cookie time, who wants to help this little girl meet her goal. but guess what, this morning,
8:15 am
she's already halfway through and i have no doubt that she'll make her goal. future ceo, i predict. >> love her passion, lara. thank you so much. now to our "gma" cover story. "dance moms" star jojo siwa, coming out as part of the lgbtq community. she's saying she has never been happier. many calling her announcement incredibly meaningful. will reeve is back with her story. hey, will. >> reporter: hello again, amy. jojo siwa is absolutely massive. she's got 30 million tiktok followers and 10 million more on instagram. she's known and adored for being bubbly and fun and relatable, and now she's sharing her most authentic self and her fans love her even more. >> i'm really, really, i'm really happy. >> reporter: that's teen sensation jojo siwa. radiating joy after sharing her
8:16 am
truth. she's part of the lgbtq community. >> you guys probably haven't seen me this happy since i was on tour. >> reporter: jojo siwa a singer actor and youtube superstar isn't putting a specific label parents and gay celebrities like lil nas x and ellen degeneres. >> right now i'm super duper happy, and i want to share everything with the world, but i want to keep things in my life private until they're ready to be public. right now what matters is that you guys know that no matter who you love that it's okay and that it's awesome and that the world is there for you. ♪ love yourself today ♪ >> reporter: speculation swirled when the 17-year-old posted this tiktok dancing to "born this way." ♪ i was born to survive ♪ lady gaga's
8:17 am
self-empowerment. siwa's most popular video ever, getting millions of views. this picture she provided more proof. part of the popular "dance moms" series. >> do you think i could replace chloe? >> reporter: her effervescent personality and her big bows made her a phenomenon. she sold out stadiums on national tours, appeared on game shows and released her own music. ♪ >> reporter: her youtube page alone attracting 12 million subscribers. jojo siwa is aware of her massive platform. this weekend she re-tweeted messages about the example she sets, and the role model lgbtq people will see her as. glaad president said jojo siwa's story is a reminder for lgbtq youth to love who they are and to find safe and welcoming environments to speak out. the spot for jojo continues to roll in, including from her former instructor and star
8:18 am
of "dance moms," abby lee miller who posted, quote, i always knew the world would be a more colorful, positive, sparkly place with a kind, loving, dazzling triple threat like you in it, a shining example for the best -- for the kids out there to live their best life each and every day. >> a shining example, indeed, you can see how happy she is as well. george. now to an issue some families may be facing right now. actress eva mendes revealed that she's stepping back from social media, after her younger daughter called her out for spending too much time on her phone. stephanie ramos has the story. >> reporter: hey there, george. as parent of two young kids myself i can relate. now, actress eva mendes is opening up about a recent moment she had with her two young daughters she realized she's on her phone a lot. this morning, eva mendes taking to social media with what she calls an important reminder, the
8:19 am
actress who has two daughters, 6-year-old and 4-year-old, with actor ryan gosling said she's been taking a break from social media because of her kids, posting after a three-week break, this mom tip she shared with latinx parenting, let your kids call you out, it's not disrespectful, it's healthy. captioning the post, i haven't posted lately because my little one told me i was on the phone too much. i could tell she was taking it personal personally, and she's a kid. of course, she would take it personally, adding, so we had a good talk. i apologized her and i promised her i would be mindful. i realized that just because i'm always home with them doesn't mean i'm always present. mendes has been candid during quarantine saying she wants to be a fun mom, often sharing artwork from her kids and sharing a few selfies after her daughters did her makeup. mendes says it's about respecting your child so they grow up to feel empowered. george. >> stephanie, thanks very much. let's bring in our parenting expert rachel simmons.
8:20 am
rachel, thanks for coming back today. so if the kid tells you that's a pretty good sign. but are there more subtle signs as well? >> absolutely, robin nailed it earlier, your kids are complaining if they're voicing their frustrations that's a sign. sometimes kids won't do it directly. some kids will act out in a particular way, try to get your attention when you're on the phone. it's so interesting moms in particular today spend more time with their kids than the 1960s and that was true even before the pandemic. but we're chronically distracted. when you are irritable or annoyed, or you feel like they're interrupting you and you kind of want to go hide in the bathroom, you know, that's a sign. finally, if we're missing what they're saying, we're asking them to repeat themselves, that's a sign we're off-balance. >> so what are the best ways to take the feedback? >> well, listen. it's a real parenting opportunity if we're humble enough to take it because your kids are giving you some constructive criticism. so we get to show them by our example how to take it.
