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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 17, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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>> encouraging news but despite the numbers, 22 states still have mask mandate in place and as of today, california will remain among them. we spoke to several public health officers who said they expect to hear the exact announcement from the state. >> tell me, they are finally announcing a date for people to look forward to and for counties to prepare. they say people who are fully vaccinated do not have to wear a mask outdoors unless they are in a crowded place. after mounting pressure and five days after the cdc's mask guidance, today dr. mark allie, california's secretary of health and human services said nothing will change in our state until june 15th. >> this four-week period will give california time to for the change while we continue the relentless focus on delivering vaccines, particularly to underserved
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communities and those that were hard-hit throughout the pandemic. >> they reviewed the evidence by the cdc and agreed with the silence, but more time. currently, over 50% of californians have received at least one dose of the vaccine. >> to put it in context, 568,000 americans died before we have the vaccines. now, there is a one in 1 million chance that you would get sick from covid-19 based on their breakthrough infections and these vaccines are so good. >> reporter: she has advised the administration on went to lift the national mask rules, so we asked her. do you feel like california could have followed the mask guidance today? >> they could have based on our location rates and high vaccination rates, however, people were not ready and that is fine too. it is very hard to decide how
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to enforce things. >> reporter: the health officer is glad there is a four-week buffer. >> i'm relieved that the state has recognized that, we and marion county have some of the highest vaccination rates in the state and we are still thrilled with it. >> reporter: here is why he's of the duct said it's essential. >> of the population has received at least one dose of the vaccine, to change their strategy. >> what specifically will san francisco do? >> some of the things being done are to provide door-to- door invitations to get vaccines in neighborhoods where we know there is a lower rate of vaccination. >> i asked on the current data, she would feel confident following the cdc's mask guidance, she said we could have but counties cannot skimp over the states guidance.
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what the city says is not law, however, california is law for counties to follow. in other words, counties cannot be less strict back to your. >> let's talk about businesses for a moment, target and starbucks, they both today said they will drop their mandates. do they have to follow what the state is doing? looking ahead, what about after june 15th? >> everyone needs to follow the states mask regardless what the cdc announced. if you are a private business, you are allowed to modify rules but they need to follow local county and state mandates which have not changed in california. after june 15th, if businesses want to keep wearing a mask those rules will still need to be followed by those customers. >> a complicated situation, we appreciate you taking the state
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children and masks at school, they say the masks need to stay on at least for the rest of the school year pick the cdc says most younger children are not vaccinated and may not be eligible until the fall. the cdc will update its guidance for the next school year in coming weeks to give educators time to plan. we need to give you more information, dr. patel is an member of our news vaccine team and he joins us live today. thank you for joining us. we appreciate your time. so, where do we stand on the state's decision to keep the mask moment, is this a good idea? >> i am not surprised by it to be honest and if i were to rewind time, i would not be surprised if this was the initial guidance. june 15th is less than a month away. it gives businesses time to plan, it gives the state time
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to plan, only people who are fully protected right now, i think giving people a clear goal line and saying if we get to this level, we can let the mandates is probably more than of an incentive. >> you discuss this a little bit, but let's talk about the month, it really can make a difference, one month is not a lot of time but it is a significant amount of time for a variety of >> it is, i'm not saying we are going to drastically increase and get all the vaccine has a 10 people vaccinated, we will get those who may not have access to vaccines as well but this gives people time to plan, especially businesses why initially this is the kind of recommendation, healthcare professionals and experts, even our nursing association felt the initial guidance made it, the word, guidance, i think what is causing an issue now is the conclusion out there, saying why is the state not following the recommendation?
