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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  March 9, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PST

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the frontliners fighting the pandemic, continue fighting for the nation. >> hi, i'm a physician assistant and my hope in 2021 is to continue looking towards the future. >> strong women across the globe. you can watch all our full episodes on hulu. see you right back here same sometime tomorrow. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america.
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>> if you have been vaccinated what the cdc says that you can
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do and why grandparents are overjoyed. >> how you can get the covid vaccination and help the state of california as you are doing it. >> a cold storm excepted to bring a wintry mix. >> now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> and that breaking news is late tonight the berkeley school district announced the planned return of a full five-day in-person school week. the district credits the vaccination credit offered by berkeley in order to make it possible. elementary school campuses are set to open march 29th. students in third through fifth will return april 12th. details of the model still need to be finalized. >> hey, you can hug your grandparents if you are vaccinated fully. i think that gives me a lot of
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hope. >> tonight, a shot of optimism for the millions of americans that have been vaccinated. the cdc is now easing some of the restrictions we all have been living with for the past year. thank you for joining us. >> as abc 7 newsewsewsews can gather, give hugs and more. i think that gives me a lot of hope. >> that is amazing. >> these photos pre-pandemic and now moments they can finally experience again. >> i am excited to give them all a long, tight hug.
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those who are vaccinate second degree also gather with another unvaccinated household without masks as long as the unvaccinated group is not at serious risk for illness. fully vaccinated people still wear masks and physically distance themselves from others while out in public. >> i think it is terrific advice. i think that it was important for the cdc to begin weighing in on what people can do after they are vaccinated. >> reporter: the cdc is still discouraging unnecessary travel. the new guidelines do not include recommendations for other establishments. >> if you are vaccinated and you are coming in contact with someone who is at high risk if they got covid, it is smart to be careful. > reporter: he says his grandparents are not up to speed yet. >> now you are fully vaccinated
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it is safe for me to come home and give you a hug. welcome news, obviously. bay area leaders are for the state to change the new vaccine distribution plan. 2% of those residents live in the bay area despite for accounting for 20% of the state's population. all of santa clara county was left off of the list. it is really one that recognizes the unique look of poverty. >> san francisco's mission and bay viewistric left off of the priority list as well. >> thousands of people that received a vaccine won't need a
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redo. it happened on february 28th and march 1st. 6,300 people possibly received a lower dose shot. anyone affected will get a letter from the state. >> california unveiled another way to get vaccinated even if you are not eligible. more on the new workforce shot volunteer program at vaccine sites. >> i am just saying. >> this is david dawson getting the moderna shot in early february. he got it after he decided to help out and volunteer. >> i didn't want to jump the line or be a vaccine chaser. they were short of volunteers. ihoped on their website and signed up.
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>> reporter: he stood in the sun observing those that just got the vaccine to make sure they did not have a bad reaction to it. doing volunteer work that the state of california is now recruiting for. >> we are just getting started. our hope is that clinics are going to come on board in the coming weeks to provide more volunteer opportunities. >> reporter: volunteers are needed in all communities now and will be needed as supply ramps up. work four hours and you are eligible for a dose of the vaccine. >> reporter: some online voiced concern about people just coming for the dose, he said the shot
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was just a bonus to a special day. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. and. >> hundreds of thousands of covid-19 vaccinations are arriving in california this week as part of the state's new plan to distribute doses in california's most vulnerable neighborhoods. >> we received just 21,000 last week. northern california, southern california had two of the federal sites. they went there first. now with the 320 we will get them more appropriately distributed across the state. >> governor newsom is expected to address the pandemic when he delivers his state of the state address tomorrow.
