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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 28, 2021 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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building a better bay area, moving forward finding solutions, this is abc7 news. [ music ] >> somewhere over the rainbow now at 6 am remembering the victims of the vta railyard rampage, hundreds gathering for an emotional tribute in san jose and we are hearing from loved ones. new details in the investigation into that shooting, authorities say it will take at least several days to collect evidence at the scene overnight. abc news sources revealed investigators found molotov cocktails in the shooter's home. we now know border officials detained sam cassidy five years ago. while he was returning from the philippines. more on this in just a moment. good morning everyone it is friday, may 28, you're watching abc7 mornings live on abc7, who live in wherever you stream, we start the 6 o'clock hour with a check of the forecast
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with neurologist mike nicco. good morning, thanks for joining us and let's take a look at what's going on outside. you can see we've got a pretty south seabreeze that is going to keep us pretty comfortable not only today but tomorrow and you can see it is spreading low clouds across many neighborhoods, more so than just about any day this week. a little missed as you head through the hills, 70s from fremont to palo alto southward and 60s around the bay, 50s at the coast but it's going to get dangerously hot starting sunday. right now in excessive heat watch for solano county, the rest of the forecast coming up. developing news this morning there is new information about explosives found inside the burned out home of the gunman in the vta railyard shooting in san jose. sources tell abc news that investigators uncovered unexploded but fully complete
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molotov cocktails. they say samuel cassidy may have placed them there to accelerate the fire that he reportedly set at his home for the shooting but they did not explode. as investigators continue to search for a motive the santa clara county sheriff's department released this new surveillance video which shows cassidy walking across the railyard just moments after his first round of shooting. on his way to another building. cassidy fired 39 shots killing nine people before killing himself. this morning investigators are expected to return to the vta railyard where these nine employees were killed. abc7 news reporter -- joins us live in san jose and -- >> reporter: kumasi we are now starting to hear the stories behind those nine people who showed up here for work wednesday rnnnowshonof their co hundreds of people gathered last night in front of city
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hall for a candlelight vigil to honor the nine men who were murdered, elected officials and vta administrators spoke about healing together as a community. and never forgetting the victims. then family members spoke about the loved ones they lost. >> my nephew and my niece are not going to have a father. they are three and one. they are going to ask where their father is. nobody can bring that back nor can i nor can anybody else. >> my father's name was timothy romo, my name is audrey i'm his daughter. my dad was the smartest and funniest man i know. >> to me he was my hero, my idol, everything i've ever wanted to be as a man anhe led bypl with everythdi >> reporter: as the mourners remember the victims there was
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also a plea for the community to pull together to support vta workers. there were also many calls for an end to the senseless violence like what happened here on wednesday. reporting live in san jose, amy hollifield, abc7 news. a group of vta employees who lost coworkers in the shooting gathered before the vigil, they arrived on special vta buses , when he hugged and consoled one another. one passenger told us about her special bus driver, taptejdeep singh who died in the shooting but warned others about the gunmen, she offered her thanks. >> thank you for getting me home safe and getting others in the scene of the crime home safe. he basically sacrificed himself to let others know that there was an active shooter on the ground. >> and there was this scene at fireghte ststhe
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fallen vta workers. this morning we are remembering the life of one of the victims, lars lane who was a lineman for the vta and had plans to retire next year. he was married to his wife vicky for 22 years, she says the last time she heard her husband's voice was tuesday night when she heard the news on wednesday she raced to the vta railyard with hopes that he had survived. >> i had a feeling that i just always had hope until the last second, he was my soulmate. he was my total soulmate. the love of my life. he was a wonderful person. i'm going to miss him. i miss him now. >> vicky wants lars to be remembered for his great sense of humor and his love for his family and friends. san francisco's mayor london breed says she is staying in close contact with san jose's mayor, she said the vta tragedy brought up wanting memories of san francisco's deadly shooting at 101
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california street in 1993. on that day a gunman killed eight people and up until wednesday that had been the bay area's deadliest mass shooting. >> it is really tragic for the bay area, for our region and it's tragic for our country that this continues to be the normal. the thing that happens. >> mayor breed says san francisco has offered extra law enforcement and transportation resources to san jose to help in the aftermath of the shooting. oakland mayor -- talked about the shooting, gun- control and mental health yesterday on midday live. >> california has the strongest gun-control laws in the country but guns come in from nevada, other places, ghost guns are being 3-d printed without regulation, there is much more we can and must do. and as we come out of this pandemic i think we have to have a renewed attention on mental
