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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 18, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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briefly moderate to heavy and we are expecting gusty southerly winds. certainly more rain than what came through in the last 24 hours. take a look, tomorrow night 9 p.m., the bay area is getting wet weather. it's starting to move into san francisco in the wee hours of the morning. the showers will that's not the only chance. take a look at the chances of rain, all ones or twos for the next seven days. i'll be back with the closer look. dan: drought experts do not expect this week's rain to make any difference to the drought, we are so far behind. ryan, while it may not help with the drought, every drop does make at least some difference. ryan: any rain we get should be considered positive. a new report from the state
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showing that 2020 was a dry year and 2021 wasn't much better. now it drought next -- drought experts fear that the 2022 drought could be even worse. it's been a while, but northern california will finally start seeing more rain later this week. >> am very excited. if it helps the environment, it's wonderful. ryan: mary says she's concerned about the local environment. >> i am a native californian. it's beautiful out here and i would like it to remain so. ryan: 2021 is a second rise year in state history. the driest year happen all the way back in 1924, very little rainfall has left the state with a significant drought. >> i don't think this week's
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rain will end the drought, but it is certainly very welcome. ryan: he says right now state reservoirs have stored enough water but of more rain doesn't arrive in the next few months, he fears the drought will get much worse. >> i stocks will be be be be bee there will probably be much greater use of mandatory water conservation. ryan: did this years rainy season is only just beginning. >> we have just seen the very beginning of the wet season. several -- it is happening several weeks later than average. ryan:an:an:an:an:an:an:an: year on average they're conserving 80% of water but in conserving we were on -- in september we were only
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conserving about 6%. ryan curry, abc 7 news. kristen: the rain is being linked to hundreds of power outages across the bay area. here's the current outage map. pg&e told us crews are still working to restore power to 8200 customers. pg&e says one reason in particular to blame for most power outages around the bay area. melanie spoke officials today. melanie: it represents a much bigger problem across the bay area, dirt and debris buildup on power lines. when the first rain or even mist hits the lines, this pg&e spokesperson says the now wet debris can cause trouble. >> it causes it to become mud. mud conducts electricity. in those situations we sometimes see fires and outages related to
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that. these early rai trigger these sort of instances. >> she says the the the continue until we have steady, consistent rain in the area. until recently it was primarily used for larger transmission towers, not neighborhood >> to make sure that we're doing everything we can to prevent these sorts of instances from occurring. and a half after it happened. it's a little too long. >> even a single pole repair can take quite a bit of time. that's why why w
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extended outages. >> abc 7 news confirmrmrmrm southern california edison that they also experience this type of issue after like rain, fog, or just. dan: a freight train partially derailed in oakland, six cars were involved. four cars were filled with some fruit acid, which can -- sulfuric acid which can be harmful to anyone exposed to it. union pacific afternoon. kristen: colin powell has died from complications due to covid-19. flags were flying at half staff today for the 84-year-old who spent his adult life serving his country. he served under four presidents and was the first black secretary of state under president george h w bush --
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george w. bush, who called him an american hero and public servant. colincolincolincolin and was on the board of several silicon valley companies, including salesforce bloom energy. blue manufactures fuel cell power generators and is based in san jose. going us is the bloom energy founder and ceo. thank you for taking time out today to talk to us. when was the last time you spoke with general powell? >> i spoke to him in the last 10 days. it is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we heard the news. he is how i would describe him. he exuded power and commanded it when he walked in, but the moment he looked at you and
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shook your hand, the first emotion that you sensed was compassion. just an amazing human being. they don't make them like him anymore. >> he shared some at bloom headquarters at the nasdaq when he went public. tell cemex -- specific examples that made him special. >> after a board went on until about 6:00 in the evening, aftererererererererer he would insist on driving home because he wanted to be at home with his wife. that says something about him. he would say you're not going to stay up until 11:00 for me to
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take the redeye, just drop me off. he would go and where his baseball hat and glasses, incognito, and would be sitting, not in the lounge but in a corner seat in a corner terminal , watching people go by. he always wanted to have a pulse on what was happening in america and he wanted his finger right on that pulse. he was an astute observer. today as we get we get we get w emails and messages in my inbox from many leaders and other people, a number of waitstaff, catering people, chefs, car drivers that had picked him up, writing to us saying how in that short interaction he treated them like a human being, he treated them with respect, he treated them with equals and shared something amazing with them that they will never forget.
