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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 5, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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on youth worldwide. joining us live in the newsroom with even more allegations. >> we learned one of the tens of thousands of internal documents released allegedly proves mark zuckerberg chose strategies proven not to be effective when it came to instagram's negative impact on children. the testimony clearly highlighting the company needs more transparency and congressional oversight. >> trust is earned. facebook has not earned our trust. >> frances haugen testified before a senate subcommittee, accusing the tech giant is morally bankrupt. alleging the platform weakens our democracy and harms youths. >> kids are saying, i am unhappy when i use instagram but i cannot stop. >> a study conducted by facebook found that 13.5% of teen girls
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says instagram worsens suicidal thoughts and 17% of teen girls say it contribute it to their eating disorder. the app needs eight restrictions. >> i encourage raising age limits to 16 or 18 years old, based on the data around addiction on the platform. >> do you agree? >> that is an overly simplistic soundbite solution to a problem that is nuanced and complicated. just saying putting an age restriction, that's laughable. >> a stanford clinical psychologist has spent years studying the effects of social media on young adults. she says the solution starts with education. >> let's educate parents. let's start incorporating content into pediatrician and psychology visits. >> facebook has announced it is no longer developing a version of this app for users 13 and
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under. uc berkeley -- testified testift after his research found more than half of android apps appear to be violating child privacy laws. >> most of this was due to sending personal information to third-party app -- third-party advertisers. >> he says facebook is tracking information on about one third of mobile apps in the market. collecting what they search for and where we go online. we have repeatedly reached out to facebook for further comment on this research and today's hearing but have yet to hear back from the company. as far as what happens next, she has called on congress to take action against facebook including amending part of the communications decency act to hold social media platforms accountable for publishing misinformation. kristen: today on getting answers, i spoke with ryan max,
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a tech reporter for the new york times. we spoke about haugen's testimony. frances haugen worked for the company, had no direct reports, never attended a decision-making meeting with c level executives and testified more than six times to not working on this subject matter in question. is this anything but just trying to delegitimize the whistleblower? do you think -- to the public? seems legitimate? >> it is certainly an attempt to undermine her credibility. the fact of the matter is she has tens of thousands of pages of research at her hands that she shared with lawmakers. it's not even like you have to take her word for it, she has facebook's word and a lot of these documents and research. even if facebook impugns her credibility, we still have these
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documents and we can take a look to show how facebook is aware of the harm it perpetuates. what you're getting here is this first very large document dump showing stuff we have never seen before. what is interesting today as you have a bipartisan agreement, senators from both sides of the aisle coming to agreement that what she was showing was relevant to their interests and probably the first step towards meaningful regulation. kristen: ryan mack adds that while there is competition, facebook has more than 3 billion people on just one of its services. ace books as a faulty configuration change was behind yesterday's outage. during routine maintenance job, a command was issued which unintentionally took down commands in the network, effectively disconnecting data centers globally. the largest ever tracked by
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monitoring groups. larry: potential new develop -- develop men's, bay area officers are finalizing plans to ease mask mandates. in san francisco, the health department is considering lifting the mandate in areas considered low risk with low contact rates. also looking at places where people are fully vaccinated. the mayor said that change is long overdue. one city has reached a new milestone in the battle against covid-19, 93% of berkeley residents 12 and up are now fully vaccinated. that is among the highest vaccination rates of any city in america. astrazeneca seeking fda approval for its antibody therapy. the company says it prevents virus symptoms particularly among people who didn't get a strong immune response from the vaccine. johnson & johnson submitting data to authorize its booster shot. an advisory committee will meet on that friday.
