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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 19, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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tonight 6:00 vi team is digging into the diversity police force and bay area and we are finding shortfalls. good evening. thank you for joining us. >> your watching abc 7 news at 6:00, who live in wherever you stream. when it comes to diversity among the men and women in blue, san francisco is leading the way in most areas. the department does have a lack of asian police officers. stephanie sierra is in the newsroom tonight with our teams analysis of this. >> we analyze the latest census bureau data from every county in the bay area. asian police officers are underrepresented in all of them but the gap is diverse in areas a record number of hate crimes targeting asians are with them.
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was an anomaly to see an face in a blue uniform. >> our first day on the job. this was when i was the captain of central tom sawed-off restaurant they will tell you the time i walked into the restaurant gangsters would take the guns, go to the bathroom and put them in a trashcan. these things, but not a building trust being a part of the community you would never get this information. >> he was one of only 80 police officers
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time. >> 80 of about 1800. it was about 5% of the police department. >> 5% in 1982. today, asian police officers make up around 18% of the force in san francisco despite accounting for dirty 4% of the population. >> not reflective upon the population that made great strides. >> according to abc [ indiscernible ] analysis of u.s. census bureau data, that trend is seen across the bay area. asian police officers are underrepresented in all 9 counties. the worst gap reported in santa clara county. asian officers only make up 10.5% of the force despite making up more than 36% of the county's population. >> all across the nation it is a problem. only 2% of law enforcement are asian. >> why do you think the numbers are the way they are? >> asian families they don't want their kids to become cops. they want their kids to be doctors, lawyers, accountants. now, tech. >> speaking from experience tom says it is crucial these
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percentages improve as we see a spike in asian hate crimes here in the bay area and across the country. >> it is very important because lots of people especially in the asian chinese speaking communities it is very insular. they don't like to report crimes. >> a coalition checking violence and harassment against asian americans and pacific islanders reports receiving my that 3700 first-hand complaints and's march of last year. if you ask tom that number is far under rep order. he saw firsthand the fear among asians reluctant to report these crimes. >> poster. >> dislike the fear to recruit. it is not like it used to be. >> wants to be a police officer in today's climate? >> it is challenging to find people to apply for law enforcement in general. >> the commander oversees improvement within the san francisco police department. he has been recruiting his entire 30 year career.
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>> we have a very focused and strategic process in place. >> before the pandemic explains the average academy class would range between 35-5th the recruits. this year the academy is lucky to have 20. >> it can be challenging. everyone isn't inclined to want to come into this profession. we are always trying to not just solicit individuals from that demographic to come apply but also from all walks of life as well. >> the one bay area county struggling in that area sonoma county. the analysis found sonoma county has his his his his his 15% on light. you can find the analysis for every bay area county online. you will see the percent of officers are nonwhite exceeding the county's minority population.
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even with that -- >> those are all the cops here. >> as tom would say -- >> we need more officers to reflect the population. >> there is still work to do. >> for a full look at our teams analysis had to we have interactive graphs available to check the diversity of your police force in york county.york county.york. stephanie, you mentioned sonoma county has the least diverse police force across all departments. which one standout? >> we just got the records request back hours ago. after reviewing, the santa rosa police department stood out. the department has to asian officers and three black that makes up around 3% of the force. it, more than 8% of the population makes that up. to put that in perspective, white officers make up 82% of the force. that is far more than the white population in santa rosa which is roughly around 67%. that is another example of what we are seeing across the board. an asian woman is recovering from an attack bart.
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in an exclusive interview with abc7 news, the 34-year-old from san francisco says she takes extreme precautions to try to stay safe but even that didn't work. >> i don't have anything -- nothing. >> every day when she takes bartz to work, she was a non- descriptive purse, pulled her hair back in abundance to make her look like a boy and carries pepper spay even all those precautions were not enough. she was the target of the exact kind of attack she has been hoping to event. >> i never thought this would happen with me. >> around 8:00 tuesday morning she was on bart nearing civic center when a stranger approached her she. she refused and he immediately began to attack her. when the train stopped, the attacker ran off leaving her bloody, phoneless and scscscscsc >> me d punched ace.