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it's up to every state to follow their own rules. >> the cdc issued guidance, not a mandate is what you are saying? >> when i was a kid and taking driver's ed, i had a teacher who told us when you are passing an oncoming car, just check to make sure that driver is doing a good job of driving, staying in their lane, and then trust that you will be fine as you pass them by. trust is a bit part of this new approach to not wearing masks indoors and out if you have been vaccinated, how do you know that i have been vaccinated? how do i know that other person has been vaccinated? we have to trust that. >> i respect the driving analogy, about trusting the cars on the road and trust is a very large proportion. some people out there sincerely trust the science, which they should because the vaccines absolutely do work. some people who are not vaccinated, they don't trust the honor system. they don't trust the fact that they can go into a store and
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only those who are masks are the ones who are unvaccinated. they don't trust the unvaccinated to say guess what, i'm not wearing one. that is what people want to prepare themselves for. i hope in june 15th rolls around, we are in a better place . i also hope when the cdc revisits, they kind of update things regarding schools, what will they do about kids aged between 2 and 5? are they going to be safe around everyone else who is not wearing a mask? a lot of things to question. >> dr. patel, thank you, as always. good to see you. >> stay safe on the road. >> my driver's ed teacher gave good advice. >> never forget that. as california prepares to reopen its economy e business some bay area wedding and event planners are confused and still in limbo. cornell bernard has their plea for guidance.
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>> confused is an understatement. >> reporter: alisha has been in a holding pattern for months, her business, weddings, big and small. she also produces large social and corporate events in the bay area and beyond. her oakland warehouses full of party decorations just gathering dust. check it out, there's about 3000 chairs in this warehouse, right now, there is no one to sit in them. the governor said he wants california's economy to reopen june 15th but alisha needs more information to move forward. >> are the guidelines going to change? do we still have to do anything? in our line of work, we need to be able to plan. >> reporter: for now, she is in limbo, that is ironic considering she's also the en coalitioincrento, rnia ri the paemleo kept ewereid his job but it has been slow. >> basically waiting for my jobs.
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>> reporter: last month, california gave the green light for indoor concerts and sporting events to resume with protocols but alisha says her events don't involve assigned seating. >> when you are looking at events where there is mangling and eating and drinking, it is much different, that's why we need are guidelines to be thorough. >> reporter: the california department of public health says as we get closer to the identified day, we will continue to provide additional guidance in details related to specific sectors. until then, she is working on a plan b. >> i've been telling my clients, let's wait until 2022 because things will be clear at that point. in the south bay, and american airlines flight had to make morning, it had just taken off when the crew reported a
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possible mechanical issue with an engine pickett returned safely and the passengers were taken off the plane and they worked to put them on other flights. the faa is investigating exactly what happened. and update, and unruly passenger who refuse to wear a mask and appeared to snort a white substance on a flight from new york to san francisco has been arrested. police tell us the man is from new york and has not yet been charged. the flight was diverted yesterday because of the man's bizarre behavior. he was removed from the plane in minneapolis in the flight continued on to sfo. someone is in custody after the second fire at a church. this morning's fire. >> we tried really hard to try to stay positive and we are still trying to do that but it's more emotional this time. there's a lot more that was lost that was inconvenient or frustrating or was sentimental.
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>> to get you up to speed, the fire at the christ community church of the nazarene was the second since thursday. officials say this one was intentionally set but they are not sure if the same person is responsible for both fires. we had just spoken with pastor of the church, no one was hurt in either fire. on thursday, a fire burned a two-story section of the complex. investigators say they believed it started in a crawlspace where someone had been sleeping. the santa ared dais the official start of the wildfire season. they are urging people to take steps to prepare their priorities like maintaining at least 30 feet of defensible space around the home. you should also review emergency plans and evacuation procedures. the fire department will be coming to do workshops next week. health on your job, the future across the pandemic and how to
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make breakfast better with cheddar. my new cheddar biscuit breakfast sandwiches. with cheese baked right into the biscuit, hickory-smoked bacon or grilled sausage, and a freshly-cracked egg. try'em today. only at jack in the box. salesforce tower reopen this morning, the company welcomed back 100 fully vaccinated employees, they
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volunteered to be the first cohort to return. they sent us these pictures of what the office looks like now. the company says its offices are gradually reopening from 20% to 75% capacity, depending on local data over the past year, we have seen so much change in the workplace, as part of building a better bay area, even more are likely. how will the future of work impact our health? david louis shows you how some videos are trying to get all of us on board. >> the future can be hard to imagine but a new study in three thought-provoking videos challenge people to envision the future of work and how it will impact health in 2030. in this one, they are a growing number of working poor who resort to living in a vehicle to make ends meet. >> i love the community aspect of the cooperative. i love there is wi-fi and i want to go to the park or the
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library to go and be able to do my schoolwork. >> reporter: they were taken from ethnographic research talking to real people today about their struggles such as people living in rvs, streets in silicon valley, the hope is to spark conversations about solving these issues that disproportionately affect single mothers, people of color and essential workers. the project is a collaboration for the future and the blue shield of california foundation. >> many low-wage workers don't know how many hours they will have for work in the next week, so how do you plan for securing childcare? how do you plan to meet the daily expenses? >> new technology that monitors productivity and men could bring huge changes. >> maybe it's the actual work they are doing. it is and judy producing, maybe it has to do with stress or anxiety or depression, for too many people, health is a health detracting activity.