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kristen: as boosters are becoming available for people with underlying health conditions, we are getting reports of bay area residents showing up for their appointments finding out there are no boosters. luz pena looked into what is canceling appointments in the east bay. >> at least two l pharmacies, canceling appointments. in some cases letting people know in advance, but the majority of customers we met had no idea. they showed up and were told to go online. october 5, the day elizabeth renner was scheduled to get their final booster shots. they do not know each other, but today they are facing the same setbacks. >> i had an appointment for clayton cvs, but they called me because their refrigerator had gone bad. i rescheduled online for this site. >> you show up today and what to
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they say? >> they say they don't have it. >> william got a text in before his appointment. >> i go to text and the mut to hear theethidot aex news from the pharmacist. >> scheduled for next week. crazy. i am going to get a vaccine. there are people who were pushed, they come in and they just say it was not meant to be and that is the sad part. >> we know of at least two locations in montclair and walnut creek cvs staff members are putting out signs to let customers know they are out of boosters. according to the pharmacist at the cvs in montclair, they gave out close to 80 vaccines a day. today, zero. >> i thought i had an appointment for friday for my booster shot and i was just notified that there is a sign on the door. >> contact cost wright county
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says they just learned about the booster shortage today. >> this is new information to all of us. it is always frustrating for somebody to have an appointment for a vaccine and find out it is not available. >> a cvs spokesperson responded. the high demand for booster shots in some locations may have exceeded the initial allocation we received from the government. in response -- a response that did not sit well with elizabeth. >> it doesn't address the problem of identifying people ahead of time. >> cvs said this booster shortage is not widespread but cannot give specifics as to when these pharmacies will get booster shots again. alameda county has their own allocation from the state and their sites are open for appointments. larry: in san francisco, growing concerns the vaccine requirement for all city employees might
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significantly impact transit operations. the city says by the time their september 30 deadline to be vaccinated came, over 600 employees were either unvaccinated or had not reported their status. that number represents about 11% of the workforce. kristen: the resiliency of san francisco is being honored with the new art exhibit at city hall. care in the time of covid-19 fixtures -- teachers photographs and illustrations documenting daily living over the past two years. the display highlights the important contributions artists made to the city, adapting to life during the pandemic. >> people did things they never thought they would have to do. particularly people in the arts applied their skills to other areas and make connections. really helping the city make its way through the worst of the pandemic. kristen: the exhibition will be on display in the lobby of city
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hall until april. larry: transit troubles. the slow recovery for bay area transportation. things are starting to look up. dirty air. we now know just how bad it has been lately. climate change is real. the effects all the way from greenland we can see here in the bay. >> it is sharply cooler than yesterday. i will have details coming up.
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larry: a new report on a new devastating impact of the wildfires. last year they were the leading cause of pollution statewide. experts say it is overdue to get serious about solutions. >> how can't prevent the next wildfire, we can prevent the release of pollutants that come from tailpipes, homes and industries. larry: the research and policy center released its 2020 study that found more than 38 million californians, roughly 90% of all residents, were breathing polluted air for 30 days last year. health experts say it is especially dangerous to long-term health, increasing the risk for premature death, asthma and cancer. the greater los angeles area was the worst. they had seven months of bad air.
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seven months. kristen: we had some days, but it feels like for as many wildfires as we have had, our air has been ok. angela: it has. even during the -- from time to time we had a friendly onshore flow that pushed surface smoke out of the area. i am happy to report that for the next three daysthat patterny today thanks to this pattern looping image. we've got a brisk onshore breeze blowing cooler cleaner air into the area. the f insists on cooler may be as good as cleaner. 18 degrees cooler in san francisco right now than yesterday. 22 degrees cooler in oakland and hayward. here is a few -- a view from emeryville. high clouds and low clouds developing. 70 at mountain view.
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80 at morgan hill and 57 at -- here's looking down to the bay and we can see high clouds around. not much developing yet in terms of a marine layer. 75 napa. 77 fairfield. 80 at livermore. from our rooftop camera, you can see mixed sky conditions with a few high clouds. these are our features, including -- increasing clouds overnight. cooler weather the remainder of the week and a slight chance for drizzle friday. overnight, lots of passing clouds and a few low clouds will develop as well that could be a spot or two of drizzle. although the chances are not great. it will be great in the early morning hours and skies will be brighter in the afternoon. there will be lots of clouds as well. low temperatures in the 50's near the coast. upper 40's to low 50's in the
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northernmost part of our area. most of the area will have lows in the mid to upper 50's. highs tomorrow will range from upper 50's at the coast to mid to upper 50's along the shore. inland areas cooler, low to mid 70's as highs tomorrow. fleet week coming up in san francisco and on friday we will have lots of lingering clouds and maybe the chance of a shower or sprinkle. brighter skies will develop and it will be milder. saturday and sunday will have what you might call better weather for fleet weekend. here is the forecast. notice a cooling trend. down through the end of the week. a slight chance for showers friday, then sunny saturday. it looks like the warmest day of the forecast will be sunday with high temperatures near 80 and it will get breezy again next week. kristen: transit is slowly recovering. bart hit a pandemic record of
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100 18,000 riders october 1. significant, but just 28% of normal. last month, ac transit reached over 100,000 for the first time since the start of the pandemic. sf bay ferry seeing improvement. before the pandemic, an average weekend would see 73,000. -- ryan curry is live with a closer look at the transit recovery. >>. it is certainly the hope that people can get more involved with public transportation. california having its fourth area clean air data. writers are going to be encouraged to take public transit and bart is seeing things get busier. they say people are getting more comfortable taking bart, especially in september. they hope they realize the positive impact it can have on the environment. the sound of the train pulling into the station is something the agency says more people heard in september.
