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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 27, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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kumasi: what is that bread? jobina: i good morning, america. chaos in kabul after that horrific attack and now fears of another strike and the president vowing to retaliate. on edg. the u.s. bracing for another possible act of terror in afghanistan after the deadliest attack on u.s. forces there in more than a decade. chaos unfolding after two suicide bombings and gunfire. at least 13 u.s. service members and dozens of afghans killed. isis in afghanistan taking responsibility and president biden putting them on notice. >> we will not forget. we will hunt you down and make you pay. >> and promising to get americans and afghan allies out with just four days left until the deadline. hurricane watch.
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state of emergency declared for louisiana. tropical storm ida gaining strength with the gulf in the crosshairs. new orleans bracing for a major hurricane this weekend. ginger's tracking it all. resurgence. all 50 states reporting covid cases spreading at an alarming rate. the delta variant rapidly sweeping across the country. >> it's never been as bad as it is right now. >> this with the grim new forecast, 100,000 more americans could die by december. and how scammers are now taking advantage of new vaccination mandate laws. >> you can end up being hacked yourself basically. >> our exclusive this morning. supreme court strike down ending the president's ban on evictions after protests across the country. this morning, more than 3 million americans now face losing their homes. tracked down. a nest packed with 1,500 aggressive murder hornets
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in their slaughter phase destroyed. now at least two reports of people getting stung raising the alarm. what we know about the scary sightings. ♪ you're as cold as ice ♪ a chilling journey. this morning "gma" goes to greenland. we're exploring the heart of the climate crisis a world away but impacting our entire planet. our stunning arctic adventure as we say -- >> good morning, america. and good morning, america. great to be with you on this busy friday morning and great to be with the ladies here, cecilia and janai with us all here at the desk. george is off this morning by the way because his daughter who is double vaccinated tested positive for covid. he is quarantining in accordance with disney protocols. >> we hope they're all doing well. we do have a lot of news to get to this morning, starting
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with that chaos following the horrific attack outside the kabul airport. this is now the deadliest attack on u.s. forces in afghanistan in more than a decade. >> at the white house this morning, and at the u.s. capitol flags flown at half-staff to honor those fallen service members. >> right now the frantic race to vaccinate americans and afghan allies is growing more dangerous. ian pannell joins us from doha, qatar, with the latest. good morning to you, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, amy. today isn't about the salvation of the many but the sacrifice of the few. afghans and americans united in grief and as you say, although afghans have seen many days like this, this was the worst single attack in the u.s. force history in the country in over ten years. this morning, u.s. evacuation flights resuming as american and allied forces are on high alert for another possible terrorist attack. >> we believe it is their desire to continue those attacks and we expect those attacks to continue. we're doing everything we can to be prepared for those
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attacks. >> reporter: the warning coming as president biden vows to hunt down the terrorists who killed 13 american service members wounding 18 others. the associated press reporting this morning that as many as 95 afghans may be dead and more than 100 wounded. >> to those who carried out this attack as well as anyone who wishes america harm know this, we will not forgive. we will not forget. we will hunt you down and make you pay. >> reporter: isis-k, the branch of isis in afghanistan saying it carried out the attack. two suicide bombings and gunfire leaving carnage and bloodshed at the gates to kabul airport. one bomber detonating his device as marines searched civilians at abbey gate, one of the main entrances to the airport. another then detonating a bomb near the baron hotel 200 yards away. bloodied victims rushed to the hospital by any means possible.
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ten marines, one navy medic, one army soldier and one other service member killed. >> these american service members who gave their lives -- it's an over used word, but totally appropriate, they're heros. heroes who have been engaged in a dangerous, selfless mission to save the lives of others. >> reporter: just hours before the two bombings the u.s. embassy issuing an urgent warning telling u.s. citizens to avoid abbey gate and two other major airport entrances because of a security threat. we were at that spot at abbey gate just one day before the attack. we met the american soldiers, diplomats and other troops risking their lives to help afghans and americans escape. in the hardest possible circumstances, the military trying to separate friend from foe. >> it's heartbreaking. it honestly is. >> reporter: we saw thousands of afghans desperate to flee standing in knee-deep wastewater, the area now stained with their blood.
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despite this horrific tragedy president biden promising the mission to get americans and afghans out will be completed with the august 31st deadline now just four days away. >> these isis terrorists will not win. we will rescue the americans there. we will get our afghan allies out and our mission will go on. america will not be intimidated. >> reporter: but some will be left behind. 5,000 u.s. citizens have been evacuated from the country but the state department says up to a thousand still remain. two-thirds of them are taking steps to leave. cecilia, the president referred to those who lost their lives as heroes, but we were down at the gate talking to the troops and one made an interesting comment, please don't see us as heroes. that turns us into another. we're just like you. we have the same fears. we have the same emotions and
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that is really what happened yesterday. cecelia? >> okay, ian, thank you so much. right now we are joined by jariko denman who was right there in kabul working with other vets to get afghan allies and their families out of that country. good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. you're in doha safe. you got out minutes before this attack. i know you've been in touch with people who responded to that scene yesterday. what are they telling you right now? >> right now a lot of the details are still coming in and spotty, but they're all very, very much on the same theme. it was just carnage. >> you left just before the attack. you were working there. there had been a warning in place when you were on the ground about how dangerous this possible threat could be. what were the conditions that you saw? >> there were multiple times where we had to close the gate to activity to bring people in due to these same threats, threats that would have resulted
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in the same result here. >> what were the conditions that you saw outside those gates there? >> the conditions outside the gate are -- you know, i was in the army 20 years and deployed 15 times and they're the worst i've ever families, you know, people carrying toddlers, babies, elderly trying to get to these gates to get to us to get through and i would describe it as a mosh pit on steroids, you know, 600, 700 meters long of compacted human beings trying to get to one little check point. it was terrible. >> what were the conditions that your friends, those service members who were out there working, what were they up against? >> they were up against, you know, the same thing a lot of us were and that is just way, way more people than the assets that we had there could deal with. again, you know, in 20 years i never saw an operating force
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more sleep deprived or just working more than these marines and other, you know, airmen and soldiers that were on the ground. >> do you believe an attack was inevitable? >> i think that we were very vulnerable to an attack. i couldn't speak to the intelligence situation enough to say if it was vulnerable, but i will say that the way that we were forced to expose ourselves in order to get our people in made us very, very much vulnerable to it. >> what do you mean by that? >> i mean to say that, you know, in -- normally in doing operations in a combat zone you need standoff from potential threats, right? and in order for us to, you know, close the gap and distance in order to communicate with these people and find out who and who shouldn't be coming through that gate, you had to close that distance and assume a ton of risk. so with the sheer numbers of people coming in we didn't have the time to, you know, do those different steps and security of,
