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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 17, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight. u.s. missionaries kidnapped. reports of 17 people including children have been abducted by a gang in haiti. the state department's response this morning. shot showdown. the battle over vaccine mandates. members of the nation's second largest police force at odds with the city. same in seattle, the concerns over keeping the streets safe if they're pulled off of the job. plus the cdc data on vaccine effectiveness. heading home. former president bill clinton spending another night in the hospital and getting family visits as he is treated for an infection. when he is expected to be released. urgent manhunt for a suspect who ambushed deputies in houston
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responding to a call. one officer killed, two others wounded, the investigation this morning. standing trial, jury selection ready to start for the three men accused in the killing of ahmaud arbery. >> this is a litmus test as to where the country is, particularly where the south is. >> the rallies that are planned today as ahmaud arbery's mother talks about getting justice for her son. water crisis in another michigan city. the contamination concerns. >> what can you do with the water around here? >> nothing but pay the water bill. >> "gma" on the ground to see what's being done about it. and record run. ohio quarterback amani rogers taking matters into his own hands. >> from 99.9 yards away, touchdown ohio. >> where it puts him in the record books. good morning, america.
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it is great to have you here with us on a sunday morning. we're very happy to have linsey davis, victor oquendo back at the desk with us for another day this weekend. there is a lot to get to, including new information on the pandemic. >> in the past week new covid cases are down 12.5%. hospitalizations down 9%, and new deaths down 13%. but the number of people fully vaccinated still stands at 66%. >> vaccine mandates are front and center of contentious battles with some cities and their police officers with deadlines looming. first the breaking news overnight. the report of 17 americans kidnapped in haiti, including children. let's get right to phil lipof at the haitian york with the latest. good morning, phil. >> reporter: good morning, whit. yes, 17 being kidnapped by a gang in haiti. according to an audio message from the ohio-based christian
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basedministries, first reported by "the new york times," the group was going home after building an orphanage. the one minute message also says the u.s. embassy is working with mission's field director whose family and another individual stayed at the ministries base when the others were being abducted. this is just the latest incident in a country that is having an alarming surge in gang-related kidnappings. they have recorded 600 kidnappings so far this year with 117 of those kidnappings taking place in the last month alone. the abduction trouble far from the only crisis. haiti is facing political turmoil. it's intensifying after that country's president was assassinated in july. a month later in magnitude earthquake killing more than 2,200 people and destroying more than 100,000 homes. whit? >> phil, thank you so much.
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for more on this kidnapping in haiti, let's bring in maryalice parks in our studio. so much at stake here, i imagine the biden administration following this closely. >> you can imagine this is just a nightmare situation. so delicate. we don't have a new comment yet from the white house, the national security team could direct us to a very brief comment from the state department overnight. they said the welfare and safety of u.s. citizens abroad are one of the highest priorities. they are aware of the reports. like you said, you can imagine the white house is turning all their attention on something like this. >> as phil laid out, it's been one crisis after another. the assassination of the president, the earthquake, the economic ruin following the pandemic, and now americans caught right in the middle of this. it further complicates u.s. policy in that country as well. >> absolutely. following the assassination of the president in july, some haitians called for u.s. troops to come to the country to help stabilize the situation. obviously that didn't happen. we know the u.s. has, from time
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to time after the assassination, after the earthquake sent teams of officials to the ground. you can imagine this makes their work so much harder. it could politically, whit, make it harder for the u.s. to turn away any haitian migrants that arrive at the southern border. so many have been making an argument that it's not safe on the ground in haiti. >> and now the fact that american lives are at risk, too. a game changer in all this. maryalice, thank you so much. we appreciate it. linsey? >> whit, thank you. let's bring in former state department official steve ganyard. good morning, steve. thank you for talking with us today. the state department has not said much other than to say this is a top priority. what is likely happening behind the scenes right now? >> they're probably first trying to get in touch with the kidnappers and much of the hostage rescue effort will be led out of the u.s. embassy. we have the ability to put fbi hostage negotiation teams quickly on the ground in port-au-prince.
