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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  May 8, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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a red flag warning in early may, this is what's happening in the east bay hills, how to prepare. your weekend forecast is coming up. hear from the former security guard who saved a man from being stabbed by the same suspect accused of stabbing two asian seniors this week. for the first time in the state's recorded history california's population dropped, the many reasons behind the change and what's expected next. abc7 news starts right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. a lot of things burned last year, but california's a big state. there's plenty more to burn. so it's not looking good. >> nookingood ria ju we into effect for big portions of the bay area. fire crews are bracing for a potentially dangerous weekend. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. we have team coverage on the
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fire danger tonight. we begin with meteorologist sandhya patel with what we can expect over the next few days. >> unfortunate set of circumstances leading to the elevated fire dangers. let's look at the winds now already coming out of the north- northeast, mt. st. helena, 22, red flag warning until 6 a.m. monday for the east bay valley and hills. north bay hills in effect for solano county until monday night. the gusts will reach 40 to 60 plus, low humidity. that means rapid fire growth is certainly possible. wind advisory for solano county for tomorrow, lower humidity, possibility of power outages and trees going down. when you look at the fire danger index, it takes into account the dry conditions, the heat and the winds and we are looking at some reds and oranges, which is anywhere from very high to extreme fire danger. i'll be back to let you know how the rest of your weekend is shaping up in a few minutes.
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>> that map really explains the concern so many people have. thank you. as sandhya just mentioned, the east bay hills and valleys are at extreme risk for fire danger this weekend. you can see why, bone dry brush everywhere you look. abc7 news reporter luz pena has a look at how fire crews are getting ready. >> reporter: in 2020 the earliest red flag warning was in july. this year we're starting two months early. >> what we're seeing right now is very scary and very severe. >> reporter: from 11 p.m. friday through 6 a.m. monday the east bay hills will be on the highest alert, a red flag warning. 50 miles an hour winds and dry conditions are playing a key role in potential wildfires. joaquin miller park officially is closed until next week. >> you'll see roving patrols in the oakland hills. we prepositioned multiple wildland apparatus at various stations around the city that will be responding to any report of a vegetation fire. >> reporter: there are over 20,000 residents who live in
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oakland's highest fire prone areas. normally there will be fire inspections taking place in mid- to late may. it's early may and none of those inspections have taken place. >> we're concerned every year. it never has as long as i lived here. so i hope we keep it that way. >> reporter: last year berkeley residents passed an $8 million a year tax. this fire season . >> we'll be using that money to create an emergency warning signal or system. we're using that money to reduce fire fuels and do vegetation management to reduce risk. >> reporter: tonight berkeley's mayor reminding residents to have an emergency bag ready and for those in the hills to clear the way for fire engines. >> we have to get our community prepared because we know it's going to be a long summer. >> reporter: in oakland, luz pena, ns. about 1,400 additional firefighters ahead of this fire season. only abc7 news was in the north bay today as some of calfire's newest recruits trained.
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they hacked away at dry brush creating breaks in case a fire ever breaks out in these hills. in the south bay fremont fire will have extra staffing this weekend. today crews drove the access roads in the hills to make sure brush and debris were cleared out. they say residents should also clear dry brush around their homes, but be sure not to mow it because that can spark a fire. >> we're obviously starting fire season a little bit early and we got a lot of wind coming the next couple days, so very important to just be safe and prevent the fire from actually starting. >> fremont firefighters also recently gave their four wheel fire trucks tune-ups and conducted refresher wildfire training. we sent this push alert on our abc7 news app just at the top of the hour when the red flag warning went into effect for parts of the bay area. if you want alerts like this on weather conditions throughout the weekend, the app is free to download in the apple store. arrae rk this afternoon just be
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1:00 near brannan and third streets. officers were investigating a car burglary when one of the officers shot a man in the wrist. two other suspects in the car drove off. investigators haven't said what provoked the shooting. the man accused of stabbing two asian seniors along market street this week did not show up for his first court appearance today. abc7 news anchor dion lim spoke to the district attorney and to a man who saw the same suspect stab someone else in 2017. this is an interview you'll only see on abc7 news. >> i saw his face and i'm like this is the guy that, you know, that stabbed that other male in 2017. >> reporter: benjamin gonzalez recognized patrick thompson's face and his body movements the moment he saw this video i obtained showing a man violently stabbing two senior asian women while they were waiting at this bus stop on market street. the weapon was so violently thrust into one 85-year-old grandmother the handle ofanpuhe
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benjamin was a security guard at this home little shelter along fifth and bryant in 2017 when he witnessed and restrained thompson after he randomly attacked another man. >> he was just laying on the bed and he came up and stabbed him with the scissors right in the chest. the look on his face was just unbelievable at that time. it was very calm but very violent and he tried to push him out the window, broke the chain to the window. >> reporter: thompson has a long criminal history including multiple assaults with a deadly weapon from 2017 and 2019. he was released on mental health diversion in 2020. >> if something could have been done back in 2017, maybe he wouldn't be back on the street causing harm to innocent people. >> reporter: thompson was scheduled to appear in court today but did not show. i pressed district to y he didn't do more to keep thompson off the streets. you have blamed the judge for the mental health diversion of mr. thompson back in 2020.