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you know, walking up, talk to them, search them and do all those things. it was just, you know, a mob of, you know, 7,000, 8,000 people arm's distance away. >> some of those people outside that gate you were trying to get out, afghan allies who risked their lives to help our country, you say you've seen people show up at that gate with the proper paperwork to leave and they have not been allowed to leave. are people being turned away and do you believe that those people who can get out and have the paperwork to get out will be able to get out after american forces leave on tuesday? >> i don't know if they're going to be able to get out. i have hope that they will and i think that just seeing the way that our community flexed and was just learning on the fly and getting these people out from a situation that none of us had ever seen before, i think that the change in the operating environment of that airport being closed is not going to slow us down. i think we're going to find ways to get -- continue to get people out and this is very much not
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over on the 31st. >> jariko, thank you and know we are grieving as a nation for those service members whose lives were lost yesterday. thank you. >> thank you. >> amy? >> all right, cecelia, thank you. let's bring in martha raddatz this morning. good morning to you, martha. and we just heard president biden there vow to hunt down those responsible for yesterday's attack. so first do we have any indication of what his plan is to do that and how is the administration handling the threat of even more attacks there in afghanistan? >> reporter: amy, the president has ordered commanders to develop plans to strike isis assets, leaderships, facilities but first they have to be certain where they are. we've had a vast network of intelligence in afghanistan for 20 years along with the military presence, but as of tuesday the military, of course, will be gone and the intelligence gathering on the ground was already reduced when u.s. forces, the ones actually deployed to the country, not those on temporary mission were
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withdrawn in july. so the u.s. will be conducting this so-called over the horizon watch meaning our u.s. forces and intelligence operations will be based nearby, not in afghanistan. but clearly the u.s. knew the wave of suicide bombings was possible even with the reduced presence in the country but that was also because the taliban considers isis an enemy as well and were cooperating in terms of sharing information. they still are but that threat remains, amy. >> all right, martha raddatz, we appreciate it. thank you. janai? well, president biden facing the biggest crisis of his presidency as that tuesday deadline nears to get the u.s. out of afghanistan. stephanie ramos is at the white house with more on what's at stake. stephanie, good morning to you. >> reporter: janai, good morning. president biden spent much of the day yesterday watching the situation in afghanistan closely with his national security team. that's according to the white house. there is no denying that this attack is a worst case scenario for the biden administration and one that made the president
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visibly emotional yesterday during his address to the nation, but privately and publicly, the white house is adamant that this evacuation mission will continue until august 31st but the president saying that the nation has made a vow to help americans and our allies escape the country and that the military knowing full well there might be another attack is committed to sticking to this exit strategy and we also heard from the white house press secretary last night, she said putting the lives of service men and women at risk and those decisions that you have to make as commander in chief weigh heavily on the president. janai? >> and that tuesday deadline is fast approaching, stephanie, thank you. cecilia? >> okay, janai, thank you. we'll have much more on the crisis in afghanistan throughout the morning. but now, we do want to turn to the hurricane watch as
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tropical storm ida gains strength. a state of emergency has been declared for louisiana. victor oquendo is there in new orleans with the very latest. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. from lake pontchartrain where the waves are kicking up and rain on and off this morning but this is not from the storm. and conditions will be much more dangerous as she heads this way. let's take you right up to our drone. the big concern here in new orleans will be the flooding. up to a foot of rain is possible here along with some damaging winds. also looking at the potential for life-threatening storm surge up to 11 feet along the coast, five feet here on the lake. louisiana's governor has declared a state of emergency. hurricane conditions could start as early as tomorrow night. so if you're in the watch area, the time is now to get your plan in place. hurricane season is heating up, last year the gulf couldn't catch a break. amy, here we go again. >> yeah, that is unfortunate. victor, thank you very much. let's go to ginger who is tracking ida with all the latest. good morning, ginger. >> one year ago today, cameron, louisiana, had a category 4 hurricane landfall of hurricane laura. lake charles was wrecked and today they, cameron, are in a hurricane watch over to biloxi including everybody to the state line of alabama, tropical storm
7:15 am
watch east of there nes includ out in the caribbean. it will clip western cuba. when it gets into the gulf of mexico, it will get into waters that are town right hot. we'll see the intensification of the category, up to 3, making landfall sunday evening or into monday morning. the impacts will start sunday. it will pile water towards the coast. tat's the most dangerous part, the storm surge, up to 11 feet. up to mobile bay you need to watch for it. it will come in concert with heavy rain. ncredible amounts of rain, big we'll see tornados. i'll be tracking it. >> thank you very much, ginger. janai? now to the coronavirus emergency. nationwide hospitalizations now
7:16 am
topping 100,000 overwhelming health care workers. whit johnson has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, all 50 states now reporting high community transmission. these striking side-by-side maps showing how in just ten weeks the delta variant spread like wildfire. now accounting for nearly 99% of all new cases nationwide. >> i've seen a lot of people die over the last year and a half and it is picking up pace. it's never been as bad as it is right now. it is truly awful. >> reporter: the u.s. reporting more than 800 deaths per day. the highest average in five months and a grim new forecast. estimating nearly 100,000 more americans could die of covid between now and december if current trends continue. in florida, 95% of the icu beds in the state are full. due to hospital capacity, west palm beach police officer anthony testa had to be flown to ohio as he fights for his life on a ventilator. >> he deserves this. he can fight and i know he will. >> reporter: in hard hit texas,
7:17 am
the houston health department confirming the city's first covid pediatric death. a boy without underlying health conditions between the age of 10 and 19 who was not vaccinated. according to abc affiliate ktrk, schools around the city also reporting nearly 10,000 active covid cases. but a glimmer of hope. 42-year-old mother michele tate spent three months in a coma at houston's memorial hermann hospital. her grueling road back included learning to walk and talk all over again. now michele is finally able to get the vaccine after almost losing her life. >> i thought to myself there is absolutely no way that i am leaving the safety of this hospital without being vaccinated. whoo, it's over. >> reporter: we're also starting to see a return of more mask mandates. the state of illinois becomes the latest to require masks indoors and oregon facing a tenfold increase in the
7:18 am
percentage of those hospitalized. they will starting today, mandate masks outdoors in most public settings. janai? >> wow, some communities in such a dire situation. whit, thank you so much. we are following a lot of other headlines including an enormous nest filled with nearly 1,500 murder hornets destroyed. but the big question is could there be more? and scammers taking advantage of the growing number of vaccination mandates, the potential danger to your privacy. we'll tell you about that. first back over to ginger. >> don't want to lose the inland flooding and tornado possibilities, jackson, alabama up to central mississippi could see big rain too. the time is now to prepare. you've got a solid 36 hours before you don't have to be on the roads so do it now. your local weather in 30 seconds. first the weekend getaway forecasts sponsored by state farm.
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we want to reward that. introducing mymcdonald's rewards. now, every order earns points redeemable for free mcdonald's. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: california lawmakers, including an oakland assembly member are proposing legislation for a statewide vaccine mandate. she and her colleagues are drafting the bills framework now at the state capital. the mandate would require proof of vaccination to enter indoor businesses like restaurants, bars, and movie theaters. negotiations are ongoing and details will be released in the coming days. jobina: good morning. it is a true friday right now and we have not had any major issues, which is great news if you need to head out. live pictures of the san mateo bridge, pretty busy westbound.
7:24 am
metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. there is a minor backup. we are seeing a pretty major slowdown between antioch and concord. westbound, 38 minutes. reggie: i get it, maybe you can see just fine.