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bart created a program to provide discounts to riders or they say it had a big impact. >> we saw an increase in september. 14% above projections in september. 2.7 5 million exits throughout the months. >> -- says it has been a steady progress. he says the pandemic caused many to avoid public transit and now he says some are returning. >> we have been on a steady trajectory of improvement for several months. that includes some of the time during delta. >> bart is not the only agency making efforts. sf bay ferry cut prices by 30%. they say ridership double in and it has stayed that way since. >> we are happy that ridership has stayed where it is. that increase has been maintained and we know eventually it is going to go up, but we have to let this play out. >> tomorrow is clean air day, a
4:19 pm
new initiative to encourage californians to be mindful of their environment. dan is the unit -- he says the increase in ridership is promising because transportation is better for the environment. >> that means every time you take public transit, you are generally moving to a low carbon form of transportation. >> he hopes people take the day seriously and ride public transit if they can. he says fewer cars means fewer -- cleaner air. >> the goal is to demonstrate how clean the air can be. we saw during covid where driver was cut back, dramatic improvements. >> san francisco bart is not changing anything, that will be the same for affairs. ferry will be free. if you plan on taking that, you are also going to be saving money. larry: thank you. the only fleet week in the country to happen in real life this year is underway.
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it is our first in person fleet week since 2019. the planes flew in and some ships are already in. amy hollyfield has a look at what else you can expect to see. >> you might think fleet week started yesterday with the blue angels. >> this year, fleet week is going to be epic. >> today, city and military leaders held a press conference to officially kickoff the festivities and encourage everyone to enjoy the week safely. >> make sure you participate and you attend and you follow covid restrictions you do not get in trouble. make sure you do your part because we are still in a pandemic. >> last year, fleet week went virtual. touring these ships and watching shows online is very different than seeing them in person. >> even though fleet week happened virtually, what i missed most was being around the people. and welcoming the folks from the navy, the coast guard, the marines.
4:21 pm
>> the navy and marine corps band will play in different locations every day this week. the different branches of the military have plenty they want to show you. >> a lot of stuff will be open to tours. we will have aircraft and boats. it is the coast guard, first responders. >> of course, the blue angels will perform. militate -- military leaders say talk to the young people in uniform visiting will be out and about all week. >> that is what fleet week is all about. it is about civilians celebrating their military am a but also about you knowing what we are all about because this is your military and you ought to know who we are and what we do on your behalf. >> the -- has nothing to do with fleet week but the mayor mentions the teams when summing up how busy the city is. and how the city is going to be, in her words, bumpin. she wants to eat get out for fleet week and we have a list of
4:22 pm
all of those activities on our website. in san francisco, amy hollyfield. larry: that airshow runs friday through sunday between golden gate ridge and alcatraz. the full list of events is on our website. halloween is not here yet stith. kristen: how we could make up for all the covs. what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine. let me get this straight. you've got an a.i. strategy to deliver a better customer experience, that will help us retain our customers
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including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. when you help heal your skin from within, you can show more with less eczema. talk to your child's eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. kristen: the holidays could be a
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happy time for merchants compared with last year when covid impacted spending. a national survey -- with with they have money and confidence to spend. david louis looks at rising optimism for holiday shopping. >> what a difference compared to a year ago. researchers and shop tics -- -- kpmg says 67% in a new survey say their income has returned or exceeded pre-pandemic levels. nearly one in three plantar shop on black friday, twice as last year. >> we have a lot of people saying black friday is a sport that i am looking forward to getting into stores to do shopping and take-home products on that day. >> online shopping remains strong, a lingering impact for safety concerns. consumers will need to prepare
4:26 pm
for shortages online and in stores due to shipping delays and supply chain issues. for that reason, six and 10 surveyed say they plan to start their shopping this month. >> would normally take normally would take about a week has stretched out to about a month. >> michelle johnson manages myriad chocolates. shops like this are expected to see a rebound from the economic downturn as vaccination rates raise confidence in holiday socializing. >> people saying they're going to parties, buying gifts for coworkers. that means they are going to spend more money. >> kpmg projects spending will increase over last year with julie, traveling games leading the way. a bigger change would be in extending courtesy. >> we have a small shop. they will wait at the door and let the other customer take care of their needs.