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there are probably back-up plans as well to bring in u.s. military to bring in hostage rescue. >> in august, the state department urged americans not to travel to haiti because of the risk of kidnappings. what can you tell us about these warnings? >> sometimes these are just warnings. a situation in a country may be dire and u.s. citizens may be in danger. missionary groups often work around the world in very difficult and dangerous situations. they know the risks. unfortunately in this case it looks like they got themselves into a bit of a situation that was not anticipated even though the country continued to slide into chaos and gang violence and control of port-au-prince in particular by gangs continued to increase. steve, thank you so much for yur insight as always. appreciate it. >> thanks, linsey. >> victor? now to covid-19. cases are dropping but vaccine
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foomome the nation's largest forces. janai joins us with more. janai, good morning. >> reporter: victor, good morning to you. the mandates continuing to cause a clashes across the country. the city of chicago and the under staffed department could be stretched even thinner as the deadline to provide proof of vaccination comes closer. this morning the city of chicago preparing to lose police officers amid clashes about a vaccination mandate. the requirement going into effect this weekend for the nation's second largest police force. >> the only way we can create a safe workplace and maximize that is by having everyone vaccinated. >> reporter: the police union also at odds with the city over how many officers have complied, says approximately 50% of officers remain unvaccinated. >> the city cannot keep doing what they're doing. they have an obligation to worry about public safety, not about someone's health status. >> reporter: the city saying it's ready to bring in state troopers to keep the streets a mibalehap in ry.
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setl the police force facing a monday deadline to provide proof of vaccination. they are already dealing with staffing shortages and this week there could be more losses. >> those officers on the department that have not provided proof of vaccine verification will not be coming to work on tuesday. >> reporter: the showdown over vaccine mandates playing out across the country from first responders to health care workers on the front like. michelle webb was treating covid patients, but was hesitant to get the vaccine herself. she decided to get the vaccine after attending educational sessions. >> based on the educational session and what i'm seeing with the patients i decided to change my mind. without that education i think i would have been really questioning myself, did i make
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the right choice? >> reporter: the cdc releasing data showing vaccines are still dramatically reducing the risk of testing positive or dying of covid-19 during the delta variant surge. but in the mountain region hospital admissions are the highest they have been in ten months. health care workers in utah at their breaking point. >> a lot of people are using their sick days because they're exhausted. exhausted physically, mentally. we have seen an increase in anxiety, fatigue, and depression. >> reporter: we've been telling you this week the cdc panel is meeting to discuss recommendations of the moderna and johnson & johnson boosters. already endorsed by the fda advisory committee. if approved by this time next week we could see boosters rolling out. victor? >> janai, thank you. a quick programming note here. make sure to watch "this week" later this morning. martha raddatz will be one on one with dr. anthony fauci about that fda panel recommendation on j&j and moderna booster shots. plus, her exclusive reporting from inside m some of the natios
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busiest ports over the ongoing supply chain crisis. whit? bill clinton expected to be released from the hospital as early as this morning. he is being treated for an infection and receiving family visitors as well. marcus moore is outside of the irvine medical center with more. marcus, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning. doctors are continuing to monitor the former president's condition as he recovers here at this hospital. he spent another night receiving the iv antibiotics that doctors say have been working well. we have seen over the weekend new video of the former first lady and secretary of state hillary clinton and daughter chelsea arriving here on saturday to visit the president. doctors have said he is doing well and is upbeat. an aide said he spent most of the day yesterday watching college football. the former president was admitted to the hospital tuesday for fatigue. he was suffering from a urological infection that spread to a general infection.
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we know on friday that president biden spoke to the 75-year-old former president on the phone. he said he is doing well. the late word we have this morning is that president clinton's team is hoping he can be released as soon as today. they want to make sure he's well enough before that. linsey? >> understand that there, caution. marcus, thank you. now to the trial for the killing of ahmaud arbery. jury selection begins tomorrow for a father, son and their neighbor all facing murder charges, accused of chasing him through their georgia neighborhood. elwyn lopez is in atlanta for us this morning. good morning, elwyn. >> reporter: hey, linsey, good morning. a killing caught on camera. three men set to go on trial for the death of ahmaud arbery with the start of jury selection now just a day away. it's said to be one of the biggest trials in georgia's history. three men accused in the murder
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of 25-year-old ahmaud arbery. last year his death sparked national outrage. over the weekend in coastal georgia that spark reignited with people spilling into the streets, demanding justice ahead of jury selection monday. >> we don't have to all look alike or believe in the same beliefs, but we're so much geater together. >> reporter: the defendants are white. the victim, black. >> it's hard to believe it had nothing to do with race. the black and brown community are wondering are we in a system that will be just for all people? >> reporter: jury duty notices hitting the mailboxes of 1,000 people, roughly 1 out of every 85 residents in the county. >> it's going to be difficult to find a group of people who say they didn't develop an opinion about the case. >> reporter: deborah roberts got a chance to sit down with aubrey's mother. >> what i have to go through in
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the midst of the trial is really scary. some days i have my doubts about getting justice for ahmaud, you know. >> reporter: getting justice part of a national outcry after this cell phone video emerged. it was taken by neighbor william roddy bryant who joined the defendants as prosecutors say they chased over the jogger. >> we believe that roddy was nothing more than a witness to the shooting. >> reporter: mcmichael's attorney said the father and son thought arbery was a burglar and they were trying to make a citizen's arrest. the encounter turned deadly. it ended with travis allegedly shooting and killing bryant fil. for more than two months there was no arrest until this video was leaked. the mcmichaels and bryant are facing nine counts each. felony murder, malice murder and aggravated assault.