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>> she is from thailand and has lived in san francisco for 8 years. is the recent violent attacks on asian americans she has been next couple when commuting to work. >> do you think you are targeted because of your race? >> i am not sure but i feel like i am a girl and that -- and a small asian girl maybe it is easy for them to steal something from from from from thought. >> bart police are investigating the attack. so far they have not identified a suspect. for now she wants to share her story to bring awareness and change the narrative. >> say something. we are not week. that is what it is. when i week. we have to speak up for ourselves. >> you can help be an ally. go to abc7news.cabc7news.cabc7nc
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action for ideas, information and support. let's turn to our work to build a better bay area by looking out for our help. coronavirus activity continues to wane for the third day in a row. the state reported fewer than 1000 new cases. our vaccination progress continues to rise. 40% of californians are fully vaccinated as you can see on our vaccine tracker. a no sign of life returning to normal. san francisco's largest hotel has announced it is reopening on monday. hiltons union square square squ been closed for more than 14 months. throughout the pandemic the hotel displayed an illuminated heart. you can see it there and the letters sf to serve as a beacon of hope for the city. >> oaklands historic movie palace the grand lake theater has announced its officially opening date tomorrow may 27. it opens with a quiet place too. tosupport the longout of
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staff the. officials announced new roles this week that will require -- to track the status of their employees. some are wondering if other counties will do the sasasasasaa chris when explains what you need to know. >> as businesses begin to welcome more employees back to the workplace, some have questions over just how safe it will be. >> keeping them healthy is so important to us. >> stan is ceo of hbm hogue. and office furnishing solution firm in silicon valley.'s team of space planners designers and project managers have been billed busy fitting requests during the pandemic. >> what kind of protocols we have in terms of temperature checks and chickens and how you see people and where you see people all of that comes into play. >> one delicate item on the minds of many business owners has been how to approach workforce about whether or not
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they have been vaccinated. santa clara county provided more clarity with a new health order requiring businesses to track the vaccination status of their employees. >> it is compliant with the law. we have always been very focused on ensuring our rules are compliant with all applicable regulations and statutes. >> county officials can choose not to share their vaccination status but if so it will be assumed they are not fully vaccinated and therefore they will have to follow masking and social distancing roles that will still apply to the population. some health experts say the guidelines are a good call especially ahead of the states plans to lift the mask mandate. >> vaccination is the tool we are going to use to protect our help to reopen the economy and get our kids back in school to get us working again. >> i santa clara county prepares to put these no rules in place remains to be seen if other counties will follow their lead. for now san mateo and san francisco say they have no immediate plans to implement anything similar. >> this is the home stretch. we don't want to get it wrong now. this really helps us get it
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right. remember if you have questions about vaccines ask the vaccine team by going to abc seven click on that big blue box you see. i am spencer christian. when gusts reach 50 miles per hour. amateurs are far: than average. i will have the accuweather forecast coming up. i am j.r. stone. tex-mex. tex-mex. ♪ termites. ♪ don't mess up your deck with tex-mex. terminix.
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firefighters are keeping watch for possible flareups from a brush fire that burned down a house unfortunately. this afternoon in martinez that is. about 130 on canberra court the fire started. several explosions were heard as the crows fought >> when gusts of more than 20 miles an hour made it tough for the firefighters. it with those flames around which destroyed cars on the property in the base of a tower with high tension power lines that cause of the fire remains unknown. >> in the and tony award- winning actor billy porter revealed he has been living with hiv for 14 years. he told tamron hall why he kept it a secret for so long. >> the shame is debilitating. the shame took over. i am the generation that was
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supposed to know better. aids is god's punishment. that is what was being preached from the pits the entire time. >> porter is currently playing a character living has been drawing from his own life experiences for the role. we talked about porter with dr. monica gandhi. >> this was this stigma that we have in our society. he said it would be true in hollywood as well. as a black man and as someone who grew up in religion this is what we have to be combating. >> experts say people with hiv can go on to live normal and healthy lives as long as they continue proper treatment and medication.