4:27 pm
small businesses learn how to do better business with the city and county of san francisco. today, city administrator carmen hsu hosted a virtual small business summit. a first of its kind holistic review on how to do business with the city for small businesses. >> we understand becoming a contractor with the city is not easy. our goal is to give san francisco businesses a roadmap to the opportunities. larry: officials say the city hopes to expand access to more than 3000 businesses. making a change in a difference. new legislation signed into law today and how it is helping the youngest californians. >> i am lucky. >> i am latin at -- x. >> your heart is at the heart of everything you do. and if you have heart failure,
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announcer: this is abc 7 news. larry: developing news on a massive oil spill, leaders are calling for the federal government to consider pausing drilling in the pacific ocean. >> we now see one of the results of wind drilling occurs. when there is drilling, there will be spelling. larry: congressman alan lowenthal is one of a handful of leaders who met with governor newsom today as they survey the damage. this comes as the first federal lawsuit has been filed. 144,000 gallons have spilled spd the coast of huntington beach.
4:31 pm
the governor has declared a state of emergency. authorities say a criminal investigation against the company is likely. kristen: the state took steps today to help with childcare opportunities for state residents, especially in communities of color. [applause] kristen: earlier today, governor newsom signed three pieces of legislation in fresno. one from assemblyman bill quick extends the childcare pilot program for santa clara through 2023. another creates a process to identify will language learners in preschool and the third improves access to childcare for migrant agricultural workers. larry: all month long we are celebrating hispanic heritage. it comes as identifying, it can be complex for millions. how one chooses to identify comes with a sense of cultural pride. >> i am latino. >> i identify latinx.
4:32 pm
>> i am hispanic. >> i am dominican american. >> i am latina, and i hold space for my latinx community. >> minimus carlos, i'm considered hispanic. >> hispanic, latino, latinx is complicated but it is evolving. we can see progress being made by looking at these terms, examining them and identifying the differences that bring us together. >> my parents have always identified as hispanic. me, i identify as latino. >> [speaking spanish] >> hispanic tends to refer to language. many people from spanish speaking countries will refer to themselves as hispanic. >> my mother has nicaraguan roots and my father has cuban
4:33 pm
background. i identify as hispanic, versus my parents who identify as latino. >> my parents are from los santos, mexico. in the united states we have always used the term latino. >> we have seen the terms used interchangeably. >> latino tends to refer to geography. latin american countries would include people of latino descent. although these are separate terms, they overlap in many ways. some people prefer -- refers specifically to the country they are from. >> i normally say im -- but if i had to check a box i would check latina. >> [speaking spanish] >> i consider myself latinx. my son is afro latino. >> my cuban parents call themselves hispanic.
4:34 pm
i call myself latina. my daughter prefers latinx. >> parents identify as latino and latina. i do not think they have come around to understanding latinx. >> while we know there is controversy around the term latinx, critics say it takes away from the spanish language which has gendered pronunciation. however, people that's a -- that support the term say it is a way to be more inclusive. >> as someone born in mexico, came to the u.s. when i was a year old, i never felt like was enough mexicana, or enough american. i struggled with the in between. when i saw latinx, it made me more comfortable. for me, it is another option for people to feel seen. i feel like that is valuable to be able to see everyone for who they want to be and who they tell you they want to be. >> it is important no matter
4:35 pm
what your background, national gender preferences, documented, undocumented, that is where i feel latinx is a powerful word. >> pew research did a study that one in four u.s. hispanics hi -- had heard of latinx, but just 3% use the term. we see that divide when it comes to the acceptance of that term and the use of latinx. >> another concept i have been hearing that i like is latine. it is gender inclusive and more friendly to the latinos. >> we know with some labels, they do not completely cover everyone. it is hard when you have to check a box that says other. >> i choose both boxes. my mom is mexican, my stepdad puerto rican, my biological father black.
4:36 pm
i am after latina. my parents did a good job making sure i was immersed in the black community with my school and i am grateful because i was able to be represented. representation matters. what i came home, it was -- a puerto rican side, with enchiladas and mole. >> it is important to recognize there is not one label people identify with. that is what is beautiful about what makes up people's backgrounds. we need to embrace those differences and not separate them. we want to look at all of these differences as something that brings us together. ♪ larry: heritage month and the contributions of the latino community, abc7 has produced an hour-long special.
