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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 10, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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asian man who was beaten and wrapped in front of his home. how this crime is coming here and becoming more common. and actavis say that this is the wrong move at the wrong time that strike coming up. the new bounty wants to put the budget surplus in the majority of the pockets in california. the government has approved a vaccine for teenagers. building a better bay area moving forward and finding solutions this is abc7 news. san francisco is temporarily cutting security at half of its parking garages. the car break-ins have climbed levels since the pandemic began. they give for joining us, abc7 news , stephanie sierra is here in the newsroom with more.
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>> the city owns 22 working garages across san francisco. and security services has been cut at seven and then all at high crime areas. howard boyer is a security officer and this is one of 11 city undergraduates left with garrity personnel on site. >> the city is trying to save money, that is the bottom line. >> reporter: in the last week he has witnessed many car break- ins and it happened minutes before our interview. >> you see the guy behind us? i removed them from the second floor he was screaming and hollering and walking in front of the cars. he has not left he is hanging around the back of the garage. i will probably have to remove them again. the mac he knows that this will get worse.
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>> she is the director of operations for the marina security services the contracts have temporarily been cut at half of the city's parking garage is this is garages and union square, financial district, japan town in the marina district. we are seeing a higher number of assaults and vehicle break- ins and the destruction of property and albums with homeless and drug abuse. i am surprised that we reduce demand security in these locations. >> reporter: according to data compiled as far as my burger like -- burglaries have increased from january to march of this year police reported more than 3300 car break-ins a slight decrease from pre- pandemic totals. june 15th the state will fully reopen the economy. >> this is an odd time for them to cut back in security.
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>> reporter: we reached out to the city for further comment. they said we need to provide the staff that provides wide ranges of services. they say that they have replaced agent parking equipment with modern technology and significant technology upgrades. david chandler the states association of license security agencies said this may not be a good enough. >> the cameras are good to see what happened your property but not to prevent it. as the city puts back all the security in the garage this will be safer. >> this decision is
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temporary one that will be in effect until further notice. another reason to stay alert and do not leave anything inside your car. stephanie serra, abc7 news. new numbers show a 300% increase in crimes targeting asian americans. the latest incident involves a man in his 80s and teens. >> reporter: the only thing more distressing is to see an 80-year-old man not to the ground and crying for help and then he hears the high-pitched giggling. from one of the team suspects as young as 16 years old involved in this crime. >> it is crazy to say that there are kids like that doing that. they are no strangers of attacks, i personally have covered a number of attacks from a woman placing hate filled letters on resident doors demanding that they go back to china to this brazen
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date time robbery outside the bank of america were an older asian man was knocked to the ground and cannot get up. >> from 2019 to 2020 we have seen an increase with the asian community members. police have not said how many are hate crimes or race motivated. the department has boosted patrol numbers and their working with the da on finding solutions to the challenges of dealing with minors who are released only to reoffend. >> other than putting the juveniles in jail what other avenues can we have to maybe diapered some of the things that are happening? >> reporter: as far as the man that captured this latest attack on the family security camera he wants one thing for those that disrupt their quiet community. >> more consequences, you know? that is the best thing that could happen so they could learn.
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new development accused of the stabbing of two asian women in san francisco pleaded guilty today. he is charged with attempted murder and elder abuse. these women were stabbed last tuesday about the recovering. the lawyer said that the attack was not racially motivated and his client suffers from mental health issues. police funding is front and center with the debate and oakland. she proposed the budget to the city council this afternoon. and lori anthony explains that the plan to increase police by the has some critics fuming. >> this has been a got crunching year with violent crimes. the oakland mayor has proposed a budget that increases the lease ready rather than defining as much as 50% some activists have demanded that. when we surveyed the people in oakland, 70% said that they
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want at least current levels if not more police response got 911 response officers patrolling their neighborhoods. the budget committee $700 million and 18% of his or million dollar total to police and the share is down from previous edges but the dollar amount here is a concern.
