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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  October 16, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. liz: a s s s s a wildfire in santa cruz county. evacuation orders in effect as crews worked to strengthen control lines. good morning. it is october 16. you are watching abc 7 news live on abc7 and wherever you stream. let's take a look at the weather. lisa: good morning. high pressure still over the bay area, bringing another very warm and dry day with temperatures well above average. no class to speak of. just a lot of sunshine upper 50's and low 50's across the bay in oakland. it is chilly in morgan hill.
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55 in santa cruz. 80's again today before the sea t allf 40's. clear, pool -- coor temperatures are chilly. by the 80 around oakland. mid-80's in concord. 70 for many locations along our beaches. we will see a return to the onshore flow late tonight and then a cold front arriving tomorrow. a systems arriving, the strongest one slated to arrive next weekend. liz: thank you. back to that developing news in santa cruz where a wild fire is burning, a result of an earlier prescribed burn. cal fire says crews made progress on the estrada fire and it is now 10% contained. flames have burned 150 acres. evacuation orders are in place right now. calfire says crews have successfully been able to get retardant all around the fire.
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residents can get help from the red cross at corralitos community church. no more evacuations are expected. the prescribed burn was supposed to be 20 acres northwest of corralitos. it began yesterday morning and around 4:30 yesterday afternoon, calfire put out word of the wildfire. what caused the burn to jump the containment lies. prescribed burns can only take place when fuel conditions meet certain requirements. a suspect is injured after exchanging gunfire with police. police say they were trying to stop a stolen vehicle at the milpitas shopping center before 4:00 p.m. yesterday. they said the suspect started firing and detectives engaged in what they described as a prolonged exchange of gunfire. the suspect barricaded himself in the car, but was eventually extracted. he was injured and taken to the
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hospital. the shopping plaza has reopened and nobody else was hired. a man was granted in his home for hours after a bus crashed into it and took out his wheelchair ramp. we are learning details about the police chase that started it all. ryan kearney spoke with the trapped man and his neighbors who rushed to help. ryan: it was a wild afternoon for darrell. crews here were towing the bus out of his home. >> i was screaming out of the house to some of my neighbors who had ran over to try to find out if i was ok. ryan: the first spoke to me over the phone because he was stranded upstairs in his house. he is in a wheelchair and bus stop they are the afternoon -- stuck there the afternoon. >> the only way i can get down is on that lift. ryan: emergency crews were able to get to him and make sure heis
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chased a stolen car from highway 24 to west oakland where it collided with a bus, forcing it into his home. chp says four people were in the stolen car. two are in the hospital with serious injuries. the bus driver and several others went to the hospital with manner injuries -- minor injuries. >> i was standing in front of my house talking to my grandson and his friends and we heard the crash. we looked down and we saw the bus and the vehicle. ryan: mercedes was one of the neighbors who came to check on him. she helped to make sure emergency crews got to him while he was stuck. once he was safely downstairs, he told us he still needed to figure out where he was going to stay. >> that is the scenario happening right now. what i'm going to do at this point, i have no idea where i am going to go, but i want to make sure. ryan: people did tell me one of the neighbors was on the bus and was taken to the hospital.
