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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 13, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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. now at 5:00, bay area doctors offices gearing up to give the coronavirus vaccine to kids 12 and up today. >> and mask mandate changes, indications from governor gavin newsom. >> that is not safe. gas shortens leading people to panic buy and stock up any way they can, no matter how foolish. the latest the situation stemming from a cyber attack. bk . good morning on this thursday, may 13, you are watching abc7 mornings live on abc7, hulu live and wherever you stream. yes.
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we want to start with the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning reggie, kumasi. the marine layer grew overnight so it is not as coas co the ground, but there may be more batches of drizzle out there. the visibility, the lowest in san martin. it is 3. but hopefully we won't have to deal with that yet. fairfield 32 degrees. we got rid of the 90s. almost got rid of the 80s. a lot of 60s and 70s, even 50s along the coast in san francisco. a little cooler than average there. we will talk about the chance of wet weather this weekend coming up in the seven-day forecast. back to you. >> mike, thank you. developing news in antioch. police are trying to find the person who shot and killed a 12-
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year-old girl. officers were called to a home on oak haven way near may is a ridge drive at 7:00 where they found the girl in the bedroom. she suffer from the a gunshot wound. it appeared to have happened inside. they are working to find the suspect. well, all kids 12 and over are eligible now to get the pfizer vaccine. health care providers, walgreens, cvs and rite aid say appointments for teens are available now across the state. many locations will begin administering those shots today. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live if walnut creek with the details on this. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, kumasi. this age group appears to be enthusiastic about the vaccine. this cvs in walnut creek is already booked through the weekend. the cvs announced they would have the shot through the age group.
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they are ready at more than 500 california locations to give the vaccine to 12 to 15-year- old kids starting today. pediatricians say they will be a be place for kids once they get a supply of the vaccine. >> if anyone is equipped to give vaccines to kids it is pediatricians. we have the staff experienced at giving vaccines and we have the storage, the freezers, the refrigerators and the protocols set up, which we do on a daily basis. >> reporter: the cdc is updating its guidance to allow the covid-19 vaccine to be administered at the same time as other vaccines instead of waiting two weeks at a time. parent cans go with just one visit and knock them all out. doctors say they should feel very confident about 12 to 15- year-olds getting the vaccine, saying they would not give
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something that wasn't safe to children. san francisco city hall is opening for in-person purposes including weddings. you can apply for marriage licenses, birth certificates and registered businesses. visitors still have to wear a mask and maintain social distancing. california could easily ease mask mandates on june 15. the state is slated to reopen its economy and governor gavin newsom says he hopes to lift restrictions on mask restrictions at that time, be you indoor will be a different story. >> for indoor activities we will likely have mask guidelines and mandates, but we hope sooner than later those will be lifted, as well. >> california requires masks in most indoor settings, outside the home and on public transit for vaccinated and unvaccinated people. counties will be allowed to have their own stricter guidelines. a big boost to education. governor gavin newsom announced
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a total of $20 billion in school funding, the highest level in state history. >> people aren't left behind as often as they start behind that. is why that investment is so foundational and important. three hours minimum of instructional time is connected with that tk investment. >> the governor plans to expand a transitional kindergarten program to include all 4-year- olds by the year 2024. the school year, i should say. the funding includes $5 money for low income students annie ford danielson extra $500 for young people experiencing homelessness or in-foster care that. money can be used for higher education or start their own business. $1 billion will go to improving staff to student ratios and $3 billion to matching well prepared teachers with the most vulnerable students. this morning president biden will speak on the colonial pipeline ransomware attack. this will be the first time we have heard from him since i
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signed an executive order to prevent future attacks, this as gas shortages are easing. >> that is a water bottle, a water bottle. and he said if you pull out another one -- oh, my gosh, it is another one! >> so we are clear, don't ever do this. this is so dangerous. >> just pumping gas -- >> this is video from virginia, one place people are stocking up any way they can. jobina is tracking this for us at the live desk. >> overnight the white house announced they will have a jones act waiver to trance fort gas and jet fuel between the west coast and east coast. the colonial pipeline has restarted operations but it could be recommend before the shortages are over. gas buddy reports that at one point 74% of all gas stations in north carolina.