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that speaks volumes as a human being and the dignity and respect he held for every human being. kristen:ten:ten:ten:ten:ten:ten: partisan times in this country. did he ever express to you what he would do to unite and solve those pressing problems together? >> he felt very strongly the younger generation today is colorblind, race blind, and wanting to see a unified america. he would refer to the commercials, he would talk about a commercial that's a mixed couple and little kids, cheerios or something, and he would it to kids and say what do you see? they talk about the mom, the
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dad, the cereal, but never did they point out that it was was mixed-race couple. he would use this example to point out how that unified america is where our strength is in. immigrants built this country. we are a multifaceted, multicultural society. i think he is hoping for this young generation to take on the leadership and reestablish how america was built. >> great lessons for us all. thank you for sharing stories of him with us today. dan: great betting on boosters, the growing need and the possibility of multiple boosters. supply situation, the problems aren't just affecting the grocery store. what it could mean for the upcoming ski season. and history lesson, looking back at the bay area
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♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ kristen: and covid-19 headlines, california is the only state where the level of community spread is moderate. the cdc says a person can be considered fully vaccinated even if they mix their vaccines. the san francisco mayor announces a new incentive to get vaccinated.
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get a shot, and you can qualify for four years of free tuition at san francisco state. only san francisco residents qualify for this. dan: vaccine team and spoke with several experts who believe some people could benefit from multiple booster shots. she is in the newsroom for us with that story. >>'s case dependent, not everyone builds up the same level of immunity in younger people are known to produce a stronger response to the immune vaccine. the vast majority are those 65 and older. former secretary of state colin powell was 84 years old, had cancer, and was fully vaccinated. yet he died from covid-19 complications. what happened? >> when you're treating a person with an underlying condition like cancer or some autoimmune
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diseases, you have a weaker immune system. it may make your immune response is not as good as a healthy individual. luz: the professor believes owls case is a prime example that even when vaccinated, there is always a risk of infection, but especially if you are older than 65 years old or have underlying health conditions. >> we also know that after 4-6 months there is evidence that the immunity overall drops off. luz: this doctor has been leading a study of breakthrough case is to understand what has been causing severe disease. he believes immunocompromised patients could benefit from multiple booster shots. >> sometimes a third or even
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fourth dose is needed to develop the same immune response that those without immunocompromised conditions achieve. luz: the latest data shows breakthrough cases that have resulted in death. of those breakthrough cases, 85% were among people 65 and older, and 57% were among men. >> we know there may be biological differences between males and females that prevent males from fighting that initial infection during the first day to a week or so. luz: one of his spokespeople confirmed powell was scheduled to receive a booster shot. they highlight the importance of getting a booster shot if you are older than 64 years old or if you have an underlying health condition. dan: the doctor joins us now.