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health. is on top of untreated and unaddressed mental health that this tragedy affects all of us so if you need help, support, we have vetted resources, go to abc7 action to find your ally. state election officials are reviewing new allegations against the former mayor of windsor who resigned this month amid sexual assault allegations. the chronicle reports officials received an anonymous complaint that says -- used campaign funds to pay thousands of dollars to a girlfriend and an executive at his winery and also claims he spent funds on alcohol and travel during his time in office. officials have not said if it will launch an investigation into the allegations. in the east bay there was
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heavy fire at chevron's richmond refinery, you can see the flames and smoke in this video provided ipg andy last night. residents were urged to keep windows and doors closed. the flaring has stopped and the county says it did.pick up any significant air-quality issues. still ahead taking care of mental health, as our community mourns, how you can help loved ones who are dealing with trauma. $100 million we are putting aside, $50 gift cards available to date. >> an extra incentive to get a covid-19 shot in california, the prizes available and a new vaccine lottery.
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with our neighborhood temperatures in san francisco, 49 in sunnyside and everyone else 50 to 51 under cloudy conditions, low to mid 50s about everywhere until you get to pittsburgh and tracy, this is how it looks with the cloud deck out there, it will roll back but until then it will keep us steady through 7 o'clock and it will be replaced everywhere except for the coast by high clouds as we head into the lunch hour, 50s at the coast, 65 to 70 elsewhere, 70s at 4 o'clock and into the mid 60s if you're headed out this evening. so grab a coat. is a look at your activity planner, it's going to be warmer this weekend and you may want to wait to go to the beach, pmpm this afteoo inif u want toon the bay but if you are out and about and suffer allergies, tree pollen and grass pollen
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are moderate but the uv index will be increasing which means burn times are shorter and make sure you take that strong spf if you can. let's talk about what's going to happen on the roads this morning, turning it over to sue. it's going to be a busy day on the roads this afternoon, one of the busiest getaway days that we can remember with the holiday in full swing, taking a look at the richmond san rafael bridge it's very light this morning and now is the time to be on the road at 6:12 am friday morning, it's an eight minute drive across the span from the toll plaza toward san rafael and let's take a look at san rafael, this is northbound with the headlights coming at you and those traveling in the southbound direction are on the right-hand side of the screen past the northgate mall. you're looking at about an 18 minute drive from nevada all the way across the golden gate bridge into san francisco so not bad at all. better news for our one trouble spot this morning which was in --, we had a reverse commute problem eastbound 84 near little valley with a car fire and that has been cleared within the last 30 minutes and
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we are seeing slow traffic in the westbound direction, but 580 westbound looks great. jobina? kumasi? >> thank you sue. a group in san jacinto will attack wildfire preparedness, the bills it wants to pass. and people want to know how many covid shots it will take before they are immunized in the long run, two studies reveal who will need a booster shot. as we head to break taking a live look outsid
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processing grief in the loss of loved ones creates another level of trauma for the families of the vta victims. counseling has already been offered to families of victims and to survivors, while some
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may decline psychologists encourage it over a period of time. psychologists say friends also need to reach out to offer support in a very targeted way. >> offer what you can provide instead of asking the grieving person what do you need from me, as a friend say i can bring meals to your house on wednesday and friday. is that okay? >> loved ones should look out for symptoms of depression, insomnia, anxiety, feelings of survivors guilt and flashbacks. if you get vaccinated how long will you be protected against covid-19? it's a question many are asking right now. the new york times looked at two new studies that show the vaccine could give people immunity to the virus for at least a year and potentially longer. together the studies suggest that most people who have recovered from covid-19 and who were later immunized will not need booster shots. vaccinated people who never got infected with covid-19 will most likely need extra shots. if you have questions about
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coronavirus vaccines ask the abc7 news vaccine team by going to abc7 and hit click on the big blue box. a major conference is coming to san francisco again this year, salesforce announced its dream force conference will return in september. the chronicle reports it will be at the -- and attendance will be captain everyone must be vaccinated. for the first time some events will also be held concurrently in new york city, london and paris and online. san francisco's famed palace hotel is open again after a 14 month closure for the pandemic, the hotel previously closed only two other times right after the 1906 earthquake and during a remodel in 1991. in east bay the grand lake theater in oakland is back open, it has been closed since march due to the pandemic and during that time it made some major upgrades including repainting the 45 foot tall ceiling in the lobby.