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he says he expects a long process with the city of oakland and his insurance company. mariah carey, abc 7 news. liz: public health department in san francisco are easing restrictions for some indoor settings like gyms. health is a key component of building a better bay area. cornell barnard was in san rafael where many say they are more than ready to ditch the masks. cornell: the signs are down at the headquarters of san francisco tech firm. >> this is a milestone. cornell: face masks are no longer required. >> it is a nice feeling that the city decided it is safe for us to take our masks off and it is a nice feeling to connect with colleagues on that level. ryan: people can unmask -- cornell: people can unmask in indoor settings where fully vaccinated people gather to matthew anderson says it is a new day at work. >> it is really nice to get back
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to some normal condition. cornell: the rules are also changing in marin county where san rafael no longer requires masks for vaccinated members. >> we are thrilled. it has been a long haul of mask-wearing. ryan: the owners plan to offer -- cornell: the owners plan to offer separate classes for members who want to wear a mask or may be unvaccinated. >> it is great to offer a class where people are still unsure and whether they are vaccinated or not, they can keep a mask on and feel safe. cornell: no mask is a game changer. >> it means i do not have to sweat as much on my face, that i can breathe and not feel like i'm going to pass out. cornell: a public health officer appeared on our 3:00 p.m. show giving answers, telling us when the mask mandate could be listed across the board. >> if we stay in the yellow tier, we have three more days in the yellow tier, if we stay in
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the yellow tier for three weeks, on november 3, we will be able to lift the mask mandate as a county and we will be crawling back to the state mask mandate. we are only talking about the local mandate. the state was still required that people who are unvaccinated in public faces -- public spaces to continue to cover their face. cornell: the doctor says do not just -- ditch the masks because the state will have the final say if the mask mandate is lifted across the board. liz: an independent fda panel has voted to recommend johnson & johnson's booster shot for millions of americans. adults over the age of 18 would be eligible and since the single shot vaccine does not offer as strong gusts protection against covid, the panel agreed to recommend the booster shot two months after recipients first dose compared to pfizer and moderna use to's recommended for six months after a second shot. j&j says studies have shown the
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booster shot increases the immune system response against covid. >> with increased e against severe disease, it will increase the efficacy against all symptomatic covid. liz: the fda and cdc need to approve the recommendation for j&j and moderna and that could happen within days. if you live in the peninsula and have not received the vaccine, today is your chance. peninsula healthcare is hosting a free clinic at bell elementary school from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.. it is open to anyone 12 and older. the pfizer and johnson & johnson shots will be administered and the first 30 people to get vaccinated will receive a $25 target gift card. oakland announced a seven day per week covid testing and vaccination site that will be open until the end of november. the site will be located in oakland at frankel gala plaza. hours will be from 9:00 to 5:00 and all services will be free and available without an appointment.
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taking a live look at sfo this morning as the u.s. prepares to lift travel restrictions for international tours from 26 countries. luz pena spoke to tourism experts who are hoping for a boost to our economy. reporter: after a 21 month long travel ban, international tourists are weeks away from being allowed back in the u.s.. this travel agent is counting down the days. the white house announced the u.s. will welcome back international travelers from 26 countries including france, italy, and china. there are two requirements. they need to be fully vaccinated and show proof of a recent negative covid test. travel agent to european tourists. he has been getting calls all day. >> we have been ready as soon as we found out today. i have had about 20 calls. luz: this is the boost to
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tourism industry has been waiting for. >> it is really important that the borders are reopening. 63 percent of all tourism spending in san francisco was done by international visits. luz: the next hurdle is airlines. travel agents are concerned the cancellation of flights will impact tourism. >> airlines can send flights to paris and they will restart on the first of december. luz: travelers from asia will have to face another setback going back home. >> when they return, they need to quarantine. even 21 nights. that is a major problem. luz: this is one of the reasons sf travel says they will not see pre-pandemic tourism numbers until years from now. >> until 2025. that is a long way away. luz: in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. liz: you can ask your questions. just go to abc sevennews
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.com/covid-19. the 2021 walk to end alzheimer's steps off this morning in san jose. all of the funds raised support research efforts of the alzheimer's association. registration starts at 8:00 this morning. it just got underway at excited ballpark. the opening ceremony will be at 9:00 and the walk starts at 9:30. abc 7 news is a proud sponsor. lisa, the weather should shape up pretty nice for it. lisa: our last warm day out there. here is a look at a gorgeous emeryville. temperatures are chilly. plenty of 40's. we are looking at rain arriving tomorrow. a weak system, but there are several systems offshore. sure to get your head wet next week. we will talk about it. liz: also a blow to a northbound wildlife preserve's record.
