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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 5, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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dramatic video from court. dan, what a verdict. what a sentence. >> dan, the verdict came after 11:00 p.m. rome time. it took just a day to get that decision. the parents are already filing appeals. 21-year-old finnegan elder learned to speak italian during his months in a room prison. to see it on his face as he realized the verdict, guilty for the murder of mario cerciello rega, antisense, like in prison. his widow burst into tears. 20-year-olds gabriel natale hjorth received the same sentence. in newly released video, he insisted he identified himself
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as a police as they approached the americans. they thought they were meeting a drug dealer's contact so they could return the backpack they stole after a drug deal went back. but elder insisted leader officer identify themselves that night. they were in plainclothes with no weapons. >> in the blink of an eye. >> the young man stabbed the officer 11 times with this nice. >> i am deeply sorry. >> reporter: that they started with symbolism before deliberations. father and son, fingers crossed. the widow wearing her husband's ring. the elder flashed his crucifix and motioned to heaven. elder's mother texted me today saying she is stunned, heartbroken, and angry. follow reels before, she says i'm
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going to focus on survival right now. >> you have, as we have said, covered this from the very beginning in 2019, every step of the way. were you surprised by today's verdict? >> reporter: i actually thought they had a chance of lesser charges. just over the last two weeks, there were some colonists that agreed with the self-defense tactic. they got the most eerie sense possible. i just imagine the shell shock those young men are feeling right now in prison. >> and their families, of course. thank you very much. we will see what happens with the pills process. dan has reported. you can catch it right now on our abc7 bay area connected tv app wherever
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you string. the documentary is in the featured video room. >> very compelling. turning to our efforts to build a better bay area. it means we are on vaccine wash. the number of new coronavirus cases state wide is holding steady at some of the lowest rates we have ever seen. more than 61% of californians who are eligible to get a vaccine shot have had at least one dose. more than 40% of the state is fully vaccinated, as you can see on our abc7 vaccine tracker. those numbers are still short of herd immunity. how long will it take us to get there? 20 news reporter stephanie sierra is live. are we talking about a few more weeks? >> six to be exact. it is reassuring to say that out loud. for months now, we have been hearing california may reach im doctors believe steady vaccination rates and lows transmission will continue and get his there even sooner. it's the question impacting all of us.
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we will california finally reach herd immunity? >> i have predicted governor newsom was right, and june 15th is when we will be done. >> reporter: june 15th is about six weeks away. monica gandhi expect by that time, vaccination rates will overpower transmission, and the result will get us more freedom. >> this is the green tier, we are off restrictions. all that will show us is that the cases aren't going up when you have enough population being immune. >> reporter: how do we know california is on track to meet that goal? >> mark my words. los angeles going to the yellow tier is huge in terms of disease control. >> reporter: the lead epidemiologist, dr. george rutherford says that moving to yellow is a signal. >> to a combination of
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naturally occurring five people getting infected, and vaccine, we are seeing a downturn. >> reporter: san francisco and most of the bay area are leading the way. 70% of the 16 and older population is of vaccinated with at least one dose. the percentage is around 54% for l.a. county. according to bloomberg's vaccine tracker, california rates 11th in the u.s. for the percentage of the population that has received at least one dose. that is around 50%. new hampshire, vermont, and massachusetts are ranked in the top three. rutherford says we are on track to keep moving on. >> we will reach herd immunityd may have issues is california's central valley. dr. rather says vaccination efforts need to be heavily concentrated their especially as we continue tracking variants. stephanie sierra, abc7 news.