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rhunt arersville this morning and checked three gas stations. there was none. pi ha get through the day and back home. >> $36 for three gallons of gas. it is absolutely ridiculous. >> an audit three years ago found quote an 8th grader could have hacked into the system. colonial pipeline says they are working to improve security practices. it has not said how the hackers gained access to the network or if a ransom was paid. kumasi? >> thank you, jobina. state officials say there is a risk of power supply shortages this summer. it could happen if we see intense heat waves like the ones that triggered the blackouts last august. the california independent system operator says it has taken steps to avoid the bill. the agency has increased capacity to generate power and shored up supplies. the rolls blackouts hit
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sporadically in the bay area and across the state. sad and scary to think that our ability to generate electricity through solar panels is being outweighed by just how warm it is going to be and how much we will need our air conditioning this summer. there is a ton of people with solar panels now. oh, boy, here we go. so, at least in the forecast now we don't have to worry about that. we are slipping back to spring. hopefully that bring as smile to your face. temperatures in the low to mid- 50s in the south bay. saratoga is 57. morgan hill in the upper 40s. upper 40s to mid-50s just about everywhere. redwood city is 57, one of the milder spots. walnut creek south on 680 it looks like the marine layer made to it the east bay. that is why a lot of the 90s are gone. 7:00 we are still in the mid- 40s to low 50s. 50s, 60s and 70s at noon.
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but pretty much 50s. 70s at noon away from the coast. back to the 50s and 60s, a very comfortable evening on the way for outdoor activities. san jose is 87. you can see the clouds made it to the south bay. free air conditioning coming to most neighborhoods. it will be sunny this afternoon so if you are running errands, make sure you take the sunglasses. tree pollen is moderate and grass pollen will remain high. we have a chance of drizzle in the forecast. i will talk about that next but now to jobina and the morning commute. hi, jobina. how is it going? hi, mike! i am doing pretty well and so is everybody else on the roads this morning. this is a live look emoryville. no blocking issues or all the headlights glaring there are traveling westbound this morning. and the san mateo bridge, traffic is building up as
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people make their way westbound, but, again, looking good. the only slow spot is the usual area out of tracy with speeds tracking around 21 miles per hour. i want to let you know, san francisco is one step closer to testing free muni service. the city budget and appropriations community areviewed a pilot program for free rides through september. ridership is still at historic lows from the pandemic. officials hope the program will entice commuters to come back. the pilot still faces revisions from the mtsa board before the final vote goes to the mayor's desk. a grad give away. the freebie for the class of 2021 today. and a birthday celebration in malibu that went horribly wrong. the moment the balcony collapsed and what the homeowners are now saying. a shocking
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. people in the bay area are rallying in support of both sides in san jose. a pro-palestinian rally was held outside of city hall last night denouncing the israeli attacks. >> free, free palestine [ chanting ] >> the jewish community relations council say most israelis and pal stan yins desire a two-state solution
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are drowned out by exis peopwith deep tie this nd either one of them is going anywhere so we need to invest in them to figure it out. >> if you have a group of people that think they are god's gift to the world and can steal any piece of land they want, there can never be peace in that region. >> last night the israel- american council organized rallies in redwood city and walnut creek in support of israel. new developments, san leandro police have arrested two kids including an 11-year- old for the assault and robbery of an 80-year-old asian man. they believe the 11-year-old was driving a stolen car. the other suspect is 17. the victim has minor injuries. the robbers took his watch. he believes this was a hate crime. this happened as san leandro
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police reported a 300% increase in crimes against asians. there is a new plan to address aapi hate. san francisco assemblyman phil ting and the asian-pacific idealer legislative caucus are requesting $200 million from the state budget over the next three years. the money would go toward victim services and prevention, establishing a statewide hate crimes hot line and fighting hate incidents in schools. and it would go also toward revitalizing aapi neighborhoods. >> we are asking for $20 million in culture and economic development and we anticipate non-profit community organizations who really deal with that work charge.