8:21 am
when your child as my child does frequently, tell us you're on too much, show them the respect for what they're saying. thank them for telling you, and change your behavior to show their speaking up has made a difference. they learn from us, by watching the way we handle it. >> so we have to lead by example in how we use our phone as well. >> absolutely. i mean, look, if you're on it all the time you can't expect your child to set limits for themselves as well. so we all really have to learn from oeeach other right now. >> rachel simmons, thanks very much. let's go to rob. >> george, cool and crisp morning here in norwalk, connecticut, but trouble on the way with the storm in the midwest. here's what it did yesterday in lancaster county. look at that. everybody's okay. the snow is going to be heavy in nebraska and iowa today. chicago, some heavy snow. ice shield will get to the northeast around tomorrow. mostly north of new york city
8:22 am
meteorologist mike nicco. if you live near the coast, there's a chance of thunderstorms. that's why we're a 1 on the storm impact scale. prepare today for what's coming tomorrow and wednesday. that 3, that strong storm, it's going to bring us damaging winds and flooding rains. the hardest hit areas are actually going to be south of us, santa cruz mountains to the central coast. today chilled sunshine, breezy, partly cloudy, low to mid-50s. look at the freezing temperererererererererererererer now to our series make work from home work for you. in the beginning of the pandemic many people working from home were sporting ultra athleisure wear. now sweats might not always cut it. becky worley has some tips for making business and casual work together. good morning, becky. >> reporter: good morning,
8:23 am
robin. you're so right, we're in the marathon phase of work from home. so, now, what does it mean to look and feel professional remotely? >> hey, everybody. >> reporter: what do you wear ? it initially centered on athleisure, sweatpants, hoodie, but there's a shift. >> we want comfy, but also professional. so what do we call this look now? zoom ready? comfy chic? at-home profesh? we asked three professionals who used to dressed up how they adapted. pre-covid. >> very business formal, which means, you know, blazers, shift dresses. >> reporter: then the ndemic hi >> comfort came first. >> reporter: now her covid 2.0 attire more professional. >> i can invest in some really nice sweater pieces and zhuzhing it and diversifying it with some
8:24 am
earrings. >> reporter: she's employing the mullet philosophy on zoom fashion. business on top. structured top and earrings. boom, for patrice kelly who works in finance, her evolution has been more structured. before covid -- >> i would dress and, you know, heels or a skirt. >> reporter: while she went for comfort early on, she had an epipha epiphany. >> i was too comfortable to work and be productive, so i wept on and started wearing jeans every day on the bottom and just started dressing up a little bit on the top. >> reporter: and for an accessory? >> i won't have my headset. i tuck it behind. more fashionable. >> reporter: not just women. a meteorologist at a affiliate in san francisco who's now doing his reports from home. >> the longer i stayed home, got more casual, the tie was gone. we started to get bits of the sweaters.
8:25 am
that's where we are now. >> reporter: don't forget the shorts and slippers. >> never forget the slippers. becky, you've been working from home even before the pandemic, so give us thes and dne, vio e about the silh ojt. shouorions. you don't want overly busy patterns. that can be distracting, and jewel tones. these emeralds, sapphires, they really are rich, but they pop, and i want you to know i always wear my leggings and my uggs when i'm recording. >> you have uggs on right now? you're not going to show us. there's proof in the pudding. nice extension, too. you stuck the landing. thank you, becky. coming up, football great -- that was really good. i would pull a hammy. peyton manning is going to join
8:26 am
us live, exclusive sneak peek at his new super bowl commercial.
8:27 am
rng, th breaks about the stay-at-home order. california public health officials have just announced it has been lifted for every region statewide, and that does include three regions that were still under the order including the bay area, san joaquin valley and southern california. four-week icu capacity projections for those three regions now above 15%. that's the threshold in order to exit this order. now, this allows counties to return to the color coded tiers for reopening and an update on the tiers is expected tomorrow. live doppler 7 se light owe contra costa and alameda counties, and it's mainly going to stay there the next couple of hours and fall aparking lot.