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>> about those variants, which is the biggest threat to california right now? >> reporter: i'm glad you asked. dr. rutherford says the uk variant is the one to keep an eye on right now. it is coming into california at a much faster pace. it's now considered the predominant strain over the west coast area. he says it could be a problem down the road since it is more transmissible. certainly will be one to watch. >> thank you so much, stephanie. one of the biggest vaccination sites in the bay area is going to shut down within weeks. in this live picture, you can see the oakland coliseum mass vaccination site. state and local officials announced it will close on may 23rd. the reason? appointments are down from about 4000 a day to about 400. officials say the effort has been a huge success, administering nearly 250,000 doses to local residents. fema helped open the site back in february, along with one in
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southern california. to encourage people to get vaccinated, today the state department of public health released a new song. >> ♪ >> this mary esther band from los angeles lost members to the pandemic. they created this on to encourage latino families to get vaccinated. we are keeping track of the vaccination process with the abc7 vaccine tracker. you can find it at if you have questions, you can submit them, you can submit them at /vaccine. click on the blue box extract two women remain in the hospital one day after being attacked by mandy downtown san francisco. the 85-year-old was waiting for a bus when she was tapped
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through the arm and rib cage. her grandson through, didn't want to show his face. she says the family's matriarch is independent and headstrong. >> i was in shock and disbelief. i can't believe this happened to my grandma. you don't think this could ever happen to you until it does. >> she is expected to survive. so is this victim victim, a 63- year-old asian woman. police have yet to say if this is a hate crime. activists say regardless, the rest of violence has to stop. the suspect is patrick thompson. someone said they are outraged. office is still receiving all of the evidence and information from the police department and will announce charging details tomorrow. we expect arraignment in open court on the charges as soon as friday afternoon. a crowd filled a safe wood parking lot today showing
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support for an 11-year-old boy who said he was racially profiled and accused of stealing when he bought a sandwich the recently. wayne freedman has a story. >> reporter: we have seen the signs before and heard the refrain. but really from people so young. students from the civil rights academy showing support for one of their classmates, 11-year-old oliver, who is had a bad experience buying a sandwich at the focal safe way. >> the security guards racially profiled me. >> they ask him to put his food down that he paid for. they showed him his receipt. they were still antagonizing him. the manager walked up to him and asked to leave him alone. >> it'sitot who we should be in san francisco. >> reporter: and so the afterschool march through the streets back to the place where all this happened on april 26th a show of support.
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>> the kid went in to buy a sandwich. they totally broke his spirit. ended up crying all the way to school. >> reporter: the family says safe way try to make things right by giving them a $25 gift certificate. initially, they took it, and then they send it back and protests. later, likely issued a statement which reads in part, clearly, this instance fell short of our expectations. the store manager was unaware of what happened until the gunman returned to the store with his mother. our internal investigation is ongoing. >> it's not right. >> reporter: what did you say to them? mac i didn't say anything. i just showed them the receipt. >> reporter: now his mother says he is guard. he has seen a justice on television and feels as if he has lived it. many people of color tell stories of such experiences. rally as a child. >> definitely not expected at 11 years old. it is not okay at any age. >> reporter: in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc7 news.
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if you are working on issues of racial and social justice in your own community, you will find an ally at it is -second demaio. while some think of it as a day for burritos and beer and fun, there is a lot more to it. we will explain the history. a cooling marine layer is back. we will show you how cool it will be coming up. accuweather has just released our majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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john cox but his
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gubernatorial campaign today as he hopes to get voters to recall governor gavin newsom. after kicking off with a live bear, he says the state needs sensible regulations and lower taxes. >> businesses are closed all across the state. someone not going to reopen. our kids are still not in school after a year. some of them are in the classroom, but they are in zoom classes with teachers. poverty has gone up. homelessness has multiplied. >> cox will visit fresno county tomorrow. he is among several candidates to have filed a statement of intention to run, including caitlyn jenner. you can learn more about the last california recall on the original documentary total recall. it is on our bay area at. it may be hard to believe, but crews lead they found a tree
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still smoldering from a wildfire last august. you can see smoke in the service from the national park service. the tree is well within the fire area, and there is no trail access to it. the fire management officer says this shows just how dry the park is. not good news as we head into summer. we just got new information today forecasting just how bad this year's wildfire season is expected to be picked very scary. abc7 meteorologist drew tuma is here. >> i wish we had better news. i don't think it will be a surprise for anybody that they are forecasting an above average fire season. look at the map. all of northern california and parts of central california are in the extreme outlook when it comes's to wildfire risk for the next 5 to 6 months. the main factor when coming up with this is that we had record dry vegetation. talking about the drought.
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talking about back-to-back lackluster winters across california. the forecast for the western united states is 9.3 million acres burned, which would be 130% of the five-year average. the highest threat would be september and october, but it is already to a fast start. calcifyer -- compared to this time last year. we only had 1700 acres burning. we are already off to a fast start with this fire season. it will likely be a long fire season. >> not good. thank you. >> this is a concern. we have had such a dry year. no significant rain. >> we can't si in the months ahead. certainly not in the month of may. we have a cooling it is breezy. moisture headed our way.