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- had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. liz: the mom accused of giving alcohol to teenagers and encouraging them to participate in sex acts is expected back in the bay area. 47-year-old shannon o'connor has agreed to be extradited to face 39 criminal charges, including child endangerment and sexual assault. prosecutors say o'connor would invite teenagers to her home where she pushed them to drink heavily and watch them engage in sexual acts. her two sons were removed from her custody by idaho childhood welfare officials. and now is story will only see on seven. a peninsula man is looking for accountability after he says a tire shop damaged his car. >> they are not treating me as a victim of racism. they are treating me as a pr
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nightmare. liz: he says what his video uncovered was much more serious than just a crack wind chill -- windshield. the story you will see only here on seven. >> we noticed the giant crack on the windshield. it is pretty clear. reporter: he noticed this crack after a trip to america's tire on september 10 to have a flat tire replaced. >> i went home and checked the footage to figure out what happened with my windshield -- my windshield and i found out what they were doing with my car and how they were disrespecting me and my vehicle. reporter: what bill found was the two employees who took his car in, going on a joy ride. [laughter] this is what bill says may have accounted for the scratch on the hood. >> this customer is not here. reporter: what is most
8:16 am
distressing is what is said next. the workers can be heard mocking bill, using some kind of asian accent. >> plainly racism. reporter: what was your reaction? bill says after he alerted america's tiger about the damage and the company the video, they offered to file a claim to repair his bmw in it was not until a car enthusiast friend with nearly one quarter million falling on instagram posted the video, showing the workers behavior -- >> that is when things started getting escalated. reporter: bill got a call from the assistant of the vice president of >> >> the company. they were blaming their employees for what happened. reporter: i went to america's tire to inquire about what happened. they are not working anymore? so they have been fired? i followed up with america's tire pr, who sent me a statement that reads, "we move swiftly and
8:17 am
the two employees are no longer employed by america's tire. the customer has been contacted and they claim is being addressed. our policy is to treat all customers with the respect they deserve." line bill says the company offered to give them a new set of tires and $5,000, but to him, it is not enough. >> it is insulting because they are not treating me as a victim of racism. they are treating me as a pr nightmare. reporter: i asked america's tire with a we do to address the mocking. my question was not answered in time for deadline. dm lived, abc 7 news. liz: if you witnessed or experienced racism, you can fight it and find an ally by going to takeaction. new this morning, lucy has lifted off. the first nasa mission to study space fossils got underway just a few hours ago. >> tower clear. liz: the mission named lucy will
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explore a swarm of ancient space rocks called trojan asteroids. the asteroids are swarms of the rocky material trapped in the orbit of jupiter around the sun. scientists say the asteroids could be the oldest in lizzo system. this is an expedition that nasa hopes will give it insight into the universe. safari west has lost its gold standard accreditation, but it is not in danger of closing. the association of zoos anywhere you made the decision earlier this month. safari west is appealing and. the accreditation is more for prestige and helps build up reputation. the santa rosa wildlife preserve is home to around 1000 animals and has surpassed annual inspections by the government. the association of zoos and aquariums put out a statement saying, "the association noticed concerns with care and acquisition and disposition of animals." safari west issued their
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response saying, "we believe the nile -- the denial is based on because asians and all of the concerns are unfounded -- the accusations and concerns are unfounded to h." unless there is a dramatic change, about one million people in south bay will have to follow some of the most student drought rules in california. the water company will require customers to reduce their usage from 2019 levels. if they go over, they will have to pay a surcharge of a little over seven dollars per unit. one unit is about 750 gallons. the new rules will take effect november 15 and if approved by the cpuc. it is not going to end the drought, but we have good news and that is that rain is on the way. lisa: a little bit of rain. we cannot say whether or not it is a dramatic change, but we are looking at a couple of systems
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headed our way and we could see them get progressively stronger as the week goes by. that is the way we would like it. right now, it is high pressure over the bay and the storm track well to the north that is allowing for above average temperatures once again from the upper 70's yesterday at the shoreline. today, it will be cooler as we see a return to an onshore flow. there are the sea lions. 57 downtown. 49 in morgan hill. pacifica, 65 degrees. this is a pretty view from our phone peak camera. look at all the 40's from santa rosa to nevada, napa. upper 40's, and livermore. from our tower camera, a gorgeous shot of the golden gate bridge. we are getting breezier, cooler, and wetter days arriving. much cooler with showers tomorrow and another level one system wednesday, potentially
