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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  May 15, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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♪ there are two hearings scheduled next month. the next steps in scott peterson's continuing quest for a new trial. that's "nightline" for this evening. catch our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you same time next week. thanks for the company, america. have a great weekend. good night.
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if you're fully vaccinated the cdc says you don't have to wear a mask in many settings indoors and outdoors. but how about california? many say they're on stand by. regularly changing mask mandates. we'll tell you which one of these big box stores are going to be letter shoppers inside without a mask. >> california's budget proposal. in it parking fund forgiveness and how you can qualify for $600. >> your weekend starting out with wiper weather. abc 7 news right now. what does it look like in the schools? what happens when your starbucks is saying we're going to continue to do it but are you going to continue. there's a whole host of complexities we all have to work through. tonight there is
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clarity on whether california will follow masking guidelines. >> you're watching 7 news at 11:00 here live at 11:00, and wherever you stream. >> as luz pena explains the lack of direction from the state leaves bay area health officials in a bit of limbo right now. >> 9 bay area countys are on stand by as the state's department of public health review it is new cdc cdc cdc cd guidelines, 9 bay area counties. >> we cannot be more lenient than the state. with at least one dose of the vaccine. but their hands are tied to make any changes. what is marin county's plan? >> right now our mask mandates have not yet changed.
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>> reporter: contra costa john julia sits on the board of the california state association of counties. >> there's been a little ambiguity coming out of the state. i think it's likely that they're going to change within a few days. >> for now supervisor julia says, every county will keep its mask mandate. santa clara county says they've been waiting the whole day on the state to fine out what to do next. alameda county officials voicing concerns when residents are in crowded places. their mask mandate also still in effect. in the winter california was the epicenter of the covid-19 outbreak in the u.s. now we have the lowest case rates in the nation. so what's holding us back? >> ucsf infectious disease dr. monica gandhi says california is being cautious but the data is clear. >> i think it's very safe because masks are a tool and vaccines are a solution.
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once you have the solution you don't need the tool. >> reporter: what concerns dr. gandhi now is people who have been fully vaccinated getting mentally prepared to remove their mask. in san francisco, luz pena. >> so far at least 18 states have adjusted their mask wearing rules to fall in line with the cdc updated guidance. other states including california, wisconsin, hawaii and massachusetts are keeping mask rules in place at least for the time being. tonight major retailers are starting to make the decision on how to handle the mandate. apple, walgreens, target, home depot, cvs and starbucks all say they will still require them. matt boone takes a closer look at how big box stores plan to enforce the policies. >> it's a question many shoppers haven't even had the chance to think about next.
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when will they be comfortable going inside a crowded store without a mask. >> it's so tough right. i want to say herd immunity. >> i think it's a tricky line. >> i think i would be he >> inside they say they're confidential being outside without a mask but inmight take longer to break the habit. >> it took us a while to go from zero to mask wearing. now it's really hard to go back. >> reporter: cosco says once allowed by california vaccinated customers can go inside without masks. they will not be asking for proof but politely asking people to respect the policy. even being vaccinated, they're skeptical of the honor system. >> there's definitely going to be people who try to take advantage of this situation. >> reporter: outside in richmond, they're looking
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forward to the change. >> i don't think there'll be anything to worry about. >> reporter: even offering a $75 reward for their workers who can prove they've been vaccinated. >> we want employees to feel safe when they come back to work. >> jim brown is a labor attorney. he says it is legal for employers to require employees to get vaccinated as well as customers if they want. though he forseing many employers taking more cautious alerts. >> you're going to have to recognize the concerns that they have even if the law allows you to do something as an employer. >> reporter: matt boone, nbc 7 news. juinr skalbusiss here in the bay area are busy trying to process what these changes mean for them and their customers. >> should i take my mask off, should i leave it on. it's super confusing. >> the signs are still up at stores, coffee shop, in the