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happening tonight, the warriors take on the lakers in the nba play in tournament. the winner automatically advances to the playoffs. we have team coverage tonight. not 6:00 let's hear from j.r. stone outside of chase center in san francisco where watch parties are about to get going. there is some excitement in there, jr.'s >> reporter: the sun is out. the energy is building and quite frankly i don't think there is a better spot to watch warriors basketball than right here outside of the chase center with double nation. you look off here and i know the people aren't here but the game is at 7:00 but the size of that screen, it is big and it is going to be rocking outside of the chase center tonight. >> to be able to also be out there and be together with warrior fans coming together after covid i am excited to be around the nation. hopefully will show the lakers who is boss. we are ready to go. >> you are so excited that you died some of your hair worriers colors. >> i am committed. i am so committed.
6:17 pm
>> i got this gray hair watching all season during overtime games. i am in. >> you don't think your chairs will get lost in the wind? >> know. it will circle back around. >> have you heard of steph curry? >> yeah. he is my favorite basketball player. >> why? >> because he is really good when he shoots from the 3. >> he is really good when he shoots those longshots. we were at the brewery down the way here outside chase center. you could see the fans are getting ready even for the viewing party. i am going to tell it like it is. it is very windy outside. we saw one of these heaters fall down. it is actually dented because it fell so hard. it is windy outside so yes, out here outside of the chase center. the stands will be braving the elements of it just because of the windy conditions that we are dealinwiththere is certainly excitement in the air
6:18 pm
becauswaiors basketball is playing style tonight. even though they game is 100 miles away. hundreds of miles away. dan, back to you in the studio. >> thank you, jr. >> i will actually take it. thank you jr. >> it looks awesome. i want to hear the dj too. >> from the bay down to l.a. that is where tonight's game is. chris alvarez is outside staples center. >> what a match up it is. steph curry and the warriors taking on lebron james and the lakers in this new play and format. let's set the scene and give you a look at what is going on outside the arena. fans started trickling in. game starts at 7:00. the game is a part of the new plan tournament. the winner would advance to the first round to take on phoenix on the loser will have a home
6:19 pm
game against memphis. the warriors are underdogs heading into tonight's game. against the defending champs you never know. it is a one-game playoff. anything really can happen as we get back into here and staples center. it should be a big matchup. staff versus lebron and you have more. our passing game is tied because we are going to bring in larry beil. >> we are on point. some real star power tonight. >> i am trying to figure out if this is a four-man we for 5. i don't know what we have going on but in any case even steve kerr a couple of minutes ago said staff and lebron in a playing game? it is great but i am not sure this is what the nba had in mind so soon.. steph curry has one during his career.
6:20 pm
you could really make the case that steph curry is at the peak of his powers right now. he led the nba in scoring 32 points per game on any he ode he couldgo ece. e i like the way he shoots the 3. at times -- most times, he single-handed the carry this golden state roster that was ravaged by industry -- injuries. it creates opportunities for others and those others are going to have to be at their best if the warriors of the lake one thing you have to keep in mind, staff historically has had a tough time against the lakers. in particular caldwell pope does a good job of containing him. we will see if that's the way it shakes out tonight. does staff have a monster game? we will see. >> that is what makes it fun. the lakers/worriers, steph curry and lebron james playing? it is happening. we will have more in sports. >> so exciting. thank you, larry. the windy weather makes it the windy weather makes it certainl this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually forces you to piece together multiple policies. that's why three was created. it's one policy that covers everything you need... leaving those old policies in the dust.
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three. no nonsense. just common sense.
