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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 20, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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next at 5:00, zero covid-19 patients. san francisco hit as milestone as the city changes how people can meet up at bars and ball games. the new delay on a plan that would have allowed workers to return to work without mas y area. asthma as, marin county considers how to save water. a mountain lion prowling around san francisco, his long journey to get here and the new video of him being examined by veterinarians. building a new bay area, this is abc 7 news. we begin with a new sign of hope in the pandemic. good evening, and thank you for
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joining us. you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00 live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we're glad you're with us. san francisco reached a momentous milestone. today doctors at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital announced they had zero patients with covid-19. none. it's the first time since march 5th of 2020 and a far cry certainly from early january of this year when the hospital had nearly 60 covid patients and was having to implement a surge plan. one doctor says today's news brought tears to her eyes. it feels like a miracle. and that is what these vaccines have done. and it feels incredible. and i am very happy today. >> san francisco department of public health tracks hospitalizations across the city. last they updated the numbers on sunday, there were 13 people hospitalized with covid across san francisco. today, state regulators met to consider relaxing covid
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workplace guidelines. cal osha's decision could have affected millions but the board postponed a vote after hours of public input. it comes after luis pena interviewed governor newsome about the next steps in the pandemic. >> they listened to public comments from california business owners. one of the hottest topics today, vaccination proof in the workplace, so we went to the source, governor gavin newsome to get a wider perspective after santa clara county announced employers will have his methinthat's employees aret going to be implemented statewide? >> the state doesn't have plans to do that. but we do support local determinations, local decisions, as we have throughout the pandemic. >> no more face coverings in the workplace where all the employees are fully vaccinated. an end to social distancing at work by july 31st. those are two of the changes cal osha considered updating today. it's more complicated when the
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regulation requires employers to create two classes of people. it involves medical decisions, medical limitations and religious reasons. doing so will likely result in discrimination. >> california business owners have mixed feelings about relaxing covid guideline ins are the workplace. under the new rules, employers will need to pay for n95 masks for employees who are not fully vaccinated. and pay for covid testing for those experiencing covid symptoms. >> i think it's safe to assume in a lot of cases, you won't see a lot of vaccinated workers wearing the n95s. >> the vote was tabled until june 3rd. the largest interior solution provider called one workplace says they're updating their workplace designs constantly with county, state, and cal osha changes. they're asking for consistency and transparency. >> traffic guidelines. do you stay away from people. so the confusion is what's most challenging i believe. and ultimately, everybody wants
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to come back to work. we'd like to see some kind kind unified messaging that allows people to feel more comfortable for decisions they're making. in san francisco, luis pena, abc 7 news. san francisco is loosening restrictions on many activities, health officials say the changes will bring the city more closely in line with state rules for now. governor newsome said the state will fully reopen june 15th. the changes include attendees at outdoor sports and performances will not have to show proof of covid testing or vaccination unless they're sitting in a vaccinated section. at restaurants, diners no longer have to remain seated as long as they can distance. for example, standing around a high top table is okay. open houses can resume with some conditions. and kids camps can be held for periods shorter than y, firefighters are investigating a blaze at an abandoned home in walnut creek. it broke out about an hour ago in weaver lane destroying the garage and the roof as you can see it was pretty ferocious
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there. they do not believe anyone was inside. they add that the home was surrounded by extensive vegetation, which you can see here in these pictures, which posed an extra challenge for firefighters. just last year, contra costa fire launched an initiative with a special crew meant for clearing vegetation and fighting brush fires. but they've recently had to respond to two structure fires they say it's a sign of the times. and the contra costa county fire protection district has confirmed that the three teenage boys playing with fire accidentally sparked that far ball in martinez yesterday that we told you about. the fire destroyed a home and several cars. investigators say the teens dug a fire pit in the backyard then set a tennis ball on fire for a game of stick ball. one of them hit the ball into some dry grass, well, that started the fire, the teenagers are not facing charges. the drought situation just got a lot worse for the bay area. here's a look at the state. this week is on your left-hand side, last week is on the