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how important is getting a covid booster shot? say you've already had two doses, or one of johnson & johnson, how important is the booster? >> you have to stratify it to the individual. i think it is very important for anyone who might be immuno compromised, older or in a high risk situation. we seen the situation play out before, for the general public it's important you remember that the vaccine is still very effective in preventing severe hospitalizations or death. go out and get out and get out t meet the criteria. dan: should people outside the high risk groups be trying to get a booster at this moment? >> i don't think it is
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necessary, if you are outside the high risk groups. i don't think there is a sense of urgency. but a lot of people are asking this question, saying i work in a nursing facility or school. that might qualify as a high exposure area. get your own situation and look at what transmission is like. that has been approved for both pfizer and moderna. if you got johnson & johnson six months ago, you should go out and get another shot now. dan: it's my understanding there is no shortage now, there are plenty to go around, it seems. >> there are. i say this with trepidation because it feels weird when i say you can go out right now,, that you can go out and get a shot. it is important that people are realistic and understand that the vaccines are still working. we don't want to send out the
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narrative that the first round of vaccines is not effective so you must go get a boost -- a booster to make a difference. it's a preemptive strategy to make sure we don't run into trouble later this year or early next year. dan: good proof that there's no reason to panic if you've just had your first couple of doses of johnson & johnson. let's say you go out and get your booster shot, this is not going to be our last booster, probably. or going to be in a pattern like a flu shot, the thinking that we need to get new shots every year or so? >> it's a great debate out there right now. there is less of a thought that this will be a yearly vaccine, now that boosters are in the equation. hope is that the booster will boost our immunity long enough that this might be it. but again, no one really knows. there are two arms to the immune system, one is the anybody levels that are commonly described and mentioned in news
4:20 pm
headlines. but another part of the immune system is the memory t cells. that might be long-lasting, for years even. so it's tough to say, but i'm hopeful that this is going to be it. dan: dr. patel, thanks so much. kristen: now to some developing news from the san jose sharks. forward evander kane has been suspended for 21 games for submitting the fate covid-19 vaccination card. he apologized to his teammates and sharks fans. sharks issued a statement saying in part, they are extremely disappointed by his disregard for the health and safety protocols put in place on the nhl. across the state, some parents kept her kids out of school today to protest the governors covid vaccine mandate for schoolchildren. the mandate would require students who attend school in person to get the vaccine once the fda fully approves it, and
4:21 pm
enforcement could begin as soon as january, but most likely not until july. dan: a little bit of rain yesterday and more is coming. we need every single drop. sandhya: i am so s finally a pattern we've been waiting for, every other day we will be basically welcoming a new storm. let's check out live doppler 7. this is our break, we have some clouds out there but other than some clouds and sun mixed with cleaner air, no rain right now but i want to show you how much fell. .2 inch in u u u u u u u u ally picture from our tower camera, a few cumulus over san francisco. low 60's from oakland to morgan hill. san jose 64 degrees. and a live look from our kgo roof camera. breezy along the embarcadero but
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nothing out of the ordinary. this is probably the biggest thing you're noticing, chill in the air. 62 in livermore. partly in chile tomorrow morning , the next form arrives tomorrow night and were looking at periods of wet and gusty weather into next week. tomorrow morning just be ready for the chill. temperatures will drop down to the upper 30's in the coldest northbay valleys. most other areas will be in the 40's and 50's. one thing to keep in mind, this is the time to bring out those gloves and heavy winter coats because you will need them off and on. tomorrow, low 60's and half moon bay to low 70's inland. partly to mostly cloudy skies and tomorrow night we bring in a level 1 storm that continues into wednesday with widespread rain, briefly moderate to heavy. gusty southerly winds as that storm approaches.
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briefly moderate to moderate t in the northbay until 11:00 p.m., still the focus is in the northbay but there will be some pockets of rain in the east bay along the san francisco peninsula. showersshowersshowersshowersshoh afternoon but becoming more isolated into 7:00 p.m. rainfall estimates highs in the northbay where they expect over an inch there at cloverdale. about .5 inch in san point to in san jose. -- .2 in san jose. another storm is coming in for your thursday and friday that will be a wet and gusty one as well. some showers develop saturday ahead of what looks to be a stronger storm sunday into monday. it's a level two, right now it
4:24 pm
