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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 16, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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not a man's world. we were on the front line. we built this culture as well. >> you can watch "the real queens of hip-hop: the women who changed the game" this monday at 10:00 eastern here on abc. that's "nightline." watch our full episodes on hulu. see you back here same time next week. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america.
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>> firefighters lose control of a scheduled burn in santa cruz county of the evacuation order in place tonight.
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>> a chase in oakland and what led to this bus crashing into this home stranding one person upstairs. >> november 8, that's the day the u.s. will lift travel restrictions for international tourists. we'll tell you how this industry is comparing up next. >> from sunshine to showers i'll have the hour-by-hour weekend forecast coming up. abc7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> now from abc7, live breaking newton. >> and that breaking news is in santa cruz county where a wildfire is burning as we speak. and cal fire confirms it was the result of an earlier controlled burn. the estrada fire has burned 150 acres and is zero percent contained. evacuation orders in place overnight. cal fear says crews have successfully gotten retardant all around the fire. no more evacuations are expected this evening. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan noyes. >> the prescribed burn was supposed to be 20 acres north east of watsonville. it began this morning and then
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around 4:30, cal fire put out word of the wildfire. >> as we come on fire has not said what exactly caused the burn to jump the containment lines. the prescribed burns can only take place when weather and fuel conditions meet certain requirements. while the fire has died down now, firefighters will be there all night working to put it out. >> so let's get a look at the current conditions in the fire zone with abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. >> conditions are better right now. humidity has come up. it's 39%. it is cooler, 56 degrees. the good news is winds have been pretty light to calm right now. gusts to four miles an hour so hopefully they make good progress overnight as you take a look at the humidity values, they plunge again tomorrow. so this is concerning with critically dry fuels. look at this. 14% fairfield. down to 17% in concord. 16% in mountain view. the good news is we do have some
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wet weather coming. this is sunday. it's a light stem on live doppler seven. time it out for you so you have an idea when you'll need those umbrellas. that will be sunday afternoon at 3:00 in the north bay. by 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. across the east bay. and parts of the south bay and by the time we head into 7:00 p.m. most of that is right around the south bay and the santa cruz mountains. that's not our only chance of rain. i'll be pack with some encouraging news coming right up. >> thank you. and you can keep track of real time weather conditions where you live any time including current air quality and live doppler seven. just downloud the abc7 bay area app for your streaming device. >> well, an oakland man was stranded in his home for hours today. and you can see why. after an a.c. transette bus crashed right into it and took out his wheel chair ramp. tonight, we're learning new details about theolice chasehehn curry spoke with trapped man and neighbors that rushed in to help. rhein it was a wildfternoon
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r darrell crews here are towing a bus out of his home in west oakland. >> it was -- excuse me. screaming out of the house. to some of my neighbors who had ran over to try to find out if i was ok. ryan: he spoke to me over the tobacco because he was stranded upstairs -- over the phone because he was stranded upstars in his house. he was in his wheelchair stuck there for the afternoon. >> that wood and debris has knocked everything over to where my lift is. and that's the only way i can get down is on that lift. ryan: emergency crews were able to get to him and make sure he was not injured. according to c.h.p., officers chased a stolen car from highway 24 all the way to west oakland. where it collided with a bus, sten ss four to meshak's he. are in the with ris injuri. the bus driver and several others onboard went to the hospital with minornjies. sndgny house. talking to my grandson and his friends which is just a few -- houses down the block.