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right. a big swath of the bay area is now classified as being an exceptional drought conditions. that's the most severe category. so let's take a closer look now. sonoma, lake mendocino, napa, marin, and parts of the east bay are now in the new category. and we're past the time of year when we can reasonably expect any chance of rain so, the situation won't improve over the coming months and because of these historic drought conditions, marin county may ban any new water look ups, what it means remains the subject for debate that's not happened yet. but as abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman reports, it looks inevitable. >> reporter: in construction, there's rarely an easy day, tough enough to deal with the aboumorrow. while ie plumbing contractor, chavez, knows all about that. >> related to water. but everybody else, it's related at the end with water. >> especially in marin county with reservoirs going dry and no more rain expected. the water board may restrict
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water hook ups for new construction. >> that would affect us a lot. if we don't have construction, that means i have to lay off some of the guys. >> as of now, a moratorium against new hook ups is a preliminary issue with the marin water board but they'll talk about it at the next meeting and if they implement it, this could get complicated. >> the toughest issue is development. >> water board member, larry, and others note a potential conflict between state mandates to build affordable housing and basic needs of life. drought has all ready triggered a hook up moratorium. it will not impact projects that have permits. >> if low income housing had an outside landscape component, that would not be allowed to continue. but inside would. >> mean time to the south, marin municipal water could use northern marin as a model. >> is an accessory unit more important to provide water to
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than a brand new single family house or a multifamily f four- plex. >> to be determined or not. >> the way the numbers are coming in. we are in short supply. >> so go the future politics of drought. in marin county, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. a mountain lion found and captured in san francisco over night is now back in the wild after being captured last night. it turns out he had been collared and track by uc santa cruz. they say he started his odyssey in santa cruz then went passed highway 17. passed highway 92. went to daily city for a while. and ended his journey in the city's vernal heights neighborhood. he was examined at the oakland zoo. vets say he was healthy and hydrated weighing just under 100-pounds. more on all of this now from abc 7 news reporter, amy holyfield. >> he may not seem too happy
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about his new digs. but the veterinarian team at the oakland zoo says he looks good. so good, naming him wasn't difficult. >> i think i've called him mr. handsome several times. that was the name that came to mind. >> mr. handsome has been busy. cameras caught him roaming the streets of san francisco's vernal heights and portola neighborhoods walking alongside parked cars, strolling through backyards, and checking out someone's front porch and last night, he was sitting in a tree on santa marina street. >> there was a man sitting in the car who looked at me and said get back inside, there's a cougar in the tree. and i thought it was a joke. >> animal care and control officers tranquilized him and brog him brought him to the oakland zoo where he all ready has a tracking device. he came out of the santa cruzina fro. he young too. he probablrecently separated from his mother. that they do live with until
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they're two years old. >> a spokesperson for the puma project put a tracking device on him after he was born to study mountain lion behavior. his long distance travels are part of normal behavior as he looks for turf to call his own. officials will now take him back out into the wild and hope this time he stays there. >> you know the official policy is i can't say where he's going to be released. but he probably will not go back to santa cruz. because we don't want him to find his way into san francisco again. >> they will vaccinate him for the basics like rabies before sending him out into the wild. they do have covid vaccine on order for the animals at the oakland zoo. it's not expected to arrive until june or july. they're hoping to never see mr. handsome again. it looks like he'll miss his chance at getting his covid shot. in oakland, amy holyfield, abc . we learned late today mr. handsome, the big cat, was released somewhere in santa clara county. in the south bay today, the
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governor signed legislation aimed at fast tracking more affordable housing in california. abc 7 news reporter chris win explains how it would work. >> california needs more housing. especially affordable housing. but today in san jose, a new bill signed by the governor could make way to much needed relief. >> california is not coming back, california is roaring back. >> governor gavin newsome signed sb 7 that aims to expedite key developments such as google's proposed downtown west campus. it will fast track judicial reviews under the california environmental quality act and include additional housing projects throughout the state. >> this announcement today is a demonstrable point to our commitment to housing at all income levels and partnering with companies private, companies all across the state of california to make investments in this state. >> sb 7 lowers the threshold to