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>> what is the future we want to create? it's hours to create and let's make it a future that allows us all to be healthy to take care of our families. >> david louis, abc7 news. prices have focused on medical care here in the bay area, and has also highlighted the need for mental health services and as we move through new phases, we discovered those services would be just as important. >> reporter: after year of covid-19 isolation, many americans can be forgiven, they are feeling a sense of emotional whiplash. the feeling it might never end, a third of u.s. adults reported some symptoms associated with anxiety or depression. jonathan horowitz is the founder of the san francisco
4:18 pm
stress and anxiety center. >> to be in the situation where people were required to step back for social life and employment, people were at risk. >> families and children felt the stress of distance learning and disrupted routines. the ceo for the center for children and families in san francisco, referrals jumped significantly. >> kids who were suffering, isolated, no sports, no activities, no peers. >> may swing once again as many face the prospect of heading back to work and school. they are not facing a new and different kind of anxiety. >> they have missed a year of social connection so there's a lot of question about where do i fit in? how do i connect with these kids i haven't seen in over a year? >> we are trying to get back to the office and it's like where are we with regard to the rules? >> reporter: they say therapist can help clients transition in
4:19 pm
a number of ways. it's important to reestablish a routine and getting used to the familiar rhythm and i hope to limit personal expectations for how quickly things will seem normal again and also to realize fellow students and coworkers are in the same boat. >> i think just acknowledging, it's okay to feel this way, you can feel unsettled. >> reporter: there is an increasing variety of affordable therapy they offer different levels of online counseling as well as in- person visits while a growing group of nonprofits created flexible plans that could help lower income patients navigate a difficult stretch. >> young people are spontaneous and they want to come and go with therapy as they needed. sometimes every few weeks is just enough for them. that they touchstone, a place to go and say, i don't know what to do. >> reporter: perhaps gain critical help on the way back to post covid-19 normal. abc7 news. solutions, there
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are a number of organizations to direct patients to affordable mental health care. we have links available on our website, this thursday, we will take a closer look at health issues, including using stress and anxiety as people had back to work. it is an ab seven conversation, your mental health thursday at 4:00 p.m. >> let's turn your attention to the weather, still a bit breezy out there. >> a bit of a mixed bag out there. >> cooler than average and it's quite windy out there, i was complaining a few minutes ago about the wind whipping up irritants causing me to almost lose my voice but i will power through. we have gus, in many locations are experiencing gusty winds at the moment as well and it's cooler now than this time yesterday in most locations by about 2 to five degrees.