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street, wear a mask stay 6- feet apart. while other states are easing mask rules it's unclear how it will all unfold in the bay area. >> there's state level and city level. in san francisco right now there's still a mask mandate for our indoor activities. >> reporter: if only vaccinated people were allowed inside without a mask it could put employees in the difficult position of having to police the rules. >> you can't tell by looking at someone that they've been vaccinated. so, the people that you're worried about the most are the anti vaxers that don't want to get vaccinated and have been a problem the entire time. >> reporter: while some can't wait to remove their masks, the manager at flames eatery in san jose says it's just not time yet. >> it's too soon to take it off. at least wait a little longer. >> reporter: and now more than a year after we first put masks on our faces, a lot of people aren't sure if we should take them off. >> i'm fully vaccinated as well and i think generally i keep it
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on as a courtesy to other people. >> here's the bottom line, with 37% of the state's population fully vaccinated at this point millions of californians will be required to continue wearing masks. you can check out the vaccination tracker you see here on abc 7 >> masks were at the center of a confrontation between eric swelwell and marjory taylor green. swelwell tweeted he had a mask on as he stepped off the floor and the aide yelled at him to take his mask off. and he said, you don't tell me what to blank do. he says he loves to take his mask off outside or inside where they're not required. masks are still required on the house floor. swelwell said he just had not taken his off yet after leaving. more possible victims in
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string of sexual assaults. police say this man attacked three women in three separate crimes but there could be more victims and they're asking them to come forward. two of the attacks happened yesterday as we reported about a mile apart. police arrested lomax during one assault and linked him to a third sexual assault. all victims are 57 or older. lomax faces several charges and is being held tonight without bail. a 63-year-old man has been arrested for making violent sexual threats. there's mayor colbert. the threats were left on the city hall's voice mail. the suspect is identified as gerald welti. police say he was booked on a felony charge of threatening a crime with intent to terrorize. officers confiscated several weapons at the suspect's home. against the aapi community hope you were able to join us for that. one of our guests was san
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francisco state professor russell jung who funded stop api since last arhas received re than 6,600 nationwide reports of violence, harassment and discrimination against asian-americans. >> it really is horrific the stories we're receiving. they're traumatizing, people are getting attacked and having profanities and racial slurs swung at them. >> do you think the instances of violence of these attacks are increasing or people are becoming more aware and understanding the importance of sharing their story. >> i think it's both and. i think we have the trend of racism that was really fermented by president trump last year because of his rhetoric because of the fear of the pandemic. we have instance of hate. they are not all hate crimes it's just people harassing us, cyber bullying. then you have the long-standing trend of violence against asian- americans in low income
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communities. that's always been there. >> if you missed today's conversation it was really powerful. you can watch it again on our connected tv apps, roku, apple tv, fire tv and android tv. search abc 7 bay area to download it now. right now the chp has issued a high wind advisory for both the golden gate and bay bridges as we look at them now. it comes as we're expecting a welcome to drizzle or drizzle showers. or showers and drizzle. here in the bay area this weekend. we'll ask sandhya if that's a correct term. >> we just coined a new least. sandhya patel is covering heavier storms ahead of us on doppler. >> dan and ama, we have thunderstorms that have developed up in northern california. i want to show you live doppler 7 it's a late season low that created a windy pattern we've been dealing with. as you take a look here you
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will notice there were thunderstorms that started to develop right around northern california and they continue to fire up in that area. but that's the same low pressure system that is kicking up the wind. you can see those storms producing rain about 1/3 to 1/2 an inch of rain so the warning was dropped. gusty winds, 41 41 in san francisco. we already have drizzle tonight in oakland, half-moon bay is misty. -l you're going to see drizzle and spotty showers around 4:00 and 9:00 p.m. this is the hour by hour look. i'll let you know how much longer you might see the wet pavement in just a few minutes. and by the way, drizzly showers, i think that's kind of a cute little name. ama and dan, not exactly what we call it but we >> yes. >> thanks sandhya. >> california's $100 million
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successfully landed a rover on mars. only the second country to do so after the u.s. teams back on earth will check out the spacecraft before it begins its three month mission searching for evidence of water and hints of past life. back here on earth, governor newsom presented his $100 billion budget proposal to the state legislature. it's called california's come back plan. as abc 7 news reporter stephanie sierra explains it's designed to help the state recover from the economic devastation the pandemic has caused. >> california's recovery isn't cheap. in fact, the governor's proposed budget through 2022 is the largest in the state's history. >> that 100 plus billion dollars come back plan is the biggest economic recovery package period full stop. >> reporter: bouncing back from a $54 million budget shortfall last year. this year california has a better problem. a $75 billion budget surplus. here's how some of it wito use.