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i sometimes wonder what is being blown into my house at any given moment. [ laughter ] >> it is really gusty out there spencer. >> dan likes to say this is tough stacking feathers. to wendy to here is a look at current wind speeds. it is really gusty. 51 miles per hour. 46 mile-per-hour winds rolling
6:24 pm
through san francisco and all around the bay area. we have anywhere from 25 to about 50 mile an hour winds. it is: than24hoo by several degrees. you could say we have a bit of a wind-chill factor here. you can see how windy it is across the embarcadero from our rooftop camera. current temperature readings 65. morgan hill 64 and 55 at half moon bay. you can see how the wind is blowing through the trees in san rafael right now. the temperature readings 68 and santa rosa. napa 65 and 70 in fairfield. 60 8:00 or. six degrees at livermore. this is the view from the east bay health, looking across the bay. a forecast feature starring gusty winds. hlthave be with us through to with below average tempes i should say again the winds wieasea bit a friday as we start to feel a
6:25 pm
little bit of a warming trend developing. here is the wind advisory which is currently in effect until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. the weather services as a may be extended. wind gusts will range from 40 to 50 miles an hour there was a possibility of downed trees and power lines and maybe a few power outages. just a few safety tips. secure outdoor objects. don't get blown around or blown away. avoid parking under trees or under power lines. be cautious crossing bridges and overpasses whether wind gusts can make it difficult to control your caryour caryour car gust animation. we will still have wind gusts ranging from 30 to almost 50 miles per hour. during overnight hours the wins will remain strong and gusting of the coast but away from the coast it will relax a little bit. they will intensify again around midday tomorrow going into the afternoon. is a chance the wind advisory may be extended. overnight temperatures will drop mainly into the low to mid 40s most of the bay area. maybe even some upper 30s and
6:26 pm
the father in the tomorrow we can expect highs from mid-50s at the coast and many low to mid 60s around the bay shoreline. upper 60s to low 70s. upper 60s and mid 60s. some light snow is expected between noon tomorrow and midnight tomorrow night in thth sierra wear a winter weather advisory is in effect. irizarry accuweather 7-day forecast. on friday the wins will ease up a bit. temperatures will rise a bit. or significant warming will take over the on the weekend. look at high temperatures in the and and in the mid-80s around the bay shoreline. still only upper 50s on the coast. dan? >> very could. spencer thank you so mu >>
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building a better bay area. moving forward. solutions. for more than a year the coronavirus pandemic has
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created a collective collective the early days the emptiness was so eerie. we learned how to cope with it in our own individual ways. now as the bay area begins to reopen more changes creating a new set of fear and anxiety for a lot of people. kate larsen spoke to experts about how to try to overcome that anxiety to come back to the office and precode activities. it is a part of building a better bay area. i teach children on the autism spectrum ageist 3-6. it is a passion. i absolutely love my job. >> going back to work was not easy for liz. she was scared about getting sick and infecting her students or elderly parents. >> the more anxious i began to feel the more resistant i began
6:31 pm
to feel about going back work. >> liz has been back in her marin classroom for the entire school year but she experienced what so many americans are facing as the world begins to reopen. >> you are safe at home. you can control what is happening in your house. when you have to reenter you are no longer with that around. now you have to go back and relearn your job and relearn how to interact with people. you are doing it now with a mask on. it is all different. >> ask people walking down the street how they feel and they are likely to echo her feelings. >> we have now developed a certain set of habits for over a year. you just have to get used to it again. >> constant adjustment. >> they live in san francisco and are both expecting to return to their offices soon which has made way for a new point of concern. >> i know my vaccination status but i don't know anyone else's. >> i worry about the people that are not vaccinated and are
6:32 pm
trying to make sure everyone continues to follow protocols. >> why are so many people feeling fear and anxiety? >>: has been like swimming in an ocean of unknown. when there is unknown, brains fill in those blanks. from a self-preservation perspective we often feel those blanks with the worst-case scenario. >> sarah is the director for the division of trauma recovery were services at ucsf and she psychologist for zuckerberg or psychologist hospital. >> we have all had to adapt so much this year. will it be easy to readopt to some sort of normal? >> and some i hope it is yes. as we start to reengage more socially those neural pathways pathways we created for all of those years before covid well lighten up. depending on how covid has impacted you it may be a longer rotor just a different pathway to that happening. >> generally speaking when we suffer we make the mistake of
6:33 pm
assuming other people are not suffering as well. >> he is a clinical faculty member at palo alto university. he is an expert on compassion therapy. >> we have the compassion to help our coworkers and friends and community through this transition. >> i think we absolutely do. that is really the principal i refer to that -- as a community of care. >> dr. takes -- recommends taking small steps. >> i am feeling socially awkward. this is a new experience. it hasn't happened before quite like this. amazingly what they get in return is me too. all of a sudden it is a lonely disconnect and isolated from others. we get to share the magic of social awkwardness. you know what it does? it melts away social awkwardness. >> for liz, asking questions about safety protocol and procedure had a calming affect on her sis at -- her anxiety.