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as the d.a. you and members of your office have every right to object. why did you not object? boudin sidestepped my question. >> the people who suffer from mental illness in ways that leave them to get arrested, get treatment that can hopefully prevent future criminal conduct. >> reporter: that prevention clearly did not work. two seniors are now recovering from serious injuries in the hospital. >> thompson's arraignment has been moved to monday. as for benjamin, he said what happened in 2017 changed his life forever. he is now a school crossing guard because he wants to continue helping others, this time children. in the newsroom dion lim, abc7 news. a major milestone tonight as a third of the u.s. population is now fully vaccinated against covid-19. it comes as pfizer takes a major step forward seeking full approval for its covid vaccine. >> it's a signal that we have so much safety data now on millions and tens of millions of people that we can get the
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full authorization, the full approval. it will also give confidence to a lot of people who have been on the fence, businesses that want to mandate it for workers coming back. so i do think it will end up being a big deal. >> but as the fda weighs emergency use authorization for younger teens next week, not all parents are on board. one poll found just three in ten parents are planning to get their 12 to 15-year-olds vaccinated right away. 26% say they will wait and see how the vaccine is working and nearly a quarter say they will not vaccinate their child. >> as adults get vaccinated, covid is still in the community. it's still floating around trying to find a host who is susceptible and unvaccinated children are a prime example of that. >> and listen to this. late today the cdc updated its explanations on how covid is transmitted. it now stresses the virus is spread by droplets in the air and it can be transmitted more than six feet away from infected people. bay area counties are gearing up for the fda's
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expected authorization next week of the pfizer vaccine for kids. in the north bay marin county officials hope to vaccinate half of the 12 to 15-year-old population within a week of authorization. that's 7,000 young people. they plan to utilize evening and weekend hours at vaccine sites and send mobile vaccination units to some schools as well and in the south bay santa clara county officials are teaming up with the 49ers to host a three-day vaccination clinic at levi stadium next week for 16 to 19- year-olds. the dates and details are on the screen there. kids and their families will get to tour part of the stadium and will get some 49ers swag as well. a new monument honoring african american history is planned for san francisco's golden gate park. mayor london breed said if it gets final approval it, should be installed in time for juneteenth. the installation called monumental reckoning features
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hundreds of statues representing slaves. protesters toppled that statue last summer. the pandemic has officially taken its toll on california's population. coming up the reasons behind the historic population decline and when it might rally back. some pilots have been grounded for nearly a year, what it's going to take to get them ready for takeoff. and an out chinese rocket is hurtling toward earth this weekend, where it could crash down. here's what's coming up next on jimmy kimmel live. >> thanks. tonight you'll see my body. >> maybe i can swing your leg over. >> i did it, right?