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>> concerns were raised in march about certain social settings for the father o'brien. he said it would be prudent fopo him to enter alcohol and stress management rehabilitation. one of the parents charged in the college admission scandal will spend three months in prison. bill ng $50,000 to fix his his his his he found a social impact fund for change yet used his
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resources to get his kid into college. you can get a dozen free donuts at krispy kreme if you are wearing your cap and gown or other 2021 swag like a t- shirt and you will get the graduate dozen, a mixture of donuts with 2021 written in icing down the middle row. krispy kreme started the deal last year as a reward for students that didn't get to have the typical high school graduations. >> those are cute. >> i don't think i will find a krispy kreme that is not cute. >> as i found out yesterday, you will consume anything sweet. >> i think i might, but that was good. >> mike, we were talking the other day about the new starbucks drink. >> oh, yes. >> the carnival. >> it is is is is is
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frappuccino. >> 50-something grams of sugar. >> yes. and apparently if you mix it it is better. mine ended up in the garbage. i am not sure how that happened. >> and all over the floor. >> on the floor, and the desk. >> if you are going to tell the story, tell the story. >> it is fine, it is clean now! mike nicco to the weather! [ laughing ] i am watching you on social media! that was funny! all right, here is a look at the golden gate. a couple things i want to show you, first, it is not very foggy. the marine layer is just above it. it could settle down a little bit but more than likely you will have an easier commute across it but we still have the that stout seabreeze at 14 miles per hour. today it will be mostly sunny except for the coast where is are ck temperatures closer to average. clouds will return with more drizzle possible tonight and tomorrow night. then we have a stray shower possible saturday. let's talk about it as the heat
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is almost out of here. only 80s in morgan hill. los gatos only 70s. of 2 in san bruno, 64 in san mateo. mid-50s along the coast, upper 50s to near 60 in downtown south san francisco and sausalito and mid-50s north bay and the coast. cloverdale northward mid-80s to near 90. low 60s. 61 in the even, 75 in brentwood is 84. rotating backward toward us a structure across the north bay and over the coast as we highway head into saturday
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evening to sunday. the rainfall. as, less than 0.005 of an inch so unfortunately the latest models are taking our chance down, but we know the temperatures will be at least average through tuesday. reggie, kumasi? >> thank you, mike. a birthday celebration in malibu went horribly wrong when the balcony of this seafront home collapsed. oh, my goodness. this is video from the neighboring property. it captured the moment that crowd, as you can see, on the balcony gave away and dropped over a dozen people 15 feet into the rocky shoreline below. four people had to go to the hospital. the homeowner said they rented out the property but only six people were supposed to be there. that balcony was never intended to hold that many people. >> yikes. a pandemic may not be the most obviously time to start a new airline but a new carrier
5:21 am
launched two weeks ago, the first new airline in the u.s. in 15 years. burbank is the only destination from santa rosa but the dirt cheap fares have passengers doing a double-take. >> i really think they want to advertise, get customers out here. i am willing to make the drive an hour from san francisco to catch a flight for $19. >> when we tried to make a reservation to burbank that was the price, $19. you have to know about add on fees, like seat selection that starts at $14 and carry ons are $35. >> first of all, all you need is a big purse. that is how you get around this! >> all right. >> you carry it on your shoulder might hurt, but you just triit on on there. it is a purse. >> a purse it is. coming up, the seven things to know this morning. >> and want to run faster. the drink you pick could be
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. worries this morning there could be full blown war between israel and the palestinians. in the bay area there have been bay area rallies in support of both sides. and temperatures keep stepping backward. a return to spring as 50s, 60s and 70s will dominate starting tomorrow and into the weekend. adut the door this morning, you will have a pretty nice commute. bringing you a live picture
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from the bay bridge toll plaza, no major crashes or blocking issues on the roads so far. and number seven, today is the deadline for somebody out there to claim a $26 million winning super lotto-plus ticket. it was sold in norwalk in southern california back in november. if the ticket expires the money will go to california schools. you may notice your grocery bill is going up. prices on things we all buy rose sharply last month. now more on why this is happening. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma first look", supermarket sticker shock. food prices have increased exponentially, seafood rising almost 20% and baked goods will cost nearly 8% more, and meats like beef and pork priced nearly 5% higher. the price increase is linked to disruptions in the supply chain caused by the pandemic and severe weather, but also an increase in money and the