looks like the potential for an atmospheric river, but a lot can change between now and this weekend, so you will want to stay tuned. if i were you, i would have the raingear handy and keep it around pretty much for the next seven days. dan: that's a weather pattern we can be happy about. apple just introduced its newest iphone. now it is back with
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apple also unveiled a new generation of airpods as well as upgrades to the home pod many that include colors. dan:pps acrosshe finding store shelves into, the result of major problems with the supply chain that persists and with ships stranded at sea and a lack of workers to move products, the question now is what is being done, and how long is this going to last? andrew has the very latest. andrew: the supply chain crisis lame for him to shelves across the country. the commerce secretary expect some improvement by christmas. >> we are going to fix this, it's just going to take a little time. >> steps to
4:28 pm
bottleneck include opening the port of los angeles 24/7. >> this could be something that could go until next christmas, to be honest with you. >> products are stranded on shipping containers, boats, trains, and trucks. skyrocketing shipping costs and a shortage of service workers and truck drivers, all this while the post-pandemic demand vastly outpaces supply. >> demand is fickle. it can change on a dime. but the supply chain resources to support that demand take weeks or months to be able to align to be able to support different kinds of demand. >> transportation secretary pete buttigieg said he is -- his department is working with states to speed up demand for licenses for truckers but acknowledges more needs to be done. >> we need to deal with the long-term issues that have made us vulnerable to these kind of
4:29 pm
bottlenecks when there are disruptions like the ones that have been caused by the pandemic. dan: keep in mind, supply chain issues that also affect some of your winter activities. kristen: this month abc 7 is celebrating lgbtq history month celebrating lgbtq history month working from home means driving less, and now paying less for car insurance. with metromile's per-mile pricing... your rate is based on how much you actually drive. isn't that delightfully different? get your free quote at what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? isn't that delightfully different? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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a change in your heartbeat, dizziness, yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, tiredness, loss of appetite, abdomen pain, bleeding, bruising, fever, chills, or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. dan: october is lgbtq history month, and this month we're highlighting some the people and events that helped launch the lgbtq rights movement. kristen: the 1969 stonewall
4:32 pm
riots in new york are seen as the flashpoint for equal rights, but there were many events that helped ignite the national conversation before stonewall. that includes a san francisco couple that had already spent nearly 15 years speaking out for lesbian rights. >> the mothers of the lesbian rights movement. they spent most of their adult rights being -- fighting for recognition and equal rights. way to bring people together but they became engaged in the politics of the day, trying to win more rights for women, more rights for lesbians, but also for the broader lgbtq community. >> a display highlights a
4:33 pm
contribution of the two women to the community. the display includes a magazine they started circulating in 1956. it was the first national lesbian publication in the u.s. and one of the first magazines to publish statistics on lesbians. in most of the united states, it was illegal because the content talked about same-sex relationships. but that didn't stop phyllis and dell. >> it brought a lot of women together to organize and just meet each other. it was groundbreaking. it was not a time when it was common to have large-scale gatherings. >> phyllis spoke to us in this interview not seen in half a century. >> is membership restricted only to lesbians? >> no, it is restricted only to women. we don't inquire their sexual orientation. >> is it more or less taken for
4:34 pm
granted? >> by the nature of its organization, i would say it is 99% lesbian. >> it had chapters around the country. >> which city? ? has the greatest membership >> at this point i would think san francisco and new york are running neck and neck in membership. >> what problems have you run into, holding conventions? >> we run into no trouble here in san francisco. in new york, had, had, had, hadd they are very strange strange east coast, apparently. >> the san francisco home they bought in 1955, if it's walls could talk, they would tell story of fighting for equality.
4:35 pm
>> they did work on youth issues in poverty and aging. they became, i would say, with the rise of the second wave feminist movement, they became very ardent feminists as well as people who were active on gay rights. >> when the city of san francisco dove into the debate on same-sex marriages in 2004, they were the first couple to be married. >> i now pronounce you spouses for life. >> it was a short-lived union, however. the state court voided those licenses. we talked about what they thought about being married on the eve of their second, final, and legal wedding in 2008. after 55 years together, they tied the knot at san francisco city hall. >> when we first got together, we weren't really thinking about getting married.