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and we heard the crash. and we looked down and we saw the bus, and we saw the vehicle. trashed. ryan: mercedes rodriguez was one of the neighbors who came to check on meshak and helped make sure emergency crews got to him while he was stuck. once he was safely downstairs, he told us he still needed to figure out where he was going to stay. >> that's the snaerio that's happening right now. so what i'm going to do at this point i have no idea. where i'm going to go but i want to make sure things are shored up. ryan: people who live in this area tell me one of the neighbors was on the bus and was taken to the hospital. as far as making repairs to meshack's home he says he expects a long process with both the city of oakland and his insurance company. in oakland, ryan curry, abc7 news. >> mask rules changed today in several bay area counties. public health departmentness san francisco and marin eased restrictions for some indoor settings like gyms. your health is a key component to building a better bay area. abc7 news reporter cornell
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bernard was in san rafael where many were more than ready to ditch the masks. >> the signs heaers francisco tech firm fast. >> this is a milestone for us today. >> face masks are no longer required for employees. >> a nice feeling that the city decides it's safe for us to take our masks off again. and just a nicer feeling to connect with colleagues on that level. >> people in san francisco can now unmask in some indoor settings like small offices where fully vaccinated people gather. i.t. manager matthew anderson says it's a new day at work. >> you know, it's really nice to get back to some kind of normal conditions. reporter: the rules are also changing in marin county where f-45 training san rafael no longer requires masks for vaccinated members. >> we're thrilled. it's been a long haul of mask wearing. reporter: owners kyle macbeth and michael perry plan to offer separate classes for members who still want to wear a mask or may
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be unvaccinated. >> it's great to be able to offer also a class where people are still a little bit unsure. and whether they're vaxed or not they can keep a mask on and feel safe. reporter: no mask is a game changer for holly casey. >> it means that i don't have to sweat as much on my face. that i can breathe and not feel like i'm going to pass out. reporter: marin county public health officer dr. matt will he is appeared on our 3:00 p.m. showing saying when the mask mandate could be lifted across the board. >> we stay in the yellow tier we have three days under our belt in the yellow tier. we stay in the yellow tier for three total weeks, november 3, we would be able to lift the mask mandate as a county. and in had a case we would be falling back to the state mask mandate. apparently where -- importantly we're only talking about the local mandate. the state would still require that people who are unvaccinated in public places, public indoor settings to continue to cover their face. reporter: dr. willie says don't
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ditch the mask yet because other state agencies will have the final say if theask m i c7ews.oss board. >> today, an independent f.d.a. panel voted to recommend johnson & johnson biefeldter shots for millions of americans. -- booster shots for millions of americans. adults over 18 would be eligible. the single shot j&j vaccine doesn't offer as strong protection against covid-19 as the others the other panel recommended booster shots after a recipient's first dose. that's compared to fizer and moderna boosters recommended for six months after a recipient's second shot. j&j says its studies have shown that their booster shot increases the immune system's response against covid-19. >> increased efficacy against severe disease, it will increase efficacy against all symptomatic covid. >> the f.d.a. and c.d.c. still need to approve the panel's recommendation for both j&j and moderna's boosters. that colorado happen within
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days. the city of oakland announced today a seven-day a week covid testing and vaccination site that will be open until the end of november. the site will be located in downtown oakland at franco gawa plaza next to city hall. hours will be working hours, 9:00 to 5:00 and all services had been free and available without an appointment. >> taking a live look now at s.f.o. as the u.s. prepares to lift travel restrictions for international tourists from 26 countries. abc7 news reporter liz pena spoke to tourism experts who are hoping for a boost to our economy. reporter: after a 21-month long travel ban, international tourists are weeks away from being allowed back in the u.s. travel agent edward su is counting down the days. >> right here. reporter: the white house announced the u.s. will welcome back international travelers from 26 countries. including france, italy, and china. there are two requirements. they need to be fully vaccinated and show proof of a recent negative covid test.
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>> so you would like to go? reporter: travel agent john francois caters mostly to european tourists. he's been getting calls that -- the whole day. >> within minutes, ready, as soon as we found out today, i had about -- about 20. reporter: this is the boost. the stirism -- the tourism industry had been waiting for. >> it's really important these borders are reopening. in 2019 the year before covid 63% of all tourism spending in san francisco was done by international visitors. reporter: the next hurdle is airlines. travel agents are concerned the cancellation of non-stop flights will impact tourism. >> united airline can send their flight to paris non-stop. and they are to start on december 1. reporter: travelers coming from asia will have to face another step-back going back home. >> but they returned, they still need a -- to quarantine and 14 nights, 21 nights. that is a major problem. reporter: this is one of the
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many reasons travel says they won't see pre-pandemic numbers until years from now. >> until 2025. a long way away. reporter: in san francisco, liz pena, abc7 news. >> you can ask our vaccine team your questions, go to and check on that big blue box. zubin: in the northwest delta a blow to its record. the appeal they're filing over animals veterinary carry. -- care. and san jose residents could be underral the strictest drought rules anywhere in the country. the impact it could have on your bill. >> and a local banc of america branch is seemingly closed with no explanation. we dig into why. and in business, setbacks change everything.