8:21 am
friday. by tomorrow afternoon, we have some scattered showers. it is a abou1/an inch. we are looking at the time line holding together for the heaviest rain well to the north of the santa rosa, but we will look at measurable rain as we get into the later afternoon. this is 5:00. you can see some rain on the attend zillow pushing into the santa cruz mountains -- you can see the rain on the peninsula pushing into the santa cruz mountains. in terms of rainfall amounts, only a couple one hundredths, maybe 71 hundredths redwood city. 2/10 possibly along the coast. just over 1/10 in richmond and san francisco. one quarter of an inch in clear lake. here is a look at that snow getting better in terms of amounts from three to six from kuipers t donr. lo athe highs today.e ndwill fln
8:22 am
slightly offshore. until we get a return to the onshore form flow which will bring temperatures from the mid 60's to the upper 70's. 82 in san mateo. low 80's northbound and south bay with upper 80's in livermore. we have the warmest day of the week and next week today. looking at that level one system with afternoon rain showers. much cooler, breezy winds that will continue into monday. a dry day. late chance in the afternoon and evening on tuesday. next system coming in on wednesday. as we get into thursday, it is warmer. looking at the models, friday and next weekend system looks to be much more oppressive. we cannot get much more away than that other than get the raingear out. liz: good advice. thank you. just ahead, a holiday shortage. a south bay tradition is asking
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liz: now to a holiday shortage that could affect your children. there is a shortage of santa's helpers. dustin dorsey explains how organizers at the annual christmas in the park are changing santa visits to help with health and safety worries. dustin: two months until christmas, what time of year. the stores have begun to spread holiday cheer. christmas in the park will return for in person fun, but there is worry that it may be missing someone. >> merry christmas. >> some have retired. they hang up their boots and their hat. others, for safety reasons and personal reasons, they are not able to participate this year and hope to come back in future years. for us, we are short.
8:26 am
we do not want someone to come down and have santa not be there. dustin: we know the big guy is busy so for 40 years, visits with his helpers have been the centerpiece of the excitement at christmas in the park in san jose. with drive-thru and in person events, the park will offer more volunteer shifts end ever before. -- than ever before. after losing 10 volunteer santa's helpers, organizers are making changes. >> is up to us to make accommodations and attract more volunteers to help with the program so that we can have a good variety of people that want to comment -- come and visit with our guests. dustin: after a year of virtual visits, kids can see santa's helpers in person with health and safety in mind. visits will be outside and each volunteer uses distance or traditional visits based on their comfort ability. >> how is the jelly belly doing? >> better than ever, thanks to
8:27 am
covid. dustin: this is one of santa's helpers at christmas in the park for nearly a decade. he loves the impact santa can have on a child. with santa's helpers orientation this weekend, he encourages others to volunteer and make a difference. >> this is the year for you to step up. the kids really need to have some christmas interaction, a little sense of normalcy. we should do everything we can seenn e st.ings back to a realo dustin: visit our website for how to volunteer. there is nothing to lose. dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. liz: still to come on abc 7 mornings, bank of america locations are closing their doors. we dig into why and when they we dig into why and when they will reope the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪
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when i heard about the science behind the new sensodyne repair and protect what are you waiting for? with deep repair i was super excited about it. it shows that the toothpaste goes deep inside the exposed dentin to help repair sensitive teeth. life is just too short to miss out on simple things like drinking that cold cup of water or having a sip of hot coffee. i have the science to prove it, i can see that it works and i feel confident recommending it to my patients. i'm really excited to recommend new sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news.
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liz: good morning, eve this is abc 7 news. we will start with a look at the weather. everything i stay in store -- a really nice day in store. lisa: we have several rain chances arriving tomorrow, the whittle -- the middle of the week and next weekend. it is clear and cool with numbers in the upper 50's downtown, low 50's in oakland. 65 in pacifica. there is emeryville, look at the 40's. all of the dry air is letting heat escape. we are a little warmer, looking at a quick warm up today with temperatures in the next hours in the upper 60's downtown. then the wind kicks in along the coast, still very warm with mid 80's arriving in the south bay. even if you upper 80's in the livermore valley.