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they all plead not guilty and in a statement to abc news the mcmichael's attorney says they're hopeful for a fair jury in this case. victor? >> elwyn, thank you. joining us now is attorney shana lloyd. shana, thanks for making the time for us here. this trial has been called one of the biggest in georgia state history. what are the implications behind it? >> it's how people see justice for black and brown folks. in this area, the population, the jury will have to make a decision about whether or not this was something that should have occurred. it has a lot of racial implications as far as the men who acted, as well as the victim. >> how strong is the prosecution's case here? what evidence, besides the video that's so tough to watch, what other evidence might they use and what will the defense be saying? >> well for the prosecution what we're going to see is a lot of information about what they were seeing, where he was, the state
7:15 am
of the home, the idea that he burglarized a home that was still under construction, that would not have had anything in it. i think we will see a lot of information about that. what they actually saw him doing. you'll see them bring in those things. the defense in this case is trying to project that they believed he was committing -- that he was burglarizing that particular home and that is the defense by which they are saying they could make that citizens arrest. you'll see a lot of information about that. >> there's another wrinkle here. the defense and prosecution have gone back and forth fighting about bringing up aubrey's past trouble and saying he was on probation. why is that important here? >> you have to remember they would have only known what they saw, they had no background information about him, and they didn't have other knowledge. bringing it into trial would have been overly prejudicial. i think it was a good call by the judge. >> this case has already brought changes to the georgia law, right?
7:16 am
>> absolutely, they repealed the citizen arrest law that has been on the books far too long. they got rid of that already. i think we'll see changes going and continuing. >> we'll be following it all. shana, thank you so much. whit? now to the urgent manhunt in that deadly shooting outside of a houston nightclub. a police officer killed and two others wounded in what they're calling an ambush. abc's ike ejiochi has more. >> two officers down. >> reporter: this morning an all-out manhunt for the suspect responsible for ambushing a group of deputies in houston, killing one of them. >> what happened was evil. >> reporter: authorities say three harris county constables were shot while checking on a possible robbery. >> i'm at 4449 north freeway, people running around, it's getting a little hectic out here. >> reporter: authorities say deputies were trying to make an arrest when a gunman opened fire
7:17 am
with an ar-15 assault rifle. kareem atkins was killed, he just return from paternity leave. darryl garrett was shot in the back. he's in the icu. 26-year-old barthen was shot in the leg. garrett's fiance said they were all very good friends. >> they called each other brothers. the only thing i can say is i'm asking for prayers from everybody, from the community, please pray for us. we're going through a lot and this is just the beginning for us. >> reporter: officers standing at attention while deputy atkins' body was taken to the medical examiner's office. one person was taken into custody, but not believed to be the shooter. president biden recognized houston's police department at an event in washington, d.c., just hours after the shooting. >> chief, i'm here for you, pal. so is everybody else.
7:18 am
we mourn the fallen. we pray for the recovery of the wounded. >> reporter: now, according to the officer down memorial page, 361 police officers have died in the line of duty this year. 50 coming from gunfire. linsey? >> ike, thank you so much. first, we're going to toss it over to you, rob, for weather. but at least you were able to get your pumpkin picking done. right before the storms. >> the storm is rolling in, but we got through the corn maze. priorities. >> by coincidence he was at the same patch as my wife and kids were, but they never saw each other. i think she was avoiding you. >> probably. >> a different kind of maze yesterday for you. "college gameday." >> whole different maze for sure. after that, in the northeast we had severe weather. this looks like a tornado. not officially reported but a funnel there, just about an hour north of new york city. trees down in pennsylvania. six states from virginia through
7:19 am
new england with winds gusting over 60 miles an hour. here's the cool down. temperatures dropping 15 to 20 degrees. are you ready for fall? here it comes for the eastern two thirds of the country you're experiencing this now. this trough digs in. you'll see temperatures that will be more seasonal. 80 or 82 degrees in october? that shouldn't be happening. back to normal. 62 in philadelphia, and getting to the mid 70s by wednesday. nice fall stuff. that's a check nationally. now time for a look at your local forecast.