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dan: safari west has lost its gold standard accreditation but it's not in danger of closing. the association of zoos and aquariums made that decision earlier this month. and safari west is appealing it. the accreditation is more for prestige and helps build reputation. santa rosa wildlife preserve is home to a thousand animals and has to pass annual inspections by the state and federal government. the association of zoos and aquariums put out a statement saying, quote, the commission noted serious concerns with veterinary practices and care. and acquisition and disposition of animals. safari west issued this response. quote, we strongly believe that denial is based on inaccuracies and misinformation and automatic
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concerns are unfounded about our veterinary practices and care and how we acquire and remove our animals. safari west has been accredited by the a.z.a. since 2010. ama: the mom' confused of giving alcohol to teenagers and encouraging them to participate in sex acts is expected back in the bay area next week. 47-year-old shannon owe onor has agreed to be extradited from idaho to face 39 criminal charges including child endangerment and sexual assault. prosecutors say o'connor would invite teenagers to her home where she would push them to drink heavily and then watch them engage in sexual acts. her two sons were removed from her custody by idaho child welfare officials. dan: some banc of america locations in the bay area are shutting their doors. now, some just temporarily. but others for good. today, people were confused understandably as they showed up expecting in-person banking service only to find that the bank was closed. you see these folks looking at the sign.
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the shutdowns only apply to in-person visits. a.t.m. transactions currently operating. at least seven locations in the south bay have all seen temporary closures. only one location in palo alto will permanently close. and that will happen december 7. a spokesperson for the bank says that understaffing is the reason for the shutdowns. the bank hopes to begin reopening locations once they consolidate their resources. ama: former president clinton is staying another night at u.c. irvine medical center for treatment of a urological infection. he is getting more interscreen venous antibiotics. bill clinton was admitted to the intense he have carry unit tuesday after feeling overly fatigued at an event. he was visited by his wife former secretary of state hillary clinton late thursday. dan: unless there is a dramatic change in the next couple of weeks, which is unlikely, about a million people in the south bay are going to have to follow some of theinornia. the san jose water company i customers to reduce their usage 15% from 2019
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levels. now, if they go over that, they're going to have to pay a sur charge of over $7 per unit. one unit is about $750 -- 750 gallons. the new rules will take effect november 15 if approved by the cpuc. ama: today governor newsom returned to his alma mater, santa clara university to tour a new $300 million stem facility. the campus for discovery and in0 vegas is taking a new approach to guide students, especially women, into stem education. glass replaces solid walls to encourage collaboration. undergraduates are welcome, not just researchers. and $100 million contribution was made by university trustee john sobrado and his wife susan. dan: very kind. let's move on. hard to believe but in two weeks' time which is monsters, ghosts and goblins will take over the bay area on halloween night. and this year halloween is getting the safety seal of approval from medical experts. >> definitely being able to take her out so she can have the full experience and dressing her up.