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a couple of spots are warmer in the north bay. you see partly cloudy skies, 54 degrees here in san francisco. 69, san jose 65 and 54 at half moon bay. lots of blue showing up there, although clouds are beginning to increase and push up to the golden gate. 68 degrees at santa rosa. 72 in fairfield, looking at emeryville is word, westward rather, you can see those clouds beginning to stack up there. increasing clouds, possibly some patchy drizzle returns overnight along with breezy conditions. temperatures stay with us for the rest of the week despite for a more extended period of
4:22 pm
time. here's the wind starting tonight, the overnight hours, when speeds will increase once again with us ranging from 30 to 40 miles paern ll ound for while. the animation shows clouds the beginning of the morning commute, the winds will sweep those clouds later in the day. manley in the mid to upper 40s, high temperatures tomorrow well range from the mid to upper 60s along the shoreline. is back, the south bay around 71, the south bay and 77. seven-day forecast, brief and minor one up tomorrow, temperatures drop rather sharply . it's going to be quite cool
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and the winds will be pretty brisk on thursday as well. frederick, to relax a little bit. brighter and maybe a few degrees milder but the warm-up of the weekend and sunday and monday will have highs in the low to mid 80s. maybe the winds will relax a little bit as well. the growing cheetos m norm. little bit as well. the growing cheetos controversy. - i'm szasz. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little more than 11 years now. after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. - it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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we now know who will be playing at bottle rack this year in the napa valley, the music festival is still set for labor day weekend. stevie nicks and miley cyrus will be two of the headliners and well now be joined by guns n' roses, fu fighters, megan the stallion and run the jewels. it has been postponed three times weekend 2020, three day passes go on sale on thursday. festivities for this year's pga championship in south carolina kicked off today with a special event for military veterans with disabilities. they teed up this morning, one of several courses hosting the secretaries cut. hope in this case stands for helping our patriots everywhere. the tournament helps introduce to vete phys mental, social and emotional well-being. >> it is therapeutic
4:27 pm
men and women who need to get outdoors, getting them outdoors, being with other veterans in the comrade area that goes with this is fantastic. it builds another military family that they have lost in some point in time. >> the northern california chapter of pga foundation has been offering this program for seven years now and graduating more than 1200 veterans. in the room where it more than 1200 veterans. in the room where it happens, we examine the role if you have risk factors like heart disease, diabetes and raised triglycerides,... ...vascepa can give you something to celebrate. ♪ vascepa, when added to your statin,... clinically proven to provide 25% lower risk from heart attack and stroke. vascepa is clearly different. first and only fda approved. celebrate less risk. even for those with family history. ♪ don't take vascepa if you are... ...or become allergic to icosapent ethyl or any inactive ingredient in vascepa. serious side effects may occur
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moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 newsouto cebrat asian
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heritage month and today we are looking at the aapi community and government. >> while the community makes up about 15% of california's population, and is about half that number when it comes to elect dead officials. amanda del castillo takes a close look. >> congratulations, mr. attorney general. >> reporter: the recent confirmation of california's new attorney general proves there is a place for asian american pacific islanders representation in government. today's with reaction, the demands to stop aapi hate , there is an amplified interest to seek greater political influence. >> my name is alex lee. >> reporter: a cantonese american son of immigrants, his resume includes a list of historical first, the first generation the openly bisexual, the youngest lawmaker and that only 25 years old, the youngest to be elected in more than 80 years.
4:31 pm
>> it's important to do your job very competently. >> reporter: prominent aapi legislators like congressman my conduct and evan mild, evan says there is no question that representation matters. >> you can imagine yourself in that role if there's not some and it looks like you, speaks like you, thinks like you and knowing it was possible, least gave me the idea. >> census bureau data details the aapi community accounts for more than 15% of california's population. that number drops to roughly 8% when looking at representation of the state legislature. the recent conservation means only eight assembly, two in the senate. nationwide according to the service, out of the 535 members of congress, just 17 are of aapi dissent.
4:32 pm
lead stress the experiences have the power to shape policy, few are in a better position than rob fontana. >>, succeed, i might not. i'm working hard every day, exclusively focused on californians life better. >> reporter: he believes the community is better protected and better represented with him there. >> the community in california is the fastest growing. we are powerful. we are talented. we are committed to change for the better and creating a community in the state. i am excited to do my small part and just really thankful for the community throughout the state. >> reporter: privileges not lost on fontana orly. >> i think about everyday when i go to work in the state repor
4:33 pm
internment of japanese americans, recognizing today there are clear signs of change. >> i sit at a desk where generations of legislators will be repulsed that a query young asian people is sitting at their desk to make decisions. that's how far we have come in the country further to make sure society is inclusive of every person there as. >> reporter: taking a look at the bay area, reflective democracy campaign found fremont, san francisco and san jose make the list of the five large american cities with the highest concentrations of aapi residence. fremont and san francisco have roughly proportional elected leadership, however san jose with the fourth highest share of aapi residence has hardly any representation. regardless, the push is on as many seek reflective leadership. abc7 news. >> just keep on pushing.