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i was at "gameday" yesterday. you being here, i had a chance to work with your producer mara robles. she said she liked working with me better. >> we disagree. >> maybe an exaggeration. nice to see you in person, victor. >> usually we're chasing hurricanes together so it's nice to be dry. >> he cleans up nice. >> i have a suit. >> rob, thank you very much. we want to get to this story as well. big honor for bill pinkney, the first african-american to be inducted into the national sailing hall of fame. newport, rhode island. he documented his 27,000 mile 22-month journey around the world back in the early 1990s they turned it into a disney documentary and a book to hopefully inspire children and
7:21 am
teach them the lessons that he learned in his time at sea. congratulations to the captain. truly an inspiring story. victor, you spoke with kids as well that would love to follow in his footsteps. >> yes. i was at this school in tampa called sail future. they teach under privileged and foster kids how to sail. all these kids walk away with lessons like leadership, communication, all these life skills. sailing ends up turning into a lot of other good stuff. >> true trailblazer. still ahead another city in michigan with a water crisis. we'll take you to benton harbor where the governor is promising help. and you might see fewer witches and goblins this holiday. a costume shortage could cramp your style. and a sneak peek at "the real queens of hip-hop," the women who made their mark and changed the music industry for generations to come. "good morning america" is sponsored by weather tech. auto, home, pet, find your fit.
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hi, i'm pat and i'm 75 years old. we live in the mountains so i like to walk. and if you're pregnant or planning to be. i'm really busy in my life; i'm always doing something. i'm not a person that's going to sit too long. in the morning, i wake up and the first thing i do
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is go to my art studio. a couple came up and handed me a brochure on prevagen. i've been taking prevagen for about four years. i feel a little bit brighter and my mind just feels sharper. i would recommend it to anyone. it absolutely works. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> good morning. the evacuation order for a wildfire has been downgraded, allowing people in santa cruz county to return to their homes. the estrada fire has burned over 148 acres. crews were doing a burn friday
7:28 am
when some of the embers jumped the containment line and started another fire. the fire is northeast of carlito's. % because we are anticipating rain today and this week. >> breezy wins and a gorgeous view with low clouds increasing. sunshine right now 56 downtown as well as san jose. low cloud deck and some high clouds. 40 santa rosa. the wind is going to pick up.
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from 99.9 yards away. touchdown, ohio! >> welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. take a look at ohio bobcats quarterback armani rodgers making college football history. taking the ball from one end zone all of the way to the other with this 99 yard run, giving him the longest running touchdown for a quarterback in ncaa history. the previous record was held by mark malone who in 1979 ran 98 yards to score. >> that one extra yard. >> that was a quarterback, keep that mind, too. he's not a running back. my knees hurt just watching that. we have a lot to get this
7:31 am
morning, let's get to the other headlines this morning. the fight other vaccine mandates heating up, deadlines looming for police officers in some of america's largest cities. now reports that cam newton has been vaccinated in an effort to try to make his return to the nfl. the 32-year-old was released from the patriots before the beginning of the regular season. and two of hollywood's most powerful groups have reached a deal averting a strike that could have shut down productions nationwide. sources say the agreement includes ten hour turn around times between shifts and 54 hour turn arounds on weekends and a 3% pay increase for each year covered by the new contract. >> the coast guard now identified a cargo ship as a "party of interest" in the pipeline rupture that led to some 25,000 gallons of oil spilling into the water in california. they believe it was involved in an anchor dragging incident near that damaged pipeline. >> take a look at this
7:32 am
incredible video showing an amtrak train crashing into a semi truck carrying vehicles. that was in oklahoma. cars and debris flying through the air. the semi's driver barely making it out of the way. at least four passengers on the train was treated for minor injuries. it could have been a lot worse. we start this half hour with the water crisis in another michigan town, similar to what the residents of flint went through. governor gretchen whitmer directing state resources after people in benton harbor were told not to drink the water due to the lead levels. zachary kiesch is there in michigan with more details. good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning to you. you know the water in benton harbor is bad. you can't cook with it, you can't clean with it, you can't brush your teeth, and you certainly can't make baby
7:33 am