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obviously, yeah, getting candy. but at the end of the day, more about her experience and getting to see what most kids have been able to do. dan: health officials are saying the holiday should be quite safe as long as they follow common sense guidelines. if you're eligible, get vaccinated. and don't go out if you're sick obviously and if you get together, gather outdoors and in small groups and be sure to wash your hands and of course wear your mask. ama: all right. let's check on our weather because the weekend is finally upon us. dan: it is finally upon us. and an interesting forecast it sounds like. sandhya: absolutely. talk about a whiplash. we'll go from really warm weather tomorrow to a much cooler condition and even some wet weather here in the bay area. so let me show you satellite and radar. live doppler 7 showing you this storm system. right now, just feeding the rain into the pacific northwest. and that's where it's staying for the time being. that's going to change come sunday. i want to show you kind of the
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eastern pacific and even beyond. we have storms lined up. and these could potentially next week bring us some more wet weather. so stay tuned. certainly was a warm one today. talk about this temperature as well above average for this time of year. low to mid 80's inland along the coast and half moon bay, 77 degrees today. we are expecting another repeat tomorrow. it has cooled off nicely tonight. numbers are mainly in the 40's. to 60's as you look at a leave picture from our emoryville camera and a stunning view of san francisco. another sunny warm fall day tomorrow. we're looking at much cooler weather. with showers sunday and more chances of rain coming your way next week. all right. tomorrow morning, the chilliest spots will be in the north bay valley and looking at 40's. mostly 40's and 50's elsewhere under mainly clear skies. tomorrow afternoon, going with near 90 degrees in fairfield, 78 in san francisco, 80 oakland, 86 san rafael, santa rosa, 84 in fremont, 86 degrees in san jose. so get out, enjoy the sunshine. and if you're going to the walk
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to end alzheimer's in san jose, couldn't ask for better weather. beth time the walk gets under way, low 60's. and then around noontime upper 70's. you'll need the sunscreen that's for sure. sunday make sure you have an umbrella. a light level one system in the afternoon. scattered showers under .1 inches for most of you and breezy at times. we time this out for you most of your sunday morning is fine. 3:00 p.m. we get the much needed rain in the north bay. it starts to slide south and east, 5:00 p.m. in the east bay. along the peninsula, and by 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. we will see it in parts of the south bay before that system starts to wind down and a few more showers trail late sunday night into the wee hours of monday morning. all right. rainfall totals for most of you from from .op 2 inches to .1 inches and slightly higher in half moon bay a finches of snows and travel could be an issue with a wind advisory going up sunday night. here's a look at next week,
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hiskend, could see an atmospheric refer -- river. sunny and warm tomorrow. level one for sunday afternoon, evening, much cooler. and showers and then we bring in two more level ones for wednesday, and friday. i like what i see on the accuweather seven day forecast. dan: that is nice to see actually,
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ama: a barrage of gunfire involving police in melpitas, they say the suspect started firing and that detectives engaged in what they described as a prolonged exchange of gunfire. the suspect barricaded himself in the car but was eventually extracted. he was injured and taken to the hospital. the shopping plaza has reopened. no one else was hurt. dan: all right. let's shift our focus now to
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sports tonight. ama: larry beil is here with the latest. larry: steph curry, i would say he looks ready for the regular season. the warriors wrap up the preseason and steph curry
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larry: the warriors open the regular season tuesday in l.a. trying to finish off a perfect preseason against portland at chase center tonight. great to have the fans back, right? robert covington is coming in hot. those seats cost a lot of money. look at steph curry here going to work. steph into the lane, flip it up, flip it in. and one. just before halftime, steph launching from deep. rescued by his brother-in-law damion lee. hey, thanks. like you know that was a pass, right? that's what i was doing. damian lillard did not play tonight so basically a one-man shootout. more curry cooking and counting up his points. the warriors launched 46 threes
1:33 am
tonight. curry, 7-14 from downtown. we proclaim him ready for the regular season. as steph goes for 41. and the warriors go 5-0 in the preseason. 119-97. college football, cal at number nine oregon, in eugene, tied at 10 in the fourth quarter chase garbers hits gavin widewald. upset alert. ducks trying to copy their national playoff hopes alive. anthony brown, scrambling. and then diving for the pylon on the score. 24-17 ducks. seconds left, fourth and goal for cal. garbers, here comes the rush. incomplete. oregon holds on 24-17. as cal falls to 1-5. san jose state retiring james jones' number tonight. e nn a per wlit the packers. aaron rodgers would probably love to have him back. story of the first half, nick nash, a wide open charles ross. for a spartans touchdown.