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not rainfall moisture. here is a look at the satellite and radar. you can see the high pressure system that have a rather warm weather is now weakening. a cold front is approaching. basically a dry cold front. it has dried moisture. we may see drizzle during the early morning hours. we still have a windy pattern. it will be even windier as the front gets closer. we are looking at surface winds up to 30 miles per hour here in san francisco. breezy all across the region. it is cooler than it was at this hour yesterday in virtually every location. 70 degrees cooler -- 7 degrees cooler. santa rosa 17 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. here comes the fog. it is already here at the golden gate, as you can see. current temperatures reading, 54 degrees in san francisco. san jose is 72. 76 at morgan hill. 50 at half moon bay. here is another view of the fog. march immature readings, 67 in
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santa rosa. nevada, 73. 66 in napa. much warmer in. else, 86. livermore, 82. here is a clearer view looking for my rooftop camera. these are our forecast features. increasing clouds with fark and patchy morning drizzle. tomorrow will be gusty and much cooler near the coast and bay. watch for a warmer pattern for mother's day weekend. through the overnight hours tonight, look for increasing low clouds and fog and a lot of high clouds will be passing through as well. that will be the pattern for morning commuters. we will see a little bit of a clearing in the mid morning hours. my been day, another sweep of high clouds will push by. tomorrow is not going to be a very sunny day. overnight, look for drizzle near the coast. some of that will push out across the bay, perhaps even locally. overnight low temperatures will be mainly in the mid to upper 40s. a few areas will bottom out
6:19 pm
around 50 degrees around oakland . looking at conditions tomorrow, hazy sunshine and lots of low clouds lingering near the coast. windy conditions near the coast tomorrow. high temperatures will range from 56 in half moon bay to 60 in san francisco. the further south, fremont, around 69 degrees. san jose will top out at 72. antioch make it haiti. fairfield may top out at 82. other locations, highs only in the low to mid 70s. here is the accuweather seven- day forecast. cooler the next two days, although sunnier on friday than tomorrow. how about sunny and warm weather we can expect mother's day weekend? high temperatures and little sore up to and maybe above 90 degrees in some spots. upper 70s around the bay shoreline. summerlike heat will stay with us until to say. on wednesday, we will see a few more clouds coming in to little breezier, and it will start to
6:20 pm
cool down. happy mother's day. >> thank you. not everyone can agree on art. it is a debate the city of san jose finds itself in with our work that is played as a landmark. you will get a chance to share your opinion about this next. join abc7 to ignite change. this three day virtual conference brings an incredible lineup of speakers. get inspired. learn new skills. build new someday, looking back on the pandemic, you'll want to be proud to say i did everything i could. i found the strength. i looked out for everyone. i did what i could to keep my family safe.
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i will say, i did my part. while covid-19 is in the air, please, protect yourself and others. wear a mask, keep your distance, and get vaccinated when it's your turn. santa clara county. stay strong. spread hope. welcome to the place where the aroma of authenticity turns into the scent of home. where cacique inspires you to add your own flair. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite. cacique. your auténtico awaits.
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in san jose, a landmark project has cleared a significant hurdle be approved by the city council. we want to know, what do you think? mac we are asking in our lives poll at,/vote , if you love it or hate it have no opinion. chris when has the story. >> reporter: in the heart of silicon valley, an landmark is one step closer to rising. >> the perfect project at the right time. make the breeze of motivation was unanimously approved by the city council tuesday night, the last denearly 1000 entries. scott needs says it's time for the city to once again have a
6:24 pm
landmark to call its own. >> think about the st. louis arch or the space needle in seattle. these are a number of private citizens that said what can we do? what can we find to bring a tremendous gift? >> reporter: in honor of tech workers, it will feature 500 flexible rods that will sway in the breeze and generate enough power to eliminate and support walkable platforms along the guadalupe river. san jose mayor sam liccardo says the initiative, which has been community driven, is reflective of the valley's entrepreneurial spirit. >> it is an appropriate place to be something that represent the future. it is iconic. it would give everyone the chance to enjoy our skyline. >> reporter: although the structure will be privately funded and gifted, it's price tag of nearly $150 million has raised concerns among some who believe it would be a waste of
6:25 pm
money. the city council also heard from advocates and residents who oppose the project over equity as well as light pollution. but with the go-ahead, city officials will spend the next year or so drafting up an environmental report that will identify solutions for reducing the impact. >> i don't know if there is someone willing to contribute $150 million or whatever it takes. but it's beautiful. those with the ambition or aspiration should be given the chance to do what their heart drives them to do. >> reporter: if all goes as planned, the goal would be to complete the project by 2025. >> we have wealth in this community. we now have vision. we now have public approval. >> dan, let's take a look at the results at the vote. they are coming in at >> 59% say you love it. 8% say they have no opinion. 83% say they hate it.