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there is a new incentive to get vaccinated, cold hard cash. california is giving 10 people who have received a shot 1.5 $1.5 million. 30 people are going to get 50 grand and there is $100 million worth of $50 grocery gift cards for newly vaccinated californians. >> i think it's a wonderful incentive. imagine you'll be taking care of your health and you have some money to even take care of yourself some more. >> i think that maybe for people who are already going to get the vaccine, maybe they might get it faster and make some initiative to do it quicker. people that aren't going to get the vaccine, it's not going to help. they already have reasons that they aren't going to get the vaccine. >> the odds of winning, just one of these $1.5 million jackpots, is about one in 2.2 in 2.2 million. >> but what did you say mike?
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when who wins? >> oh. right, if you're under the same roof whoever wins has to split it. and we are all under the same roof now i think is what jobina was getting at. if one of us wins all of us gets some of it right? yes? >> we'll see. >> stay right here, all right, let's take a look what's going on, now i'm going to go over there. from mount tam you can see the cloud cover that is making it hard to get up this morning for a few folks knowing that it's darker and grayer outside, we will have seasonal high temperatures with the partly sunny sky, the sky is going to get a run over of high clouds, misty hills and low clouds tonight just like this morning and heat risk will be moderate ekend. edto the liday we start down in the south bay, pretty comfortable from 72 in sunnyvale to morgan hill unless
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gato at about 79, san jose proper about 75. mid 60s and upper 60s san bruno in san mateo, low to mid 70s the rest of the peninsula and mid to upper 50s along the coast. low 60s in downtown, south san francisco, sausalito 64 and then you jump to the upper 70s to mid 80s to the rest of the northbay valleys. you are going to have low clouds a little longer through 10 o'clock that will keep you in the low 60s and once they break back to the coast you break free of them and look at that, you break into the 70s. i'm going to say break one more time. there's a look at what's going on as we head into the afternoon, we will hang out in mid to upper 70s through about 4 o'clock. we're going to get a break from the cloud cover, mid-sixties to mid 70s at the shore and headed inland we are getting a break, 78 to about 86 and we will definitely need air- conditioners in many areas headed to the weekend. tonight we are falling back mainly into the 50s but as you look at saturday it's going to be a lot like today but sunday,
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monday and tuesday is when that moderate to high heat risk comes in and especially is going to be critical to see where the lows, if they drop into the 50s and 60s, you should be fine. 60s and 70s will be a tough go. thank you mike, "good morning america" is coming up at 7 am right here on abc7. drs. he has a look at what's ahead. it's great to be with both of you. coming up on a holiday weekend edition of good morning america we are going to go ahead and start with this big holiday weekend, the travel rushes on, the biggest in more than a year and we will tell you about the most hectic times to hit the road and then our airports and the tsa really ready for the spike in travelers? i guess they have to be because it's happening at the secretary of homeland security will join us to discuss live and as the return to normalcy goes into overdrive the biggest crowd since the pandemic began is set to gather at the indy 500 this memorial day weekend so we will show you what that's going to
6:22 am
look like. also tiger woods is talking for the first time about his devastating car crash, what he is saying about his recovery and if he plans to play golf again in the future. and as we kick off the unofficial start of summer why there is a huge shortage in air- conditioners. if you find one why the prices are just as high as the temperatures. and we are so excited to kick off our summer concert series, bts, purple hearts all around and you will hear their smash it's the newest hits. another day, another chance. it could be the day you break the sales record, or the day there's appointments nonstop.