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we will be streaming it live on our connected tv app for roku and other devices. >> abc 7 news is monitoring the vaccine roll out in california. you can find it on and tomorrow we will find out if new counties will get to reopen. five are in the red. five others are in the more restrictive purple tier. there is optimism tonight that they could move to the less restrictive red tier tomorrow. that would allow for indoor dining, gyms and movie theaters. the ghost ship founder pleaded guilty to manslaughter but will not be going back to jail. 36 people died in the fire of
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2016. >> everybody is devastated. >> with time served storm watch tonight. skpran more is coming to the bay area. >> let's check in with sandhya patel who is tracking the first system with live doppler 7. sandhya. >> yeah, dan and ama. it will be a reminder it is still winter. live doppler 7. right now it does not look like it because the showers are isolated in the north bay. light showers riviera circle as. the wider picture is showing you
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a cold storm heading our direction. lightning off of the california coast. hour-by-hour forecast, the morning commute will include slippery roadways, possibility of snow and even hail and thunder. i will be back at a closer look at the timeline and how long it will last coming up. >> now to track the rain, on demand from your tv. >> $1,400 stimulus checks are included in congress' new relief package. >> most california kids spent a year doing distance learning. >> first a look at what is coming up tonight. jimmy. >> thanks dan and ama. hello. i'm oprah.
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i don't know how i dress anymore. >> like if mr. rodgers got high.
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>> final passage of president biden's $1.9 trillion covid relief bill will likely happy wednesday. fewer americans will be eligible for stimulus checks, only those making $75,000 or less will get
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$1,400 payments. even earning over $80,000 will get a smaller amount. weekly unemployment benefits were reduced from $400 to $300. not a single republican voted to support the bill. the white house says that americans can expect to see the checks in the hands by the end of the month. a year of distance learning turned into a year of learning loss for a lot of students as we work to build a better bay area. >> many reached on out to us, talking about the challenges that you and your kids are facing. >> j.r. stone profiles two families with unique challenges. >> the kids are in cool. they couldn't make the 9:00 to 2:00. >> reporter: just another day for anna rodriguez, admin,
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office manager and mother of three. two of them do distance learning in the same building, the same office and the same room as their mother. b e day with mom as they go to school via via via i have e-mails. >> while they are challenged with learning at work, as her kids are zooming with their class down the all. she has her students and her own
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kids who were literally all over the place. >> one person was on the deck because it was warm enough. my son was in her room. daughter in her kitchen area. i was teaching on the hall on a bail of bedding for the chicke >> reporter: she has made changes. she still loves her chickens but now has adjusted creating her own chicken-free space inside her house. something that may or may not stack up against other distance learning set ups. >> i see these beautiful pictures of these gorgeous kitchens and fabulous set ups with the background with the book shelves and all of this. i am like okay. right now this is the nicest part of my house. >> reporter: it certainly is not perfect, but she is as that they found little, helpful additions that have gone a very long way in making distance learning work better for everyone.
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my older one bought a fountain. she was getting anxiety. >> reporter: they have mixed opinions going back to class. i am missing the hugs and faces. >> reporter: rodriguez's girls are younger. you can see how full of energy they were when we talked to her mom.
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>> reporter: these days the two have each other and their mom during the day, even if things get loud sometimes. >> i can hear mom clicking. >> yes. i type all day. i would like to see options for working parents. i do not feel like we have a voice. >> she is expecting to go back to teaching this month and then will be doing in-person and distance learning. the rodriguez girls received no update as to when in-person classes will reaume. >> marin is one of the few counties where kids are getting the classroom experience. tomorrow, join us to see more on the learning loss that is happening across the bay area.