8:31 am
patchy fog returning tonight. strong onshore winds tomorrow. we are going to issue in a cold front and talk about more cold fronts next week. liz: thanks. more than 100 8 million americans are vaccinated and nearly 10 million have received a booster shot. 66 million remain unvaccinated. an fda advisory panel has approved the johnson & johnson booster. reporter: the 15 million americans who got the johnson & johnson vaccine could soon be eligible for a booster shot. that decision is in the hands of the fda and the cdc. >> we have 19 out of 19 unanimous yes votes for this question. reporter: this after the fda advisory panel voted to authorize the booster, saying the shot could come roughly two months after the first single shot vaccine for everyone 18 and older.
8:32 am
johnson & johnson saying that booster shot provided 94% protection against moderate to severe covid symptoms. devon goffman got the johnson & johnson vaccine as soonest he was eligible and is now eager to get a booster. >> as soon it is ready i will be ready to get it. reporter: health experts are waiting for more data as they consider if it is safe for j&j recipients to mix and match worcester doses. a study showing that may benefit more from an rna boosters, pfizer or moderna -- from mrna boosters, pfizer or moderna. >> it is an important option for people to have. reporter: panel members discussed the option of having the pfizer -- mixing the pfizer or moderna vaccines with johnson & johnson or other mrna shots. the best way to minimize covid-19 risk is for eligible
8:33 am
people to get back painted. the decision not to get vaccinated is one this new hampshire man regrets after covid left and in a hospital 15 days. >> the medical team was trying to make a decision whether or not to put me on the ventilator. hi called my mother to say goodbye. reporter: his wife offering support, sitting outside the hospital. he is urging one who has not had a shot to get one. >> if you don't get vaccinated for your family and friends, get vaccinated for the medical workers. reporter: week weighing in on whether or not recommend mixing boosters. if approved, we may see boosters by the next week. liz: former president clinton stayed overnight at a hospital for an infection. he is getting more antibiotics.
8:34 am
he was admitted to the intensive care unit after feeling overly fatigued. his wife, hillary clinton, visited him late thursday. some bank of america locations in the bay area are shutting their doors. yesterday, people were confused as they showed up inspecting in person making service only to find out the bank was closed. the shutdowns only apply to in person visits. atm transactions are all rating. -- are all operating. seven locations are seeing temporary closures. only one location will be permanently closing in palo alto. a spokesperson says understaffing is the reason for the closures. the bank hopes to be open once they consolidate resources. governor newsom returned to his alma mater, santa clara university, to tour a new $300 million stem facility. the facility is taking steps to
8:35 am
guide students, especially women, into stem education. glass replaces solid walls. undergraduates are welcome, not just researchers. a $100 million contribution was made by a trustee and his wife. happening today, especial tribute for a man who inspired millions of people living with hiv. in memorial boulder dedicated to timothy ray brown will be unveiled at the national aids memorial grove. brown is the first known person to be cured of hiv. he lived in san francisco for several years before dying of leukemia. today's dedication begins at 9:00. the oakland museum is launching a program called lunchtime sessions. local artists and performance are's -- and performers will engage in music and storytelling. it will be in the newgarden.
8:36 am
lunchtime sessions are free and open to the public. you do not need a bucket -- you do not need a ticket. still ahead, your taste buds are in for a treat. it is san francisco restaurant week. we are talking with the golden gate restaurant association about the deals you can get your hands on. here's a live look outside, nice and clear at the golden gate which. we wil in business, setbacks change everything. so get comcast business internet and add securityedge.
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liz: happening now is the celebration of san francisco's rich, diverse food scene. it is restaurant week act for the second time this fear. eateries are offering menu items for discounted price. joining us is restaurant board member and owner of restaurants, tony. tell us about the deals and events we can expect this week.