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they will hold a series of meetings in oakland, lori anthony, abc7 news. the state is expecting an unprecedented budget surplus. they are behind the $75 billion surplus, the governor's office reported a deficit of 54
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billion dollars. ust is part of the surplus to pass out stimulus checks that is encouraging for those in restaurants and bars and small businesses that have closed for good during the pandemic. and this has to be passed by lawmakers. mori what he wants to do in deposition coming up. >> reporter: another stimulus check is coming. >> we are announcing a $12 million rebate for the people of the state of california earning $75,000. >> reporter: that is because they have a staggering $75 billion in surplus, he sent this back into law in february and he will give money to low income earners to pay rent. if approved two out of three residents could receive the $600 stimulus check and those with kids will be given an additional $500. >> the tax rebate will impact us i have 80% of all tax
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filers and they will get a direct stimulus check and a direct relief payment. five we are gushing revenue, the governor has a lot of money to hand out. >> the bus tour rolled into california and he criticized the plan that newsom has. >> givinggivinggivinggivinggivg one time shot it will help people little bit let's give people jobs. let's open up small businesses again let's get these restaurants open. >> reporter: the former mayor issued a statement about the stiffest plan saying that californians need permanent relief not one time stimulus checks. and the state is unaffordable due to theto theto theto the >> the election will likely happen in november, dozens have said that they will run and arnold schwarzenegger said that 100 candidates will be eventually the ballot.
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for more they they they th alameda, solano county among the 39 counties covered by the governors dropped debt declaration and he did not issue mandatory me -- information but he released a $5 million and to invest in infrastructure and conservation projects. more to come so had new incentives for teenagers to get the coronavirus taxi. and how levi stad
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there's more time for the good stuff. shop america's #1 pet pharmacy. visit today. younger children could soon get the pfizer vaccine. they approved an emergency vaccination for children 12 years old to 15 years old. they showed that it was safe in effect for children within that
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age range. vaccinating them is critical to stopping the spread of the coronavirus. the cdc needs to work out distribution. levi stadium will host a number of vaccination events specifically targeting teens. it comes ascomes ascomes ascome leading the call for more of their peers to get vaccinated. >> reporter: the focus turns to you that getting them and as soon as possible. >> i chose to get vaccinated to protect family, friends. >> reporter: santa clara county is hosting three teenage vaccination nights at levi stadium. members from the county youth ambassador team joint sourdough sand today. five there is information
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discouraging people from being vaccinated. 75% have received their first dose but this goes below 40% and the county says that it is critical to get more young people vaccinated. >> these sites are your sites they are made for you to get vaccinated and we are thrilled to be welcoming more young people. this takes place tuesday to thursday from 5:00 to 9:00. they will be hahaha and they are offering tourers of the team's locker room. >> they deserve this homecoming. they deserved their senior proms and be able to enjoy graduation and person. if this is one small step to get there please cut join in. >> reporter: they will receive a gift card.
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other family members can be vaccinated at the same time. >> we note that the young people do not listen to adults and any parent is a debate knows exactly what i'm talking about. but we do note that teenagers listen to other teenagers. >> they are taken the lead to tell others about getting the shot. a new milestone for coronavirus in california. seven-day test positivity rate is one point oh percent.the lowest number recorded since the pandemic began. obviously, a very encouraging note. we have high fire danger in the bay area. >> we gave you is more coming up. five the red flag warning was extended through 6:00 well with good reason, northerly winds, 40 miles per hour and
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growth is possible but any fires that develop. let's take a look at the humidity, mt. diablo 19% and even at the lower elevations we have single digit humidity. it is bone dry, 11% and concorde, when gusting at a the north got knoxville 21 miles per hour. that dries out the atthe at even more in the he does not help. we have 90s got 50s to 60s along the coastline and it is a nice wide range of temperature. take a look at the bills, so dry we have extreme drought here in the bay area all of those factors are combining for the increased fire danger around this time. live doppler seven showing you clear skies. it is a shaky view as we see that gusty wind along the coast and san francisco, a red flag warning until 6:00 on wednesday
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and a much cooler pattern is setting up. it will remain gusty tonight and as we head into tomorrow, wind over the higherthe highertr will remain elevated. we will see the gusty wind into tomorrow evening. that will keep the fire danger elevated. the humidity will run low it briefly comes up to drop again express that tomorrow night fairfield. 6% and livermore and the fire danger will remain high. this is the temperature tomorrow morning i 40s to 60s, the wind will play a factor with keeping the temperatures up. that is especially since it was up in that inlet valley around this afternoon. this take a look at the high temperatures for tomorrow. it will be another hot day and we will go to the high temperatures for the south bay first, 87 degrees the morgan hill. tran86 san jose.