6:26 pm
what you think? we will keep the poll open until 7:00. we would love to hear from you. have you heard the phrase make it work? that's what local restaurants are doing with an unconventional arrangement sharing a kitchen. a cultural
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. this day, cinco de mayo, is one of those holidays in the united states known for its commercial marketing appeal. most mexican-americans want to set the record state that today does not work mexico's independence, and getting drunk is not part of the celebration. >> leanne melendez has more on the conversation. >> reporter: beer companies in america were successful at turning what once was an obscure mexican holiday into one of our biggest streaking days. the marketing campaigns have irked mexican-americans for years. >> they call itititititit
6:30 pm
>> reporter: it was a group of mexican-american college students who in the 1960s wanted to highlight the mexican culture on different california campuses. most mexicans have a different perspective of this day. >> thinking about our roots, our culture, and being with family. once it was commercialized with beer and alcohol, an a different meaning. >> we want to get to the conversation. >> reporter: mexican-americans from our parent country, dizzy, organized a conversation suggesting that we change the portrayal. >> positive contributors to america. >> reporter: in san francisco's mission district, the day
6:31 pm
marked one year since the mission food hub began distracting food during the covid pandemic. unity activists say this they should be a celebration of the mexican resilience. >> covid, again, invaded our community. latinas were the most affected across the state of california and throughout the country. we as a community, we were resilient. >> reporter: and yes, he says, let it be known, mexicans love a good sensible celebration. in san francisco, leanne melendez, abc7 news. >> although cinco de mayo is today, one neighborhood will celebrate saturday with the first public taco chore. leslie brickey went along for a preview. >> reporter: the vibrant colors , the hunger inducing aromas,
6:32 pm
have set the stage for a rebirth of the fruitvale district in oakland. >> we have a lot of people from guatemala who, salvador. not only latinos. i feel very happy because we had the pandemic last year. we were at home, lonely. our culture likes to be together and celebrate. this is something nice. we are inviting everybody to come on saturday to celebrate mother's day and cinco de mayo. >> bands will roam. >> we will be hosting walking tour. it is a two-hour walking tour. people are going to be able to try some of these different taco spots. >> it is already sold out with both out-of-town tourists and
6:33 pm
oakland residents signing up. the tour will include the context of neighborhood history , like the shooting of oscar grant at the bart station here. >> the hope is that fruitvale is becoming safer, more walkable for residents, more fascinating. >> businesses are opening back up, which is important after the year of shelter in place we have had. we are inviting community members, oakland locals, to come to fruitvale. are businesses of color have been hit so hard. we want to do everything we can to support them. >> reporter: lots of hope fueled by those tantalizing tacos. i am leslie brinkley, abc7 news. speaking of food, the term ghost kitchen might be unfamiliar. if you order takeout, odds are growing it will be prepared in one. people are starting to cook under one roof. david lewis shows us what is
6:34 pm
behind this trend. >> reporter: even as restaurants anticipate customers returning to eat in the dining room. the shift to takeout and delivery during the pandemic is likely to continue. that is leading to expansion of the concept called ghost kitchens. >> we need to expand geographically. >> reporter: they have grown to 12 restaurants over the last nine years. they are trying to expand by partnering with a company called local kitchens, which just added a new location after starting out in lafayette and san jose. >> it is on them to make sure they get the labor pool. but still, we have to make sure everything is as it supposed to be. >> reporter: one facility can create takeout owners for 10 different restaurants. >> at this local kitchens, we have indian food, salads,
6:35 pm
burritos. anything you're looking for, bringing that together under one roof. >> reporter: the concept has allowed small restaurant owner stories more customers while sparing the expense of building a commercial facility. each restaurants negotiates.'s make is not just money. it is time. you can easily take upwards of a year to get a new restaurant open, staff, and loss. >> reporter: global kitchens has found it easy to find space. customers discern no difference in quality and taste. coming up next, the intersection of arts and activism. a local tragedy inspires the
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abc7 news was in walnut creek today. the lindsay wildlife exhibit reopened to the public. capacity is capped at 50%, which is 75 people.