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include infill projects with vems between 15 to $100 million with at least 15% affordable housing. lawmakers say this will speed up a review process that's often time consuming without compromising the state's strict environmental standards. >> what this bill does is it helps not miss the window of opportunity you know while the economy still is good. while financing is still available. >> in san jose, the google project is expected to bring 4000 units of housing. with nearly 1/4 of those slated to be affordable. the mayor says the new bill shows that california is capable of cutting the red tape when it matters most. >> whenever you have a big project like this, there's always somebody who has a financial interest in suing to try to elicit something and to be able to move forward to have a time limit on that litigation, clear the red tape, and put a shovel in the ground makes all the difference of getting people to work. >> a chance to tackle the housing crisis as california recovers from the pandemic. in san jose, chris wynn, abc 7 news. a lot more the plea
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still ahead, a crowd gathered to hear from the district attorney. but he did not attend. the latest on an attack on a shop owner in san francisco's china town. plus a look into the future. the work that has finally begun to fix what some say is one of the worst intersections in the bay area. abc 7 news
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today president biden signed the covid-19 hate crimes act into law. they enacted the in le response to the attack on asian americans. >> we see you. congress has said we see you. and we are committed to stop the hatred and the bias. >> the law instructs the justice department to designate a point person to expedite the review of hate crimes related to covid-19. it also expands efforts to make
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the reporting of hate crimes more accessible at the local and state levels. and community members today expected to meet with the district attorney nearly a week after a china town business owner was attacked and pepper sprayed. but as abc 7 news anchor deon explains, many were left hanging with many unanswered questions. >> i turn around, he spray me and gone. >> this is the moment she was pepper sprayed in face after she was assaulted trying to stop a young man from robbing her china town store saturday sp >> was it painful? >> very painful. >> do your job. >> it's these turn of events that brought members of the media including myself accessor on word the district attorney would be making an appearance. he's appeared at asian american events in recent weeks. >> we want justice. >> we want justice. >> it's a move seen by certain
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asian americans and community groups such as the united peace collaborative as doing damage control for what they say is his lack of attention to prosecuting repeat offenders. i asked how she felt about this? >> i don't care. i just want to do the right thing. >> so we waited for him to show up. and instead we witnessed members of the da's office meet with leaders of the china town united merchants association. when they were finished, she's pleased with how the discussion went but couldn't reveal details. >> did you expect the da to be here himself? >> no. i did not think he would come here. >> others in the community clearly did. >> she said he was going to come and visit her and talk to her. >> why do you think he didn't show up? >> i'm not sure why he didn't show up. >> i reached out on why if he w slated to. i did not receive a response.
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whatever the case, da or not, phan lee and merchants like nancy yu just want one thing so crimes like this won't happen again. >> a safer inclusive community. >> deon lim abc 7 news. improvements on the way to a dangerous and congested interchange in the east bay, barbara lee led a virtual ground breaking for phase one of the i-80 gillman street interchange project in berkeley. under phase one crews will construct a new pedestrian and bicycle over crossing, this will allow better and safer access to the bay trail, con baits sports complex as well as golden gate fields, phase two will include the interchange and local street improvements. a hiker missing for five days in a california forest has been found alive. and a wind advisory still in effect in the
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problems can occur together and more often when opdivo is used with yervoy. tell your doctor about all medical conditions including immune or nervous system problems, if you've had or plan to have an organ or stem cell transplant, or received chest radiation. here's to a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about chemo-free opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all those in our clinical trials. a southern california man found safe after spending five days lost in a remote area of
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the angeles was picked up yesterday by helicopter after rescuers spotted him waving in a deep canyon. he had minor scratches but was okay. officials say noel hadn't eaten since going missing five days ago. he did find clean water and used a lighter to keep warm at night. noel's sister says her brother is an experienced hiker but told her he became disoriented in an area burned by a wildfire last year. which the forestry service has recommended hikers avoid. >> nice to see him smiling there. today's windy weather was perfect for kite surfers at alameda's crowd was til out the almost looked like a postcard. yeah, great conditions for what they love to do. so we want to check on weather and live doppler 7. >> back in action, this time of year. abc 7 news meteorologist sandy patel is here.
