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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 17, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. well, i take a look dark clouds rolling and and we are waiting for that rain rain. that is so desperately needed and it is just now arriving as we speak though. the first round won't be much it is just a start in what will be a series of rainmakers with that we say thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim that rain arrived in the bay area just about an hour ago, and it is moving on through abc 7 news meteorologist. francis takes a look at how long the showers will last. hi francis. hi dion. good evening. when we're expecting wet weather for the next few hours, and we could certainly use it because last season we ended at about 40% of normal for rainfall now
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on our storm impact scale. it is a one out of five. so it's a light storm and we are expecting less than a tenth of an inch for most areas, but it will be breezy you'll see the winds will pick up. here's a look at live doppler 7 and the satellite radar image looping over the past few hours. so eureka has already gotten over half an inch of rain and you kyle almost about a tenth. we're seeing some light. showers right now through the north bay and i'll show you quickly the forecast animation the next couple hours during five o'clock will start to mainly stay in the north bay and then six o'clock will spread to the peninsula in parts of the east bay 7 o'clock and continues to move southeast and then by 8 o'clock mostly dry for us, but we are tracking more wet weather on the way as well deon. all right, we'll get another check very shortly francis. thanks. now. the approaching brain is great news for the bay area and for lake tahoe. where snow is expected. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard is in petaluma where those showers can't come fast enough for the locals there cornell. yeah, dion rain is the only
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thing people have been talking about and check it out. the rain has arrived here in petaluma. it is so good to see and certainly a welcome sight for the owners of this rose farm here in western petaluma, because the drought has really been tough and many very excited about the potential of snow up in the sierra. i'm super excited jessica yao and daughter olivia rose were planning a new rose bush at their home garden valley ranch in petaluma home to 8,000 rose bushes and hundreds of varieties, and they all need lots of water now that i know there's gonna be days of rain just super excited to get out there and sew some seeds jessica says the drought has made growing roses very tough, but the promise of rain brings. hope for the season the rain is super important just to create a nice water. able and to help the roses get peopleo come in this weekend. we found a lot of people at this
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ace hardware store in windsor getting storm ready. it's gonna be used to capture rainwater off of a shed roof into a rain barrel so that we can use that water for watering the garden a little bit of extra space the ski department at sports basement in berkeley was helping customers gear up for tahoe or snow snow was in the forecast. i guess it means that we get to take our sun up to the mountains as soon as possible first rain storm down here everybody starts thinking about skiing again gets excited is coming in looking for new gear the tahoe region still recovering from the monster kaldore flyer which burned more than 200,000 acres last month locals say several chances for snow. this week is great news after one of the driest summers in tahu history. so really great news for the resorts california with that welcome sight light rain falling here in sonoma county firefighters say this
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precipitation really means a reprieve from fighting wildfires. it's been a dry brutal summer. they will take all the rain they can get so nice to see the rain and of course we will take every drop right? we're live in petaluma cornell bernard abc 7 news. alright cornell much needed relief indeed. hopefully you have an umbrella while you there thanks. well as the showers move into the bay area. we did want to take a closer look at a rain deficit meteorologist frances dinglasan explains. our rain totals are so low every little bit matters. yes deion, we could use every drop in fact our rainfall deficit for last season in santa rosa. we were almost below by 21 inches san francisco almost 14 inches and you see even your 10 inches in oakland and in livermore, so well below normal last season now for california. here's our drought monitor. most of california is in the exceptional to extreme category
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about 87% and for the bay area. it's basically all of us in the exceptional and also the extreme category what's great is we're expecting rain today to continue through this evening tapering off but this week we're opening up a wet weather pattern so we have periods of rain through the seven day forecast and that is great news for us because we could use every drop we might have a heavier system into this weekend and we might even end the month of october for this new rain season near normal dion. all right. don't forget you can always check live doppler 7 and the weather conditions where you live on our abc 7 news app. it is free to download just search abc 7 news bay area to developing news now crews battling a wildfire in santa cruz county are starting to get the upper hand cal fire says the estrada fire did not grow overnight and containment is now at 60% that is nearly double from yesterday all evacuation orders and warnings were lifted today. 148 so far have burned a burn
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north of watsonville at estrada ranch sparked this wildfire on friday santa cruz sentinel reports. the burn was on retired cal fire battalion chiefs property. in the east bay attribute today to mark the 30th anniversary of the oakland hills firestorm the north hills community association hosted a picnic to celebrate the people who keep oakland safe and to honor those who lost their lives in 1991, the fire killed 25 people making it the third deadliest wildfire in california history it burned more than 1500 acres and destroyed 3,000 structures oakland's fire chief lives in one of the areas hardest hit by the to prove that not only is it important to me and my family but to the members of the open t information on how to prepare for and stay safe during emergencies.