4:36 pm
we were just thinking about getting together. but i think it's a wonderful day. >> two months later, d d d d d d from complications of an arm bone fracture. the home they lived in for 65 years was sold last year for more than $2 million. the city declared the houma landmark in the new owners have pledged to preserve it for the future. that included allowing an oakland-based company to come in and take 3d images of the home. >> there's a virtual 3d tour of the house and you can learn about the stories of what happen here in this house. >> the home needs a lot of work and the national trust for historic preservation is trying to figure out what to do with the house. >> ideally, we wouldn't just preserve the past, but were thinking of how we can restore and reactivate the site as a place for lgbtq rights, women's
4:37 pm
rights, advocacy and activism in a way that will help not only respect and honor their work and their lives but carry that legacy forward. >> creating a way to rememb a where their history began and how far it can take them. dan: what a mark they left on this city. restoring the home will cost a lot of money. if you would like to contribute to the preservation of this home or hear more of the 1966 interview with phyllis, head to our
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comparing plans really pays. paid for by the u.s. department of health & human services kristen: time for the four at 4:00. head coach steve kerr was asked what he enjoyed most about beginning a new season. >> is the first time in a long time we all hung out together. we've got a great group, all those families, it's a lot of fun. looking forward to getting back to our usual community. kristen: the warriors begin their season in los angeles tomorrow night where they face off against lebron james and the lakers. i think this season holds a lot of promise for us. chris: i thought steve kerr was going to talk about the season and the games that he focused on
4:41 pm
the fans, and yesterday they held a family day, the first time in a couple of years, it was at stage coast -- stagecoach green. the message was that all the players and families and kids got to see each other and be together. haven't seen each other in two years. the kids have grown a lot in two years. he talked about the family atmosphere of the journey. that was good to see and hear from steve kerr. dan: those kid -- kids change fast, i can attest to that. disney is pushing back the release of some highly anticipated movies. the fifth indiana jones movie will be delayed almost a year. the black panther movie has been pushed from july until november of 2022. many movies are being pushed back because of covid. other marvel titles were also
4:42 pm
delayed several months. disney is the parent company of abc7. what upcoming movies are you looking forward to? i'm looking forward to top gun. that has been delayed a year and a half. i saw the new james bond movie which was great fun, but very few people in the theater. i understand the reason movie companies are reluctant to release these films with no one in the theaters. sandhya: i really love the indiana jones movie so i can't wait to see the . i know it's a little dicey for me because i have young kids because my husband -- so my husband and i are reluctant to go into the movie theater, but i can't wait to do it safely. chris: i'm looking forward to going back to the theater. it's not a matter of if, but when. i been spending more time at
4:43 pm
sports games. kristen: i'm looking to eternal's. when i'm gone, i felt pretty safe. it's official, kanye west officially changed his name to simply ye, with no middledledle last name. a judge approved it today. he said he was making the change for personal reasons. in 2018 when he released his album by the same name, he said ye is most commonly used word in the bible. looking at you, but i am. what do you think? chris: maybe he has a really good reason, at the end it sounded a little more dodgy goal, but ye is ye.
4:44 pm
dan: the artist formerly known as prince went back to prince. so we will see if ye sticks. sandhya: whatever fancy. i have a complicated name and people have called me so many things. kristen: you you no matter how you say it. -- dan: chases, but you might not have seen one like this. check out a tractor that led police in australia on a wild chase. the suspects used a tractor in a smash and grab theft. the race was on. the tractor even went up on two wheels, weaving on and off the tracks. the was finally taken
4:45 pm
into custody a hurt . havem to.rtherhan chris:'m st glad ohurt. ve never seen anything quiteke . i'm surprised i didn't see it on social media. dan: look at this lunatic. kristen: want know what its top speed was. high speed for a tractor, i guess. dan: it will get other cars out of your way in a hurry. dan: why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide our skin? not us.