formula with it. the residents have been asking for help for years but it has been falling on deaf ears. this morning benton harbor fighting a lead water crisis. in the past few days, semis rolling into down to deliver 30,000 bottles of water per week are creating distribution lines that look like this all over town. >> i appreciate the free water. some distribution places i waited an hour and a half to two hours. >> reporter: just days ago, michigan governor whitmer signed an executive order to provide free bottled water to residents. the issue put a spotlight on leadership at every level. >> as the mayor i have to own it. >> reporter: a pediatrician who signed the petition here and helped elevate the issues in flint, just three hours away. >> lead is a neurotoxin. there is no safe level. any amount of lead can alter the life course trajectory of not just one kid, but a population
7:34 am
of children. >> reporter: about 6,000 pipes need replaced in benton harbor. it will require time and money. >> it was an amber color, it was sizzling. >> reporter: this educator and life long resident bottled the water in 2019 brought it to c officials. she ha she said a lot of residents don't complain because of fear. a coalition of community leaders lead by activist reverend pinkman asked the federal government to step in. >> what can do you with the water around here? >> nothing but pay the water bill. >> reporter: the city which is predominantly black with a median house old income of $21,000 according to 2019 census data is not unlike other poor, majority nonwhite cities when it comes to disparities in clean water access. according to abc's equity report
7:35 am
one in every four of america's poorest zip codes has at least one district with excessive lead contamination compared to 1 in 11 of the wealthiest zip codes. >> they allow the people in the community to drink this water for other three years without saying a word. >> why is that okay? >> it's not okay. this should not happen to any city. >> reporter: experts here compare the lead levels to flint. everybody i talked to to, a person said they know people still drinking it. governor whitmer and the mayor have pledged to resolve the issue in the next 18 months, it was originally expected to take years. linsey? >> such an urgent matter, zachary, our thanks to you. now to rob and a check of the weather. rob is stealing the show with the aurora borealis. >> and you stole my thunder with
7:36 am
your fancy words. yeah, we get great shots of the aurora. this is just a beautiful site. if you have never seen it in person, it is nothing less than a spiritual experience. nor is a nice rainbow which we had in little rock, arkansas, friday after severe storms. we had damage in spots, and boy the razorbacks took sol damage again, yesterday, didn't they? action coming into the west. another strong trough. we'll take that because it starts to build the snow pack. we had a really dry year last year. wind advisories are up with this and this is always a problem, especially in california with the fires that are burning there. heavy snow in the sierra nevada, so we can build that up a little bit. one to three inches. we could see another foot of snow across wyoming. looks like yellow stone could get a dusting. now is your local forecast.
7:37 am
spiritual. this weather report sponsored by geico. i think that you can always use an additional layer of insurance when you're whipping around miami in your little vespa. >> absolutely. >> he has the white sneakers on. very european. >> do you have a little basket on the front? >> no, i wish. >> we have time for a side car, though. coping up on "gma," why you might have to rethink your halloween costume. and the "halloween" movie killing it at the box office. we love our house, been here for years. yeah. but there's an animal in the attic. (loud drumming) yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!! (animal drumming in distance) (loud drumming) drums! drums!
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welcome back to "gma" and why you may have to think that squid game costume for halloween. stores are reporting backlogs. this is just the latest problem from the breaks in the supply chain. we have more with deirdre bolton.
7:42 am
>> reporter: americans are forecasted to spend a record amount on halloween costumes this year, but revellers may be facing a shortage. it is halloween time, but there is a new frightening concept this year. >> the scariest thing is empty shelves. >> reporter: the stores near the university of lynchberg didn't have a lot. >> basically all of the stores are out of everything and you can't find a lot of options to choose from. >> reporter: he drove back to his hometown, three hours, to get his costume. >> there is all kinds of issues up and down the supply chain. any delay just cascaded. >> we're starting to run out of our best selling lines. >> reporter: for shop owners and customers that means unique challenges, fueled by the global supply chain crisis that's leavingps piling up on ports and few truckers on the road. americans are expected to spend
7:43 am
a record $10 billion on halloween this year with more than $3 billion on costumes alone. >> this has truly been a scary year and we're fortunate that we're a small business and we were able to use our resources domestically and get everything in, but it was nail biting, literally. >> reporter: top costumes for kids this year -- super heros always. for adults vampire, witch, ghost. one expert telling me these costumes are so popular because it's easy to eat and drink in. victor? >> priorities. >> got that right. >> deidre, thank you so much. coming up on "good morning america." the real queens of hip-hop. the personal stories of the women that changed the game.
