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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 22, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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it was moving and paint it over while it was still moving. >> no. "gma" starts now. good morning, america. staggering toll. this morning, the nation approaching an astonishing milestone. 500,000 american lives lost to the coronavirus, as the u.s. scrambles to get back on track in the race to vaccinate the country after those deadly winter storms delayed 6 million doses of the vaccine. and the news this morning about the millions of americans who already had the virus, what they need to know about the vaccine. this as dr. anthony fauci warns americans we might need to wear masks for another year. this morning, fauci joins us live with the latest. mid-air emergency. >> mayday, mayday. aircraft just experienced engine failure, need to turn immediately. >> boeing grounding more than a hundred of its planes after this engine fell apart over colorado, more than 200 terrified passengers on board seeing this right outside their window.
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>> it's got a blown engine. oh, no. >> massive pieces of the aircraft falling to the ground below, crushing this truck and sending people running for their lives. federal investigators searching for answers this morning. disaster in texas. millions still without water, that deadly deep freeze bursting pipes. people waiting in long lines for help. also, a dramatic rescue caught on camera, an 11-year-old saved after falling through thin ice after a teen walking her dog spotted him. and the new outrage -- power now back for most, but with it sky-high energy bills. why some hard-hit families are being charged thousands of dollars. abc news exclusive. breaking his silence. the first capitol police officer to speak out about what happened inside the building during the insurgency. >> they had on tactical gear, bulletproof vests. they were ready to go. i was scared. i was absolutely scared. >> what happened when he came face to face with the mob, and
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what he says about eugene goodman and the dozens of fellow officers who are hidden heroes. only on "gma" this morning. and what is alex trebek's legacy? the late “jeopardy!” legend's son sharing with “gma” how he's fulfilling one of his father's final wishes, donating his suits and ties, passing along kindness to others. good morning, america. always makes you smile to think about alex trebek. we're so happy you guys are joining us on this monday morning. >> we hope you had a good weekend. today, our country is going to mark a sobering milestone, 500,000 american lives lost to covid-19. the number is staggering. each live lost, each face on your screen right now, a heartbreak. covid has killed more americans than all our wars of the 20th nt world wars i and ii and korean
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war, the vietnam war combined. 1 in every 656 americans taken too soon by this virus. >> it's so sobering to see all those faces and know there are so many more. dr. fauci is standing by to talk to us live. this as the race to vaccinate the nation ramps up. more than 43 million people in the u.s. have received at least one dose, that's roughly 13% of the population. eva pilgrim is at a mass vaccination site at jones beach, new york with the very latest after those big delays after those devastating storms. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this mass vaccination site at jones beach is fully booked today. ta a lk rone camera, you see the setup they have for the people arriving here early, but time is ticking for this site and sites across the country as they wait for the next vaccine shipments to arrive. playing catch-up, this morning a scramble to get a backlog of
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vaccine doses delivered after winter storms caused major shipping delays. 6 million doses held up by the weather. that's about three days' worth of shipments. fedex and u.p.s. working through the weekend to get back on track. >> we've been able to get 2 million of those 6 million doses out. we expect to rapidly catch up this week, fill that backlog, make sure they're out to communities and also meet our deadlines and timelines of the doses due to go out this upcoming week. >> reporter: in new york, health department telling us they expect shipments to start arriving today. there are less than a thousand doses left due to the shipments that couldn't get here due to that weather. and that weather still affecting those down south in texas. cancelling appointments across the region. >> after having been through the week we've been through here, with no power and no water, the fact that the shot's not coming through, it's been a cascade of disasters. >> this as the first case of the south african variant has been
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found in a new york state resident. that variant has been found in 12 states and washington, d.c. meanwhile, a new israeli study suggesting that one dose of the pfizer vaccine could be 85% effective in preventing symptomatic disease. however, health officials say more information is needed and for now, it's critical we stick to the current two-dose schedule. back out here at this mass vaccination site at jones beach people will begin lining up here soon and health officials are reminding people even if you've got both doses of the vaccine you should follow those cdc recommendations. wear a mask, social distance and wash your hands. michael? >> absolutely. do all those things. eva, thank you so much. as the nation ramps up efforts to vaccinate, families across the country are grappling with that serious toll. as we said, we're approaching that staggering milestone of 500,000 people. let's go to steve osunsami live
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in atlanta with more on how we got to this tragic point. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael. when we talk about 500,000 american lives lost roughly due to the coronavirus, we are talking about the sam population as this city, atlanta, home to the cdc directly behind me. one of the largest metro areas of the country, roughly the same populations as miami, minneapolis, oakland. we were standing right here a year ago talking about 57 people who were sick with the coronavirus. even the scientists at the time did not see the amount of death that was coming. 500,000 dead. a painful milestone this morning that even our top doctors could not imagine one year ago. >> i don't accept every day we're going to have to have 100,000 to 200,000 dead. i think we can bring that down. >> reporter: this is where we are today. the 500,000 americans who have
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died are nearly double the estimates released by the white house last spring. it's now 1 out of every 656 americans. take a look at this timeline. you can see how the number of americans who died have added up. more than 250,000 alone since november. francesca was a single mother in birmingham, alabama, who was raising seven children of her own this time last year. in the fall the coronavirus took the lives of her younger sister and her sister's husband who themselves were the parents of five children. guess who is raising all 12 of those kids now. >> it's been an emotional roller coaster for me. i know without a shadow of a doubt my sister would have done it for me. >> reporter: ellen clinton and her family are still struggling on how unfair it feels to lose their youngest daughter to covid. the 20-year-old was hoping to become a pediatrician. >> she was the baby of the family. we were always there to help her. this time, it was the first time
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we felt helpless. >> the most difficult thing that any mother should go through. >> reporter: fik michelle in new jersey, they've been treating sick patients as well as a sick family. three people of her family were treated at her hospital. her mother-in-law did not survive. >> my sister-in-law was so sick she couldn't even get out of bed to say good-bye to her own mother, and to think that you can be 20 feet away from your mom, the person you care for, and not be able to say good-bye. >> reporter: here at the cdc the scientists believe we could see another 59,000 deaths by the middle of next month. george? >> okay, steve. thanks very much. let's bring in president biden's chief medical adviser, dr. anthony fauci. dr. fauci, 500,000 americans. families grieving all across the country. did this have to be? >> certainly some of it, but not this bad, george. i mean, i believe if you look back historically we've done worse than most any other
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country and we're a highly developed rich country. so there were things back then if you go back and think about what you might have done, the kind of dis prite responses of different states rather than having a unified approach, but you know, it's so tough to go back and try to do a metaphorical autopsy on things went. it was just bad. it is bad now. i think these numbers are so stunning. george, remember back in the late winter and early spring of 2020 when we were saying we could get as high as 240,000 and people were thinking, we were being hyperbolic about it and here we are with 500,000 deaths, just a stunning figure. the only thing that i would just encourage all of us is that rather than looking back and saying what the heck happened
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here, just saying, now let's just go forward and be completely committed as a unified country to just go at this together. this is a common enemy. we've all got to pitch in. we're in some good shape now with the vaccines. but it's going to be a race against the infections that keep coming and our ability to do two things and do it well. one, continue to do the public health measures that we speak about all the time. the uniform wearing of masks, the physical distancing, avoiding congregated settings. at the same time, as we do everything we can to get vaccines into the arms of people as quickly and as efficiently as possible. that is the weapon that we have against this horrible disease. >> and we are ramping up the vaccines. explain these new studies that suggest people that have had covid may need only one dose of the vaccine. how solid is that science? what does it mean going forward? >> george, we need to look at
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that data carefully, superficially looking at it, it looks quite impressive that if you have gotten infected and then get a single dose of the vaccine that the response you get is extraordinarily high. so when we look at all that data and analyze it, i mean, obviously always do that, when we get new data look at it and see if you can have some action items as a result of that. if it holds true, we're always open to considering that people who do get infected, they may only need one dose. you want to look at the data first before you make any policy decisions. >> i want to ask you about an article that got a lot of attention over the weekend "the wall street journal," by a doctor at johns hopkins. he says according to his studies we'll have herd immunity by april. he's now saying experts should level with the public about the good news.