8:28 am
out over the ocean our best chances of showers and thunderstorms. ed real deal is tomorrow afternoon through wednesday morning, a 3 on the storm impact scale. we're going to have some serioue
8:29 am
hey, bay area, "live with kelly and ryan accounts is coming up. >> we have nathan fillion from the rookie. we'll have another abc7
8:30 am
update in about 30 minutes. you can always find the latest on our news app and at the news continues right now with "good morning a ♪ ♪ith "good morning a ♪ just two weeks away right now, matchup for super bowl lv is set, tampa bay buccaneers facing the kansas city chiefs, more than a 100 million fans will tune in for the big game and and as always, for the commercials. >> you're right about that. this year, two of the biggest names in sport are teaming up for one ad, serena williams and peyton manning. we'll talk with the legendary qb, peyton manning, live in just a moment. but first, lara is back with on the tennis megastar and how she's spending time with her daughter. good morning, lara. >> reporter: robin a lot goes into being a superstar on the court and now serena is sharing one of her secret sources of that power, and it's her family.
8:31 am
plus, she's giving us an exclusive first look at her super bowl commercial, joined by peyton manning and so much the greatest stars in sports. take a look. for 23-team tennis superstar serena williams winning is a way of life. >> for me i win because i'm happy. i love being around olympia. it's great. >> reporter: she and her family are in australia quarantining and preparing for the australian open, giving serena williams much-needed time with her 3-year-old daughter. >> it's so good to have this experience with her. i've gotten so much time to spend with her, it's been really good have an opportunity to be olympia 24/7. >> reporter: the mother-daughter duo helping each other train on the court. and exercise their imaginations
8:32 am
off of it. >> we like to make up things. we'll look at something and say, that's a giraffe, or we'll go to the fake zoo, my imagination has been pushed to its limits. i can be a kid again and have imagination. >> reporter: now serena's spreading that message of importance of happiness in a new ad for michelob ultra. >> what if we wrong this whole time? joy a happened after the sacrifice, after the win? what if happiness has always been there? fueling the run toward greatness. what if joy is the -- not just the end game, the whole game. >> reporter: such a cool commercial. we're predicting right here, another big game on the big day.
8:33 am
you know sports fans, robin, will try to name every athlete they see in that commercial. so many, we couldn't name them right there. sending it bking. >> thank you as always, lara and riva. peyton manning joins us live now. the crowd goes wild, can you hear it here in the studio? peyton manning, you have so much going on, but want to ask you about this ad first, and the question that it poses about happiness leading to success or is it vice versa? what's been the case for you? >> well, i agree with serena, when i look back on my football career, i felt our teams won a lot of games and i played my best games when i was happy. i had a lot ofoyg football career. there's the old saying, enjoy the journey not the destination. and when i think back on my memories during my 18 years of
8:34 am
playing, i think about those plane rides with my teammates, i think about hanging around the locker room, laughing with each other, i think about taking the offensive linemen out to eat on thursday nights, keeping them cold beverages and thatit, tht est takeways. those happy moments that i felt brought our team together. helped us win more games on sunday and help us win a championship. you'll have the happiness after, but you can do both. >> do you miss it? did you miss the game, peyton? >> i miss the my teammates, robin. i bot to do it for 22 years, if you will, if you add in my college career, i have no regrets, i left it all out there on the field. but i do miss my teammates. football is the ultimate team game. i miss those plane rides.
8:35 am
i tell people all the time, the next time you're on a commercial flight and that flight attendant says the plane cannot take off until everyone is seated and your cell phone is turned off, that's not true, because after an nfl game everybody's standing up. that plane takes off just fine. >> you heard it here. keeping it real. >> tenth super bowl for tom brady. new team, 43 years old. what's his secret in. >> tom's been the ultimate professional taking care of himself physically and mentally. he's extremely disciplined. sleeping habits and eating habits, it's all paid off for him. i give him all the credit. he's put in the time, sacrificed, he's formed a bond with his new teammates in a short period of time, pandemic offseason, so he's earned the
8:36 am
right to have his team in a super bowl in his hometown, tom pa bay. >> let's talk about super bowl lv, the bucs versus the chiefs, of course led there by the one and only patrick mahomes. we've been showing this picture all morning. mahomes, 5 years old, the same year tom brady won his first super bowl. what do you make of this matchup between these two? >> well, it's kind of the new guard versus the old school guard, if you will, patrick mahomes is certainly just awesome to watch. his excitement. you talk about a guy who's happy? a guy who plays with a lot of joy, that's a big part of him playing so well. i can tell you those chiefs are having a lot of fun during the week, putting in all those plays and they just kind of feed excitement, a big part of their success. i love watching him play. but tom is tom. he's been doing it for so long.