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except it was called back because of a penalty. penalties galore in this game. here's the definition of showing up and showing up angry. noah wright plants greg bell like he's a tulip. in overtime. spartans down seven. tyler nevins. in. and we are tied at 13. they are currently in the second overtime. game one american league championship series, astros embrace being the hate. hosting the red sox. jose altuve is only 5'6" tall but gigantic for houston. two-run home run in the sixth and we're tied at three apiece. in the seventh carlos correa. fastball up. fastball out. admiring his work. what time is it? it would be his time. as the astros power their way to a game one win 5-4. sports on abc7 sponsored by river rock casino
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dan: man in wisconsin says he has the actual largest pumpkin this fall but a small detail has made it ineligible for competition. ama: listen to this. a 2,191-pound gord -- gourd won at the world championship at half moon bay. mike schmidt says his pumpkin tips the scales at 2,520 pounds. he says that makes it the heaviest pumpkin in the country. worth a prize of $20,000. but it won't go down in the record books because of internal pressures and the awkward way the pumpkin grew. it has a small but disqualifying crack. >> the crack the size of a fingernail. it happens. there's no crying in pumpkin growing. dan: no crying in -- ama: that's a good quote. dan: mike grew three pumpkins this year and they all this similar issues and he says he will try it again next year. that's one gigantic gourd. ama: it really is but there's a crack. thanks for watching. i'm ama daetz. dan: i'm dan ashley.
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for sandhya patel and all of us we appreciate your time. right nown mmimjasond daniel ♪ >> hey, bay area, it's time to share some amazing stories and feel good. we could all use some inspiration right now, and you've come to the right place. this show is all about good food, good people, and good living. on today's show, hold your horses. and we sat down and went, "look,
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there's got to be a better way to do this." >> giant origami art. >> it really creates a sense of joy for all of us to watch people be delighted by our art. >> vintage video games. >> this store is more like an old-school toy store. >> and a bakery filled with love. >> what we love about them so much is how transparent they are about their story. >> but first, from farm workers to winery owners. ♪ >> we've been able to bring out our wonderful embracing culture so that everyone feels so welcome. i feel very strongly about literally getting rid of the arrogance and the elitism that still exists in the wine industry. ♪ >> wine has changed and evolved over the years because it's a
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place of conversation, it's a place of community, it's a place of unity. as important as food has been on the table, so has wine. it's a conversation starter. and there's a story behind every bottle of wine. >> bienvenidos. >> welcome to ceja vineyards family winery. >> in carneros, in the heart of sonoma valley. ♪ you don't need to prepare an elaborate meal to enjoy wine. it's always one should eat whatever one likes with whatever wine one enjoys. and don't allow anyone to dictate what wines to pair with food. ♪ >> people from all over the world come and experience ceja vineyards because we have a unique story, we're relatable, we are one of the pioneering latino family-owned wineries, and they want to know and learn what that's about.
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>> ceja vineyards was started by immigrants. my husband, pedro, his brother, armando, armando's wife martha, and myself. i'm from jalisco, and the boys are from michoacán, and we met picking grapes in the late 1960s. so, fast-forward to 1980, when pedro and i were married. we immediately started looking for land, and people thought we were crazy because we didn't have any money, but it didn't deter us. so, in 1983, we found our first property in the carneros area of napa, and we purchased it, and we were able to develop it in 1986. it took about another 10-plus years. by the mid 1990s, we were ready. and in 1999, i left my job in the wine industry completely to devote my time to founding our own production company, which we did in 1999. we released our 750 cases in
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2001, and the rest is history. >> we are so proud of our rich mexican heritage, culture. so, for my family, it's all about grapes, it's all about how can you survive as a family, and now in search of a better opportunity. what comes to mind for me is the american dream. what my family has accomplished going from vineyard workers, picking grapes, to vineyard owners to winery owners within less than 50 years is truly that definition of the american dream. >> i love where i come from. i love where i grew up. there was no running water or electricity in this little village in los santos, jalisco, los flores, yet i was introduced to so much love. and my family allowed me to explore what i really loved. i also would never trade that childhood for anything in the world because it made me who i am today.


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