8:39 am
>> thank you for having me. it is a terrific time for restaurants coming out of the pandemic. we are more eager to celebrate than ever. it is something that has been going on for 15 years. there are great deals, you can get a lunch anywhere from 10 dollars to $15 to $25 two course meals at any of your favorite restaurants around the city. it is a great way for people to come in and see restaurants that may not have seen before. the restaurants get to showcase the things they are doing for the community. it is exciting. i was out last night and had a wonderful dinner with three different shifts celebrating dishes. we had a great time. liz: and into spots on the list this year or some old favorites -- any new spots on the list this year or some old favorites? >> luna is new this year on
8:40 am
valencia and 18th, that is terrific. we were excited to get over there and there are some new restaurants coming out. there are 160 different restaurants offering right now. liz: so many. it is back for a second time this year. why is that? i know it usually happens once a year. >> two fold, we want to get people out and activated with the restaurants that show support to the community. we also usually do a big event at this time of the year people can gather. we were not too comfortable doing that so we wanted to offset it by having another way people could be safe. we have outdoor dining everywhere in the city now. we wanted to give it to what we had in front of us with the pandemic. liz: as a restaurant owner, tell
8:41 am
us why this event is so important to you and other people in the restaurant industry. >> first of all, the staff and the people that are trying to make their way in the the the te surviving, keeping ourselves going the last year and a half. it truly is a driver for us. it gives us enthusiasm to keep moving forward. for the people that went to get out and dine who have not been able to be out for a while and a city has allowed shared spaces. it is a celebration of trying to get back out and activate with our community. liz: over the last year and a half, my colleagues and i have covered the challenges facing the restaurant industry even prior to the pandemic. a lot of restaurants were closing. as we reopen, what are some of the challenges you guys are facing as you try to revitalize
8:42 am
the food scene? >> it is a couple of things. it is getting people activated to come back out and dine again. and finding people to fill spots inside the restaurants to keep our business hours open. those would be the two biggest ones. it has been difficult for us to find products and supplies and the increase in cost to do business has been a struggle. luckily, the government stepped in during the pandemic. i would say those are the three main struggles we are trying to figure out. liz: we were talking about the cost of meats, it is so high and clear the impacting restaurants. >> yes, coming from all angles right now. getting them out and getting them excited about dining again -- it excites us when our restaurants are full and thriving. it gives a shot in our arm.
8:43 am
it is all a good collaboration. liz: give us the nuts and bolts of how people can participate and get involved. >> get out and dine. go on our website and find your favorite restaurant you have been wanting to go to. there are excellent offers out there. bishops chefs are showing their best work after the chefs are showing their best work. -- the chefs are showing their best work. it is great just to get back out there. liz: we appreciate you being here to talk about it. to find out more about how you can participate in restaurant week, head to sfres lisa: good morning as we look outside, a pretty view of alcatraz there. a reminder to everyone to be good. talking about some more temperatures with numbers well into the 80's across the bay area.
8:44 am
the coast is cooler. we will have all of the details with my soggy seven-day forecast next. liz: steph curry looks ready for the regular season the warriors rap up and a undefeated preseason. preseason. [swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. i drop off and pick up my kids from school so, i can't work early. or late. and i need to make enough to make it worthwhile. i can only work two days a week. and it can't interfere with my other job. i can do full-time. just not daytime. and i need benefits. good ones. and you know, it would be nice if you paid for my tuition. like all of it. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ alright, here we go, miller in motion. wha — wait, wait, is that a... baby on the field?? it looks like it, craig. and the defensive linemen are playing peek-a-boo. i've never seen anything like that before. harris now appears to be burping the baby. that's a great moment right there.
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the ref going to the rule book here. what, wait a minute! harris is off to the races! we don't need any more trick plays. touchdown!! but we could all use more ways to save. are you kidding me?? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. switch to geico for more ways to save. liz: let's talk sports. stanford will be back hoping to recover from last week's loss. you can watch the game on our sister network, espn. the san jose sharks play their season opener against the jets. the warriors will play their first game of the regular season tuesday night in l.a. against the lakers. here is larry with the highlights in this morning's sports. larry: the warriors opened the regular season tuesday night in
8:47 am
l. ainstoreat to have rort covin hot. check out steph curry going to work here. finger roll and o.just before hg from deep and he is rescued by damion lee. you know that was a pass, right? willard did not play in this game so one man. counting up his points. the warriors launched 46 three's . we proclaim him ready for the regular season. the warriors are 5-0 in the preseason. college football, cal at number nine, and oregon in eugene. chase is rolling out, kevin ryan walt, 17-10.
8:48 am
anthony b the scramble and then the dive for the pylon, touchdown. 24-17 ducks. fon sethey won the super bowl we packers. nick nash to a wide open charles ross for the spartans? touchdown -- for the spartans' touchdown. the definition of showing up and showing up angry. we go to overtime. spartans not seven, tyler nevins of the gut. to the second overtime, san jose state gets intercepted. lucas johnson to jesse matthews, goodbye, game over.