5:26 am
economy through stimulus checks and tax returns. >> what is happening basically a supply and demand issue. there is not enough supply to meet demand and that is all over the board. >> reporter: it is stfoerand to later this summer. and coming up at 7:00 a.m., we will give you tips to navigate the rising prices. with your "gma first look", i am rebecca jarvis, abc news. if you want to be able to run faster or feel better when you are exercising, researchers are saying whatever your drink of choice is, pick the pink flavor. okay? let's follow the evidence. a new study from the university of wefounelthd athletes run faster and further and it has
5:27 am
>> we are all just addicted to sugar. whether there is sugar in there or not, we think it is sugar. >> you know whatels works? >> what? >> water. it is clear. >> but you could pink food coloring in it and i bet you would run faster. >> no thank you. the musical duo, the dog just trying to keep up with its violin-playing owner. and putting brain waves to work. one man can text by just thinking about the letters. and a massive incentive
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good morning on on on thursday, may 13. >> is there drizzle, mike? >> yes. we are so desperate for wet weather we are talking about drizzle. it is patchy this morning as the marine layer grew overnight. it is even making its way to the south bay as we go north to the south bay around san jose international. because it grew vertically, it is not hugging the ground as
5:31 am
much. our visibility as are little better unless you drive up into the cloud deck. the lowest visibility continues to be san martin at three miles. the south seabreeze is reaching more neighborhoods today. we still have 80s around fairfield, antioch and livermore, but a whole lot of 70s inland, 60s around the bay and 50s at the coast as we get a little closer to average, if not cooler than average. san francisco 54. we will talk about how long this will last and more chances for drizzle coming up. kids as young as 12 years old can get pfizer's vaccine. local drugstores and school districts are preparing to give these shots out. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at a cvs in walnut creek about how we can sign up. >> reporter: hi, reggie. this cvs is seeing an enthusiastic response to get
5:32 am
the coronavirus vaccine. they are booked through the weekend. but don't worry, if you have a teen there are many places to take them to get the vaccine. many school districts are working with the health department to organize vaccine clinics in the next few weeks. it doesn't look like lawmakers will require the vaccine for public school students but the issue isn't off the table. >> they say they will discuss it later in the fall. they will look at vaccination rates maybe raise the issue again this winter. but as of right now it looks like it won't be required. here in contra costa county, the 12 to 15-year-olds can show up at any county site. appointments are not required but they are encouraged. parents must be with them or have a signed consent form. it is only the pfizer approved for this age group. check to see what the site is offering before you take your teen. for instance, one of my kids was online furiously looking for the shot and appointment and i had to look over his
5:33 am
shoulder and notice that site is only offering moderna, so i don't want you to show up and realize you are out of luck. it is only pfizer right now for the 12 to 15-year-olds. live at walnut creek, amy hollyfield, staignition station. >> thank you for the tip, amy. appreciate it. this morning there is a big new incentive to get vaccinated in one state. a million dollars and it is coming as the cdc announces less restrictive guidelines are under way. jobina has more. >> kumasi, i never had a desire to live in ohio, but this story had me thinking, well, maybe. no shade to ohio. i have good connections there. the state is giving five adults $1 million each. they will be chosen at random in five separate drawings starting at the end of the month. they have to get at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine and federal relief funds will be used for the prizes. >> to be eligible to win you
5:34 am
must be 18 years of age or older on the day of the drawing. you must be an ohio resident and vaccinated before the drawing. >> only in this country do we have to beg people to take a miracle drug. >> i mean, he is right about that. meanwhile, there is a covid mystery for the new york yankees. seven staff members including a pitching coach tested positive for the virus even though they were all vaccinated. the cdc is facing relenting pressure to relax guidelines on masks. the cdc says new guidelines are coming soon. starting today sonoma county is taking vaccinations on the road. they are holding mobile clinics throughout the:for the next several days. tomorrow they will be at the our lady of guadalupe church and then will move to the coddleton shopping center? santa rosa on saturday and sunday and then andy's unity park. each clinic is open from noon o 6:30 p.m.