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$12 ion californians earning. >> californians will receive a check of $600. this is an incentive to file your taxes on monday. >> reporter: this applies to close to 80% of tax filers in the state. another perk. >> families with dependents will receive an additional $500 just one time. not per child. >> reporter: another $2 billion is proposed to support renters paying off 100% of past due rent. water and electricity bill. plus more perks on trafficking. $5 million proposed on traffic fine forgiveness. >> this is for low income californians that accrue this debt. >> reporter: low
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californians will receive every traffic ticket from 2020 2020 2 waived. the recovery plan include a $12 billion plan to address homelessness. that include cleaning up our streets. >> another big thing we need to implement. we can't just promote is to clean this state up and forgive my language. the state is too dam dirty. >> the governor hinted local governments will essentially set forth specific plans tobuil clean up encampments in order to qualify for that aid. now could counties potentially face fines if they don't? that part is still to be determined. stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. san francisco unified school district allowed seniors to return to class for the first time today. just in time to meet a state
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deadline for a portion of a $2 billion grant. fewer than600 of the close to 4,000 seniors said they would be interested in in person learning for the last weeks of the school year. not all parents were happy with the district's plans with some thinking it's a money grab. >> this plan is disgusting. everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves. >> this solution may not satisfy everyone. but i do appreciate the effort. >> only 8 high schools reopened. students who's schools were closed could attend one of the open schools. >> all right, the weekend is here. and a decent amount of weather to talk about dan. >> yes, ama for sure. the wind was just howling tonight at least in the city and in other parts of the bay area. and sandhya we had some drizzle. or what did we call it earlier? drizzle rain. >> i think i said drizzle
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showers. >> i like it, it's descriptive. >> i like it too. it gives you an imagine. it's providing the lift necessary for those thunderstorms in northern california and it will help to squeeze out the drizzle we're expecting then some spotty showers going into tomorrow morning. it's already drizzle at the airport. we're seeing a healthy view of the marin layer as you take a look at the temperature they're pretty much in the 40s or 50s. great looking weather tonight. winds are still blowing. it is going to be good air quality for many of your outdoor plans. if you're going to be out and about. going for a hike, bike ride or walk just make sure you grab that extra layer because you will need it. winds gusting tonight at midnight. you're still looking at 30, 35- mile an hour wind but they do ease as we head into 7:00 a.m. they pick up again but not nearly as strong as what we experienced today.
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it's going g g g g g g rainy day. we're looking at below average temperatures through the weekend. today was even cooler for some areas. 4:00 a.m. tomorrow, watch out for those wet roadways because of the drizzle and those spotty showers. you will need the wipers going into 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. scattered showers and thunderstorms expected in the sierra as you will notice through sunday afternoon and evening. highest elevations around 9,000, 10,000 feet looking at snow showers as well. here in the bay area in terms of rainfall potential it's going to measure. i mean in some areas we're going to see a few hundredth of an inch. mainly 40, breezy at the coastline. for the afternoon mid-50s to upper 70s. well below average for this time of year with a mix of clouds and sun. the accu weather 7 day forecast a little bit of a damp start for the weekend. keep it is fire
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there was a hollywood feel in dublin tonight.onight.onight. the 7th annual film festival went on tonight. >> every single thing that's come from this program is the students. their creativity. their passion. >> i know this is what i want to do in the future and this gives me a really good opportunity to get exposure to being in film festivals. having competition, friendly competition and helping other people and collaborate. >> tickets sold out in less than 2 minutes when they went
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food evening, tray lance got his first taste of the nfl. small bite. number one pick in the draft. most of the throws kind of swing passes, shake downs. but lance you can see has a really strong arm. he's absorbing the robust kyle shanahan play book. ready to show he belongs in the nfl. >> pretty cool. i've gotten past the point where it's surreal. it's rknow. it was cooler the day after the draft. i'm excited to get a meaningles the warriors against new orleans. you get a new career high, you get a new career high. jordan pool did it as well. he had 38 also tweaked his
1:34 am
ankle. looked serious at first turned out to be not so bad. behind the back to the recently signed juan toscano anderson. warriors win 125-122. winner gets the 8th seed. giants and pittsburgh game streak. kevin gosman was. giants up 1-0 but the pirates tie it bottom nine. pirates tie it mike grenkenski almost made a tremendous catch but instead he may have injured his hip on that play. ramon loreano laser ramon check out the fan. nearly dropped the ball from on
1:35 am
his 8th of the year. now watch pitcher shoemaker but he doesn't want to look at all. he knows this is way out. 2-run blast his fifth of the of year. piscoty also goes deep. after missing most of last season with an angle injury sabrina yonesco announcing his return. that was the game winner. inescu the pride of walnut creek leads the liberty
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thank you so much for watching. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. for all of us we appreciate your time. have a great weekend.