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firestorm the east bay hills fire is the latest abc 7 original production. we gotta at least a hundred acres burning trees brush houses. i don't think we're gonna stop this thing. the documentary will will will wednesday and shows how that terrifying day unfolded you'll hear directly from the people who lived through the experience you can stream it by downloading the abc 7 bay area app. it is free and available for roku amazon fire apple tv and android tv. a festival with a purpose brought people together today in the east bay it is all about community engagement and improvement the group behind this effort has a mission to build a better bay area and unveiled a new program today to help reach that goal. the hoping today to showcase the prototype what it can look like in the future. and sunday streets resume tay inannc we take a lovely where some want to permanently ban c
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oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin. now in sugar free liquid. to build a better bay area a new program in the east bay aims to do the same by making affordable. something more accessible to low-income residents today in oakland an event was held to promote the chan's zuckerberg initiative keys equity program the event focused on helping black property owners in oakland receive financial support to build in-law units and to generate more income. we want to figure out how they can take advantage of an adu so that either they can bring housing into the community support their efforts in creating legacy our wealth building tools and our providing generational. housing for those to take care
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of homeowners can apply for financial support through richmond neighborhood housing services well today believe it or not mark's 32 years since the loma prieta earthquake struck the bay area that quake happened along the san andreas fault and 63 people died and more than 3,700 were injured. the earthquakes split part of the bay bridge and caused the cypress freeway in the east bay to collapse. it all happened during a live broadcast of the 1989 world series between the giants and the a's this thursday is the great, california shakeout, and you can download the my shake app to part in an earthquake drill we'll take a look back at that historic moment that forever changed the bay area abc 7's peabody award-winning coverage of the 1989. loma prieta earthquake is featured right now on our homepage of abc 7 well today a block in the heart of san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood was transformed into a green oasis organizers.
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hope to make the free change permanent neighborhood nonprofits hosted community events, like outdoor voter registration and pop-up covid testing now a coalition led by saint anthony's is proposing a permanent golden gate greenway, very few people realize that they're about 3,000 kids from nintendo line who have no access to parks or anything. the golden gate greenway would run along the 100 block of golden gate avenue between jones and leavenworth. algae is taking over some beaches in tahoe what you need to know before you go also expressions of culture through movement and music all of it is happening at a place. you wouldn't expect and we have light rain falling in the north bay. it's going to move south over the next few hours. here's a live shot in san rafael where we see increasing clouds and wet weather already happening. i'll details and more rain in
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south lake tahoe are warning people of harmful algae at two popular beaches. the blooms are located at el dorado and reagan beach. the city is advising people and their pets to avoid getting in or drinking the water at these locations experts say that recent wildfire smoke could be contributing to increase of harmful algae blooms francisco's transit hub transformed this weekend into a performance space to celebrate filipino american history month filipino folk dance group parangol performed at the salesforce transit grand hall all of this part of the trolley dance series that features artists performing at sites along historic muni route filipino american history month is celebrated in october to commem first recorded presence of filipinos in the continental us do the north bay now where
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bright orange pumpkins under a storm gray sky were seen it doesn't get much more fall like than this you can see before the rain started here in petaluma. the rain clouds rolled in and another wave of precipitation is on the way frances. yes, it is dion. in fact, it's happening right now in the north bay our first wave and then get this we have about three more rounds of rain this coming. can show you that as well with the accuweather 7-day forecast right now live doppler 7 and satellite radar image shows lots of cloud cover around the bay area and some light rain falling through parts of the north bay on abc 7 storm impact scale. we rank the storm one. it's out of five. it's a light storm. so for the next few hours until about nine o'clock this evening. you can expect scattered showers under a tenth of an inch for most areas. that will be breezy at times and then we could get more rain towards the santa cruz mountains and near the coast. here's the forecast animation. so five o'clock. mainly in the north bay you notice six o'clock. it starts to slide into the east
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bay and the peninsula 7 o'clock. it continues to move east spreading towards the south bay and then by 8 o'clock mostly dry for everyone. there's still could be pockets of showers, but it'll be mainly in the south bay that point and then everything dries out overnight into tomorrow. we'll be a very chilly start. so rainfall estimates again less than a tenth of an inch for most everyone maybe a little bit more in san francisco and half moon bay closer to a quarter of an inch. so we want a little bit of rain because it will help put a dent in the deficit which you just saw earlier. there's also winter weather advisory in effect from tonight through tomorrow morning. so above 5500 feet we could get up to six inches of snow. be careful if you're driving to and from the sierra you may want to hold off until tomorrow if you can so temperatures right now are on the chili side mostly in the 50s and 60 san francisco 58 oakland 62, san jose mildred 68, but look at that only 52 right now. kaya and compared to yesterday's temperatures. they took a massive tumble,
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especially in the north bay where ukiah is 33 degrees cooler than it was yesterday at this time and many areas anywhere from 20 to 15 degrees cooler. so you notice it felt like fall today. where's yesterday felt like summer. we also have a strong sea breeze as the cold front pushes through we've have gus 20 to 30 miles per hour, especially 32 and san mateo 23 miles per hour overnight lows will be pretty chilly. once the rain moves through we won't have much cloud cover. so we have a lot of radiational cooling we could see some patchy fog developing. so only 37 in lakeport tomorrow morning very chilly. you want to bundle up the kids for school low 50s through the north bay from san francisco down to san jose and then tomorrow's numbers will get sunshine, but we'll be on the cooler side mostly in the 60s for everybody, san francisco. 61 oakland 65 san jose 64 and here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. i want to sho we've got more rain heading our way and we