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over the next week state lawmakers are expected to vote on several bills to address wildfire preparedness. the bills make up what the state senate wildfire working group calls a blueprint for a fire safe california. they will complement the $536 million in funding already approved by the governor for fire prevention efforts in response. >> $1 billion will be invested to be able to put more boots on the ground with cal fire, thousands of acres of
6:25 am
additional vegetation will be cleared around communities. we are going to be removing millions of dead and dying trees and we are going to be constructing dozens of additional fire breaks in every corner of california. >> the working group says wildfires are an issue not only in california but throughout the entire western united states. that is true. the western part of the u. s., all of us in deep drought. our fire threat will heighten this weekend with the excessive heat but right now there is no watches or warnings. 12 o'clock sunday noon to 8 o'clock tuesday we've got three afternoons of temperatures in the upper 90s to the 100s but the issue in celano county is temperatures at night may only fall back into the 70s so that is why you are under that excessive heat watch. if you want some cooling head to the coast were temperatures will be in the 50s saturday, 60s sunday and 70s monday, the warmest day. >> thank you mike.
6:26 am
air b&b is extending its party ban on rentals through the end of the summer. the san francisco-based company says it is in the interest of public health. air b&b first announced the van last august when covid-19 cases were spiking, this includes all parties and event listings on its platform. guests without a history of positive reviews will also be banned from making one night reservations for an entire home during the fourth of july weekend. cosco is bringing back something many shoppers were missing during the pandemic, after a 14 month hiatus the company announced it will start a phased return of free samples. this is starting at 170 stores during the first week of june and there will be some changes to how that food is given out. including samples being prepared behind plexiglass barriers. foodcourt seating will also return next month with new social distancing protocols. >> i love myself i costco sample. those many quiches.
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what microsoft is saying about a cyber attack against more than 150 government agencies. and as we turn the corner in the pandemic more rules are being rolled back. how long you can expect to where your mask in airports in the u. s. as we head to break taking a live look outside, the clouds and th when you're born and raised in san francisco, you grow up wanting to make a difference. that's why, at recology, we're proud to be 100% employee owned with local workers as diverse as san francisco.
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shooter and why he may have targeted his coworkers. a live look through our mount cam camera and i'm looking ahead to this holiday weekend, including an excessive heat watch in one county. everybody that has gotten vaccinated in california is automatically eligible. >> and the governor's appearance on jimmy kimmel live last night, laying out the details of the states new vaccine incentive program. good morning everybody it is friday, may 28, you are watching abc7 mornings live on abc7, who live in wherever you stream , we are starting with a check of the accuweather forecast with mike. >> could morning jobina and kumasi, let's take a look at what is going on outside and you can see over my shoulder it's a pretty gray start but above the clouds there is plenty of early sunshine and that will be taken away by high clouds so expect it to not be quite as bright today and look at the wind already gusting to
6:31 am
22 in fairfield so there is a nice onshore breeze that will keep us from getting overheated today. and tomorrow. but it is definitely going to change headed deeper into the forecast. here is a look at day planner today, low to mid 50s all the way through 7 o'clock, 50s will stay stubborn as will the low clouds at the coast and we will have high clouds take over elsewhere, 65 to 70 at noon, 7277 at 4 o'clock and mid 60s at 7 o'clock. today investigators are expected to return to the vta railyard in san jose and to the home of the gunman in wednesdays mass shooting. new this morning sources are telling abc news that investigators discovered unexploded but completed molotov cocktails inside sam cassidy's burned-out home. they say he may have placed them there to accelerate the fire that he reportedly set at the home before the shooting but they didn't explode. all of this is coming as the santa clara county sheriff's office released new surveillance video showing cassidy walking across the railyard moments after his first round of shooting.
6:32 am
the sheriff's department described him as a highly disgruntled vta employee for many years. >> the suspect talked to the union person and said i'm not going to shoot you or words to that effect and then started shooting other people. >> the fbi says this investigation will be slow and methodical with days left evidence collection. hundreds of people mourned together outside san jose's city hall last night on a vigil to honor the nine lives lost in wednesdays best shooting, at the vta yard. that is where we find amy hollifield with more information on the victims -- >> reporter: good morning jobina, this is still a crime scene, there is still e tape roping off the area where nine people were shot to death wednesday morning. now we are learning more about eir lives, who ll ssed.