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lisa: happy friday, hazy conditions from mount tam, upper 50's downtown and 59 in oakland. look at this golden hue from our roof camera due to their quality declining with the smoke coming into the atmosphere from the upper elevations. 59 by the delta and 60 in we are looking at the moderate air quality in hot conditions inland all weekend with temperatures near 100. a week sea breeze in the city at 72. reggie: gma is live in greenland, a country of stunning
7:27 am
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♪ the best part of wakin' up is folgers in your cup ♪ ♪ i ♪ if you close your eyes ♪ ♪ if you close your eyes ♪ welcome back to "gma." we are very excited, look at that, to see greenland. such an incredible, remarkable place but there is a growing threat there that could impact all of us. our james longman is there with more on that and it's coming up in just a few minutes. we can't wait. >> beautiful images. can't wait for that. but first the top headlines we are following including the u.s. bracing unfortunately for another possible terror attack in afghanistan after those two suicide bombings and gunfire killed at least 13 u.s. service members, dozens of afghans. isis there in afghanistan is taking responsibility and president biden is vowing to retaliate promising to get americans and allies out with just four days left until that august 31st deadline.
7:31 am
also coming up and right now the race to escape those explosive wildfires raging in the west. the caldor fire burning more than 130,000 acres alone prompting more mandatory evacuations. and breaking overnight the supreme court striking down the biden administration's temporary ban on evictions due to the pandemic. in a 6-3 ruling the court's conservative majority said the cdc's eviction moratorium exceeded the agency's legal authority. this move could affect as many as 3.5 million people. take a look at this moment of pure joy at the little league world series. there it is. ohio with a big comeback getting that final out beating california, 4-2. ohio will play south dakota on saturday with a trip to the world series championship game on the line. it's joy watching those kids. >> oh, so cute. we have a lot more ahead including fake covid vaccine cards. the scam on the rise. how hackers are getting in on the scheme. that's coming up.
7:32 am
cecelia? here we go, we've been talking about it all morning, the so-called battle against murder hornets. officials in washington state there destroying the first nest of the season but they do now fear that there are more behind that one. trevor ault joins us with the latest on this one. good morning, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. so officials in washington state were able to get the upper hand here eradicating this giant hornets nest, but there are still several alarming signs. this nest was about three times of the size of the one discovered last year and now there's evidence suggesting multiple people have been stung. this morning, officials say they've successfully destroyed the year's first detected asian giant hornets' nest. nearly 1,500 so-called murder hornets in various life stages, eggs, larvae, full grown workers and a single big queen discovered inside the base of a rotten tree in washington. >> i will say this, this nest was a little more aggressive than the nest we encountered and
7:33 am
they did attempt to sting us but our hornet suits worked very well and no injuries were sustained. >> reporter: the washington state department of agriculture confirms there's been at least two reports of potential stings still unconfirmed but both showing all the nasty hallmarks of the asian giant hornet. >> this just means intense pain, overwhelming swelling and in one instance the report last year of the person was out of commission for a few days after this sting. >> reporter: asian giant hornets are not native to north america. they were first discovered in washington in 2019 sparking immediate concern for people and the environment. beyond their powerful sting they prey on the pollinators like honeybees which can lead to devastating impacts on agriculture. earlier this month one resident snapping this photo of a hornet attacking a paper wasp's nest. >> they were simply grabbing all of the wasps and chopping their heads off, dropping them to the ground.
7:34 am
this is what is actually described as the slaughter phase behavior. >> reporter: officials say reported sightings are what allowed them to capture and tag multiple hornets one of which led them back to the nest about a quarter mile away, but this morning, more nests and more murder hornets are likely lurking. >> whenever you see them go ahead and report it. it really does help the cause and does allow us to get in there and do our jobs very quickly. >> reporter: now, asian giant hornets don't usually attack people or pets, but they can if they're threatened and on top of being really venomous they can sting you multiple times and add in the environmental threat and this is not an insect that scientists want to see expand across the country. cecelia? >> thank you, i think, trevor, thank you. janai? >> fortunately no one could see us wince during that broadcast.
7:35 am
thank you, trevor. now to an abc news exclusive about covid vaccine card scams. discovering just how widespread these fake cards have become, and the scheme becoming more advanced. scammers now offering to hack databases to change vaccination status. erielle reshef joins us with more now. erielle, good morning. this is startling. >> reporter: it is, janai. as vaccination requirements pop up across the country, the department of health and human services says that they have received at least 200,000 reports of covid-related scams and those calls about fake vaccination cards are pouring in daily. this morning, a new warning from federal health officials telling abc news exclusively they are alarmed about a dramatic rise in reports that fake vaccination cards may be flooding the market. >> we are seeing it be widespread and part of that is because it's being done across social media and e-commerce where anybody who might run into it could, you know, become a participant in it. >> reporter: authorities say they're concerned these fake cards are popping up at colleges like the university of north carolina. >> when i speak with students
7:36 am
about the voluntary vaccination program, they personally know exactly how to get these vaccine cards and that they know personally students who have submitted these to the university. >> reporter: unc responding to abc news that students who provide false information may face disciplinary action up to suspension. this as multiple computer experts tell abc news it isn't just about fake paper cards available on the internet. >> we are definitely seeing students being interested in these kinds of services. >> reporter: this man is the ceo of fake spot, a company that tracks counterfeits and e-commerce scams and calls it phase 2, where websites not only offer fake vaccination cards, but offer services to alter government and hospital databases. >> this is something we've never seen before. we've seen it in the dark web. we've seen it it in "mr. robot." we've never seen it just broadly offered to the general public like it is right now. >> how accessible are these sites where these hackers are
7:37 am
selling their services to the average person who is on the internet? >> all you need to know is the domain name. you need to know the address and you can get it. >> reporter: he showed us some of those websites. abc news is redacting the identity of those sites, but the promotional language on each one strikingly similar. >> when you go down this page, they actually offer database entries if you need to access these different countries and united states and canada and mexico are first here. >> what are the dangers of using one of these sites? >> they can use your personal information to blackmail you down the line or they can just sell it for other people for nefarious acts. you can end up being hacked yourself basically. >> reporter: and hhs tells us that they have uncovered at least 20,000 websites that are related to covid-19 scams and in our research, we found that these fake vaccination cards can cost anywhere from $25 but if these scammers are offering hacking services, they're trying
7:38 am
to charge up to $750. janai? >> 20,000 websites, erielle, and for folks at home how can they help? if they see an advertisement for a fake card or hacking services what should they do? >> reporter: well, of course, these hacking services, these websites, these ads are blatantly illegal, and so is purchasing any of these products. so if you see this you should report it to the department of health and human service 1-800-hhs-tips or, janai. >> good information, thank you so much. coming up next our james longman live from stunning greenland. unfortunately, that natural beauty is under threat right now. ♪ if you close your eyes ♪ people today... they could spend half their lives over 50. i could get used to this. so, it helps to have a friend in your corner. a friend like aarp. to help keep you exploring...