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>> please join us for that. let's move on now and talk, ama, about the wet weather, the storm coming in. >> yeah. absolutely. let's get the timing of it all from sandhya patel. sandhya. >> yeah. dan, ama, we are basically looking at isolated showers turning to more scattered showers the next couple of days. i want to show you where lightning is showing up on live doppler 7. you will notice it, it is snowing in the sierra and will be getting more up in the mountains. the showerser local, martinez, taking you down to street level. in the north bay, you will notice around the panoramic highway, slippery spots out there. chill is with us tonight. temperatures are in the 40s and the 50s. east bay hills cameras showing you a nice view looking across the bay. this will be changing come tomorrow. spotty showers, wintry mix the
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next two days and we are expecting cold mornings thursday and friday. a level one on the storm impact scale. through wednesday we are basically looking at brief heavy shower, thunder with hail and snow, yeah, snow. down to 3,000 feet. our highest elevations will be looking at a light dusting of snow. hour-by-hour, 8:00 a.m., it will be slippery out there. 10:00, scattered showers. you may need the shades, umbrellas and a coat. 7:00 tomorrow night, still wet weather. pockets ll be moderate as indicated by yellow. 10:00 p.m., not hamilt not ha nn showing snow. scattered showers wednesday, morning, afternoon, by evening it starts to taper. here is a look at the rainfall totals. most will fall between 1/4 to th through wednesday night.
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in the mountains, winter weather advisory above 2,000 feet where they are going to see accumulating snow. so, that advisory is through wednesday morning. it becomes a warning in the sierra above 3,000 feet. best to hold off on travel as it is going to be difficult to impossible. expecting much-needed 1-2 feet of snow. higher for the highest peaks. take a look, a nice coating of fresh powder in time for the weekend. if you are going to be up there, obviously hold off until thursday and friday. 30s, 40s in the morning. grab the coats. tomorrow afternoon, keep them handy and the umbrellas. 40s and 50s for your highs. it will feel like winter. accuweather forecast, tomorrow and wednesday, the wintry mix. followed by dryer days and just a friendly reminder, i know ama, dan, not many of us are looking forward to losing the sleep, but
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gaining the extra hour of daylight will be nice. sunday morning, spring forward. daylight savings time begins. >> my only request is that you remind us all week. >>
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>> in the north bay, the city of santa rosa is offering relief grants to musicians have been sidelined by the pandemic. >> it is pretty popular to have a variety of concert series, small and large all throughout sonoma county and the region. this is an attempt, a small step towards helping to support the musicians who do not have access to the live gigs right now. >> funding is coming from the live at julliard series. santa rosa plans to award 18
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sports on abc 7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> the sharks hosted the blues tonight. hockey, the one sport where fighting is an accepted part of the whole deal where two players will discuss in pregame when they are going to drop the gloves and go to fist city. curtis gabriel. kyle clifford. two and a half minutes in. that works. off of the face-off, i am going to punch you in the face. it is funny how cordial set it it it it i evander kane. good night. game over. 3-2, sharks get a much-needed win in o.t.
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many thought it was a bad idea, but the nba all-star game was so much fun. steph curry and damian lillard shooting from half-court, throwing down alley-oop dunks with chris paul. steph reclaimed the trophy as three-point shootout king. after the all-star game chris alvarez asked steph how much he is looking forward to competing with klay thompson in future three-point contests. >> any time you are in this environment you can't help but to think of how much fun that klay would have. he is trying to get healthy and will be here next year. the splash brothers bringing it back. ins it rightful place right now. we will keep it. >> absolutely. i ins. h had pot with authority. he also had 12.
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before halftime the buzzer-beater. santa cruz advances to the semis in the g-league, 110-84. g-league ignite lost, their season is over. st. mary's taking on top-ranked gonzaga. gaels don't have the firepower to hang with the zags. this game, really it was all gonzaga. jalen suggs, finding the mismatch. he will back out beyond the arc to drain the three. st. mary's goes home. gonzaga rolls 78-55. abc 7 sports
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>> all right. that will do it for tonight. thank you so much for watching. i am ama daetz. >> i am dan ashley. for all of us here, we appreciate your time. right now on
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it, but you didn't answer, and i was like, just bravo. i miss oprah. >> she's the combination of the best detective you've ever seen, a high school guidance counselor, friend. >> when i say i miss oprah, i miss the show, the oprah winfrey show. if you follow oprah on instagram, you get all the oprah. coming up, the parallels between duchess meghan and princess diana. plus, the new development into the investigation into the allegations against andrew cuomo. and why the bidens' two german shepherds have been sent packing. you're watching "world news now."
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