6:33 am
hundreds of people gathered last night in front of san jose's city hall for a vigil to remember the victims. the mayor and many dignitaries spoke about the need to come together and support each other especially vta workers. then several family members of the victims spoke tearfully telling the crowd about how much these nine men will be missed. also calling for unity. >> vta was his family and at first i did not have the courage to come appear but i wanted to come here because he was always happy going to vta and he always told me everybody that works at vta his family. >> we are not just san jose or california or the united states, we are the whole world. the whole world needs to come together right now. so we don't have to do this anymore. >> reporter: representative -- called for change saying we don't have to be the only country where mass shootings are a near daily occurrence.
6:34 am
there were signs at the vigil, people were sharing homemade signs and brought flowers and candles, some wore t-shirts with pictures and names of the victims. one of the main messages during the solemn event was these victims must never be, they will not be forgotten. reporting live in san jose, amy hollifield, abc7 news. >> thank you amy. we are learning more about the victims and wednesday shooting, 49-year-old timothy romo went to work every day from tracy where he was a beloved member of his community. neighbors are remembering him as outgoing, cheerful, devoted to his family, jay martin says he would chat with romo about their shared interests in motorhomes. >> he had that big voice so you could always hear him. and it's like oh, tim is home so i need to go talk to him real fast and we had a great time. >> reporter: he says romo had recently become a grandparent and was looking forward to
6:35 am
spending time with his family. family members of light rail operator taptejdeep singh told us they weren't surprised to learn the 36-year-old acted to save lives, friends, coworkers and loved ones couldn't hide their grief as they gathered in union city yesterday. his brother carmen described him as their mother and grandmother's favorite, he was a husband and father of two. >> i want to honor his life as much as i can, he was my idol. i hated him for being so strict with me at times, keeping me from going to parties, sometimes lecturing me on things but at the same time he was my strength. >> carmen says his brother enjoyed his job and his coworkers and he says he learned two minutes after the gunfire started that taptejdeep singh called a coworker to tell him to stay away.
6:36 am
you can help support victims in the tragedy, head to abc7 action, we have information about how to donate to the families directly impacted by the gun violence. developing news the u.s. senate is expected to reconvene after lawmakers met late into the night as republicans tried to block the creation of a commission to investigate the january 6 insurrection. they were expected to vote on this yesterday but a stalled debate on a separate bill pushed back the timing. that commission vote is still expected to fall short 60 votes it would need to advance. many republicans say they are concerned that this commission will be used as a weapon against them in the 2022 election. former house speaker paul ryan is the latest republican criticizing former pres. donald trump's hold on the party. >> once again we conservatives find ourselves at a crossroads. and here is the reality that we have to face. if the conservative cause depends on the populist appeal of one personality or of second-
6:37 am
rate imitations then we are not going anywhere. r an ads nt inndce and tal. they will not be oppressed by a set of yes-men flocking tomorrow lago. >> ryan made these comments yesterday at the ronald reagan presidential library. all u. s. airports are still requiring masks even though several states have relaxed mandates. the u. s. secretary of homeland security appeared on gma to talk about how long the requirement could last. >> the mask mandate is a federal mandate in airports and on airplanes and that is going to hold true probably until mid- september and it's a very important mandate. we are getting out of the covid- 19 pandemic because of a concerted federal effort and we need to stay strong and really put this behind us. >> alejandro mayorkas also
6:38 am
addressed international travel saying the u. s. is still considering requiring vaccine passports for travel in and out of the country but the priority now is getting more people vaccinated. coming up, gearing up for a memorial day getaway that is expected to be the busiest travel time frame since the start of the pandemic, the big focus on vaccinating people in unlikely places. and taking a live look now at the big board at the new york stock exchange up by about 115 points, another update on the markets next. the rise of san francisco- based and will be the substate -- could morning everyone we're looking at a pretty quiet friday morning so far, we don't want to jinx it but let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays here but a little cyclist -- sluggish across the span, 880 is moving nicely in both directions on
6:39 am