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♪ we are back on "gma" taking ♪ if you close your eyes ♪ we are back on "gma" taking you on an expedition. greenland reaching north america and europe, it is massive and untouched but there is a threat to all of that natural beauty that some of us here at home may already be seeing. our james longman is there. good morning to you, james. i'm just -- i guess this summer you're never home. >> reporter: that's right, amy. you and me in tokyo and now greenland. welcome to greenland. this is the russell glacier. part of greenland, and you could see it until earlier this morning. the cloud cover has come down. it serves a purpose because this
7:43 am
weather up here is changing. rain -- this is one of the wettest years on record for greenland. it shows just how much our climate is changing. scientists are worried about the ice melt here and how it's going to change all of our lives. greenland, the arctic desert at the heart of the climate crisis. this is the greenland's ice sheet. it makes up something like 85% of the whole of greenland. where we're standing the ice is 60 meters thick, in some places it's as thick as two miles, all this water flows down to the oceans and contributes to the rise of global sea levels. that's why what happens here is so important to us. >> the arctic is the engine room of the climate system of earth. the arctic is in the core, it is the center and controls much of the mechanisms that keep our climate system active. >> reporter: the ice helps to regulate global temperatures and ocean currents but it's at risk. we camped out on ice to see this changing world up close. it rained almost continuously.
7:44 am
the problem, it should be snow. >> we are now seeing melting proceeding at increasing rates and just in one day ten days ago there was enough melting in the ice to flood the peninsula of florida in five centimeters of water in one day so right now the greenland ice sheet is the source of water that is making our oceans rise. >> reporter: we came down off the sheet to see the runoff up close and it was staggering. this water is contributing to the rising global sea levels. so from london to shanghai from singapore to new york, this is what it's going to change our lives. he was studying ways to stop it and reverse it like the melt lakes we spotted. this stunning turquoise water a sign of further deterioration. >> scientists are working on marine ecosystems and biospheree
7:45 am
in the mud beneath the ice. he says the millions year old mud beneath it is chemically unique and could trap carbon. his proposal, transfer massive amounts of this special mud newly revealed into the ocean to keep it from releasing more climate warming carbon into the atmosphere. it's almost like the earth is giving you the medicine you need. you have to find it. >> you have to go and find it. >> reporter: being up there on the ice was absolutely incredible. staying overnight, it was freezing cold. pitch black conditions and we had to wear these. i know you know what these are, amy. these are crampons. we had to put them on our shoes to make sure we stuck firm into the ice. it was pretty scary being there because the guide told us to stay behind in the line because if we had gone either left or right we could have fallen down 60-foot crevasses. that wasn't great to hear. apart from that, this whole
7:46 am
experience has been incredible. greenland are not debating whether climate change is happening. they're seeing it and living it. where i'm standing now is where the glazier used to be. look at where it is now, guys. >> it is stunning and undeniable and, james, we're excited because we have a lot more from you including the night on the ice all in our next hour. >> looking forward to that. coming up next, t.j. gearing up for "college gameday." stick around. a whole lot more? cool. so what are you waiting for? mckayla maroney to get your frisbee off the roof? i'll get it. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ ♪ ♪ whoa. here you go. (in unison) thank you mckayla! dude, get it. i'm not getting it, you get it. you threw it. it's your frisbee. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. i took my favorite cereal and made it waaay better, tony.
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♪ go big or go home ♪ we are back now on "gma" with t.j. down in the atl getting ready for "college gameday." t.j., you're having a good time down there already. >> reporter: having a good time. it is an important time and an important weekend. alcorn state are going to be in a matchup that's really the first of its kind. something we have never seen before in college football. even though we only have two teams squaring off in this particular game there is a reason that every single hbcu in this country has something on the line with this game this weekend. we'll get into that when we come back on "good morning america." stay with us. "gma's" summer concert series sponsored by caesars rewards. every way you play. .
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available in easy to switch refills and now get the cleaning power of mr. clean in a wipe to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. it's almost been two weeks since the caldor fire started and now burned 139,000 acres and 12% contained and unfortunately red flag warnings north of the bay area. gusts to 35 miles per hour, excessive heat warnings down into arizona. air quality alerts are looking rough. coming up, jojo siwa and suni lee joining "dancing" with us live sponsored by mr. clean. you don't want to miss it and your local news and weather next.
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> building a better bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> good morning. we have a look at the commute. >> good morning. we are going to begin with two issues underway in the east bay starting in concord, we have a brush fire slowing things down on southbound 242 and concord avenue, that's further north. we have a multicar crash involving a motorcyclist where lanes are blocked on southbound 680 before state route four, speeds are down to 90 miles per hour and we have a live look at the toll plaza. >> we have good to moderate air quality despite the haze, looking at the blue skies, and throughout the day, we will see it get easier with smoke -- hazy air -- hazy. temperatures are cranking today to near 100 and concord, 82
7:57 am
oakland, hot inland through the weekend, breezy young sunday. >> coming up, the first two announced the next season of dancing with the stars, suni lee and jojo seawell are on gma next. this couple is working hard on our state's recovery. you see, they live in california and keeping their vacation in california supports our small businesses and communities. which means that beautiful baby gherkin atop this charcuterie masterpiece is like another brick in the rebuilding of our economy. job well done friends. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. chaos in kabul after that horrific attack. now fears of another strike and the president vowing to retaliate after the deadliest attack on u.s. forces there in more than a decade. at least 13 u.s. service members and dozens of afghans killed. isis in afghanistan taking responsibility with just four days left until the deadline for the u.s. to get out. hurricane watch. state of emergency declared for louisiana. tropical storm ida gaining strength. new orleans bracing for a major hurricane this weekend. ♪ there's no place i'd rather be ♪ "gma" live in greenland. how one of the most beautiful places on earth is also giving the world critical insight into climate change as the country races towards a greener future.
8:01 am
ready for kickoff. we're live as the historic new season of espn's "college gameday" begins. why this year is unlike any other and the surprise for one deserving athlete you don't want to miss. ♪ oh, yes, it's lady's night ♪ get ready for the amazing ladies taking the stage. "dancing with the stars" is back. this morning the first two stars joining the cast. look who's saying -- >> good morning, america. ♪ ladies night ♪ >> good morning, america. ♪ girl ♪ yeah, good morning, america. ladies taking the stage. ladies taking the set. >> good morning. >> we're kicking off a fantastic weekend and fantastic friday. "gma" is everywhere this morning. our james longman in greenland. he will show us one of the most unique racetracks in the world.