5:35 am
ofnurses from alameda county. the process is slower and more labor intensive but officials say it is critical for protecting the most vulnerable population. residents can log on to my turn or call a hotline to determine whether they need a ride for their appointment or have them bring it to the home. >> i had to have them bring it to me because i can't wear a mask. i can't breathe with it on. >> alameda county launched their program to vaccine people at home last month. they started with larger groups of isolated seniors and are now moving thvi scientists looked at people given a dose of the astrazeneca vaccine followed by the pfizer shot and vice versa. they found they were more likely to experience side effects than people that did
5:36 am
not the vaccines. reactions like fevers and headaches were short-lived and there were no safety concerns and right now the cdc does not recommend mixing vaccines. more help coming for small businesses impacted by the pandemic. as part of governor gavin newsom's $100 billion california comeback plan. this morning he will meet business owners and civic leaders to discuss the plan. you can watch the governor's event live at 8:40 our abc7 news app. search abc7 bay area to download them. check for the latest stories and updates on the pandemic on all those things we just showed you. happening today a parenting influencer from the north bay is due in court. she is facing criminal charges for lying to police about a fake kidnapping.
5:37 am
katie sorenson accused a latino couple of trying to take her two children outside of this petaluma store. she faces two misdemeanor charges and could face up to a year in jail. three women in custody accused of vandalizing a statue at the former home of a witness in the derek chauvin trial. vandals smeared pig's blood and left a decapitated big's head at a house in santa rosa where barry broad used to live. this after he deafed as a paid use of force expert for the defense. a short time later someone covered the hand statue at a shopping plaza with blood. >> we don't want teloses sight there was a victim, a family involved, the new owners at the residents that were traumatized and felt terrorized
5:38 am
case. >> the three suspects are all from santa rosa. police say the investigation is ongoing. many are calling it a gop civil war. the call to reform the party away from trump publics. >> think it and it will appear. this man can now text by simply imagining the letters. how researchers made this happen. but, first, the weather. >> yes. that was interesting, his head wide open and probing in there. 50 in ocean beach. everywhere else 47 to 49 with cloudy conditions across san francisco. a little mist and drizzle possible until 9:00 or 10:00, especially along the coast. temperatures upper 40s to mid- 50s. 48 to 54 just about everybody this morning. temperatures not quite as micro climate, if you will, because
5:39 am
of the cloud cover that tends to homogonies our air mass. here is 880 looking north at the coliseum. 50s at the coast, 64 at noon for our bay temperature. 70 at 4:00 and back to 64 at 7:00. look at this, 74 to 78, hardly any 80s inland land as we head into the afternoon hours. back to 68. if you are waiting for that comfortable evening to tague a walk or get outside, this is it. drizzle possible on the higher elevations. breezy from the golden gate bridge to the delta, otherwise cool to warm if you will be out this morning to afternoon hours. look at this. we have one lone area, the coast and the central bay that is moderate. everybody else, look at this, good air quality friday, saturday and sunday. so, don't feel -- it will feel good to go outside and breathe in some of that fresh air, but we have a chance of wet weather
5:40 am
this weekend. more on that next. but first to jobina and the commute. hi, jobina. i am feeling your enthusiasm this morning. a live look at walnut creek showing off 680, the taillights southbound. it is beginning to creep but still moving at the limit. the golden gate bridge, we had a different story from yesterday. it was all fogged in yesterday. we do not have any advisories there this morning. a quick look at the san mateo bridge as traffic begins to build as people make their way out this morning. we are not seeing a slowdown yet this morning but there is a building on fire near southbound 808 before coleman avenue and some of the flames are blowing across the freeway is what they are operating. we will continue to follow this for you and see if they are it's beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. - or the beast. - the beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. has failed. the beast, john cox, will shake up sacramento, cut taxes.