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your reaction to that? >> well, the numbers are coming down, george. when you look at the daily curves and the seven-day averages as you're showing on the screen there, it's dramatically down with a sharp deflection. we've got to be really careful and not just say, okay. we're finished now. we're through it. we have variants out there that can actually set us back. i mean, fortunately, the vaccines we are distributing now work well against the uk variant which looks like it's becoming more dominant in this country. we have the south african variant. it's not dominant. it looks like the 117 from the uk is going to take over as the dominant. we have a good vaccine against that. getting back to my comment a moment ago, george, that's more incentive to say, rather than even think about declaring victory and say, well, we have
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herd immunity, we're in good shape, we've got to keep pushing and pushing because this thing could bounce back with the variants very, very quickly. we cannot declare victory because that curve is coming down so sharply. >> stay the course. dr. fauci, thank you for your time and your information. robin? >> stay the course indeed, george. you're right about that. we'll turn now to those urgent concerns this morning after that mid-air emergency, more than a hundred boeing jets grounded globally. this after an engine abroad an united airlines flight burst into flames just after takeoff in denver, sending debris raining down on hopes and in parks. gio benitez has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, the faa and japan's civil aviation bureau grounding all boeing 777s with a specific pratt & whitney engine. as the ntsb investigates how this 777 engine fell apart in mid air just after takeoff.
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>> mayday, mayday. aircraft just experienced engine failure. >> reporter: the pilot calling a mayday at 13,000 feet. >> all of a sudden there was just a big boom and the ring around the engine flew off. >> reporter: 231 passengers aboard united 328 from denver to honolulu saturday, that terrifying site right outside their windows. overnight, the ntsb saying two fan blades on the engine were fractured. you can see a broken fan blade in this image. brenda was with her family on the plane. >> my daughter, we held hands and i started praying. we held each other really close. at one point i turned to talk to her and i could see debris flying out our window and i kind of told her, you know, let's not look outside. >> reporter: on the ground massive pieces of metal falling on to neighborhoods. some running away, trying to avoid getting hit by pieces falling out of the sky. >> it's got a blown engine. oh, no! >> reporter: hundreds of people calling 911. >> it almost landed on my head. >> reporter: the operators overwhelmed. >> 911. are you calling about the
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airplane incident? we're getting blown up with 911 calls. >> reporter: this giant piece falling on kirby clemmons' lawn, crushing his truck. >> i stood up and looked out the window, and said, oh, no, that's the front part of the airplane. r incredibly no injuries on the ground, or on the plane. the pilots landing denver. that specific engine now taking center stage. >> what the ntsb wants to look at is there evidence of a pre-existing issue with that engine. >> reporter: united airlines has new grounded 52 of its airplanes, and this morning, boeing tells us it supports the decision to suspend the 777s with that specific engine. >> we're happy they landed safely, gio, thank you so much. now to the disaster in texas, conditions are starting to improve, power's back to nearly everyone and the boil water order has been lifted in houston, but millions of people are still without safe drinking water after historic low temperatures sparked chaos statewide.
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marcus moore is in dallas for us this morning. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: michael, good morning. the hits keep coming. breaks here across the fort worth/area. water is bubbling from underneath the street. you can see it here. a new week and new troubles here. this morning, a nightmare in the south. millions still without safe drinking or running water. >> as you can see, no running water at all. >> reporter: in houston, the city lifting its boil water notice, but still long lines for basic needs. >> people still need water, homes haven't been repaired. for many their situation is still dire. >> reporter: and there's so much damage from burst pipes around the state plumbers can't keep up. >> we have 200 calls that are already booked. another 800 that we just dn't e. >>eporter: and while power has restor, ny affected by thm e stunned by jaw-dropping electricity bills.
7:17 am
in fort worth ty williams was charged $17,000. >> we were held hostage really with our rate that we were working with. it was really crazy. >> reporter: some bills like his due in part to the state's unregulated energy market, when energy demands increase like last week so do your bills, and the state's governor says addressing these bills is now a top priority. >> texans who have suffered through days of freezing cold without power should not be subjected to sky-rocketing energy bills due to a spike in the energy market. >> reporter: last week's storms claimed dozens of lives. among the youngest christian pineda, his family now filing a $100 million lawsuit. ercot has not seen the lawsuit, but said they will respond cordn to thesuffering,
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and, george there are a lot of people suffering across this region. >> they sure are, and what a story down there. we have a lot more coming up on "gma," including an abc news exclusive. we'll hear from the first capitol police officer to speak out about what happened inside the capitol during the riot. he's going to tell us what he saw and heard during the violent insurrection. alex trebek's son tells "gma" how he's carrying out his father's wish to pass along kindness. but first, we say good morning to ginger. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we have been trying to push that jet stream north, get that cold air out of here, and it's working, but it comes along with snow on the front end of it. so 7 to 10 inches around nebraska. omaha had 7 inches over the weekend. they're 20 inches above normal, but watch what happens. now we see 50 to 80 degrees warmer than just this time last week. that's going to feel nice. your local weather in 30 seconds. first though, the select cities sponsored by verizon.