6:39 pm
there are no advanced reservations. you have to buy a ticket on sight. this year has seen a reopening of our national dialogue on race and pilot. a new exhibit in the bay area will offer a chance to consider some of those things through a powerful lens. we shall tell you that some of the images you see may be unsettling. we went to experience them for ourselves. >> reporter: walking through the familiar neoclassical dates, the effect is even more startling. two bronze figures sprawled on the cement, covered in blankets . only the disturbing quinces of hands and feet visible. they are the work of an artist who was already working on the exhibit in 2018 when three young african-american women were attacked by a knife wielding man at the macarthur park station in oakland. 18-year-old wilson would not
6:40 pm
survive. >> it was triggered by that incident. the moment she told me she was making those works, we knew they had to be in the show. >> reporter: the curator says the works, represent an artistic event to capture the much broader significance of the violence. >> that particular murder was one that went viral. it was one of the first that initiated national mourning. >> reporter: the exhibit is entitled "i am speaking. are you listening?" as visitors wander through individual galleries, they encounter african pieces juxtaposed the classical european art the museum is celebrated for. sometimes creating tension. race in south africa, natasha is the museum's new curator of
6:41 pm
african art. how do you think people will react when they see that? or how do you hope they might react? >> i hope that people will react positively. but also in a surprised way. >> reporter: for me, art is a tool. it is a communication tool. >> she is feminist. she is an activist. >> reporter: the exhibit reflects an ongoing evolution in the legion of honor's approach, a fresh way of looking at european centric works through a wider lens. the moment visitors walked through the gate. the artworks that she inspired, why did you choose to put them at the very front of the museum? that is the first thing people see when they walk in. >> it's a wake-up call. it is meant to be this moment
6:42 pm
of deep reflection. >> abc7 news. >> the exhibit opens this friday. it will run through early november. if you would like to check it out, the museum is requiring visitors to purchase tickets in advance. coming up next, the weather
6:43 pm
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a suspect end performer president donald trump was upheld by an independent oversight board. >> they have a responsibility to act first and best fit we told them to go back and make another decision. >> facebook bennett trump following the insurrection at the capitol. today, the advisory board agreed to a six-month suspension. say specht was given six months to review its decision. trump responded they saying, quote, free speech has been taken away from the president of the united states because the radical left lunatics are afraid of the truth. others that the board made the right decision. >> the oversight board got a
6:46 pm
lot correct here. they sent to facebook, we are not going to make this decision for you. we are not going to provide you with political cover because you are uncomfortable making an actual decision. we are going to call you on the need to do that. >> today on the daily, we ask you how long trip should be banned from facebook. most people who responded said indefinitely. 11% said he should not be banned. just a few the wife of john mccain spoke to the commonwealth club. i was delighted to moderate that if it. cindy mccain has just published a new book entitled, "stronger." she details experiences, opportunities, and challenges in a public life. i asked her about a wide range of topics, including a major decision in the run for president. let's talk about the decision to select sarah palin as
6:47 pm
running mate. was that a good decision in retrospect? or a mistake? >> you know, it was the decision. john was one it never looked back. he didn't believe in hindsight being 20/20. john wanted to bounce outside the box of it. that is the kind of guy he was. we took a chance on her. >> you can watch the entire program on a delightful conversation. >> sounds like it. let's check out what's going on with the weather. spencer has the latest. >> we are undergoing some rather significant changes. it is still breezy. noticed the guests near the coast, 25 to 30 mile an hour winds. cooler weather is certainly on the way. here is a look at the clouds
6:48 pm