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many calling a gop civil war, reuters reports a letter is expected to be released today with a list of 13 principles they want the gop to embrace. it comes after a contested congressional hearing tong january 6 capitol riot. republicans tried to claith e riot re peaceful patronfar asl it a normal tourist visit. >> if you didn't know the tv footage was a video from
5:44 am
january 6 you would actually think it was a normal tourist visit. >> of course, the video from that day tell as very different story. it is not clear in cheney is part of the lawmakers pushing to reform the gop, but she vowed yesterday to quote insure that the former president never again gets anywhere near the oval office. moments ago the u.s. labor day department released the latest jobless climbs 473,000 new w w w w w w we will see how wall street reacts when the markets in 45 minutes. oakland mayor libby schaaff will be returning the popular bulky of, unwantedjunkfor
5:45 am
free. this helps with dealing with illegal dumping activity. the bulking block party events had to be canceled last year because of the pandemic. the city of san jose is taking a big step to help residents finance the cost of building a backyard home. these are known as accessory dwelling units or adu. the new pilot program could add up to 200adus this year as well as 0% enter lones for residents that want to put one of these in their backyard. the program is a partnership between the city, a real estate firm and an adi builder. >> to get people living here critical in address affordable d housing financing. >> the program streamlines the
5:46 am
permitting process with the goal of completing a build in just 90 days. a man paralyzed has been unable to use his hands for years but now he can text by simply imagining the letters. this is because researchers at stanford have found a way for brain waves to do what hands cannot. they implanted tiny chips into a man's brain so when he thinks about what he wants to write an algorithm translates what he wants to text at 18 words per minute, slightly lower than the rate of an able bodied person. >> it still generates beautiful brain activity. >> researchers believe this will enable a wide range of people with spinal cord injuries and neurological issues to communicate faster on mobile devices. >> that is amazing.
5:47 am
a dog in illinois wants wan know "howl" does she sound. [ music playing and ] >> no! >> no! >> oh, this is too much! 1-year-old iris accompanied her owner, meghan, as she played the violin. i really can't take the sound anymore. meghan was practicing for an up- coming concert when iris jumped in to add her voice. she got iris during the pandemic and they are have are attached. i am glad they found each other because i >> we love pets. >> love a hear that every night. that would be awesome. all right.
5:48 am
is going on weatherwise. outside today temperatures continue to fall back. in fact, check this out. our highs and clouds will retreat. the highs are rolling backward into the 50s, 60s and 70s and the clouds will roll back to the coast. the marine layer will increase, get stronger, more moisture- laiden leaving us with a little drizzle tomorrow morning, especially saturday morning. we are still watching the area of low pressure. it will bring more precipitation to the high country than here, but we still have a stray shower possible. then next week we have a little bit of a warming trend after enjoying spring-like, cool comfortable temperatures the next few days. the south bay 72 in sunnyvale, 83 in los gatos. quite a spread there. 62 in san bruno. 12 miles to the south, 74 in redwood city. mid to upper 50s along the coast and downtown san francisco, north bay 70s for the most part, then controversydale northward upper
5:49 am
80s to near 91. 61 in richmond, 63 and low to mid-70s in castro valley to fremont. mid-40s to low 50s tonight. you can see more green on the map. that mean there is the a better chance of drizzle. take a look at saturday morning. you can see more drizzle there. the counter clockwise rotation is the area of rotation that will steer rotation to the east coast over the evening. that will departmentally be one of our cooler days as we head through the accuweather seven- day forecast where a warming trend beginning. this sunday should be nice with cool e comfortable temperatures for the aids walk san francisco, just three days away at 10:00 this sunday in the manager. this year's virtual event, aids walk, live at home will stream online and here on abc7 news.