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bakery fresh cinnamon roll flavor in every bite, you're going to love 'em. building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, i'm reggie aqui from abc7 mornings. berkeley is going to start vaccinating teachers today. health officials will start with those who teach the youngest kids including preschool through second grade. next week they'll vaccinate all elementary school teachers. then middle and high school teachers. the plan is to get them vaccinated so kids can return to in-person learning on march 29th. district officials will send out a link to teachers to use to book their appointment, and vaccinations will be seheld at golden gate fields. let's check in on traffic now kw jobina fortson. >> we wanted to bring you a traffic update from the bay ides en packed all morning long. metering lights were flipped on
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at 5:00 a.m. due to a sig alert. going to be
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good morning. it's pretty serene start to our week. and temperatures are running all over the map from 39 in santa rosa and novato to 57 in oakland thanks to a little bit of an offshore breeze. it's going to be mostly sunny today. and you can see 48 south beach, traffic no worry weathers, just make sure you grab those glasses, you will definitely need them today. here's something new besides the winds that are going to be in our mountains the next couple days. yep, pollen has begun. even warmer tomorrow, reggie. coming up an abc7 news exclusive. we're going to hear from the first capitol police officer to speak about what happened inside
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♪u'll savthe ♪wh ypo it ona loss♪ thiiiick♪ he's supposed to be the prince of wakanda. >> wakanda is a fictional place. >> not to everybody. >> i don't need no handout. >> wait a minute. >> okay. >> you gotta love it. welcome back to "gma." of course eddie murphy and arsenio hall are back, reuniting after 33 years for the new "coming 2 america." this morning, arsenio hall is going to join us live. this is coming up in our next hour. this is a movie i've been waiting for a long time. >> i watched it over the weekend. pretty darn good. they did it again. we'll get to that later. first the top headlines we're following right now.
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the latest on the coronavirus emergency as a nation approaches that once-unimaginable milestone. 500,000 american lives lost to the virus. the u.s. is now scrambling to get back on track in the race to vaccinate after those deadly winter storms delayed 6 million doses. also right now, senate judiciary hearings begin this morning for president biden's attorney general nominee merrick garland. you may remember that president obama nominated him to the supreme court but senate republicans blocked him from having a hearing at that time. and take a look at this. a little boy rescued after falling into a frozen pond. this was in texas. a teenager spotted the 11-year-old. she called her grandfather who raced over and was able to save that little boy. okay, who's your daddy? patrick mahomes, he's a daddy, yes, he is. he and his fiancee sharing this on instagram, the photo of their baby girl, sterling sky mahomes. look at the little bitty hand. congratulations to them both.
7:32 am
>> so happy for them. we have a big exclusive right now. officer harry dunn, one of the capitol police officers who fought off the mob on january 6th. his story was front and center at the impeachment trial. we heard how he was called the "n" word more than a dozen times, and he told his story for the first time publicly to our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: george, good morning. today for the first time we see and hear from a capitol police officer who was a witness to that day of infamy. he's speaking only for himself and not for his department, but he has quite a story to tell. he was tested physically and emotionally as he battled that mob in a fight for democracy where racism reared its ugly head. >> there were so many calls on the radio. priority, help, help. somebody's trapped. we need help. shots fired. >> reporter: when capitol police officer harry dunn went to work on the morning of january 6th, it felt like a normal day. what's the first moment that you began to get a sense that something is off kilter here?
7:33 am
>> we were told to get helmets, riot helmets. that was new. >> no sense that all hell could break loose? >> correct. >> reporter: the 13-year veteran seen here watched as the crowd of thousands closed in on the east side of the capitol. >> you see a sea of people, trump flags, confederate flags, then thin blue line flags, don't tread on me flags. then you look down and you see officers fighting with these people with pepper spray, smoke grenades, pepper balls being thrown by everybody. flash bangs. we fought with these people who were prepared for a fight. they had on gas masks. they had on body armor. they had on two-way radios. they had on tactical gear, bullet proof vests. they were ready to go. >> when you see that level of
7:34 am
preparedness, did that surprise you? did it scare you? >> i was scared. i was absolutely scared. i'm on this platform. i'm a big guy. i'm 6'7". i'm this giant person and we had our guns out and i'm thinking, all these people out there, they're armed too. i'm like, i'm going to get shot. they're going to take me out. i remember at one point i said, how is this going to end? >> reporter: eventually the mob forced its way inside the capitol building. officer dunn confronted a group carrying a blue lives matter flag. >> i said we got dozens of officers down. dozens of officers down and you got the nerve to be holding a blue lives matter flag. i thought they were going to have a moment where they came to and they realized, you know, what are we doing? and they snapped out of it, but they said, no. we're doing this for you.
7:35 am
we're doing this for you. and as one of the guys kept walking by, one of them pulled out his badge and he said, trust me. i understand. we're doing this for you, buddy. he's got a badge. he shows me his badge. >> what did you think? a fellow officer -- >> you got to be kidding me. you got to be kidding me. >> reporter: exhausted, officer dunn tried reasoning with a large group of protesters approaching a hallway he was guarding. >> i literally told them if they want to get through here you got to go through me and they didn't -- they just started talking to me. they were saying how joe biden did not win the election, and nobody voted for him. so i took the bait, and i -- okay. what about me? i voted for joe biden. does my vote not count? >> reporter: this is when officer dunn encountered a couple in the crowd who started hurling vile racial slurs at
7:36 am
him. >> his girlfriend, she had on a pink maga shirt. she started staying hey this [ bleep ] voted for joe biden. hey, everybody, this [ bleep ] voted for joe biden. they said you [ bleep ]. >> the crowd joined? >> everybody. everybody joined in with them. >> even defending the capitol, and somehow race seeped into that too. >> everybody wants to say that it was about politics and everything. but it was a large number of people in that crowd that were racists. >> did the people who were there tell you why they were there? >> we're stopping the steal. according to them, they were doing it for us. they were doing us a favor, according to those terrorists. >> you're very precise, you used the word terrorists. >> absolutely. absolutely. it wasn't just a mob or a bunch of thugs, you know. they were terrorists. they tried to disrupt this country's democracy. that was their goal. you know what, y'all failed. >> reporter: but five people
7:37 am
lost their lives that day including capitol police officer brian sicknick. after the capitol had been cleared officer dunn had his first chance to reflect on what he had witnessed. >> it's just a cloud of smoke, water bottles, broken flagpoles. everything in the rotunda just laying on the floor. >> the rotunda? >> the rotunda. >> the pinnacle of american democracy. >> american democracy, and all this stuff is there. i sat down with a good friend of mine, i said, is this america? what the hell just happened? i told him, i was called a [ bleep ] a couple dozen times today, protecting this building. is this america? they beat police officers with blue lives matter flags. they fought us. they had confederate flags in the u.s. capitol. they stormed the speaker's office.