8:37 am
it will be a battle of those two quarterbacks but also certainly a battle of two really good teams that beat the packers and the bills, two great teams yesterday, should be a great super bowl. >> we're going to put you on the spot, who do you think is going to win? where's your money in. >> you know, picking against tom brady at home i'm not sure anybody can do that, but patrick mahomes a chance to win back-to-back super bowls, the only guy to do that recently has been tom brady, so i have such respect for both of those guys, i can't pick against either one of them. >> i don't blame you one peyton. very well done. if brady wins it, should that be it? >> i don't think he will. that's what i did after super bowl 50. it was the right time for me. it was such an individual
8:38 am
decision, nobody can make that decision for you, i have so much respect for tom, the battles we had on the field, we formed a friendship off the field as well, always felt he brought out the best in me and maybe vice versa for him. i don't i don't think he will because it's his first year in tampa. he's having a lot of fun. he's happy. he's joyous, and i can see him doing it for a few more years no matter what happens on super bowl sunday. >> you're a fine example of what can happen afterwards, your commercial, your espn-plus show, your acting, we saw of course you in modern family. so keep being happy, and bringing us joy as well, peyton. good to see you. >> thank you so much, robin. thanks for having me. >> we're going to name everybody in that ad coming up. coming up, stanley tucci will join us live when we come back. ♪ . ♪
8:39 am
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can i ask can i ask you, did you want one? an autograph? from him. because i saw you looking at him and i wasn't sure if you wanted one. it's all right. he's very shy. do you have a pen on you? all right. but if you want one, he'll sign one for you. he's shy but he will. >> stanley tucci in the new movie "supernova."
8:42 am
stanley tucci is going to join us right now. thank you for coming back to "gma." wish you were in person. >> yes, me too. nice to see you. >> tell us about this couple. >> they're a couple that has been together for a very long time. and, one of -- one of them, my character is now suffering from early onset dementia. >> there are so many incredibly emotional moments in the film and as you said describing your character, but he stays grounded. how did you find that balance? >> well, you know, you have to. i think doing it -- first of all, it was written that way, it was beautifully written, i think, so i had to do what harry wrote, the director, and yet at the same time, you can't ever really play into the drama of something, i suppose, in a way you have to play against it and that's also what the character is doing himself, he's playing
8:43 am
against the sort of horror of what's happening to him to keep it all together. >> stanley, this is interesting, you and your co-star collin firth ended up swapping roles. how did that happen? >> the other role was too hard for collin to do, so -- >> you know -- go ahead. usually when you're in the studio you're cooking for us, we can't have that pleasure today. you do have a new book out. we want the show everybody the cover right now. it's called "taste my life through food". >> yes, look at that. >> you've made such a hit with those videos as well. can we expect some more? >> yes, of course. yes, yes. i'm looking forward to having a cocktail very soon, as a matter of fact. >> mimosa, something like that. but also -- >> yes, sorry.
8:44 am
>> i'm sorry. also, very popular, though you did it in the '80s, that levi's commercial that always every few years gets played again and again and again. how do you feel about it staying so popular? >> i think it's wonderful. i mean, i'd give anything to look like that again. >> well, thank you for joining us this morning. "supernova" is in theaters on friday. always good to have you, stanley. let's go to rob. >> hey, george. we are looking at some action coming into parts of southern california in a rare funnel cloud moving through san diego. look at this shot taken yesterday. didn't touch down, but certainly a spooky looking venture there. other areas of concern across the country, actually some rare snow across parts of joshua tree just inland.