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can expect to bring out those umbrellas because we'll be using them a lot. so tomorrow mostly dry chili in the morning sunshine in the afternoon, and then we've got a light chance of showers tuesday because that brings in a round of rain wednesday thursday best chance in the north day, then we have another round of rain friday. a and then our wetter and possibly strong a system comes in next weekend. all right francis many. thanks kicking it over to chris alvarez now with a preview of sports. hey chris. hi dan coming up in sports. the sharks season is started in the warriors are just days away and despite all the distractions this week the raiders find a way to get it done in denver, coach. passaccia helping the silver and black to a win spo why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema,
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chris alvare the week began with john gruden resigning his head coach of the las vegas raiders. it ended with the team snap in a two-game losing streak and earning a tough win in denver today rich passatia taking over as interim head coach for the silver and black las vegas opened with a sixth place 75 yard touchdown drive capped by derek carter henry rugs the third 48 yards to the house seven nothing raiders coach acting like he's been there before but you know, he's got to be excited late first half car to kenyan drake. pass nice catch 31 yards yards s break 3041 two scores for car and mike shanahan inducted in the broncos ring of honor today wearing that orange jacket denver made a charge with the raiders answer third and five car up top to brian edwards great one-handed catching a big
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run afterwards and the raiders go on to win 34-17 or 34 24, excuse me, snapping a two-game slide. and just we'll hear from coach busaccia later at six in just two days the warriors tip off their 75th season golden state opening tuesday night in la against the lakers then it's the home opener thursday night against the clippers stephan curry seems to be getting better and that's scary for the rest of the league expect to see the warrior shoot a lot of threes. there's curry on a nice little back cut there golden state hit 16 from downtown in the preseason finale on friday warriors finished the preseason perfect five and oh and the inaugural play in tournament. season there's sights are set on making a deep run in the playoffs this season. our expectations are definitely higher this year than they have been the last couple of years and the way the league works, you know, you kind of need to step it up everybody in the locker room wants to win championship first and foremost and whatever that takes we just want to. be as prepared as possible with all these pieces we have i
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definitely think we're a championship caliber team good mix of guys and i feel like we can be really good defensively and we have a bunch of guys that can you know for the ball in the hoop. so i think they'll be special here for us. wnba finals candace parker and chicago the chance to close out diana taurasi in phoenix and game four chicago trail by nine with four and a half to go but parker's triple ties it at 72 with two minutes ago and stephanie dolson. you see the crowdfired up lay up gives chicago the lead for good on 11:01 in the chicago native chance the rapper. he's juiced sky when 80-74 for their first wnba tie-dye, which was chicago native parker's goal in coming back to her hometown team sharks top draft pick william ecklen was among five players making their nhl debut last night in san jose's opening season win opening win of the season against winnipeg. that is eckland. got his first nhl point a sissy on tomash hurdles. go ahead goal 19 year old rookie understand. he's playing with the big boys
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now. it's different. it's the best players in the world. so it's gotta be a big different. but yeah, like i think that it got better better today. it's about you know on this league doing it consistently night and night out and that's part of the challenge that we're gonna have to work on is making sure that we we got that foundation that we bring to the game every night and that structure what an impressive start for the young kid? he looks 19. it kind of reminds me when you see step as a rookie and now him where he is now about 33 34, they'll grow up but man what a cool thing to be 19 in the nhl live in your dream job and dream life. yeah. i don't know what you were doing at 19, but definitely not that for not playing today. no, we're close. all right, chris. thanks a little big art exhibiting in the south bay today focused on the cozier side of creativity. we'll take a look at it next. i'm susan and i'm 52 and i live in san francisco, california. i have been a sales and sales management professional my whole career. typical day during a work week is i'm working but first always going for a run or going to the gym.
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bay quilt enthusiasts came together at the santa clara convention center for the 30th annual pacific international quilt festival the event featured 150 vendors from seven different countries about 600 quilts were on display people were able to shop for fabric and learn new quilting techniques organizers were pretty thrilled to host people once again in person. it's a very tactile part and and you know, you could buy things online and you can view things online, but but there's nothing like seeing it yourself touching it yourself and you need to be here. yeah, pretty breathtaking to see the city of santa clara
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recognizes this week as quilt week did not know that well, that's all the time we have for this edition of abc 7 news at five. i'm dion limb. i'll see you right back a major developing story tonight as we come on the air. a group of 17 missionaries, including 5 children, kidnapped overnight by a gang in haiti. the missionaries, part of ohio-based christian aid ministries, abducted on their way back from visiting an orphanage. haiti is struggling with an alarming spike in gang-related kidnappings. the country still reeling from those twin tragedies, the assassination of its president and the devastating 7.2-magnitude earthquake that killed more than 2,000 people. tonight, what we're learning about the people allegedly responsible for the kidnapping. today dr. fauci reveals the single-dose johnson & johnson vaccine should have been a two-dose vaccine based on the data presented. just days after an fda advisory panel recommended all j&j vaccine recipients 18 years and


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