the nimitz, no nasty nimitz this morning and we will take a look overall, we look green and when we look at your ride we did have gusty wind over the out month pass, chp issued a high wind advisory for this ride and you are slowing to about 30 miles an hour and then things pick up on your way into dublin pleasanton. a quick look at drive times under 30 minutes westbound 580 so that's a nice friday morning commute into dublin highway four westbound antioch to concorde is just about 10 minutes or i should say about 18 minutes and into san francisco over the golden gate from san rafael a breeze at under 20 minutes. hi everybody, you can see a little sunshine above the clouds over my shoulder but below the clouds from the exploratory him it is actually milder this morning and all of us are waking up to slightly milder conditions, 60s around antioch and also brentwood
6:40 am
to mid 50s for the rest of the inland east bay neighborhoods and pretty much that's the way it is everywhere. there is fog forming around santa rosa and 49 for the cool spots so for the kids it is not quite as cool this morning it still jacket weather with low to mid 50s and partly sunny, relatively cool 50s and 60s at 11 o'clock but 50s, 60s and 70s as they are headed home for the holiday weekend. as far as the rest of us you can see that it's definitely going to be a little bit cooler today than the rest of the weekend so enjoy these wonderful temperatures, a little misting us in the hills, and this afternoon it could be -- as far as the air quality yes it's going to get considerably hot, in fact they moderate to high risk of heat this weekend at our air quality is going to stay good to moderate which is healthy for all of us. i will show you those potential high temperatures and who could hit triple digits this weekend coming up but for now let's take a look at the comfortable high temperatures sponsored by disney's cruella for today. disney's cruella is now in
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it's beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. - or the beast. - the beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. has failed. the beast, john cox, will open schools, get our economy roaring. learn about california's nicest, smartest beast at families colleagues and friends are dealing with an unimaginable loss following the vta mass shooting. growing memorial at -- high school in san jose to honor 29-year-old -- who was killed on wednesday. he went to school there, abc seven news anchor -- shares
6:44 am
more about adrian balleza. >> reporter: 29-year-old adrian balleza was a father, husband and friend, his neighbor remember when they met. >> he loved his family, he loved his community, he was a people person, he loved his job and loved meeting people on the bus and just taking care of his customers. >> reporter: 63-year-old abdolvahab alaghmandan had been with the valley transportation authority for 20 years, his son says he worked through the entire pandemic and said he was a tinkerer and could fix anything. 49-year-old alex fritch was an avid motorcyclist who built a tiki bar in his backyard for cocktail parties, he died at the hospital surrounded by family. >> that was dan ashley reporting. the mass shooting has touched so many of us here in the bay area and across the country but unfortunately some people out there be trying to take advantage of you and your generosity. seven on your side michael finney has a timely morning after this phony go fund me
6:45 am
showed up online, it popped up at least an hour before police confirmed the names of the san jose shooting victims. the better business bureau says that is a red flag. >> we all know what's going on, we all understand the story so we want to make sure that the people that are being mentioned you are able to verify that they are one of the victims. a lot of times the images you see on these go fund me pages you could easily cut and paste into google and see where the images are coming from. >> seven on your side notified go fund me about this bogus account that it has been taken down. go fund me has now assigned its trust and safety team to verify all campaigns related to the tragedy. it says anyone who was potentially defrauded will get a refund. knew it fedel author instins rgin15go rlide, michael soft says these cyber criminals targeted thousands of email accounts
6:46 am
belonging people involved in organizations across 24 countries. the company believes hackers are part of the same russian group that carried out last aacthe software vendor not that lofty, it is not that lofty, solar wind, the white house says it is monitoring the situation but the impact appears to be limited. this morning we are hearing from tiger woods for the first time since that devastating suv crash in southern california months ago. woods says right now his goal is to simply walk again on his own, in an interview with golf digest he says it was quote more painful than anything i have ever experienced. compared to his past injuries and surgeries. he called the rehab process an entirely different animal. woods is not saying if he thinks he will ever be able to play golf again. >> i think he is trying to keep his own expectations in check but just knowing him and his competitive spirit you have to think if there is a chance he would have a really really hard time not at least trying and seeing if it's possible. >> "good morning america" will have much more on tigers tale of survivor coming up at 7 am.