8:02 am
>> t.j. holmes is down in atlanta for the kickoff of the college football season, plus, he's got a big surprise for one deserving player. >> we've added a few guys to our party from all over the country. we do unfortunately have a lot of news to get to starting with chaos following the deadly terror attack there in afghanistan. the white house this morning and at the u.s. capitol flags flying at half-staff to honor those fallen service members. >> right now the frantic race to evacuate americans and afghan allies. that's growing even more dangerous. let's go back to ian pannell from doha, qatar, with the latest on all of that. good morning, again, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. this morning, afghans and americans are united in grief. it's been a terrible 24 hours on top of frankly an awful two weeks. this has happened before in afghanistan. to afghans, they've tragically become used to it. for americans, it was the worst single attack on forces in over
8:03 am
ten years. this morning, u.s. evacuation flights resuming as american and allied forces are on high alert for another possible terrorist attack. >> we believe it is their desire to continue those attacks and we expect those attacks to continue and we're doing everything we can to be prepared for those attacks. >> reporter: the warning coming as president biden vows to hunt down the terrorists who killed 13 american service members, wounding 18 others. the associated press reporting this morning that as many as 95 afghans may be dead and more than 100 wounded. >> to those who carried out this attack, as well as anyone who wishes america harm, know this, we will not forgive. we will not forget. we will hunt you down and make you pay. >> reporter: isis-k, the branch of isis in afghanistan, saying twide bombndunto kabul airport. one bomber detonating his
8:04 am
explosive device as marines searched civilians at abbey gate, one of the main entrances to the airport. another detonating a bomb near the baron hotel just 200 yards away. bloodied victims rushed to the hospital by any means available. despite this horrific tragedy, president biden promising the mission to get americans and afghans out will be completed with the august 31st deadline now just four days away. amy, this event underlines the enduring threat of terrorism inside the country. while the grieving and mourning goes on the business of trying to extract people out of the country is continuing. but this morning, there are now thousands and thousands of people trapped in kabul unable to get to the airport wondering what will happen to them after that august 31st deadline. amy? >> that is a big looming question, indeed. ian, thank you so much for that. cecelia? we turn to that hurricane watch as tropical storm ida
8:05 am
gains strength, a state of emergency has been declared for louisiana. ginger is tracking the very latest on all this. good morning again, ginger. >> good morning, cecelia. i've got my bags packed for the gulf coast this weekend and this is why. look at new orleans, this morning that's lake pontchartrain moving from other storms but still a note that there could be up to five feet of storm surge this weekend on lake pontchartrain. so we're going to go ahead and get into what's happening now. cameron, louisiana, to the state line of mississippi and alabama, a hurricane watch and that includes houma that includes mobile. now i want to take you to where if the hurricane -- it's a tropical storm right now. it will intensify. called ida and will clip western cuba and will get into the gulf of mexico where there are warm water temperatures that will supercharge it right toward the coast and the track taking it in as a cat 3 in the boot of louisiana sunday afternoon or evening. remember, there is a cone for a reason. this will narrow. we will be able to see exactly the track, tomorrow is a great day to focus that energy but
8:06 am
right now is the time to prepare because you could see up to 11 feet of storm surge and up to 20 inches of rain. amy? >> not what they need. all right, ginger, thank you so much. coming up, a lot more to see in beautiful greenland. looking forward to that. we have two super teens about to take over "dancing with the stars." jojo siwa and suni lee from the olympics joining us live. plus, we go back to atlanta. t.j. is there. getting ready for a big surprise for one of those big football players. we'll be right back. manage your type 2 diabetes knocking you out of your zone? lowering your a1c with once-weekly ozempic® can help you get back in it. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! my zone... lowering my a1c, cv risk, and losing some weight... now, back to the game! ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight.
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[on your mark. get set.] [cymbal crashes decisively] done! i'm done! ♪ ♪ get a usainly fast online offer on your car in two minutes or less. ♪ times square there. welcome back to "gma" on this friday morning. tomorrow on saturday "gma," home
8:11 am
hacks and school snacks. easy ways to make two of your favorite things even better. amy? >> love that. looking forward to that. right now we have our "gma" cover story with the first two celebs revealed to be hitting the dance floor on season 30 of "dancing with the stars." olympic gold medalist gymnast suni lee and youtube star jojo siwa. fresh off that big announcement they are both joining us to talk about the upcoming season. good morning to both of you. suni, i have to tell you, i watched you win gold there in tokyo. i was there cheering you on. one of the few people allowed in the stands to see you do what you do so well. so congratulations on all of that because i haven't gotten to say that to you. but how are you going to take that win and bring it to the ballroom? do you think the two translate? >> i feel like i'm just going to try and do what i normally do. i mean it's very different than gymnastics but it's obviously not going to be as difficult as
8:12 am
doing gymnastics was. so i'm really excited because i kind of just get to have fun and let loose. >> i don't think anything will be as difficult as what i saw you do in the gym. jojo, you came out earlier this year and made big headlines. now you're making history on this season on "dancing with the stars" because you're going to be partnering with another woman and this is the first time we've seen that on "dancing with the stars." i know glaad came out in support and very excited about this opportunity. so what do you think you're going to be bringing fans with this? >> thank you. i am so happy that this is happening. i'm so happy i get to dance with another girl. i think this is going to make it normal for other people around the world and, you know, i always said obviously you can love who you want to love. that's known all around the world, of course, and that's the message i've been spreading especially to a younger generation. but now i'm able to say you can dance with who you want to dance with and it's normal for
8:13 am
ballroom for a girl to dance with a guy but i don't do anything normal and i think it's really special. i've had such an incredible year coming out and i have the best girlfriend in the world and i just am so happy that when i got asked to do "dancing with the stars" they actually asked me do you want to be with a boy or a girl and immediately there was not even a question. i knew to make it right for the people would come after me that dancing with a girl was the exact thing that i wanted to do. >> that is so cool. all right, and, suni, i know you just started college at auburn university. tell me how you'll juggle classes with the very rigorous schedule that is "dancing with the stars"? >> yes, so i did start college about a week ago and i'm basically doing online school
8:14 am
for this is he so when i go out to l.a. i don't have to fly back every weekend but i'm excited i get this opportunity and think i'll make the most of it so i'm trying to get caught up right now and try to focus on dancing when i'm out there. >> that sounds like a good plan. jojo, you obviously have a lot of dance experience. we all saw you grow up on "dance moms." how will you take that training from your youth and bring it to the ballroom? >> you know, i think it's going to be interesting to see because i am a trained dancer and that's no secret. i've been a dancer my whole life but never in this land. i've never done ballroom. never done anything latin so it's going to be totally different. my mom actually offered. she was like, should we sign up for some ballroom classes before we start. no, because i do have an advantage. i am a dancer but i was like, i want to be kind of blindsided by ballroom if that makes sense. i wanted it to be a little surprise and a little challenge. but technically i haven't trained as a dancer since i was 1 so it's been a long five-year break but i'm ready to get back into some dance training and get those splits back and move forward.