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dan: a summer of wildfires near lake tahoe could lead to a winter of discontent for skiers. kristen: the impact of the caldor fire might be putting winter ski season in jeopardy at some resorts. >> we are not giving up, nor backing down. sierra and tahoe posting this message to their facebook, saying in part, we realize that it is incredibly frustrating not to have all the answers or to have a clearer picture of what the season may look like. like you, we wish we did. what many in tahoe claim as the locals resort, sierra at tahoe remains closed. >> a fear of mine is that sierra isn't a thing anymore. >> patrick takes his family to ride every season. his wife even works there. >> if we don't have a season,
4:49 pm
there's not going to be employment. >> according to the resort, the caldor fire damage countless trees on their mountain and now they are forced to navigate repairs to their chairlifts, seen our coverage of the damaging wildfire. >> unfortunately this is year 2 of us just getting our butts kicked all the way around. i think some of these places that are closing their doors may not have the opportunity to reopen them. depending on how badly we are hit. >> pg&e using the closed resortr as a staging area or repairs. they have an estimated 80,000 damage trees to go. >> i just don't know what is going to look like anymore or what it's going to be like going to the same runs i've been doing for years. >> the season forecast from ski
4:50 pm
california saying in the wake of the devastating caldor fire, sierra tahoe is in the process of evaluating the extent of damage to the resort to determine what their operations may look like this winter. the resort will continue to share updates has more information becomes available. kristen: global supply chain issues adding to the challenges ski resorts are having. replacement parts for chairlifts are now very hard to come by. dan: the supply chain issues are affecting every single aspect of our lives, even ski resorts. let's talk about the forecast and a good bit of rain coming. sandhya: we will talk about that in just a moment. the sierra will see snow especially tomorrow night into wednesday going from 7000 two lake level. here's a look at the system we been watching, that's what's coming in tomorrow night.
4:51 pm
widespread rain will be be to briefly heavy at times. pockets and scattered showers from wednesday. though showers begin to taper late in the afternoon. tomorrow partly to mostly cloudy . as we check out the rainfall estimates from winston not going into monday, this is impressive. this is one computer model but we could be looking at half a foot of rain in the northern part of our viewing area, 1-3 inches for the rest of the region. stay tuned, we could see quite a bit of rain putting an end to our fire season. dan: great news to see of rain. the public had one of his last chance is to weigh in on the
4:52 pm
findings of the bicycle safety study commissioned by the golden gate bridge board. recommendations include establishing a 15 mile an hour speed limit for bikes on the bridge sidewalks, revise the ordinance to allow assisted electric box and terrify the list of types of pedestrian conveyances prohibited on the bridge sidewalks. riders of personal vehicles like scooters, electric skateboards and unicycles asked the board to reconsider them. >> were nearly 250 crashes involving injuries and bicycles on the bridge from 2010-2019. the board is expected to vote on the updated safety plan next month, and we will keep you posted. kristen: hip-hop history comes to abc. >> i love going back to that
4:53 pm
era. dan: a new series that will take you back, just ahead. hi, my name is cherrie. i'm 76 and i live on the oregon coast. my husband, sam, we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters. i noticed that memories were not there like they were when i was much younger. since taking prevagen, my memory has gotten better and it's like the puzzle pieces have all been [click] put together.
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kristen: tonight at 8:00 it's dancing with the stars. at 10:00, the real queens of hip-hop and stay with us for abc news at 11:00. george cannot kill has a preview. >> to rewrite history? george: the queens are ready to take the throne in prime time. it introduces us to a top-selling female hip-hop group 22 years after they were at the top of their game. they star in this look at what happens after the spotlight fades and real life takes over. >> each one of our storylines will resonate people for sure
4:57 pm
that of gone through it, that are going through it. i think that's the part that will keep people coming back. we all are kind of bringing our real experiences of multitasking and being super women to these characters. even the characters are struggling. >> that's the touching part, they are just women who are dealing with real life stuff. george: something the actors got to do in real life, make a good old-fashioned music video. >> i love going back to that era . and also going back is kind of an alter ego wrapper, it was just such a blessing that we got a chance to do a national video to our first single, our first song together as a group. i loved it. this ibig tim queens premiers ty
4:58 pm
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quickly turns into a rental nightmare after a home rented by a group of friends is targeted by vandals. it's appalling. i mean, there's no one that could justify spray painting and and popping tires and tonight. neighbors are sharing surveillance video of the suspect plus only on seven escaping letters sent to san francisco's district attorney demanding changes to the way his office handles asian american victims cases. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news these early. means are what would trigger these sorts of instances? thousands of pg&e customers without power because of the overnight. rain that the utility says cause several power pole fire.


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