6:47 am
the earthquakes are teaming up with santa clara county for a vaccine event over at -- high school from 11:30 am to 7:30 am, p.m., if you get your shot there you can enter to win an autographed jersey and player -- will be there signing autographs from 4:30 pm to 6 pm. also gov. newsom appeared on jimmy kimmel live to talk about the new vaccine incentive program, 10 people will win one and a half- million dollars. >> so people will get entered in the lottery of things? >> everyone who's gotten vaccinated in california is eligible, we put $116 million up. on june 15 we are going to do $15 million raffles and a series of raffles, $50,000, on friday, june 4. friday, june 11. $50 gift cards, unprecedented. >> what if you are vaccinated,
6:48 am
you are one of the smart ones who got vaccinated. do you still get in the raffle? >> some of the states are doing raffles but don't include folks that did the right thing. we are including everybody that has been vaccinated. [ applause ] >> oh yeah. okay. here's with a breakdown of those prizes, 10 people will win one and a half-million dollars, 30 people will win $50,000 and the next 2 million newly vaccinated people will also get $50 gift cards. >> all right. now to the morning money report. the company snowflake is the latest to move its head quarters out of the bay area, the ipo was last year and it was based in san mateo, but the business times is reporting that the company will now call bozeman montana its new principal executive office location. snowflake says it no longer has a central headquarters because of its globally distributed workforce. the san mateo office has nearly 1000 employees and will stay on
6:49 am
the peninsula. now let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange's trading is underway, you can see we are starting up by about 140 points. the c.d.c. director says if you are vaccinated enjoy your memorial day weekend but as people are already taking that advice with millions inspected to travel today is expected to be the busiest day as oakland international airport is prepping. officials say 30,000 all they smacked 30,000 passengers will -- free covid-19 is required and as andrew dymburt tells us restrictions are being eased agfor morm ountry sett >> reporter: this morning americans gearing up for the unofficial start of summer hitting the beach, the roads and the skies. >> this is the most i'm traveling since last year february, we are going to new york and we really excited about it.
6:50 am
>> reporter: at least 37 million people are expected to travel this weekend, the largest in more than a year. officials across the country are working tirelessly to make sure the pandemic can't stop the party. >> get vaccinated and hit the beach. >> reporter: global vaccine -- while travelers passing two airports are being offered the single dose johnson & johnson vaccine before they fly. >> super easy super fast. super convenient. >> reporter: this year strikingly different than what memorial day brought in 2020 with more than half of all adults in the u. s. now vaccinated there is little fear of a repeat surge. >> if you've been fully vaccinated then you can and should feel a lot safer about gathering this holiday weekend. >> reporter: andrew dymburt abc news new york. >> if you are planning a road trip for the holiday weekend you probably need some good music. listen to this. a new survey shows what people are listening to. here are some of the top pics. sweet home alabama by lynyrd skynyrd, hotel california by the eagles, life is a highway i
6:51 am
tom cochran, take me home country roads by john denver and on the road again by willie nelson. this survey was conducted by one pole on behalf of christian brothers automotive. >> i'm going to keep my mouth shut this time. >> [ laughter ] all right. so i will add a little to this christian brothers automotive is based out of houston if that helps. why they are all 70 songs? maybe those are the last cars some of us could work on because now they are too technical. >> okay. we'll take it. >> we will go with this theory mike. >> trying to put a veond takea at what's going on and you can see from the oakland 880 calendar -- camera,
6:52 am
temperatures will drop into the 50s, 207 inch of drizzle at rocky ridge again, receiving the only measurable drizzle this morning. partly sunny and comfy today and tomorrow but heat risk increases from moderate to high sunday monday tuesday, it will be cool at the coast and so will the water temperature, in the 50s so be careful if you go in the water. you can see low clouds spreading across all the neighborhoods, they retreat back to the coast but look at the rush of high clouds coming in and that's why it's going to be partly sunny this afternoon. let's take a look at temperatures and we will start with the hottest ones. low to mid 80s in concorde antioch in fairfield, santa rosa lakeport 88 everybody else inland including the south bay mid to upper 70s and that extends all the way to fremont , palo alto 72, most of the bay and mid to upper 60s. 61 in san francisco and upper 50s along the coast until you
6:53 am