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sandy, what gives ? >> it's wild weather, dan and alma, i'm tracking lightning and rain believe it or not. let me show you live doppler 7. it's the same system bringing us gusty winds as we get you to street level radar here. notice what happened just in the past hour. thunderstorms developed right over lake county and we are seeing that lightning tracking southward as we head into the east bay. right around pleasant hill, walnut creek, street level radar, walnut boulevard, seeing some showers, we've all ready measured in napa, also seeing a few showers around concord, here's where they're heading into maraga at 5:22, danville, san ramon in the bottom of the half hour. it's gusty right now. i want to show you those winds, sfo, 41 miles an hour, 36 in concord. that brisk wind is prompting another wind advisory. it's confined mainly to the coast in san francisco. until 9:00 tonight. gusts up to 50 miles an hour. it's definitely difficult driving weather.
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and you may run into blowing sand. especially around highway 1. as you know, the usual spot. 6:00 tonight, 45 to 50-mile an hour winds along the coastline, still strong. not as strong as ght if u reuswi night, we had 55 to 60-milhour winds. 10:00 tonight, we'll remain on the gusty side near the coast, tomorrow morning, the wins begin to let up except remaining breezy right near the beaches. picking up again tomorrow afternoon and evening once again not as strong as what we experienced late last night. with that wind direction coming off the cool ocean water, temperatures only in the 50s, 60s. tbrab a jacket grab a jacket before you go, it's cool outside. here's a live picture from our tahoe camera, threatening clouds. they've seen snow in truckee and tahoe. the doppler is tracking thunderstorms and snow showers. winter weather advisory until midnight above 6500 feet. localized up to 7 inches of
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snow. it's late in the season. but the snow showers will continue going into friday and even parts of saturday. now here in the bay area, isolated showers through tonight until sunset. and then once again, tomorrow, you will notice around 4:00 p.m., pop up shower may show up in the north bay. so don't be surprised if you do see that. morning temperatures, mainly 40s, 50s. chill in the air once again with patchy fog, tomorrow afternoon, windy coast side, breezy inland, milder than today. mid 50s to the upper 70s. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast. chilly morning, and it's going to be a gusty day as we head into saturday. winds begin to come down. much lighter on sunday and warmer pattern setting up as we head into early next week. >> sounds good. thank you, sandy. still ahead, how the warriors are
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and a reminder that you can get our live news cast, breaking news, weather, and more with our new abc 7 bay area app on apple tv, android tv, fire tv, and roku, just search abc 7 bay area and download it. well, the warriors as we know lost a heart breaker on the court last night. but they're celebrating a
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victory today, dan. >> so true, former player turned tv analyst, kalena, and members of the home court assist team stopped by noodle girl at a community kitchen on folsom street. there they picked up a thousand meals that will be delivered to individuals and community groups. >> paying the restaurant owner. she's so gracious. she cooked up all these meals. and we just loaded up the boxes on to the van. and they're going to go deliver those. and after this delivery, home court assist program will conclude after delivering 12,000 meals to various families and communities in need. the home court assist program began as a collaboration between the warriors and chase in january. since then, nine restaurants from all around the bay area have participated providing meals for 23 community organizations. which is fabulous to hear. i love giving back. it's just the greatest thing. yeah. world news tonight with david mueller is coming up next, i'm
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. israel and hamas agreeing to a cease-fire. president biden speaking just moments ago. after 11 days of relentless rockets and missile attacks, a truce now set to take affect just a short time from now. president biden, who put increasing pressure on benjamin netanyahu, biden talking just a short time ago. matt gutman standing by in tel aviv. mary bruce at the white house. our team on the breaking news tonight. d the new coronavirus cases in this country now dropping below 30,000 a day for the first type since last june. tonight, the states offering lotteries in the millions of dollars for people to get vaccinations. and scholarships for young people. and it's working. and the flash points over masks. children in school. parents outraged on


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