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for the first time in california's recorded history the state's year over year population dropped. >> reporter: in 2020, a year dominated by the pandemic, california's population fell by 182,000. the state announced a 0.46% drop in the population to just under 39.5 million people. >> i was really cramped in a two-bedroom apartment. >> reporter: randy white moved his family from mountain view to tulsa, oklahoma, five months ago, a grant program called tulsa remote giving him $10,000
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to relocate and he now has a four-bedroom house where he works remotely for stanford's i.t. department. >> from my personal experience actually moving, it was almost like the wild west. there was u-hauls everywhere leaving the state. >> reporter: but california's cost of living and new work from home lifestyles weren't the only factors in population decline. >> we had 50,000 californians die and we weren't seeing as many kids being born. >> reporter: consistent in his message, state senator scott weiner says california's lack of affordable housing continues to create problems, especially in the bay area. the ten largest california cities, san francisco and san jose, saw some of the largest declines in population while oakland made modest gains in 2020. >> it is middle income and working class people who don't feel like -- who don't see a future for themselves here in terms of being able to afford a home. so we need to build a lot more housing. >> reporter: according to state data, immigration restrictions during the
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pandemic resulted in a loss of 100,000 people, but california's department of finance says the state is expected to return to a slightly positive annual growth. >> assuming we get back to normal immigration perspective, we might actually see higher than the last couple years' growth. >> reporter: is there anything that would bring you back to california? >> that's really hard to justify going back, especially in the south bay. it's just so expensive. >> reporter: kate larson, abc7 news. from leaving permanently to leaving on a trip, taking a live look tonight at sfo as air travel nationwide keeps breaking pandemic records, tsa screened about 1.64 million people yesterday. as travel ramps up, some pilots who have been furloughed or laid off need to reetng ba into cockpit. soinstructor aviation pemax trescott ysairlines may be forced to stagger bringing pilots back. >> right now we've got kind of
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a glut of pilots who need to come back and go through the simulator training and you can't bring them back all at once because there's just not enough simulator time. >> he stresses the public should be confident flying is safe and says the number of errors that occur is relatively small and there are backup processes in place. a san francisco street is shining extra bright tonight. the switch was flipped on the valencia lights project a few hours ago. the street between 14th and 24th streets is now lined with string lights as a way to beautify the neighborhood and tonight's lighting ceremony featured a blessing from the sisters of perpetual indulgence and a mariachi band. anxious eyes will be on the sky this weekend as a piece of space debris comes barreling back toward earth. scientists around the world are tracking an out of control chinese rocket that was sent to space last week. it is expected to make landfall as early as tomorrow. no one is exactly sure where on earth it will end up, but experts say don't panic.
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>> and so much of what is land is uninhabited, so much of siberia and central china and the pacific, the southwest and canada and the outback of australia. so it is true the chances of getting hit are very low. >> scientists are not sure why this rocket malfunctioned. the chinese government has not commented. you may have spotted a string of lights parading across the sky tonight. no, those are not ufos, probably not, just kidding. they are starling satellites launched by spacex this week. our photographer caught a glimpse over san jose. the starlight train was visible a few minute as it traveled southeast. spacex developed star link to develop high speed internet across the world. that's our story. we're sticking to it. >> why not? it's a good one. let's see what the story is for the weekend weather forecast and mother's day.
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sandhya patel is here. hi. >> mother's day weekend is going to be a bright, sunny one, but so not bright is the fire danger. let's talk about that first. elevated fire danger as we head into the weekend was strong, gusty wind developing and very low humidity. combine that with record dry fuels and extreme drought in the bay area and you've got yourself the wrong combination. let's look at the hour-by-hour wind forecast as we head into tonight and tomorrow morning. the wind will begin to increase, especially around the hills and around solano county, 33 miles an hour in fairfield tomorrow morning, 30 at middletown. those wind continue to remain gusty at 11 a.m. tomorrow and it's a very drying wind when it's coming out of the north. it's drying out the atmosphere even more, 40-mile an hour winds along the coast late tomorrow night. so what does this do? when it's a downsloping wind it, drops the humidity. look at the humidity values, 14% napa and fairfield, 13% in concord at 8 a.m., in single
1:27 am
digits by the afternoon. we're talking 6% fairfield, 7% napa and down to 6% even in places like concord. so definitely remain alert. high pressure building in. that dry northerly flow bringing us the warmer pattern and the fire danger unfortunately a couple of months too early. live doppler 7 showing you clear skies now. i will show you those temperatures, quite comfortable anywhere from the 40s to the 60s tonight. a live look from our east bay hills camera and visibility is just terrific. dry, gusty winds, elevated fire danger, sunny and warmer for mother's day weekend and we're looking at cooler weather heading into the middle of next week. let's talk about mom's day. it's going to be nice, bright and breezy in the morning, 40s and 50s. temperatures will rise in the noontime hour, windy and warmer at 4 p.m. you're out and about, i think moms need their sunscreen and short sleeves will do it, pleasant evening, 50s to 70s. tomorrow morning 40s, 50s, clear skies, gusty winds, especially the higher terrain and around solano county and
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the east bay valleys. tomorrow afternoon it's warm in the south bay, 83 in santa clara, 88 gilroy, 82 sunnyvale, san jose in the 80s with palo alto, 82 degrees there, 64 in pacifica, sunshine and warm in san francisco, 72 degrees, windy conditions expected in the hills, 90 in calistoga, 87 in san rafael, 89 santa rosa, 81 in oakland, fremont, castor valley, a nice day inland but warm and windy, 91 in 90 in livermore. your accuweather forecast, windy and high fire danger, hot inland monday, mid- 90s, mild coastside. we have our summer spread and then mid-week we cool it off, but i think overall weather is looking fantastic to all the moms out there, want to wish everyone, including my mom, all the moms, a happy mother's day. >> absolutely. yes, to you,
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cake was served, but wh
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sports on abc7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> good evening. part baseball, part birthday party tonight as the giants honor willy mays who just turned 90 years old before their weekend series with the padres, willy driving around in a 1957 oldsmobile and fans cheering and cutting the cake with his god son barry bonds. buster posey, two-run homer, his eighth of the year, the most for him since 2017. the giants were up 4-0. however, the padres score four in the 6th and they tie th thing up. eric hosmer gone to straight away center field. still tied, bottom seven, austin slater high, deep and aloha means victory on an orange friday, 5-4 giants your final score. how about the a's?