8:15 am
>> well, it is going to be so fun to watch you both of you bring it there to the ballroom and thank you for being with us, jojo siwa, suni lee, thank you. tune in to "gma" on wednesday, september 8th. we'll reveal the rest of the "dancing with the stars" lineup live from disneyland resort in southern california. thanks, again, ladies. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> cecilia. all right, amy. we're now going to head back down to atlanta where espn is kicking off this season's "college gameday" and the historically highly anticipated showdown between two teams making a big return. t.j. holmes, the one and only joins us from georgia with more on the historically black colleges and universities taking the field. hey, friend. >> reporter: hey there, cecilia. of course, any start to a new season is a big deal. it's exciting. in particular for this coach, for coach mcnair and coach oliver, they have been not been on the field for a game since
8:16 am
calendar year 2019. the pandemic, of course, made them cancel last season. so they're excited to get back on the field but this particular game they're playing this weekend is usually reserved for the likes of an alabama, clemson, ohio state. they're getting the big showcase and spotlight, only two teams but it means something to every hbcu in this country. the alcorn state braves, the north carolina central university eagles, two hbcu franchise teams sidelined by the pandemic now set to make an epic return to the gridiron. and you better believe this match-up will include all the flair that hbcu games are known for. ♪ the bands, the die-hard fans, the energy and gameday anticipation unmatched in college football. >> the assignment is just through the roof. >> kicking it off we're ready. >> reporter: the game is bigger than these two teams, on a staged typically reserved for power five conferences. these hbcu athletes will now get
8:17 am
a rare spotlight which will go a long way in getting them drafted to the nfl, and a long way for recruitment for hbcus. some of the greatest athletes hail from hbcus, jerry rice, the all-time leader in career receptions and touchdowns, bob "bullet" hayes, won a super bowl ring and gold medal. our very own michael strahan, the man who holds the record for most sacks in a season, the man of the year award in recognition of walter payton. but recently the hbcu to nfl pipeline has been dry. many schools missed out on full seasons because of the pandemic and that left many hbcu athletes virtually unseen. out of 259 athletes taken in the 2021 nfl draft, not a single one hailed from an hbcu. >> i can honestly say that there is no way in the world that with all the hbcus that does play football that you can't find one or two guys.
8:18 am
>> reporter: but it's been a long and constant fight for hbcus. >> as black colleges moved into the era of desegregation, they face a number of challenges, most notably facing off against and recruiting battles against dominantly white institutions that have tremendous amounts of financial resources. >> reporter: what led doug williams, super bowl mvp and co-founder of the black college football hall of fame to create the legacy bowl, an hbcu exclusive event to highlight athletes. >> we were fortunate enough to get 5 of them drafted and 10 or 12 of them free agents. i feel like we've done our work and we're on our way and it's going to be something good in the future. >> reporter: social justice movements have sparked interest in hbcus from some top recruited talent. >> i'll be attending --
8:19 am
>> reporter: and the game is slowly changing with alcorn state and north carolina central's televised match-up a much needed game in the playbook and a step at leveling the playing field. it's worth always the reminder, guys, that hbcus, most of them founded after the civil war and before the civil rights act of 1964. these athletes, these players, these young people were discriminated againt. they couldn't get into the other institutions. these schools are here specifically to educate. that's why they were founded and that legacy, that celebration, that history still continues. so even though only two teams here this weekend and remember back all of us as kids sometime, sometimes you wanted to go to a school because you saw them on tv, like the athlete or the color of the helmet, like the mascot. they're getting a chance now to have that platform and to suppose some kid will watch and say i want to be an eagle. i want to be a brave. well, which one are they going to say, coach? which one are they going with? of course, it doesn't matter. you get the point. much more coming up from atlanta in just a second. >> you're so right about that legacy and that history there. we'll talk to you coming up soon
8:20 am
so, everybody, make sure to watch espn tomorrow starting at 9:00 a.m. when they kick off "college gameday" and stay tuned because one of those football players about to get the surprise of a lifetime coming up. >> can't wait for that. and now, though, we are going to head to a place both cool and cold. we're in greenland all morning and our james longman certainly making it even cooler. he got a chance to soak up the natural beauty and visit one of the most unique racetracks in the world. hey, james. >> reporter: hey, amy, that's right. i am standing on a racetrack now that actually used to be underneath that glacier called extreme e electric truck racing. i got to have a go and it's all about raising awareness about climate change. greenland's melting ice sheet might feel like a distant danger but for mia it's her home. the 23-year-old pilot takes me to see her changing world. >> what has such a direct impact on us growing up was the
8:21 am
surroundings we grew up with so it's really scary to see your backyard change that immensely. >> reporter: just beyond the ice we fly over a unique racetrack, right where the retreating glacier used to sit just a few years ago. it's called extreme e and it's here to shine a light on the climate crisis. it's an all electric super truck race powered entirely by renewable energy. sthoz these hydrogen tanks charge all the batteries. in a motor sport, first, each team has a male and a female driver and team usa's czar price let me have a go. i'll have a go slowly then she will scare the living jesus out of me. that's what's going to happen now, i think. look at this. you can see the stars and stripes on the side of the car. how much more american do you want to get? i notice a small yellow button. i've seen hyper drive. what is it? >> hyper drive is our favorite thing as racers in the series. it gives us complete power of the battery in the car for four
8:22 am
seconds during the race. >> i love how they've literally taped over the button for hyperdrive for me. they've looked at me and gone no hyperdrive for you. driving this massive beast with no engine sound was wild. that was so fun! that was amazing. >> you killed it. awesome. >> reporter: nothing compared to the pro. sara is a california racer and stunt woman usually tearing it up in gas powered trophy trucks, but this is a whole new world partnering with kyle leduc. > it is usually male dominated. in a room of 100 there's usually one female but one thing great about driving is there is no gender difference. we're all equal when we get into a car so when you put a helmet on we're racers, not a male or female. you're a racer. >> reporter: louis hamilton is one of the founders. >> the fact that we face this climate issue, the fact that
8:23 am
we're going to these different locations and speaking and raising awareness, for me, was the real eye catcher and then on top of that we are naturally advancing technology. >> reporter: and the case for a cleaner world making electric cool. boy, that was so much fun. over 100 miles per hour, well over 100 miles per hour around here. sara went a lot faster than me. we should say this whole race travels around the world on a ship in order to keep its carbon footprint low and highlighting climate challenges in africa and the middle east. next will be wildfires in europe and this technology is just incredible. it's such a privilege to see it because you and me, we're going to use this on the roads because electric cars are the future. guys? >> james, you are so cool. i feel like we should introduce you as james, james longman. [ laughter ] you'd like that, wouldn't you? >> reporter: i like it.
8:24 am
let's do it. let's do it. >> thank you, james. we'll head over to ginger now. >> i like it so wche do oto lk autay, the day u see imp from what will be hurricane ida. watch the winds, the american model. grand isle, 83 in that northeastern top quadrant where you get the worst of it where the push of water will be with 94-mile-per-hour wind gusts possible to baton rouge. the surge plus waves, 15 to 20 feet before it makes landfall so that bubble of water will get too chose to comfort sunday into
8:25 am
to our latest "gma" buzz pick. it's "the final girl support group" by grady hendrix perfect for fans of '80s slasher films and this book is to die for. here's grady. >> good morning, america. i'm grady hendrix and i am thrilled my book "the final girl support group" is your new "gma" buzz pick. they are the women who survive horror movies and i always wondered what happens to them next? the answer, a whole lot of therapy which turns out to be a terrible idea once the women in this support group start getting murdered one by one. it's a perfect thriller to take with you to the beach or for a long hike into the dark woods. just remember to wear your running shoes and watch out for axe murderers. [ laughter ]
8:26 am
>> cecilia, throw me the book. >> so tempting. it is out now and you can read an excerpt on our website by using your phone to scan the qr code on your screen and always be sure to keep reading along with us on instagram @gmabookclub. coming up, back to atlanta for t.j.'s big surprise.