4:34 pm
speaking of representation, the son i have the honor of hosting a discussion put on by the white house and disney about issues of aapi representation in hollywood. joining us, kevin quan, directors jessica biel in the executive producer, melvin mark, all of them so highly successful but they said they are still having trouble when it comes to representation and getting their projects greenlighted and approved. truly an enlightening conversation, truly making steps every step, no matter who you happen to be. you can learn more about how to stop the hate in our virtual town hall that aired live last week, right here on abc7. if you missed it, you can watch it on and whatever you stream abc7 news. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more....beginners' yoga. namae. ...surprise parties. aww, you guys.
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time now for the four at four california health officials say mass guidelines will remain in place as we reported until june 15th, the state state for it the economy to fully reopen. plement e cdc's lomost peopl to go without a mask, but counties can keep stricter rules can still
4:38 pm
if you are vaccinated, face coverings are no longer required outdoors except that crowded events. am fully vaccinated, it has been a nice change to go for a walk and not worry about taking it with you but i will be reticent for a while to not wear a mask indoors simply out of courtesy as much as anything else. how do you feel about it? i feel like they are doing the right thing, it gives more people a chance to get vaccinated, to see how things are playing out instead of ripping them off right away plus there is the emotional affect, just simply ripping them off antic gives businesses and places a chance to come up with a plan. otherwise, it's like wait a second, maybe we should, let's implement this. just take a and take a breath.
4:39 pm
>> it is a bit of a trench, it feels weird to not have a mask with me at all times. >> i agree, i got used to it and it serves a purpose. i will keep wearing mine in private spaces were inside a building with other people, but i do agree that like we said, we need time to adjust and hopefully more people will get vaccinated. >> it feels like we have been doing it for so long, honestly, we could do it just a little bit longer. next topic, pressure that is building to cancel the summer olympics scheduled to begin in july in tokyo. today, they staged a protest calling for the flame to be extinguished due to a new outbreak serving the country. a recent poll found that 43% of respondents are in favor of canceling the games. 40% want the games postponed again. the ceo of japanese e-commerce company says hosting the games would be a quote suicide
4:40 pm
mission. you have to understand that this is the country that has had exceptionally low rates for so long. is this a case of utter safe than sorry? or i can understand the disappointment as well. >> if there is a postponement or cancellation but i'm trying to put myself in the place of people living in japan. if the rate is low, you don't want to invite the possibility of all of a sudden, there could be the spread of the virus. may be canceling or postponing again is not a bad idea. >> keep the people in mind who lived there. looking for a new drink, how about atomic vodka? it's made from the apples grown, louis likes it at emma's house. >> is all about it. >> near chernobyl, 1500 bottles were made by british and ukrainian scientists to see if the food is safe to consume. the apples turned slightly
4:41 pm
elevated radiation levels that low the limit considered safe. right now, there is a customs battle going on with ukrainian government. sure noble really, in the years since the terrible accident has stirred into all the trees have been regrowing their and life has returned.,, i'm not going to take a swig of atomic water, how about you? >> probably not. it elevated but not high enough, yeah, just bad. i'm not a big drinker anyway. maybe not, i will choose something else. >> atomic enough. i am passing on all of that. every once in a while, occasionally, i will drink a vodka martini but not the atomic vodka. >> we have plenty of options
4:42 pm
here, maybe the customs battle is a good thing. moving onto something sweet now, a milwaukee bakery sweet idea to track down a burglary suspect, that may have paid off. the lakeside bakery in milwaukee actually made the sugar cookies with a surveillance image of the suspect, hoping no one would recognize the guy. a local police officer and business owner are on the idea, they recognize the suspect and officers arrested him last week. he has been charged with burglary and bail jumping. i have to give this bakery kudos for taking matters into its own hands but doing in a creative and tasty way. >> a creative, safeway, gets the word out, you can put up flyers, last, lost dog, have you seen this person but cookies? that is awesome. >> it makes it so much friendlier and accessible, you just pass them out to your
4:43 pm