6:34 pm
>> that is empowering me to take control of the situation. now, i know how to protect myself and the kids in here. i am not afraid. it feels great to be back. >> tomorrow we will take a closer look at mental health issues including easing stress and anxiety as people head back to work. it is and abc 7 listens bay area conversation or mental health tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. join the conversation on television, youtube, facebook and we want to show you something. take a look at this. sky 7 is live over redwood city where a big tree has come this is
6:35 pm
street. you can see it in the center of your screen. spencer said wind gusts in the area are about 31 mph. police are on the scene to help drivers get around that safely. habitat for humanity is making the dream of homeownership a reality for some low income families in san francisco. the group was joined by london breed for the groundbreaking and diamond heights. homes will be built on a lot that was donated by the sun of some of the first residents. each home will have all appliances. >> the hardest part of owning a home is putting together a down payment. in san francisco at least a minimum of $250,000 in order to own a home that many people can sometimes barely afford. here, no down payment. >> the mayor says no more than dirty percent of the residence and come will be used to pay the
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we continue our special
6:39 pm
series, california dreaming. we take a closer look at these issues threatening the california dream and the people working to keep the dream alive.'s we will tonight with focus on our 280 state parks. they are some of the best that they face threats from climate change and underfunding. now, with a new state budget proposal, there is nononononono >> state parks tell the history and the story of california in landscapes and in cultural signs. there is almost 300 miles of coastline in california that state park land. there are parts where the giant sequoia is the largest tree in the world. there are state parks where you can see gorgeous desert scenes. you can think of the system as a sort of having a lot of magical places in california set-aside for the public tototoo enjoy. >> probably the biggest threat that our state parks are facing is the threat of a changing climate. we are seeing droughts. we are seeing more extreme
6:40 pm
heat. all of those things really oppose a huge threat to these special places and to the plants and the animals that call them home. >> just last year we had our worst fire season in california's history. 28 state parks were affected by wildfire. big basin, the oldest state park in california was completely burned. i think of big basin as being an opportunity to create a park that looks like the parks of the future for california. parks that are truly sustainable. parks that protected the resources. parks that allow the public to come and enjoy enjoy enjoy enjo thinking about not just prevention but adaptation. the world is is is is >> we are at candlestick point state recreation area in the 70s it became the first urban state park. over here, we have yosemite slough, california state arks
6:41 pm
foundation has been working with the low immunity to restore it to its natural systems. what we have done over here is we have taken away the seawalls and the rip rap restorcr and ac wetlands. we modeled this park so we can see how the natural systems can absorb the sealevel rise and the extreme title events that come in. urban parks like candlestick point are essential places for the health and wellness of our local community. >> all of these plants which are literally thousands of california native plants were taking them out in the field and out planting them in new parklands. our workforce development programs, our school programs. all of those are essential to open up doors. historically they have been excluded from parks. >> currently the staffing
6:42 pm
the use of california state parks doesn't necessarily reflect the diversity of urban communities. >> working with state parks is a very new territory for me. i have no experience being in a state park until i started working here. i love candlestick working here the last year i have a big soft spot doing for -- working here doing all the stuff we do. >> i really love the idea family. when they think of parks it is a sense of place. it is a place of belonging. >> as many of us found out in 2020, parks were our salvation. it was the only place we could get outside and escape the stress of being locked down during a pandemic. we have a■n pportunity to really invest in our parks, to help them be resilient for climate change and also to show more people the beauty and
6:43 pm
benefits of parks. >> you can stream all of our california dreaming stories on demand including a 30 minute california dreaming special right now on our bay area connected tv app. download the free app now on roku, fire tv, android tv and apple tv. >> a part of the california dream is our wonderful weather. see what to expect in spencers 7-day forecast next. the unique advanced non-small cell lung cancer can change everything. but your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, tests positive for pd-l1, and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene. it is the only fda-approved combination of two immunotherapies. opdivo plus yervoy equals a chance for more starry nights.