8:45 am
i showed you how cold this system is coming into california. and some beautiful scenery there on the rim of the grand canyon with snow piling up there, just north of flagstaff, and getting into new mexico and colorado. they could definitely use good morning, i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. a few showers in the east bay this morning. the best chance the rest of the day near the coast, even some thunderstorms possible. it's going to be chilly today, low 50s and kind of coming up next, "mixed-ish" stars tika sumpter and mark-paul gosselaar join us live. "mixed-ish"
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
we're back now with "mixed-ish," the "black-ish" prequel. it's back for a new season using humor to tackle issues of race, family and identity. we'll talk to two of the stars in just a moment. but first, a sneak peek of the premiere episode. >> we think it's important you have pride in who you are. >> i couldn't agree more. it's important we all have pride in who we are. j >> so we're going to start teaching you more about your black heritage. >> i don't need any lessons. i'm the blackest person in the family, watch me walk. >> you can't tell by the way somebody -- oh, she right. she walk black. >> she walk black. that didn't just happen. >> we were all laughing. tika sumpter and mark-paul gosselaar. it's pretty cool we have this show set in the '80s and yet
8:49 am
we're still dealing with a lot of the same issues, and tika, i want to ask you this, last week watching that historic inauguration what was your reaction witnessing the vice president there being sworn in to office? >> oh, my gosh. it gave me such hope, but also i feel like it opened up the future for a massive amount of little girls who dream and it felt like a sense of change was happening and just for, like you said, the first black woman, asian-american woman to be the vice president of the united states of america, just gave me a sense of, yeah, hopefulness and the fact that, you know, for the show, i'm the first black partner at my husband's -- my father-in-law's firm, and so it's really cool to see how it matches up with real life and then on "mixed-ish." >> i know you're still shooting episodes for the season.
8:50 am
mark-paul, a lot of dancing on this season. who's got the best moves on set? >> i do. no, i'm kidding. >> let's have a dance-off. you know, i think like arica and the kids are definitely -- they follow that thing called tiktok. >> have you heard of it? >> there's a lot of tiktok challenge dance-offs, i give that one to arica on our show. >> it's a great cast, guys. where are our manners? congratulations, winning "family feud" as you all did. >> that was a life-long dream. >> was there an mvp on the team? >> arica. you? >> i mean, it's just the two of us. >> you. >> okay, thank you. i think we all did a really good job. and we were on it. >> we were on it. we were so nervous. the pressure.veary atost,
8:51 am
but i think, again, if arica was here for it, i'd give her the hat, she did a great job but since i'm here i'll take it. >> mark-paul, you were actually visiting another, well, another reboot of a show that we all know and love, another tv family, "saved by the bell." what was it like walking in zach morrison's shoes once again? >> had a little help with a wig this time. didn't have to dye the hair, that was nice. it was great, actually. the reboot, did an unbelievable job. so proud to be a part of that project. hope i can go back and do that, and obviously i want to come back next season for season three of "mixed-ish." so fingers crossed. >> you certainly made us laugh. can't wait to see season 2. thank you for being with us. we really appreciate it. >> thank you guys. >> season two of "mixed-ish,"
8:52 am
premieres tomorrow night here on abc. come back any time. we'll be right back. ♪ time. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with... just 2 medicines... in 1 pill,... dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed... and get to and stay undetectable... can no longer transmit hiv through sex. don't take dovato if you're allergic to any of its ingredients... or if you take dofetilide. hepatitis b can become harder to treat while taking dovato. do not stop dovato without talking to your doctor,... as your hepatitis b may worsen or become life-threatening.
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last week, yara shahidi knew that anthony anderson is here this week. which he is, and didn't he ask us to tell her -- >> he owes her a car. >> we'll put him on the spot tomorrow. have a great day, everyone.
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc7 news. good morning, earning, i'm kumasi aaron from abc7 mornings. cherry blossoms will be blooming again in san francisco's japan town this spring. earlier this month somebody vandalized the trees outside the japanese cultural and community center. an online fundraiser to replace them brought in nearly $31,000. the original trees were planted in 1994. yay, those cherry trees are magnificent. a chance of showers starting to dwind dwindle. there's a chance over the ocean, kind of narrowed it down to a 12 hour window when the storm is going to be most intense, 4:00 tomorrow afternoon to 4:00 wednesday. we have a chance of flooding,
9:00 am
mudslides, hydroplaning. it's going to be a rough go. now it's time for "live with >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, star of "the rookie," nathan fillion. and automate your finances as we start "januready ready to save week." and a north carolina one then and her pup are our "good news story of the day." all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> ryan: wow. you've arrived. [applause] >> kelly: you started walking that way. >> ryan: i wanted to


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