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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  February 10, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PST

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scary moments on lake superior, more than a dozen ice. thth were on cracked and drifted towards duluth, minnesota. everyone is okay this morning. their gear, and their beer floated a mile up the shore. and there's another rescue to tell you about, a much warmer one. three cubans, two men and a woman are safe after spending 35
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days on an uninhibited island in the bahamas. they were rescued by the coast guard. andrea fujii has more. >> reporter: this morning, three cuban nationals are recovering after being strand odd a remote, deserted island for five weeks. >> these people were blessed. yeah, they are out in the middle of nowhere. >> video shows how initially, food, water and a radio were dropped down to them on monday after a routine patrol spotted large flags and a cross made out of sticks and fabric, pinpointing the trio's position. the married couple and another man were found on a small island between key west and the bahamas. the rescue crew returned a day later in better weather to fly them to key west. >> we actually discovered them waving next to their -- a temporary shelter that they had built for themselves. >> coast guard lieutenant mike
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allard was on the aircraft that made the rescue. pictures show the shelter the thee had made. with little food and water, they were reportedly survived off of rats and conk shells. >> what is common are conk shells which is have muscle inside them and it seemed that at least around the area where they were living there were a lot of those. >> reporter: they were dehydrated and tired, but not seriously hurt. with no signs of a raft, its island or whether they were trying to flee cuba, the relief needed to translation. >> being out in harsh elements for a long period of time, that emotion is conveyed through a smile and just -- they were very happy to see us. >> reporter: the three were taken to a key west hospital. no word yet if they will go back to cuba or can stay in the u.s. kenneth, mona. >> andrea, thank you. just an incredible rescue. tears were flowing as a new jersey man reunited with a dog that saved his life.
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>> brian myers became emotional as he saw sadie. he suffered a stroke in his bedroom and sadie pulled his down the steps where the cousin called for help. it happened months after she was adopted from a shelter. she will be honored with a heroic dog award from peda. coming up, britney spears, the new documentary that is causing controversy as the star leads into another legal battle over her conservatorship. and a man posing as bruno mars. you are watching "world news now."
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the drama that has been unfolding around britney spears for years now is about to enter a new chapter on thursday. >> her conservativeship is heading back to court.
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our own will ganss is here now with more. >> good morning, if you have been following the free britney hashtag, you know how passionate the fans are about the movement and it's all hitting a fever pitch. >> why is her dad making all of her decisions. why is he is she still in this? >> what do we want? free brittney. >> framing britney spears the new documentary by the "new york times" centers on the battle surrounding the pop star appears conservatorship. it is the legal arrangement that allowed her father to manage her personal life and finances since 2008. the public outcry has been intense. >> if she is in what is being held against her will by her dad and again, this is speculation from what i saw from the documentary. we as a society have a right to do, to do the right thing with britney spears right now. >> after more than a decade in the conservatorship, the free brittany movement seems to be reaching a fever pitch following the documentary's release.
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>> it makes anyone who watches it really think twice about whether the conservatorship should have gone on this long. >> a hearing scheduled for thursday will likely include discussions about what roles brittany's father will continue to play in managing her finances. on tuesday, brittany's boyfriend of several years slamming her father on instagram, writing in part, i have zero respect for someone trying to control our relationship and constantly throwing obstacles in our way. >> when you get into this sort of hollywood tabloid tmz world, it's a really confusing place to be. not least for the person at the center of it. >> brittany not commenting publicly on the upcoming hearing or on the documentary, only writing on instagram tuesday, remember, no matter what we think we know about a person's life, it is nothing compared to the actual person listen behind the lens. >> she accepted the conservatorship was going to be happen, but she didn't want her father to be with the conservator. >> you have to question the
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motives of everyone. >> do you think that is what the situation might be here, that this documentary that just came out on fx and hulu might be kind of a turning point? >> i do think the documentary could very well be a turning point in a similar way to the way surviving r. kelly was. >> in recent months, britney spears' lawyer has made it clear that she no longer wants her father to serve as the conservator of her estate. no longer if she will completely remove the conservatorship or if she will just try to remove her father. we have not heard back from representatives from jamie spears. >> the conversation still going on. thank you, and one thing for sure after watching the documentary, you see how viciously the paparazzi hounded her. you see how young she was during all of this and how quickly things got out of control. and it's no coincidence that a lot of the free brittany advocates are 28, 29, 30 years old. these are people who grew up listening to her music and saw her rise, her decline and all the updates from her situation.
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>> she has been through quite a bit there. >> definitely. coming up, the woman who was cheated out of $100,000 by a man pretend to go be bruno mars. >> wait, what? that is next.
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♪ ♪ time for wait what? we are starting with a doozie of a deception. time now for "wait, >> we are start, a doozy of a deception. >> days before valentine's day, a woman had both her heart and bank account broken. she was targeted by a man pretending to be bruno mars and that is not all. >> after numerous romantic back and forths, including photo exchanges, the man asked her to help him with tour expenses to the tune of $100,000. >> wow, that man and accomplice are now charged with money laundering there. let's make it a much lighter "wait, what," for the good news of a french nun who is 116 years
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old. >> 117 tomorrow. >> incredible. and she survived the coronavirus. she beat it, y'all. >> she did. >> she caught it three months ago and she was able to recovery. to see her hopefully 117th birthday tomorrow. >> she is the world's second oldest person to survive covid-19. sister andre, we are sending her many blessings and well wishes and happy birthday. >> definitely. so this next story, you can just go ahead and say, wait, what? >> wait, what? >> yeah. so a 3d printed steak -- steak - >> a lab in israel has created the first 3-d printed, cruelty free ribeye steak. it's okay to be consumed. >> they use real cow tissue, mona. >> they do. and it can go for as low as $50. >> wait, it's still $50? it should be cheaper, right? >> i guess.
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it looks like something i used to bring out of my easy bake oven. but i'm also not connoisseur, so i can't say. cows in indiana took to the streets to protest this. >> they did? >> no, but i assume they did. >> we will tell you in the story in a minute. let's talk about the 3-d printed ribeye steak here. >> go ahead. >> it seems weird and they say, like, okay, it uses muscle tissue, fat, blood and support cells to make this. when they are 3-d printing. i just, i can't, as a meat eater and i'm going to get tweets. i just can't, i don't know. >> we need to know more about it. right now, it's very early. >> speaking of, more about it, there was a stampede in indiana. cows on the highway, y'all. they said, we are out of here because we are free. they are printing us. they are 3-d printing our meat now, so we are free. >> they are protesting. they are running out of business. >> eat more chicken.
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>> it's up for interpretation. move over here.
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