5:50 am
we are a proud sponsor for for decades of the star-studded event. proceeds benefit hiv-aids service organizations across the bay area. there is still time to register and raise funds. visit or call (415)615-walk. kumasi? >> thank you, mike. today is the final day of the professional business women of california conference. top women in business are sharing words of withies come during this annual event. >> it really boils down to are you willing to try and willing to know that it might not work out. everyday as our congresswoman you probably go and try things, too. it may not work, but why not go try. >> yes. carol golden is the founder of san francisco-based hint water. yesterday she talked with jackie speier about the challenges of being a entrepreneur. more than 80 speakers are
5:51 am
participating in the virtual conference. i am one of the host and abc7 news is a very proud media partner of the conference. i am so excited about the final day. >> that looks so great. >> yes. a tech executive oust from the apple after a petition from employees. the views he reportedly had about women. and a san francisco minor- leaguer having a remarkable second act. also, the are you managing your diabetes... ...using fingersticks? with the new freestyle libre 2 system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose with a painless, one-second scan. and now with optional alarms, you can choose to be notified if you go too high or too low. and for those who qualify, the freestyle libre 2 system is now covered by medicare. ask your doctor for a prescription. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at freestyle libre 2 dot u.s.
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ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. firefighters that took and share photos of the kobe bryant crash site could can lose their jobs over it. two firefighters took photos of the victims that served that se
5:54 am
business necessity. vanessa bryant's attorneys showed a third group of photos, as well and allegedly invasion of privacy. updated heart-wrenching e60 documentary "alive: the drew robinson story." this week robinson hit his first home run as a sacramento river cat. that is the giants' minor league team. you may have heard about robinson. he lost his right eye in a suicide attempt. the compelling e60 documentary was originally streamed in february and is now updated with new video and interviews about his comeback. you can watch it tonight at 5:00 and 10 on espn and also available now on espn+. if you or someone you love is struggling with suicidal thoughts you can find your ally at we have links to resources and
5:55 am
you can call the national wide prevention hot line at 800273 talk. all right, everybody. think back to november. if you bought a lottery ticket in los angeles county, you could have $26 million coming to you but time is the unclaimed super lotto+ ticket was sold at an arco a.m./p.m. in norwalk. the winner has 100 days to come forward and the day is today. if the day expires the $20 million cash prize will go to california public schools. >> if you don't see me tomorrow, it is only because i am sick, not because i won! [ laughing ] here is a look at the rainfall since the beginning of the year. most of us are around 41% to 51 % of average, so where is all the rain? i checked out new orleans. they received nearly 40 inches of rain since the beginning of the year, that is 180% of their average. it is kind of feast or famine
5:56 am
whether you are here in california or the gulf coast. here are is look it is wind that will pick up this afternoon inducing cooler conditions. tomorrow afternoon they will be even faster. so if you are around bodies of water or outside, know it will be a gusty afternoon. fly a kite, put a tail on it to help it weigh it down. 50s, 60s and 70s mainly. saturday is our coolest day. you can see a slight rebound as we head into sunday and that rebound will continue next week. kumasi, reggie? >> thank you, mike. caught trespassing. police explain why a 28-year- old went to a high school and pretended to be a student. >> and governor gavin newsom addresses the mask mandate. when the rules may relax even more here in california.
5:57 am
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at 6:00, young teenagers have a shot at living their life to the fullest. the father vaccine now allowed to children as young as 12. i just need some gas, this is terrible.
6:00 am
>> the colonial pipeline has restarted operations, but in the meantime, people on the east coast are desperate for gas. the great lengths some went to to fill up there thanks. how far would you go to get followers on instagram? how one woman got in trouble on her quest to social media fame. good morning to thursday, may 13th. you are watching us on abc7 , hulu live, wherever you stream. hi, everybody. on this thursday, let me show you what it is like outside. the fog is not nearly as close to the ground or the low clouds as they were yesterday. the marine layer has actually built a little taller. it is not clinging to the ground. three or four miles visibility, much better than yesterday. sea breeze is back. 24 mile-per-hour wind in fairfield. this is the east bay winds looking back into the east bay valley wher


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