8:49 am
19-13, the aztecs remain undefeated, the final in double overtime. game one of the american league championship series, the astros hosting the red sox. jose altuve huge for houston. we are tied at 33 code -- a 3-3. carlos correa, a passed ball out. he is admiring his work. the astros power their way to a game one win, 5-4. have a great weekend everybody. liz: let's get a check of the forecast. rain is on the way. lisa: a little bit of rain on the way and more opportunities to see more rain. two atmospheric rivers for northern california by the end of next week. right now it is all about high-pressure right over california.
8:50 am
it was light east allowing for the first system to arrive later tomorrow. the view outside, nice and blue though a little hazy in the south bay. air quality is good for most of us. 57 in san francisco. moderate in san jose. pacifica has been mild in the mid 60's with a light east went. emeryville, a pretty start to the day. low 40's in santa rosa. 49 in concord and livermore. the golden gate bridge, looking at another warm day. cooler with showers arriving tomorrow. a level one one system and by wednesday, next friday into next weekend, things get interesting. scattered showers arriving late in the morning in the north bay, sliding through the rest of the bay area through the afternoon. 1/10 to 2/10 in the east bay. there is the front. by 3:00 we have rain in santa rosa.
8:51 am
the front bushes across the bay area by about 5:00. some rain in oakland and san mateo looking at showers as well as redwood city. 6:00 it is in san jose, down to the santa cruz mountains and we are looking at a breezy and cooler monday arriving as weak pressure builds in. very light, five one hundredths. maybe a little bit more here along the coast and towards cloverdale. we are looking at this to translate into snow, more than a dusting, in the zero nevada. how about five inches in kirkwood and eight inches in donner? this looks to have been late sunday into monday. the middle of the week, our next system arriving. you can see more mountain snow. then we get a break. as we get closer to the upcoming work week, we are looking at this atmospheric river
8:52 am
developing and is still focused on parts of the far northern part of the state, but hoping for some more rain. that is a little more impressive as we get into next weekend, perhaps with heavier rain for the october 24 time period. we have to have a broadbrush forecast for now, getting to the particulars as we get closer. 80 in oakland, 85 in napa. 87 in concord. that late day sea breeze bringing half moon bay to the mid-seventies with an onshore flow. our level one system with rain arriving tomorrow. much cooler, breezy monday. a chance of showers late on tuesday and another level one system on wednesday. by the end of the week, it is getting wetter into next weekend. liz: we will look forward to that. next, and new one-of-a-kind v theater kicks off in san francisco.
8:53 am
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liz: today, a block party in the mission district. this part shopping event and part music festival. it will benefit students and female and minority business owners. admission is free. it runs from noon to 6:00 today between bryant and harrison street. in the mission district, a theater festival is opening in the bay area. the dealer festival includes eight original projects and performances by organizations led by people of color. the award-winning san francisco bay area theater company is one of those organizations. we spoke with one of the cofounders about what makes this festival stand out. >> we have the african-american shakespeare company, push dance,
8:56 am
ballet, and all of us under one roof producing art together to bring back live theater. i think it is incredible. black, latin, asian people being on the forefront of what culture is because we always have been and now we are showcasing it. liz: the festival is today and tomorrow. tickets start at $30 for a block of two chauffeurs or $50 for all eight performances. let's get a check of the weather. lisa: the warmest day out of the next seven, well into the aiders -- into the 80's. it will stay cool all week long with temperatures in and around average were a bit below. today it is the opposite with numbers well above average. 80n kld. napa, 88. sunny and warm today.
8:57 am
a week level one system arriving tomorrow. by the end of next friday, that level one system could lead to a pretty soggy weekend. stay tuned, it is getting interesting. thank you. liz: thank you for joining us here on ab seven on abc7 morning's. we have a -- on abc7 morning's. we have a big day of football on espn. at 12:30, perdue looks to upset iowa. at 4:30, tcu battles oklahoma in norman. that is followed by toyota "after the game." and then abc 7 news continues at 11:00 a.m. thank you for joining us, have a great day. ♪
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