get to santa cruz at about 69. tonight temperatures are back in the 40s and 50s mainly 50s with cloud cover and a little drizzle out there and the average high is 66 in tahoe but we will be near records in the upper 70s and 80s sunday and monday, at the coast 50s and 60s tomorrow except for santa cruz at 70 and notice the lack of cloud cover by sunday, everyone in the 60s except around the monterey bay where we will have low cloud cover there and look at these temperatures monday. 70. this is the only place you're going to find any free air conditioning monday and tuesday and in fact we have an excessive heat watch for solano county. i will talk about that and seven things as you can see for saturday it's going to be a lot like saturday but sunday monday tuesday the heat, even 90s possible around redwood city monday. >> thank you mike. los angeles -- last night the superstar was as the starting pitcher because of traffic on the bay bridge. instead of a team bus he took bart to the colosseum but he didn't arrive in time for his
6:54 am
pregame warm-up. he still played and batted second in the lineup and the a's should out the angels five to nothing. the rise of uber will be the subject of a new series on showtime, the network announced actors joseph gordon levitt and kyle chandler will star in the first season of super pumped, chandler will play venture capitalist bill gurley and gordon levin will take on the role as ousted ceo travis koenig. super pumped will be an anthology series with each season focused on a different business. there is no word yet on a release date. concerts are coming back, tickets to see billy i lish go on say today. all right, this singer is coming to san francisco in march , the 29th actually of 2022. tickets go on sale today at
6:55 am
noon. i was trying to look and see who else is coming but i feel like i've got to do some digging because a lot of them have been rescheduled. >> who do you want to see if you could just pick someone to come to the center? >> i don't know. selena supposed to be coming and i would go see her again. >> okay. i would go for that. i honestly, we were just talking about this and i love beyoncc and i know she really hasn't come out with a lot of new music but >> i feel that way about rihanna , i would see her if she came to concert. and i would go see janet again. >> i would see janet. i would also want to see k lonnie because those tickets all sold out, she's from oakland and that would be amazing. >> but star and grow festival is back so they start their concert series on the 20th and they haven't released the lineup. i just feel at this point it
6:56 am
doesn't matter who it is. >> i don't care, it's spring and i'm coming. >> i'm looking forward to that. it's going to be a good time. >> it is, we're putting all the energy out there so we can win some money. vaccines. >> coming up next the seven things you need to know
6:57 am
this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually doesn't cover everything you need. it's long on pages. short on coverage. that's why three was created. it covers your entire business in just one policy. because small business owners have enough on their hands. so go with three and leave those old policies in the dust. sawdust. technically. don't interrupt the spokesperson. this commercial is now over. logo. three. no nonsense. just common sense.
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it is 6:57 am and if you are just joining us here are the seven things to know. number one molotov cocktails were discovered inside the burned-out home of the gunman in the vta railyard shooting, sources tell abc news that they run exploded but they were complete. the shooter sam cassidy reportedly set a fire at his home before the shooting. >> number to the santa clara county sheriff's office released this new surveillance video that shows the shooter walking across the railyard moments after firing his first round on his way to another sec familyemected gil to honor ed officials and
6:59 am
vta administrators all spoke about healing together as a community and never forgetting the victims. >> number four senate republicans are expected to block a bill creating a commission to investigate the pro-trump riot at the u. s. capital on january 6. the senate has reconvened after adjourning just before midnight our time. >> number five an abrupt change in the weather this week, moderate to high heat risk, elevated fire risk and the most dangerous temperatures will be in solano county from noon sunday to 8 pm tuesday. >> number six following your friday commute it's a hazy out there on the 80 freeway, it's pretty light out there with no major accidents knock on wood. >> and number seven, california is offering cash incentives to state residents who are vaccinated, the state is giving 10 people who have received a shot 1.5 $1.5 million. >> it's mine. does sue have to give us some money if she wins? >> yes, i'll share it, what the
7:00 am
heck. >> thank you sue. good to know. happy friday good morning, america. as we join you this friday, the biggest travel weekend in more than a year is officially under way. pedal to the metal. tens of millions taking to the roads and skies right now for memorial day. what to know before you hit the highway. the busiest time to drive and our airports and the tsa ready for the massive spike in travelers. the secretary of homeland security joins us live as return to normal life goes into overdrive. >> takes the lead in the indy 500. >> 135,000 people set to pack the stands at the indy 500. the largest crowd since the start of the pandemic. deadly rampage, what we're learning about the nine victims


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