friends, why not? from the bad -wise perspective, that is truly how the cookie crumbles. >> i was waiting something good from spencer. >> i was waiting something good from spencer. we got something. >> i wall of this startedg good from spwhen we discovered we got something. the >> i wall of this startedg good from spwathis is a business we got sometright here." we went out and started to sell it. to help us get going, we got the chase business complete banking ℠ account. it's more than a bank account. it comes with quickaccept, which lets us take card payments anytime, anywhere, and get same-day deposits at no extra cost. it's more than honey. it's about building something for our family that will endure. managing type 2 diabetes? you're on it. you may think you're doing all you can to manage type 2 diabetes and heart disease but could your medication do more to lower your heart risk? jardiance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease.
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let's turn back now something very special. a nice story about a helping
4:46 pm
hand for man's best friend, alma? >> peninsula animal shelter, pets and need hopes you can open your heart and home to some big paws in an effort to keep big dogs from being put down and as a local family tells me, being a foster family is awarding on so many levels. >> who is your from there? goldie is a husky mask found a loving foster home with the waggoner family. she is their 10th foster dog there a program created by pets and need. >> what made you decide to start fostering big dogs? >> we love big dogs, we started because we were online were home and it was easy to take in dogs i needed home for a little bit. >> the waggoner's already have a family dog, a yellow lab named izzy, they weren't sure what to expect when adding a foster dog but they have had
4:47 pm
nothing but great experiences. >> it's been so fun to be with these dogs, each one has their own personality and they are so sweet and loving, it makes you realize need a home. >> he is so good. >> you are literally a lifesaver because these are dogs in virtually every case, they are on a euthanasia list of some shelter. >> reporter: al is the executive director of pets and the income of the no kill shelter has two onredwood and palo alto. staff pull do shelters to keep them from being put down but they notice more and more they were having to leave larger dogs behind because they cost more to care for. >> a lot of larger dogs, behavior problems, so we have to devote more time with the behavior staff and the medical staff to take care of them because we want them to be
4:48 pm
adoption ready. >> reporter: the bigger breeds also need more space so they don't get kennel stressed. that is where you come in. with the help of a grant, pets and it is committed to helping these larger dogs but needs foster families to help house them. even if just for a weekend. >> getting these dogs for two or three or four nights in a home environment, you know, it helps socialization pretty dramatically. >> pets in need everything, food, toys, bedding, plus medical care and training, you provide the love and room to room. >> we have your back, if you are willing to do this for us, we will do everything we can to make sure it is happy and mutually beneficial experience for both the family and the dog. >> the waggoner's can attest to that. the is one thing daughter sophia might give families pause. >> is it ever hard to let them go? >> that is the hardest part, that could be why a lot of
4:49 pm
people don't want to do it because they are worried about getting attached. it is hard but also rewarding because you know they are going to a forever home. >> i'm happy to report wholey found a forever home. if you would like to help pets in the in, go to the website and look for the cause for big paz program. you can make quite a difference. >> what a great story. thank you. turning to the weather, maybe you are taking your dog out to the park, whatever you happen to be doing. >> it is pretty windy but the weather's bark is worse than its bite. can't help myself. okay, tonight, we can expect increasing fog and clouds on the coast and probably some drizzle. lows mainly in the upper 40s and we will start today lingering along the close line but bree bree temperatures will range from the mid-50s at the coast to mainly mid and upper 60s on the shoreline. upper 70s, maybe low 80s and
4:50 pm
lynn. it is going to be breezy most of the weekend certainly, a temperature below average, thursday and wednesday highs low 70s and lynn. the weekend will feel a little bit ke may. believe it is tax day, one month later than usual because of the pandemic. it is your last chance to file your 2020 without you've got to move quickly. deirdre bolton has some help if you are waiting until the very last minute to file. >> reporter: tax day is here and many americans have procrastinated on filing taxes for 2020. if you need more time, >> file for an extension which you do either electronically or downloading the four standing and in. >> an extension to file is not an extension to pay pic of your
4:51 pm
money, you will have to estimate your tax liability and make a payment. >> the failure to file penalty is 10 times higher than the failure to pay penalty. my advices, please file your taxes, even if you don't think you can pay so that you are not continuing to incur that really steep penalty. >> reporter: if you can't pay right now, don't panic. >> sent something, as much as you can. call the irs, let them know your situation, try to do a payment plan. the irs is always willing to work with taxpayers but we can't help you unless you contact the irs. >> reporter: for those of us filed by midnight tonight, save a pdf of your confirmation. refunds are typically issued within 21 days, you can check the where's my refund to on the irs website for status updates. >> it will give you an estimated date of when the money is going to get paid out.