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the south bayswater supplier is embarking on his long-awaited project to make the largest storage reservoir earthquake safe. anderson dam will be rebuilt but first a new tunnel needs to be point to prevenlow-lying areas from floodi caseof anemy. e tunnel work is about to begin. david louis is upupupupupup there is a reason the level of anderson dam is down to about 3% of capacity. it has been drained as work begins on a major seismic retrofit project that begins
6:47 pm
with creating a new 1700 foot long tunnel to allow for faster drainage in case of >> it varies in diameter from 8 feet all the way to 24 1/2 feet. it is a very large tunnel. it is a lot of work. it will take about three years to construct. >> the work will not be visible as machines are underground but those living nearby may hear something unusual. >> residence may hear some muffled explosions. all of it will be underground. it should be large like fireworks but it is definitely a very unique construction situation. >> the $616 million project will take anderson reservoir out of service for 10 years just as the region is facing another drought and customers have been asked to cut back on water by 20% on a voluntary basis. anderson normally calexico runoff and water imported from other sources. >> anderson is the largest single dam of 10 dams we have which is aboveground storage. there is ample supply of belowground which is the aquifer we have. it is about a 70-80% of
6:48 pm
capacity which is excellent. >> additional water will be sourced from other federal state and regional wateprects. valley water also has an underwater storage facility in kern county. recreational use have been suspended. >> it is really muddy so it is a dangerous area. we have the signs and we encourage people to stay away for their own safety. >> valley water has held a number of events to keep the public safety. we need an update now on how long these winds are hanging around. >> awfully gusty. >> that is true. in fact we have aravind advisory in effect until 5:00 tomorrow. the weather service says it may be extended. it ranges from 42 nearly 60 miles per hour. that there is a possibility of downed trees.
6:49 pm
be cautious if you are out and about. meanwhile overnight lows under these windy conditions and clear skies and they will be mainly in the low to mid 40s. highs tomorrow under sunday and when conditions. it will be from mid-50s to mainly low and mid 60s around the bay shoreline. and then areas will warm up to the upper 60s although there are a couple of places topping out at 70-72 degrees. the wins is up a bit on friday. temperatures rise a few degrees but a more significant warm-up begins over the weekend and continues into the middle of next week with high temperatures in the mid-80s in the inland areas and mid 70s around the bay shoreline. the coast will not warm-up very much but we don't expect that to happen much here. >> good point. thank you, spencer. larry beil is live. larry we hope sparks will fly tonight. it could be a good game. >> i know. trees will fly for sure. at the start of the season we weren't sure if the warriors would be good enough to make isthg. they are minutes away from taking
6:50 pm
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our new scented oils give you our best smelling scents. now crafted with more natural ingredients and infused with essential oils that are 100% natural. give us one plug and connect to nature. good evening. we are a few minutes away from steph curry versus lebron. the plan addition. the brawny has said whoever came up with this idea for a plan tournament that guy should be fired.