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stay tuned on kimmel. dr. anthony fauci. >> hey, bay area. it's time to share some amazing stories and feel good. we could all use some inspiration right now, and you've come to the right place. this show is all about good food, good people, and good living. on today's show, a dental therapy dog bringing smiles.
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>> we actually have patients who schedule their appointments based on whether kismet works that day or not. >> mouthwatering coffee crunch cake. >> we have the original recipe. it's the only place that has it still. it's a family secret. >> the ultimate primal experience. >> have the weight of the world lifted off of your shoulders. >> breaking barriers through dance. >> it was really affecting my life, because people couldn't understand me. >> but first, pretty, pink wheels in action. ♪ >> this is a symbol to people within the com you. >> this is gonna help people that are stricken with cancer in a multitude of ways. >> you are not alone, and there are other people that have been through the fight, and we're here to celebrate that fight with you. >> the purpose behind this whole thing is to let people know that we're not alone, that there's people out there that are pulling for you. there's people out there that are willing to fight for you. your firefighters are here, not just on a 911 basis, but, you know, we're moms, we're dads,
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we're brothers, we're fathers, we're mothers -- we're all of those things that they are, as well. and cancer affects us all. project pink wheels is the embodiment of a community vehicle that shows the community that we're here for them, that when you're struggling with cancer, look no further than that there's a pink fire engine rolling around. even though it's pink and represents breast cancer, this is a vehicle that represents all cancer. this fire engine is designed to be the escort to people's final cancer treatment, or their first cancer treatment. anybody within our service area here in contra costa county, they can make a request to have a ride. >> today, we were able to bring someone home from the hospital. it's their last cancer treatment. we were able to accompany them and kind of give them something special. >> when you go into your first treatment, you are so nervous. everything's uncertain. and then, when you're coming out
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with your last appointment, it would be so cool to be able to celebrate it all.e at rat it should be celebrating, celebrating that you are done, you have been througw h alit'ser life and go out and live it all. ♪ >> they started with ringing the bell in the hospital. [ bell ringing, applause ] and then pink wheels showed up, took her down the main street of martinez, where we had the community out and just cheering her on. [ cheers and applause ] this couldn't be a better way to end her treatment. and just the thought of this experience, it's just like putting a bow on it. and just having that support has meant a lot to us. >> i really liked it. i was happy that i could come home celebrating, in a fire truck, too. i enjoyed it. >> we're encouraging people to come down and sign project pink wheels.
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we look at this as a rolling memorial to our cancer warriors. whether they've beat their cancer, they're still fighting thr onto to have them put their name on it. >> when i found out i had cancer, i had just turned 6 years old. it makes me feel really happy everyone who rides in this truck will know the people who signed it know about it, and we're supporting them. it just made me feel really happy that contra costa county fire was doing this for cancer survivors. >> i really love that it's sort of a celebration to everybody and what they've been through and a reminder that we see you, and we see your strength and celebrate it. >> it's kind of that community-bonding vehicle where it shows the community we're here for you, we understand the battles and the struggles that you're going through, and we just want to be a sign of support, a sign of strength, a sign of hope that your fight, even though you're going through


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