4:37 pm
you can stream it on, hulu, and our app. kristen:
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♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> now there's a way for fans to splash into the new season. chase center unveiled its new splash wine bar. no truth to the rumor that
4:40 pm
spencer is planning on chaining himself to the bar. but maybe he will. featuring premium wine and seven specialty cocktails. if you want to turn up the heat, check out the spicy pineapple margarita. the arena is ushering in 50 new food options. loaded baked potato, toasted sandwiches. , all available tomorrow when the worriers host the denver nuggets as the nba preseason is underway. spencer, since you were moaning over there -- spencer: i recognized several of the labels in that first lineup of wine. i was impressed. there is some high end stuff. it does not have to be high end to be good, but impressive labels. >> we've come a long way from chili dogs and beer. . everything has gone upscale. larry: we did an nba draft show from chase center and they have
4:41 pm
a new head chef. they brought out some of the food. i have to say, it was really good. i am sure it will have a price tag to match. oracle arena, one of the issues there, the food wasn't good. they have raised it significantly. kristen: the culinary standards now match the standards for playing. larry: yes. >> we looked so good this season. >> i hope the quality of play will be palatable. [laughter] >> russia has launched a crew to shoot the first-ever ever feature-length film in space. the crew arrived at the international space station overnight. a film producer and actress will spend 12 days on board shooting a movie called "challenge." cosmonauts will help with the production of the russians be tom cruise who announced he would be launching next year. >> tom cruise is being beaten by
4:42 pm
william shatner, who is supposed to go up -- i do not know if he is acting, but he's getting a quick ride. did tom cruise -- he needs to go to mars now. he is an extremist. >> tom cruise harnessed himself to a plane, like this was a real stunt, he was essentially tied to a plane that took off. dangling. space for him is like, of course i am going. if you are the director and you are up there floating around whatever it is and -- how many takes would you want to do? spencer: you know how hard it is? shooting movie is hard on earth. it is probably limited and they have to move quickly to get as much as they can. kristen: i am wondering if that is the new standard. no more cgi, you actually have to go to space.
4:43 pm
spencer: they keep raising the bar. i think now that more civilians will soon be able to go, it opens up that possibility. larry: interesting. how would you like to enjoy a popular fast food dessert for breakfast? >> ok. [laughter] >> you can do this thanks to kellogg's. the company is teaming up with wendy's to create frosty cereal. it contains crispy bites coded in cocoa with chocolate flavored marshmallow pieces. each box includes a coupon for a free frosty from wendy's. the serial hits grocery stores in december for a limited time. something i want to say about this, but dan, you want to go first. dan: it looks suspiciously like coco puffs with a different label. [laughter] dan: clever marketing. lots of sugar in those cereals,
4:44 pm
so i avoid them. spencer: i am sure it appeals to lots of people. i do not enjoy starting my day with sweet stuff. even if i have oatmeal, i will put banana or something of a but i am not into sweet cereal. dan: larry? larry: i was going to rant about how childhood obesity is such a problem. if you go down the aisles in the store, virtually every cereal is packed with so much sugar. >> even cereals you wouldn't think have sugar. kristen: raisin bran. the sugar content is so high, but at least it has fiber. if you're choosing lots of sugar, go with the fiber as well. larry: we probably grew up on frosted flakes. spencer: cap'n crunch. >> >> my brother did. and look at us now. [laughter] >> what could go wrong? kristen: i never had those. larry: what to do have?
4:45 pm
kristen: eggs and rice. larry: that's good. kristen: i'm surprised you didn't have that on the hawaiian diet, throw in some spam. >> there was that. kristen: do you have any grape upon? would you drink wine made with mustard seed? larry: spencer would. kristen: gray pupo the first table wine made with mustard seed. it has an alcohol content of 13.7%. it is only for sale online at -- and cost eight ounces of mustard comes with it. dan: but a frosty does not come with that? [laughter] spencer: i am curious.