8:27 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news area -- news. >> good morning. we are looking at the traffic. >> is not bad but if there's an issue i want to point out on the south bay, a brush fire has been reported, thus slowing things down in a minor way. thankfully, no injuries or anything like that. emeryville is busy. people are making their way westbound. also a slow stretch here on 680. slowing things down here, and now that this is cleared, all of the traffic has slowed into this area. >>
8:28 am
this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
8:29 am
>> good morning. the air quality is here, but in the east bay it is moderate. we have the upper elevations today, 62 in oakland, low 60's right now and if we look at the upper level wind, you could see this is getting kind of strong. this is hazy air today, near 100 inland. 82 in oakland. >> have another update in about
8:30 am
30 minutes but you can always find the latest on our app. gma continues now. ♪ ♪ when you call me ♪ yeah, we'll say it again, welcome back to "gma." back to t.j. in atlanta getting ready for espn's big "college gameday" premiere. >> it is always a big show but a big deal because this is the first time they've ever been at this particular game, the meac/swac match-up. it's normally reserved for big schools like the alabamas of the world will belong to these two hbcus. the spotlight is also this morning right now going to belong to this young fella. this is jessie. jessie malit, my man, and you're
8:31 am
here now because we wan introduce tnt to you. and i need help doing so because one of your biggest fans happens to be here with us as well and this is not something you knew about, jessie. but do you -- do you know this young man? [ cheers and applause ] >> how you doing? >> this is jessie's momma, daisy and jessie didn't know momma daisy was going to be here and in fact texted her and what did he say in his message? what did he tell you. >> it's going to be okay, jessie. >> he just wanted her to watch "good morning america." didn't know she was here. she's been crying you watching you out the window. she is here because we want the entire country to know about you and your story. everybody, take a look. ♪ a north carolina central eagle through and through. from the field to the classroom to the community, jessie malit
8:32 am
lives by the institution's motto, truth and service. >> jessie malit is one of a kind. >> hard worker. >> he is the standard. >> reporter: the 6'3" defensive lineman is a heavy hurter on the feel. when not on the field he is still going hard. >> he's one of the guys that grinds on and off the field. >> when he says he wants to do something he's not just saying it, he's not just creating the plan but he's also executing. >> yeah, yeah, no energy? okay, i got you. so today i just want to talk to you about exercising your right to vote. >> reporter: the political science major with a passion for government rallied nearly 300 student athletes including the entire nccu football team to register and vote in the 2020 election. >> the things that he does, the willingness he has when he does them, the compassion he has are just things that you don't always see. >> he was out there every single day working so hard. >> reporter: and no one knows jessie's grind more than his mom
8:33 am
daisy. >> the hardest worker and not one time did he complain about what he was doing. never in my entire life did i ever imagine that he would be this great and doing this great work. >> reporter: but in typical jessie fashion, there's always more work to do. this time making a difference an entire ocean away and one book at a time. >> there's some kids who can barely afford books and jessie being the person that he is in the community he was like, oh, this is something great that we can give back. >> reporter: in just a few short months jessie collected and donated 400 books to his mom's home village in kenya. >> jessie has lifted that name -- wow. he has taken the malit name to a totally different level. and has put that name on the map.
8:34 am
he has made us proud. >> he has made us proud. surely, mommy is proud. i see you watching that. give me your reaction to seeing your son being highlighted and just honored in that way now. >> i don't have any words. amazing. >> we're on tv. we need word, momma. coach, let me ask you. >> he is the most amazing kid. >> you know what, do you echo those sentiments? this is your guy and demand so much of them on the field. >> oh, yes, he's done an excellent job of just representing north carolina central university both on the feel and off the field. i appreciate everything he's done and love him and he's exemplifying what eagle pride is and excellence. >> coach, i want to ask you this, even though he is a competitor this weekend, head-to-head with this school, but this guy still represents
8:35 am
something that you've been trying to get the message out about all hbcus and student athletes. >> great leadership throughout the hbcu colleges, it is great for this young man to do things that he's done throughout his community. it shows the product of hbcus and the leadership of it. >> let me get a reaction from you now, everybody is talking about you. we need to hear from you. >> nah this, is an amazing experience. i'm humbled to be in this position i am and want to keep doing what i'm doing. >> we'll help you because there's an organization called first book. a nonprofit dedicated to lifting kids out of poverty through access to education and heard what you were trying to do. you got 400 books so far. what they have done is they have donated 1600 books. [ cheers and applause ] so you have not been able to hit
8:36 am
your goal but now you're up to 2,000. we have a "good morning america" book club we've been doing for several years now. every single book we've featured and every book we feature in the future will make its way to your library as well. >> i appreciate that. thank you. >> my brother, my brother. >> thank you. >> congrats on what you're doing and before we go, i mean, chandler, let me know, if you don't have a dog in the fight who should they be cheering for this weekend? >> the eagles, duh! >> i don't know, cam. >> i thought you knew. ♪ i thought you knew ♪ >> okay, guys, it's going to be a fun weekend. it's going to be football, college football is back. they're back on the field but there's so much more on the line and there's so many stories like this to tell so it's going to be a great celebratory weekend for hbcus across this country. >> jessie lifting his name, indeed. thank you so much.
8:37 am
it is going to be a great day, "gma" live in atlanta tomorrow for the big game and you can check it out, "college gameday" 9:00 a.m. on espn. coming up, everybody, one and only regina hall joining us live. i get it, maybe you can see just fine. but as a vsp® premier program doctor, let me tell you, everyone needs an annual comprehensive eye exam- like a vsp wellvision exam®. i see things you wouldn't expect to see in an eye exam, like the early signs of serious health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. it's about more than seeing well, it's about being well. schedule your comprehensive eye exam with a vsp premier program doctor. homelessness, housing, taxes, schedule your comprehensive eye exam water, electricity, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar] gavin, you've failed. we have to immediately cut taxes twenty-five percent. fix housing and homelessness. and make life in california affordable again.
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8:40 am
starring in "nine perfect strangers," regina hall, welcome back to "gma." we are so excited to have you here. before we talk about the new show, regina, weaou didn't always aspire to be an actress. when you were 6 you wanted to be a "playboy" bunny. where did that come from? >> well, well, let me just be very clear that i saw a special on television and i don't know, i think it must have been hugh hefner and i saw a bunch of girls roller skating around a swimming pool in like their bathing suits and i thought that was what a playboy bunny did. i thought what a great job at 6. wouldn't that be fun, i could grow up and roller skate around a swimming pool. >> there you go and then you went to college for journalism so this is where we ended up. okay, so this new show, "nine perfect strangers," it's about nine guests at a wellness retreat.
8:41 am
you filmed it on location in australia at an actual resort. what was that like? >> well, it was great. i mean we shot it in byron bay which is so beautiful and a lot -- obviously it was shut down but it was pretty spectacular, the location like the views, i mean, we were like it's so beautiful it's going to look like it's cgi. i actually love -- i loved being -- i loved the location because i felt like i was at a place that was different so for me it served as like another character in the film. or in this series. >> that's fantastic. we'll take a look at a clip here. >> i hear you want to punch jessica in the face. >> well, figuratively, i do, not for real, but i would never really do that. >> you get violent.