7:38 am
they went through their sensitive documents. they were trying to assassinate the vice president, in the capitol. >> what's the gamut of emotions? >> i've got angry. i've got sad. i've got hurt. even just during this interview, i'm getting angry now. i don't mind talking about it. that's how i get through it. >> reporter: dunn has nothing but praise for his fellow officers including eugene goodman who was seen on camera shielding the unguarded senate floor, and directing senator mitt romney away from that mob of protesters. >> there were dozens of eugene goodmans that day, dozens. eugene got caught on camera. i'm not surprised he did the right thing, the brave thing, the heroic thing. he deserves everything that he's getting, but there were so many eugene goodmans that weren't caught on camera that day, and i'm proud to work with them. >> pierre, that's so powerful. officer dunn reminds us of just how horrifying that day was. how is he doing now?
7:39 am
>> reporter: george, officer dunn and his fellow brothers and sisters of the capitol police are still healing on so many levels. trying to overcome a day now seared in their memories. as you can see from the interview, it's going to take some time. >> boy, it sure is. pierre, that's really something. you can see more of pierre's exclusive interview tonight on "world news" and across our abc platforms, including the premiere of our series "soul of a nation." >> you could really feel his emotions still. >> you could. coming up next, alex trebek's legacy. his son matt tells us about the "jeopardy!" host's commitment to charity, and how the donation of his suits will help so many. s s. to history. and how his donation of suits will help so many. vited you in. it's my life and this is my journey. i've found a way to do things differently with ocrevus, an infusion treatment that's 2-times-a-year. for adults with relapsing or primary progressive forms of multiple sclerosis, ocrevus is proven effective
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we're back now with alex trebek's legacy. the late "jeopardy!" host's we're back now with alex trebek's legacy. the late "jeopardy!" host's family is keeping his spirit of giving alive, donating the suits and ties he wore on the show to help men restart their lives. t.j., you had a chance to speak with matt, his son. >> reporter: yeah, and get this guys, there are men, formerly incarcerated men showing up to job interviews as they get their lives back together. they're showing up wearing an alex trebek suit, all part of this donation. his son matt tells me he could not think of a better way to put that "jeopardy!" wardrobe to good use. >> how is the family? >> we're good. you know, we're hanging in there. >> reporter: alex trebek's son matt says he, his mom and sister
7:44 am
are still figuring out how to be a family of three. after trebek's passing in november. >> losing my father, my mom obviously here husband, the one who spear-headed and guided our family. it's definitely been an adjustment, but fortunately, my mom, my sister and i are all very close, and we're going to remember him and keep trying to move on together. >> here's the host of "jeopardy!" alex trebek. >> reporter: husband, father, iconic "jeopardy!" host. but trebek also had a legacy of good works. >> i don't go out of my way to malign anybody. i want to be considered as helpful and generous and kind. >> reporter: matt and his family now honoring that philanthropic legacy by donating part of trebek's wardrobe to the
7:45 am
nonprof nonprofit dough fund whose aim is helping homeless or formerly incarcerated men restart their lives. >> just how would you describe it in terms of shear size, if you would? >> suits, dress shirts, size. the wardrobe at "jeopardy!" consisted of close to 300 dress shirts, you know, hundreds of ties. >> the "jeopardy!" wardrobe of suits was around 20 at the studio, is that right? >> i think probably, probably about that, when you think they shoot, you know, five shows a day throughout the week they need to constantly need to make different combinations, so they had a large wardrobe. >> no "a.t." stitched on the inside? nothing crazy, a "jeopardy!" board or something? >> nothing. they're just good suits. >> you described your dad's style to me. >> he was pretty dapper when he would dress up, and very clean and definitely has his own particular taste in the way he would dress. i remember when i was growing up and he would try to dress me in suits or stuff.
7:46 am
i think our style is different, but he was right with the way he went about doing things. >> reporter: it was in this spur of the moment speech during one of his final shows that trebek implored all americans to give back and take care of one another. >> we're trying to build a gentler, kinder society. if we pitch in a little bit, we'll get there. >> this fits into what he believed and you know passing along kindness to others. it's nice to see it still continues even after he's gone. >> we talk about his philanthropic works. one of his last acts his memoir that came out months before he passed, all the proceeds -- he wanted to get it in because he wanted all the money to go to charity. matt kept one tie, a tie that his mom gave to his dad. he wanted to hold on to it. you saw him there in a sweat shirt. he said i don't wear ties, but i kept that. >> such a beautiful family. >> thank you. when we come back, we have a very slow-moving "play of the
7:47 am
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, i'm reggie aqui from abc7 mornings. and today the california state assembly is expected to vote on a bill that would get students back into the classroom by mid-april. the safe and open schools plan would bring cohorts of vulnerable students back if their district is in the purple tier. if it's in the red tier, k-6 students have to come back. school staff would be prioritized in getting the vaccine. let's take a look at what's going on weather-wise. we're looking at a beautiful shot of alcatraz where it's a little gusty in our hills around 10 to 20, even 30 miles per hour. but that's mainly where it's going to stay, so a great day outside. 72 in places like fairfield and santa rosa. even warmer tomorrow with an offshore breeze. cooler breezes kick in wednesday. but it as we look at the rest of
7:57 am
the seven-day forecast and the remainder of february, it looks dry and a little bit warmer than average. reggie? >> thank you. coming up, one woman sharing her secrets to paying off $30,000 worth of debt in just three years. we'll have another abc7 news we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes. folks the world's first fully autonomous vehicle is almost at the finish line today we're going to fine tune the dynamic braking system whoo, what a ride! i invested in invesco qqq a fund that invests in the innovators of the nasdaq 100 like you you don't have to be a deep learning engineer to help make the world a smarter place does this come in blue? become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq
7:58 am
covid's still a threat. and on reopening schools, we know what happens when we don't put safety first. ignore proper ventilation or rates of community spread, and the virus worsens. fail to provide masks or class sizes that allow for social distancing, and classrooms close back down. a successful reopening requires real safety and accountability measures. including prioritizing vaccines for educators. parents and educators agree: reopen schools. putting safety first.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. staggering toll. the u.s. approaching a stunning milestone. 500,000 american lives lost to covid. as the country is scrambling to get back on track in the race to vaccinate after those deadly winter storms delayed 6 million doses. dr. fauci talks to "gma" this morning. the race for relief. d.c. lawmakers up against a deadline as unemployment benefits for millions set to expire. how soon could you get your $1,400 stimulus check. kim kardashian and kanye west officially over. what kanye believes was the final breaking point after seven years of marriage and four children. this morning, the plans for custody and their billion-dollar fortune. meet the parents.