4:52 pm
>> reporter: if you are unhappy or surprised by the amount of money you owe this year, you may need to make adjustments to your withholding. >> reporter: we have a withholding clock here where taxpayers can input their information and they will get a result as to whether or not they should increase their withholding. >> reporter: if you had a big refund, you can opt to have a lower amount withheld throughout the year. our new scented oils give you our best smelling scents. now crafted with more natural ingredients and infused with essential oils that are 100% natural. give us one plug and connect to nature. struggling to manage my type 2 diabetes was knocking me out of my zone, but lowering my a1c with once-weekly ozempic® helped me get back in it. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic® ♪ my zone? lowering my a1c and losing some weight.
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coming up tonight at 8:00 it's monsters inc., stay with us for abc7 news a frito-lay who claims he's the creator of flaming hot cheetos. he's defending himself after some serious questions were raised about his story, a story that led to book and movie deals and much more. abc news reporter his story. >> reporter: for more than a decade the story behind one of america's most popular snacks has been credited to this man. >> what would happen if i put chili on a keto? >> reporter: richard montoyas claims he created flaming hot cheetos while working as a
4:56 pm
janitor for frito-lay. a machine broke down leaving a batch without seasoning. he took some home and decided to spice it up. >> i saw people buying peppers, people buying spices. >> reporter: after seeing a motivational video, he worked up the courage to pitch the ceo his idea, but this morning they call the story a framing hot fraud telling the l.a. times we value his many contributions to our company especially his insights into hispanic consumers, but we do not credit any flaming hot products to him. an investigation has been revealed they were maetin so ar claims inspired him did not even work for frito-lay when they were developed. but he is standing behind his story. >> the best way to destroy a positive message is to destroy
4:57 pm
the messenger. never allow that to happen to you. >> reporter: he has made a business telling that story commanding speaking fees. he stepped down from frito-lay in 2019 to focus on motivational speaking. he has written two memoirs in the summer, a movie based on his life is set to begin filming with eva longoria directing. no matter what the truth is, he's a fascinating character. i also read that he actually didn't read or write very well when he applied for the job. he had his girlfriend make up the application and look at where he is now. he also says he is not concerned about the movie being affected by frito-lay's claims. don't forget you can also get live newscasts, breaking news, weather, much more on our new abc7 bay area app on apple tv, android tv, fire tv, and roku. all you have to do is search abc7 news bay area and download it for free. with that we appreciate you
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next at 5:00 after days of uncertainty, california answers the question of whether vaccinated people could take off their masks indoors. as one city hears about the decision, some people there say they plan to ditch the mask no matter what state officials say. and also ahead the cannabis farm next door. protesting over growers in their neighborhood. plus the push to safely return twin peaks as a tourist destination and also deal with rampant crime. and the early morning fire at a church in the east bay that icklleads ton and we begin with the state's decision to keep


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