8:42 am
>> although i can get violent, i'm not violent. there's a big difference, you know, it's not my being, it's more like -- like an offshoot outlier version of -- of -- of myself. >> so we saw nicole kidman in that clip. she plays the owner of the we wellness resort and heard she always had healthy snacks on set. did she share with you, at least? >> nicole kidman is incredibly generous. i mean she shares anything with everyone, you know, she would surprise us with treats all the time. i think -- i mean actually she's still generous, you know, even after, so i think she -- she's generous by nature, i would say, but i shared with her too. i had some broccoli chips that i gave her. >> broccoli chips, everybody was healthy around there. so how do you like to stay centered and relax?
8:43 am
you said that in an interview you like pulling weeds? >> i discovered i like pulling weeds because my gardener was not -- wasn't doing it and so i was like, oh, my goodness, look at all these weeds. actually it was my business manager came over and was like, ooh, look at all your weeds so i started pulling the weeds and i did find it to be -- i do find it to be incredibly relaxing. you're not thinking of anything else except getting the root. >> yeah? >> because it doesn't count if you don't get the root. you know it will come back in nine seconds even though it comes back anyway but something about getting the root that makes it a little bit gratifying so, yeah, i find it to be very tranquil. i don't know and then what's crazy i started pulling weeds on set in australia and and and and regina, it's totally relaxing so
8:44 am
there would be certain scenes, regina, i got a whole one and i'm like, you're good. >> it looks like it was so much fun and looking forward to the show and we're hope you we get a "girls trip" sequel so we'll be holding you to that. "nine perfect strangers" available now on hulu with episodes every wednesday. now over to ginger. >> thank you, janai. you know, i've got a little image to share with you. that's me as an animated cartoon, yes, for disney jr. amazing spidey and his amazing friends, i cannot wait to show you. pie boy, adrian and miles got animated universe in a digital short. take a look. it looks like spidey and miss marvel have teamed up and are moving in from the north. >> those green clouds look like big trouble. i don't think i'll be able to stop them without stopping green goblin first and there it is. hold it right there, gobby. >> i'm here to help. >> you'll never save the whole city from my bad weather. >> yes, we will.
8:45 am
let's get him, miss marvel. >> can spidey and miss marvel weather the storm together to stop green goblin's device before it ruins everyone's day? >> yay! winter. >> almost everyone. >> adrian and miles, thank you. you can watch it on disney coming up we have the killers joining us live. stay with us.
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. ♪ hey sleep walker ♪ we are back now here on
8:48 am
"gma" and the killers, yes, you're hearing them now are playing us into the weekend. their seventh studio album "pressure machine" just debuted at number one on two billboard charts so before we get to the music let's chat with brandon and ronnie. thank you both for being with us. i'm a huge fan. hard to imagine 2021 marked your 20th anniversary as a band. you've given us so many lasting song, among them"mr "mr. brightside" and "when you were young." what has it been to make music together for so long? >> it's, wow, it's been -- it goes by so quick. we stay pretty busy so, you know, time flies when you're having fun. >> yeah. that makes sense. that makes a lot of sense. and you all have said this pandemic inspired your latest album "pressure machine." how is it different from your previous albums?
8:49 am
>> yeah, i think like a lot of people in lockdown we were sort of faced with this silence and out of that silence these songs began to bloom that were not your typical killers song, songs that were maybe a little bit more quiet and a little less bells and whistles than what you're accustomed to from the killers and we were able to go down as different avenues and really proud of it. >> we cannot wait to hear it so how about some music. here are the killers performing "sleepwalker." ♪ ♪ hey, sleepwalker, don't you miss the way ♪ ♪ wildflowers paint the western hills ♪
8:50 am
♪ or the first autumn whisper mid-september brings ♪ ♪ and the glowy excitement that it builds ♪ ♪ everyone is afraid of something ♪ ♪ even the strongest man alive ♪ ♪ hey, sleepwalker, we went walking in the western hills ♪ ♪ and we picked you wildflowers, you gotta open your eyes ♪ ♪ hey, dreamcatcher, come out and see the leaves ♪ ♪ the mountainside's all watermelon red ♪ ♪ soon enough they're gonna rust
8:51 am
and fall, leave the mountainside cold and bare ♪ ♪ but when the longer days of sun appear they'll be rising like an answered prayer and i know that ♪ ♪ everyone is afraid of losing ♪ ♪ even the ones that always win ♪ ♪ hey, sleepwalker, when the mountain comes back to life ♪ ♪ it doesn't come from without, it comes from within ♪ ♪ the hills are barren, but we look for what's to come ♪ ♪ sweeter skies and longer days of sun ♪ ♪ 'cause everyone is afraid of something ♪
8:52 am
♪ even the strongest man alive ♪ ♪ hey, sleepwalker, western bluebells and painted cups are getting ready to rise ♪ ♪ it's time to begin ♪ ♪ it doesn't come from without, it comes from within ♪ ♪ hey, sleepwalker ♪ "gma's" summer concert series is sponsored by caesars rewards. every way you play. ♪ you got to open your eyes
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>> announcer: monday, get excited. >> i'm excited. >> announcer: because steve martin, martin short and selena gomez will kill it on "gma." >> why would you say that? >> announcer: monday, it's going to be deadly funny. >> that is hilarious. >> announcer: on abc's "good morning america." a big thank you to the killers for that amazing performance. >> thank you to t.j. and our entire team in atlanta for this awesome morning. have a fantastic day and an even better weekend. >> thank you, ladies.
8:56 am
it was fun.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. kumasi: good morning, everyone. i am kumasi aaron. checking in on traffic. jobina: good morning. 880 is our problem spot. we have two issues. southbound 880 before dakota roads, speeds down to around 28 miles per hour. this involves a motorcycle paid injuries reported. slightly north of that, and other crash as well. heads up if this is part of your commute. lisa: north winds aloft, bringing wildfire smoke south. look at hazy mount tam. 65 in mountain view. 60 in pacifica. we are warmer already. breezy upper level winds. you can see the sun in santa cruz. 100 in the inland valleys. 82 in oakland. kumasi: thank you.
9:00 am
now time for "live with kelly and ryan." we will be back for midday. have a good morning. deja vu: it's live with kelly and ryan. today, actress jenna elfman and forest blakk sings his hit song, "if you love her." plus, a visit from lauren graham. also, ali wentworth joins ryan at the co-host desk. all next on live. and now here are ryan seacrest and ali wentworth. thank you, déjà vu. hello, ali. welcome back once again. hello ryan, your little pistol is here. yes. i believe we've given you a key card, apparently, to get right back in. it is friday, august 27th. welcome to the weekend. we've made it through another week. how are you doing? good. how are you? it's almost the end of summer. i could cry. i know. it is sad. this is something that might make you feel better. not only is it friday, it's also national just because day. and that was my favorite defense when asked


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