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tran83 mountain view. 65 and pacifica. patches of fog may return by tomorrow in the middle of the afternoon and evening. mindy and the helfgott east bay communities 78 oakland and it will be another hot day with temperatures soaring well above average for this time of year, 94 degrees in fairfield. this is a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, gusty wind and then i high fire danger as we go into wednesday. you feel it like there's a isth' fog comes in and the seabreeze kicks up. it will continue throughout the end of the week and we expect the possibility of drizzle, saturday morning. the temperatures will come down but another day before the fire danger and the drop. coming up here, bridging the
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someday, looking back on the pandemic, you'll want to be proud to say i did everything i could. i found the strength. i looked out for everyone. i did what i could to keep my family safe. i will say, i did my part. while covid-19 is in the air, please, protect yourself and others. wear a mask, keep your distance, and get vaccinated when it's your turn. santa clara county. stay strong. spread hope.
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we turn to the race and the social justice pillars they respond to anti-asian hate. >> it is encouraging but one segment is getting a hard time getting attention. we take a look at one way how inequity and donations is being addressed. >> reporter: one segment of the community has been having difficulty attracting donations. >> $0.27 goes to the community. for every $100 that is giving out only two senses giving to the api community. >> reporter: they have giving circles small pools of circles
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for maximum impact. five that is one opportunity to look at our opportunities and say, in conversation where do we want to put these? where is it important to put power? where can we redistribute resources to make it stronger? five a people have donated and that was $80,000 to 20 organizations in the past three years. that is an important message to foundations with larger resources. >> baby we will rent 50,000? maybe 100,000? the smaller grants and if you are a first grant recipient it helps a lot. >> reporter: they support leadership training and trauma workshops and mental
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services. >> it is a verb it is not one and done what we need from people not just a one-time donation or participation but what will make our world change is continued investment. >> reporter: they help millions of people every year and they'll have a staff of three. coming up next the high tech boat on expe ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. get the facts. >> this would be a gave ginger with getting people vaccinated. >> the answers to your backseat questions. >> ray county is affected. >> if we stay at that pace how long will it take to vaccinate the population? >> these are ongoing. investigative watch every day on abc7 news. you can get our live newscast, ricky news, weather and more with the abc7 news bay whether app.
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before we go check out our one-of-a-kind sea vessel on a voyage to save the environment. >> the french developed energy observer the around the world high-powered catamaran and it is spending a few days.then san francisco. it set sail for france 2017. it produces its own hydrogen with solar power and wind power. it has a desired unlike any other vessel. >> because of the shape of the wing it will create the propulsion of the bow, and it is two times more efficient here with the sales than regular sales. >> they want to promote clear energy. this will be here until friday morning. it will be interesting to see what they could do with boats
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the fda just authorizing the pfizer vaccine for children 12 to 15 years old. emergency use authorization tonight for pfizer to start giving adolescents shots, which will give them time for both shots before the next school year. and could the cdc soon be updating its guidance on masks indoors across this country? and could seasonal masks become reality? also tonight, our team now on the ground in india. the horror unfolding there. just as the world health organization classifies the indian variant as a global variant of concern. averaging nearly 400,000 new cases a day in that country. here in this country tonight, the major cyber attack. will it affect gas prices, airline fuel, military fuel? the attack targeting america's largest pipeline, frex


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