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great to see the coliseum drummers back doing their things, a's and rays and shawnan ma sean manaea was flat out dealing, but this game was tied at one apiece. fast forward to the ninth. seth brown goes downtown for his first walk-off homer, good- bye, game over, drive home safely and then bathe me in gatorade. a's win it, 2-1. reds pitcher wade miley tossed the fourth no-hitter this young season, a 3-0 win over cleveland. miley struck out eight, the earliest in a calendar year 17the second time the indians have been no hit this season. to the shark tank, happy early, erik karlsson only six goals last year, this would be his seventh. sharks up 2-0 early on arizona, but once again this team just
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cannot hold a lead. phil kessel, his ninth of the year just against the sharks. the coyotes score five unanswered to win 5-2. how about the quakes in salt lake trailing 1-nil, 83rd minute. what do you go to chris wondolowski.
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all right. that is going to do it for tonight and for this workweek. thank you so much for joining us! i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. for all of us here, we appreciate your time.
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hope you have a great weekend and a happy mother's day to you, ama, and all mothers not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ >> hey, bay area, it's time to share some amazing stories and feel good. we could all use some inspiration right now, and you've come to the right place. this show is all about good food, good people, and good living. ♪
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on today's show, we're meeting a family saving lives... >> it's been a blessing to be able to have so many people believe in what we do. >> visiting a cool museum... >> it's the most urban area of san francisco. >> baking blooms... >> they look like real plants. >> a teen designer making headlines... >> the rally and everything about it was to empower and inspire the youth and to do this themselves. >> but first, doses for a deserving community... ♪ ♪ >> today is a day for celebration. we're hitting our 10,000th dose. and that is so exciting. >> it was good, you know. we feel good, you know? we're fine. yeah, we're happy. >> just a couple months ago, we hadn't even started. and now we're at 10,000. and we're doing it here at the wine train. we're doing it in partnership and with the support of so many people. the community has really showed up for us and for our patients and for each other.
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>> we have the opportunity to have the vaccine the same day and pretty much at the same time. we feel safe. especially, i mean, besides everything, you know, work, friends, family, i mean, we feel good, because we already have it, and we were waiting for the vaccine for a long time, you know? ♪ >> it really does feel like we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. it's been long and hard. and now people are starting to feel like we can interact again, that real life and normal, social interaction is coming back. and you can see people just getting excited to get vaccinated and hug their family members and get close again. >> no, i come because everybody coming to get the shot. and i'm very happy for my family. i can hug. right now, my mom, she's in the hospital. i can go see her and hug. really happy for my family, for the world, for the people, for everybody.
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♪ >> so, i think what happened in this pandemic is it really exposed the equity issues that we see, particularly health equity. so, when we look at our positivity rates for who was contracting covid-19, it was disproportionately our communities of color. and in napa that includes our latinx community. and our patients at ole, 65% are latinx. and so, for us, we felt it was so important to start with the testing and then following testing to get the vaccines to those who are truly impacted by this pandemic. >> and the reason i did it is because of my health, and i also wanted to do it for my family and for those that surround me. i'm very happy. i felt more secure because of the environment. >> we were looking for locations that could support a high volume. we wanted to get as many of our patients vaccinated, as many of our vulnerable community members vaccinated as quickly as
1:41 am
possible. so, we looked for locations that were able to have walk-up clinics. that's really critical because not all of our patients have cars or have transportation. and so, in other locations, they've done these big drive-through efforts, which is great. but we decided to move to the napa valley wine train. so, they happened to not be operating because of the pandemic. they have a beautiful lobby. it's wide open. they let us empty it all out and put up our tables, our vaccination stations, and we're ready to roll. >> so, with covid, we shut down in march of last year with the intent that we were hoping to only be shut down for a couple of months. and it's now been over a year. and so, here they can set up semi-permanently until we're ready to reopen. and they're operating four days a week and not having to set up and tear down each day. so, it end up working out really well. and people are showing up here at 8:00 this morning when their appointment isn't until 10:00. and so, you know, i think the community is just very, very happy. and even when my wife and i got our vaccinations, it's


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