and fog racing across the bay, pushing it to some of the inland areas. the cooling is coming. forecast features increasing clouds and fog overnight with patchy morning drizzle. we may have patchy morning drizzle on friday morning as well. gusty, much cooler tomorrow and friday. warmer for mother's day weekend. we are looking at the forecast animation. you can see low clouds pushing across the bay and locally inland. high clouds will be swinging by as well. it will be a mix of high clouds and low clouds. overnight lows mainly in the mid to upper 40s. some locations won't even drop below 50 degrees, although it will be cold overnight. it will be much cooler inland near the bay tomorrow. windy at the coast. highs will range from about 56 at half moon bay to 60 in san francisco. 67 in oakland. 75 at santa rosa. east bay, highs will struggle
6:49 pm
to get into the upper 70s. we might see 80 degrees at antioch tomorrow. low 70s in the south bay. look at the weekend warm up. after two cool days tomorrow and friday, high temperatures will soar up to above 90 degrees inland. saturday, sunday, mainly and tuesday, big week. looks like lovely weather for mother's day. >> it certainly does. thank you, spencer. onto abc7's sports director. giants in colorado today. >> yes. it did not end well. we did have a no-hitter in baseball. it did not come from a giants
6:50 pm
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now abc7 sports with larry beil. no matter what happened today, the giants were guaranteed to be first-place friday night when they host the padres at oracle park. bull pen issues will need to be addressed. welcome to coors field where pitchers perish. giants fans, they were happy early because the old guys keep crushing it. brandon crawford smacks his six of the year. it will-run blast, giants 2-0 lee. baby giant is happy. webb moving along just fine until the fourth.
6:53 pm
matt wisler date up an rbi single and nearly got his head taken off by two-run single. walkie scored six in the fourth. the giants gave up six in the final frame to lose last night. darin ruf exit 6-4. not enough. giants drop two of three in colorado. 6-5 your final score. orioles pitcher john means dominated, threw a no-hitter in seattle. it was a dropped third strike away from a perfect game. 27 up, 27 down, but not perfection according to the rulebook. the orioles won 6-0. jim palmer in 69 the last oriole to do so. 49ers owner jed york cinema podcast today he would be fine with trey lance sitting on the bench for two years behind jimmy garoppolo, waiting, watching, learning. plants was still be just 23 if that happens. his 21st birthday is this
6:54 pm
sunday. for comparison, tom brady with 23 his rookie season with the patriots. he started out behind to replace do. richard sherman says the door is open to a possible return to the 49ers. the market for a 43-year-old quarterback with a history filled with entries, not very hot right now. sherman also discussed the niners' quarterback situation. >> like kyle said. i see jimmy g being a starter. he is a fantastic grasp. he knows the team. he has respect of his men. he has already led them to a super bowl. i see trailing behind him. or something crazy happens and jimmy gets banged up or something like that, i think they will be comfortable putting tray in there and letting him learn offense. i don't think they want to throw him in the fire is they don't have to. lights haven't gone out on the glorious' playoffs hopes like the darkness that
6:55 pm
dissented in new orleans last night. were is currently eighth in the west with grizzlies and spurs on their heels. three teams separated in the standings by just one game. golden state has its final six games at home, which should help, or maybe not. >> that is kind of a trap you can let your foot off the gas pedal because you are comfortable being at home, seeing families. in familiar territory. got to stay locked in mentally on the task at hand to finish out the season strong. >> don't fall in the trap. yesterday we mentioned marshawn lynch selling his home. so is joe thornton. he has a los gatos address. $9.5 million. amazing infinity pool. five bedrooms, six baths. a bigger outside living room than my entire yard. come on. i would be in that infinity pool everyday. i might do a sports cast from there. who says no to that?
6:56 pm
submerged sports? i mean, it sells itself. sponsorships available. come on down. >> thanks so much, larry. coming up tonight at 8:00, catch the goldbergs all about home economics. an hour of the connors. at 10:00, 1 million little things. stay with us for abc news at 11:00. >> you can watch to our bay area connected tv app available for apple tv, and rotini, fire tv, and roku. that is going to do it for this edition of abc7 news. thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. i hope you have a nice evening. we will see you again at 11:00.
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