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the joy of movement back now with a preview of "real queens of hip-hop." the abc news special voiced by salt from salt-n-pepa that looks at female rappers from different generations and how they changed the game. here's a look. >> lauren hill introduced the multifunctioning female artist, write, produce, rhyme, sing, and deliver the artistic vision. >> her sound shifted the whole game. >> with this album, i wasn't looking for perfection. i was looking for feeling. there was a vibe on that track that you couldn't let go. >> here's a woman who was powerful. she was black, beautiful. her music was great. >> all of the stars were aligned for this big explosion. and i think the grammy's would
7:48 am
have been insane not to recognizthat >>ominated for ten grammys at the 1999 awards hill won them with "the miseducation of lauren hill." >> she made hip-hop >> "the real queens of hip-hop," air at 10:00 eastern on abc. stick around. "pop news" is next. that can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease. so it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. jardiance also lowers a1c. and it may help you lose some weight. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast or urinary tract infections, and sudden kidney problems. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. a rare, but life-threatening bacterial infection
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all right, folks, it has all been building up to this. time for "pop news" and janai who refers to herself as the closer delivering for us this morning. what's going on? >> i was just saying call me mariano rivera. i wanted to get that name right so i could pretend who that was.
7:53 am
time for "pop news." we're starting with "halloween kills" slashing its opening night bringing in $23 million on friday. jamie lee curtis is expected to make quite the killing. >> i'll give you a courtesy laugh. >> projected to rake in $50 million over the weekend despite the fact that it is also expected to stream. its predecessor set a record for the biggest opening weekend in history for a horror film starring a woman. "halloween kills" is in theaters now. i don't like scary movies. >> i hear this one is a scream. >> there we go. >> linsey, i'm impressed. >> a couple days on weekend "gma" and linsey is on fire. and now to cold play, they just released their new album "music of the spheres" which
7:54 am
features their hit "my universe" with bts. and upfront man chris martin says they will create electricity from the audiences kinetic energy. >> that is the most cold play comment. >> sit with that for a minute. he said concert goers will have to jump up and down when he tells them to or the lights will go out. some will even be pedaling bikes. they also plan to plant a tree for every ticket sold, all to cut their carbon emissions in half. call me crazy, but they're doing their thing. >> that is a pretty good idea. >> and they're making the audience work. >> you have to be a revolutionary to change it all. finally, one of the week's most memable moments. jay-z pulling a 180. he was on the red carpet of his film "the harder they fall." check in
7:55 am
you see that? he ran into kelly rowland and didn't know she was going to be there. she is miss carter's bestie, fellow member of destiny's child. they go way back. a very sweet moment that the internet loved. >> you get the save for closing it out. that's a baseball term, going back to rivera. >> closing out strong. >> like you helped us win the game. >> as dan would say, dogleg left. >> victor, linsey, thank you for being with us this weekend. it was a lot of fun. stay tuned for "this week." martha raddatz has a great show. have a good week, everybody.
7:56 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> good morning. happening today, a tribute to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the oakland hills fire storm. there'll be a picnic with a tribute to commemorate those deadly days. the fire burned more than 1500 acres and destroyed 3000 structures. it is the third deadliest
7:57 am
wildfire in california history, killing 25 people. today's event runs from 11:00 to 3:00 in oakland. organizers will hand out information on how to prepare for and stay safe during emergencies. today's san francisco sunday streets will be bigger than ever across the city, featuring historic routes and pop-ups. here is a list of the locations where cars will not be allowed because of this. each location will have different activities, including live music, dance performances, plus so much more. it runs from noon to 5:00. the big news is the rain on the way. >> feeling like fault with cool and breezy conditions in the city. 62 san jose. 56 downtown. we have the low clouds and high clouds. 37 in santa rosa. vel stem coming into play today. light showers after 3:00 in the north bay. we are talking just over 0.1
7:58 am
inches of rain today. low 70's in our inland valleys. the level 1 system today, break monday and tuesday. looking at more rain wednesday. chance thursday in the north bay. bigger rain possibilities next weekend. >> thank you. this week with george stephanopoulos is next. we will see you at 9:00 for the news. have a great morning.
7:59 am
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"this week" with "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts now. >> breaking news reports of 17 u.s. missionaries and their families have been kidnapped in haiti. what we are learning this morning. >> logs jammed. >> we need all hands-on deck. >> a surprise chain crisis. empty shelves. president biden calling on businesses to break the bottom. >> we came to the port to see this ourself to see how this unprecedented situation affected us all. we follow this supply chain from the port. >> what are you seeing on a day-to-day basis?


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