8:01 am
matt james' hometown date drama. tonight's big twists. as it all comes down to the final four. ♪ also this morning, from underestimated to unstoppable. how jamie kern lima built a billion -- yes, a billion-dollar cosmetic empire. she'll reveal her secrets to success and the uplifting words you sent in that inspire her. and are you ready for arsenio? we're kicking off the week with a "coming 2 america" star. sequel with eddie murphy more than 30 years in the making. this morning, we got a sneak peek of the movie, and this morning, he's saying -- >> good morning, america. good morning, america. every time you see -- that was classic. you said, are you ready for arsenio hall? we're ready. >> yep. >> we cannot wait to talk to
8:02 am
him. we're also supporting small businesses on a special monday edition of "deals & steals" with tory johnson and this morning, it's all about one of our favorite things, food. >> all we're going to is eating these days. >> i'm not complaining. >> no, you're not. also ahead, how so much of the lone star state, they're fighting to recover after that devastating storm. neighbors are helping neighbors. this morning, we'll show you how you can help them as well. >> they do need a lot of help. also this morning, that grim milestone, nearly 500,000 american lives lost. this comes as the race to vaccinate the nation ramps up more than 42 million people who have received at least one dose. eva pilgrim is at a mass vaccination site in jones beach, new york. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, george. this mass vaccination site is fully booked. take a you can see people are already lined up here to get their shots this morning, and time is ticking for this site and sites across the country as they wait for the next vaccine shipments
8:03 am
to arrive. playing catch-up, this morning a scramble to get a backlog of vaccine doses delivered. after winter storms caused major shipping delays. 6 million doses held up by the weather. that's about three days' worth of shipments. fedex and u.p.s. working through the weekend to get back on track. >> we've been able to get 2 million of those 6 million doses out. we expect to rapidly catch up this week. fill that backlog. >> reporter: in new york, the health department telling us they expect shipments to start arriving today. down to less a thousand doses left because shipments couldn't get here because of that weather. and that weather still affecting those down south in texas, cancelling appointments across the region. this as the first case of the south african variant has now been found in a new york state resident. that variant has been found in 12 states and washington, d.c. dr. fauci speaking with george
8:04 am
steph n stephanopoulos this morning. >> explain these new studies that suggest people who have had covid may need only one dose of the vaccine, how solid is that science. >> george, we need to look at that data carefully. superficially looking at it it looks really quite impressive. if it holds true we're always open to considering that in people who get infected that they need only one dose. >> reporter: back out here at this mass vaccination site at jones beach, you can see people are already here, lined up, cars are in the bay, people are getting their shots this morning. health officials are reminding people even if you've gotten both doses of the ravaccine, yo should still follow those cdc recommendations. wear your mask, soci
8:05 am
and wash your hands, robin. >> tay on stay on it. eva, thank you. to washington now, and the latest on the $2 trillion covid relief package. our congressional correspondent rachel scott tracking this on capitol hill. >> reporter: robin, good morning. democrats are plowing forward, the house is now on track to pass that covid relief package by the end of the week. lawmakers are up against a deadline here on march 14th -- unemployment benefits for millions of americans are set to expire. democrats want to get this bill on president joe biden's desk before then, and let's talk about what this package would include. $1,400 in stimulus checks to most americans. $350 billion in aid to state and local governments and more money for vaccines and small businesses, and it would increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025. now republicans are opposed to the overall price tag of this bill. $1.9 trillion they say it's too much. the reality here is, democrats don't need their votes to get this passed.
8:06 am
they now have control and majority in the house and the senate. they laid the groundwork to be able to do this on their own, and they will, but they cannot afford to lose any democratic votes from their own party in the senate. two moderate democratic senators are concerned about the minimum wage that it'll hurt small businesses. >> thank you very much. coming up, kim and kanye divorcing after nearly seven years. we'll have the latest. and how one young woman paid off $30,000 in just three years. and "coming 2 america" star arsenio hall joins us live. all that and much more when "gma" is back. so come on back.
8:07 am
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8:11 am
we do love this tune. welcome back to "gma" on this monday morning. tomorrow on "gma," our new series parents night out, we're going to help single parents get their groove back, get back to dating. >> that's coming up tomorrow. right now, our "gma" cover story. kim kardashian has filed for divorce from kanye west after nearly seven years of marriage. erielle reshef has the details. hey, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. as you know, kim and kanye are one of the most recognizable couples in the world. so famous, in fact, that they've earned that of course, that joined moniker kimye, but now they've announced the news of their divorce after months of speculation. after almost seven years of marriage, kimye is no more. on friday, kim kardashian filing for divorce from 43-year-old rapper kanye west.
8:12 am
just hours after she was seen without her wedding ring. this morning, a source telling "people" magazine kanye believed it was his ill-fated 2020 presidential run that was the tipping point saying it was the straw that broke the camel's back. it cost him his marriage. kanye revealing the couple's very personal decision about whether or not to keep their first child, daughter north, saying it was kim who decided to have the baby. >> even if my wife was to divorce me after this speech she brought north into the world. even when i didn't want to. she stood up and she protected that child. >> reporter: at the time, a source telling "people" kim was furious that he shared something so private. kim later attributed kanye's erratic behavior to his bipolar disorder, writing on instagram, anyone who has this or has a does, knows how complicated and painful it is to understand.
8:13 am
kanye apologizing. >> he's said many times early in his relationship, kim was his dream girl. now he's missing her. >> reporter: the divorce said to be amicable. abc news confirming overnight the two were seeking joint custody of the couple's four children seen regularly on kim's instagram, and that both she and kanye are committed to co-parenting. according to "forbes," the couple is worth a combined $2.1 billion. they have signed a prenup at this point neither is contesting. robin, it looks like they're trying to move forward peacefully. >> all right, erielle, thank you. now to the disaster in texas, and all those helping hands. google searches relating to help t arg gsh 5, wh neighbors. >> we have to remember here, guys, at one point the governor
8:14 am
of texas asked for all 254 counties in that state to be declared disaster areas. gives you an idea of just how widespread the damage was. look, everyone wanted to help. some people got creative including one nba player who turned one fan's attempt at trash talk into cash for texas. as texans reel in the devastating storm's aftermath, neighbors are helping neighbors. ceilings collapsing. nearby church posted a go fund me page to help with repairs. that has raised nearly $50,000. >> it restores your faith in people. it makes you feel good about the community you live in. >> reporter: in nearby liandre, texas. >> the lights out went out -- >> reporter: a little sudden darkness in a supermarket. the store telling shoppers to take their groceries home for free. >> that emotion of kindness and thoughtfulness unexpectedly made your heart melt in this frozen little world we lived in for a few minutes.