6:53 pm
it is understandable he doesn't like it. not many people expecting the warriors to knock off the lakers in l.a. when you get a kharif larry you never know. lebron and anthony davis bothered by injuries recently so the lakers haven't looked much like the defending champs from a year ago. coach frank said lebron is not at 100 right now. chris alvarez with more on this play in game a. chris? >> larry, we have seen lebron james against the warriors plenty of times back in those nba finals rents. that is when he is with the cavs. he is with the lakers. is going to be a lot of fun at staples center during the top of the hour. this is the first time they are meeting in the western conference playoffs are plan. they couldn't have done it in a better. it is a one-game playoff. both guys have great respect for each other. a few days ago lebron called steph curry the mvp of the league. steph curry appreciates that but it is time to compete. >> i am appreciative of he knows when he says something people pay attention. for him to speak on my mvp candidacy is definitely
6:54 pm
respected. i respect him for it. i appreciate it. it is rate for the entertainment value of what we do. i kind of love the chatter because it is hilarious and it is awesome all at the same time. it will make for a good show. >> everyone counted of the warriors out. he is doing everything he could to lead the team to the position they are in now. >> larry this game tips off at the top of the hour 7:00 on espn. will have postgame coverage tonight on abc7 at 11:00. on to baseball. of all of the odds he could have got of the giant 70 best record in baseball here they are. 10 games over 500. 26 and 16 so far going for their fourth straight win tonight in cincinnati. runs really hard to come by. coming up in the fifth two-out singles to get the giants a 1-0
6:55 pm
laid. kevin goff been really strong again. this is his 1000th career strikeout. and tonight's game he goes six scoreless innings and fans eight. bases-loaded for buster posey. he unloaded them double wall. three runs score. the giants take a 4-0 lead. that would be your final score. the giants a's and astros tonight at the coliseum. quite the celebration for the soccer team coming off of their national championship victory a couple of nights ago. coach jerry smith and the broncos dealt with some of the strictest covid protocols in the entire country and somehow someway they found a way to practice and then when big. >> this is by far the wildest craziest most unpredictable ride a team has ever had to endure. there are at least 100 completely valid reasons to bail out, give up, given. everyone would have understood. that is what most people would have done. they didn't do .
6:56 pm
>> wow! what a great story. even if the worriers should lose tonight they would then play friday againstfriday againt of the memphis spurs game. that is a five-point memphis lead in the fourth quarter. we will have all of the updates and highlights tonight at 11:00. i look forward to that. >> coming up tonight on abc 7 it is season at 10:00 it is 1 million little things then stay with us for abc 7 musette you can watch all of our newscasts live and on-demand through the abc 7 bay area connected tv app. and is available for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv and roku. download and start streaming. that is it for this edition of the abc 7 news. thank you for joining us.
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♪ this is the... here are three former champions-- a legal technology professional from los angeles, california... an attorney from athens, georgia... and a wine-tasting consultant from dowagiac, michigan... [ applause ] and now here is the guest host of "jeopardy!"-- buzzy cohen. thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome, ladies and gentlemen. since february, "jeopardy!" has made charitable contributions to a variety of great causes. for the tournament of champions, "jeopardy!" will match the winner's prize of $250,000 and donate that amount to the hope of the valley trebek center for the homeless. the trebek center is a transitional facility
7:00 pm
in los angeles that alex and jean trebek began supporting last year. i can't think of a more fitting way for the show and this tournament to honor the legacy of alex trebek. welcome back to our champions. jennifer, paul, ryan, good luck. let's kick off our "jeopardy!" round with these categories. starting off with... each correct response is gonna be between those two words in the dictionary. all right, jennifer. water for $200. paul. - what are bonds? - right. the southern hemisphere for $1,000.


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