4:46 pm
i would like to taste it. dan: if it is subtle it might be good. spencer: just a subtle hint of mustard in the bouquet. there are all kinds of descriptors of things you pick up in a bouquet of wind that might sound weird to the uninitiated, but sometimes those things can add a nice balance of complexity. dan: taste you might not be used to. kristen: i wonder if our producer is hungry today because three out of those four stories were food related. larry: and the other one is she wants to send us to the moon. [laughter] larry: s
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first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. it was really holding me back. standing up... ...even walking was tough. my joints hurt. i was afraid things were going to get worse.
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larry: our abc 7 climate watch team gives you expert insight to understand and navigate the impact of our changing climate. kristen: here with one of the biggest signs of climate change, melting glaciers. so sad. spencer: a few weeks ago we profiled a mission from a team from california to document one of the most concerning effects of climate change, the melting of massive glaciers in greenland. now that team has returned with a first-hand look. for climate researcher josh willis, flying over the glaciers
4:50 pm
of greenland is like watching a familiar world slipping away. he spent more than half a decade dropping sensors around the shoreline trying to document the effect of warming oceans on the ice sheets. on his latest mission, the evidence was visible even from space. >> i had seen a small plume in front of the glacier and a satellite photo and it looked like a green dot. spencer: when willis telew over for a closer look, they found a plume from a hole in the ice. >> it looked amazing when we flew over, the water was roiling up from down deep and disturbing the surface. spencer: disturbing may be the best description. the project, ran from pasadena, is known as omg, oceans melting greenland. it is a combined effect of
4:51 pm
rising surface temperatures and warming ocean waters undermining the glaciers. >> they melt very rapidly in contact with ocean waters. if these ocean waters get warmer , that interaction is enhanced and helps accelerate the flow of the glaciers. spencer: the flow is visible in nearly every direction. streams of melting ice rushing like rivers through a canyon. at one point, temperatures had warmed so much that rain replaced snow in greenland. >> the pilot remarked, i have been flying over this ice sheet for 25 years and have never seen so much melting so widespread. spencer: he says the omg mission is designed to generate data can be prepared year-to-year. while the study is data-driven, the latest images of the ice melts provide a vivid picture of what is already too clear.
4:52 pm
spencer: one of the major concerns being studied is the effective melting glaciers on sea level rise. effects that are expected to be seen globally, including here in the bay area. kristen: that's a lot. larry: this is fun, though. fat bear week is wrapping up. what is that? it is when bear's feast in preparation for a long winter's snooze. i think any moment now, that bear is going to grab a fish. maybe not. you can vote for your favorite portly beast at no fat shaming here. for bears, fat equals survival during winter. anyone can vote for their favorite husky competitor, but today is your last day to vote. in 2019, more than 200,000 people voted. last year that grew to 600,000
4:53 pm
per that guy looks like he is already asleep. kristen: you are jealous. that is the kind of life you like to live. larry: i would love to be surrounded by water, just staring. that could be me. kristen: setting the stage for halloween. >> we've got like -- kids trick-or-treating and it is kind of a creepy environment. larry: the tracy homeowner known for his displays. bu
4:54 pm
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larry: halloween decorations are out in some places. in tracy, a much anticipated display is already dazzling. ♪ >> [speaking spanish] -- ♪ > every year, something strange in this neighborhood. ♪ >> during halloween, we've got a few thousand kids trick-or-treating and it is a spooky environment. >> this year, they are trying a theme that is ne-yo and improved. >> you are afraid of us. >> i remember vividly going to the theater and being blown away by the matrix and what it did to the visual effects world. when i saw a new one was coming out, i thought of how to make my house look like the matrix. >> this year is set to the beat
4:57 pm
of rage against the machine, known for the ending scene of the matrix. >> typically i would say t average show we put on is about 350 hours of work. to program. >> the annual display has become a tradition for so many. >> we will get a few thousand people. >> the show is free but they accept donations for a local shelter. tom says is the result -- it is all about being festive. >> my son, who is now 11 months old, loves listening and is with me while i program. ♪ >> there going -- i think that is what matters. >> tom leaves the wires up on his house year-long so he is not starting from scratch every season. i asked about the electricity bill. john says because he is using led lights, he is only spending
4:58 pm
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moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> bay area health officers can make an announcement about what needs to happen for the indoor mask mandate to be lifted again. good evening. >> thank you for joining us. you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00 on abc seven, hulu live, and where you stream. health officials are finalizing plans to ease mask mandates across the bay area. a confirmation that an announcement could come by the end of this week. san francisco's health department is considering lifting the mandate in settings that are low risk and with low contact rates. it is also looking at places where people are fully vaccinated.


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