8:15 am
>> reporter: clubhouse, the social media app creating a star-studded instant fund-raiser. continuing all week. professional athletes also coming to play from houston, texas, donating dollars and personally delivering much-needed aid. >> texas is all love. we're here together. >> reporter: to nba star and texas native miles turner passing on money that unexpectedly came his way. after a disappointing loss, turner responded to the fans' demand for money. >> i didn't owe him a penny. >> reporter: other fans respond ed by sending turner their own cents, literally. adding up to more than $10,000 so far. turner pledged for the rest of the weekend i'll match all of your venmo responses and donate to the families in need during this rough time. if you're in a position to help, check out feeding america
8:16 am
houston food bank and the red cross, and if you are concerned about animal mas caught in the cold, there's the chapter of the aspca. folks out there, looking for ways to help, go to our website on miles turner there he's matching the donations from the fans. the players association has stepped up now as well, they'll match his donations. >> excellent. >> that's great. >> lot of good people out there, t.j. >> thank you so much for that. now to our money smart series. this morning, how a young journalist tackled $30,000 in student loans in just three years including during the pandemic. rebecca jarvis joins us with her strategies. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: hey, michael. good morning to you. that's right, paying down a debt can be a monumental task no matter who you are, but you're about to meet a woman who paid it all down in the midst of a pandemic, and even after a job loss. here's how. 27-year-old dominique jackson has reason to celebrate.
8:17 am
in less than three years, she was able to pay off all of her student loan debt, $30,000. >> i was living in a new city. when i got laid off it hit me like, we got to get these finances together. >> reporter: with one third of adults aged 30 or younger having student loan debt, she was determined to take control. >> i had my paycheck on autopilot to my savings account. >> reporter: then she pulled in the reins on her spending. >> i had to deal with my mom, and i learned practicing and, like, decreasing all of my expenses, while also increasing my income. >> reporter: she took on side jobs putting as much money as she could towards paying off that debt. >> i picked up website design, social media management, freelance articles. >> reporter: she discovered the finance tool, undebt it, a finance calculator that gave her
8:18 am
a personalized plan. finally in december, the big day. dominique was debt-free. >> it's a huge sigh of relief and it's like, i was on that journey for roughly two years. >> we celebrate dominique, she says she hopes that her example can be a lesson to others, michael, that you don't have to start out rich in order to be able to pay down those debts, and for example, this is a tremendous one, and one to follow and watch, michael. >> it absolutely is, rebecca. robin and i were saying how amazing she is to do that at 27 years old, and we have more strategies for everyone out there to help you pay off debt. visit now we'll go to ginger. good morning again, ginger. >> good morning to you, michael. the great lakes are saying, oh my goodness, from nearly nothing, lake erie, to having more than 80% ice cover. they had a rescue. there were some folks out there, and you can see out there, ten people were rescued. thankfully no injuries. we'll see more of that as we get into the warmth but before it,
8:19 am
we'll have a hit of snow and rain, anywhere from 3 to 6 good morning, i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. if you liked yesterday you may like today and tomorrow even more. mostly sunny, our warmest two days. a little breezy in our hills and mountains especially through wednesday. and a dry pattern through the end of the month which is sunday. let's take a look at today's temperatures. 63 to 70 along the coast. 66 to 69 around the bay. low 70s inland. tonight some high clouds and mid-40s to low 50s. check out the to "the bachelor" now. time for matt to meet the parents. it's hometowns week, and there's a new twist this season. adrienne bankert has the sneak peek. good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. yeah, i saw one fan page call it stay at hometowns. they're coming to the resort to see if matt is the one. >> to hometowns this.
8:20 am
>> reporter: the final four. serena p., michelle, bri and rachael. all taking the next leap forward with the bachelor. matt's gearing up for hometowns with a twist. the ladies' families are all coming to the resort where the entire season is being filmed. with no questions off the table from the parents. >> do you think you really can get to know somebody in a matter of weeks? >> reporter: serena's family is questioning whether her feelings for matt are real. >> to me you don't seem smitten. >> reporter: as the timeline to determine if their relationships will work is starting to wear on the women. >> i had a pit in my stomach. >> reporter: matt also experiencing some nerves. in an exclusive sneak peek before tonight, michelle's parents are weighing in with their concerns. >> a really hard place. >> you bounced back. >> you guys were the people who picked me up after that and during that. >> it's going to be a big letdown.
8:21 am
if he were to propose now, would you say yes? >> i don't know. >> it's another emotional drama-filled season as always. we'll see who has the most chemistry. "the bachelor" airs right here on abc at 8:00 eastern/7:00 central. michael. >> checking that out, adrienne. thank you so much. now to "deals & steals," giving you a taste for great value with incredible food from small businesses all over the country, from small towns to big cities. you can head straight to the deals by pointing your cell phone camera at that qr code. tory johnson is taking us on a culinary tour, we're calling it, tory. some turf surf and turf. from georgia.
8:22 am
>> from farmers and fishern, they have always served the finest restaurants in atlanta with their meat and their fish. when covid hit, they pivoted to home-based delivery, and now they're bringing it directly to you at home. 16-ounce t-bones, steaks, usda choice i should add. plus, a buttery flakey white fish. so many good options from them. plus recipes from some of atlanta's top chefs. today is a good day to buy them. they are slashed in half, and the packages start at $80. >> that's a good deal. now a deal's favorite right here. the brothers creamery, they're teaming up with another small business, tory. >> yes. caputo is a small family-owned creamery, and they've now partnered with a brewery. a craft brewer, and they have created three craft beer cheeses. so if you like craft beer and
8:23 am
you like cheese, rejoice, this one is for you. three pack is $17.50. >> all right, great deal. time for one of my favorites, some barbecue, this is the real thing, this is a memphis institution. i had a little rendezvous. >> i bet you had. >> everyone knows their ribs. they're incredible. straight from their pits in memphis. two big slabs of their meticulously charcoaled ribs, a feast for the entire family. what's awesome about this, it feeds at least eight people depending on how hungry everybody is. the package today is $99. >> i meant rendezvous ribs, tory. from memphis coming back to here, big apple, new york city, these are the classic hot dogs we have up next. >> yes, so it's believed that in 1867 charles feltman introduced
8:24 am
the hot dog to coney island, and 150 years later two brothers have resurrected that boardwalk favorite, they did this in honor of their brother who died in the twin towers attack. he dreamed of a family business. his business is alive, and the dream is alive with these brothers. one is an iraq war veteran. they make the best hot dog you will ever eat. all beef. all natural. a great package they put together for $30. >> i'm going to have to give that a try, and people have been cooking so much more from home, and seasonings from a family business, and there's such an easy way to add excitement to a dish, tory. >> yes, from wisconsin. all made there and packaged there. a variety of seasonings for every single meal, to elevate it instantly. whether it's meat, salads, eggs, something for your avocado toast topping. they also make kits to make your own.
8:25 am
these are slashed in half, they start at $3.50. michael, we are ending on a sweet note. killer brownies from ohio. fudgy, and decadent, that's all i need to say. they are an absolute favorite. you'll get two packs from this company, that caramel on the inside, i hope you can see it there, just melt in your mouth, a delight, two packs, $20. >> $20. the crew can't wait to tear into those. i'll tell you that, tory. tory, thank you so much. we partnered with these companies on these great deals. ic get them by heading directly to our website, coming up, the man himself, arsenio hall. yes. he'll join us live.
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a little lenny kravitz there. get you started on a monday morning. wake up, everybody. welcome to "gma." our next guest is an actor and comedi comedian, and an absolute legend, he starred alongside eddie murphy in the new movie "coming 2 america." that's the number two because it's the sequel to the 1988 hit "coming to america." arsenio, thank you for joining us, my friend. >> hey, mike, robin, george, how is everybody? >> we're doing great. i couldn't believe it, it's been 33 years since the first "coming to america" movie. what made you and eddie get together and do the sequel?
8:31 am
why now? >> well, we never planned on there being a sequel. we were happy with the first one, and it just wouldn't go away. there were times when you would get a call from beyonce's office that they're doing a "coming to america" party, and everybody is going to dress like the characters. decorate restaurants and eddie is not into social media. i would always show him these things on twitter and instagram, and one day he said, maybe there should be a second one, and he started working on a story, and at some point, he brought me the story and i was, like, that's almost perfect. the only thing that wasn't perfect is he wanted tracy morgan to play his son, and i think they kind of look about the same age, you know. >> that would have been a little bit of an issue, but we still have tracy in the movie. but there are so many from the original cast, arsenio, i immensely worried about the sequel, but my
8:32 am
fears were unfounded. having so much of the original cast members back. was there a lot of reminiscing on the set, arsenio? yeah. i held john too long when i first saw him. it's interesting, robin, that you mentioned that you were worried. eddie has more confidence than i do. we went to get coffee one day and as we were leaving the barista said, don't mess up my movie, i'm like, whoa. >> robin's been raving about it all morning. we can't wait to see it and we want to give everyone a sneak peek right now. >> soon they will assassinate me. i have a child on the other side of the world. >> take heart in your grief, you're king now, be as your father, bark orders at me, throw things at me, it will make you happy.
8:33 am
>> prepare the royal jet. we are going back to america. >> oh, hell no, your majesty. >> not exactly what you meant when you gave him that advice i can imagine this was so much fun, but i heard there was one scene that you shot with eddie that was painful, literally painful, what happened? >> well, you know, when you work with wesley snipes, he's a brilliant fighter and a stuntman along with being a great actor. eddie's only a great actor, and when we did this one stunt, he's supposed to pretend to kick me, and the stuntman later will do the kicking and make the noises, but he slipped and he kicked me really hard. he kicked me so hard, the next day his foot was sore.
8:34 am
we had a ball. we had a good time. they shouldn't have paid me for this one, but i'm glad they did. >> you had five different characters in the movie, did you have a favorite in. >> yes. i liked the one with the least amount of stuff on your face. a shaman and witch doctor, that's a six-hour makeup job. anything less than that one, i'm happy. >> we're happy with all of them, and we're so happy that in recent years you returned to doing some standup, and you had planned on continuing that, and in t then the pandemic happened. so as soon as we get through this, do you want to get back on the road again doing some standup? >> i'd love to. the plan was, with all the comics in "coming 2 america" i thought that it would be a great way to promote the movie but when man makes plans god giggles.
8:35 am
it didn't quite work it. i wanted to also do it so eddie could have a place to start do five or ten minutes here or there, and get back binto it. i thought that would be a great thing. >> that's a great idea. i have to tell people, you need to stay and watch through the credits because the outtakes and we saw there eddie kind of gets you, he's not a stunt person, was there a lot of improvising on set? >> yes, as a matter of fact, the clip you just showed, robin, he said to semmi, he said we're going back to america and there was one entire piece of the script where i say, we could hire a detective, your majesty. we don't have to go. we can have facetime, and i give him all -- he says, stop it, semmi, and we're going back to america, and the scene played that way. he says, give me one more take. just say hell no. i said you're the star and the
8:36 am
producer. i said, oh, hell no, your majesty. that ended up staying in the movie. >> i tell you, i mean, outtakes as the credits roll, and then there's a bonus at the end, somebody singing queen. that's all i'm going to say. >> you watched eddie's family grow up, his kids, and how was it to have his youngest daughter, bella, on the set with you guys? >> it was incredible. i got to do a fight scene with her. i'm so proud of her, she's been waiting for this moment. she's been studying and taking classes and eddie made her audition for this, he didn't give it to her, he made her read for this. >> we'll be checking it out. we're so happy you're on the show this morning. arsenio, as always, good to see you. robin.
8:37 am
our man, arsenio, "coming 2 america" it premieres on amazon prime video on march 5th. coming up, how to go from underestimated to unstoppable with a ceo who is going to tell us how she did it. go
8:38 am
8:39 am
we're back now, we got some monday motivation for you.
8:40 am
from the self-made founder of the billion-dollar brand it cosmetics and author of "believe it" how to go from underestimated to unstoppable. we say good morning to my dear friend, jamie kern lima, it's coming out tomorrow, i can't believe it's here, we've been talking about for some time. jamie, we met years ago, we were seat mates on a plane. that's how we met, and you were building your business at the time, and to see where it has gone, and what you are doing now, but there was something about you. what is your secret to believing it? >> robin, thank you so much for having me. yeah, so many people know this for this success story of the cosmetics. really my story is a girl who went from not believing in herself to learning how, not trusting herself to learning how, and, you know, i think first of all, every single person watching right now can learn to believe in themselves. it's really why i wrote this
8:41 am
book, and i think we're all coming out of a really tough season, right? we're going through the tough season with the pandemic, and so many of us have been dimming our light, and i just want to say, anyone watching right now, like, that light is still inside of you, and it's possible to ignite it. it's time to ignite it and start doing it again, even if it's for the first time, or for the first time in a long time, and it's time, robin. it's time for all of us. >> you went about it so organically, part of the beauty of your story, you had a skin condition, you couldn't find any makeup to help, so you created it. as someone going through this pandem pandemic, how do you find your purpose like you did, jamie? >> yeah, i think the number one thing to do is really just to get still and learn to hear your own gut. your own intuition. right now if you just do it for a second, you probably know if you are in the right job or not, or in the right friendship or relationship or not, and i think that it's so important to do
8:42 am
that, and robin, a lot of people put pressure on themselves that their job or their career has to be their purpose, but it doesn't. your job is what pays the bills. what fills your soul, what would you do for free, maybe it's a hobby that you need to take up again, maybe it's starting to paint again and giving your paintings away for free or going on a morning walk and telling an elderly neighbor hello every morning. any of those things can be your purpose. it's what fills your soul, and is your highest expression to the world. >> many of us, we have dreams. how do you turn your dream into a reality though, jamie? >> a few quick tips. lot of businesses, robin, have a why or a mission, for real people have a mission or a goal but we forget we need a real why behind it. so getting a why and attaching it to a dream makes it so much more likely to happen. asking for help, hard for so many people to do this.
8:43 am
i talk about my own journey in the book,and finding out i was adopted and not being able to carry a pregnancy. i had to learn. i don't need help. independent is a badge of honor. i learned that actually be a deep-seeded fear. feeling like we're not worthy, and so asking for help is huge, whether it's through therapy or faith, or asking for a friend to show up for you the way you would show up for them, and another big one. this is huge, robin. knowing when to let go of a dreep, rig dream, right? it's as important as knowing when to go after one, right? we live in a culture, don't quit. i don't think that's the victory. i think the victory is listening to your gut and go, oh. is this the dream i'm supposed to let go of, or is this the dream i'm supposed to go after? so really being able to listen to your gut, is everything.
8:44 am
>> with have viewers sending in these wonderful words that they believe, faith, patience, it's also about self-talk. i'll give you a word, you're big about transformation. so if someone is saying setback, what do you say? >> robin, i say setup. what if our setbacks, reframe that as our setups, i'm getting stronger right now, i'm building closer connections with family and i'm going to dream again. >> okay, different, what do you say if someone says different? >> i say authentic. so many times we feel like we need to schachange who we are tt in. your authenticity is your superpower. >> all right, time for one more. perfect way to end. doubt it. what do you say? >> doubt it, i say you can go from doubting it to believing
8:45 am
it. it's really why i wrote "believe it." and everyone can learn to believe it. we're all in a season of doubt right now, but we definitely can believe. i believe in you, robin. >> right back at you. you could have gone anywhere, and you're so grateful. you have been so good us to over the years. thank you, thank you, thank you so much, jamie. "believe it" is out tomorrow, but today though, check out jamie's free confidence-building virtual event. i think i'm on with you at 11:00 a.m. >> yes, we're going live, i'm so excited. everyone needs help and inspiration. we're going to deliver it, robin. >> already hundreds of thousands have signed up. hope you'll join us. now ginger, good morning again. >> all right, robin, we know what we're doing at 11:00. but let's talk about this, some nail-biting video. at least for most of us. if you are a ski pro, i guess this is the norm, but look at this video out of mammoth, just
8:46 am
right on the edge. this guyou wt to attempt this if you are brand-new to the mountain, but from mammoth back to the pacific rt warnings, blizzard warnings, gusts close to 90 miles an hour in montana. good morning. we're off to a serene start on this monday, one apromises temperatures even warmer than yesterday. a few 70s inland. most of the day after the lunch hour we'll be in the 60s. even warmer tomorrow, coming up, the secret ingredient to put a tasty new spin on your favorite dishes. we're going to eat. come on back. r favorite dishes. we're
8:47 am
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get started with xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months and get a flex 4k box for free. plus, save hundreds when you add xfinity mobile. switch today. we're back with ultimate upgrade for everyday foods. trending on social media is the spice mix with this season.
8:49 am
people are sprinkling it on everything from breakfasts to desserts. jake cohen the author joins us with a take on how to use the mix. thanks for joining us this morning, and jake, tell us first of all, you make your own seasoning home made. >> yes, for sure. i mean, i've been guilty of getting the bottled stuff in the past. you can add in more flavor. start off with a quarter cup of sesame seeds. toast them to bring out the flavor. another quarter of cup of poppyseeds. as well as three tablespoons of dried minced garlic and flakey sea salt and pepper. and last but not least, not really traditional, the origins of the everything bagel, i throw in black pepper. add crushed red pepper or
8:50 am
whatever your heart desires. stir it up. >> next up a sweet take of a desert on bagels and cream cheese. >> i have some new york style cheesecake here. we're so used to everything bagels with cream cheese. what about it on cheesecake. somehow savory ingredients on sweet is blasphemy, but no more. sprinkle it on top. >> it looks pretty good. you're also jazzing up a salad. >> yes, i mean, i think no matter what you can amp up your salad dressing with everything bagel seasoning. this is just a simple vinaigrette of olive dijon mustard with whatever vinegar you like the onion and the garlic are going to rehydrate. to me it takes it to the next level and makes the salad more special. >> that's working. now the main course. >> you got to have a steak. so this is like the jewish version of a french steak house,
8:51 am
and you think of that, like, peppercorn crust. i'm going tototo thr -- be throwing on this everything bagel seasoning, and it'll add in fortification of that nice crust, and also onion and garlic on steak. what better combo can you think of? and it's got flakey salt and black pepper. >> okay, you've got to sell this last one. everything bagel ice cream. >> yes, so, let me explain. a few weeks ago, jenny's an incredible ice cream company out of ohio, came out with this cream cheese ice cream -- it seems it wouldn't work but it went viral. but it does. like i said, let's normalize adding savory ingredients to sweet dishes. i'll drizzle on a little bit of olive oil too. i love that acidity that it has, and it helps everything stick together. now you have a full meal. i know it's early, but you have to eat the steak and ice cream and cheesecake.
8:52 am
what better way to start the day? >> it work and it does. it's fat, it's flavor. it all comes together. one of those things as soon as you get your mind out i shouldn't be having garlic with dessert, it just comes together. it's an interesting way to take one seasoning and make it last throughout the meal. >> it works. >> verdict, thumbs up. >> all right. >> we all love salty sweet. the best combo there is, am i right? >> you're right, jake. you sold it. thanks a lot. you can get the recipes on and we'll be right back. and we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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to all the parents, what if you had to say yes to everything? i mean, everything your kids ask for for 24 hours straight. could you do it? >> "gma" wants you to take the yes day challenge. don't say this to your kids. >> no. >> instead, say -- >> just say yes. >> post your pictures or videos to #gmayesday. >> and you might just see it right here on "gma." say yes to "good morning america." >> sponsored by netflix. we say yes to jennifer garner. i follow her online, great. lty eet.
8:56 am
>> salty. >> sweet. >> i'm salty. you guys are sweet.
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